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Peerless, Part 4-5

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Aki had been tinkering with her body using various forms of mad science since she was quite young indeed, originally intent on making herself just as superior in the body as she already was in the mind. She was fairly certain she had cleared that goal comfortably some time ago but she just kept coming up with ways of becoming ever better on that front. Now she’d turned to her mind and trying to expand it, adding bio-mechanical wi-fi to her brain so she could connect without a mediating device that would be prone to breaking or falling behind.

She had to admit it was a little weird at first having to read the raw code of a website rather than viewing it, but it didn’t take too long to get the hang of it. Currently she was ordering parts and paying off people around the country as she set schemes and plots in motion even as she dashed along at high speed on the ground. Her path left a trench through whatever she ran over, be it ground or asphalt, concrete, or anything else as she sped along nearly twice the speed of sound, the roar behind her shattering windows up to the fourth floor of any building she passed too close to.

She couldn’t be concerned about the damage right now whether she cared to or not because the missile about to detonate was going to do a whole lot worse in less time. She cleared the worst of the blast radius and turned to face the exploding nuclear warhead as she came to a screeching slow down, digging furrows with her feet as she skid to a stop. The world went bright only to give way to howling winds and an enormous looming cloud in a moment. They just kept trying to nuke her… she had to admit it was the one real chance they had at stopping her, but each one had done more damage than she had so far. The winds had swept up a tree and hurled it through the air and sent it colliding into Aki’s chest where it snapped in half and continued by each side without her seeming to notice. A thousand other pieces of debris clattered against her uniquely hard body without doing her any harm, it was only the blast itself that would get her and it had to land close.

She’d get her time machine built before the UN meeting, but for now she would have to wait even though she was often rerouting shipping routes with her purely mental hacking to speed up deliveries in addition to everything else she was doing. One of those things was setting up to take the night off. She was throwing a party and inviting her followers. The invites had some fake images or just old ones since she didn’t have any cameras with her. Oh well, it’s not like being back dropped by a nuclear mushroom cloud would be encouraging to most of the invited.

Aki had been a celebrity for most of her life, given her status as the most brilliant mind ever born on earth, so she’d almost always had fans. Then when she started experimenting on herself she lost some but gained others, strength enthusiasts were thrilled to meet someone who had truly super hero worthy levels of strength, stamina, agility and toughness. There were people who feared her new power, and they might be right to do so, and some resented her for being better at everything, but their existence didn't negate the followers. Fans, even worshipers, numbered at the least in the tens of thousands world wide. They’d only started throwing around the word ‘Goddess’ with a serious tone since the time she lifted a mining dump truck over her head though. Since then she’d only ever been getting stronger and faster. Some of the fans were turning to worshipers and the fear of those opposed to her only grew. Some resented and hated her, but those that fought her were choosing a lost cause and many simply chose to try to gain her favor so they could follow her rather than be in her way.

The outdoor celebration would be improvised for the most part, but she’d done some pre-planning and bused some people in to help throw her congratulations party for reaching the next level. Considering them and the response rate on social media, subtracting the usual percentage of no-shows told her she should have a crowd of about a thousand.

 Once she stopped this nuclear assault once and for all that is.

She glared at the missile as it approached, didn’t they realize she was too fast for that by now? Or maybe they were hoping to herd her somewhere into more explosions. It didn’t matter, she was done running away. She charged forward, hitting a number of times the speed of sound before leaping into the air. She launched her massive, muscular body into the air at incredible speeds and when she reached out to grab the missile her fingers tore straight through it like wet paper. She grabbed with her other hand and sunk them both deeper into the missile’s metal frame but she only barely stopped herself from sailing past it. What she did succeed in doing was sending her and it into an insane tailspin at supersonic velocities.

She clawed her way back up to the warhead, made difficult mostly by the relative flimsiness of the metal, peeling away and caving under her hands and body, but she made it up there in time and disarmed the destructive weapon by ripping out a few parts. She pulled the explosive warhead out of what was left of the missile and jumped away, leaving a scattered rain of metal confetti to flutter in the winds.

The ground exploded into a crater as she came down with her prize. She looked it over a minute and tried to decide what she should do with it. Not being sure just yet she summoned one of the drones she had hijacked and gave it a new payload before sending it off to land somewhere for her to find it again later.

She gave it a while and when she was satisfied that had stopped them from lobbing anything more at her she left to get ready for her party.

Fred felt out of place at the impromptu outdoor concert going on, he’d loved to watch Aki do impossible things before but her rampage of the prior day was inexcusable to him, “Do you really think the woman’s worth worshiping? You’re exaggerating, right?”

“Better not let Aki hear you say that,” a girl winked back, “no one can stop her now.

"Yeah man, when you’re that powerful you get to do whatever you want,” another guy piped in, “all we can do is hope we get on her good side.”

“But she …”

“You can’t judge her, how would you like it if a gerbil came around questioning your life choices?”

“Just because she’s stronger than anyone …”

“And smarter.”



"Subjective topic on that one."

“Just because she’s …”

“Literally better than anyone at anything? She’s a higher being Fred, normal mortal morals just don’t apply, let it rest.”

“Since no one can challenge her she’s just become a spoiled—”

“Spoiled brat am I?”

Fred turned around slowly, filled with dread and turned to look at the powerful, bulging abdominal muscles of Aki Kimuri currently covered in some strange material, but still highlighted and defined by the tightness of the outfit. He looked up to her enormous, rounded mounds that were her breasts and then up to her perfectly yet somewhat misplaced cute face up above them. He was stunned that she snuck up on him, bulging with enormous muscle all over her towering frame. She was even in seven inch heels, pushing her even further above everyone else.

“I … I …”

“Oh no, keep talking. I want to hear how you feel about me. What turned you against me, AkiIsLuv56?”

Somehow Fred wasn’t even surprised she knew that, he’d spent too much time watching her do the impossible, but his response caught in his throat. Seeing her up in person her magnificence really shone through and he was aware of just what a bug he was in comparison. She was a force of nature, and he just an unfortunate woodland creature that happened to be in its way. He wanted to prostrate himself and beg forgiveness from the unreachable goddess before him, but she had said …

“Y-you did …” he swallowed hard, “the way you just destroyed so much … and those soldiers …”

“They knew the job was dangerous when they took it,” Aki said with a shrug of her enormously broad and defined shoulders, setting striations into view even though the fabric hugging her body, “the damage I did was mostly through my impatience, but the military did a lot more trying to stop me. It’s unfortunate but I’m not to blame for the worst of it.”

Fred tried to look down at his feet but was embarrassingly aroused by Aki’s presence, so he looked to the side, “do we even matter at all to you?”

“That’s an absurd question. You think just because I don’t care to bother sparing people who made their best, if ultimately futile effort to kill me, that I don’t care about anyone?” Aki grabbed him in her massive arms, each thicker around at the bicep than he was the trunk of his body and pulled his face into her cleavage, “I love it when the wiser among you say all those wonderful things about me. They’re all true, I know, but it’s still just incredibly satisfying.”

Fred couldn’t get out a response, he was being crushed into her body with too much force to speak up but he did note with some relief he wasn’t dead. Still he couldn’t believe the feeling, Aki’s skin was so soft and even though it seemed invulnerable now it still felt like normal skin, it’s just that it was now layered over muscles that had no yield at all. He might not be able to dent steel or stone with his hands but somehow feeling her body he knew those materials were nothing at all compared with Aki’s body.

“In fact, I want to start a rewards program, for my fans,” Aki let him go and smiled broadly at the crowd and waved with both hands, “Many of you have wanted to be stronger, be smarter, be better versions of yourself. Well, I know the ways to make those things happen and I’m thinking I should start sharing more. Starting with you, my loving devotees.”

“Not like you though, right?”

“Baby steps,” Aki pulled out her phone to maintain appearances, she didn’t want anyone to know about her ‘telepathic’ wi-fi just yet, “Fred I’m going to make you first. For the last three years of the money you’ve spent on my products even when it hurt your finances and the kind words on social media, I’ll let you upgrade any body part you choose with a new cybernetic one that will do the job better and never tire out.”

“Really? What if …”

“On the other hand, for turning against me and speaking as you have …” Aki shrugged and grabbed something in both her arms.

Fred was confused at the item she was holding and then he felt the pain, looking to the side at the source of the pain he screamed as he found his right arm missing. He screamed for a moment and fell to his knees, and his arm dropped down in front of him and there was some awful racket. He looked up to see Aki had torn out a light pole and ripped away a small part of it. She started running her hand over the end, back and forth, then faster and faster. Her hand disappeared into a blur and the metal started to glow with heat and then distort in shape. Then there was a new world of pain and his vision blacked out as Aki cauterized the wound with the metal she super-heated with friction.

“Can’t have you dying now. You need to make it the hospital to cash in on your free operation, right?”

“Why? Oh god it hu—” Fred was cut short as Aki appeared in front of him and popped some pill down his throat. He barely had time to register the surprise and was about to resume yelling when he realized the pain was gone.

“Another invention of mine. It’s not the best idea in some cases, but a guarantee of a couple painless hours. Oh, and you don’t have to get a replacement limb. The procedures I’ve created will allow the right doctors to reattach your old arm, but I personally say it seemed kind of weak to me.”

Fred looked up at Aki in some horror but more so at the crowd, some of whom were cheering her for her revolution of medical science. She turned around and walked into the crowd which parted before her as the obedient masses cleared way with remarkable efficiency.

“She’s telling the truth you know, I work at a hospital she’s been a benefactor to … as traumatic as I’m sure it is she hasn’t done any permanent damage. It’s better if we get going quickly though.”

“How could she do that?”

“It looked pretty effortless from here, so I’d say easily.”

“I mean …”

“I know what you meant, I just can’t help myself sometimes.”

The teenaged girl looking to conquer the world. Some of the crowd questioned her on that though they made sure to be gentle with their wording.

“What can I say? I’m an ambitious girl and I hate waiting. I wanted to have the most university degrees anyone ever has just to say I had them and I achieved it while my age was in the single digits. I wanted to be stronger than any man alive and I achieved that not long after. I wanted to be bullet proof and armored my skin with 'mad science’ at 16. Now I’m old enough to vote and I just don't feel like that's enough political power for me.”

Aki was joking about this, her latest efforts were far more about alerting the world to what she could really do now than they were about actually taking anything over, but she was thinking she could get a pretty sweet deal out of the negotiations in a couple of days. Still, the adulation of her fans cheering on her greatness was a tempting sensation, she might give in and actually do it sometime soon. Maybe she’d wait until she was 18 though, she’d give the world leaders a couple of years to prepare the transition.

“Is that footage of you crushing that tank into a little ball real?”


The guy curled inwards and shouted like he came then and there, “Holy shit Aki! You really are some kind of goddess now. Just how strong did you get this time?”

“Wanna find out?”

“Man, how are we going to do that? Your pinky could crush me.”

“How about tug of war?”

“Tug of war?”

“Yep, me against all of you. There’s about 1200 people here, so I think it’ll be a decent show anyway.”

Word spread through the crowd quickly and Aki provided the line for the tug of war, a cable of advanced materials meant for the first wave of space elevators, the lines where each capable of supporting thousands of tons. It took a while to get nearly 1200 people together in one line but Aki waited patiently, merely rolling up her sleeves to expose her heavily muscled arms in full. She flexed a little to put on a show for those in front until everyone was ready.

“Ok Everybody! Get ready! One!” the shout had to be repeated down the line at an interval, so it was repeated a few times to relay the information.

“Two!” Aki gripped the cable with both hands and set her face in a look of concentration.

“Three!” and immediately dropped the farce as soon as the pulling began to casually hold the cable with one arm. She let the crowd groan and strain with their full effort for a moment before she dug the forefinger of her free hand into the rope and pulled back with it. Inch by inch she drug the entire crowd inescapably towards her with her finger. The first dozen or so collapsed into an exhausted jumble of humanity at her feet as the relay began to inform everyone of just how severe their loss was.

Aki showed off her newfound strength throughout the night in various ways, delighting the crowd and terrifying those that weren’t in her corner.

Given a beer keg she down the whole thing in one long chug and then sucked the opening so hard the keg crumbled inwards. Aki had to get some protective screens up for the crowd but then she blew back into it with such force that it exploded into metal shrapnel.

She tore the engine block out of a car that was parked both illegally and poorly and crushed its 700 pounds into a fist sized lump of super dense metal. Then she ate it in a few bites with a grin at the shocked gasps.

She even demonstrated her new electrical ability, blowing out the power of an entire city block. The crowd was well prepared though, most of them with their Aki phones. The phones were one of her best inventions so far, they changed shape on a whim allowing the user to have them like an iphone, flip phone, shaped like an old land line phone so it was easy to prop between head and shoulder, or even wrapped around the wrist as an electronic bracelet. They could also be made see-through and warp light in any number of ways, from night vision to UV detection and infrared. Her fans didn’t have any trouble in the dark.

“I think there’s one more thing I can do with this, you ever see the film theory youtube video on DBZ?”

Most of the crowd hadn’t and Aki saw the opportunity to show off again, that is if things went right. She held her hands out in front of her, palms facing each other and concentrated her new electrical power through them, lightning bolts jumping from fingertip to fingertip in every configuration possible again and again. The air in between her hands became trapped, first oxidizing and then splitting into component atoms, then the atoms came apart as the air ceased being air and became plasma.

Aki held out her hand and used her electrical power to control the blob of super heated matter, allowing people to film her and share it with those in the crowd too far away to see what she was doing. She turned and threw the ball of plasma into an abandoned car, the resulting explosion tore the car into indistinguishable pieces as the bulk of the body was consumed in plasma and much of the rest turned into heavily chemical air from the heat.

Her bouts with the military proved the move was likely completely unneeded but it was cool to be able to do it.

Aki led those still up and active down to the docks for the night’s finale. She made them stand back quite some distance, disappointing them, but it was for the best. She jumped into the water and swam out so fast her wake could have sunk freighters. The sonic bubble was fairly different under water, but the loud 'boom’ of an object passing the sound barrier was quite similar. She came back a little later, thick chain over her shoulder. The crowd looked into the dark to see what she’d drug back to shore and she delighted in the gasps as they could finally make out the aircraft carrier.

They backed up as she advanced onto the shore and then inland, dragging the military vessel out of the water and onto dry land. She went back to it, squatted down so her back faced it at about the middle and put her hands under it. The metal groaned and popped and dented in great craters at her hands but she managed to finish the weightlifting maneuver and stood with it over her head for a moment to let the crowd admire her strength. She twisted to the side, forced to be slow because of air resistance and the rattling jets on its deck. She turned until the ship was parallel to the beach instead of perpendicular and hefted it up and down a couple of times.

She grunted with effort as she set it back down, and was somehow disappointed. So that was her limit? Well, she’d get past it too. As far as she was concerned there was nothing Aki ultimately couldn’t do, just things she hadn’t done yet.

She invited everyone who wanted to join her back to her place where they’d stay the night and got quite a few people to come with her.

“How many of you have dreamed of feeling these one of a kind muscles?” Aki asked to no few affirmative answers.

“Well, I’m giving you the chance.”

“Woman of steel, others of wet tissue …”

“This outfit’s actually to help with that issue,” Aki interrupted, “first I turn my strength down to one percent, only using one in a hundred muscle fibers, and then I activate this outfit and it fights my every motion with tens of tons of force.”

“Another of your amazing inventions?”

“Of course, anyway even so hampered my strength is so incredible I may bruise or damage bone in involuntary spasms, but anyone who wants to take the risk is free to give it a try.”

Hours later there were a great many exhausted sleeping guests, both men and women, exhausted, sore, and spent yet happy. Aki, entirely unaffected by the night’s physical activity left them sleeping to go start on her newest project.

Aki was working in one of her many labs throughout the world, as always at a pace that would be a blur to normal observers. She had some hired help escort her guests from the previous night or early morning out so she could focus on her latest device. If high speed camera had caught her movements an observer could see her using all manner of equipment, performing at times inhumanly heavy lifting, at others work too minute for another person to do without special equipment or microscopes, and at others still she would place pieces weighing tons in place with incredible precision.

She was able to allow large parts of the process to be automated but she also had to assist in making new tools that would have the precision and qualities needed to make the parts she needed. She went and worked out while waiting at times, pushing her new powers ever further, and most of the way through the second day she had a machine ready for trial.

Aki went to an old military junk yard where they retired old and obsolete tanks, playing oblivious to their objections. The gentle plink of bullets shattering against he skin and subtle warmth of those little explosives were no deterrent so she paid them no mind. She kicked a tank into the air, watched it flipping end over end as it sailed over a great distance, calculated its trajectory and ran out ahead of it. Waiting for it to come down she struck it with her palm in a martial arts strike and sent it flying back into the air again. She launched tank after tank into the air and ran back and forth to knock them back into the air, juggling a dozen of the war machines in the air with her power. She modified their trajectories until they were going to come down in the same place one after the other and ran to that spot first.

She made a bunch of practice blows, working up her speed as she waited and then it was time to unleash her full power. Her fist went from far behind her to fully outstretched in so little time that the human eye couldn’t register anything but an explosion as the air in her way caught fire from the tremendous speed and its inability to get out of the way. Her fist enveloped by flaming air struck the first tank with such force that the dented, twisted metal remains exploded into shrapnel in every direction. One after another she punched again and again with the same colossal force blowing the tanks into little pieces strewing their wreckage all around the place.

For the last one she stopped and let the sixty ton vehicle hit her at its terminal velocity and bounce off her vastly harder body, skipping through the debris-riddled sand like a stone over a lake., trailing bits and parts that flew off of its body.

When her device was done she only needed to power it, but though she had created a matter-antimatter reactor some time in the last year and it generated more power than the world’s most potent ten power plants combined it was still woefully inadequate to power the device that would seemingly violate universal principles. She could add a little power with her own generated electrical power now but in order to generate a full charge of a half dozen jumps through time it would take very nearly all the power mankind was generating at a given moment.

Fortunately she’d done some ground work on that front. Previously her attention was only to use it to stop a hurricane some day, demonstrating her ability to conquer anything in nature and to sap the entirety of humankind of its power in one fell swoop. The latter would be a nice bit of symbolism even as she offered the genuine gift of no more storms destroying towns or damaging cities. Still, to break time and space and travel through it for the power of one great storm seemed to her like she’d made a very cost-efficient machine.

With but a few hours to go before she had to leave to meet the UN and make her demands she took a deep breath, picked up a backpack weighing several tons filled with equipment and stepped into her latest machine. She waited a few minutes as her infrastructure sucked the electrical power from every major center in the world, sparing only small communities not worth the bother and emergency services, and channeling it into the device. Shortly after that the machine vanished from the early 21st century.

The world Aki stepped out on to was technically the earth in a way, but one could also argue it was only most of the earth. Its atmosphere was new and thin and though most of its mass had accumulated it was still being constantly bombarded by smaller chunks of rock crashing into its surface and adding to its mass. She came here to do two things, look at the earth in its earliest time frame to be able to say she’d done so, and two to test a new move she’d developed.

Hurtling into the air at 25,000 miles per hour a meteor looked to be ablaze because its raw speed was striking the air with such force as to set it ablaze. She’d recently improved her striking speed to such a phenomenal rate that her fist did the same thing, causing her to essentially “punch explosions” if she decided to move that fast. She’d come here to test her power, did the original meteorite or her meteoric punch contain the greater power? Well she knew pretty well what sized rock she would overpower and which would be the stronger hit, but she felt a visceral need to feel the contest. She dropped her bag inside the machine and stepped out into the forming world, looking at the sky for her chance.

It took some time, and Aki had rarely actually had to hold her breath for hours so it was a little strange to her. She only saw one big meteorite for a long time, but it was too far away for even her to speed in front of it with enough time to spare. Most in her area were too small to be worth it or too broken up to impact solidly enough. Finally she caught sight of one slightly larger than an average two story building and calculated it to have an impact power around the area of the biggest conventional bombs.

Her feet tore a trench through stone both loose and solid as she ran to the point of initial impact and pulled back her fist waiting for the right moment. The sky filled with red heat surrounded by flame and solid stone as it came straight at Aki. In the last fractions of a second she grinned to herself with self-assurance and lunged forward in a massive punch, heat and burning air surrounding her fist like the stone. The meteor shattered apart against her hand, tons of hurtling stone flung to the side and all about blasting new destruction on the desolate landscape except for the area right behind Aki, shielded as it was by the power of her blow. She checked her fist for damage and wasn’t surprised to find it flawless as the meteorite had felt pretty soft to the touch in that tiny fraction of an instant it touched her before shattering against her power.

Aki jogged back to her time machine at a leisurely 120 mph, happily thinking over the astounding possibilities open to her now. She’d already made herself too powerful to touch in her own time  so she could easily go back to any point in human history and install herself as a new Goddess, she could change anything she wanted or more likely create alternate timelines just to sate her curiosity and test her predictions of how things would have turned out. However the idea of repeating technological advancement was a bit boring to her, she was interested in pushing boundaries not retreading old ground, so for now she had a very different destination in mind.

She checked the machine and verified its charge, and set her new destination. The machine took a couple minutes to work through its redefining physics operations and disappeared from the era of Earth’s formation. When she stepped out the view was of grassy green fields spotted with trees and truly enormous animals. She’d come to pick out a pet and prove she’d mastered time travel. She should have been sterilized by the heat generated blast of the asteroid so there shouldn’t be concern about spreading modern disease, she just had to make sure not to cough on anything here.

Aki marched through a tree grove without bothering to adjust her course, it amused her a little to have trees bend over and snap apart at her walking through them. She scattered the wildlife with her passing, little lizards, rodent-like creatures and birds, but none of them were what she’d come for. When she saw a herd of large herbivores she knew she was getting warmer. A few might get themselves hurt, but animals tended to wise up to the pecking order faster than humans so she wasn’t too concerned about radically changing evolution by accident.

The large animals bleated strange noises at her when she got too close and stamped their feet and wagged their tails. She scoffed, they’d learn soon enough that she wasn’t to be threatened off, and then they’d give her as wide a berth as they could. For now though they were relying on their numbers and large size to try and intimidate her, bony plates along their backs clacking against each other. One came forward and spun itself around sending its heavy spikes on its tail crashing into her face. She stood unflinching as the bony spines shattered against her reinforced skin and the animal flinched away with a pained shout. The biggest of the herd moved at her in a jump, and a normal human-sized animal would surely be ground into mush by those hard nails backed by that kind of weight but she caught the animal with a casual motion and shoved back, sending it sprawling several body lengths away. It was stunned and took a while to get back up but the herd of Stegosauri was now getting out of her way, shouting in panic.

She cataloged everything she saw that wasn’t in the fossil record that she saw in her mind in case she came across some use for the knowledge. She found a group of sauropods and walked through the group towards the biggest member. She didn’t register to the giants who regretted it when they stubbed their toes on her impervious body. They stumbled while she didn’t even rock in place. She got behind the biggest of the herd and reached up to grab its tail with her thumb and forefinger then just stood their until it realized it couldn’t move forward any more. It turned its neck as much as it could and made some noise in her direction and tried to swing its tail to the side but it lacked anything like the power to move her fingers so it just shifted itself around as it tried to fight free. She was just considering trying it as a food item when she heard a roar she strongly suspected might be her intended quarry. She let go and the massive sauropod stumbled forward out of the holes it was digging itself into in its hopeless struggle. She jumped onto its back and sprung off it easily clearing the herd so she could hit the ground running without concern of causing any accidental extinction events.

Aki grinned cheerfully when she made the turn around a small patch of trees and found an Allosaurus eating a corpse. It looked up at her a moment and tilted its head like it was curious, probably because it had never seen a human before, then went back to eating its kill.

“Hey, don’t ignore me big guy. I’m about to be your new master,” she might have been worried that she was talking to herself but Aki was long used to it, having never met anyone who could keep up with her enough to have a truly interesting conversation with.

She walked up and the Allosaurus roared at her but didn’t seem to be too interested in making a bluffing charge at her. It probably didn’t think she was big enough to be a real threat. She grabbed its prey and pulled it away from the Allosaurus with a twist of her body, leaving its bloodied jaws biting down on empty air. It snorted at her and moved to bite the body again but this time Aki jumped back, dragging the body and avoiding the predator. It roared again and this time charged her directly. Its clawed hands curled in an attack posture and its bone-crushing mouth opened wide and then it all just stopped dead still against Aki’s body. Teeth and claws alike failed to find any purchase, simply sliding uselessly off Aki’s flawless, invulnerable skin. It shifted its stance to try to bite her from other angles but this time she reached out and grabbed its jaws as they were closing. The animal tried to pull back but she asserted a grip and it only dug trenches into the ground as it flailed about trying to get out of her grip. Aki twisted her body and let go so that the Allosaurus stumbled forward and reached her arm up and brought it down on the animal’s neck, essentially trapping it in a headlock.

The Allosaurus let out all its breath with a heavy 'whuff’ as it hit the ground. Aki held it still with one hand as she pulled out a syringe with the other. The Allosaurus fought and squirmed with all its might, throwing mud and dirt every which way and uprooting some plants but Aki’s arm never faltered or strained. She took a blood sample with her syringe and another of her inventions took to doing its work. A little digital display on the syringe displayed the animal’s DNA strand and Aki took a couple of seconds to read it over. She stood up and let the animal go, it chose to run off and barely took a nip of its meal before running for it. She took another few seconds to think about her breeding program and enhancements and came up with the details of her plan now that she knew exactly what was coded into an Allosaurus.

Aki ran after it and then made a big circle so she could appear in front of it with her powerful, boulder-like muscled arms crossed in front of her chest. The dinosaur stopped in a hurry and spun around to run back the other way only to see her in front of it again. It turned a third way and again she was already in its way. The dinosaur stepped backwards trembling, its knees seemed to weaken and it emptied its bowels.

“Ugh … I guess I’ll let you run a bit more before I catch you then.”

Aki set up the area by digging trenches and knocking down a mountain or two, isolating its population in an area big enough to support her plans. She started her plans by injected the next generation of Allosaurs with modified DNA, meant to inhibit limits on their size and muscle mass much like her original bit of self-modification. She also set up stations that would grow meat artificially so they wouldn’t just eat the local herbivores into extinction. Her next few jumps were forward as she cultivated a bigger, stronger breed of Allosaurus. Just for kicks she added some parts of a bombardier beetle’s DNA, granting them the ability to hock scalding, smoking spit at whatever they chose. By the end she’d created super predators more than twice as long as the original model, starting at sixty feet long, bigger than any natural therapod and equipped with powerful arms unlike the more famous Tyrannosaurs.

She observed her enhanced dinosaurs in the wild to make sure they lived up to her projections. She saw an early ankylosaur swing its heavily armored tail into the leg of one only to break its own tail and get its armored back bitten straight through like it wasn’t even there. She cleared her trenches and piled the mountains back up to let them loose and saw one take down a full grown sauropod without any trouble. Satisfied with her work she rounded them up and meddled with their brains, installing chips to receive her mental commands and conditioning them to obey her. She’d have to take them back to the present to fully install artillery proof sub-dermal armor so she put them all on a leash and drug them to the time machine. They fought a little while but soon realized it was hopeless, though they didn’t exactly follow with a spring in their step they did follow willingly and got taken along on the last time jump.

She arrived back in the present with her hunting pack of super Allosaurs and put them through the process of enhancing their bones, skin, and muscles even further.

Aki had lifted an aircraft carrier overhead the other night from a certain perspective though it was longer for her personally and realized that the vessel was overloaded, carrying somewhat more cargo than it was really meant to. Deciding to sate her curiosity she gathered some heavy equipment and finished a new set of gravity training devices and ran out to the beached ship. She found thousands of military personnel trying to figure out how to drag it back out to sea but were in the process of repairing its hull from where it caved in just from her lifting it. A lot of them pointed their little rifles and shoulder mounted rockets at her and she laughed.

“You should know those are useless guys, I just want to pump some weight and it turns out that this is where I’m at weight-wise. This is the most convenient thing for me to use right now, so I suggest you just let me work out.”

She knew they wouldn’t listen, not at first anyway and took in a deep long breath as they shouted their warnings at her. Then she stepped forward and let them fire at her. She was feeling benevolent today and ignored the bullets but she used her super breath to stop the rockets they fired in mid-air, making them drop to the ground about four yards before her feet. A nice little ring of blasted out ground formed a semi-circle in front of her at that distance before they stopped. She smiled in her most reassuring manner as she strode forward taking in their disbelieving awe. A few even prostrated themselves and swore themselves to her followers, though that wasn’t a popular move with their peers.

“I only need it a couple days guys, I’ll even help put it back in deep enough water when I’m done if you just don’t try to get in my way again.”

Wisely they heeded her this time and she tied chains to the massive ship and set up towers and pulleys so she could perform various exercises with the over 100,000 tons of weight to resist her. She was doing just that when a small group of her devoted fans found her, mere hours before the UN meeting she was going to attend.

“The time is close isn’t it, Aki?”

“18, 19 …”

“Are you still—”

“… 20!” Aki shouted with some triumph and spun around to catch the weight with her other hand and starting working her other arm back and forth, her bicep bulging to its max as she started pulling the entire weight up and then stretching out her arm and swelling her triceps as she supported the weight. She started counting again.

“1, 2 … it’s … 3 … fine … 4, 5 … I know … 5, 6 … the time … 7, 8 … perfectly.”

One of her fans wiped sweat from his brow as he stared at her swelling and shifting arm muscle with awe and lust, “I-I was here two nights ago, I remember you having some trouble with both hands and a few reps …”

Aki grinned as she finished her set and let the carrier fall the rest of the way to the ground causing a subtle shake beneath their feet. Well, subtle to her, her fans nearly lost their balance, “Well that was two days ago. I’ve had time to grow into more of my new potential since then.”

She flexed her arms as hard as she could, pushing her biceps to their biggest swell yet and loved the looks they got from her awed fans. It was indeed about time to get going, but she had to help get the ship out to sea first. She told them to get back and ran out to the ship, jumped up onto the deck and ripped each chain holding the vessel apart so the ship was freed and barely damaged. Then she jumped back to the beach and hefted the vehicle up over her head once again. This time she ran forward, arced her body back and then hurled herself and the craft forward. It sailed its own body length in the air before splashing back down into the water.

“I’d kind of like to say 'I hope they’re ready for me’ but let’s face it, there’s no way they are.”

Aki went back to her lab and roused her specially engineered dinosaurs. She chose the largest, strongest one a stunning 76 feet long to ride and led the pack running at super-dinosaur speeds towards the UN’s building. They’d assembled quite the force really, the entire area was thick with military.

“I just wanted to show up in style … I guess I’ll have to teach them this lesson once again.”

Aki pulled up on her reigns and brought the super dinosaurs to a stop in front of the military group sent ahead to stop her.

“Excuse me Miss Kimuri, but I can’t let you go any further.”

“You can’t let me? That’s rich.”

He looked a little scared but forced it down with admirable courage, “Your actions have been dubious at best as of these last few days. Letting you into a room of world—”

“There’s that word again. What exactly do you think will come of you trying to stop me? Look, I got this meeting called anyway, I should be the star guest this time around.”

“They are meeting to discuss what to do about you, but trust me no one’s talking about turning their country over to you. If you try and barge in you’ll be met with the most lethal of force.”

“You’ll make me punch myself? Is that your threat then?” Aki asked with a smug grin, “we’ve already tried this with the bullets, rockets, missiles, and everything. It doesn’t work on me. Anyway, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want them to give me control of the world any more.”

“But you do want something, right? Yeah, If you or your … animatronics or whatever they are advance any further you will be fired upon until it finally—” the lead soldier faltered and fell back as he scrambled away from Aki who jumped off the Allosaur to land right in front of him.

“Fair enough then. Since you gave me that warning, I’ll be sporting and let you get back to your group. Get your shots all lined up in the next two minutes, because I’ll be walking in that building in the next five.”

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