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Power Hungry

Written by Whatever :: [Tuesday, 13 September 2016 07:44] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 September 2016 17:22]

Relentlessly, the rain poured from the sky above onto the terrified young woman. The clock on her wrist would have confirmed that despite the pitch blackness above, it was afternoon, but the thick clouds above had stripped the area of almost any light from above. In the distance the hillside the fury of the skies were yet to reach gleamed eerily, illuminated by sunlight foreboding a thunderstorm. Behind her, the forest path she came here on had turned intoa hellish blaze. As if this soil had angered a vengeful god, bolts of lightning had furiously pounded the ground behind her, leaving naught but fire and ash. She was cut off. As the air went thick with smoke, breathing became almost impossible. Fleeing, against her better judgement towards the treeless hilltop, she struggled against the steep, muddy hillside. Pushing herself harder than ever before in her life, fear propelled her fowards, away from the flames, even as the ground beneath her feet gave way more with every step as if wanting to throw her to an agonizing death.

For five years, ever since she had started living by herself, she had come here to exercise. She remembered the day the physician had told her that she was not to strain herself, that some curious happenstance had her heart be weaker than almost any he had seen, that physical excersion could potentially cause the muscle to tear and leave her bleeding to death internally. She had been made fun of because of this. Treated like a child or worse. Like she and any who came to close to her was already with one foot in the grave. She despised it. So she had come here, alone, for walks first, then running mile after mile, day after day, to prove them all wrong. It had made her feel better. It had made her feel superior. Now, she was using all she gained to stay alive.

Breathlessly, she reached the top. The weight of her soaked sports clothes was making itself felt. She caught her breath. For a moment, all the roaring noise seemed to drain from her surroundings. Then, in less than a fraction of a second, hundreds of thousands of Ampere came crashing down through her body.As the air canal above her caved in, a booming noise accompanied the thud as her body hit the wet ground.

There was no pain.

No anguish.

It had felt amazing.


Two years later, Gibraltar

With a smile, she opened her eyes. The memory always felt so real, so rejuvenating. In front of her, along the coastal airstrip, hundreds of tons of reinforced steel scurried backwards as fast as their heavy engines and turbines allowed. She laughed. Her silky voice echoed through the night sky. Back came barked orders, shouts and screams of fear as well as the next wave of hot lead and explosive shells. They were struggling so hard, it was almost cute.

She exitedly awaited the impacts. Her posture changed, her body pressing against the midnight blue skin tight suit that could barely contain the glory of her physique. Glistening white jolts of energy constantly danced across its surface, teal and orange afterglows highlighting every glorious curve of hers, as she started to stride. Long, chestnut-brown hair flowed smoothly behind her back, a single strand of which rested in the exposed cleavage her suit allowed her prey to see. Her eyes glowed in a strong, icy blue as arcs of light sprang forwards to the little lumps of metal that were hurled her way. Armor-piercing shells caressed her front, slightly indenting her seemingly yielding flesh before either falling crumpled to the ground or careening off over the bay, leaving trails of melted metal and electric discharges to lighten the scene.

High-caliber tank shells ignited meters in front of her, their casings ripped to shreds by her body’s casual onslaught of lightning half-conciously let loose. Wanting to drink in the sensation, she stopped her “protection”, letting the force of turrets thought insurmountable pound away at what looked like nothing more than perhaps fifty-five kilograms of the most desirable female flesh any man had ever seen, partially slightly jiggling in the aftershock of the explosions. One bullet found its way between her breasts, only to be liquified by a combination of raw pressure and a force of pure energy sparking between them. She moaned as the red hot metal began to flow down.


That night, on top of the hill, had shown her that she was not weak. Her heart, thought to be weak and prone to injury, drank from nature’s power like from a well. It rejuvenated her like nothing she had ever felt before. She rose to her feet, her clothes torn to shreds, but her skin unharmed, almost glowing with power. The trees were burning all around her, closer to her than when she had run, but the found it remarkably easy to breathe. Out of curiosity, she stopped. Her mouth remained closed, yet no burning sensation settled in. Her ample chest remained still, yet she felt not only like she was unhampered by a lack of air, she felt like she could stride straight through the fire that would choke every human being before burning him to a crisp. The rain still fell, but when it made contact with her, it vaporized, steam soaring back into the air. The air was humming with tension. Almost instinctively, she stepped towards the blaze. Fire licked at her bare feet and legs, not causing so much as even soot to stick to her skin. Wood she touched crumpled at the slightest pressure. She was amazed. She inhaled again, her lungs filling with air not due to need, but out of curiosity. With a roar, wind far stronger than that of the storm raging above stoked the fires before her to new hights before utterly overpowering it, extinguishing the flames and tearing roots from the soil, the trees smashing to the ground dozens of meters further downhill.


As if teasing her opposition to try again, to repeat the splendid sensation she had just had, the invulnerable brunette leaned forward, smilinglybringing up her arms to each side, hands resting on her knees, pushing together her magnificent boobs,effortlessly providing more force than any of the cannons that faced her. Suddenly, she was gone. For a moment, an expression that bordered on relief passed over some soldiers faces. In the distance, the lights of the helicopter carrier that was to send reinforcements pierced the darkness, the sound of its cargo’s blades bringing a sense of control with them, the assurance of airborne support calming the nerves of many a man momentarily.

Then, a scream echoed through the comm network. One of the weapons officers, taking his eyes away from the multitude of screens and scanners in front of him, saw right before him what he had been searching a moment ago. Leaning against the canopy, she looked at him with what looked like curiosity. He shuddered as he realized this gaze was almost as that of someone admiring an intact pinata. Her perfectly straight white teeth grinned at him asshe blew him a handkiss. Then her long, shapely legs, with whom she had fastened herself over the machine’s nose, slowly came together. Thick plates of titanium growled in protest as they were met with power no engineer could have them designed to withstand. Arching her back, she eagerly sought out her next victim asshe stretched out. The nose of the helicopter fully crumbled, including the crewman who saw her first, she gripped the remains of the cockpit, straightening out her legs in mid air.

The wreckage stopped for a moment. The engine still running at maximum revolutions per minute, her petite frame hovered in midair, holding it in outstretched arms without giving an inch. As if lost in thought, she thrust her arm through the pilot on the back seat, penetrating the engine block. Like a pack of wolves, the rest of the squad encircled her, eager to rip her to shreds by any means necessary. Clenching her hand to a fist, she severed the rotor, carelessly tossing the mangled wreck that was left aside. It tore straight through one of the other helicopters. An Anti-Tank-Missile was launched by one of the remaining pilots, only to be caught by her in an outstreched palm, gripped at both ends and pressed together before a thudding explosion flickered in the night sky, its energy sending the military killing machines into a tumble. Barely catching their metal coffins in the air, the crewmen looked on in shock as she let go of the rocket’s splinters.


Moments after striding through the fire, she had found herself at home. In the blink of an eye, the area she stood in was no longer the forest, but her bedroom. Turning around, she noticed that most of the wall was missing. She had torn off most of the heavy brickwork without noticing a thing, and still, her skin was not showing any sign of injury, nor felt she exhausted. Then she noticed something in the wall. Something, humming like a bumblebee, compelled her to get closer. Not thinking twice, she stuck her finger in the power outlet. An ever so slight trickle filled her fingertips. She licked her fingers, like licking sauce off them after a delicious meal. She wanted more. Vast amounts more. Her eyes picked up the stream of electricity that ran through the walls. Her entire being disintegrated, only to emerge at the power plant outside the city a fraction of a second later. Eagerly, her hands dug deep inside a massive fusion box, releasing a small stream of power coursing all through her body. It was less than a candle to the sun’s worth of energy she, by comparing, now knew posessed, but it felt deeply pleasurable. Greedily she reached deeper. Thousands of households went dark as her body molded itself to perfection. In the following months, reports ofsimilar magnitude were flooding in all across the globe. Densely populated areas fell into blackness as the godess in the making stripped their power supply bare of any pitiful trace of strength she could siphon from them. In increasingly panicked reactions, task forces were sent out to stop what was causing these catastrophes, thousands of men were made use of as test subjects and playthings for her incredible powers.

The more she drank, the morepowerful the electromagnetic field around her became, churning the helpless atoms of mass around her into unspeakaply dense lumps whenever she pleased.Her play instinct running wild, she decided to use thisto forge the image her prey should have of her.Her hands molded the ultra-dense material around her body, her unfathomable energy illuminating her skin-tight “suit” to a midnight blue. Her fun was the terror of countless military expeditions, making short work of their arsenals as swiftly or slowly as she pleased. Those who believed the furiously raging lightning she commanded to be her greatest power were quick to learn that these were mere afterthoughts to what power loomed in her perfect hourglass figure. At last, what remained of these forces had gathered at Gibraltar.


For a blink of an eye, a bright light raced towards another helicopter. Reaching out into the massive blades of its rotor, she caught the breaking pieces of metals between her dainty fingers, flipping them like darts through the reinforced canopies of their comerads. Watching the last of this amusing attempt at air superiority vanish in the waves, she let herself fall. Her descend was slowed by a tank, her heeled “shoes” bending the massive roof of the vehicle before her body cut straight through to the ground. Seconds later, she emerged like a snake summoned from a basket, weaving her body in an entrancing dance out of the tons of steel that should bury her. Like plucking the petals of a flower, she tore the outer armor to shreds, placing the small, flat chunks on her right palm as she went. Soldiers fled around her, desperately climbing over each other to gain distance, yet the hail of lead did not stop. She deliberately turned, as to savour the feeling from every angle. Then, she puffed her lips. The tank’s armor flew threw body armor like buckshot from a massive shotgun, ripping bodies in half and tearing pieces out of the runway’s tarmack. Swaying her hips, she moved forward into the pitiful rest of the crowd.

Panicked survivors and brave fools shot, slashed, stabbed and punched at her. A powerful knive thrust bent the blade against her beautiful blue eyes. The underside of her left breast broke a mans hand that swung at it with a knuckle duster. She caught some attacks, lifting men effortlessly off the ground before roasting them by allowing the bolts of lightning surrounding her torso to leap over. For the blink of an eye, she disappeared, and with the applause of nine thunderstrikes a squadron of jets fell out of the sky, while she welcomed the fiery rain with open arms. Through some of those left fighting she simply-literally- walked through, before rising gracefully in the sky, eviscerating the cliff of the mediterranean’s entrance with a release of pure energy, her pleased laughter filling the air.


She floated right in front of the bridge of the carrier. The desperate captain formed soundless words: “Why do you do this?”

Suddenly, she stood behind him, hugging him, pressing her superior frame against his fragile torso, just slightly refraining from crushing his ribcage. “Because I can”, she laughed. “Because I want to”.

With that, she was gone. A deep, metallic sound echoed through the mighty vessels hull. Moments later, it rose out of the water. Pushing with one hand, she made the metal cry one last time before the tremendous weight she barely felt made the carrier’s structure collapse. It was over.


Setting down on land, her curves warmed by the morning sun, her mind reached out over the globe. Her voice echoed over millions of speakers, the static noise hinting that the powerless receivers were acessed through something deeply unnatural and far more powerful than a land line. “You have entertained me well”, she thought. And as millions shuddered, she added: “Just don’t make it as easy next time.”

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