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Chapter 01: Another Ambrosia Amazon

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Another Ambrosia Amazon

My name is Michelle Wallace, and according to Superior Girl, I am next in line to be an Ambrosia Amazon. I have to say that I am nervous about the whole idea. I have read the papers just like everyone else has. While Lex Luthor claims to be an upstanding businessman, it is easy to find more than enough stories online that claim he is more criminal mastermind parading as legitimate businessman. Superior Girl is even worse. She has battled Superman, killed police officers, and done whatever she wants. How do you say no to a person like that? How do you turn down the kind of power that she is offering me?

I guess that I should back up, and start a little closer to the beginning. I am originally from Concord, Massachusetts where I grew up and went to school. I was always strong for my age and size, although nothing compared to Superman or other heroes seen on the TV news. I never really needed to work out to get so strong, but I was active in sports throughout high school. It was a blessing and curse that I quickly learned to conceal before going to college. My girlfriends loved that there was a strong girl who could punch back just as hard as some boys, but most boys that I dated did not care for such a physically strong girl. The irony was that I was just a tall and skinny kid, which I think hurt their egos more. I was toned and athletic, but never the muscles upon muscles girl that you see in female bodybuilding competitions.

By college, I had learned to conceal my strength from everyone. Boyfriends that found out never lasted long. It was not until I met Mike that things started to change. Mike and I met near the end of college. He had played on the football team, and got picked as starting offensive tackle for the New England Patriots. Mike worked out a lot, and had a thing for strong women. So, he was more than excited when he learned that my skinny arms could take on his bulging biceps with little problem. It was Mike who encouraged me to start working out. Mike had injured his knee during training season, and was working at a local gym. I agreed to start working out there late at night. It was the only way to get around my shyness. Besides, neither of us wanted to be having to answer question why a skinny, young woman can lift a maxed out set of weights with one arm or leg.

Then something began to happen that I never knew possible. I got stronger. A LOT stronger. I am not juggling cars, or throwing things into orbit...yet. Mike was both nervous and elated. I knew he loved my strength, but he also knew what kind of the locker room talk would happen if people found out. Things seemed to be going well until I was accosted at night by two thugs looking for some midnight fun. I may be strong, but I am not invincible. Thankfully, I was saved by Superior Girl whom I have come to know as Jessie Nelson. She swooped in to save the day, and quickly discovered my own freakish muscle power.

Jessie later invited me to Metropolis for a job interview. I soon learned that it was no ordinary interview. She explained about her Ambrosia Amazons, a group of three women (Caroline Hunter, Terri Suzuki, and Monica Braun) who had been enhanced by some liquid that Jessie could create. They were all equally as strong as I was, worked for LexCorp, and acted as Jessie’s right hand women when required. The idea of working with Superior Girl both intrigued and frightened me. I knew too much to flat out say no, but also really wanted to find out how strong I could become. So, I gave the only answer that I could think of, “Let me think about it.”

Now Jessie has returned to Metropolis from her out of town assignment. She wants me to join her Ambrosia Amazons. I leave tomorrow by private jet to Metropolis, and am not sure that I can or truly want to say no to this. As far as Mike knows, it is a follow-up interview for a well-paid job at LexCorp.


“I am really not comfortable with you going,” Mike said.

“I know, honey, but this job might be a great opportunity for me.”

“Yeah, but LexCorp has something of a shady reputation. I am worried about putting you in harm’s way by being associated with them.”

Mike and I had been discussing, borderline arguing, about my upcoming job interview at LexCorp for a couple hours. A cab was scheduled to arrive in a couple of minutes, but we could keep going around this topic for hours. Our kitchen was small, and having a large professional football player inside the room made it feel practically tiny. Our apartment was nice, but was certainly not the lavish lifestyle most people associate with NFL players. Of course, I guess that Mike was technically not yet fully with the NFL. A knee injury had sidelined him before football season even started.

Time on the bench has been hard on Mike. No time on the field among cheering fans translated into zero sponsorships that people love talking about. I know that Mike has been worried that the NFL might just drop him completely. His contract has enough clauses and special conditions to give the NFL reason. I have always assumed that if they planned to do that, it would happen sometime quietly after football season got underway. Mike has been working at a local gym, and keeping in shape with the hope that he will be back on the field soon. His knee injury was completely healed now so we were just waiting on the phone call, assuming it ever came.

Mike responded, “I just don’t understand why some executive from LexCorp is willing to fly you over to Metropolis for a job interview for an administrative assistant. Metropolis is probably full of possible candidates.”

“It is like I told you earlier. I met Jessie when she was in town for a meeting with the company that I am with right now. I must have made a good impression because now she wants me to join her team.”

In truth, Jessie found me while flying over Boston as Superior Girl. She saved me from a group of muggers, and learned about my freakish strength. I did not want to tell him that we had already met in Metropolis earlier, or that the position was to join her super-secret click of enhanced humans. That was a conversation for another day.

“Alright, I understand, and I don’t want you to leave with us arguing.” Mike put up his hands as he acquiesced to my trip. “I just want you to be safe, and ensure this really is a good opportunity.”

I stepped forward, and placed one of my hands-on Mike’s large chest. Despite my more than human strength, my tiny hand was dwarfed by his large pecs. I could feel the muscles working underneath his shirt. I smiled as I looked directly into his eyes. Being 6’2 had its benefits at times.

“I understand. I love you too, and will be fine in Metropolis. I will be flying back tomorrow morning. Most likely with a job offer in hand. Besides, we still don’t know what the NFL is going to do. If this works out, it will be a good cushion for us.”

Mentioning the unknown future with the NFL took out whatever fight that might have still been buried inside Mike. We both knew the situation, and a good paying job as an executive’s assistant at LexCorp would help immensely with our finances. Seeing Mike’s face, I leaned forward and kissed him. Mike responded quickly by wrapping me in his immense arms and pulled me in tighter. We finally broke our embrace as the sound of my cab honking outside to take me to the airport.

“See you tomorrow, honey.” I said as I grabbed my travel bag by the door.

“Good luck. Love you.” Mike responded as I quickly slipped out the door.


“This is Channel 4 News coming to you with today’s afternoon news. Local police in Montana are struggling to understand the cause of an explosion that completely obliterated a small farm. The explosion could be heard for miles around the area. Area residents said that the owners kept mostly to themselves, but did report large trucks being seen coming and going at odd hours over the past few months. Superman was spotting arriving at the site of the blast, but did not appear to speak with any reporters or officials. People are wondering what brought Superman there. He has been seldom seen in public over the past few weeks.”

“In more local news, the woman known as Superior Girl was seen flying over Metropolis earlier this morning. She had not been seen in the area for nearly a month causing some to speculate over what happened to her. Regardless of where she has been, it is clear that she is back in town now. It has been well over a year since the last sighting of Supergirl. Given the fact that Superior Girl appears to be wearing Supergirl’s uniform, anonymous sources within the federal government have speculated a grim fate for the missing Supergirl. The fact that Superman refuses to comment on his cousin’s disappearance only appears to confirm those speculations.”

“In other news, Metropolis will soon be celebrating its 5-year anniversary since New York City became known as Metropolis after absorbing South Westchester, Long Island, and the New Jersey cities of Newport, Hoboken, and Weehawken as the sixth, seventh, and eighth boroughs. Both New York and New Jersey state governments continue to struggle with the fallout from the joint corruption scandals that led to the collapse of each state’s economies. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement today that the success of the Federal District, formally known as the District of Metropolis, should act as a shining example for other major metropolitan areas across the United States of America. In related news, leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Chicago continue to lobby for the creation of their own Federal Districts separate from their respective States.”

I turned away from the television inside Boston’s Logan Airport. No one knew exactly how Superior Girl got her powers, but it was not hard to guess that they came from Supergirl. Supergirl disappeared a little over a year ago, and then a few months later Superior Girl was seen wearing what appeared to be Supergirl’s uniform. It did not take too much speculation to put two and two together. However, no one including Superman was speaking publicly on the matter. In fact, Superman seemed to be going out of his way to stay away from Superior Girl.

Eager to get on my flight, I turned towards the corridor for the private terminals. I had a flight to Metropolis to catch.


I walked out of the elevators at LexCorp’s main office tower, and took in the luxurious offices that Jessie had on the 45th floor. The reception area from the elevator was pristine with marble floors, and styled in art deco fashion that made someone feel like it was the roaring 20’s. A woman sat behind the receptionist desk. She was young and beautiful as all of Jessie’s staff appeared to be. I did not get the feeling that she was enhanced unlike Caroline who stood beside me, but it was clear she was a likely future candidate.

Caroline stood beside me in a tailored suit. She was growing out her red hair, which was starting to reach below her shoulders. She clearly had the air of someone who had grown accustomed to her enhanced strength and durability and well positioned as Jessie’s right hand woman. Caroline turned her head towards me, and gestured with her hand towards the glass doors that led to Jessie’s immense offices. A playful smile made her face look as if she was mentally saying “Welcome to the family.”

The jet ride had been smooth coming to Metropolis. Jessie was clearly sparing no expense to make sure that I was happy, comfortable, and seeing the benefits of joining LexCorp. While Superior Girl needed no jet to fly anywhere, her Ambrosia Amazons did. Caroline had met me at La Guardia Airport. She had a slew of paperwork that LexCorp’s legal counsel required me to sign. It seems ironic. All the legal papers talked about non-disclosure of trade secrets, but no direct mention of joining secret army of super strong ladies lead by Superior Girl herself. It also seems doubly ironic considering Superior Girl could crush me into a tiny ball and toss me into the Sun, or vaporize me while hovering over 10,000 feet above ground. She might even be able to do that last part while casually floating in orbit.

Once I had signed my life away, it was time to meet the boss and get the “treatment” in order to become an Ambrosia Amazon. It did not take being a genius to know what would have happened had I said no, or refused to sign the paperwork. That was the first stage of initiation. Of course, I never did feel that I ever had a real opportunity to say no.

As I walked to the glass doors ahead of me, the receptionist discreetly pressed some button on her desk causing the doors to magically open into the grandiose office. Jessie’s office made the receptionist area look plain by comparison. It was only missing a full kitchen, and could be rented to a family of three. The view of Metropolis was spectacular. You could see the office towers for Wayne Enterprises, Queen Industries, and a dozen other buildings for companies whose net worth made them richer than most countries across the world. The walls were decorated with news articles about Superior Girl, or some photojournalists picture of Superior Girl doing something amazing. One startling image was Superior Girl flying over Metropolis while holding what looked like a SWAT Van above her head. In between these photos were several pieces of art, some of whom I recognized as being reported mysteriously stolen.

The massive desk in front of me was empty. It had to weigh a ton, and appeared to be made of some incredibly dense metal. As I walked closer to take a look, I noticed that the desk as several dents and groove markings near the edges. As if someone had accidentally bumped into it occasionally or placed their hands a little too strongly against the metal. It also looked like someone had tried to smooth out those grooves and dents with their own hands. I reached over and ran my hand across the desk. The metal was smooth like polished steel, but I could tell instantly that whatever this was, it was incredibly stronger.

“It is what the scientists here are calling Durasteel.”

I snatched my hand away quickly, and turned in surprise to see Superior Girl in full uniform casually laying on the couch across the room. The Supergirl costume fit her like a glove, and left little to the imagination. Her calves clearly outlined by the bright red boots as her right leg lay across the couch. Her red skirt hugged her hips, but revealed nothing of what hid underneath. As she lay her arms across the back of the couch, her midriff was exposed to reveal a tight six pack of muscle. I could see the tight cords or muscle moving below her skin with more power that everyone in the office building. As my eyes moved up, I could not help but stare at her large chest with the red S deforming around them. While she clearly needed no bra, I would guess they were pushing somewhere in high DD or possibly E territory. Jessie’s arms were tone, but never showed any hint of the true, monstrous strength that hid beneath them. It was hard to imagine that those arms could rip a tank in half or toss a car into space with little effort. As I finished scanning upwards with my eyes, Jessie’s face is what really caught my attention. Not a blemish to be found on her perfectly smooth skin. She smiled with teeth so white it almost seemed like they glowed. Her white teeth also perfectly offset her brown eyes and brunette colored hair. Jessie was beautiful and near perfect, and it was clear that she knew it.

Jessie laughed, “Don’t feel shy, everyone looks.”

Jessie effortlessly lifted herself from the couch with the grace of a dancer, and started to walk over to me as I tried to think of something to say. While I had met Jessie before, it only really now began to sink in what I was getting myself into. Part of me wanted to run while another part of me wanted to embrace her.

“The table is made of a new alloy called Durasteel. Massively stronger than titanium while easier to work with than steel. It took a large flatbed to bring it to Metropolis for me. I flew it up in the office with one hand.”

Jessie walked over to stand beside me. As she did so, her right hand lightly touched upon the top of the table and glided across it. I knew that a tiny flick of her wrist could send the table flying into another high-rise across town, or a jab of her fingers could puncture the alloy like paper. The mere thought of it and idea that I could soon do that excited me in ways that I never thought about. I was a tall girl growing up. Yet while my 6’2 figure could look directly into Jessie’s eyes, she had a power about her that just made me feel smaller than her.

Jessie smiled again, “So, are you ready to have incredible power flow through those muscles of yours? Are you ready to become even more powerful than Caroline or my other Ambrosia Amazons?”

I could barely respond, “I … ah … How powerful do you think I will become?”

“I am not sure really. Every female who has drank my ambrosia so far has been an ordinary human. You are already as strong as my enhanced ladies. You should definitely come out stronger, but I don’t think anyone really knows by how much.”

“Do we need to go to your lab? Or is there some vial that I drink this stuff from?”

Jessie laughed at the idea, “No. There is no lab that we need to visit. Everything is already in this room. The enhancement process is a bit … shall we say … unorthodox. Lex’s scientists have not been able to replicate it so we take directly from the source.”

This was not what I had expected. What source did this come from? Is there some plant whose fruit I literally eat? Some pool that I need to bathe in? I nervously began to look around for whatever source Jessie was talking about.

“Ah, where exactly is this source?”

Jessie put her hands on my shoulders. I could feel her hands holding me tight. She could feel my nervousness. I looked into her brown eyes and casual smile as she began to lean into me. As she came closer, Jessie quietly said “It’s me.” Her lips lightly grazed against my own. I felt her lips open up as she kissed me. I began to smell a sweet scent of honey in the air, and could not imagine how crazy all of this felt. Here I was standing in the office of Superior Girl, a woman who could casually juggle cars. A woman whose lips were pressing against my own.

I felt overcome with the sensation, and experimentally returned the kiss with one of my own. Jessie responded in kind by increasing the force and pressure of her kiss. One of her hands left my shoulder and began to lightly stroke my cheek as we both continued to increase the ferocity of our kissing. Jessie’s tongue felt wonderful in my mouth. As much as I tried to direct it, her tongue went where she wanted with little that I could do to stop it. Jessie began to explore my mouth, and playfully flicked at my own tongue.

I felt her other hand also leave my shoulder and trace its way down my body. She rubbed the side of my hips, and then reached to take hold of my ass. I could feel her bring me in closer to her body. My own breasts began pressing up against her own. My own breasts compressed against her own, which hardly deformed at all against me. The scent of flowers and honey in the air continued to gain strength. I took my right hand and experimentally brought it up to her breasts.

Jessie’s breasts were incredible. I had never been with another woman before, but her breasts felt firmer than my own ever had. Jessie pulled back slightly so to free her powerful globes from her costume. As her top came up to expose her chest, Jessie stood in front of me with her large breasts hanging high on her chest completely ignoring the pull of gravity. I gave a playful squeeze that had little effect on her. A wicked smile on her face told me to continue. Putting more of my strength and muscle power behind it, I squeezed again and found her tits compressing in my hand. It took nearly all of my strength, but I rubbed both hands against her boobs and watched them succumb to my hands.

Jessie laughed at my fascination with her super tits. “You really are strong. None of the other girls can barely make a dimple into them. Do you want to see something really cool?”

I nodded to her, but unable to remove my hands from her incredible breasts. I just wanted to cuddle up with them forever. They felt like the most perfect and powerful breasts I could ever imagine.

Jessie used her hands to casually brush mine away from her tits. She took hold of the bottom of her top, and in one swift action removed her top completely. Her breasts spilled out with hardly any change in position than before. Her nipples were rock hard. It took all of my will power to not rub my fingers over them.

Jessie reached over and took what appeared to be a small steel globe from her desk. Her other hand pulled a breast away from the other as she gently placed the globe between her incredible cleavage. Once the globe was firmly stuck between her cleavage, Jessie placed her hands on the sides of her breasts and pushed inwards. Before I knew what was happening, the steel globe was deforming between her breasts. Not only was Jessie super strong beyond reason, her tits were also super as well.

As the globe continued to deform, Jessie reached forward to pinch both of her nipples with her fingers. “Ah, this never gets old. I have exploded grenades between these babies, and crushed steel until its molten remains dripped out from between them. The best part about having super tits are having super nipples.”

Jessie increased pressure on her nipples, which seemed to harden even more. I could swear that some liquid seems to be formed too.

“These little things can drill through steel, or carve a small path if I rub them against rock. But the most wonderful part is how sensitive they are. You have not lived until you have felt bullets ricochet off your nipples. The first time that it happened to me, I almost came right then and there.”

I could definitely seem a golden liquid form around Jessie’s nipples. It looked like liquid gold. As I watched it, I felt some draw towards it. Some hunger that I never knew existed. My body ached for the liquid in ways that I did not know possible.

“This is my ambrosia. For my girls, it makes them nearly as strong as me for a time. After a few hours, their strength diminishes to levels closer to what you are. Time to drink mommy’s milk and become big and strong.”

Jessie let go of one breast and placed her hand behind my head. I felt myself being guided towards her breasts. Without further prompting, I quickly drove in. My mouth wrapped around her nipple like a newborn babe. I lapped up the liquid, and began suckling to bring more. Without realizing what I was doing, my other hand grabbed hold of my jeans and ripped the front open with my incredible strength. Mike always found it a huge turn-on when I would rip his clothes off him like paper. My free hand took the ambrosia tipped on Jessie’s other nipple, and shoved it deep inside my pants.

I felt an animalistic hunger inside of me. The more I suckled from Jessie’s tit; the more ambrosia came into my mouth. It filled me in ways I never knew were empty. It was the sweetest candy that I had ever tasted. While my own fingers worked inside my sex, I saw that Jessie had reached into her own skirt as well. Jessie’s other hand gripped the durasteel desk, and crushed it between her fingers. The desk deformed like putty in her hands while screaming in protest.

I felt myself nearing the more intense orgasm that I had ever imagined possible. No boyfriend had ever brought me to this level of climax. Completely satisfied, I let go of Jessie’s breasts as ambrosia continued to lactate out. I fell to the ground, and desperately reached into my pants with both hands. A desperate need arose in me. Jessie quickly fell on me too, and appeared to be in the same orgasmic throws. She brushed aside my hands, and completely ripped my jeans off my body in one motion. Jessie buried her face between my thighs and began lavishly licking my clit with all of her strength.

I used my free hands to grab my breasts and pinch my nipples with all of my strength. My shirt shredded in my hands. Jessie quickly moved from normal motions to lashing her tongue at super speed against my sex. She was a complete blur between my legs. I felt her hands push hard against my thighs. Deep in the recesses of my brain, I knew that I should be crushed. Jessie’s lack of restraint with me should have been tearing my body apart. Her strength and speed were beyond any normal person to survive, but it all just made me hornier.

Finally reaching my ultimate peak, I climaxed. It was an explosion of pleasure, feelings, and power that flowed through my entire body. I cried out in animalistic lust that I never knew I had. I could hear windows shattering around me. A deep roar that build into a cacophony so loud that I could not hear anything else. I felt like I blacked out at some point, and quickly found myself in dreams of strength and power. I flew over Metropolis. Laser beams flew from my eyes. Buildings and walls were no match for me. I was power incarnate. I was a goddess among mortals.

And when I woke, I was in a forest.

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