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The Bounty of Her Discovery

Written by Furlough :: [Thursday, 06 October 2016 13:27] Last updated by :: [Monday, 10 October 2016 21:06]

The Bounty of Her Discovery

by Furlough

The door swiftly swung open, showing the way into the lab on the topmost floor of the science faculty's central building. The place seemed fairly empty, with the stillness of the air being interrupted only by the hurried panting of the girl standing at the lab's entrance, but that sound was soon accompanied by a cry coming from further within: “Come on in, Emily! Things are proceeding slowly, and we're behind schedule as it is!”

Sure enough, that was all the confirmation she needed. The girl whose name was Emily quickly shuffled into the laboratory proper, having shut the door behind her, and past several sets of desks and chairs into a back section that was partitioned off from the entrance by a set of partial wall dividers. Back there, there was another, older woman: Dr. Mary Isaacson, who had been expecting her for nearly twenty minutes.

“We need you here for these tests, Emily,” the older woman chided. “Couldn't you arrive sooner? Was there a problem?”

“I ran into a bad spot of traffic,” the girl replied. In truth, there was a bit more she could have added to that explanation: Emily was hardly what you'd call a peak specimen of fitness, visibly carrying a modest amount of extra pounds on her small frame, and had reached the building only to find out that the elevator was out, forcing her to carry that extra weight up six flights of stairs while painfully aware of her tardiness.

That aspect of her appearance was not particularly offset by the rest of it, either. For as long as she could remember, Emily had sported a complete lack of physical presence, what with her lack of curves, mousy lint-brown hair, and overall plain appearance. As such, she had gone through most of her school life with very few friends to speak of— and even that had been lost to her when she decided to specialise in the field of science at the university, which placed her far away from all her previous acquaintances, with her self-consciousness preventing her from gaining any new ones. Over the years, she had silently grown to resent the importance that one's appearance could have in that regard, purposefully choosing to neglect enhancing her own in any way, with one very small exception: a cheap copper ring, a memento of her family, which she wore on her finger every day. However, she still secretly desired to possess some of the more alluring features on the bodies of the more popular girls she had grown up around, knowing what a powerful asset they could be in gaining the attention and approval of others.

In short, the situation she had been placed in that morning after oversleeping by accident filled Emily's whole being with quite a bit of stress. The professor, a woman in her early forties with an appearance that was modest but remarkably good for her age, could clearly see the pain in Emily's eyes, and was not unsympathetic to her plight.

“Look, it's fine, just try not to make a habit of it, okay?” The professor comforted her. “Come on, let's just start the experiment, we're a bit behind as I said.”

Silently nodding her confirmation, Emily followed the professor into the experiment chamber. It was an isolated, square-shaped space that occupied most of the laboratory's back section, being walled off with sturdy, air-tight glass panels meant to completely contain whatever was inside. There was a door set on one of these glass partitions to allow entry, which was used by Emily and the professor to access the interior of the chamber, where the prototype for the Advanced Kinetic Harvester was also located.

“So,” the professor said once they were both inside, “we need to move this along as quickly as we can. Could you state for the record what the function and purpose of this machine are?”

Emily, who was not quite done catching her breath from her trip up the stairs, gulped loudly to try and get some life back in her throat. The machine located inside that chamber was the culmination of all her work as a graduate student, and, if it worked as intended, her guaranteed shoe-in into a prosperous career in science. Even so, and despite being its inventor, Emily found it rather difficult to put the mechanics behind it into a few words.

“Well,” Emily finally began talking, “in essence, this machine is designed to create a self-sustaining matrix of electromagnetic resonance, which would work in tandem with any trace of movement or kinetic energy that occurred within its field of operation for as long as it remains active. Its range of activity is currently calculated to have a radius of as many as two kilometres… which would mean that, if activated now, it would encompass at least the entirety of the science faculty around this building. Once its matrix has processed sufficient kinetic energy, it will create a positive feedback loop which would not only amplify the amount of energy in question, but also refine it into electrical energy and store it within a given energy grid, such as the one that has been prepared in the lab for this demonstration. In short, it is a fast, clean, safe and effective way of harvesting energy from nothing more than the movement found in nature.”

Emily had let out the occasional huff and puff during her explanation, and the professor's eyes had grown narrow upon hearing the haphazard way in which she described the functions of her invention, but decided not to press the issue given her current state. “Alright then,” the professor continued, “you are free to initiate the demonstration now.”

Emily was finally beginning to settle down from her agitated state, but now a new kind of anxiety was beginning to well up inside her. Deep down, she knew she had no reason to be afraid— her designs and calculations regarding the machine were perfect, and she hypothesised that the energy that would be refined from the process could be of a kind that no scientific institution had ever formally observed or recognised. Furthermore, simply running this test would be the final step in unlocking a guaranteed future for her, with enough freedom and resources to spend however she wanted.

She did not suspect that what she was about to unlock was far greater than she had imagined.

As she pondered, the professor had stepped out of the experiment chamber, in order to observe the experiment's readouts on some of the equipment that was linked to the machine, but pointed to the outside. Part of this equipment included the invention's main means of operation: a large array of emitters that would generate the field intended to harvest energy from the environment, placed away from the machine's core workings to avoid interference. The part of it that would process the feedback energy into the waiting power grid was placed within the chamber.

Taking a deep breath, and resolving to face whatever that day had in store for her beyond that moment, Emily activated the switch to start up the machine.

Immediately, a buzzing of sorts began building up in the confines of the laboratory, indicating that the emitters were doing their job. Invisibly, a giant cloud began to loom over the entirety of the science faculty's section of the campus, reaching out to seize every bit of potential energy like the tendrils of a phantom.

After a couple of minutes, the machine's field attained its maximum reach, and began the first stage of the harvesting process. All around the faculty, students and staff alike felt a slight damper in their step, as though gravity had become twice as strong for a split second, as they experienced the effects of the machine's processes. Even the professor, who was placed so near to the one place in the building that was safe from the machine's effects, felt it drain on her for a moment. However, the effect vanished just as quickly, leaving those who had been affected by it to ignore and dismiss it, that they may carry on with their normal activities.

However, that split second of energy harvesting was all that was required for the machine's initial test, meaning that it was now proceeding to the next stage: the feedback that would process the energy gathered within the machine's field into the power grid. Eager to observe the most crucial part of the process, Emily leaned sharply towards where the empty grid was located, seeking to keep an eye on everything that would occur. The process to transfer the energy into the grid was designed to be wireless, similar to that which harvested it in the first place, meaning that it would most likely be just as invisible.

However, as the equipment began to react, making it clear that something was happening, Emily fancied she saw a faint aquamarine glow begin to solidify between the machine's core and the power grid while the energy was being transferred from the former to the latter. Knowing full well that the process could be expected to be no more visible to the naked eye than wi-fi or cell phone waves, Emily narrowed her eyes and leaned in even closer, that she may get a better look.

As she continued to lean in, she began to extend one of her hands towards the site of the invisible transfer. Faster than she could process what has happening, the faint glow quickly solidified into a small bolt of energy, which zapped the copper ring on her finger with a faint crackle. It took her another few moments to realise what she had just seen— far from feeling any pain, not even the sting that usually accompanies a quick electrical shock, she had felt only a subtle, almost pleasurable, tickling sensation.

What followed was much more intense.

With a loud bursting noise, both the machine's core and the power grid suddenly began to blast Emily with a series of powerful electrical discharges, each with a visible arc as bright as lightning. The sudden onset of surging bolts knocked Emily down to the ground, where she began to writhe and convulse. As the onslaught continued, the chamber she was in began to fill up with white smoke.

Seeing all this happen from the outside, the professor quickly rushed to her assistant's aid. She tried to open the door to the chamber's interior, finding it not just unyielding, but also hot enough to thwart any attempt of hers to grip the handle for more than a couple seconds. However, her resolve to protect her student was strong enough to make her disregard her own safety, and so the professor quickly rushed to one of the tables on the lab's other section to procure a rag.

Even though her momentary excursion had only taken her a couple dozen seconds, the professor rushed back into the laboratory's back section to find that the commotion within the chamber seemed to have calmed down. For one, the constant flashes of light she had been witnessing just moments before had stopped entirely, and the smoke surrounding the machine had begun to dissipate enough to afford her a half-decent view of the inside. Through the glass, she could see that Emily was apparently standing, and was leaning against the machine with one arm while holding her abdomen with the other.

Wanting to make sure she was OK, the professor quickly forced the door to the chamber open with some effort and ran to her assistant's side.

“Emily? Are you okay?” The professor tried to reach out to Emily and help her stand, but became alarmed when she found her student's skin and clothing to be as piping hot as the door handle.

Now she was really worried. “Christ, are you alright? Say something, please!”

Emily made no reply— at least, not one that consisted of words. Instead, she began to laugh.

Turning to face the professor's perplexed expression, though not raising her gaze away from the floor, both of Emily's hands clutched her stomach. Her posture seemed like it should have suggested she was doubled over in some kind of great pain, but the low-sounding giggle she had suddenly began to produce suggested something else entirely.

As the professor tried to divine just what she was in the process of witnessing, she began to notice something about Emily's laugh— though the graduate student's small frame usually lent her a weak, squeak-like lilt, the giggle that she was then producing seemed to not only be gradually increasing in volume, but also changing into a lower, richer pitch that soon came to pervade the entirety of the chamber.

Suddenly, the giggling stopped, replaced by the sound of quick, shuddering breaths as Emily began to stand up straight with short, convulsive motions. Unsure of what to do with such a bizarre sight, the professor began to back away slightly, noticing that Emily's eyes were shut, oddly, as if she were in some form of rapture.

As if addressing the professor's sudden thought, Emily's body underwent two big contractions in rapid succession; one which left her in a posture similar to the one the professor had found her in, hands on her stomach, torso bent towards the floor— and one which made her entire body go upright and stretch, her legs separating, chest shooting forward, head thrown back, arms pointed skyward. And as she stood up like this, Emily let loose with a deep, guttural moan that echoed throughout the lab:


As she let loose with this primal noise, the professor saw Emily's body begin to change. In seconds, it became enveloped with flashing arcs of energy similar to those she had seen before, but now they were all contained within the immediate frame of her body. As she looked on, the professor watched in awe as Emily grew taller, her stretching spine creaking loudly, though far from appearing in pain, Emily's face sported still-shut eyes and an enormous smile, which occasionally gave way to a quick gasp or a short, breathy laugh— both of which showcased her now deep, powerful voice.

Noticing this small detail, the professor looked on more closely, and soon came to realise that not only was Emily's voice and height changing, but the rest of her was as well. As Emily continued to grow, small tears began to appear in her clothing, revealing —at first— thin limbs, which quickly began to fill out with a slight but very visible musculature. Up on her chest, Emily's breasts miraculously began to expand and fill out, lifting up the now tattered blouse she was wearing under her unbuttoned lab coat to reveal a cut tummy which now sported a fabulous six-pack. Her excess baby-fat having vanished, Emily's now tiny waist stood out beautifully above her similarly expanding hips, whose rear end hosted a firm bubble butt that would have made any latina girl die of jealousy.

As the transformation continued, Emily began feeling herself all over, her face adopting expression after expression of pleasure and surprise, though her eyes remained shut. Now noticing her face, the professor saw that Emily's features had transformed from something utterly unremarkable to the very picture of lust and sexiness, her cheekbones having grown high and sleek, her lips fuller, her nose thin and aristocratic. All of this was topped off by her hair— while she had usually kept her dirty brown mane not very long and tied in a neat bun, it had now adopted a golden brown lustre and flowed free, dancing around her upper body and accentuating its features in a way that only made her more alluring. The 28-year-old graduate student's features had been altered in a way that made her appear ten years younger— if, indeed, her body could have reached that extraordinary level of development at that age.

After a few minutes of this incredible spectacle, the professor watched as the glow of energy that had come to surround Emily slowly vanished, leaving her formerly plain and unattractive student and assistant transformed into a 6'7'' supergoddess of beauty. A few moments more, and Emily's contractions of pleasure came to a halt, leading her to finally open her eyes and flash a smile of utter joy and confidence at the professor.

“Well, Mary?” Emily suddenly sang more than said, her sexy, powerful voice filling every corner of the lab. “Was the experiment a success, or was it not?”

“I, er …” The older woman could not bring herself to offer a reasonable response to what she had just witnessed. “What… what happened to you?”

“Why, it's simple, really, once you wrap you head around the basics,” Emily continued. “The long and short of it is, the energy I managed to gather with my little experiment seems to have been far more … versatile … than even I could have expected.”

“Versatile …?”

“Well, naturally. It appears that, once conducted into a living host, it is able to alter that creature's molecular structure and optimise it in a number of wonderful ways. As you can see,” Emily continued while doing a little twirl, her magnificent frame appearing almost weightless on her single foot, “part of that 'optimisation' consists of bringing the subject to peak physical condition for performance and… reproduction.”

As she finished talking, Emily looked down at her newly empowered breasts, cupping and adjusting her with her hands while sporting a wide grin. The professor could not help but stare dumbfounded at what was being said to her.

“Ah, but that's hardly the whole of it,” Emily spoke once more. “I sense that even with this short trial batch of super-energy, which, admittedly, must have been amplified quite a lot by the feedback loop effect, my own organism has been improved in ways that may not be immediately apparent to an observer.”

“Such … such as what?” The professor could not believe that her student's changes could go even farther than what she had already seen.

“Well, for one thing, the energy's effects appear to promote a chemical alteration of the brain that enhances its performance and efficiency. In other words, professor, I think you'll find I've become a lot sharper and more perceptive than you've ever seen me before.”

Seeing the way Emily looked down on her with absolute confidence and dominance, as if she was able to read her mind, the professor did not doubt her words.

“But I mustn't forget the most exciting part of all,” Emily ventured to speak again, this time her grin growing devious. “I cannot be absolutely sure of it quite yet, but my increased brain power leads me to speculate that my nervous and endocrine systems have been altered in a number of ways that promote my physical prowess and potential for survival… in great ways.”

“What ways?” The professor asked, though fully aware that question would be answered regardless.

“Well, if I'm right …”

The professor watched as Emily seemed to grow pensive for a moment, looking at the ground and joining her hands behind her back. In her eyes, the professor saw a hint of concentration— though only for a moment, as in the next, her face, along with the rest of her, began to move upward. Looking down, the professor gasped loudly when she noticed that Emily was floating several feet off the ground.

Abandoning her expression of concentration, Emily smiled once more and let loose with a laugh of delight befitting a noblewoman, as she twirled around in place while in the air. She tried moving around a little, taking only minutes to fully master her newfound power of flight.

Then, she adopted a posture that made her look as if she was lying face down on a bed —her torso and thighs horizontal and parallel to the floor, calves and feet dangling up in the air, face resting on her palms— and looked intently at one of the wall partitions that separated the lab's back section from the front. In moments, her eyes began to glow a rich scarlet, and two glowing hot beams of red energy shot from them and into the wall, taking only a few moments to burn through it. In order to clear away some of the smoke that had been generated by her little test, Emily then blew gently in the wall's direction, hearing as some of the chairs on the other side had begun to slide slightly along the floor just from the force of her breath.

“I do believe that is a satisfactory demonstration of my contribution to the field of science, professor. Don't you?” Emily said, touching down again.

The professor still had a hard time believing that any of what she was seeing was real, but it had been presented to her for long enough that she could not afford to doubt herself any longer, lest she admit she had suddenly gone absolutely insane.

“And, Emily,” she nervously said, “what are you planning to do now that you've claimed the bounty of this … this discovery?”

“Hm? Oh, don't get nervous like that, Mary!” Emily said with a playful giggle. “All through my career as a scientist, I have been nothing if not altruistic. I believe in using my inventions for the betterment of humankind, even if it'll be a process that I'll have to closely scrutinise.

“For instance,” Emily continued, her gaze drifting along with her thoughts, “I'd like to know just what the effect of this energy is on a male, or more specifically, the interaction between an empowered male and female …” Emily stopped to lick her lips absent-mindedly, clearly looking forward to her own suggestion. “Though, I'll be sure to use only a fraction of the energy employed in this demonstration for the first part of that experiment.

“But for now,” Emily turned to the professor again, “Wouldn't you fancy a go? The machine's still in perfect state of operations, and even this short amount of time must have been enough for the folk that so kindly donated some of their kinetic energy for the first demonstration to recuperate. Oh, and do let me know if you'd like to share this with some of your ladyfriends— I know I'm going to!”

Blinking a few times, the professor looked to the experiment chamber, inside which a few wisps of smoke yet lingered.

It was her turn to smile.

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