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All Hallows Eve

Written by castor :: [Sunday, 30 October 2016 03:04] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 13 November 2016 17:06]

                                    Act 1

October 31th 
The soft sound of Jazz filled the room with the airy sound of an oboe line. The Slave ever so slightly smiled as she washed the marble floor nude, subtly but unknowingly wiggling her ass with the music. 

The Slave liked Jazz music. There was something...serene at times but that wasn't a perfect word. But in its most abstract form she gravitated to it was wordless, no sense of place or time, note or melody. Even Classical music could feel oddly formal. this wasn't formless, but shapeless. And she enjoyed it as she felt the cool white marble underneath her soft small knees. 

The Slave was small, a small slip of a girl. She was 5'1 maybe 90 pounds , of pure white almost alabaster flesh with little of any Fat on her, the hint here and there of the lithe muscles underneath. Black hair and blue eyes provided some of the only relief from the white ghost,  even her ass which pushed out into the air had little mass on it, just pure curves of white perfect flesh. framing her sex between them. she smiled.

The marble wasn't particularly dirty as such but wasn't shiny either-it needed to glisten per instruction. There was a pleasure on focusing the mind on the simplest perfection she went at through the large almost cavernous room decorated here in there with old furniture, chairs divans coaches  to sit or laze as the desire went.  It was a nice room that it superficial randomness like so much of the houses remained a deep clockwork organization. the entire property was oriented around a small silvian courtyard in the middle.

 There where few if any windows to the outside. This courtyard was the only noticeable outside area of the property. While zoning laws required a separation from the street but what was there could in no way constitute a front yard or a long, only a space. The house was the house, and it started and ended with its blank facade. what was inside what inside. 

she looked upon it for a second and smiled and kept brushing liking the feel of the marble under her knees so hard and stiff and...

then the music finished with a 4h cut beat.

"That was Sounds of Western Armature by Chanel Baker, its 11 am" said a happy inexperienced announcer reading the script." time for your hourly news bulletin

OH great. If this was heard she wouldn't be please...the radio was across the room however and what was the chances, she went back to her work trying to ignore 

"Officials are releasing more data about yesterdays brief Battle Between the person codenamed Rocker and the Golden Eagle in central square. It appears that Rocker was attempting to rob the Bank of America when he tripped a silent alarm which caused Eagle to reciprocate. There is no causalities but several small injuries, and there is damaged to several cars as Rocker apparently was strong to throw cars at the heroine who then..."

Then a click as the radio was silenced.

And the Slave trembled involuntarily

"What are you listening to" said the Owner. Unlike the Slave she had a name-but it was never used by her. She was only the Owner, her mistress controller, there.

She cowered averting her eyes 

" Owner, i was just listening to the radio when it came on-its beyond"

"I don't mind the caterwauling music. Slave. if you wish to while you work that is your business. You do know how i feel about the outside world, news any wast-less trivia. It is not for you. it is not for me if i can avoid it. 

"Yes Owner"

 the Slave saw the radio hit the floor in front of her. and then she saw the masters foot stamp on it and with a massive push it was broken into a thousand shards of diodes and gears.

The Slave looked up at her. first see the large flaring calf muscles in front of her then looking  She was tall 6'1 if an inch covered in cords of thick meaty muscle that made a n ever so slight sound as they pushed against each other fighting for dominance. She was wearing a long sleeveless black dress but there was no mistaking the anatomy underneath, the tense quads the flat stomach that was a maze of muscles her large jutting breasts powerful arms.

And her eyes. the airy green eyes that you could almost see the red. the eyes that looked down at her and with there presence pushed hers down.

and she couldn't see it any more. couldn't see the punishment. she knew was coming. the "Correction" as the Owner called it. know what it was known.

the Slave felt the booted foot his her back half way down with a powerful yelp, and in an instant all four of her limbs where pushed into the floor and the air out of her lungs with them. The speed of it in movement and realization as her body pursued against the marble, and scraped against the grout with rough edges. then the boot against her neck with a gurgle as it pushed air  of her throat as it collected around the foot. she had no choice to look up with one eye at the woman in every sense on top of her.

"In one weeks time i am going to buy you an iPod, i think they call it. you may put what ever music you wish on it to caterwaul. until then, working listen only to the sound of your heart beating as you worry about displeasing me again. Do you understand.

"Yes Owner" croaked out the words


The Owner looked down at her.

"Did i tell you to clean the room naked save for my collar"

"Yes Owner. By 3 clock"

"Ahh good you remember. but do you remember what nude means? No rings, no earrings, no necklaces"

the Owner lent down and stroked  the Slaves neck and the small realities unadorned leather color around it, blank only except the Owners mark.

"Nothing" she continued "So why are you wearing latex gloves"

"I am using chemicals i wanted to protect your hands"

The Owner left out a chuckle "You know sentences that don't start with Yes Owner are likely to problematic-but i do find it funny that your more worried about the chemicals then me"

She grabbed the Owners hand. the Slave felt powerless to resist her, as she pulled the glove off with a fair amount of gentleness.. then she moved quickly and with a rough pull that broke some of the plastic tour of the second.
Then she pushed her hand against the Slaves head and pushed it against the marble. the Slave felt her head crack against the marble and felt a tingle at the connection, almost woozy

"Continue. but now you must do it without your tools your hands. i want you to clean the rest of the floor with your tongue. i would recommend changing the fluids in the mix without ever mop glow stuff you do-though i suppose your saliva will work. It supposed to be very hygienic i heard. "

The Owner got up

"Because this will take longer I'll give you until 4:30. But remember you have much work to do Slave. My Halloween party is tonight, and i want my house to look spotless. can you 

"Yes Owner"

"Get to it"

And so the Slave lent down and licked her tongue against the floor. it was surprisingly how dusty it felt, the resound of some long ago cleaning the taste of grime as she started to move her tounge gently against it back and forth over the gritty little tile

"i want to see my face in it" she heard. As some small benefit she saw the Owner push with her shoe the broken device.

She could barely see that the Owner had gotten herself a drought of wine and was sitting in a chair watching her clearly enjoying herself with the view of her humiliation.

And the Slave deep with in self felt great satisfaction that this could happen as she began to lick with great relish the task.


                                  ACT 2
The Party
There are two parts to Halloween ask anyone. The Child's part with candy and costumes in equal measure, and the adult part, or more specifically the adult party which used the trappings of the former. usually with some aura of sex. Tonight event was very much the former. However the children s part still happened, and since the party didn't start until 9:30 they actually happened largely at cross times, of the early evening. The Owner would have no part of something. Giving away Candy. Giving away-with some comments that since she lived in a wealthy neighborhood such was nonsensical. Why one year she saw a billionaire walk with his child to there house to beg for a 50 cent candy floss. However the Slave did. She enjoyed it actually. Servicing little kids and looking at them, though obviously she had none of there own. there was something rewarding in and of itself to that, separate from her usual job. Such that when the kids knocked on the door trickier treating she would answer and hand out candy smiling. Slave put on a casual sweat suit she wore sometimes when around the house, looking for all the world for a pretty young wife, or something normal. something just ordinary. And that in a way was a costume as much as the kids wore. That was a strange and different role, and the Slave to a degree liked playing it. Though she did get some odd looks for her collar. Eventually however the The children thinned and fled. The Slave Bathed in fine lavender water and after dried her self off in powder. it gave her skin an almost white translucence as you could see every sinew and skin of her small well formed body and emphasized the pink of her nipples the slight damp of her sex. she put her color back on to inform the people of her status, her belonging. And they showed up-about 20 of them. Some in fancy cars, some not so fancy. Some by themselves. Some in pairs. Most of them in costume. As mentioned they lived in a wealthy neighborhood and many of the children costumes had been quite elaborate and time consuming-lion costumes and monsters, bit store bought cheep Elsas and Sleeping Beauties as well. The Costumes displayed now had a similar focus. Somewhere incredibly detailed masterworks of leather and lace, displaying taut bodies to perfection by those who spent 100s of hours developing them. some just wore Zorro masks. But still it was Halloween and there was a tinge of fantasy. Like Milk girls out of Heidi came by, as did the big bad wolf. Someone dressed as Freddy Kruger. The Slave remanded, a small taut creature of cream white skin in a sea black. The Owner didn't have her serve candy but she did serve drinks "What would you like sir" "Why that's a fine specism you have there!" said a Deck Officer from Star Wars with his cock out. "Thank you." said the Owner " i have had her for what nine months?" The tits on her" said the Officer "I'll have a Gin and Tonic" "What would you like ma'am?" "No thank you I'm driving" said a Vampire in a corset "though you look good enough to eat" This made a decent little titter "Can i get you anything sir" she asked for a man in a dog suit. "Nothing i am afraid. My master doesn't like it when i drink. Whats you do in real life" "I'm here to serve you" the Slave said. "lucky" said the Dog "I have to work in an accounting office. i am not an accountant just work there" "Well if there is anything i can get you sir just ask" "Do you have soda?" "Sure sir" "I Can't emphasis enough what a beautiful Slave you have Tilden" said the Deck Officer "And how well trained! how servile. Shes quite a find" The Owner noded "Shes my most precious possession easily" Her most precious procession! the Owner was quite wealthy, very rich. She had stocks and Bonds, Jewelry and fine antiques as let alone Real property. Slave beamed. To be in that Category, to be placed above all of that, filled the Slave with a feeling of pride of value. she would have to work extra hard to be worth it. Precious A man dressed vaguely of Zorro walked over "I guess now with recent laws you can marry her" The Owner didn't respond. "What would you like to drink?" the Slave asked him "Oh some neat vodka" The party was to have a special feature. in the courtyard in the middle of the house, an other Slave- a male was to be hanged up by his feet and whipped and flayed by anyone who wished. However the rope mechanism that made it possible took a fairly long time to setup and as the Slave and his master worked on it the party grew slightly...restless as topics turned to other things. "Its strange living in a city with the Golden Eagle" said A ghost lady "Someone doing Halloween everyday" "eh" said a Werewolf chest covered in grease "Cops do it everyday, Mailmen do it everyday. Its just part of how we view them. its her power as much as flying around shooting fire. It gives her rights privileges like...well you do with your Slave. or a mailman opening up the box" "I suppose" said the ghost "It is strange to live with a god" "Your a god mistress" said a small lady wearing a Victorian dress next to the ghost "Thank you Annie." Said the Ghost as she drew the lady into her arms and kissed her forehead"For that remark you may share my bed tonight" The Slave walked over "Anyone want anything to drink?" The Werewolf chuckled "We are all Slaves in someway to her. She could destroy the whole city in five minutes if she wanted, but doesn't." "Self control" said a fat man "I wouldn't last half an hour" "Would you like something?" the Slave asked him "oh do you have any good IPA?" "Yes Sir" "But its like any Slave you may have" said the Werewolf "She could destroy the city the world-but then she wouldn't have it. you can play with your toys but you don't break them...i have done that more then once." "Herron!" said the ghost. "oh they just run away and don't come back" said the werewolf. "in some ways i guess she is exactly like a superhero from a comic would appear to us, and acts the same way. We, We may come to the city as there kings there queens-but really yeah. She wold be a goody tooshoes saving us from our train wreck, chemical fires, and morons" just then the Slaves Owner came forward "What are you talking about?" "Babbling about the Eagle" said the Werewolf "actually i am surprised no one is here dressed as her! Trick or Treating i only saw one. i thought this would be the hot costume this year" "I don't like such chatter" said the Owner looking down at the werewolf who was surprisingly short. He only came to the Owners neck. "I don't like talking politics and matters of such" "Shes not really a political figure" said the Ghost "Though i suppose politician will make it in the next general election" "The world outside my house is the world outside my house" said the Owner "What dangers and strangeness the thing encounters is her affair. I only care about what is mine and what is my guests" The Ghost tittered "She could squash you like a bug Tilden if she wanted to" The Owner smiled and looked over. her massive biceps bulging out of her black leather dress "Really? i would like to see her try" "You are very strong" said the werewolf "Setup some kind of cage match" The Owner gave a mysterious smile "I don't think that would be necessary" "Would you like something to drink Owner?" "Not right now Slave" said the Owner "But keep seeing to the guests" "We worked out the rig" said a voice" We can begin now for those who wish to be present" "ahh this shall be capitol fun" said the Fatman as he waddled out the garden. And so it was. The slaves master wiped his slaves ass quite a few times and giggled at it then passed the crop around, and the group slowly took turns going at it. However perhaps the time it took to setup it. perhaps the Slave had done her job a little to well in liquoring up as the group was...a touch rambunctious. the Scene as it was setup felt funny somehow, the way the Slave screamed when he was wiped created laughter and merriment and idle chatter as people took there place. there was request for wine, and salted food. And it felt some how less then. The Slave felt a touch pity for her fellow, who had been flayed like this to have his torment essentially mocked. And so after about 15 minutes in the Slaves master told the group that he would be taken down. And the group felt unsatisfied "more more" said the Fatman "another one" said Freddy Krueger when the Slave felt something. It was a hand on her thigh around the back. it was a hand that was maybe a half an inch from her vagina, grabbing it with a strong grip. the Slave gasped and looked to see the smiling werewolf, his chest and arms covered in grease. "The Serving wench, Tildens Slave girl whats her name" said the Wolf "lets see what she can take" The Slave gasped in fear, panic. when she saw the werewolves arm ripped away and pulled back into a position that would nearly break it. "Don't you touch her" said the Slaves Owner as her massive biceps garbed the Werewolf. He was in good shape, great shape and looked lie some Soccer player. The Master however was so much taller, so much more power then him as she pushed him back with her other hand agianst a wall "Only i can touch her. only i can take her. she is mine. Look if you wish but if you touch he one more time for any reason-so much as glance across her i will rip your limbs off by limb. do you understand" "it was just a joke" said the Werewolf "Get out of my houseā€ the Owner looked to see the crowd around her staring at her. she looked at them with rage. "All of you" The Owner stormed away letting the wolf fall The werewolf got up and looked at the Slave. He offered her half formed apologies as he felt his arm tender holding it and walked to the door. the others joined him, not super fast as they gathered jackets and coats, but by ones and twos the party ended within about 10 minutes leaving the Slave who stood mostly still and quiet through the experience alone in the room. ACT 3

All Hallows Eve
After the party the Owner sat in her large bed chamber looking absently at her garden. through a window, on the foot of the bed. There was noise in the main hall. "Slave" She heard a noise " Yes Owner i was cleaning up after the event" "Come here it can wait" And the Slave walked. standing in front of the master, silhouetted from a lamp from the hall, in all her small and petite charm, her skin glistening in the slightly warm light, beads of sweat glancing over at places "Your Beautiful" said the Owner "Thank you Owner" said the Slave "Sit beside me" And so the Slave sat next to her, finding a spot next to the much taller and powerful bodied woman. The Owner stroked her Slaves hair, gently feeling it through her fingers and sat idly for a second then turned away. "Sometimes i don't know why i bother. The world out there. Its Venal and banal. Every time i open the door i feel disappointed by it, and when i invite people into my home.... The Slave knew something. she knew if she crawled underneath the Owners arm she could lean in and there was exact perfect spot where her triceps and her massive biceps could support her and lift it up and hold her there just let her find a cozy perfect. it was a surprisingly restful space The Owner let her do it without comment. "Why Burden you with this though my Slave. Why burden you. you carry so much all ready. The Slave responded only with contented silence. Her Owner could only respond in kind and softly sway side to side. **** That night the Owner woke up in her bed from satisfied sleep to a noise, people moving around the house. At first it came to her an intruder maybe an animal,but she knew. The Slave it was the Slave. at 1 AM she shouldn't be up. unless. She got up picking up a candle and walked from her room past the small bare room that Slave slept in most nights. she looked in, though it was scarcely a bother. She had first wanted to have a separate shed for her, but with the layout of the house when she had it designed that proved impossible. it was empty. she wasn't there. she knew In the back of the house was a larger room, full of equipment, and gadgets-computers and closets. And inside was the Slave half dressed in Her Golden Eagle costume. The Slave as mentioned was almost habitually naked was wearing a full body suit made of a substance that looked but wasn't some kind of plasticized leather. It Would be like something from a fetish, except it was so...cheerful it was Bright orange and cheerful with a stylized picture of a corny eagle across her chest. The Owner Smirked slightly always when she saw it-the Slave had little if any actual muscle-but somehow the suit did a great job of emphasizing it as it did with out padding. The Slave glanced at her as she zipped up the front. And the Owner looked on the table to see that the Slave had taken off her Slave collar and put it down. the neck material went up almost to he head, to be met with a mask near it that she had in her hand. "Sorry my Owner for bothering you" "Its acceptable" said the Owner looking at her "its acceptable." "Thees a small earthquake in Italy. Not very large but a lot of damage. the UN wants me to check it out" " How long will you be gone?" "Maybe a day. maybe longer. its up in the air" Despite her now gaudy appearance somewhere between a comic-book and a military action Her Owner was still nearly a quarter meter taller then her towering over her with her massive muscled frame next to her deceptively small little gait. The Slave looked over. In all aspects of there relationship this was by far the hardest, because they lacked the language. Even the occasional moment where the Owner would call her Kate and tell her that she loved her at least had the aura of sentiment behind them the realization that what they felt wasn't equal it was mutual. This just felt awkward like some one night stand that was being dealt with, abandoning the night "I'm sorry Owner" was the best she could do. But the Owner didn't come over punish her stop her-not that she really could, she just look at her as the Slave turned looked aside embarrassed. The Golden Eagle could lift 20 tons and punch through 5 inches of concrete. but sometimes she had trouble finding the gaze of her Owner. Her love. "I'm sorry" The Slave wondered if she was a lawyer or a doctor or something it would be different, easier. Maybe. Here was the unspoken truth that in a relationship based on physical dominance she was about a 1000 times stronger, that her skin was virtually impossible to break. "You have a fucked up world to save" as the Owner turned to walk out of the room. and then the Slave paused and looked down. She saw the Slaves collar. she picked it up. The costume didn't match "Mistress" The Owner turned as the Slave put the collar back on over her neck its soft gray black contrasting with the golden orange. it would look odd people would notice. they would say things, it may get in the press... The Owner smiled softly. "My mine" the Golden Eagle put on her mask and felt the confusing power build up inside of her like a pressure hose ready to burst. It wasn't simple though, despite what you may think, ass golden fire enveloped her as she flew out the window into the night. What the hell it was Halloween. If people asked it was just Halloween.

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