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One Halloween Night

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One Halloween Night

8:56pm, October 31st, 2016


Chloe Walker scrunched up her nose as a sign of disappointment as she took her inital look in her best friend's full-length mirror. Methodically moving her hands, the young freshman spent the next thirty seconds tugging, pulling, and adjusting just about every square inch of her costume with the vain hope that her make-shift adjustments might result in a reflection that was more worthy of the costume she was wearing. Chloe finally resigned herself to the fact that no amount of pulling and prodding on the material was going to magically cure everything and sighed theatrically, picking up a hairbrush to rake through her dirty brown locks.

"I can't believe you talked me into making these!" Chloe shouted to her friend as she continued to brush as she took a moment to revel in her best cosplay creation to date. Her Supergirl costume looked as she had snuck into Melissa Benoist's dressing room and stolen one of hers from wardrobe. It was perfect replica! In fact, maybe a bit too perfect, as the costume and its unmistakable crest seemed to yearn for another wearer the way it too tightly clung to Chloe's body in some places while awkwardly draping over her form where it was not supposed to. Chloe sighed despondently as she tried to camouflage her muffin top by hiking up her red lambskin skirt, but it was a minor cover up at best. Whether she liked it or not, her physical flaws were gonna be fully on display at the party in this costume. While Chloe certainly wasn't ugly by any conventional standards, she had always felt insecure over her looks and body image. In her mind, she was always so ordinary and plain, hoping that one day she would blossom like a flower, like a beautiful swan, like......


Lily Littlefield was Chloe's best friend since the age of 8 when Lily's family moved here from Hannibal, Missouri. Instantly, the two girls hit it off and were practically inseparable, sharing common interests such as comic books, chocolate chip ice cream, Pitch Perfect, Zac Efron, Arctic Monkeys, Mean Girls, Dr. Who, Maroon 5, and cosplaying, just to name a few. Of course, having a fondness for nerd culture growing up was not without its challenges, as they were often ignored or ostracized all through elementary, middle, and high school by the 'popular kids'. Still, Lily and Chloe remained BFF's and even planned to room together in the Fall at college.

"Whatcha think, Clo?" Lily asked as she stood in the bathroom doorway with her hands mounted on either side of the doorframe. Chloe's couldn't resonate any words as her jaw dropped open at the sight of her best friend who had successfully transformed into Jessica Rabbit, complete with red hair, a sparkly, pink sequined dress, and all the curves required to pull it off! "Ugh! I'm falling out of this thing!" Lily lamented as she began to pull her strapless dress up and over her bountiful chest. "I need some more tape. Gimme a sec."

As Lily retreated back into their bathroom, Chloe looked down disappointingly at the red 'S' draped limply over her almost non-existent chest. It wasn't THAT long ago that Chloe and Lily used to share and exchange bikini tops at summer camps. But there had been some significant changes in the past four months since Lily gone off to early enroll in college. In two semesters, Lily began working out and apparently had been visited by the Va-Voom Fairy -- the net result being a Lily Littlefield who was 20 pounds lighter and now sprouting a silhouette that was usually reserved only for lingerie mannequins.

With her new figure apparently came a sense of new confidence also, as the old Lily Littlefield were NEVER had even attempted to wear that dress Chloe thought. In fact, it was Lily that convinced Chloe -- the master cosplay seamstress of the duo -- to make their costumes for the big Halloween Bash at the Theta Beta house. Lily's idea for her costume came easily to her, but it took some convincing by Lily for Chloe to muster up the courage to design and wear the Supergirl costume. While Chloe still had some internal body image issues, Supergirl was her all-time favorite heroine, and Lily kept reminding her how hot she would look to the guys in it.

"OK, I think I finally got this! This look ok?" Lily again asked as she re-emerged from the bathroom, standing with her hands on her hips, cocked to one side. Chloe gulped...maybe a little too loudly as Lily grinned. Chloe was mesmerized at how good Lily looked and began absentmindedly to fantasize how perfectly she would have filled out her Supergirl costume if she had Lily's figure. Her long legs poking out from the red, lambskin skirt....her tight body bodysuit clinging to....

"Hey! Earth to Chloe! We gotta get going!" Lily giggled, as Chloe blinked her eyes and snapped back to reality, grabbing her car keys.

"Gotta say it, Lily, I'm a little nervous walking into any party with you dressed like that."

"Aww, thanks, but you look hot! That costume is so fetch!"

"I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I don't look half as hot as you! And quit trying to make 'fetch' happen!"

Both girls laughed as they got into Chloe's dark blue Ford Taurus and put on their seatbelts. Chloe took a deep breath to steady her nervousness as she turned the engine over.

"Relax, Clo! You look great, and we're gonna have a great time! I can sense it!" Lily said genuinely, grabbing and squeezing her best friend's hand for assurance.

"OK, I believe you!" Chloe said, smiling back at Lily. Even with her bombshell looks now, Lily was still the best friend Chloe could hope for. "But I still cannot believe you talked me into this!"


10:07pm, October 31st, 2016

"I can't believe she talked me into this!" Chloe sobbed, tears streaming down her face.

Driving down the dimly lit back road of PA-247, Chloe recounted all of the cruel comments and innuendos from fellow party goers almost the second she had entered the Theta Beta house. All the horrible memories of the past hour replayed in her head, causing her to relive the entire embarrassing experience over and over as she tore down the highway at over 65 mph. All she wanted was to get home and slip under the covers of her bed.

"How could she leave me like that?!" she choked in between the tears, referring to Lily who had been pulled away from her by some random guy almost the second the entered the party. Finding herself alone in the midst of the party, Chloe found her alone and abandoned in a whole different world -- just like Supergirl.   As time passed, Chloe began fidgeting and looking even more awkward amongst the revelry. Despite her masterful replica of her outfit, this setting was not quite the forum for cosplay appreciation. Whispers about the 'weird girl in the superhero costume' grew into flat-out mockery, especially among the sorority girls, all of which were dressed as a slutty version of legitimate outfits. Slutty policewoman, slutty devil, and slutty nurse were exceptionally mean, their drunkenness only exacerbating their cruel commentary of Chloe's looks and even her costume.

Tearfully rushing to retreat to the bathroom stalls seemed like the only solution for Chloe as she made a beeline across the room, only to have a drunken frat guy -- dressed as one of the 'dick-in-a-box' guys -- laugh and say "faster than a speeding bullet" as Chloe ran by him. Extending his foot at the last second, he intentionally tripped Chloe, sending her tumbing and crashing hard against the linoleum floor with her head. As blood began to seep from her busted lip, Chloe only had one goal in mind --- leaving this party as quickly as possible.  

As Chloe continued to drive, her hands clenched hard on the steering wheel as she thought of Lily and how she just ditched her. They always had looked out for each other, but now it seemed like Little-Miss-My Cups-Runneth-Over had more important things to deal with than Chloe. As Chloe licked her bottom lip, she can taste the saltiness of her blood, as she continued to cry. Leaning over to her glovebox, Chloe rummaged for a tissue, as she unknowingly sped at 65 mph and came across a young man and woman riding on a tandem bicycle in her lane.

"Oh shitttttt!" was Chloe's only response as she looked up and saw them riding towards her. With no time to brake, Chloe abruptly cut her wheel to the left, sending her Taurus into a fishtail that Chloe desperately tried to correct. However, hitting the brakes hard only made matters worse as Chloe's wheels skidded off the road and down the embankment. The last words heard from Chloe

Walker before impact was a piecing scream as her car crashed into a tree, stopping its fatal momentum, but not before the front end of the car folded like a metal accordion against Chloe's fragile body.

The sound of the crash echoed for a second our two throughout the deserted valley, getting quieter and quieter until it finally stopped, possibly foretelling Chloe's own fate as her heartbeat similarly began to resonate softer and softer. Chloe was dying and as she quickly lost consciousness she knew nothing on Earth was gonna save her.


The two bicyclists came to a stop quickly on the deserted back road and scurried down the side of the embankment where Chloe's car had sailed. As the couple neared the bottom, they witnessed the ominous sight of Chloe's body trapped within a coffin of mangled Detroit steel. The sound of her Taurus's punctured radiator hissed ominously almost as if to portend the inevitable conclusion to the young girl's injuries.

As the bikers approached cautiously, they peered into the driver's side which was now an amalgam of the front seat and the dashboard. Chloe's bloodied head was tilted back on the headrest, the steering wheel gruesomely lodged forward and bent up into her chest, probably shattering every one of her ribs as well as penetrating her breastplate. Her legs were not even visible, as the dashboard and engine block had surged forward with such force at the time of impact; it looked like almost everything below her waist had been swallowed whole.

The mysterious couple continued to stare motionless at Chloe in complete silence as the young girl's life force continued to hopelessly ebb away. Finally, without warning, the female suddenly struck the male in the head with a vicious slap.

[Did you not see that vehicle rapidly approaching? You've killed the earthling!] 

[Do not blame me! That bi-wheeled transport has poor maneuverability and besides, who drives on the RIGHT side of the road?]

[Not another word! It was YOUR idea to vacation here. You were in charge of planning!]

Pressing a button on his watch, Querill deactivated his cloaking device, revealing his true physical form of that of a four-foot, green Yeluvian male. The female, Qidox, in turn deactivated hers, morphing into the typical six-foot, blue female of the species. Both Yeluvian's continued to peer in again at Chloe.

Looking at Chloe's nearly lifeless body, Querill began to surmise that it was only a matter of time before her lifeforce would expire. Her current injuries were well beyond repair from any conventional Earth medical facility or their primitive science, and Yeluvian vacation law clearly forbid them from using their science to interfere in the natural course of planetary life. While he knew they should just be on their way before they were discovered, Querill felt somewhat responsible not to mention that he seemed somewhat transfixed on the girl's costume, especially that red symbol on her chest. He was sure he had seen that insignia before, but where?

[That poor, poor creature. Such a young girl.] Qidox lamented.

Suddenly Querill emitted a high pitch, piercing screech that echoed and reverberated throughout the valley canyon. Qidox could tell that something was wrong as her mate began to hop up and down and make frantic gestures with his hands.

[GIRL! That's it! Oh my.....oh no......oh no, no....what have I done?]

[What is it, Querill? What is wrong?]

[The girl. I know who she is! I knew I recognized her unique garb. Oh no, I've killed her!]

[Who? Who is she?]

[She is the one known as Supergirl to this Earth. She is one of Earth's greatest champions and defenders.]

[And how do you know this?]

[You said I was in charge of planning this vacation did you not? I spent quarbs and quarbs (author's note: a quarb is a Yeluvian measurement of time, roughly equal to 1.03 hours) of time researching their culture, reading star charts, reading their ancient texts, even viewing a feed of their Centralized Wall which contains news stories of their greatest heroes like Supergirl, Flash and some hooded archer whose name escapes me. I'm telling you, this is her! Her costume is identical!]

[What made her such a great hero?]

[She had all these incredible powers. You see, she was originally born from another planet and came to Earth when she was.....] Querill paused in thought for a moment as he slowly flashed his 3-inch fangs at his wife. [That is it!]

[What is what?]

[We can help her]

{Dearest mate, Yeluvian vacation law strictly forbids us....]

[Yes, to interfere with the planetary life -- on THIS planet. But she is not of this planet. She is from another an entirely different star system.]

[Querill, I know you want to help, but isn't that the same thing?]

[Not to me. It's my fault and I'm not going to stand here and be the person who rid Earth of their Supergirl]

[So what now?]

[This...] Querill replied as he punched a set of commands into his watch -- or what looked like his watch. Walking over to the front of the smashed hood, the alien pressed a button, firing a bright golden beam at Chloe, striking her directly in chest. Chloe moaned momentarily as her entire body and costume was bathed in the celestial light for a few brief seconds before it briefly faded back into the blackness of the night.

[What did you do?]

[I planted a virus to reprogram her life matrix according to information I downloaded from their Centralized Wall. In a short time -- less than a half a quarb -- her body will repair itself and she will be back to the way she was before the accident.]

[And us?]

[We must not be seen or speak of this to anyone back home. She will be fine, but I'm afraid we must leave this area at once.]

[This mountainside?]

[This planet] Querill responded as he quickly punched their transporter coordinates into his wristband.

[But we just got.....]

And in a flash of brilliant green light, they were gone.


0.32 quarbs later.....

Chloe Walker's eyes snapped open suddenly as she quickly assessed her surroundings, recalling the last moments before the accident. Chloe gulped instinctively as she slowly began to feel the sensation of the twisted mass of metal that now formed a makeshift cocoon around her lower torso. A momentary wave of panic spread through Chloe as she began to speculate what kind of injuries she had suffered based on the severity of the wreckage. Strangely though, the young woman didn't feel any pain whatsoever. She had read before how accident victims sometimes felt no pain from their bodies going into shock, so she naturally assumed that's what she was experiencing.

Glancing down, Chloe saw that the dashboard had been compacted tightly against her thighs all the way down to her feet, but she remained hopeful that she might be able to possibly wiggle her legs or feet free. Biting her lower lip, Chloe decided to slowly try to wiggle her feet. Amazingly, Chloe's legs moved unabated against the wreckage warped around her legs as the muffled sound of crunching metal and plastic echoed inside the car. It did not seem humanly possible for her to move her legs against the compressed dashboard, but she felt virtually no resistance whatsoever.

"What the hell?" Chloe mused to herself as she stopped suddenly stopped. Trying to process it all, she paused and took a deep breath to calm herself.

As she inhaled, Chloe again heard the unmistakable groan of metal as the steering column slowly crept away from her. Continuing to breathe in, Chloe's eyes widened at the sight of the Red 'S' on her chest slowly pushing the steering wheel away from her.

"Waitaminute....chest?" Chloe thought to herself as she took a look at her body, for the first time since she had regained consciousness. Never being endowed, Chloe was shocked to see two perfect curves sitting proudly on her chest, sexily distorting the Red 'S' glyph that adorned her costume. "Oh my god!" was all Chloe could think to say as she marveled at their size and symmetry -- and their strength! Closing her eyes, Chloe slowly arched her back, thrusting her chest forward dramatically. Like two superpowered bulldozers, her newfound breasts surged forward with unearthly power as the solid steel steering column could do nothing but bend like warm taffy against her.

Chloe paused her sexy destruction of the steering column, trying to piece together everything. She knew she wasn't in shock and she wasn't injured at all. Quite the contrary, now that she thought about it, she never felt better in her life! For the first time in her life, she felt so indescribably sup---

The young girl looked down at the 'S' as her mind began to tear down the mental barriers that told her that the idea was foolish. No person could have superstrength. She couldn't catch bullets. It was impossible for anyone to fly. No, it wasn't impossible. In fact, nothing was impossible to her anymore. She was supergirl.

Chloe felt a surge of unprecedented self-confidence wash over her as placed her hands in front of her on the remaining part of the collapsed dashboard. The young Girl of Steel bit her lower lip and thrust her arms forward in one swift motion. The reinforced engine chassis was made of solid Detroit steel but seemed as solid as cotton candy to Chloe's superhuman strength. Metal groaned and whined noisily as the whole dashboard and steering column surged back into the solid engine block housing, freeing Chloe's body from the wreckage.

"God! I feel so powerful!" Chloe mused to herself after witnessing her handiwork. With barely a thought, Chloe slipped her pinky underneath her seatbelt and pulled up, her smallest digit ripping the belt apart effortlessly. "Badass!" Chloe mumbled to herself as she thrust her left arm out like a superhuman piston, striking the door panel, sending the entire driver's side door flying away from the car.

Stepping outside her ravaged car, Chloe was bombarded with a new world of sensations as she breathed in through her nostrils. She could smell the stench of hot, burning oil dripping from the crushed engine. She could smell the scent of pine in the air from the surrounding trees. She could even smell the sweet scent of a patch of daffodils in the valley below her -- over half a mile away! Chloe grinned as she continued to discover more supersenses and how they worked in concert with her seemingly super-enhanced mind now.

Concentrating, Chloe closed her eyes and focused her super hearing, hearing hundreds of sounds at once before filtering out all of them except for a Maroon 5 song playing from someone's car radio as they zoomed down the highway. At 60 miles per hour. Over 4 miles away!

Experimenting further, Chloe looked up at one of the tall pines in front of her and furrowed her brow. Immediately, a bird's next sitting close to 60 feet up came into plain view thanks to her super-telescopic vision. The fact that she spotted it at night was remarkable in itself, but Chloe could now see it with such clarity that she could actually count the individual sticks intertwined in the nest itself. Her vision wasn't just remarkable. It was super just like the rest of her seemingly was.

Not lost on the young girl was the strange feeling of confidence and control that she now seemed to possess. It was difficult to explain, but Chloe had discovered these powers only minutes before but somehow KNEW how to use them with perfect execution and control as if some built-in instruction manual had been etched into her brain. It was like she had grown up with superpowers her whole life.

Just when Chloe thought things could not get any better, she got the first good look at the new her form in a reflection from the only car window that had not been shattered. She stood there transfixed, almost wanting to cry tears of joy. Minutes earlier she had secretly coveted Lily's figure, but now SHE was a walking bombshell. Sexiness oozed from her now, almost threatening to pour out of her skin tight costume.

Her costume which had sagged sadly over various parts of her body was now filled out to perfection across new sexy curves that swept over her. Raking her fingers over the fabric of costume, she discovered the layers of fat from her midsection had disappeared, replaced by tight and rigid abdominal muscles. Pinching the material of her costume, Chloe even noticed the fabric was somehow magically changed. The texture and elasticity felt like nothing she had ever seen, definitely not the materials she had used. Pulling it from her midsection, the material creaked sexily, crackling sexily as Chloe's superstrong fingers slowly pulled it away from her unbeknownst with thousands of pounds of force. Letting it go, a sharp report rang out like a gun shot echoing through the valley as the costume snapped back violently against her invulnerable tummy with deadly concussive force. Chloe simply giggled. That tickled.

Sweeping her hands over super new curves like the dunes of the Sahara, Chloe's hyper-enhanced sense of sensation detected hundreds of rock hard little indentations and bumps over her body. Muscles! Wonderful, sleek, sexy, lithe muscles had sprouted all over her body -- her arms, shoulders, tummy, legs -- all in the perfect places with the perfect subtle proportions, enhancing the sexiness fo her body to the Nth degree.

"And not just any muscles....." Chloe said to no one in particular as she confidently took two steps forward and bent down next to the door frame. "...but sexy, supermuscles!"

With steeled confidence, Chloe Walker grabbed the bottom of the car and lifted the two-ton vehicle overhead with one single effortless motion. With complete confidence, Chloe then removed one hand and placed it on her hip, still maintaining the 4000lb vehicle in one hand as if it weighed no more than an empty dinner tray. She felt incredible! It was like she could hold this thing forever. The young supergirl snickered at the irony of the situation. Here she was -- all 5'4" of her -- standing underneath the shadow of this huge vehicle just like how she had been in the shadows her whole life. But now it was time to step out of the shadows!

Taking a deep breath, the car above her creaked slightly as it raised up a foot or two. Chloe squealed with glee, looking down and confirming that she was now hovering in the air, not to mention still holding her freaking car in one hand. She could fly just like HER!

It was almost too much for Chloe as she started to again rattle off the myriad of powers she now mysteriously possessed as Supergirl. Flight, invulnerability, superstrength, superspeed, supersight, superhear ----

Chloe's eyes whitened instantly as she suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of a voice in the distant calling for help. In a blur, Chloe non-chalantly tossed the two-ton heap of metal aside as if she was taking off a winter coat and rocketed upwards into the sky, pointing herself in the direction from where she came.

"Hold on, Lily....I'm coming!"


Chloe soared through the night air like a sexy red and blue missile. Lost on her was the incredible sensation of flying at the speed of sound, as she steeled her concentration on getting back to the party and rescuing her friend. Spying the frat house with her newfound telescopic vision fifteen miles away, Chloe tightened her newfound buns of steel, accelerating her sexy form to Mach 2 as she was nothing more than a blur to the naked eye. At the same time, Chloe effortlessly switched her gorgeous blue eyes from telescopic mode and directed her x-ray vision in the direction of the Theta Beta house. Hundreds of scattered x-ray images of the structure flooded into Chloe's brain and instantly cataloged and organized faster and more efficiently than any billion dollar high-tech spy satellite ever could. In a matter of three seconds, Chloe had the entire layout of the house --- including the whereabouts of her best friend.

Windows and windshields were unfortunate collateral damage to the sonic boom created in the wake of the sexy, young Supergirl, as she poured on the speed even more. Chloe felt sorry, but she could not direct her attention to anything behind her right now. Her laser-focus was only concerned with one destination still ahead....

"Basement....southwest corner....." she mumbled to herself.

From her superpowered reconnaissance, Chloe knew that basement of the Theta Beta house had two entrances, the one inside on the first floor and an outside back entrance outside. Opting for the rear entrance, Chloe touched down deftly behind some bushes, landing as quietly as a cat. The fact that she had nimbly decelerated from over 2000 miles per hour just seconds before with perfect control was nearly lost on her, as she stepped out of the bushes and strided purposefully towards the red exterior door.

Doug Turnbull was dressed as a viking and stood as the make-shift sentry to the basement's outside entrance. Standing at nearly 6'4" and weighing in at 240lbs, Doug was a defenseman on the schools's lacrosse team and probably the biggest member of the 2016 Beta Theta Pledge Class. As Chloe walked towards him, he casually extended one of his beefy arms an effort to stop her progress.

"Hey, Supergirl...where do you think you are -- "

After lifting her two-ton automobile with one hand, the young man's weight was laughable to Chloe as she reached forward to grab and toss the young man over her shoulder as if she was throwing a wadded up piece of paper in the waste basket. Doug's eyes widened in disbelief as he found himself suddenly flying through the air and into a sea of bushes at almost 40 mph. Turning her head and making sure he landed without serious injury, Chloe smirked. She knew that she could have tossed him down the block with ten times the force had she wanted.

Turning her attention back to the exterior door, Chloe purposefully reached forward with her dainty hand and grab the steel doorknob. With a slight tensing of her hand, the solid steel doorknob turned to aluminum foil in Chloe's superhuman grip as she turned and ripped the entire locking mechanism from its housing with a satisfying metallic CRUNCH. Momentarily admiring her handiwork, Chloe tossed the now-useless piece of metal aside and theatrically pushed open the red door with a single finger.

The basement served a dual purpose as the official game room from the fraternity and its unofficial keg storage area. As she entered, Chloe instantaneously spied a pinball machine and a foosball table to her left along with a sea of stacked kegs sitting to the right of a pool table in front of her. Standing behind the pool table were Lily and three young men, two seemingly holding her against her will. It did not take telescopic vision to see one of Lily's dress straps had been torn, tears mixed with her mascara streamed down her face like tiny blackened rivers.

"Who the fuck are you? Where's Dig-Doug?" barked the one man dressed as Donald Trump. Chloe did not answer, still trying to mentally process the scene she was witnessing.

Lily's eyes widened at the initial sight of Chloe. She feared for her friend's safety and naturally assumed she had been upstairs the whole time and stumbled across the basement. Trying to warn her friend, Lily screamed, "Chloe, RUN! Get out of ----"

Lily's sentence was cut short by an audible smack across her cheek by the one dressed as a mime. Lily yelped and grabbed her cheek and again implored Chloe to run.

"Chloe....please! Leave!"

Chloe stared at the young men, using every ounce of her superstrength to hold her back from incinerating the four young men with her heat vision. Instead, Chloe drew in her anger and clenched her fists at her side. As she did, Chloe's entire body tensed, every superhuman muscle in her body tightening and slightly expanding. Chloe could hear her otherworldly costume creak and stretch sexily as she felt the superhuman power almost begging to spill outward. She felt unstoppable. And she was NOT leaving.

"Let her GO!" Chloe demanded with superhuman confidence, internally hoping they would not comply.

They predictably did not.

The one dressed as Geoffrey from Game of Thrones stepped out from behind the pool table and approached Chloe with a menacing look. "If you don't wanna leave, you can join our private party."

Chloe stepped toward him and with lightning speed grabbed a handful of his tunic in her steely grip and hoisted him a couple of inches off the floor. The young man was speechless and stared bewildered at the young Supergirl who simply quipped "No thanks!" before thrusting her hand aside and sliding the young king across the floor into a pile of stacked kegs that rained down noisily upon him. Chloe giggled at the sight of the young man cursing as tried to extract himself from the aftermath, shouting as he kept slipping back to the floor.

As Chloe turned her body towards the others, they stood silent and in confusion over what they had just witnessed. Lily stared in disbelief at the sight of her best friend in that costume and what she had just done. She looked somehow different, but she was sure it was still....

"Chloe?" Lily queried in a soft voice. Chloe looked reassuringly at her friend and gave a subtle nod along with a playful and cheesy wink. Lily began to smile back but stopped and tried to warn her friend, "Look out behind you!"


Chloe flashed a Mona Lisa smile as she felt the lightest of taps on her head and turned around to see King Geofrey standing in front of her, holding a keg with both of his hands. Truth be told, Chloe's supersenses told her that he was behind her, but she didn't care. She was after all, for all intents and purposes, invulnerable.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk....." Chloe chided to the nervous young king as she reached over and took the keg from him in two hands. "Nice work, " Chloe said as she rubbed one of her hands across the slight indentation on the side where it met the back of her head. "But all you did was manage to dent the keg....and piss me off!"

With that, Chloe grabbed both ends of the kegs and simply pulled her arms apart, her beautiful chest surging forward in a display of raw superhuman power. There was a grating shriek of metal as the stainless steel keg shredded apart like a piece of paper, bowing to the remarkable strength of the sexy, young juggernaut. Chloe's hands remained extended out to her sides for a few seconds as everyone looked in amazement at the two jagged halves of the kegs.

CLANG! CLANG! Chloe dropped the two halves to the ground as she made a show of dusting her hands in front of the young would-be assailant.

"See what you made me do? Now you'll NEVER get your deposit back," Chloe mocked.

"I-I-I-I'm so sorry. I didn't ---"

Chloe rolled her eyes at his insincere apology and extended her index finger in front of her mouth as if the shush him.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................." Chloe whispered while steadily exhaling directly at the young man. Within a second or two, King Geofrey found himself in the wake of Category 4 hurricane force winds as Chloe's superbreath swept him up and launched him into another stack of kegs, these ones being full of beer. There was an unmistakable thud as his head struck one of the kegs, rendering him unconscious.

As Chloe admired her handiwork, one of the remaining fraternity members went on the offensive, grabbing a pool cue and rushing at Chloe. Turning around, Chloe stood motionless with a disinterested look on her face as the man dressed as Donald Trump swung with impunity, bringing the cue to smash right across Chloe's face.

It was almost mesmerizing to Chloe as she watched the pool cue swing in slow motion getting closer and closer to her face. She could have easily moved out of the way, but instead watched in delight as the wooden stick struck the tip of her perfect nose and shattered on impact. It actually tickled. Still watching everything in super-slow motion with her hypersenses, Chloe was fascinated watching the wood splinter into pieces against her flawless face.


With barely a thought, Chloe effortlessly counted the fragments of wood as the splintered from her face. Despite some fragments being no larger than a speck of dirt, Chloe's super blue eyes had little difficulty picking them out as the fell to the floor. Blinking her eyes, Chloe let everything return to realtime as the pieces scattered themselves across the basement floor. Looking down at the largest piece, Chloe experimentally, darted her eyes at superspeed in almost a complete 360 circle, counting the pieces of the fragmented pool cue in less than a second.  

"Yep....57!" Chloe mused to herself, confirming her initial count, and reveling in the sensation of discovering how more and more super she actually was now.

Holding now half of a pool cue, Donald Trump froze momentarily with his half-shattered pool cue, not knowing what exactly to do. Unfortunately for him, Chloe was running out of patience with these guys, seeing that two of them had now tried to assault her as well as her best friend. With a burst of superspeed, Chloe quickly relieved the young man of his cue, standing back in front of him and holding the cue in the blink of an eye.

Flipping the cue in the air to grab their attention, Chloe caught the broken end in her hand and now held the foot section like a club. Flashing a menacing grin at the man, Chloe became a blur as she zoomed around him at superspeed, taking care to use only a fraction of her superstrength to 'tap' him with the handled end of the pool stick all over his body. Of course, the unstoppable supergirl's taps were the equivalent of getting pummeled over and over with a baseball bat from a normal person. Fifty seven blows rained down all over the young man's body at superspeed, breaking several bones and/or severely bruising

him. Within a matter of seconds, he lay slumped on the floor moaning in pain as Chloe held up the pool cue and tossed it aside with significant force. The pool cue whistled through the air and struck one of the kegs, embedding it deeply into the stainless steel.

Turning to face the last assailant, Chloe's heart began to pump furiously as she witnessed the one dressed like a mime shove Lily down and reach over to grab two of the pool balls scattered across the table.

"I'm a pitcher on the baseball team...I'm warning you...." he stammered, cocking his arm back in an effort to intimidate Chloe. Chloe snickered quietly, putting her hands on her hips defiantly and thrusting out her S-emblazoned chest like the comic book heroine. Only minutes ago, Chloe Walker was a weak and timid wallflower, but now....Now she was something straight out of her childhood fantasies. She was sexy. Confident. Heroic. Unstoppable.

"I thought mime's couldn't talk?" Chloe quipped as she slowly began to walk slowly towards the young man.

"I mean it...."

Chloe remained silent as she sacheted sexily and slowly, hands on hips like a runway model -- or more like a model who could lift a fully loaded runway. Her expression was that of a cat that had eaten the canary. "No, not yet...." Chloe thought to herself. "...but soon."


Chloe barely changed her expression as the green 6-ball struck her and bounced off her like hitting a stone wall. The mime picked up two more balls and threw them in quick succession trying desperately to stop her advance.


The 15 sailed just past Chloe's head and clanged off one of the kegs behind her, but the black 8-ball found its mark, striking her almost directly in the chest. Chloe looked down and watched in delight as her left breast compressed about an inch after being struck and then recoiled with otherworldly force. The young supergirl could only giggle as the 8-ball meant to stop her rebounded violently, emedding itself in a neighboring wall with a cracking sound like gunfire.

"What the fuck! This can't be happening....." he pleaded, grabbing two more balls and hurling them with all his might. As the simply bounced off the newfound Chloe of Steel, he recalled just last season when he threw a pitch that mistakenly hit an opposing batter in the head, effectively ending his season. But now, he was throwing balls 3 times as heavy with the same velocity and they weren't even slowing her or even bothering her. It was like trying to stop a steamroller with a spitball.

Grabbing the last two balls on the table, the frat boy let loose and slung them as hard as he could at the sexy red and blue target, now only seven or eight feet away from him.

WHAP! With unearthly reaction time, Chloe's right hand flashed off her hip at superspeed and caught the yellow ball and seconds later caught the white cue ball in her left hand with the same unbelievable deftness. Chloe suddenly stopped her advance and stood there silently holding the two balls as the mime looked on in disbelief, trying to comprehend how impossible it was to catch those at point blank range. Nobody could do that!

While it seemed like an impossible feat, it was effortless to Chloe. Everything seemed like that now, thanks to these wonderful powers. Chloe used to be a nobody, but now nobody was like her. As she clenched her fists, her assailant's eyes widened in fear as Chloe's tiny hands bore down on the pool balls, cracking each of them like empty eggshells. As she wrung her fingers, her superhuman digits pulverized and crushed the balls into a course powder as it ran through her fingers and fell onto the floor like fine sand.

At this point the young man knew he could not stop the young superheroine but maybe he could bargain his way out. Grabbing Lily and hoisting her up, the man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a knife, holding it flat against a terrified Lily's neck.

"'re gonna let me walk outta here, and I'll release..."

The man never finished his sentence as the young dynamo stared and concentrated on his shoulder. In an instant, Super Chloe shot two superheated micro bursts of heat vision, severing all the major tendons in his shoulder, causing him to drop the knife and grab his shoulder in excruciating pain.

Taking two steps forward, Chloe swept her hand against the pool table, effortlessly flinging the 900-lb slab across the room with little to no effort as it rocketed against the side wall with a resounding crash. Stepping forward, Chloe looked down at Lily -- hair disheveled, dress torn, her face resembling that of a raccoon with all the runny mascara. Extending her hand, Chloe smiled and helped her friend to her feet, motioning her to stand behind her.

Looking down at the cowering young mime, he observed he was still in pain. Chloe looked down sternly, her corneas suddenly turning ruby red as if the incredible well of power inside her was all being directed through her eyes. As Chloe's eyes glowed, he could actually feel the heat radiating from her pupils. She could have vaporized him a thousand times times over with the power at her disposal and he knew it. His heart raced in fear as Chloe stood over him menacingly, finally fainting before this sexy goddess of vengeance, but only after peeing himself.

Tuning down her eyes, Chloe turned to face her friend and gave her a big hug as Lily wept, choking back tears for a moment to simply ask, "But"

Sweeping up Lily in her arms, Chloe sped the two of them out of the basement and into the night sky. Lily clung tightly to Chloe's neck as she tried to adjust to the sensation of flying as she looked at her best friend still is disbelief. Chloe shrugged her sleek shoulders and only grinned.

"I'm still not sure of it all, but it's pretty fetch, huh? I guess I was in the right place at the right time twice tonight."

"My hero....I mean, heroine!" exclaimed Lily as she tightened her grip on Chloe's neck. "But do me a favor, Supergirl...."


"Quit trying to make 'fetch' a thing!"


Epilogue -- One year later

"Chloe, you really outdid yourself on this one!" called out a muffled voice from behind the bathroom door. "This thing is unbelievable, wait till you see it on!"

Chloe sat on her bed dressed in her familiar Supergirl costume as she looked up from the magazine she was perusing.

"And no X-ray vision!"

"Hmmph!" Chloe snorted as she smiled wryly and went back to flipping through her magazine. Finally after a few more minutes, the bathroom door flung open loudly as Lily emerged dressed like Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.


Chloe stood up, mouth agape, staring silently at Lily.

"Well, aren't you gonna say something?"

"Umm....WOW!" was all Chloe could process as she saw her handmade costume, albeit super handmade, clinging tightly to Lily's superhuman-esque figure. Lily was right. The costume was perfect and deserved a suitable silhouette, and Lily's was more than accommodating, filling every cup, seam, and stitch with unbridled sexiness.

"Wow? Oh, yeah! Says the girl who is the walking wet dream fantasy of every straight male on the planet -- not to mention a good number of the gay ones as well! And you have friggin superpowers!" Lily snapped, a playful twinge of jealousy in her voice.

Chloe smiled as she glanced at her own figure in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. It had been exactly a year since the night since she had been transformed literally into Supergirl. She had spent the past year relishing in her new role as the world's first superhero while still maintaining her secret identity of Chloe Walker, college student, and loved every minute of helping people with her incredible powers. It was like a dream come true for the former wallflower.

"OK, I gotta go on patrol, but remember I'll meet you at the concert at nine unless.."

"Yeah, yeah.....industrial fire, bank robbery, stop a volcano, blah, blah, blah...."

"Hey! It's wasn't my fault that thing chose to erupt last time!"

"Blah, blah, blah..." Lily giggled, mimicking with her hand.

"So nine o'clock sharp out front then? And you're gonna be careful, right? No replays of last year." Chloe scolded in a semi-serious tone.

"Seems to me last year worked out pretty good for you!"

"Lily, I'm serious!"

"Yes, Mom!" Lily said, hugging her friend goodbye before the newly anointed Supergirl stepped out onto her back porch terrace and took off into the night with a subtle flex of her superpowerful legs. Lily had seen it a hundred times, but still marveled at the incredible sight of her best friend launching herself into the sky wondering what it would feel like to fly. With a deep sigh, Lily snapped back to reality and grabbed her purse and to head out to the concert as Wonder Woman.


The young girl dressed as Wonder Woman desperately clung to life in the driver’s side of the overturned vehicle as the red brake lights glowed eerily in the fog-encrusted valley. Lily never saw what hit her as her car skittered off the road, flipping over the guard rail and sliding down the shoulder. Lily hoped that her superpowered friend would somehow save her like she did this same night last year, but the fact was Lily was too weak to even call out her name. Not that it would have mattered as Chloe was halfway across the country and was not due to return to meet up with Lily for another hour or two.

As Lily faded in and out of consciousness, she could have sworn she saw two figures staring at her from a few feet away, but she probably knew she was groggily seeing things.

[Who is she?]

[I-I recognize the costume. I think it is the superheroine on this Earth known as Wonder Woman], the alien said as he feverishly began typing commands into his wrist-bound device.

The six-foot blue alien shook her head in disbelief at their misfortune on this planet.

[Really, Querill? Again?]

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