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The Altar of Power

Written by Monty :: [Monday, 28 November 2016 18:20] Last updated by ::

Author's Note: The story was inspired by this picture by Lingster on Deviantart.

Where was the professor? “Always running late is prof” Mary tutted to herself. She held the Aztec scrolls in her hand that her boss had asked her to bring down to Mexico.

He had certainly sounded excited on the phone as she awoke to a far too early morning phone call – was it really 4am? - and told to catch the next flight down to Mexico City, so here she was, standing outside an ancient Aztec temple in the steamy jungles of Tiamacas.

“Can’t you move any faster?” shouted the professor to the taxi driver amid the din of the notorious rush hour traffic in Mexico City. “Sorry Senòr, is always same here”

Mary glanced at her watch and tutted. Maybe she would go in ahead of the prof and wait inside the temple. She placed the ancient scrolls on the dull stone altar as she turned back, her skinny arms folded across her flat-ish chest, to face the entrance expectantly for the arrival of her mentor. Then something strange happened … a light, shimmering glow emerged under the scrolls turning the altar a faint yellow. Mary spun around and gazed agawp at the glowing scrolls and altar below.

She quickly unravelled the ancient papers and started to read as she placed her hands accidentally over both sides of the parchments. As Mary placed both her palms on the glowing surface she mused at the writings before her. Using her Aztec studies with her teacher, she deciphered the texts and muttered under her breath, almost to herself; ‘Oh, ancient Gods of Tiamaca, Grant One the True Power of the Altar before me …?’

‘… what the hell was that nonsense about?’ she thought to herself. The brightness of the altar steadily increased into a warm blaze of gold as Mary closed her eyes, and wincing, tried to turn her head away. She tried in vain to bring her hands to her face to shield the almighty glare, but her palms were stuck fast to the altar! Suddenly the glow rose through her hands, through her skinny wrists and enveloped her forearms. She looked on in disbelief as the shimmering light slowly worked it’s way across her small biceps towards her shoulders, the glow almost taunting her with it’s gradual rise to even try to remove those hands below. She could feel the strange warmth now enveloping her upper torso, into her neck and through her head as the golden hue slowly worked it’s way through her tightening waist through her shaking thighs until a panicking Mary was covered tip to toe in the glow. “Nnnnghhh! What the hell is happening to me? Am I going to die here? HELP ME PROFE!” she cried out to the otherwise empty, desolate temple. But as she looked in awe, her glowing biceps began to push with power against her tightening sleeved t-shirt. The flood of energy continued across her chest, as her small boobs swelled as rising globes below to SUPER proportions! She was beginning to enjoy this now! She felt herself pushing her growing arms down towards her captive hands and the Power Source below as her thighs and calves not only strengthened in size, but lengthened at an incredible rate! She was soaking in raw power now, head bowed towards her now formidable breasts!

Unbeknownst to Mary or the professor, the altar had gone untouched for over ten generations, The Altar of Power building up it’s unique energy for over 900 years. Now that energy was unleashed into her blossoming body. The altar began to fade back to a now light brown hue as the young graduate was able to lift her hands from the surface and stand upright to what felt to her as a vertigo-inducing 6 foot 6 inches!

“Oh my....this feels amazing!” as she looked back and forth at her swollen super biceps. They certainly Felt Super!… ‘I wonder if’ she whispered to herself … A single fist curled under the shelf of the solid stone 10m long altar with her thumb placed on top for grip as Mary tried tentatively to raise her forearm. An almighty CRACK worked it’s way around and then through the stone foundations! Mary easily held one third of a ton of solid broken stone straight out at her single arm’s length, using this amazing power she felt in her right shoulder to raise the solid masonry up to her now heightened eye level.

“Oh my God! I really am SUPERHUMAN STRONG!” as she dropped the altar in shock … Mary heard laboured, running footsteps approaching outside...she turned her head to the entrance with a glowing smile.

The professor had finally made it to where his young graduate would be waiting...there was no sign of her...she must be running late as well with her delivery for him to take control of the scro BOOOMMM!!! came the almighty crash from within the temple as he was nearly knocked from his running feet as the ground shook below him. “Oh No, Please God No” as the color began to drain from his face … but he was too late.

Mary strode towards him as the professor faltered at the entrance. This wasn’t the petite Mary he had phoned earlier this morning! Her arms now swelled with muscle, those upper arms were each both now as wide as his neck. Jesus! Her neck was almost as wide as his torso! His eyes ran down from her neck over her sloping shelf of a frontage to settle on the most magnificent chest he had ever seen, well the most magnificent natural set of breasts he had ever seen... now all of her heaving bosom Supernatural, naturally. He couldn’t help but wonder what tonnage of weights she could now bench-press onto that chest without her having a care in the world. ‘Clear your head, man!’ he thought to himself as his 6’1” figure looked up, up, UP into the amazon eyes of his young student for the very first time, his mouth gaping in disbelief at her transformation.

“I thought you’d be happy, professor!”

“D … d … do you still have the scrolls?” asked the professor to the Goddess above him. Not that they mattered to him now, with a deflated shrug in front of the resurgent Mary. Maybe, for future generations of his family, he could save them …

They re-entered the temple. He bent down to pick up his scrolls, She bent down to pick up her altar, with both items feeling of a similar weight to each of them. Sixty grams of solid paper to him, One Third of a Ton of solid stone for her. The professor looked up in awe at his graduate’s amazing power. Mary glanced down at her left bicep as it proudly grew with the same golden glow she had felt and seen travel the length of her.

“Nnngghh” she groaned aloud with her eyes closing tightly. Prof looked stunned. ‘The effects of her earlier feat of Superhuman Strength is wearing off!’ he thought. ‘The Power must be returning to the Source! There is still a chance I can claim it for myself from the Altar!’

It really was fading from Mary back into the huge piece of stone! “NNNGGHH!” she groaned louder as her towering head tilted back, both hands now struggling with the immense weight as her wrists bent back and her knees began to buckle … He had the very scrolls in his hand! THIS would be his chance! “Please, PLEASE help me Professor” Mary cried out. Prof looked on with a wicked glint in his eye … ‘All soon to be mine.’ He walked around to Mary’s side and pushed with all his might, but of course the heavy stone did not budge one millimetre. Head down, eyes closed, his arms beginning to ache, and he heard laughter. He looked up to see one hand supporting the stone as her glowing muscles of gold held the weight easily.

“Ha HA!” Mary mocked him. “You never really thought THAT would happen, did you?... You had better watch your head”

“Whaa …?” as he dived for cover as her single left fist swung the mass of stone around and placed it back on it’s very foundations.

The taxi driver was waiting leaning against his car bonnet awaiting the return of the professor from his strange visit to the jungle.

‘Ah! There he is returning, looking downcast for some reason’ … strolling beside his customer was the most gorgeous Amazonian female powerhouse he had ever set his eyes on.

“JESUCRISTO! Santa Dios! Senorita! How you are so tall?” “You don’t want to know” sighed the prof with a consigned shrug. Mary started giggling like a schoolgirl at her prof and the Mexican … except this was a 6 foot 6 inch schoolgirl with a long mane of dark hair swept behind her mountainous cleavage. The driver stood open-mouthed at the girl.

“Come on now, Jose, take us back to Aeropuerto, we have a plane to catch.” The traffic on the return to the airport was proving just as bad as this morning.

“We’re going to miss our flight!” This was turning into an absolute nightmare for the prof as he found himself stuck on a jammed freeway with the airport across the carriageway opposite him with his soon departing 757 awaiting clearance for take-off.

Mary didn’t seem to have a care in the world as she inspected her fingernails.

‘All this Power, at my very fingertips!’

“Don’t worry prof, I’LL sort this!” as she opened the door to step out onto the busy lane.

“SENORITA! Where you going! You must pay for journey!” “You’ll get your tip in a second...” with that she bent low to grasp the undercarriage of the two ton taxi and it’s occupants. Jose lurched and slammed into his door as he did indeed receive his ‘tip’. Neighbouring drivers in the jam gaped in disbelief at the ‘floating’ car in front of them; ‘Was that a girl at the side of a taxi?... supporting it with a single, outstretched arm?’ With a nonchalant flick of her powerful wrist, Mary swung the cab around and crossed to the airport side of the other carriageway to the shock of Jose.

The American Airlines charter plane had taxied to the runway end.

“MEXA1 to Flight NY212...Holding position cleared. Proceed to MEX3 for take-off” came through the earpiece of the captain.

“Thank you MEXA1, throttle up”

Mary was standing behind the airport palisade fencing as the professor looked on fornlonly.

“You know, there’s still time for me to catch the plane prof” she whispered in his ear. It felt like a blast as his neck was torn to the side and his head tilted away against Mary’s careless whisper. She elegantly stretched her arms against the palisade fencing. Muscles blazing with power from her altar stretched the steel apart as she tore the fencing apart.

“Step 3 coming up Prof!”

70 Tons of Airbus flew down the runway approaching take-off speed of one hundred and seventy miles per hour. Mary disappeared in a golden haze down the runway towards the runaway rising carriage. Both of her hands clenched, she dug into one of the rising behemoth’s rear legs supporting the spinning wheels.

She SLAMMED! 70 tons with Altar-Born Power back down onto the tarmac. The professor looked on, mouth agape.

Mary turned her head and smiled against the thrusting, roaring, but useless engines.

“I told you I could catch the plane back to New York prof!”

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