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by thedoc9

READER NOTES: This story takes place in the Supergirl TV Series universe.

1 – Anna

Anna Erdman walked up to the Maxwell Lord Civic Center, trying to control the butterflies in her stomach. Between the long coat and the blonde wig she wore over her short brunette hair, she was definitely dressed too heavily for the warm October evenings in National City. She was starting to sweat. Not the best way to make a first impression, she thought. But this wouldn’t take long.

The National City Halloween party was going to be one of the best-attended events of the year ever since the arrival of the city’s amazing superheroine Supergirl a year ago. The party’s organizers had gone all-out, decorating the center, bringing in lots of fancy lighting, hiring a great DJ, and announcing a super heroic theme (“come dressed as your favorite hero … or villain!”), and providing treats for both underage and adult attendees. Anna was only 18, so her wristband was bright orange, as opposed to the dark green for adults who would be able to purchase alcohol. But that didn’t matter much to her. This night wasn’t about partying, it was about getting noticed. Or more specifically, about getting her work noticed.

Anna fancied herself a semi-professional cosplayer, and was quite skilled with a sewing machine as well as a glue gun, and other tools of her trade. She had spent the last few months coming up with a cool variation of Supergirl's costume, and this party was where she intended to make a splash. This could mean professional work, if she played her cards right.

Anna approached the coat check booth, took a deep breath, and removed the coat as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The young man behind the counter whistled appreciatively as he took it from her and handed her a ticket stub In return. Anna smiled at the man, thanking him. Well, so far so good, she thought. Anna’s costume was quite different from Supergirl’s actual uniform, in all sorts of ways. It included a white crop top with a red waist-length cape, a short blue miniskirt, showing off her pale stomach and legs, and chunky red high-top boots. For fun, she added white leather gloves with black cuffs for a nice color accent. Her blonde wig was held in place by a black Alice band.

The only thing that really said “Supergirl” about the costume was the large “S” shield across her chest. Anna had gone back and forth about her bra, and decided that if she was going to be this bold with the rest of the costume; she may as well go all-out. She had bought a special flesh-colored padded bra that bumped her up a cup size, and provided a nice bit of lift. It seemed a bit cheesy at first, but based on the attention she was already garnering from the party goers, she wasn’t going to complain. So far so good, she thought again.

The electronic dance music pumped loudly, the bass drum sounds drowning out most conversations. Several people were dancing nearby, many wearing costumes, though most were not superhero themed, Anna noted with a twinge of disappointment. Guess they didn’t get the memo, she thought. There were lots of political parodies, a few zombies, and a few costumes that were just puzzling at first glance. One guy appeared to be dressed up as a scratching post for cats...

A short, balding fellow seemed to appear out of nowhere in a yellow suit nearby. He had a large, old-fashioned camera on a strap around his neck, and he walked up to Anna with a pleasant smile on his face. “Good evening, young lady! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben DeRoy, and I’m the official photographer for this event. Here’s my card.” Anna gave the business card a quick glance, and then looked back up to Mr. DeRoy as he continued, “I simply LOVE your outfit, my dear. Highly original! Did you create this yourself?” His accent was almost British … but not quite. Perhaps Australian? She had never been good at identifying accents.

She gathered her thoughts quickly. “Yes, I’m hoping to create costumes like this for a living one day.”

“Indeed? You know, with the number of costumed characters showing up these days, perhaps you could get work from them! I wonder what Supergirl herself would think of what you’ve done here?”

Anna smiled at this. “Yeah, I was kinda wondering that myself. Think there’s a chance she’ll show up tonight? The real Supergirl, I mean?”

DeRoy’s smile changed slightly. He seemed to be getting an idea that he wanted to keep to himself. “Who knows? You may be surprised …”

Anna couldn’t quite place Mr. DeRoy’s suit … who was he supposed to be? His yellow suite had dark purple trim on the cuffs and the lapels and pockets. Certainly not The Joker from Gotham City, he wasn’t wearing any face paint. “I’m sorry … I give up, who are you dressed as, Mister …”

“DeRoy, my dear. But what do you mean?” he asked politely.

“Your suit … Are you supposed to be a hero, or a villain, or …”

His smile widened. “Oh! Oh no, nothing like that, my dear. Now … since we clearly have several ladies dressing up as Supergirl tonight, I’m hoping to get a group photo of as many of you as I can get. The more the merrier, I say! Would you mind meeting in Lounge D at around 8:30?”

Anna thought for a moment. Not a bad opportunity for publicity, especially since she’d likely stand out against all of the store-bought costumes. “Sounds fun!” she said with a smile, tucking the card into the yellow belt holding up her miniskirt.

“Excellent, excellent!” DeRoy said. “Keep that card with you. Think of it as a sort of photo pass. Bring it with you to Lounge D at 8:30. I promise I won’t keep any of you too long.

“Okay!” Anna said, smiling at the diminutive man. He tipped his yellow bowler hat, and walked into the crowd of dancers, virtually disappearing in a few seconds. Anna realized at that point that Mr. DeRoy had not taken her photo. But perhaps he would do individual shots later, when he had better lighting. That just made good sense. The lighting on the dance floor was not conducive to a proper portrait photo.

Anna’s smile widened as she made her way across the dance floor towards the table of snacks. Tonight was going to be a lot of fun after all, she was sure of it.

2 – Carrie

Carrie Wenzel was trying to figure out whether she wanted to stay at the party or go to one of her friends’ parties instead. She’d spent a ton of money on getting a custom Supergirl costume made, and the only attention she seemed to be getting was from creepy guys with only one thing on their minds. Granted, she had a voluptuous figure, and she had poured herself into a form-fitting PVC costume. Plus, she had gone with a black-and-silver color scheme, painting herself as some sort of “evil” Supergirl. She may not have been showing off much skin, but every curve of her body was still as much on display as it was when she went to the gym.

“Guess I only have myself to blame,” she sighed to herself. She tipped back the last of her apple-tini, then made towards the coat check door. But partway across the dance floor, a short man with a camera cut her off, smiling warmly.

“Good evening … Supergirl?” he inquired.

The old-fashioned box camera intrigued Carrie; she hadn’t seen one like it in forever. If it was a costume piece, it was very authentic looking. But it didn’t help to identify what his costume was supposed to be. She decided to play along, smirking. Her lips were colored black with a small silver highlight to emphasize her character. “Close, little man.” She struck a pose, flexing her impressive right bicep while placing her left fist on her hip. “I am Dark Supergirl.”

The little man’s eyes lit up clearly impressed. “Yes … yes, I see! Marvelous!”

Carrie bent down to his eye level, fully aware of how her bustline was being emphasized by the move. His eye contact faltered for a moment, but he didn’t give off the creepy vibe most of the men here tonight had given her. Points for that, she thought. “And who are you supposed to be, exactly?” she purred in a sort of menacing villainous voice from the movies.

The man in the yellow suit smiled widely, “Ben DeRoy. I’m taking specialty photos tonight.”

Carrie straightened up, and started to check her hair, trying to decide on a pose. But the man wasn’t preparing his camera. “That’s cool. What sort of pose would you like?”

He almost looked apologetic, but not quite. “Perhaps later. The lighting here isn’t ideal. In fact, I’ve been making arrangements for a group photo of several of the Supergirls here tonight.”

Carrie’s interest was piqued. She was pretty sure she could hold her own in any group photo. She’d worked very hard for years to be in tip top physical condition. “Sounds fun. When and where?”

Ben smiled again, reaching into his jacket for a small business card. “Lounge D. At 8:30 sharp. Will that suffice?”

Carrie took the proferred card. “Sure. See you then, Mister …?”

“DeRoy, my dear. Ben DeRoy.” He tipped his hat gently to her, then walked off. Carrie turned and walked back towards the bar, her long black cape flapping behind her as she went.  "Could be an interesting night after all," she murmured.

3 – Nancy

Standing in one of the darker corners of the large convention hall, Nancy O’Dell wondered why she was still here. Nancy was a young woman of twenty-three with dark red hair, and was dressed in a large button-down plaid shirt and jeans. As far as everyone around her could tell, that is. Hidden underneath this plain outfit was a red silk minidress with a large golden lightning bolt across her bosom. Nancy had purchased the custom Mary Marvel costume online weeks earlier when the party advertisements first appeared on Facebook. But now that she was here, she couldn’t bring herself to show it off to anyone. Much like the real Mary Marvel, who had not been heard from for years. Rumor had it that she had turned bad and been killed, but there was no way of confirming that. The meta-humans didn’t exactly share all of their secrets with us mere mortals, she thought.

Nancy’s self-esteem had never really made a showing yet in her life. Ever since middle school, when all of her classmates started developing, Nancy always felt left behind due to her small breasts. Her mother’s figure had always been curvy, but Nancy had somehow not inherited the appropriate genes apparently. Nancy looked around at all of the women on the dance floor and at the bar … sexy nurse, sexy cat (along with her boyfriend dressed as some sort of scratching post apparently), even a sexy … Supergirl?! Oh for crying out loud, she thought. Most of these women were sporting big, bouncy, barely-covered breasts. How was she supposed to compete with them?

Nancy sighed, and wandered down a hallway. Past the large convention center’s restrooms, there were smaller meeting rooms, some of which had been set aside for decorations and other supplies, and a couple had been decorated with various hanging backgrounds for photo ops for the guests. Nancy stepped into one of these, and noticed it was empty for the moment. An outer-space background stood next to a spooky forest, and next to these was a large photograph of the Metropolis skyline. There was also a large tent with a sign on the opening that read “Changing Room”.  Itsimultaneously reminded her of the circus, and those old fashioned tents you'd see on the beach in old photos.

Intrigued, Nancy poked her head inside. Sure enough, the party planners had thought of everything. There was a dim lightbulb hanging from the tent’s roof, a full length mirror and a small table with a vanity where people could make themselves look as good as possible before their photo. Nancy took a deep breath, and let it out. Let’s take a look, she thought.

Nancy slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing the red and gold mini dress. The white cape, held in place by a soft, thick, golden rope around her clavicle unfurled as she tossed the shirt to the floor. Not too bad, she thought. Not great, though. The chest area was rather loose fitting, and the arm holes were a bit larger than Nancy was comfortable with. Clearly this was designed for a bigger girl than she. Like most of her wardrobe, she thought sadly.

Nancy reached for the buttons of her jeans, and started to undo them as she kicked off her sneakers. The jeans were off quickly, showing off her long, pale legs. Earlier that day she had started shaving her legs in preparation for the party. Halfway through the process, she realized that she had to shave higher up her thighs than she had really ever done before. By the time she got up to her upper inner thighs, Nancy had decided to be bold. She carefully groomed her tufted red hair into a small lightning bolt-like shape pointing down to her labia.

Nancy sat on the folding chair in the corner, and pulled the golden ballet slippers from her jeans pocket. She slid her bare feet into them. These delicate little shoes somehow made her feel elegant whenever she put them on.

Nancy stood in front of the full-length mirror, playing her long red hair, and tried adjusting her posture a bit. She was tall and pale, and her red hair worked with the red fabric well, and the gold trim really pulled everything together. But that damned lightning bolt, she thought. She raised her hands up to her chest, pulling the fabric tight across her chest, showing off her two semi-erect nipples, but not much else. Nancy smiled a bit as she tried to convince herself that she was just as sexy as those other girls, but then frowned again as she pulled the fabric outward to the dimensions it was designed for.

Nah. I can't do it. If anyone asks, I’m … dressed as a lesbian or something.

Nancy bent down to pick up her jeans when she heard people enter the room. Panicked, she reached for the tent’s doorway, and pulled the zipper down as quickly and quietly as she could. Based on the voices she heard, it sounded like an older man and a woman, only a few dozen feet away. Nancy quickly pulled up her pants, then grabbed her shirt, straining to listen to the conversation outside her tent.

4 – Ben

Ben held the door to the photo op room as Anna came inside. “So nice to see you again, young lady.”

Anna smiled as she went inside, looking at all of the backgrounds. “Cool setup!”

Ben smiled and closed the door quietly behind them. “Yes, thank you. Spared no expense!” He eyed the pretty young woman furtively as her head was turned away. The perfect specimen, he thought. Little does she know what she’s in for tonight.

Unbeknown to Anna (or anyone else at the party), Ben was not really an official photographer. In fact, he wasn’t a photographer at all. Or even human. Ben was an imp from the fifth dimension, here on a mission of mischief. In the past, he had had several run-ins with Superman in Metropolis, and each time he had been tricked or forced to return to his home dimension.

Fortunately, the elders that held sway over his movements across dimensions had a sense of humor, which he could occasionally use to convince them to allow him to play. “What is your proposal?” one of the elders had asked him.

“I will pose as a photographer at a social gathering that involves dressing up as the heroes and villains of their world. I will endow two of them – one ‘hero’ and one ‘villain’ – with all of the super powers of the person they are dressed as.”

“Intriguing,” the Elder said, not quite convinced. But smiling slightly, she continued. “What condition do you propose that will undo this magic? Remember, it must be fair, or I may reconsider.”

“Oh, don't worry … I believe I have something you'll appreciate …” said Ben (known as Mr. Mxyzptlk in this realm).

Ben smiled wickedly to himself as the young girl in the Supergirl costume looked at the various backgrounds. Just then, the door behind him opened again. It was Carrie. “Ah, now we’re ready!”

Anna turned to see who had just come in. The woman was tall and voluptuous … and quite muscular. “Wow!” she said almost unconsciously. She recovered quickly, smiling widely “That’s a great costume!”

Carrie looked down at the younger woman, noting the bright orange wristband. “Yeah, back at you. Did you make that yourself?”

“Yeah. Took a few weeks, but it came together just in time.”

Ben stepped up to the two women, holding up his old fashioned camera. “Let’s get a photo, shall we?”

Anna turned to him, a little confused. “What, now? Shouldn’t we wait for the others to show up?”

Ben hesitated briefly, and then smiled warmly at her, waving his hand dismissively.  “Oh, why not start without them? You two could help me test my … my lighting!”

Carrie smirked at this. “Suits me just fine. Come on, Super Girly. Let’s see what you got.” With this, Carrie walked up to the city skyline backdrop. She dramatically swept her long cape around, then raised her fists like a boxer, flexing her impressive muscles.

Anna stepped up to Carrie, pulling her white gloves tightly onto her hands. She dropped into character, stating defiantly, “Super Girly? I’ll make you eat those words!” Anna raised her gloved hands, facing the taller black and silver-clad woman.

Ben’s eyes twinkled with delight as he maneuvered himself for just the right angle. The changing tent off to the side was visible over Carrie’s shoulder, he noticed. But that doesn’t matter, as this isn’t even a real camera! He thought.

Ben pressed the button on top of the device, and the room was suddenly filled with light and sound. Anna and Carrie knew immediately that something was awry. Instead of a brief instant of a bright flash, the light strobed and coalesced from yellow to orange to red, and there was a growling buzz coming from the camera.

Carrie meant to ask this guy what he was trying to do, but she quickly realized that she was frozen in place. Her eyes, fixed on the “S” sheild on Anna’s chest, couldn’t even turn to the man. She was paralyzed somehow! Then a strange static-like electric charge seemed to pass over her whole body. Carrie felt her heart racing faster as the buzz became a musical hum. What the hell was happening?

Anna, similarly paralyzed felt herself panicking, but couldn’t tear her gaze away from the taller woman’s muscular arms. As an electrical charge worked its way across her body, Anna wondered if this was what it was like to die. Was this man some sort of kidnapper... or serial killer?  Was this what it was like to experience her last moment?

But then, she noticed a dramatic, and oddly pleasant change. The tingling became a part of her, and she felt strangely exhilarated. Her stomach felt like it was clenching, and her arms seemed to be sliding out of her short sleeves a bit. Then, with her eyes still involuntarily locked on the other woman (I don’t even know her name, she thought) Anna saw her already impressive arm muscles growing even larger and more defined. Before … the darkly clad woman had been fit, but now she was becoming more like a female body builder, her arms bulging with pure strength.

Carrie felt her muscles growing, and the warm electricity shot through her body, up and down from her heart down to her clit. She felt an involuntary orgasm building up in herself, and for the briefest of moments, she resisted. But then she decided to ride the wave, and the ride was oh, so glorious. Her legs, her arms … every part of her was becoming POWERFUL in ways she had only dreamt about. The younger girl fixed in her gaze seemed to be growing a bit as well … but not nearly as much, she noticed wryly.

Meanwhile, in the changing tent, Nancy sat paralyzed in the folding chair, listening to the strange hum, and watching the weird light show play across the fabric of the tent. She wanted to cry out, but found she was so panicked that she couldn’t move.

The loud, almost-musical hum finally started to die down, and Ben lowered his camera, smiling widely. He looked up at the two costumed women before him, knowing that this would soon be highly entertaining. He noticed that their eyes were starting to flit back and forth, and their arms were slowly moving again. With a casual snap of his fingers, a tub of popcorn appeared in his free hand. With another snap, Ben DeRoy vanished from view.

Carrie unclenched her fists, and then balled her fists even harder, enjoying the sensation. She felt amazing. Her muscles rippled under her tight, shiny costume as she took several deep breaths. She looked around, and couldn’t see that little guy with the camera gizmo anywhere. Carrie raised a finger to her chest, and slowly traced the “S” logo there, hissing quietly with her teeth.

Anna looked around, also trying to find the photographer. What had he just done? Anna turned to the taller woman, and asked, “Did you see where he went?  What did he just do to us?”

Carrie didn’t respond immediately, still trying to grasp what was going on. Carrie turned to Anna. “Look at me. What did he do to me?” Carrie then looked down at Anna, noticing several changes had happened. “To us, I mean.”

Anna looked confusedly at Carrie, then down at herself. There was something different - that was for sure. Two somethings. Her nipples were jutting out through her tight white shirt, distorting the edges of her “S” shield. Except that was impossible, because of the bra, not to mention the padding … Anna raised her hands to her breasts, feeling them as if for the first time. They were large, round, and firm. And braless. These were all hers … no padding and no support in sight!

Anna sighed quietly as her fingers played over her nipples, and she felt jumping jolts of pleasure, the likes of which she only ever felt while alone in her bedroom. She felt so … alive.

Anna looked up at Carrie. “I don’t know. I’m … scared.”

Carrie laughed. “Scared? Are you kidding? Check this out!” With a dramatic move, Carrie flexed her arms, striking a pose that made her look and feel like a goddess. Her muscles practically gleamed under the snug black PVC fabric. “I feel AMAZING now. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too, I saw you change.”

Anna looked up at Carrie, confused. “I guess so … but what does it mean?”

Carrie stepped up to Anna, “I don’t know how or why … but that guy just made us … Super.” With that, Carrie hopped up on one foot, then bounced about a foot in the air … and just hung there. “Holy SHIT. Look at me. I can FLY!”

The meeting room had a high ceiling, and a couple of large chandeliers hanging above their heads. Carrie looked up, and with terrifying ease, she willed herself to float up to the same level as the nearest light fixture. She gracefully swirled around it, her cape flapping behind her. “This feels so fucking amazing!”

Anna looked up, then spread her arms gently, and closed her eyes. She felt herself rise slowly off the ground. She quickly opened her eyes again, scarcely believing the truth.  She glided up next to Carrie, who was breathing heavily with building excitement.

Carrie smiled wickedly at the younger blonde woman. “Do you feel it? The POWER inside you?”

Anna flexed her arms. Yes, there was definitely a sense of energy there that was new … and a slowly building confidence. “I’m … I’m a Super girl …” she said breathlessly. She floated underneath the chandelier, enjoying the feeling of total freedom.

Carrie looked up at the place where the chandelier was affixed to the ceiling. She clenched her eyes a bit, relying purely on instinct. A pair of bright red beams shot from her eyes, and with a small Pop, the whole fixture fell down, directly onto Anna. With lightning speed, Anna raised her hands and tossed it aside, and the chandelier bounced away, then crashed to the floor noisily, rolling in front of the door.

Anna looked angrily up at the darkly clad woman. “What are you doing?”

Carrie chuckled briefly. “Had to check. I notice it didn’t even scratch you.”

“That’s not really the point,” Anna said, a little frustrated.

Carrie floated down to Anna’s level, her black cape and skirt somehow making her very imposing and dangerous looking. Carrie clenched a fist and raised it, showing it to Anna. “We are both like Supergirl, now. We’re goddesses on a planet of mortals. We could do ANYTHING.”

The two women floated down to the floor, and almost immediately there was a knocking at the door, which was blocked by the remains of the chandelier. “Is everything okay in there?” someone called. The door cracked open just a bit.

Carrie looked from the door to Anna. “Well, Super Girly. ...Time to fly!” She clenched a fist, and then dramatically raised it above her head. Carrie shot straight up, like a rocket, exploding through the ceiling and up into the night sky. Anna could hear an exhultant whoop of joy from Carrie as she flew away.

Anna looked up, casually brushing aside the debris that fell down around her. She walked up to the chandelier, grabbed it with her hands, and felt the super strength surge through her muscles. She effortlessly lifted the broken fixture, which tinkled and clanked as she swept it aside. The door flew open, and several costumed people burst in. “What happened in here? Are you okay?”

Anna smiled slowly. “Yeah. I'm okay... I’m just Super!" With that, she looked up at the hole in the ceiling, raised both her fists up and soared up, up and away.

A tall, slender black man near the back of the group watched as Anna flew away, then raised his hand, and touched a switch on his wristwatch. “Uh-oh. This looks like a job for—”

5 – Supergirl

The Maid of Might was sparring with her adoptive sister Alex at the DEO. The Kryptonite emitters were active, but on very low power. Kara felt herself breaking a sweat as she tried to break through her sister’s formidable defenses. Every time Kara went for a strike, Alex seemed to have the perfect defense up just in time. “You’re lucky I don’t have my super speed, sis!”

Alex smiled, her eyes darting from Kara’s hands to her feet, constantly analyzing her stance, and making adjustments. “Yeah? Well, you’re lucky I’m not Kryptonian. I’d be knocking you through those walls instead of just into them.”

Kara thought about this briefly, which was all the time Alex needed. With a few sweeping moves from Alex, Kara suddenly found herself landing hard on her butt. “Owwww. Time out.”

Alex laughed, “’Time out?’ You’re getting soft, sis.” Alex sat down next to her Kryptonian sister, then noticed the concerned look on her face. “Hey, just teasing.”

Kara looked up at her sister. “You know, Alex … it never really crossed my mind, but … well, I may be Supergirl, but that’s mostly due to my powers. When I’m like this,” she gestured towards the green K emitters, “I’m just a mediocre girl in a blue and red costume.”

“Are you saying you need to work out more?” Alex asked.

“Maybe. But how—” Kara cut herself off as an alarm went off on the wall panel.

Alex and Kara looked at each other, and spoke the same word: “Jimmy.”

Alex jumped to her feet and pressed a few switches on the wall panel. “Morales, we just heard the signal watch alarm. What’s Jimmy’s location?”

The glowing Kryptonite emitters went dark, and Kara felt her strength quickly return to her. She patted her sore buttocks a few times as the soreness dissolved, and her muscles tightened as they filled with super energy. Kara took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling of strength as it returned to her body.

A voice crackled over the intercom, “Looks like he’s at the Maxwell Lord Civic Center.”

Alex looked at Kara, “There’s some sort of big Halloween dance there tonight, isn’t there? Weren’t you invited?”

Kara wrinkled her nose at this. “I’m not really a dancer, you know that.” The two sisters continued talking as they walked purposefully down the corridor towards the main entrance to the DEO.

“Ha Ha. You know that’s not my point. Every year when we were growing up, you loved dressing up for Halloween.”

“Yes, but this year everyone there will expect me to show up in … this!” Supergirl flapped her cape playfully. “I kind of wanted to dress up as Rey from Star Wars this year.”

“Seriously? You don’t think you’re too old for Halloween?”

Supergirl smiled at her sister with mock anger. “Hey, you are NEVER too old for Halloween.”

“Okay, but I do know that the occasional public appearance at this kind of event is good PR for you. And let’s face it …”

Kara cut her off. “Okay … Good point. Well, looks like this will be Supergirl’s first Halloween, like it or not.” With a whoosh, Supergirl was gone.

6 – Jimmy

In the photo op meeting room, the small group of looky-loos had finally gone back to the party. Jimmy Olsen had his camera out, quietly taking snaps of the hole in the ceiling and the debris on the floor.

Nancy stepped out of the changing tent, not noticing Jimmy was there until it was too late to go back inside.

“Wait!” Jimmy called out.

Nancy froze, then walked up to him. “Yes?”

Jimmy looked excitedly at her, “Do you know what happened here?”

Nancy stammered, still trying to gather her wits. “I’m … I’m not sure …”

Jimmy noticed how shaken up the young woman was, so he lowered his voice and put his camera away. “Sorry. I’m Jimmy. What’s your name?”

“ …Nancy.”

“Nancy,” He repeated, trying to calm her down. “What can you tell me? Were you in there the whole time?” He gestured towards the changing tent.

“Yeah. Two girls came in, with a photographer.”

Jimmy looked at her carefully, trying to encourage her without being too impatient. “Did you see them?”

“Not at first. But then, he went to take their picture, and everything got … all weird.”

“Weird? Weird how?”

Nancy was starting to blush, clearly embarrassed. “I-I don’t know. I was too scared. When the lights started, I panicked. I couldn’t move.”

Jimmy tried to comfort her. “Hey, hey, I get it. I’ve been in the same sort of situation. You feel overwhelmed, and you just freeze.”

“Really?” Nancy asked, not sure she understood.

“Yeah, really. I saw this car accident happen almost right in front of me once. I just froze, and one of the cars caught fire as I just stood there watching.”

“What did you do?”

“I realized I needed to do something. I managed to un-freeze myself, and went to help. I got a lady and her dog out of the car before the fire got out of control.”

Nancy looked up at him, frowning. “I guess so. Anyway, after the lights stopped and the humming sound stopped, I heard this strange ‘pop’ sound. So, I unzipped the tent, and peeked out. I don’t think they knew I was there.”

“Who? Who didn’t know you were there?”

“The Super girls.”

7 – Super Girl

Anna couldn’t stop smiling. She was effortlessly flying over the city, somehow instinctively knowing how to control her amazing new powers. She spotted the local fun fair’s Ferris Wheel, and adjusted course and poured on the speed. Anna swooped down, waving at the astonished children riding in the uppermost seats. One of the kids was so amazed that he accidentally let go of the helium balloon in his hand. Anna shot up towards the balloon, grabbed the string, and then gently lowered herself until she was keeping pace with the young boy. She handed over the string as the boy’s mother thanked her.

Amidst all of the cacaphony of the carnival, Anna heard something disturbing, and instantly focused her super hearing. A young woman is being robbed at gunpoint, she realized. Anna winked at the young boy, and then flew off in the direction of the robbery. She immediately spotted the thief and the woman, standing in a darkened area near the restrooms. She was vaguely aware that the robber was in almost total darkness, and it was her enhanced vision that allowed her to see things so much more clearly. That would be an extra advantage.

Anna floated down and quietly landed on the ground right behind the guy. He was big, and wearing a ski mask. How cliché, she thought to herself amusedly. She tapped the man firmly on the shoulder, and he whirled around in a panic.

“Whuzzat?!” he yelled, simultaneously firing the gun directly at Anna. She felt the bullet bounce off of her stomach, and giggled with glee. Bulletproof! Anna focused on the pistol with her eyes, and the gun began to glow red with heat. The thug dropped the gun, swearing under his breath. He threw a punch at Anna’s head, which she easily dodged – it was like the guy was moving in slow motion – and she followed up with a punch of her own to his gut. He went flying several feet, barely missing knocking down his intended victim.

The crook groaned in pain as the girl turned to Anna. “Thank you! Super—” then she stopped short, not recognizing Anna. But Anna was too thrilled to be offended. “Super Girl, at your service!” she said brightly, then raised her fist in the air and took off. Anna went up, up, up, high into the sky, leaving the lights of the carnival far below her. The stars were twinkling above her, and even though she was sure the wind was quite cold, she was barely aware of it.

Then, a dull roaring explosion drew her attention. A large building several blocks away had just caught fire! Anna flew straight for the expanding fireball, wondering what she could do to help withso devastating an attack …

As soon as she arrived, Anna started floating around it, trying to figure out the best way to put it out. Just as she was about to take a deep breath in an attempt to blow the fire out, she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

“Well, well … look who showed up to my party. Super Girly.” Anna turned towards the voice, already knowing that it was the other girl from the party.

Carrie hovered just a few feet away, her voluptuous and muscular body shimmering in the orange light of the fire. Her black cape had a red satin lining that made her look somehow even more dangerous and powerful. “This is my party," Carrie said calmly, “and you’re not invited.”

Anna balled up her fists. “You did this?”

In response, Carrie turned towards the burning building and shot a devastating blast of heat vision, causing another explosion. She then turned back towards Anna, her eyes still glowing, and smiled wickedly.

Anna flew straight at Carrie, cocking back her fist for a punch. She landed a solid hit on Carrie’s chin, and flew past her a few feet. When Anna turned to see the effects of her punch, she was dismayed to see Carrie still floating in the same spot, gently rubbing her chin. “That the best you can do, Super Girly?”

With that, Carrie attacked Anna with terrifying fury. Her first punch was to Anna’s exposed midriff, quickly knocking the wind out of her. Anna’s eyes went wide with fear as she realized that although she now had super powers, it was clear that her opponent was MUCH stronger than she was. Carrie kicked Anna in the chest, causing her to fly into the burning building. Anna only needed a few seconds to recover, but Carrie wasn’t going to give her those seconds. With insane super speed, Carrie’s muscular body pummelled Anna’s smallper frame with a devastating series of punches and kicks that left Anna disoriented and dizzy.

Carrie grabbed Anna’s crop top by the “S” shield, stretching the fabric as she lifted the smaller girl into the air. Carrie’s bicep bulged impressively under the shiny black fabric of her own costume. Carrie brought Anna’s face up to her own. “Clearly the Kryptonian boost we’ve both received is proportional to the strength we had before tonight. I’ve been working out for years, lifting weights and training in self defense and hand-to-hand combat. Looks like you’re still in high school gym class!”

With that, Anna cold-cocked Anna, finally knocking her unconscious, and tossed her aside. Anna’s body plummeted to the ground below, and landed with a loud THWACK as it hit the ground.

8 – Jimmy and Nancy

Back at the Civic Center, Jimmy Olsen heard a loud bleep from his cell phone and pulled it out. After glancing at the screen, his face turned dour.  “I’m sorry, Nancy, but I’ve got to go.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Those two super girls you just described seem to be fighting, and it’s causing a lot of collateral damage downtown. I need to get there.”

“But … what can you do?”

“I’m a reporter. Well, I recently got a promotion … but that’s not important. I need to get there and at least see if I can get pictures and a story. Hopefully the real Supergirl shows up.“

Nancy grabbed his elbow at this. “Take me with you.” She looked into Jimmy’s eyes, letting him see that she was not going to take “No” for an answer. “Just in case,” she said.

9 – Super Girls

Carrie laughed exhultantly as she admired the destruction she had wrought. The building’s top two floors were on fire, and fire trucks were starting to arrive far below. Then she heard a loud whoosh behind her. Carrie whirled around, and her smile melted as she realized that she had been joined by the original Supergirl.

“Stop what you’re doing! Innocent people are being hurt!”

Carrie was taken aback briefly by the tone in Supergirl’s voice. But Carrie had never handled authority figures well. “Not my fault if they happen to live in the same building as my cheating ex-boyfriend!”

Supergirl poured on her speed, and grabbed Carrie by the arm, and threw her with all her might down towards the ground. Carrie was so caught off guard that she was only barely able to slow her descent before impact. She still hit hard, and it shook her. Supergirl landed dramatically next to her, and pushed her attack. Carrie took a few good hits, but then Supergirl swung and missed.

Carrie siezed this opportunity and lifted her knee into Supergirl’s gut, hearing a satisfying “whoof” from the Girl of Steel. Carrie mounted her own offense. She felt her super-powerful muscles bursting with energy as she swung punch after punch. The power in her body was intoxicating!

Supergirl managed to block a few blows, but it was clear that Carrie had the same advantage as before. “What’s the matter, SUPER girl?” Carrie teased as she and the Maid of Might traded blows. “Not used to fighting someone so STRONG?” Carrie performed a swirling judo kick that tossed Supergirl into a nearby parked car. The car was totaled, and Supergirl’s face showed that her confidence was quickly draining away.

Carrie strode over to Supergirl, who tried to kick at Carrie, but missed completely. Carrie balled up her fist, and pounded Supergirl down into the metal wreckage, pinning her briefly. “I am so much more POWERFUL than you are. You may as well call me SUPERIOR girl!”

A small crowd of bystanders were watching the uneven fight. Carrie couldn’t help but put one boot on Supergirl’s panting chest, and flex her arms, taunting her opponent. The flames and wreckage behind her made Carrie look unstoppable as she gloated over her easy victory.

Nearby, a small car with an Uber sticker on the windshield pulled up. Jimmy and Nancy got out and ran towards the scene. Jimmy saw Supergirl gasping for breath, trying in vain to move the boot on her chest. “Supergirl …!” he gasped in shock. Jimmy froze on the spot, unable to move.

Nancy walked up to Jimmy, and touched his shoulder. “Jimmy? Are you all right?”

Jimmy couldn’t respond. His mouth was hanging open, but no words were coming out. He was having a panic attack. Nancy tried again. “Jimmy!” Then, after a brief pause, she came to a decision. “Stay here. I’m going to try something.”

With that, Nancy took a few steps in front of Jimmy, and faced him. She reached up to her shirt’s top button, and undid it. Then, with impatience, Nancy grabbed the two front halves of her shirt, and gave a dramatic pull, popping her buttons, and opening the shirt. Her small bare breasts poked out, and Jimmy straightened up, confused.

“Damn, girl, what are you trying to do? Cover yourself up!”

Nancy looked down at her naked chest, and then quickly clutched the shirt closed again. Well, that was clearly the worst idea I’ve ever had, she thought. Now without shirt buttons, Nancy was forced to continue holding it closed with her hands. Twenty feet away, Carrie was making some sort of speech for the onlookers.

“See how easily I’ve defeated National City’s most powerful hero! I am Superior Girl, and you will bow down before me! I am now the mightiest woman on Earth!”

Hearing these words, Nancy’s memory was jogged. She felt her pants pockets briefly. No slippers. Her costume wasn’t just missing … it had vanished. With a dawning realization, Nancy looked up to the sky, a kind of divine insight filling her. With the sort of yell she normally reserved for football games, Nancy called out loudly, “SHAZAM!”

A loud clap of thunder and an eldritch lightning bolt shot down from the nearly cloudless sky, striking Nancy square in the chest. The transformation was blinding to the people nearby, but Nancy saw and felt everything as if in slow motion. Her legs grew longer and well toned. Her torso became taut and cut with muscles. Her breasts quickly expanded several cup sizes, and stood straight out as if gravity had no claim on them. A flowing silky red mini dress wrapped gently around her divine torso. Nancy felt awesome strength flow through her muscles, and knowledge beyond reason filled her mind. The big lightning bolt logo stretching across her impressive womanly chest glowed briefly, and a feeling of pure ecstatic pleasure flowed over her.

Nearby, Carrie was struck dumb as she watched a stunning tall red-headed woman step out of the spot where the blinding lightning bolt had struck. She had the body of a super-fit porn star, and was dressed like Captain Marvel.

Without a word, Nancy walked confidently up to Carrie, and struck a power pose, her feet apart, and hands on her hips, with her chest stuck out for good measure. A kind of serene calm washed over her. She was a goddess now.

Carrie broke the silence that had fallen on the street. “Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” With that Carrie tried to surprise the woman with a super fast punch to the jaw. But the redhead just turned her head slightly at the impact, and then turned slowly back to Carrie, smiling sweetly.

“I’m Nancy Marvel. And I am now the mightiest girl in the world.” Her voice had deepened a bit, and all of her confidence rang with every word. With lightning speed, Nancy returned Carrie’s punch, in spades. Carrie felt blood fly out of her mouth as she flew backwards into a semi truck. Immediately, Carrie slumped to the ground, unconscious as the semi’s engine steamed in protest.

Nearby, Supergirl shook her head as she tried to extricate herself from the totaled car she had been pushed down into. Nancy walked over and reached down and gently offered to help Supergirl up. Supergirl took her hand, and brought herself to her feet. “Wow. Thanks, whoever you are.” Before Nancy could reply, the crowd gasped audibly. Nancy and Supergirl both turned to see what they were all looking at, and they spotted Anna, her short skirt torn, and her crop top ripped at one shoulder. Anna held a hand to her head, clearly still shaken.

Anna staggered towards the two women, holding her head. “I think … I’d like to leave this … sort of thing … to the professionals.” Nancy and Supergirl both approached Anna, helping her to stand.

The short man in The yellow suit burst out of the crowd. Ben DeRoy was barely able to speak, he was so flustered. He confronted the tall red headed girl, sputtering. “You! What? How? Who?!” He looked infuriated.

Supergirl’s eyes lit up with recognition. “I know you! My cousin showed me a datafile on you. You’re Mr. Mxyztplk or something like that.”

He cringed at her mangled pronunciation of his real name, and then straightened his tie as he gathered his wits. “Correct.”

Supergirl pressed him further. “If you’re here, then there are rules you must be following.”

“Also correct. But don’t even think of trying to trick me into saying my name backwards. There IS a condition that will force me to leave this dimension, but I am not required to share that information with you!” He smiled confidently now.

The three girls looked at one another, not sure how to proceed. Then, a voice shot out from behind them.

“MARVEL!” Carrie had regained consciousness, and was staggering angrily towards the crowd. “You may be stronger than me, but now that I’m super powerful, the only way you’ll ever truly be able to stop me is to kill me. And I know you wouldn’t dare take someone’s life. I can see it in your eyes.”

Supergirl and Anna both looked to Nancy. But Nancy Marvel looked calmly at Carrie, and felt the Wisdom of Solomon wash over her briefly. “I won’t have to. Shazam!”

Another lightning bolt flew down from the sky, transforming Nancy Marvel back to mere mortal Nancy O’Dell. Nancy took a deep breath, looking a little nervous.

Carrie strode over to Nancy, balling her fists. “Stupid mistake! I can kill you with one finger Now!” Supergirl raised a hand and grabbed Carrie’s forearm as the black-clad villainess tried to walk past her. Carrie immediately cried out in pain. “Owwww!! What the fuck?” Then a look of fear took over her face. “What … what’s happened to my powers?”

Supergirl turned to Nancy, not quite sure herself. Nancy looked up. “It was quite simple to figure out. This little man decided he would endow these girls with super powers for his own entertainment. He knew that such powers were incredibly addictive, and they’d never want to give them up. This meant that THAT was clearly the condition that needed to be met for him to leave.”

The three girls looked over at the little man, who was fuming quietly. “Crap. Klptzyxm!” With a POP, he vanished, leaving behind the faint odor of sulfur.

Anna looked down at herself. She no longer felt the strength inside of her. But on the upside, all of her injuries suffered as a super girl were also gone. “So … we’re not super any more? None of us?”

Supergirl looked down at Anna kindly. “Well, ONE of us.” Supergirl smiled, and gave Anna a comforting hug. “You know, that’s a pretty cool costume.”

Anna’s eyes lit up. “You think so?”

“Definitely. I officially give it the Supergirl seal of approval.” The Girl of Steel giggledwarmly, wrinkling her nose. “Think you could whip one up for me for next Halloween?”

A bright flash went off, and the girls all looked up to see a smiling Jimmy Olsen snapping their picture.

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