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S.W.R. – Expedition, Part 5

Written by LustMonster :: [Sunday, 23 October 2016 17:12] Last updated by :: [Friday, 11 November 2016 09:43]

Editor's Note: while none of the entries in this series is tame, this one includes a picture that might be labelled Very NSFW, you've been warned

Route 223, twenty kilometers southeast of Bakersfield

“Commander, we have contacts!”


“Uh, multiple bearings, ma’am! Wide contact arcs. First one between two-eight-one and two-eight-seven Lima Victor, distance four-one-zero meters, depth zero-two-five. Sonar image is fuzzy, ma’am, but we could be talking hundreds of pods. Second contact between three-zero-five and three-one-zero …”

“Very good, sergeant. All vehicles, full stop. Redeploy GMUs in marker formation along contact boundaries. We’ll join you shortly.”

“Yes, ma’am! Um, it’s a shame you have to stop. Watching you two has been an absolute joy!” Yes, the Commander thought, it is a shame to stop. This is too much FUN! I am in great danger of turning into my loopy lieutenant.

After the Expedition had finished recharging its fuel cells all along its multi-kilometer length, she had ordered it to resume its journey toward the southern edge of Bakersfield. Initial thermal imaging scans from the surveillance drones circling over the city indicated widespread heat sources, clustered in several places and apparently not moving. No visible signs of life at or above ground level. The city appeared deserted, and at least partially in ruins. So she felt it was time to move the whole Expedition close enough to effect widespread recovery of civilians who were likely imprisoned in the abbies’ sinister cocoons. As the convoy progressed, she had elected to join her lieutenant in the delightful task of clearing abandoned, wrecked vehicles from the road ahead.

From what her sergeant had just reported, it appeared the Expedition had already stumbled upon a large group of potential rescuees.

The Commander glanced up at the drone hovering high overhead that had its camera aimed in her direction. She had no doubt her performance as superhuman wrecking ball was being recorded, as well as watched live by numerous horny souls in the convoy. Grinning savagely, she flexed massive muscles all over her body as she brutally twisted the huge chunk of metal she still clutched in her mighty hands. A few seconds ago it had been the cab of a derelict excavator. The unstoppable muscle goddess quickly rolled the jagged remains into a tightly compressed, half-ton ball and casually tossed it to the side of the road.

“Ohhhhh, my glorious Destructress,” her sergeant moaned over her comm link. “My supreme LOOK OUT!”

The redheaded muscle goddess whirled around just in time to have a row of metal teeth crash down onto her massive chest.


excapade by lustmonster dalhpmg
Image courtesy of CylenX

The excavator’s amputated boom spanned a wobbly arc between the Commander’s delicious breasts and a snarling lieutenant Wendy DeKalb. The bucket’s teeth sawed side-to-side, trying to chew into heaving titflesh. The Commander thrust her chest out even more, grinning wickedly. She could not help exulting in her amazing strength and invulnerability as the silly little girl masquerading as her all-powerful lieutenant lifted and lowered the boom repeatedly, trying to chop her Commander’s chest right off her body. The little girl succeeded only in mangling the poor helpless bucket and completely grinding away its once-formidable teeth.

The Commander’s grin faded as she continued to watch her lieutenant amuse herself with the excavator boom.

It doesn’t matter how strong she is, the Commander thought. She should be falling on her face with all the weight she’s holding in front of her. She’s clearly manifesting the anchoring power now, and she isn’t even aware she’s doing it. Looks like I will have to have “the talk” with her very soon …

Noticing the serious expression on her superior’s face, Wendy paused her attempts to slice her adversary in half. The Commander suddenly grinned, grabbed the bucket, and gave it a good hard yank. The boom separated at its elbow like a snapping wishbone, accompanied by the lovely sound of ripping steel.

“I got the longer piece!” the excited lieutenant yelled as she hopped up and down, waving her half of the boom around like a baton. “I get to make a wish!”

wendy s wish by lustmonster dalrd4t
Image courtesy of HippoNova

She closed her eyes for a moment and smiled dreamily. A delicious scene played in her mind with the Commander and herself having their way with the Commander’s sexy, well endowed, muscle-worshipping staff sergeant. In the vivid mindporn, Amy DiCaprio moaned and heaved helplessly as her delicious breasts were hungrily sucked by tireless mouths and her pussy lips were stroked and stretched by fingers powerful enough to crush the strongest materials known to mankind …

Wendy’s eyes snapped open. “Wish made,” she moaned.

Placing the ragged end of the boom against her chest, Wendy pulled the thick steel inward against herself, crushing it against her body. Then she heaved the mangled remains to join the shredded debris piled alongside the road for the Expedition’s recycler trucks to collect.

The Commander quickly crumpled her half of the boom into a jagged ball and tossed it into the recycle pile as well.

“Okay, lieutenant. Fun’s over for now. You’ve probably noticed that the convoy has stopped. Contacts all around us. Time to get to work!”

She tapped her earlobe with her fingertip, activating her comm link’s microphone.

“Hundreds, sergeant?”

“Per contact, ma’am,” the sergeant eagerly responded. “Seven contacts total. Wouldn’t surprise me if we find even more beyond our present search area.”

“Very well. Deploy all defense teams, same pattern as before. The lieutenant and I will go investigate.”

“Yes, ma’am! By the way, I am so happy that you survived the lieutenant’s nefarious attack.” The Commander snorted. “Mere steel cannot penetrate the mighty Destructress’s all-powerful chest,” she replied huskily as she thrust said chest outward for the sergeant to gape at, through the nearby drone’s video feed.

“Ohhhhhh …” the sergeant moaned over the link before disconnecting.

Wendy sidled up alongside her superior (and frequent lover). Bulging triceps deliberately rubbed against bulging triceps.

“More cocoons to harvest, Commander?”

“More than we can handle ourselves, most likely.” “And more abbies to fight?”

“They haven’t disappointed us yet, lieutenant. Oh, please don’t …” “SQUEEEEE!!!” Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb rubbed her hands gleefully.

“… do that.”

The raven-haired muscle goddess beamed at the redhead, anxious to go forth and play some more.

“Employ some more of that creative destruction you do so well, lieutenant, and try to take a few more abbies alive. The more specimens we have to play with back at base, the better. Follow me”

The Commander started to walk away from the convoy, toward the nearest of the contacts the sergeant had told her about. The lieutenant fell into step immediately behind.

Leaving the road, they crossed a dried-up irrigation channel, then found themselves at the edge of an apparently abandoned farm. In the distance, the old farmhouse’s doors and windows were missing, and the roof sagged, with parts of it completely missing. The big barn nearby was in similar condition, though it had a few of its doors still intact. An old John Deere tractor sat rusting on huge rotted tires.

“Is that a …?” Wendy asked as she skipped ahead, aiming for a black net stretched between two sagging poles, in the middle of a parched expanse of dirt in front of the dilapidated barn.

“Badminton?” inquired the Commander as she strode up behind.

“Volleyball!” the lieutenant responded cheerfully as she looked around for something to …


Wendy walked quickly to a large spherical tank that sat on thick struts sunk into the hard soil next to the barn. A pipe protruded from the side of the tank and disappeared through the barn’s wooden wall. But not for long: Wendy sank her fingers into the tank’s thick steel surface and lifted the whole thing up over her head, the struts tearing away from the tank’s bottom with a cacophony of metallic shrieks and the pipe shearing off like a big overcooked noodle.

“Let’s play!” cried the little girl that had taken over the lieutenant’s mighty muscle body yet again. She skipped gaily to a position that put the tattered net between herself and her Commander.

“Not now, lieutenant! We need to …”

“Come on, just a quickie!” She balanced the half-ton sphere on the palm of one hand, flung it up in the air, then slapped the palm of her other hand against its side, sending it flying over the net with a loud SPANG!

Rolling her eyes, the Commander put her hands up and easily batted the heavy sphere back toward her bouncing lieutenant. Wendy slammed the thing back across the net, and her opponent returned it. The poor tank rapidly deformed, with muscle goddess handprints clearly visible on its sides and bits of protruding metal flying off as the giant “volleyball” sailed back and forth.

volleyball by lustmonster dalv0f6
Image courtesy of CylenX

Finally, the lieutenant gave the ball such a hard smack that it skipped across her superior’s fingertips and embedded itself in the old tractor with a mighty crash.

“I win!!!” The lieutenant waved her thickly muscled arms above her head and pranced about.

Shaking her head and suppressing a giggle, the Commander turned and strode past the side of the barn. “Come, lieutenant. The cavern should be this way.”

Passing the barn, they entered farmland that clearly had not received the necessary care and feeding in some time. The two muscle goddesses swept their arms from side to side like scythes to clear a path through the dense jungle of dried-up cornstalks. Occasionally they encountered things that were definitely not organic, as their muscle-packed arms smashed through concrete cylinders and thick iron standpipes. Wendy took great joy in yanking one huge pipe out of the ground and using it to scythe her way through the cornstalks, before ripping it to shreds above her head. Soon after that, she encountered another one, which she also tore out of the ground. Grasping one end of it, she held it horizontally in front of her, then rammed its other end into her Commander’s puffed-out chest.

wendy commander cornfield 2a by lustmonster dah17ha
Image courtesy of Plinius

Wendy’s muscle-packed arms compressed the iron pipe between her superior’s huge breasts, savagely grinding the shrieking metal until there was nothing left but a steady rain of iron dust falling from her fingers onto the ground between her lover’s feet. The Commander just stood there with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her lips.

“You just tried to drive a huge piece of iron through my chest, lieutenant. I should have you slapped in chains for such outrageous misconduct.”

“Oh yes, lots and lots of thick delicious chain to burst out of …” “How can I punish you, when every attempt just turns you on more?” “I don’t know, but please keep trying!” the lieutenant replied with a wicked grin.

The two superwomen resumed smashing their way through seemingly endless rows of dried-up cornstalks and miscellaneous irrigation equipment.

“I could do this all day,” Wendy said happily. “More stuff to smash …” “There will be more important things to smash when we— Ah, here we are.” The two of them emerged from the field’s far side.

Ahead of them, in the middle of a large expanse of fallow farmland, several ground mapping vehicles sat at the boundary of what was hopefully an underground cavern full of cocoons. The Commander glanced at the identification number stenciled on the side of the nearest GMU, then tapped her finger to her earlobe to activate her link.

“Sergeant, send a squad of mechfighters to our location, mapping unit one niner seven seven.” “Yes, ma’am! Squad of mechs, one niner seven seven.” The mighty muscle goddess stood with hands on her hips as she surveyed the ground beyond the parked GMUs.

“The last time we did this, the abbies saved us the trouble of digging our way in,” the Commander observed. “Not a peep out of them now. I wonder if they even know we’re here.”

“Maybe the word got out that we’re too badass to tangle with,” Wendy replied with a grin. She flexed various muscles to punctuate her point.

“It just feels too damn quiet, lieutenant. Like whatever has been here has …” The Commander was interrupted by the sounds of metallic feet slamming onto the dry, cracked soil. The seven-foot-tall mechfighters turned toward the muscle goddesses and stood at attention.

“Commander, lieutenant,” one of them spoke. The man’s faint Asian accent was clearly discernable through the mech’s speaker grill.

“Corporal Cho, welcome to our little party,” the Commander responded with a nod. “At ease, men.” The six mechs settled into a more relaxed stance (or, as “relaxed” as a heavily armored, heavily armed biped war machine could appear).

“Just beyond these GMUs, there is an underground cavern containing several hundred cocoons. Our scans picked up no movement, but I don’t want to take any chances after the lieutenant and I open this up. Once we’ve made the hole, you are to take up positions evenly around its edge. Be ready to move quickly, as there could be further cave-ins. Don’t let anything inhuman slither away from here. Use whatever firepower you deem necessary …”

Wendy jumped in with, “yeah, you don’t need to worry about your rounds hitting us. In fact, please try to hit me a lot!”

Chuckles emanated from the mechfighters, as Wendy crouched into a most muscular pose and snarled fiercely.

“When you’re finished showing off, lieutenant, let’s go dig a hole.” “Yes, Commander!”

The two muscle goddesses strode past the GMUs and out into the dusty field beyond.

“You know, Commander, there is a really enjoyable way we could blast the ground open!” “Yes, lieutenant, but I’d prefer to use a more controlled approach. We do have an impressionable audience.” The Commander’s eyes scanned the parched soil again. A grin slowly stretched her lips.

wendy commander digging 2a by lustmonster daazyuf
Image courtesy of Plinius

“That does give me an idea, however! There’s no reason we can’t have a little fun …” The heavier musclebeast suddenly crouched down and grabbed one of the lighter one’s ankles. As the suddenly shrieking lieutenant started to rise upward and topple backward, the Commander swung the lieutenant’s sexy body over her head and slammed it down onto the ground beside her with great force.

A great gout of soil blasted in all directions as Wendy’s chest pancaked at the bottom of a newly formed crater. Suddenly she was yanked out, her ankle still gripped firmly by the Commander’s mighty hand. She sailed back over her superior’s head, then WHAM!!! A second crater appeared on the other side of the wickedly grinning Commander, who started to yell in a singsong voice: “Put out the Darkwing! Put out the Darkwing!”

Feeling the grip on her ankle momentarily loosen, the snarling lieutenant quickly scrambled to her feet and leaped out of the shallow depression. The Commander was ready for her, though, snatching her out of the air in mid-jump. Wendy found herself swung by her legs up and over the Commander’s head again, then WHAM!!! The first crater grew a bit larger.

“Put out the Darkwing!”


With a heave of her muscle-packed thighs, Wendy propelled herself out of the now somewhat bigger crater. This time she managed to hook a hand under the Commander’s armpit, lifting the bigger muscle goddess right off her feet.


As she reached the apex of her jump, Wendy heaved the mighty Commander up over her head, then flung her down into the crater with a rock-shattering thud.

The lieutenant landed lightly on her feet and stood at the edge of the crater, smiling devilishly as she watched the dust cloud disperse.

“PUT OUT THE FUCKING DARKWING!!” she bellowed. “What the hell is a ‘darkwing’ anywa—”

wendy commander superman punch by lustmonster daipw1o
Image courtesy of Plinius

With a mighty roar, the Commander shot out of the dust like a rocket and plowed into the luscious lieutenant’s torso.

Wendy flew up in the air with her snarling Commander’s fingers dug into her leotard. As soon as their feet returned to the ground, the Commander whipped her lieutenant’s sexy body around, slammed her palms against Wendy’s back, and blasted the lieutenant back into the crater like she was firing a cannonball out of a cannon.

This time, the ground bellowed in agony, sending up a great eruption of dust and grit as the ceiling of the cavern beneath caved in.

Corporal Cho took this as his cue. He issued orders to the other mechfighters, and the six of them took up positions around the new hole in the ground, with carbines unslung and at the ready.

The corporal’s own adoration of the Commander had just shot up about a thousand percent after hearing her reference to the vintage Disney TV show during the goddesses’ earth-blasting brawl. He made a mental note to try once again to screw up his courage and approach her in a quiet setting. Maybe have a coffee, talk about old cartoons, some day. Sigh

“You joining me, Commander?” the lieutenant shouted up from the darkness. “Or are you just going to stand up there and gloat?

The Commander pumped her mighty arm muscles one more time. Then she stepped out over the edge of the hole and plummeted down.

As the walls and ceiling stopped collapsing and the dust started to settle, light streaming in from above began to illuminate the vast underground space.

“Um, Commander, are you seeing what I’m seeing?” “Yes, lieutenant.”

The cocoons were there, all right. But many of them were different.

Some were the familiar eight-foot-tall egg-shaped pods, with that dim bluish glow and vague dark shadow that hinted at the poor soul trapped inside.

Many, however, had a darker color and a wrinkled texture that gave them the appearance of giant misshapen avocados. Also different about them: the thick umbilical cord that emerged from the top of each one, stretching upward to join with a much larger conduit spanning the width of the cavern and disappearing through a hole in the distant wall.

The great conduit, as well as the smaller ones leading down to the dark cocoons, were rhythmically swelling and contracting: a kind of peristaltic throbbing, as if something was being transported inside them.

And the smell: a heavy reek of sulfur drenched in vinegar, with a dash of molasses to liven it up. Hell’s barbecue sauce, thick and rich and oh so …

Wendy’s olfactory senses were presumably as invulnerable as the rest of her body, yet at that moment her nose contemplated detaching itself from her face and fleeing to the clear desert air above.

“Commander, would it be safe to say that we should just take the brown ones, and fucking vaporize the rest?”

The Commander just stared at the sickening dark cocoons and their slowly undulating umbilicals, her face frozen in horror.


“Lieutenant, when we get out of here, I’m going to need to take a bubble bath in the strongest acid I can get my hands on, for six fucking hours.”

“So then…”

“We need to open one of these. I need to know what’s inside.” The lieutenant normally showed no hint of fear, and would happily dive headlong into the heart of an exploding hydrogen bomb. But she really did not want to touch one of these things.

Now, lieutenant. We’re still supers. It’s not going to hurt us. Let’s do this!” The Commander strode up to the side of one of the wrinkled cocoons and pressed her palms against it. Very reluctantly, Wendy did likewise, her face wrinkled with absolute disgust.

Together they sank their fingers deep into the crunchy shell. It snapped and crackled. More of the foul miasma seeped out of the newly created fissures to assault their senses.

“Commander, I—” Wendy whimpered.

“Rip the fucker open,” the Commander rumbled.

Clenching her fingers deep into the unnaturally warm shell material, Wendy yanked.

A significant chunk of shell tore free from the cocoon. Thick ropey goop stretched from its interior as the lieutenant pulled the shell away and tossed it to one side. Then the Commander yanked on her side of the cocoon, and that entire half gave way.

A flood of goop poured out of the ruined cocoon, rapidly exposing the thing within … “OH FUCK NO!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!”

cocoon smash by lustmonster dao2xw1
Image courtesy of JINworks

Wendy turned to the nearest wall of the cavern and plowed her fists deep into it. Pulling out a chunk of rock nearly as big as her own body, she returned to the cocoon and slammed the massive boulder down on it.

Again. And again. And again …


The Commander just stepped back and shut her eyes. At the corner of one, a tear welled up.

Wendy slumped onto the newly created pile of rubble and sobbed.

A few minutes later, the Commander touched her finger to her ear, activating her comm link.

“Sergeant! Send recovery teams down here now, in full hazmat gear, as many as you can round up. Have a squad of mechs accompany them. The lieutenant and I will stay to help with the recovery and provide additional protection.”

“Yes, ma’am! Recovery teams, full hazmat, one squad of mechs.” “And sergeant, have one Echo Charlie unit armed and brought down here as well.” No answer.


“Arm and deliver one Echo Charlie,” the voice responded hesitantly. “Yes, ma’am.” The Commander broke the link, then stepped forward and laid a hand on the lieutenant’s shoulder.

“Come. Let’s start moving the ones we can save closer to the hole.” Wendy nodded, then slowly got to her feet.

“It’s a damn good thing we never sleep,” the lieutenant muttered as she kicked her way out of the rubble she had just created. “I don’t ever want to dream about what I just saw.”

The Commander just nodded as she gently held Wendy’s arm.

“We’re really going to use an Echo Charlie in here?” “Yes, lieutenant. You said vaporize. That is exactly what I intend to do.” Wendy raised her arm and pointed to a large opening in the far wall of the cavern. Her tear-streaked face bore an expression of steely resolve.

“I bet that leads to more caverns, and more people to rescue. We have to get them all out before we set this bomb off!”

“Then let’s get busy, lieutenant.”

As soon as the first of the recovery team arrived, along with their mech escorts, the Commander requisitioned a pair of headlamps from their supply crates. Then the two superwomen set off into the connecting tunnels to bring back all the rescuable captives they could find.

It took them several hours to find them all and drag them back to the first cavern. The lieutenant grumbled several times about not encountering any abbies to “pulverize with extreme prejudice”, but otherwise she focused on the task with grim determination. Mindless labor helped keep her mind off the hellish tableau within the dark cocoon. The two muscle goddesses had to pause a couple of times, as they were bringing cocoons out of the tunnels and into the cavern faster than the recovery team could lift them out.

Finally, the recovery task was complete. The two superwomen stood alone in the cavern, accompanied by the remaining dark cocoons, the horrid miasma they emitted, and a very large bomb standing upright on its rear fins. The bomb’s shape betrayed its original use case: to be dropped from the sky onto whatever large target was chosen for total annihilation. A small hinged panel on the side stood open, revealing a control panel.

“I want to stay here,” Wendy said. She folded her arms under her breasts and stood in a manner that suggested it would take an act of a supreme being to move her elsewhere. “I want to watch the fucking things vanish. I want to feel it.”

The Commander shrugged.

“Fine. I’ll be right here with you.”

Wendy smiled.

The Commander touched her earlobe. “Sergeant, is everyone away from our location?” “Yes, ma’am. All present and accounted for. I’m guessing you two are going to stay down there and enjoy the fireworks?” “It will be an effective way to wash off the stench, sergeant. Commander out.” “Will our leotards survive this, Commander?” Wendy pinched and tugged at the fabric covering one thick nipple.

“Possibly not, but you needn’t worry. I have a spare set stashed in my van for just such a contingency, courtesy of our ever-resourceful Mr. Brody. Ready, lieutenant?”

“Ready, Commander!”

The Commander pressed some buttons on the bomb’s control panel.

“Ten seconds, lieutenant.”

Wendy gazed defiantly at the remaining dark cocoons and their nasty throbbing umbilicals.

Die, you motherfuckers

The bomb, nicknamed “Eta Carinae” after the hottest star in the known universe, blasted out a cloud of extremely flammable vapor that quickly filled the cavern and started working its way into the side tunnels. A few seconds later, a second explosion within the cylinder ignited the cloud, and there was an earth-shattering KABOOM.

The world flashed hot and white.

kaboom by lustmonster daldjan
Image courtesy of GibotiX

Wendy kept her eyes open, though she could not see. The fire did, however, wipe away her tears.

But she could picture it all in her mind:

The dark cocoons soaked in the hellfire and instantly reduced to the most basic elements.

Nestled within in each one: the embracing figures with their rictus grins. The human slowly being digested; the creature slowly being formed. Arms and legs, tentacles and claws, mandibles and jaws, all intertwined. The two of them so very much alive.

Now just vapor and ash.

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