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Peerless, Part 1-3

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Aki Kimuri was born the most astonishing human to ever exist, her potential IQ a staggering 500 points. She learned to read at six months, mastered a dozen languages by 9 months, and had read her family’s entirely personal library by the time she was one year old. She’d finished all the local libraries by the time she was 3. At four she attended one day of public school before being passed up through all the grades in a week. Soon she was passing college courses in an afternoon, racking up every degree she thought might be useful.

At seven years old she tampered with her own genome, ensuring her future majesty by setting her height to towering levels and completely removing any miostatin limits on her future muscle mass. She worked out hard, far harder than anyone else could, shattering records for her age group and soon for all time. The work paid off and at thirteen years old she shamed the entries to the world’s stronman competitions by lifting more weight than they could hope to move up over her head with one arm. As a teenager she had more strength in her arm than any thirty men and had completely mastered over a hundred martial arts just to have something to do.

Grown into her adult body at a barely legal age she tinkered with her body again knowing it was her destiny to be unstoppable. Her biceps could already crush stone but she wanted ever more power. She funded her lab and research and in a matter of months realized how to speed human enhancement and augmentation by centuries.

Her lab assistants had little purpose but to bear witness to her raw superior grandness, for she moved so fast she seemed a blur unless she was working to keep herself easy to see by mere mortals. She built a machine that would encase her and saturate her body with the chemicals and materials to enhance her to a level like a god and decided it’d be her eighteenth birthday present to herself.

All 7’11” of the powerful young woman entered the machine and was encased in metal before being subjected to chemical baths and bursts of radiation that would melt a less supreme individual. She was so delighted by the vast swell of power she could feel tingle in every single cell of her being she couldn’t wait for the machine to open.

She tore open the pod, made of a metal she herself invented stronger than any steel, diamond, or titanium and crumpled it up in her hands like so much tinfoil.

“It’s time for the weapons test then!”

They hesitated but not for long, wheeling in a powerful minigun normally mounted on the A-1 ground support aircraft and locked it on her. The weapon cut loose with a deafening constant roar as it launched an impossible number of bullets at impossible speed only to have them all shatter into powder as they struck Aki. She laughed, it wasn’t anything much different than a warm shower to her.

She flexed her arm, watching her peerless bicep peak and tear her shirt, another specially made thing for her and more durable than body armor, apart with an effortless motion.

She decided to test her speed and ran sixty miles in a tenth of a second. Unfortunately the terrible disruption of her passing shattered windows, unleashed a terrible sonic boom and almost certainly killed everyone in her lab. Oh well, they were just a bunch of bugs to her now anyway.

“You know what world? I think I’m going to visit the president and talk about lowering the minimum age requirements for the job.”


Dr. Adrian Mathews had been the leading researcher in his field for years, he’d been involved in a number of bio-augmentation fields and had spent much of his professional career receiving praise and admiration from his fellows. Then the wonder girl came along – just sixteen years old – he’d initially been amused that someone so young was taking an interest in his area of research, but young Aki had stunned him by reading back entire papers he’d written without consulting anything. It had taken the young women barely more than a week to learn everything he’d learned over the course of decades and more. In the month since then she’d only ever lept further and further ahead, pushing the field of science so far ahead so fast his head spun. He’d been able to get the gist of things for about two days but since then her work had been entirely her own.

Aki was just like that, she could read a book in half a minute with most of them and she never forgot anything. The young woman’s utterly towering genius had made her an expert in every field she looked at and granted her dozens of Ph.Ds in her short life already. She had over 5,000 patents in all manner of areas from medicine where she’d cured a dozen cancers to electronics where she’d created quantum computing and many other areas including when she invented machines that could turn into any form of furniture the user wanted it to in a few seconds. She was the world’s first trillionaire as she seemed to be single-handily uplifting mankind to a new stage of development.

He was making a late-night visit to his top secret lab, hoping to get in some work and maybe push the envelope a little. He’d managed to use some of Aki’s work to modify a man to be strong enough to bench two tons and move twice as fast as a Shaolin monk, but the new enhanced man was nothing to Aki. She’d called the effort “cute” and didn’t stick around for further comment, running off at around a hundred miles an hour. So he wasn’t entirely surprised, but he was quite annoyed when he found her in a lab she shouldn’t know about in the wee hours of the morning.

“Aki. You’re not supposed to know about this lab.”

“Hi Adrian,” the teen girl said with a brief wave, “you didn’t do all that good a job keeping it secret then.”

Over six and a half feet tall she already had a more attractive, curvy body than many adult women, packed with powerful, defined muscles. At that moment she was typing one-handed on a keyboard so fast that the cache wasn’t keeping up, and when she got to its max she’d turn to another keyboard and type on that a while. Her hand moved in such a blur that he could see through to the keys and saw that some of the most commonly used letters and numbers were worn off from use, but the keys themselves were still intact. With her other hand she was inputting things into touch screens at a similarly dizzying rate.

“You’re not supposed to be in here.”

“I go wherever I want to. No one tells me what to do.”

“This is private property, I could have you

Aki laughed out loud at him, arching backwards and pushing her surprisingly developed breasts out so far he could see her shirt strain. She stopped working at anything for a moment as her hands clutched her powerfully protruding abdominal muscles but the screens kept working, trying to catch up to her furiously fast input.

“Arrested? Me? Do you have any idea how polite it was for me to hack the door locks rather than just tear this place open?”

“I’m serious Aki, this …”

“You can’t threaten me, Adrian. I bench pressed fifty tons for a thousand reps this morning, even if they somehow got me into a jail I’d just tear it apart and stroll out.”

“That would take …”

“Sixteen minutes, yes I do more than ten reps per second. I did sixty tons for a hundred reps just a couple hours ago,” Aki twirled her hair with her finger and watched her massive, peaked bicep flex and soften as she adjusted her arm’s position.

He decided to switch tactics because he’d seen the footage where she’d lifted tons overhead as a preteen, “it’s late Aki, you should get some …”

“I don’t.”


“I don’t sleep any more. Waste of time anyway,” Aki started to turn back to her work when she caught his expression and turned back with a sinister grin, “what lewd thoughts, good sir.”

He had been checking out her rack and stunningly defined body, it was true, but it was also shameful, “That-that’s not !”

“Don’t lie now,” Aki walked forward and placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back until he was pressed up against the wall.

He tried to fight but it was completely futile. Neither her arm or face showed the slightest strain no matter how hard he struggled. Feeling her impossible might up close filled him with awe, dread, and humility like he was watching a tsunami or earthquake devastate mankind’s strongest structures. He knew that he wasn’t taking more than a drop of Aki’s vast ocean of strength. He blushed at the contact and felt extreme shame as he hardened so fast and intensely that he hurt.

“I- I can’t … you’re just …”

“I know I’m only barely legal – technically – but I grew up fast. I was barely a toddler for very long compared to most people and childhood was brief. Anyway, I think a thousand times faster than anyone else and I see and hear so much more... I think it’s reasonable to argue that I’m actually older than you mentally.”

Aki leaned down into him, pressing her heavy breasts into his chest and crushing him into the wall so hard he was sure he felt it start to buckle. She bent her arms so her palms lay flat on the wall and her biceps flexed and swelled so that they trapped him where he was even more.

“It doesn’t matter how smart you are Aki, it’s stills stat ahhh!” he gave in to the pleasure as she rubbed him gently and tried in vain, on automatic reflex, to twist and stretch in response to her body but she had him too pinned, he couldn’t move at all. He fought as hard as he could, clamping his muscles down as hard as he could to keep himself dry but it was useless. His manhood strained against his pants with more strength than he knew he had there until he shot hot liquid into his clothing after just a few seconds of Aki’s fondling.

“Like you could hold up in the sack with me,” Aki gripped his face with her hand and forced him to look her in the eyes, “you utterly inferior little piece of shit.”

“That’s no way to talk to-aaaahhh!” he yelled with pain until the strength of her grip stopped him from making any more noise.

She lifted him with no effort at all and pressed her body into him again. He hadn’t even seen her undo her shirt, letting her impressively full breasts hang free, she’d done it so fast. She pressed up against him again and he felt much of his torso become enveloped by her early womanly assets crushing into his body. Then she stood back and held her hands to her side, demonstrating that she was supporting his entire weight with just her tits. Then she grinned and pushed them together and the last thing Adrian Mathews felt was a second of intense pain along with the last noise of bones snapping.

It was like a truck running over a full liquid container like a soda can or water bottle as blood and gore burst forth from his shattered body. His ribs splinted like dry grass, puncturing organs but failing to damage her skin in the slightest. Hm, she would have to clean up now but she’d had an interest in seeing how easy it was to get away with murder for a while now.


Aki’s new strength and speed had merely matched her own projections for she was far too intelligent to be wrong on such things, but it was still a thrill. She’d run across a couple of states in mere moments, leaving a trail of destruction behind her. She slowed down enough to let the military respond to her after a while. She let artillery shells explode harmlessly against her new goddess worthy body for a while before charging ahead and tearing apart the weapons with her bare hands.

She heard the tanks coming long before they were in range and decided to kill some time. She walked into the nearest bookstore and read everything she hadn’t read before in a matter of seconds. The incredible friction of moving so fast caused every page she flipped to catch fire, but it didn’t hurt her or envelop the book nearly fast enough to keep her from reading it. She left the bookstore burning down and went into an electronics section of a local super store and starting building something. She just got done as the first tank shell came through the air at her head, which she simply reached out and caught, allowing the metal to wrap around her hand in a useless impact.

She stood up and was considerate enough to walk at the group of tanks slowly enough that they could get a good shot at her and laughed as bits and chunks of metal completely failed to do her the slightest damage. She walked forward through their uselessly weak fire until she came up on the lead tank and reached her arms out to the sides, gripping the tank as far out as she could, her fingers biting into the heavy combat armor like so much play-dough. Then she brought her hands together through the tank, warping it irreparably and snapping the tracks apart as they no longer matched the shape of the vehicle. She continued grabbing and crushing, compacting the tank until it was just a glowing red ball, heated by the unbelievable pressure it was put under.

She held the sixty tons of compacted metal over her head with one hand and tossed it up and down for a bit, marveling at just how effortless it was. Then she threw it into another tank with such speed and force that it tore through it and the building behind it. The building collapsed down onto another two tanks, pinning them under tons of rubble just as she’d planned.

Her telescopic eyes caught sight of the planes before they fired their weapons and she grinned with a sadistic glee. Grabbing tanks and stones and buildings she threw them into their flight path, even anticipating which ones would dodge and what course they would take. In a few moments every plane was torn out of the sky by a projectile lobbed by the now 16 year old girl. She got each one on the first try too, never missing a guess at their evasive action.

She tore entire buildings down with nothing but the raw strength of one arm for a while as she waited for the next wave. When she spied the drones she went back to the device she made waiting for the tanks and turned it on. It emitted super powerful radio waves and jamming signals, and with a couple seconds of hacking she’d taken control of dozens of UAVs that had been sent to attack her. She let a few fire their weapons into the city around her, just enough to let the military guys behind them know that they had no control at all.

With that done she took off at a run for the President’s location and had all the drones follow her. The drones bombed out the motorcade, secret service and police that had gathered around the leader of the USA, but the military put up a fight, shooting most of them down. However they didn’t put up a fight against her as she shattered their weapons and vehicles with no serious effort. It was almost disappointingly anti-climatic when she ripped open the president’s ride with no strain on her enormous muscles.

“Mr. President.”

“Miss Kimuri, what exactly do you mean by this?”

“I was just going to have a little chat about convening congress and changing some laws, passing an amendment removing age requirements for office, but you know I’ve been thinking and running the US just seems boring.”

“Then what …”

“I’d like to ask you to convene the UN. If I’m going to take over the world I’m thinking I might as well just do it all at once.”

The concrete shattered underneath Aki’s feet as she stepped in spite of her intense speed and efforts to step lightly. She was killing time while she was waiting the three days for the UN to convene by working out. However she was so insanely strong now that exercising took drastic measures. The weights she held in each godly powerful hand didn’t have a set weight, instead they were able to use magnetism and emit gravity to increase their weight. Right now she was curling about 2,200 tons on each arm, enough weight to drive her body straight down into the ground if she stood still.

Knowing she’d torn apart all the decent roads and sidewalks in a mile radius she decided to stop and willed the weights to a breezy four tons so they wouldn’t sink into the ground entirely and dropped them, shattering the chunks of concrete and asphalt they struck. She’d just have to apply the gravity technology to some shoes so she could continue to train her new muscles.

A heavy anti-vehicle bullet struck her in the back of the head and she rolled her eyes in exasperation. She would think they’d get the point by now...she picked up a chunk of asphalt and tossed it over her shoulder without turning around. She knew by the bullet strike the size of the gun, the speed of the bullet, and had triangulated the position of the sniper once she heard the sound of the shot catch up to it. The piece of asphalt struck its target going even faster than the bullet had and there was no follow up shot.

Aki lifted a solid half ton of concrete sidewalk reinforced with steel bar and set it against her arm. With a casual flex pressing stone and metal into her forearm and swelling bicep the chunk of sidewalk exploded into a cloud of dust and shrapnel. She grinned as she saw a little piece of metal that had been trapped in between her arm had melted into a gray liquid at the pressure. It was good to be the future queen of the world.

Aki picked up some things from one of her labs and sat down inside a derelict building to restart a couple of projects of hers. Her hands flew from one set of computers to another, inputting code and notes at a rate to boggle the normal mind. She’d had a typing speed of 2,500 wpm before her latest enhancements but now she was easily doing five times that with just one hand.

She’d been at it for about an hour when she heard the allegedly silent helicopter approaching the building she was in and about 15 minutes later it was followed by the footfalls of a number of special forces types. With a sigh she shut down her equipment and closed up the laptops. Normally she didn’t mind proving her physical superiority to the rest of the world but she was almost done with her work …

She walked up the stairs to keep quiet as she took her intercept course. Aki had adjusted her blood oxygen efficiency some years ago so she only had to breathe about once every three days, but of course she had a terrific lung capacity as well. She waited until the soldiers were on the other side of the door and took in the biggest breath she could. In the process of sucking in nearly all the air in the building, windows shattered inwards and doors blew open, including the one right in front of her. The wind from the pressure change blew most of the soldiers off their feet and tumbling straight at her.

One unfortunate fellow flew head-first into her abs shattering his helmet. When she looked down at him she noticed that the front of her shirt had been torn partially open even though it was made to resist over 300 tons of pressure, but of course that made sense as she could flex with more force than that now. The hundreds of square meters of air were compressed in her lungs and when she blew it back out in her tightly pursed lips it came out so cold a lot of the air was liquid for a while. Her puff of breath swept the attack team back off their feet and froze three of them solid, causing them to shatter as they struck the wall.

The ones that stayed on their feet primed some small ball weapons and threw them at her. She recognized the devices right away, they were one of her inventions after all. Meant to replace a grenade the weapons would explode in a burst of plasma several million degrees. Even she couldn’t afford to be caught in their blast, which she took as a pleasing sign, even the fools who looked to oppose her realized on some level that the only one who could stop Aki was Aki. She tore straight through the walls at high speed, not bothering to punch through them, simply running her body straight through them. She arrived on the far side of the remaining soldiers, raining drywall and wood on them in a shower of debris just as the plasma bombs ere about to land. They were just starting to turn away from the coming explosion to shield their eyes when they were caught by the head in Aki’s large, powerful hands.

It only took a minor application of her grip to crumple their helmets like wads of paper, sending blood and brains flying out the bottoms at such high pressure there were small trenches cut into the floor. She dropped them without another thought and launched herself straight up through the remaining floors to the roof in one mighty jump. She came up under one soldier, his armor and body shattering under the high speed impact with hers and flying off into the distance.

She didn’t pay them any attention either, instead turning to the bomb technician setting the small nuclear bomb. The plan had been to try and distract her with the lives of the others while these ones set the nuke, but it honestly wouldn’t have worked even if Aki hadn’t been listening in on their radio chatter.

“I have to wonder why you’d take a suicide mission like this. I think it would be a lot easier to just submit to me,” Aki said flexing her arms for some emphasis.

“You’re a monster. We shouldn’t have to live under a monster!”

The bomb technician made a valiant effort at pushing the final button in a desperate rush, but Aki easily cleared the 12 feet between them faster than they could lean over the half a foot and caught his hand. Aki stretched her arm up, taking the soldier along with it, dangling them off of their feet. “Don’t you think animals would probably consider humans to be monsters? So many of them die for reasons they can’t understand and often only because humans are sort of oblivious to their desires. It’s okay though, humans are a superior species to whatever beetle or lizard they make extinct. You’re just not used to being on the lower position of that arrangement.”

“You think you’re superior?”

“It’s inarguable fact, I’m superior in each and every way. The only question is how long until you all realize that?”

Dull thuds reached her ears and she felt metal splatter and shatter across her body once again as a soldier who thought they’d hidden themselves came out firing a large coil gun at her. The electromagnetic weapon fired rounds at vastly higher speeds than any gunpowder powered weapon, but it just wasn’t enough to matter. Splattered and shattered metal of armor piercing rounds tickled as it bounced about in between her thick, dense, protruding abs.

“You know what I was doing when you showed up? A few things actually, but one of them was playing with DNA once again. I can’t be cut open any more so I have to ingest any nanites meant to modify my DNA further. I’m sure you don’t get where I’m going with this, so let me explain. I was looking at electric eel DNA and I figured that since I have so much more power coursing through my body than anything else alive I could probably generate more power than anything else too.”

“So? What does...?”

“I finished the pill and took it right before you guys landed. I think the little bots should have done their work by now, let’s check.”

Aki concentrated on her body, felt the power coursing through her thick, unmatched muscles and willed them to fire their electrical impulses into the soldier she was holding above the ground. There wasn’t time to scream or even register the feeling of power before they were burned through to a crisp. The floor under Aki’s feet melted a little and the metal weapons the soldier was carrying melted and ran under the intense current as their clothes burst into flame. The smell was offensive to Aki and she threw the body into the helicopter in spite of the door being closed.

The last soldier charged for the device even though they must know it was hopeless. They stopped short in stunned silence as Aki reached down and pushed the last button, activating the bomb.


“Seems a shame to not have it go off,” Aki said with a shrug and grabbed the soldier by his shirt and threw him into the helicopter’s smashed open door. He hit the inside with enough force to break his back and found the bomb being tossed in right behind him. Aki stepped forward and grabbed the edges of the helicopter’s door frame and pulled them together, sealing the flying machine shut. She snapped off the rotors and threw the entire contraption out to a spot 20 miles away where the explosion couldn’t singe her any more.

This nuclear blast went off to the northwest and pretty much completed a circle around her location of bombs she’d thwarted so far. With that she dusted off her hands and walked back down to her equipment. She’d been working on a new neural interface for the brain that she was hoping would let her use cloud servers to boost her own brain processing power. She’d succeeded in enhancing every element of her physical being so she figured it was time to increase her brain power too, keep them equally as far ahead as everyone else.

It took about 20 minutes more work but Aki was pleased to have a successful first run, feeling her mind connecting with far away machines to add their computational power to hers. She decided to think on a sort of big, complex subjects to test the effectiveness of it. A minute later she smiled in girlish glee.

“Wow, I just figured out how to make time travel happen! This could be fun.”

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