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Civil War – Chapter 4

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“I said I don’t want to talk about it Lexi!” Hank said in frustration.

“You haven’t talked about it to anyone, me included. You need to heal from it.” Lexi said in a caring tone.

“I have!”

“Just moving on isn’t healing, it’s avoiding something you’re scared of fighting and defeating.”

Hank sighed in resignation, “I didn’t leave her because she was an Evo, I left her because she was a member of Ardent. The same Ardent that was suspected in the murder of my uncle from the war.”

“I … I didn’t know.”

“How could you? Most people don’t even know who died and survived.”

All Lexi wanted to do was to hug him tightly but, sub-consciously, she knew that other people lost loved ones too but it was no excuse to partake in mass genocide.

“I know you’re thinking that others lost their loved ones too and they don’t feel the need to avenge the fallen but I … just do.”

“Why do you feel the need to avenge your uncle though? He passed away fighting for what he thought was right.”

“It’s not because he died … it’s how he died.”

Sensing that it was a better idea to let Hank calm down, Lexi kept quiet for the duration of the ride home but was in deep thought.

Two years ago, Lexi had been a member of Ardent. She felt that Evos deserved to be treated the same as normal human beings and so she made that choice thinking that she was helping out in promoting equality for everyone but then she learned something frightening about Ardent …

One night, after a public debate with the Senate regarding discrimination of Evos in the workplace, Lexi was walking back home when she saw two figures in front of her dragging a third figure into an alley. She had her phone out and the number of the police ready to call if necessary. She stealthily followed the group into the alley where she could make out the faces of the group. The two figures holding the hunched person were two Ardent supporters she recognized from the debate however she couldn’t make out the face of the third person.

You told us you could get the Senate to imploy the Evo Employment Act.” The taller of the two Ardent supporters said.

Yeah but things turned south. The Senator, who was also the deciding vote, rejected the proposition, there was nothing I could do.” Walter admitted in pain.

You know what this means now Walter …” the shorter of the Ardent agent said, with a feminine voice.

So I guess you’re gonna handle this?” the taller agent said to the shorter one.

Yeeeeah.” she said with reluctance.

N-no wait Miranda please!” Walter pleaded.

You had one job Walter, one job.” Miranda said, slowly approaching Walter.

Walter tried running away but the still unknown taller of the assailants held him in place.

Come on Miranda! You know how stubborn Morris and the Senate are! You gotta give me another chance please!” Walter said, begging for dear life.

You know we can’t do that now Walt. Boss’ s orders. Besides, we don’t accept failure …. ever, “ Miranda said monotonously.

Guys, what you’ve asked me to do is all but impossible … I’m just an advisor!” Walter said, still pleading.

That’s not the attitude he had when he offered us this proposal in return for a hefty amount of money hey Bruce?” She said to the other agent.

Nope, he was much more ecstatic and enthusiastic.” Bruce said.

Miranda was now standing right in front of Walter.”I actually believed you could do it Walt but I was sadly mistaken …” Miranda concluded as she held Walter’s head in both her hands and then twisted his neck to an unnatural angle.

Lexi held her hands over her mouth at the brutal sight she had just seen.”How-how-how could they have done that …” she thought.

What should we do with the body?” Bruce asked.

Leave it in the dumpster.” Miranda concluded as she began leaving the alley, walking away from where they entered.

Lexi backed away from the alley and ran down the road for dear life as she realised she was working with killers.

“Why are you supporting Evos Lexi?” Hank asked suddenly.

“I’m not supporting them Hank, I’m supporting human rights. They’re still people who have the right to life even if they do horrendous things like us …”

Trevor knew that he caught Michael Kinney and Senator Morris red-handed. Now he had to leave GeneCo.

He returned to the janitor’s elevator when the elevator doors suddenly opened and out came the janitor who was actually meant to clean the floor.

“Who are you?” he asked in a deep Spanish accent.

“Uhmm … I’m Hector Rodriguez.” Trevor replied but it was more of a question than a response.

“I am Hector Rodriguez! So who are you?” the janitor demanded.

Trevor knew he had to diffuse the situation quickly so he acted on instinct and he knocked out the janitor with a quick chop to the back of the neck.”Now what do I do with him?” he asked himself.

He walked back into the elevator with the janitor in tow and proceeded back down to janitor’s floor. He had to find a way to hide the janitor without being caught by security but how?

When the elevator doors opened Trevor was greeted by five security guards.

“Stop!” the apparent head of the security detail commanded.

“Come on guys, we can work this out like civilized gentlemen.” he offered. Trevor knew he could easily take down the security detail even, without powers, but he would attract attention if he did.

“Come with us now and no one will need to get hurt Sir.” the head guard proposed.

Trevor weighed his actions and chose, what he thought to be, the best possible solution. Kick some GeneCo ass!

He rushed forward to the leader of the group and pushed him into the others. The first guard to stand up reached for his weapon but Trevor saw this already and lunged into him. The guard was dizzy and Trevor knocked him out with a quick jab.

He grabbed the guards gun and looked at the two guards behind him using his peripheral vision. They both had their hand guns trained on him.

“Don’t move if you know what’s good for you!” the taller guard commanded authoritatively.

“Fine fine.” Trevor said as he raised his arms up over head.

The taller guard walked briskly toward him while Trevor noted that the leader stood back up again.

The guard pulled out his handcuffs as he walked around Trevor but then Trevor turned around quickly, disarmed the guard and held the guard in front of him as a hostage.

“Drop the security guard sir.” the leader said.

“Or what?” Trevor remarked, mockingly.

“You’re already in a world of trouble mister. Don’t make it worse for yourself.”

Trevor guessed that the guns were on stun so as to ensure that security guards did not kill their comrades if any situation like this was to arise.

He thought about throwing the guard he held into the others but they were spread further apart and would leave him wide open for the takedown shot. He knew that more security was on its way surely so he had to act quickly. He pretended to set the gun to live ammunition and pressed it against the security guard’s head.”If you don’t let me pass, I’ll blow his brains out.”

“ … if you do, you’ll be open to fire upon.” the leader said, attempting to dissuade Trevor.

“I’m stronger than I look. I can carry the dead weight around.”

“You’re bluffing. If you had no problem killing, you could have killed James down there.” The leader said, pointing to the unconscious guard.

“I could have but I didn’t because I don’t need to, however the same might not be said for this guy.” Trevor countered, referencing the guard he was holding hostage.

“I need to act now …” Trevor thought to himself. “Drop your weapons and this guy gets to live.” Trevor ordered.

The leader stood unflinching until he saw the seriousness in Trevor’s eyes and finally relented.”Okay fine. Drop your weapons.” he ordered the other guards to do so as he set his firearm down.

“Now what?” Trevor asked himself.

“I’ll take care of that.” a familiar voice said.  Suddenly the other guards in the hallway collapsed.

Trevor looked around the hallway but couldn’t find the voice’s owner.

“It’s me Allison.”

“H-how? My earpiece is off.”

“It’s one of my abilities, but I can’t keep it up forever.”

“C-c-can you r-read my mind?” Trevor nervously asked, with a hint of embarrassment.

“No I can’t, well not if you don’t allow me but more importantly you have to go now. Take the next door on your left.”

Trevor knocked out the guard he was holding with the gun and opened the door on his left. When he walked through, he saw all sorts of maintenance equipment and to the back of the room was a service elevator.

“The elevator uses retinal scanner access. The mask should help.” Allison informed him.

He walked up to it and looked at the retina scanner. A wide scope laser, about the width of his eye, scanned the length of his eye.

The retinal scanner displayed a, ‘Confirming’, message and it felt like an eternity waiting for the scanner to confirm the identity.

He heard the door of the elevator open and saw some guards running into the room. He had to move now!

The elevator finally opened and Trevor jumped in. The door closed and he felt the elevator descend.

“Whew! That was close.” Trevor said to Allison in his head.

“It’s not over yet.” Allison said in a serious tone.

“Should I go through the basement levels?”

“No. They’re waiting for you. The main lobby is the best option. It will be filled with civilians.”

“That’s why you’re in charge.” Trevor said while laughing.

The service elevator opened but there were no security guards waiting for him.”Hmm, maybe they’re on a break?” he considered.

He walked out of the janitor’s change rooms and walked into the lobby.

He looked around for security but didn’t see any out of place behavior so he proceeded to the main door.

When he walked through the doors he stopped and looked up at the opposite building but couldn’t see Allison.


No reply.

“Ms Thompson?”


Trevor started worrying. He had no back up. He was about to cross the street when he saw some GeneCo guards approaching him.

He ran to the right of the building and followed the flow of people going to the subway.

Once in the subway he shoved his way to the train. Just as he sat down, the train closed its doors and began traveling.

He was seated next to a man reading something on his e-reader. The man was wearing a tropical yellow shirt and brown slacks with nicely polished loafers. “Where does this train go?” Trevor asked.

“35th Park Avenue.” the man replied as he turned around to face Trevor.

“Thanks- “ Trevor couldn’t believe it! He was staring at Robert Kalowski.”M-M-Mr Kalowski! What a surprise!”

“Mr … Banks is it?”

“Yes Sir. But if I may ask, what are you doing on this train?”

“I’m just strolling through the city.”

Trevor looked around the train but this particular cart didn’t have anyone but the two of them on. He didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Don’t worry son. We’re all right.” menacingly stated.

Trevor knew he was in danger now. Robert Kalowski is probably the strongest Evo out there. If this got messy, it would be messy with his blood.

In a flash, Robert’s hands were on Trevor’s temples. Suddenly Trevor felt his mind being opened by something. He felt completely exposed. It was like he lost control of his mind.

It felt like an eternity for Trevor but really only half a minute passed. When Robert removed his hands Trevor collapsed on the floor of the train.

“Thanks for the info Mr Banks. It was really … informative.” Robert ended.

And with that, the train stopped at the Park Avenue terminal and Robert boarded off, leaving an unconscious Trevor behind in the train.

Trevor’s eyes began fluttering open. The sky was hazy as his eyes slowly opened.”Am I in heaven?” he asked himself.

Suddenly a beautiful face appeared and was staring at him.”Are you an angel?” he asked her.

“It’s Allison.”

“Angel Allison. Woah, I’m really in heaven then …”

“No Trevor, you’re not in heaven and I’m not an angel. You’re on the balcony outside your hotel room.”

His vision returned and saw that he was indeed on the balcony. He groaned as he sat up on the recliner chair.”How-how did I land up here?”

“I brought you here back from the subway. What happened to you Trevor, you were out cold when I found you?”

Trevor slowly recalled his surprise meeting with Robert Kalowski on the train.”Robert happened. He-he-he invaded my mind Allison. I-I-I felt so exposed and vulnerable … it was a terrible feeling …” Trevor said in fear.

“Are you sure? I mean Robert is a well- renowned telepath but why would he do that to his own subordinate?”

“Allison you have to believe me. He read my mind, probably to see what happened at GeneCo. I-I-I …”

Trevor searched his pockets for the recorder he used back at GeneCo to catch Senator Morris and Michael Kinney. He patted all his pockets but he could not find it.

“Trevor what are you looking for?”

“The recorder! I caught Dr Kinney and Senator Morris on it … Robert must have taken it!” Trevor exclaimed.

“You sound insane Trevor!”

“I’m not! Robert is in cahoots with the Senator and Kinney! We have to alert Sarah and Franklin, then they will alert The Leader!”

Allison placed her hands on Trevor’s shoulders with a gentle smile on her angelic face.”Robert wouldn’t do that. He helped establish Ardent, why on Earth would he help the Senator bring down what he created and why would Senator Morris work with an Evo that helped establish the group he’s been working so diligently to dismantle?”

“Because Robert still isn’t in charge of Ardent, even after all his time and dedication to Ardent, he’s still not The Leader. You know it makes sense Allison.” Trevor said with determination.

“No it doesn’t.” Allison countered as her smile faded away.

“You know it does Allison.”

“NO!” she shouted. The balcony trembled a bit at her shout.

Trevor shuddered at her reaction, a bit scared of Allison right now but he knew he was right.”Why won’t you believe me?”

“Robert is the most trustworthy person I’ve ever met. He’s like a father to me. How can you expect me to believe my icon is a traitor?”


“Take a few days off Trevor.” Allison concluded, turning around and heading toward the door.

“Wait Allison-”

“As your superior, I’ve placed you on mandatory leave Mr Banks. If you don’t agree with my decision, quit.” Allison coldly ordered as she closed the door behind her.

Charles awoke with a start. He looked around and saw that he was still in his safe house.

He sat up and remembered Madison stopping his heart with just her finger but her finger had electricity sparking from it.

He turned to the left and saw Madison walk in from the kitchen into the lounge.

“Oh hey, you’re awake!”

Charles was too scared to do anything or say anything. He thought back to how easily she tossed him around and then how she floated and how she generated her own electricity to …to … to kill him!

“Aww, scared much?” she mocked.

“… you killed me!”

“You weren’t really dead. I just stopped your heart for about two minutes.” she said playfully.

“Were you really gonna kill me?”

“No but I realised after I sparked you that I used too much energy and that I might not be able to revive you …”

“You w-w-weren’t sure if you could revive me?!” Charles shouted.

“You’re still alive aren’t you?” she rhetorically asked as she moved to stand in front of the window.

Charles looked at his hand and saw that his fingers were no longer dislocated and his hand bandaged. There was still some pain but because of the nature of his job, and his own history, some dislocated fingers weren’t enough to cause him serious discomfort.”Thanks for the bandages …”

“I can’t have my most valuable asset damaged now right … well not too much anyway.” she replied with a mischievous smile turning back to face him.

“Why me, what’s the reason for this, this attack on the Senator?” Charles asked.

“That’s a question he needs to answer as for you, you could potentially be a catalyst.” she answered.

“A catalyst for what?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

“How can a bodyguard be vital to your evil plans?”

“I didn’t say you were vital Charles. You’re expendable but I don’t feel like getting a replacement for you because that would mean having to incinerate you then ‘recruiting’ someone else. And besides, who said my plans are evil?” Madison asked innocently.

“You’ve kidnapped someone and you’re committing espionage. How are your plans not evil?”

“We’re just protecting ourselves. We are being targeted by the Senator after all.”

“Because of the monsters you are …”

“Ask your dear Senator how many Evos he’s experimented on and how many of them were ever seen again, then ask yourself who the real monsters are.”

“That’s not true …”

“Your faith is misplaced Charles.”

Charles knew that she was right about the Senator’s activities but they were justified.

“It’s been nearly two days and your recon team still haven’t come for you … do you think the Senator doesn’t care that a close body guard who could potentially hold vital information about his plans has gone missing?”

Charles sat up quickly and remembered the ‘The Missing Persons Protocol’. If a person of high status or of personal security to the Senate was missing for more than 24 hours without communicating anything to anyone, a search and rescue team was to be sent out and recover the target.

“We have some company.” Madison announced.

Suddenly three men, all donning the same tactical gear and weapons, burst into the apartment from the front door and another two from the window Madison was standing near.

The men aimed their guns at Madison.

“It seems the Senator is afraid his body guard will divulge some dangerous information. So how shall we proceed?” she asked with some menace as she smirked.

“Stand down! The Senator will accept your surrender and even promised to lessen the severity of your punishment if you come quietly with us.” One of the soldiers said ordered.

“I think it’s cute that you guys think you will make me surrender.” Madison mocked as she placed her hands on her hips.

“We will use lethal force if necessary!” the soldier demanded as he loaded his assault rifle.

“What class do you think I am?”

The soldier stood silent.

“I know your outfits have radiation detectors and I also know the radiation is off the charts. Way too much for a class one or two …”

Charles may not have super hearing like Madison but he, and surely everyone, in the room could hear the soldier gulp.

“… S-surrender now!” the soldier stuttered but that pretty much confirmed that he was no longer in control now Charles thought.


“Fire!” the soldier commanded and with that, a barrage of gunfire was fired at the uber-babe.

Charles dropped down and covered his head as the guns continued their assault. The gun fire ceased. Charles looked up but couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Madison stood right where she was before but the bullets were all floating in mid-air in front her with spurts of electricity running through the floating barrage of bullets!

The soldiers and Charles all gasped and muttered under their breaths as no one could believe what they were seeing.

“I love those looks on your faces!” Madison giddily exclaimed as the bullets fell to the floor.

She became a blur for a few seconds when suddenly the soldiers were pushed on the floor. Charles realized their guns were no longer in their possession as well.”No way …” Charles thought to himself.

One of the other soldiers rushed her and started fighting her but she stood as still as a rock. What made everyone cringe was the sound of bones breaking as he assaulted Madison, or rather tried to …

With an effortless flick of her hand, she launched him through the lounge and into the far wall of the hallway where he never moved again.

Everyone turned back to her with looks of astonishment and some of fear. Two other soldiers rushed her but she effortlessly held them up by the front of their gear. The two soldiers’ heads collided together as Madison brought her arms together. Surely the impact killed them both Charles thought as Madison dropped them on the floor.

“This is too easy! Maybe you two will do a better job than the other three.” she considered with a menacing tone.

“W-wait ma’am. It’s quite clear we don’t stand a frozen hells chance of beating you-” the lead soldier began before being cut off by the sound of a bullet.

All eyes were on the second soldier as his hands held the smoking gun …

“That was nice. I was wondering when you were gonna use that. Ah but you ruined my shirt!” Madison exclaimed with some annoyance as she studied her low cut top.

Charles looked back to the lead soldier and saw him press something on his glove. Charles thought about it for a few seconds and realized what the soldier had done.

He dove to his right a second before the sniper’s bullet struck the spot Charles was standing at just a second ago.

‘The Greater Good Protocol’ was what it was called. In the event of someone of importance being kidnapped and unable to be retrieved, the retrieval team would be ordered to take down the person of importance so that no vital information is disclosed.

Charles gritted his teeth tightly, waiting to feel what death is like but it surprisingly felt normal to him … wait. Charles looked up to see the second bullet an inch in front of his right eye … and the thumb and index finger of Madison holding that very bullet.

He looked up from his kneeling position to Madison and saw her beautiful smiling face.

“I think a ‘Thank you Madison’ is in order don’t you?” she said as she turned around to the two standing soldiers. She flicked the bullet back to the soldier who ruined her shirt and saw the bullet pierce his chest and continue on through the wall behind him, leaving a small hole from which the outside of the building could be seen.

She reached for another bullet on the floor. Madison peered through the window and located the sniper on the roof of the opposite building and produced a sexy smile as she placed the bullet in her mouth. Madison blew the sniper a kiss as the bullet streaked out of her perfect mouth and went straight through the sniper’s head.

“And then there was one …” Madison announced, emphasizing the last word as she walked over to the lone soldier slowly. The remaining soldier tried to run to the door but ran into the invulnerable body of Madison instead, falling right on his behind.

“Please, I’ll do anything, anything!” he pleaded.

The soldier started kneeling before Madison. It would be hard to believe that just a few minutes ago, this man was a commander.

“I don’t need a worshiper.” she informed as she nudged him with the toe of her shoe and sent him sliding into the opposite wall.

She sped in front of the soldier.”But maybe …” she considered in as she reached down for the soldier and picked him up by his throat.”I want you to report back to the Senator and tell him that you were unable to retrieve the target so you resorted to the killing Mr Finnigan but not without any casualties and losses. Understand?”

“Y-yes!” the soldier croaked.

“Good, now leave.” Madison ordered as she released the soldier.

The soldier ran out the door to carry out his new orders.

“Now what are we gonna do with this mess?” Madison asked, hands placed on her hips.

“Thanks for you know … saving me.” Charles said to Madison as he stood up.

“I knew you were important but what exactly aren’t you telling me …”

“I’ve told you everything, I swear. I don’t even have a reason to lie because I need to see my family.”

“Fortunately for you, I believe you. Maybe dear, old G. Morris uses a mind wipe on his personal guard. He wouldn’t go to these lengths to rescue one person then try to kill that same person. We’ll do something about it though …” she said in deep thought.

“So what about the bodies?”

“My people will handle it Charles.”

“What now?” Charles asked.

“Well since the Senator believes that you’re now dead I can’t have you walking around in public. You’ll go back to that Ardent compound but I’ll let you communicate with your family.” Madison informed.

“Are-are you serious?”

“I’m not a monster Charles!” Madison laughed slightly, “I know what it’s like to worry about family though …” She ended as her eyes became a bit teary.

Charles felt like asking Madison what had happened with her family but decided against it but the fact that he could now talk to his family made him feel elated. Maybe Evos aren’t as bad as the Senator claims …

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