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Best. Day. Ever.

Written by AuGoose :: [Tuesday, 20 September 2016 20:08] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 21 September 2016 20:30]

Best. Day. Ever.

By Au Goose

A work of erotic fiction (NSFW). Any resemblance to anything or anyone in the real world is far too much to hope for. For topical use only. Cease use immediately if a rash develops. Big dreams enrich us all.

The thug on the right pulled a knife. The blade wasn’t especially big, but still scary in the tight confines of the alley. Scarier than he already was, looming over them. “Ok girls, hand over your wallets and cellphones. And anything good you’ve got in that pouch, miss.” For a mugger, he was actually pretty polite.

Sophie started digging worriedly in her purse. Their earlier conversation in the diner and the effects of the strange white nugget of metal forgotten in her panic.

Bree on the other hand was giddy at the prospect of having someone she could rough up in good conscience. The sandy-haired pixie’s heels lifted and her shoulders hunched as she dropped into an exaggerated boxer’s crouch. “You dunn messed with the wrong girl, arseholes. Here comes the lightning …” She threw three respectably fast jabs with her right hand. “And the thunder!” She threw a left cross at the air and mimed an uppercut. Naturally, since she’d never actually boxed a day in her life it all looked a little silly.

Sophie, still scared out of her wits whispered far too loudly, “I thought the saying was ‘bring the thunder’, then the lightning?”

Bree stood up slightly and turned to her friend confused. “What? No … Lightning always comes first. That’s what makes the thunder … doesn’t it?”

“I think you hear the thunder first …”

“Either way, ladies,” The thug on the left drawled, “Any time a guy’s dumb enough to actually say that in the movies, he’s about to get his ass kicked.” He started to move closer, knife held low.

“Well this-” Bree stepped closer to the alley wall and threw a hard straight punch at the bricks … Which exploded in a shower of dull red gravel and dust. “Ain’t the movies.” She turned back to face them and in the process her   hip grazed the side of a trash dumpster. Metal squealed and Bree, trying to cover her clumsiness, leaned into it on purpose now. When she finally stepped away it looked like the bin lorry had misjudged the distance and crushed it against the building.

The two thugs were a matched set: jaws hanging agape. One dropped his knife and stepped back without even knowing it - the smart one.

“Look boys …” Bree reached into the crater she’d made and pulled a mostly intact brick out, holding it up in her open palm level with her eyes so they could see it. “I’m having a really nice day.” She clenched her hand into a fist and the brick simply vanished into a cloud of grainy dust with a kind of sad ‘pop’. She wanted to blink because of the grit in her eye, but it would totally blow the moment if she did. “So why don’t you just move along … and nobody will have to get obliterated.” Oh yeah! That weird piece of white metal had done a number on her, and she was loving it! She could pick these two up by the scruff of the neck like kittens and there wouldn’t be a damn thing they could do about it.

“Sound fair?” She grinned at them. Quite wickedly, she thought.

One of the muggers nodded. The other just stared at her hand, streaked with red like dried blood. He wasn’t sure what ‘obliterated’ was, but it sounded bad. The nodder grabbed wide-eyes’s shoulder, dragging him off with awkward haste.

“And get a haircut!” Sophie shouted after them from behind Bree’s shoulder as they vanished into the warren of access lanes behind the row of storefronts. She turned to Bree “That … was … AWESOME! Pick me up. You can do that, right?!”

Bree rolled her eyes. She’d already told her the first thing she’d done after touching the nugget was push her way out from under tons of toppled racks of old museum bric-a-brak. Sophie wouldn’t feel any heavier than one of her Cadbury’s Crunchie bars now.

“Fine, fine.” She held out her cupped hand at knee level, inviting Sophie to step into the stirrup of her palm. “Use the walls for balance. I still don’t know why it didn’t do anything for you …”

“I know, right? Maybe Sylvia will have a better idea than holding it in your hands and saying ‘Work, dammit!’” Their American roommate was good with puzzles. Sophie chuckled at her own inability to get a response from the odd little lump. Maybe the awesome was all used up on Bree? Bree had gotten lot of awesome. She was like … like super-hero strong!

As if Bree were reading her mind, she said “Well you know she’s gonna swoon when she sees how strong I got. She loves that super-hero stuff. I’m just glad it happened when it did. Otherwise I’d be a pancake right now, smushed under all that old junk the Royal Museum’s throwing out. Ready? Allez up!”

Sophie’s head rose like she was on a lift, balancing on one foot. Bree could have lifted her faster, but the idea was to have fun, not toss her friend onto the roof. Or higher … She felt so strong she might’ve accidentally tossed her all the way up into the path of an oncoming jet-liner or something.

For her part, Sophie giggled like a child. She lifted her other leg back and leaned forward spreading her arms like she was an airplane. A bit on the rotund side, she still had a dancer’s balance. Bree obligingly trotted into the maze of alleyways with Sophie held aloft in one hand. Sophie made ‘woosh’ and ‘zoom’ noises like an old-time RAF Spitfire as they turned each corner or circled back after reaching a dead end. After a couple of minutes playing she asked to come down. Bree whipped her hand out from under Sophie’s foot and then caught her under the armpits, lowering her to the ground. Bree continued to marvel how light she- no, how light everything felt to her.

Bree pulled the white nugget out of her fanny pack and unwrapped the old newspaper she’d cushioned it in, needing to gaze at it again. “Ok, we’ve gotta show Sylvia this thing. Maybe she can figure it out.” It certainly seemed like something right out of the ‘comics book’ movies that were so popular now.

Sophie gestured she wanted to look at it again and Bree passed it over. “You are so strong! I’m not exactly svelte …” the chunky college student admitted with a sigh turning the nugget over in her hands and watching how it sparkled like mother-of-pearl. “I mean it’s great that you got all crazy-strong just when you needed it, but really I just want to lose a few pounds.” In her head she envisioned a lot more than a few pounds sliding off her. She wanted to be an actual babe. A real boy magnet. Ok, if she was honest, she wanted to be something like Scarlet Johansen’s hotter younger sister. Only with her own almost-red hair, ‘cause she did have great hair. She dieted and worked out, but she just didn’t have the genes. Or the willpower to say ‘no’ to chocolate chip cookies. Or cake. Or candy bars …

She saw Bree’s eyes getting wider and wider looking at her.

“What? Did I get snagged on something and now my butt’s hanging out?” She turned to look back at her butt. Still big. “Stop with the googly eyes already …” She shimmied her whole body self-consciously and Bree flopped back, making a bench out of a stack of loose wooden palettes while still looking up at her with voiceless awe.

“Ok, Bree. Now you’re freaking me out.”

Bree worked her mouth a few times like a goldfish out of water, then finally “Look at YOU!!”

One side of Sophie’s now gorgeous face quirked up in a huge ‘huh?’ expression. ‘The hell was Bree on about? Still there was a parked delivery truck just down the alley and she went and looked in the big side mirror.

Bree saw her friend, now a total Hollywood bombshell walk - no, with those legs you had to call it sashay - over to the nearby truck … and heard her scream. A scream of absolute delight.

Bree found her way back to her feet, still a little dazed by Sophie’s metamorphosis. She’d been in no position to observe her own and seeing Sophie’s body shimmer and flow like water until she became someone else was as much of a shock to her as anyone. She softly laid a hand over her roomie’s still shrieking mouth. She also gently plucked the nugget out of Sophie’s slack hands before she dropped it down a sewer drain or something. If they lost it before showing it to Sylvia … That would be a rotten, unfair end to the best day ever.

As the breathtakingly beautiful girl stilled in her grip, Bree said with a smirk “Well it worked. Finally.”

Sophie just nodded dumbfounded. Bree slowly took her hand away.

“I guess you just have to know what you really want …?” Sophie breathed, still unable to take her eyes off the face in the mirror. It was like a dream. Even draped in her now baggy clothes, head to toe she was incredibly pretty.

“you wanted to ‘lose some weight’ huh?”

Sophie blushed and on her innocent face it was adorable. Bree felt her knees going weak again. She might be superstrong, but Sophie had become supercute. Fighting off the urge to just gobble her up, Bree instead hugged her gorgeous friend with one arm. This day was getting better and better!

Breaking the hug reluctantly but before it got awkward, she started to wrap the nugget up again. She paused, eyeing the lump closely. Was it smaller now? She didn’t know how big it was before she’d been zapped to compare or confirm her suspicion. And the little yellowed paper sample tag in the box had only said “Fictionite ~ .98 pure” in a kind of elegant handwritten script you never saw anymore.

Sophie’s creamy brow wrinkled in concentration, thinking back to what Bree had been saying just before she’d gotten Awesom-ified too. The intensity of her expression didn’t detract from Sophie’s movie-star looks at all. If anything it made her eyes twinkle. “I think we’d better hurry then if you want to show Sylvia your rock. She’s got a party or something tonight and I don’t know where. We need to catch her before she leaves the flat. You think you could use it to, um, get ‘run faster’ powers?”

“Superspeed” Bree corrected, just about exhausting her stock of geek lore absorbed by osmosis from their roomie. “Dunno. I’ll try it.”

She held the nugget directly in her fingers, and suddenly realized how ridiculous Sophie must have felt sitting in the diner trying to make this work. Winding a fork around her finger hadn’t been a really convincing display of strength but had been all she’d been able come up with in the diner that wouldn’t send the rest of the patrons screaming for the door.

The two times it had worked, neither of them had said anything, they’d just wanted it. So she tried wanting superspeed … ‘Faster. Faster. I want to be faster …’ she thought hard as she could.

Nothing happened.

Nothing happened some more.

“I got nuttin’” Bree declared. There was a feeling, a tiny burst of warmth when it was working.

“Let me try?” Sophie asked permission, still thinking of the nugget as very much Bree’s.

“Sure!” She passed it over without hesitation. She’d already gotten a great deal. Not-squished-like-a-bug first and foremost in her mind. Nothing was gonna dampen her spirits on the best day ever!

Sophie had her supercute ‘I’m concentrating’ look again. Bree was still shocked by how great she looked. Stunning, even. Something like Scarlet Johansen’s hotter younger sister.

More nothing happened.

“Maybe its out of juice?” Bree wondered.

“Maybe it only works once per customer?” Sophie countered.

“Hmm. If so, we’d better warn Sylvia before she has her turn. Tell her to choose wisely before she touches it.”

When Bree had touched it that first time in the crushing dark, she’d had felt it: an energy coming from the lump of metal. A warmth. If she hadn’t been so terrified she might even have enjoyed it. She hadn’t even seen the nugget at first. She’d already been pushed down into a little cranny of space left when the shelves went over on her, her hand just about crammed into the old wooden box it’d been tucked away in. Geological samples from who the hell knew where. The old pre-digital properties always missed some details. Really she’d panicked - she just wanted out from under the pile. Then the warmth had flowed into her from her fingertips and she got stronger and stronger until she didn’t just push the heap off herself, she exploded out of the tumble of shelves and samples and taxidermy animals and the remains of other old displays.

Getting super strong had also made Bree super horny. She couldn’t stop touching herself in little stolen moments as she went around standing all the shelves back up. Superstrength just felt so gooood. Scaring off those thugs made if feel even better. Like she could do anything. Being powerful was an incredible rush.

“Well, we’d better hurry.” Sophie reminded her, seeing Bree deep in recollection. They’d lost valuable time getting nothing to happen.

“Yep, yep!” Bree agreed and they ran at quite ordinary speed for the bus stop. They just missed the big red bus, but one look in the mirror at the tardy supermodel waving to him from the last stop and the driver had backed up most of a block to let them board. They were on their way with more than a few stares following them. Or following Sophie at least. Bree didn’t mind. She might not be crazy-hot, but she’d handled those thugs like shooing away flies with her ‘crazy-strong’. She wondered what kind of crazy Sylvia would wish for …

- - - - -

This stupid costume was driving her crazy. She’d tamed the boots and leotard … Even the wig was cooperating. But the amount of padding you needed to carry the bust line … One errant breath and you’d go from an artfully lifted bosom to being revealed as a cheap stuffer. Her gloves were spot on too, but without a helper she’d have to put them on last. …And then try not to breath on the whole ride over to the event.

There’d be professional photographers at the masquerade tonight and Sylvia was NOT gonna blow this even if nothing human could ever live up to the figure she was trying to portray. Hell, Jessica Rabbit would be hard pressed. To do it right she’d have redo the padding from scratch. Use more of the heavy, supple foam that always made her think of petting a dolphin. And glue them in this time. Because she WAS going to be sporting the most powerful rack in comics tonight. Fake or not, she couldn’t wait to rub them right in a couple of her rivals’ faces. Gina had actually called her stitching rubbish. Gina of all people! That sow couldn’t sew if her life depended on it.

She heard a key in the front door, which was a little strange. Bree should still be at the museum on a Friday afternoon and Sophie rarely cut class. She shrugged, and then cursed, her white leotard slipping again. More spirit gum. This would be so much easier if she had the body for it. ‘But damn, what a body that would take.’ she thought again. ‘No mere mortal figure for me, we’re talking Super Sylvia!’ She curled her arms and pushed her shoulders back, envisioning two battle ship class cannons on her chest plain as day even if she could never have it. But that’s what made cosplay fun - being what you wanted instead of who you were.

“Who’s there?” She called out from her room, the door half open. Originally from California, her accent was a source of unending amusement for the other two. She sounded like she’d just stepped out of the American movies.

“We both are.” Sophie announced cheerfully.

“We’ve got something to show you …” The normally quite serious Bree sounded uncharacteristically giddy. Oh no … had her flatmates brought home a puppy or something? Sylvia stood up, still glowering at her flat chest in her mirror. She had another hour before she had to leave, but she knew she was shaving it close.

In the shared living room Bree and Sophie were only half-successfully suppressing their giggles. Sylvia was going to be so blown away at how amazing they both were. After what they’d gotten from the nugget she’d be hard pressed to catch up with them. Bree was already eyeing the couch as something she could lift and make Sylvia’s eyes bug out. Much more effective than bending silverware.

They’d come in single file, wanting to hide Sophie’s new look while they explained what they’d guessed about the nugget. Sylvia might have only one shot. Bree had pulled it out again and half unwrapped it, a necessary prop for the crazy story they were about to tell their roomie. “Come on out.” Bree called. They heard Sylvia rustling in her room. Bree strode forward to meet her half way.

Bree, never as graceful as Sophie even before her metamorphosis, stepped awkwardly on a hand-weight one of them had left out on the floor in the living room, almost twisting her ankle even as it was bent down into a ‘U’ by her strength. She stumbled and the nugget flew out of her hands, hitting the hardwood floor with a clatter and sliding almost all the way to Sylvia’s door.


Attracted to the sound, Sylvia came to her doorway and reached for the palm-sized white lump. “What’s this?” She asked leaning forward, hand reaching out. Her head and shoulders swung into view as she bent down. It looked like she had one of her cosplay outfits on, getting ready for the party maybe.

“No. Wait! Don’t touch that!” If she only got one wish, Bree didn’t want it to be something boring …

Too late! Sylvia’s fingers closed around the glinting metal. She could be thinking of anything. Wish for a taco or something silly. Then Bree vaguely recognized the white costume Sylvia was wearing. ‘Uh-oh.’ she thought. If that was what she thought it was, there should have been a flash of light. A peel of thunder. Something dramatic. Because the world had just changed.

Sylvia wouldn’t just ‘catch up’ to Bree and Sophie. She was going to blow them away.

A confused Sylvia stood back up, now fully outside her doorway in her Power Girl costume. She looked curiously at her roomies still wondering about them being home as she idly rolled the nugget between the fingers of her left hand. Bending over had caused the leotard to slip again and she cursed. “Seriously … I need Power Girl’s tits.” she muttered, imagining herself filling out the costume properly. Nothing but big beautiful Super Sylvia curves under there. A properly epic Kryptonian figure. Then she caught a glimpse of Sophie still half hidden behind Bree, all but unrecognizable when she wasn’t speaking “Who’s your new friend, Bree? And where’s Soph- Owwwww!” Sylvia crumpled inward like she’d been punched in the gut. The nugget in her hand heated up like a rock in the desert sun. Its warmth ignored as a far greater heat bloomed in her chest.

“OOHHH!” Sylvia grunted again, collapsing to the floor, leaning half against the wall, her bare legs splayed before her and inadvertently giving her roomies quite a view of the inner flanks of her white-clad crotch from across the room.

“What’s happening to me?” she asked no one in particular, her gawking roommates all but forgotten in the rush. She felt like she was dying and being born at the same time. She looked down at her chest and watched in a daze as inside the white one-piece her slender bosom ballooned into cabbage-sized SUPERBREASTS in a matter of seconds. She must have hit her head harder than she thought. Because she’s been imagining pretty much exactly that all afternoon.

Even shaped and tailored to contain her outlandish foam falsies, the garment was unprepared for the eruption. Rounded girl-flesh filled and then overfilled the white fabric cups until the flank seams tore wide open, giving her some much needed breathing room. Still unbelieving, she shimmied her torso and watched them sway and bounce, mesmerized. The way they jiggled was almost cartoonish. So pert and full! She lifted her arms again and flexed, the twin globes rising and spreading in answer. They stood straight out from her chest, the biggest of the big guns! With armor-piercing ammo, she noticed. The thin white material was visibly beginning to fray from the rasping of nipples which had become rather more than just ‘rock hard’ now. And the way it felt as her nipples wore through the tight weave … Like they were more vivid, more real than the entire rest of her body. she could feel it as each thread snapped in microscopic detail! “Ohhhhhh …” Fuck, it was equal parts disorienting and amazing.

Concussion or not, they were really hers!! Every time she shook them she could feel the taut fabric begging for mercy that would never come, straining to contain her giant tits and losing. It wasn’t just her nipples. She could feel every thread pulled tight over the huge globes of smooth skin, hundreds of time more sensitive than her own petite assets. That’s when she knew: they weren’t just impossibly firm and massive woman-breasts … She was sporting REAL 100% Kryptonian boobies! A wish come true and every bit as fucking hawt as she’d dreamed!

She looked down again, and frowned through the haze of pleasure.

As unbelievably good as they felt, they looked ridiculous on her. Totally out of proportion with her tragically ordinary frame. Worse than fake. Heavy too. Unreasonably dense for something so soft and springy and -- she moaned again -- so very, very sensitive. She doubted she’d even be able to stand up, having grown so top-heavy. Because unlike her, the ‘real’ Power Girl wasn’t just stacked. She had muscle to go with it. Super muscle! These cannonballs of girl-flesh would never look good on her unless … well, unless she had the complete package of course. But they’d look great if all the rest of her was Kryptonian too … The coin or whatever it was in her hand squirmed, responding to the edict of her imagination. It trembled, eager or maybe terrified to finish the job she laid before it, to remold all of her as a living Power Girl, filled head to toe with all the limitless power that implied.

A second wave of warmth rolled over her whole body and Sylvia crooned … or meant to at least. “ooooohhhh …” What she’d intended as a sultry whisper came out as a sexy roar, her soft voice amplified enough to fill an entire stadium as her lungs took on the first hints of the power that would soon be hers. “Oh yaahh … uuuuuhhhh!” She rattled the whole house with another low moan of pleasure. The hypersensitivity her breasts enjoyed was spreading out across her skin like ripples across a pond. It was happening! She was gonna be super all over and it felt so good! As the heat sank into her loins, her sensitivity launched without warning to the same superhuman levels, her tiny clit echoing her nipples, filling out to the size of a plump grape. “Oh Fuuuuuck!!” She cried out even louder as she came like nothing she could even describe … except maybe as fifty-five times more mind-blowing than anything she had ever felt before. The sharp bark of ecstasy didn’t just shake the house this time … the ground moved with her. The shaking became a drumming like thunder, rattling windows for blocks around as Sylvia’s right hand slapped the ground over and over. The explosion between her legs proved to be not a momentary burst but a burning silvery-sun that kept on shining in her brain. Her dainty palm was crashing into the ground like a pile driver, only unlike a pile driver Sylvia was growing multiple times stronger between each earthshaking impact. And each new tremor sent vibrations back into her spreading hips, starting the cycle all over again.

The unbroken chain of orgasms came on so hard and fast it knocked the wind out of Sylvia. Unable to breathe and desperately trying to catch her breath, she managed only a series of tiny choked gasps, each one enough to make your ears pop as the pressure in the room dropped sharply. Sophie clapped her hands over her ears and Bree had just enough time to pull them both down behind the couch before Sylvia’s next panicked gulp of air imploded all of the windows in the house.

Then the warmth smoothed. Steadied. A clean silver glow filling her body from the inside now. Instinctively Sylvia knew she wasn’t dying … She was changing, becoming something WONDERFUL. That insight gave her a moment of calm that loosened the fist crushing her chest and finally allowed her to breathe.

 “HHHhhhhhhuHH!” able to breathe again at last, Sylvia inhaled deeply, consuming all the air in the room like a living black hole as she sucked in everything around her not nailed down. With one breath she set a new high water mark for the mess in the living room as shelves collapsed and Bree’s television flipped off its stand. The shards of glass that had been ripped from the now-ragged window frames were sucked into the vortex, becoming a horizontal fountain of razor-edged death lunging across the room at her. The torrent of glass scoured the battered white leotard right off her body, freeing the ivory globes crowning her heaving chest and baring her plump maidenhood. But even the softest parts of her skin shed the ripping, tearing flood without so much as a scuff mark. Proof of the invulnerability of her newly Kryptonian skin. The not-so-deadly-after-all hail splashed against her recumbent figure, ricocheted off the outrageous curves of her bosom, and scattered mostly upwards. She wanted to laugh, it was so beautiful … SHE was so beautiful! Instead, Sylvia struggled to release the seeming ocean of air inside her slowly and without blowing the whole house to smithereens …

For a moment Sylvia fantasized about cutting loose, screaming out in pleasure so loud she knocked the whole Earth off its axis. A fanciful thought that made the nugget in her hand pulse with warmth and shrink further. Another fantasy now placed firmly within Sylvia’s grasp. She was becoming power incarnate. She knew it too, the pleasure in her mind growing to match the unparalleled pleasure of her body. She was becoming a supergirl! The most fucking sexy ‘Woman of Steel’ ever! Not just cosplay this time … for real! She was going to be awesome!! She trembled from head to toe, every bit of her skin alive and tingling with pleasure like she was hundreds of feet tall and somehow compressed into this beautiful package. She was already awesome, but she was also determined to be MORE AWESOME. She closed her eyes and imagined more …

No longer held aloft in the indoor tornadoes spawned from her super-lungs, the bits of glass fell around Sylvia like glittering rain. She was still firming and swelling, her increasingly muscular figure elegantly displayed on a bed of glinting shards as her ass and hips raced to catch up with her chest and her waist became the definition of ‘hourglass’. Every curve a mirror of her imagination running wild, and Sylvia imagined herself irresistibly gorgeous. The pleasure of swelling up, of growing, of feeling each moment of creation as new Sylvia-flesh was added to her frame was exquisite beyond words. But Sylvia put wishes to words anyway, moaning again. “Bigger. Bigger … I want to be able to look Diana in the eye! No, BIGGER!! I want to be the envy of Amazons!” In her mind’s eye she saw herself ducking slightly to fit through her doorway! Her body seemed to like the idea because moments later every part of her began to stretch … Sylvia grew much, much taller, easily reaching 6’ slowing only as she reached 6’4”. Her blue boots burst off of her meaty calves while the legendary shelf of her Power-bosom scaled up even larger to match her new height, the playfully bouncing volleyballs becoming … Wrecking balls. And yet they were still perfectly fitted to the muscular bounty of her body-builder frame. The ultimate woman, her sexuality unchained and multiplied to the highest degree: She. Was. Built. To. Fuck.

As she grew, the blonde wig she’d worked so hard on flopped to the floor, rendered moot by her own thick mass of rich gold hair, similarly trimmed into a loose bob. The feathery yellow tufts were made up of fine strands stronger than bridge cables and artfully framed a classically feminine face that once seen could never be forgotten: half Sylvia, half comic book perfection. Skin smooth as a racecar, eyes bright as gems, and a perfect heart jawline. Even her lips were sexy, full, and moist. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the outside of her door. Her face was gorgeous … She was gorgeous! “No mere-mortal body for me: I’m Super Sylvia!” she declared in bliss, echoing her earlier thoughts aloud. Letting the world in on the joke. The world knew it had better laugh with her and she climaxed again.

Buzzing with pleasure from multiple layers of orgasms thundering through her that no longer needed to stop or even take turns, Sylvia reached down between her spread legs to stroke the now sleekly defined ridges of her inner thighs. The cords of muscles were a roadmap leading you to her equally extravagant labia majora. Major majora now, her smooth lower lips firm and strong enough to devour I-beams and spit out bullets. Her calves and thighs gently bulged with superhuman might. Until now she could only have imagined this view: so firm, so chiseled. So strong. Because if what she thought was happening to her was true, the little spasms that shook her so delightfully were in fact powerful enough to throw an aircraft carrier into orbit. A mental picture which stacked another orgasm on the growing pile while drawing another pulse of warmth from the nugget in her hand. She pictured herself: first lifting 100,000 tons … then launching it with a swift jerk of her mighty arms. Then squatting down on a second impossibly massive weight and crushing it to molten slag between her long thighs. She imagined the feeling as hot metal gurgled up inside her pussy, unable to cool or harden as she continued to squeeze and twist it with her inner, deeper super-muscles. ‘Yes …’ she thought. “Give it to me.” she whisper-bellowed aloud. “I want it ALL …” She began to build a mental catalogue of Power Girl’s many outrageous powers and even a few she made up. Every one of the illustrations in her catalogue sexy as hell. The pulses of warmth in her hand became a continuous heat, the shrinking nugget glowing like an ember. But even that wasn’t enough for Sylvia, because she also wanted to share. To pass on at least some of what was happening in every part of her body with the roommates who had done this wonderful thing to her. “SUPERTITS!” she yelled, seemingly at random, but to herself she added ‘ …so super, they make other girls super too!’ Because Sylvia wanted to do unto others, to make demigoddesses in her image. To hear their voices lifted in squeals of overwhelming bliss just like hers!

Bree peered out from behind the edge of the couch. Sylvia was still half-reclining in in the corner, leaned against the cracked and crumpled linen closet door. She had her legs spread, knees lifted to eye level. The most casual of slouches. It was a pose Bree knew well: that was how Sylvia watched the telly, usually cradling a big bowl of popcorn on the couch. Usually with more clothes on and without sporting the most magnificent breasts the Earth had ever seen. Sylvia wouldn’t even be able to see the screen over them now without sitting up. Her line of sight blocked by three dimensional, living, breathing, jiggling, moaning Power Girl titties. And not a scrap of foam padding anywhere to be found. Sylvia’s first and most important wish come true.

Bree smirked. If acquiring just superstrength had made her unbearably horny, then Sylvia’s eruption had to be taking her on the ride of her life! Not quite what Bree had expected when she’d decided to share her discovery, but you couldn’t argue with the results. Sylvia was working it! Bree felt an unexpected surge of pride. She might only be in the audience, but it was still the best day ever.

Sylvia moaned again and you could hear a dozen climaxes in the warbling tones. Girl wasn’t on Cloud 9, she’d eaten it like cotton candy and gotten all over herself in the process. Bree tried not to laugh and failed utterly. This was exactly the kind of crazy she should have expected from Sylvia. She’d been an odd mix of shy and eager little sex-ferret as long as Bree had known her. Sometimes to the point of embarrassing herself with how bad she wanted sex but not quite knowing how to get it. She’d told them once she wished she could have been a cave woman: club a guy over the head and drag him off without all the courting. For Bree’s geeky friend the nugget was a ticket to Nerdvana. There’d be nothing holding her back now!

At the sound of her laughter, Sophie finally dared poke her head out too, gasping at the sight of Sylvia’s sculpted and overwhelmingly womanly body topped by a face as beautiful as hers if not more so. Sophie’s newly re-imagined face lit up - it was lust at first sight.

Sylvia, still shuddering, finally looked dreamily at the nugget clutched in her hand, now consciously aware of the source of the warmth filling her with glory. While it had always felt firm to Bree even with her massive strength, when Sylvia cupped her hands together around it she squashed the nugget into blistering hot ooze in an instant. She ground her palms together, spreading the molten metal evenly across her hands before rubbing it into her mountainous breasts like pearl-white skin cream. Her fingers lingered on her cherry-sized and cherry-red nipples as she rubbed in the thick white droplets and then continued flicking and teasing them. Sylvia’s eyes narrowed, intent on absorbing every last molecule of the fictionite into herself, but also shaken by the overwhelming intensity of the pleasure flooding through her from her Kryptonian super-hooters. She realized she’d just bathed them in molten metal! Could she be any hotter? Pun totally intended.

MMMMMMmmmm! the naked supergirl purred like a cat crossed with a jet engine as she worshiped her own tits. Kneading them like loaves of bread, shaking them side to side just to laugh at how long it took for them to stop swishing back and forth, finally lifting them to her lips where her long pink tongue could tease first one engorged nipple then the other, tasting herself. Bree and Sophie had front row seats to watch the sizzling metal dissolve into her flawless skin, giving off hundreds if not thousands of times the power they’d received as the energy being released flowed into the template laid out by her deepest desires as clear and pure as diamonds. Diamonds she knew would crack and splinter against the softest bits of her Kryptonian hardbody when she cupped piles of them in her hands and ground them against her tits. Just … like … this … She ground her palms deep into her breasts, crushing the imaginary diamonds into dust against the bulging pillows. Her mouth dropped open in a silent cry and an inner glow of silver-white light could be seen through the soft ‘O’ of her pink lips. The fires of transformation raging inside her. The nugget had vanished entirely into her flesh, giving everything of itself. Warping and bending the world around it, fulfilling Sylvia’s thirst to match or even exceed Power Girl’s every fictional ability and make them real … To make them Hers!

Bree and Sophie had gotten what they needed and wanted respectively. Sylvia was getting everything she dreamed. They were witnessing the birth of a literal Goddess in their living room: their nerdish flatmate reincarnated as the Last Ultra-Babe of Krypton in her own ongoing NSFW series! Her hands slapped against the inside of her knees with a clap like thunder and she spread her legs wider, moaning again as she opened herself to their hungry gazes. Silver light leaked even from her pussy, almost as if to say, ‘see? I’m super there too!’

It was kinda hawt.

They watched mesmerized as their roommate-gone-Goddess worked herself up to another incomprehensibly powerful orgasm. She saw herself flying to the guy’s dorms night after night for months to come, prying open a window sash chosen at random still stories above the ground, slipping silently inside so her awesome silhouette was backlit in the half-light of the streetlights far below. They’d wake from their beds to discover her hanging weightlessly over them, her breasts just tickling their chests. “Hi. We’re gonna fuck now.” She’d announce matter-of-factly in her American accent before they became twisted into a single grunting mass. She’d ride them pressed against every wall and even make out on the ceiling. Jocks and virgins, timid and bold all falling into her, unable to resist and not even trying. She’d ravish each young stud completely before vanishing into back into their dreams. …Ok. Maybe two a night. Or three … It was a big campus after all and she certainly had the energy.

Sylvia squealed and squirmed, becoming an urban legend in her mind, the bestest kind of “alien abduction”. Millions of men desperate for her attentions, standing with pant’s bulging before world maps that tracked the sightings, recorded the slow expansion of her hunting grounds to global proportions. No hunk or nerd on Earth was safe from her now!

Back in the real world, steam rose from her body and the glass around her softened and even started to melt as long graceful fingers moved on from her up thrust breasts to explore and then service her every erogenous zone, moving faster and faster until they became fondling blurs. Sylvia’s hips bucked wildly as the blurs began to focus between her thighs. She was plunging into herself at several times the speed of sound, creating muffled sonic booms inside her vagina (which feels even better than it sounds, if you’re Sylvia). The orgasmic rumblings spread as she became the epicenter of another unintentional earthquake. Her shivering muscular buttocks chewed through wood and concrete alike while the last remains of her costume burnt away like flash paper. The quivering, wordless cries became quieter but even more unbearably sexy as Sylvia discovered and then mastered level after level of divine pleasure only a goddess like her could achieve. She would have destroyed the whole house and much of the surrounding block if her control hadn’t finally started to catch up with her power.

“ya? …Ya? …YAH? Is there any more?” she cried out in the thrumming voice of a God. “Can anyone be more? …ohh … I can … I CAN! … yesss! I can be More … I … can be … AAAAAALLLL!” Her flatmates went down together, writhing at the sound as Sylvia explored new realms of mega-ecstasy that had opened up to her still-growing supersenses, her superspeed compressing weeks and months of fiery orgasmic pleasure into moments.

The eyes of a Goddess snapped open, twin threads of furious red-gold light leaking from them, lancing through their roof and out into space. Sylvia came like a supernova, every cell in her body an engine both creating and experiencing pleasure. A blast that could have shattered the world if it hadn’t all been so neatly contained within Sylvia’s wonderfully touchable skin. The stellar cataclysm within the silken glove.

“Ooooohhhh …” She sighed at merely mortal volume this time. “Now that was nice.” At least for certain values of nice that might include infinity. Sylvia had changed fundamentally, recreated herself as something new and bright. A sweet and generous young woman who only happened to also be a GOD. But inside her was a shimmering galaxy. ‘A galaxy inside me …’ That was a good metaphor for her power, Sylvia thought.

Satisfied –for now– the nubile Goddess rose from the shallow crater she’d dug with her every twisting, thrashing spasm. She didn’t just stand up. Sylvia flew into the air, even gravity unable to constrain her happiness. She floated in the center of the room, stretching and flexing luxuriously, spreading her legs wide and running her slender hands over every part of herself. She marveled at and relished the long lines of her own perfection. Lines adorned with enough muscular heft to finally bring balance to the big-as-her-head superbreasts that had started it all. In fact, she might have overdone it a little. Toes dangling a foot above the floor, she pinched one of her Nipples of Steel and shivered uncontrollably. A little? Maybe a lot. She decided she’d just have to live with being slightly non-canon. A more lusty XXX Power Girl. Sylvia’s glorious figure was that of the very best adult fan art brought to life. The product of an artist with no shame in their love of her voluptuousness, her strength, her primal beauty.

She squeezed harder and a lightning storm of pleasure crackled in the back of her skull. See? First the lighting, then the thunder! Every spark was an orgasm waiting to happen if she would only concentrate on it, sink down into it and lose herself. Ecstasy on demand. Yeah, this grown-up version of Kara definitely had advantages over the comic book version. Namely she was going to have sex. Lots and lots of sex.

Her roomies came out from behind the couch, looking rather disheveled after their own bout of sympathetically induced heavy petting. Fragile little Sophie was gonna have to be careful hanging around two girls who could pop the top off a tank like opening a can of soda. One of Sylvia’s pinkies curled and twitched. *pop* she thought, seeing the turret sailing hundreds of feet away in her mind’s eye. One pinky.

Sylvia smiled down at them over her massive tits without the slightest bit of modesty at their stares. ‘Let ‘em look’ she thought with pride. She’d finally nailed the silhouette she’d been chasing all damn day. She was PERFECT. She flew down and hugged them both to her ample chest, her feet still never touching the floor. “Way better than a puppy,” she announced, planting a sisterly kiss on each of their foreheads. Her new voice was resonant with deeply feminine mystery, tempered by carnal experience beyond mortal imaginings.

“What?” Sophie asked confused. She was in awe, but dared to lean in and nuzzle her cheek against her floating friend’s breast anyway. So soft … so strong … so beautiful.

Bree gave her a funny look too, then wriggled out of Sylvia’s grip with surprising strength of her own.

“Oh, nothing.” Sylvia cupped the breast not being rubbed by Sophie’s face and lifted it for emphasis. “I like what you had to show me.” she said to Bree, dead panning her infinite gratitude as if maybe they’d brought home some new plates and bowls for the shared kitchen. Sylvia couldn’t resist squeezing her epic mound gently while Sophie attacked the other with greater enthusiasm if less effect. Fuck! That was a feeling that wasn’t going to get old before the heat death of the universe.

She looked at them both again more carefully. “Looks like you definitely took a taste too …”

“Not like you!” Sophie cried out in rapture before burying her face in cleavage again. She didn’t seem to mind Sylvia’s good fortune at all.

“A bit.” Bree smiled, before she picked up her broken TV with both hands and crushed it into a golf ball.

Sylvia pried Sophie off gently but firmly and set her back a step. “Well, as much as I’d like to stay home and finish wrecking the place with wild uncontrolled sex, I’ve got a masquerade to go to.” ‘ …and a certain Gina to watch choke,’ she thought to herself. Then her eyes went wide.

“You should totally come!”

Sophie squealed with glee and would have launched herself at Sylvia again if Sylvia hadn’t laid a palm against Sophie’s forehead holding her at arm’s length like an over-anxious 4 year-old.. “Well I assume that’s one ‘yes’.”

Bree shook her head. “You know that’s not my thing, Syl …”

“Ah, come on, Bree. You’ll make a great Jessica Jones to Sophie’s Black Widow. Look at her, she’s made for it.” Sylvia smiled.

Bree had watched that show at Sylvia’s insistence. The superstrong PI had kinda kicked ass. And she’d love to find a hunk to play Luke Cage for her. ‘Black Widow’ she only knew from the movies, but Sophie certainly would look the part.

“Maybe.” ‘It could be fun? Just once?’ she thought to herself.

Sylvia put some of the lusty moaning back in her tone. “I’ll make it up to yoooouu …” At which point the already overstimulated Sophie collapsed to her knees.

“Fine! Fine …” Bree grimaced, trying not to cum on the spot as Sylvia’s sexy-voice licked more than just her ear. She wondered if that was really one of Power Girl’s powers in the comics? She had the feeling somewhere along the line Sylvia had cheated.

“Great!” Suddenly Sylvia was gone and most of the house seemed to blur. A random, wild wind tugged at Sophie’s strawberry-blonde hair and the house flickered around them in a sort of 3D time lapse.

When Sylvia re-solidified almost two minutes later the whole flat had been tidied up, there was cardboard cut to shape and taped over the windows, and she held out hand sewn costumes for each of them (hand worked, because there was no way her machine could keep up with her now). The floor was still a write off, but she’d have to learn carpentry before she could fix that or the crazy squiggle she’d burnt through the ceiling. Sylvia was now clad in a glistening long white dress trimmed in gold with a matching white scarf draped across her arms. something like a gold ‘8’ was centered high on her chest, outlining two broad openings that revealed an awful lot of her curvaceous and silky skin beneath.

“Th-that’s a Power Girl costume?” Bree asked, unable to look away from rise and fall of bare flesh peeking through the cutouts. You could hide an entire Christmas pudding in the deep cleavage Sylvia had on display. Sophie pounced on her new clothes and raced off to her room to change.

Sylvia rolled her beautiful pale blue eyes, then raised her arms in a double bicep curl that tensed her bare arms and lifted her breasts, just about launching them over the top of the low-cut dress. “Adam Hughes, you heathen! I want to wow the judges, not give them heart attacks.”

“I’m thinking that’s still a possibility …” Bree muttered. Sylvia heard her perfectly, of course, and laughed with her.

Sylvia looked down at herself. “Really, I should have gone with this one in the first place.” ignoring the fact it showed off even more bare breast than the her white leotard keyhole had. “So elegant …” she said softly, her dress starting to tent over her stiffening nipples. Sylvia vanished and her door slammed shut. There was another earth tremor before she reappeared in front of Bree, not a hair out of place and her dress strategically reinforced at the bust against further wardrobe failures.

“Heehee.” she said timidly, her face flushed and knowing Bree wasn’t fooled for a second.

“Think that’s gonna keep happening a lot? We may need better insurance …”

“Fuck, I hope so.” Sylvia stretched sensuously as a cat after her little bit of exercise, floating right up off the ground again languidly. “Best. Day. Ever.”

Bree had to agree. Sylvia vanished again and this time the front door flew open with a bang. Bree heard the distant thunder of multiple sonic booms from high over the city before Sylvia reappeared, panting hard this time like she’d finally had a real workout. Whatever she was doing up there, she was getting better at it as she settled in to her new body. Bree laughed at Sylvia again, who only blushed deeper.

“Well, you’d better learn to share after you used up all of my fictionite like that …” She hmmphed softly like it was nothing more than a minor dispute over who ate the last of the peanut butter. She wasn’t actually mad. The whole thing was pleasantly ridiculous, really.

Sylvia looked at her impishly. “That seems fair.” she said as she slid up to Bree and started rubbing her whole body against her. “I’ll share as much as you want … as much as you can stand …” She knelt down and tore the crotch out of Bree’s pants with a quick nip of her teeth. “Say when …”

Seconds later Bree realized as strong as she was, she wasn’t even as firm as jelly before Sylvia’s lascivious probing. Her knees buckled but she didn’t fall, her entire weight held up on something hot and wet and so very strong. Powerful arms slid up between her knees, smooth hands cupping Bree’s buttocks as the unyielding span of Sylvia’s shoulders pried her legs wide open so Sylvia could plunge the long pink cone of irresistible muscle that was her tongue deeper into Bree’s cleft. Sylvia began to flick and churn insider her, ramping up from the slow and tentative exploration of her first time eating pussy all the way up to almost hypersonic frequencies as she got the hang of it Power Girl-style. In return Bree clamped down on her with the second most powerful muscles in the world, finally able to exert herself to the fullest against something that didn’t have to yield. Her resistance only inspired Sylvia to greater efforts. Bree was lifted up by a hurricane of licking, nuzzling, and fondling as Sylvia fucked her from every direction at once. The sensations as the ever-so-imaginative Sylvia invented all-new super-girl-on-girl techniques one after another … it all came together to hit her so hard she couldn’t even breathe. Bree’s last thought as she blacked out in orgasmic pleasure was ‘I should have read more comics …’

She came to already dressed as Jessica Jones. She even had a long dark wig on. Sophie was kneeling next to her watching over her in a splendid Black Widow outfit. She had a flush to her skin that said she might have had some fun of her own too while Bree was out cold. More of Sylvia’s sharing. She’d always been generous to a fault.

Still laying on her back, Bree raised her arm like a student in class with a question. “When.” She announced. Sylvia burst into laughter from somewhere over her shoulder. “I’ll go slower next time.”

Sophie smiled dreamily. “Faster for me, thanks. And longer … And higher.”

As Bree clambered back to her feet, Sylvia asked, “all set?” Her loins were still achy from her super roomie’s attentions, but overall she felt pretty good. Strong, confident, and sexy, even in the company of her two bombshell buddies. It was still Bree’s best day ever even if Sylvia had gotten the grandest of grand prizes.

Seeing all was in order Sylvia announced, “Then it’s party time! And we’re traveling in style!” They shuffled outside, locking the door like ordinary people out for an evening. Then Sylvia scooped them up in her smoothly muscled arms and launched into the sky. Sophie didn’t stop screaming out her joy as they flew a hundred times higher than she had in the alley less than an hour ago. This time Bree let her as they wooshed over block after block, people looking up in confusion and growing amazement at the costumed trio. They couldn’t really have just seen that, could they?

Finally Sylvia couldn’t stand it any more, the girlish cries of glee setting her own body quivering.

“Ok, I was going to save this for later …” She tossed the both up into the air. Then she was rising with them, her top untied and her whole bare chest on display. As sure and graceful as a juggler she caught each of them in the crook of an arm and pressed their faces to her breasts as they continued to rise.

Bree took about a second and a half of coaxing, before she relaxed and started to suckle. Sophie of course didn’t hesitate. So it was a hiss of genuine surprise that escaped between Sylvia’s teeth when it was Bree’s hand that slipped through the long slit on the side of her dress and inserted itself in her like a plug in a wall socket. Only Sylvia was the lamp that got switched on as the pad of Bree’s thumb ground against her clit with a force she’d despaired of ever feeling again without doing it herself. She felt Bree’s lips leave her for a moment, to whisper so softly only a person with superhearing could make it out: “Say when …”

Sylvia’s head snapped from side to side, her mouth open in a silent cry as her friends simultaneously sucked her Supertits. She came instantly, filled not just with the awareness of every crease and ridge of their lips locked on her big nipples, but with the pleasure of giving as she felt the tiniest bit of the galaxy of silver light inside her flow into them both, the last traces of fictionite stirring with very different results.

Bree hung heavier even in Sylvia’s all-powerful grip, becoming stronger, denser … more concentrated. A mountain in the form of a young woman. Integrated. Unstoppable.

Sophie’s toes curled, and then her knees, rising like she had a thousand balloons tied to her ankles until they pulled her whole body up to the horizontal, level with Sylvia’s chest. Sylvia let go and Sophie hung there still, spreading her arms wide like and airplane. Flying under her own power now and moored to Sylvia only by her sucking lips. She started to hum, making muffled plane noises that softly tickled Sylvia’s chest. Her pleasure multiplied and grew, her body subtly tightening, growing more super by the moment as she continued to suck. The resulting unchecked orgasms rolling through her had her face gently butting against Sylvia’s round tit. She could fly! She could fucking FLY!!

Soon they were underway again, cutting across the evening sky in a line. Bree hung in the center now, outstretched arms clasping hands with the other two. Sylvia used her free hand to do up her top again. Even so, the feel of the wind over her bare chest had been so delicious she knew she’d go flying naked again soon.  …through a star. Sylvia was just that kind of Power Girl and this was still just the first and very best day!

- - - - -

Hours later Bree reluctantly had to agree costume parties were good fun. At least they were when you secretly had real superpowers! She was a bit surprised Sylvia asked her not to show off her strength. She was keeping her abilities on the down low too. “It wouldn’t be fair, at least until after the contest is over.” Sylvia’s definition of fair seemed a bit flexible to Bree considering how quickly their outfits had sprung into existence, but she didn’t quibble. In fact, hiding her massive strength as she danced in a crowd was a brilliant game. ‘Maybe that was why ‘secret identities’ were such a thing?’ she wondered.

Once the voting was done, a certain sow-like Gina got to spend the rest of the evening looking scandalized: Sylvia had won best costume by universal acclaim, with Sophie taking second and Bree third. A clean sweep for Sylvia’s creations. And really, no one had ever seen a better Power Girl. Sylvia’s victory smile was so radiant some of the men actually looked at her face. Occasionally.

Seeing how these things were done now, Sophie insisted that next time she be Supergirl to go with Sylvia’s Power Girl. And that they do a skit … so she could show off her powers just enough to make the judges wonder … Sylvia didn’t see how she could say ‘no’, shaking her head and smiling. She’d created a cosplay monster.

At the end of the party, award plaques in hand, the trio slipped away without anyone the wiser how right they were about Sylvia being the Best. Power Girl. Ever.

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