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Chapter 02: Discovering Her Power

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Discovering Her Power

“This is Channel 4 News coming to you with a breaking story. An explosion has rocked the office building of LexCorp in the heart of Metropolis. Police and firefighters have responded, and are assisting staff in evacuating the building. Reporters in Gotham have confirmed reports that Lex Luthor was last seen boarding a private jet destined back to Metropolis. LexCorp has also released the following statement.”

“We at LexCorp are both horrified and deeply saddened by this unprovoked terrorist attack. We will be working with local and federal authorities to identify the culprit of their heinous act and bring them to justice. We ask for your thoughts and prayers for those unfortunate victims caught in this attack, and to give the authorities time to identify those involved.”

“Early reports from sources not authorized to speak with the press have stated the explosion took place on the 45th floor. A local Boston woman named Michelle Wallace is believed to have been killed in the attack. She was present for a job interview with a LexCorp Vice President, and last seen entering the office where the explosion originated. We have no word on the fate of the person whom Mrs. Wallace was scheduled to meet or any other employees working on that floor. We will be following this story as it develops.”


I woke up with the sun blazing in my eyes. I felt like I had been out for hours. Initially, as I woke up, I felt sore all over my body. My muscles ached and felt in need of a good stretch. I raised my right arm in order to block out the sun from my eyes. As I lay there, trying to remember what happened, I could feel my ache and soreness beginning to dissipate. I lay on the ground, and could feel the cool soil and grass underneath me. Before long, I felt like new. In fact, I felt better than new. I felt incredible and full of energy.

I noticed that my arm was bare. When I went into Jessie’s office, I was wearing a long-sleeved blouse. It was the beginning of Autumn, and the days were already cool enough to prevent short sleeves. However, I did not feel cold at all. I felt cool and fresh, and could feel the warmth of the sun against my skin. I put my hand down and sat up to help get my bearings. I immediately noticed that I appeared to be in a thick forest. I also noticed that I was naked. The reason that I could feel soil and grass was because there was nothing between it and my bare behind.

Unsure what was going on, I quickly began to look over myself. I did not appear to have any scrapes or bruises. Nor did I see any indication where my clothes were. I also immediately began to notice that my body looked different. My long legs were still there, but appeared to have a couple pounds of extra muscle on them now. They were well-defined with solid calves that I was never able to really get earlier. Growing up, I always had stick legs. Stretching my legs, I could feel the muscles working underneath them and watch them move around with clear definition. They felt powerful, like able to kick down a building powerful.

Moving up, I noticed that my flat stomach was no longer exactly flat. It was a well-defined six pack of muscle where a smooth belly used to be earlier. My hands glided down, and felt the grooves between my new six pack. My muscles underneath them felt hard as stone, and tapping them with my fist only reinforced that rock-hard assessment. While testing the strength of my abs, I noticed the changes to the muscles in my arms. As I made a fist, my biceps bulged outwards.

Before today, I always had skinny arms despite my strength. It was always what made my strength feel so freakish. If I had been a mountain of muscle, I could have more easily understood my unnatural strength. But being a tall, skinny girl who could easily lift a boyfriend who was near 200 pounds of muscle always felt strange. Now my arms showed my muscles clearly. Even without flexing, I had clear bulges on my arms hiding my muscles underneath. I flexed my arms and watched my biceps grow in size. If felt like liquid steel running through my arms. I was beyond toned, and bordering into territory where people might suggest that I start training for Ms. Olympia.

After watching my muscles dance as I flex my arms, I looked back down to my abs. No longer immediately focused on my stomach muscles, I saw that my boobs were significantly larger than before. I was always a decent C cup size earlier, but would now easily estimate myself as a solid E cup, maybe even double-E. My breasts did not appear to be affected by gravity, and formed a perfect teardrop on my body. I also immediately noticed that I could feel their weight, but they did not feel heavy at all. I brought up my hands and cupped my large globes. My fingers easily dimpled the skin, but they felt dense and solid in my hands.

They also felt very sensitive. I felt my nipples hardening as I touched by breasts. I rubbed my hands across my tits, and pinched my nipples. I smiled as I imagined how much Mike would love these. While Mike always loved my tight ass, I knew he had a thing for large breasted women. I lazily glided one of my hands down by body as I felt the muscles on my stomach. I felt good. It felt like I could stay here all day. But I needed to get back to Mike. I also need to find some clothes before the police arrest me for indecent exposure.

Letting go of myself, I got up from the ground and stood in the middle of my mystery forest. The sun felt wonderful against my bare skin. The forest looked pretty dense indicating that not many people passed through here. It also did not look maintained like some parks that I have visited. It looked like wilderness, and I had no idea which way to go. I also certainly did not want to try climbing a tree naked either to get my bearings.

Not sure what to do, I looked down on the ground. A small rock was beside where I was laying down. I reached down and picked it up. I felt cool in my hands. I turned towards the trees that surrounded my small clearing. With a flick of my wrist, I sent the rock sailing towards the trees. What I did not realize was how hard I had flicked that rock.

The rock soared like a bullet from a gun and smashed into a tree on the opposite end of the clearing. The main branch of the tree exploded into pieces were the rock impacted it and kept going deeper into the forest. The tree itself did not have anything supporting it and quickly fell over into the clearing with a loud crash.

I was shocked at what had just happened. I had brought my hands to cover my mouth as the tree exploded and then fell over. I now pulled my hands away, and stared at them. Not a blemish on them. Just some dirt from the rock that I was holding, but otherwise completely normal pair of hands with well-manicured nails. I felt like I was in shock. I threw that rock and caused a tree to explode. I have always been strong, but I was never that strong.

A few steps away I saw another rock laying on the ground. I wanted to try that again. Maybe it was a weird fluke. Maybe that tree was just old and rotten inside. I reached down to grab the other rock. In my nervousness, I must have grabbed it harder than I intended. As soon as I closed my fingers around the rock, I heard a large crack coming from it. I opened my palm to discover that the rock had split in two. The rock itself felt normal. Hard, cold stone against my hand. I closed my hand on the rock and squeezed. Loud cracks broke the silence of the forest as I felt the rock break apart in my fingers. I was too amazed to react. I was too excited to think of anything else.

I quickly took my other hand and placed it on top of the rock. Pressing together with my hands, I watched the rock pulverize between my palms. It felt no harder than squeezing a piece of fruit, but I could feel the cold hard stone crush to bits between my hands. I smiled as I rubbed my hands together, and reduced the rock to dust that fell out between my fingers. My biceps moved and grew as my super muscles responded to my will.

“Oh, my God! It worked!” I cried out as the remains of the rock felt to the ground.

I felt elated with joy. I was happier and more excited than I had ever felt in my life. Without a second thought, I jumped into the air out of pure joy. What I did not expect was my jump propelled me into the sky. I flew into the sky and soared about the tree tops in my excitement. I cried out in laughter and raised my hands into the sky. What felt like almost 200 feet up, my ascent finally stopped and I began to fall back to earth.

“Oh, shit!” I cried out in panic.

Super strength was one thing, but was I also invulnerable? Did I just get super strength, and make the biggest mistake of my life? The ground was coming up fast, and it was clear that my jump had propelled me deep in to the trees. As I fell down, my body impacted hard against one of the large trees making up the forest. The tree stood no chance against my super body. My falling body ripped the tree in two, and even pulled the bottom roots out of the ground. I hit the ground hard, but did not feel any pain. The tree crashed down beside me among its brethren.

Panic from before and excitement of what I just did overwhelmed me. I rolled onto my back, and could not help but cry out in laughter. I was super strong and invulnerable. Jessie’s ambrosia had worked on me. But how strong was I? Did I have any other powers from Jessie’s magic liquid? I stopped laughing, and got up with an intent to experiment.

I stood next to the fallen tree, and placed a hand under its large trunk. The trunk lifted without effort. It felt light as a feather. I looked back towards the clearing. Grabbing the fallen trunk with both hands, I tried to toss it over my head. My muscles once again did their magic. I could feel the power coursing through them. The trunk lifted off the ground, and flew over my head. It flew through the opening created by my fall, and landed smack in the middle of the clearing. I walked over to the part of the trunk that was partially ripped out of the ground. Its roots were still firmly trying to hold it in place. I grabbed hold of the truck with both hands. My naked breasts pressed into the trunk’s bark. As I pulled the trunk into me to get a strong grip, my breasts pushed back. I felt my tits burrowing into the wood, and cracking the trunk.

I suddenly remembered that trick that Jessie did with her breasts. Rather than pulling the trunk out of the ground, I instead pulled it into my chest. As I pulled my arms inwards, I felt the wood cracking and splitting. My breasts also worked their magic too! Soon, two large dents were formed in the trunk as my tits proved more powerful. The idea of my super powerful tits crushing the tree was an unexpected turn-on. I felt myself getting wet as I crushed the tree. In a quick motion, I pulled my arms together a watched as the tree trunk exploded between my two arms, breasts, and rest of my body. Still wanting to experiment, I reached down into the ground unearthed by the roots and picked up a large rock. I barely fit into my hands, but felt light as a feather. I placed the rock in between my super tits and repeated what Jessie did in her office. With my hands pressing against the sides of my breasts, the rock quickly splintered and cracked. I cried out with laughter as my breasts proved more powerful than the rock. I began to rub my breasts together causing the rock to be ground into powder. Letting go of my magnificent breasts allowed what little remained of the stone to fall to the ground with a thud.

I was super strong. I was super durable. Was I super-fast?

Looking towards the clearing where the remains of my thrown tree was, I concentrated on the spot. I focused on building up my energy so I could unleash it into a single fast burst of speed. I felt my feet digging into the ground. The soil curled around my toes as they dug in and readied for my sprint. A second later, I unleashed my stored energy and tensed muscles. I sped out into the clearing using my powerful legs to propel me forward. Within not even half a second, I was across the clearing and came to a sudden stop in front of my destroyed tree. To anyone watching, I must have been a blur of motion nearly teleporting from one location to another. As I stopped, dirt and ground were thrown aside. I could feel the wind blowing from my sudden motion as well, rustling the trees.

To me, I saw everything during my sprint. It was as if time had slowed down, moving in slow motion. I felt every step into the clearing. I felt my powerful legs pushing into the ground and pushing me forward. I saw the trees rustling and swaying in the wind. A bird flying in the sky looked to be hovering in mid-air while I ran. For me, it was as if I was sprinting across the field like any normal human. For the rest of the world, I disappeared from one location and in a blur of motion reappeared somewhere else.

I was super-fast!

I could not help but laugh with joy at the idea. What other powers did I now possess? I remember seeing stories of Superman blowing down bank robbers with his breath. Could I do that?

I turned back towards the edge of the canopy. I began inhaling as deeply as possible. My super powerful lungs proved to be just as strong as the rest of me. I instantly began creating a strong wind that pulled the trees toward me. I could feel my lungs expanding to take in the air. Glancing down, it looked like my chest doubled in size as my boobs rose up. I actually had to suppress myself from laughing at the sight.

Once I felt that my lungs were full, I pursed my lips and blew as hard as I could. Cold air rushed out from my lips towards the trees. The air had compressed so much in my lungs that it was freezing. The first row of trees hit by the tornado coming from my lips were blown completely out of the ground. Their roots, no matter how deep, proved useless against me as they were pushed back into their neighbors. Not only that, but the freezing breath from my lungs also had another effect. Ice crystals began to form on the fallen trees.

I focused what remained of my breath on a single tree. Within seconds the tree had frozen solid as was completely encased in ice. I used up the last of the stored air in my lungs, and then charged at the tree at super-sonic speed. My body rushed across the clearing in a blur as I quickly brought my first down on the frozen tree. The tree shattered in a million shards of ice. I marveled at the sight of the ice shards flying in all directions. I could not count how many sharp crystals fly against my body and bounced harmlessly off. The sensation of the shards striking my rock-hard abs and soft breasts sent tingles down my spine. I could not wait to feel what an actual bullet would be like against me.

I look back around at the carnage that I was causing. I loved it! Using these powers was the most awe-inspiring and stimulating feeling that I had ever had. I felt like a goddess. I thought back to what other powers did Superman have that I could test out. Heat vision! I had to try it.

I was not sure exactly how Superman did it. I must have looked silly standing at the edge of the clearing with my hands on my naked hips as I stared intently at trees. I found that I could focus down to the microscopic level, but had trouble getting any laser beams out of my eyes. Finally, after several minutes of trying, I figured it out. I started getting more and more frustrated as I tried and failed to activate my heat vision, assuming that I even had it. Then my anger and intense stare made some kind of mental connection in my head.

Twin beams of blue energy leap from my eyes towards a nearby tree. The tree itself blew up with the power from my eyes. I blasted some more trees nearby until I had gotten the hang of it. Heat vision isn’t hard once you know how, apparently. As I blasted away at the ground, I tried a little experimenting. How invulnerable was I to my own heat vision? I brought my hands close to the beams as they poured energy out of my eyes. The beams felt warm, even hot as I brought them closer, but never scorching hot. I quickly ran the edge of a finger through them, and discovered that I was invulnerable to my own heat vision. The beams felt hot, but did not burn my skin like they did everything else.

“Oh, this is so cool!” I cried out as I brought both hands in front of my eyes and blasted them with heat vision. My hands impenetrable skin absorbed the beams with little problem, but also quickly began to glow red hot. It was like leaving a pan on the oven. I stopped my heat vision, and reached out to touch a tree with my glowing hot hands. The tree instantly scorched at my touch, and quickly burst into flames. I jumped back at the shock of it, and quickly doused the flames with my freezing breath. Last thing that I wanted would be to start a forest fire.

Watching my hands cool off, I got a fun idea. I cupped both of my amazing breasts, and lifted them upwards. While I looked down at them, I sent a blast of heat vision directly towards my nipples. The sensation was beyond ecstasy. My breasts glowed red hot as they absorbed the energy and heat, and I fell to my knees from the pleasure of the feeling. There was an intensely erotic feeling from my breasts as they absorbed the power flowing from my eyes. Unable to resist the need arising, I took a hand from my hot boobs and ran my fingers down into my sex. The idea of the power that my body contained was too much to resist. I fingered myself as I kneeled on the ground, and began using my new super speed to cause my fingers to vibrate inside of me. Before I knew what was happening, I came with such intensity that I fell over onto my back.

I lay in the clearing while enjoying my post-orgasm bliss wash over me. I could feel the cool grass against my back, and looked up into the blue sky. A few clouds were drifting by while the sun hanged high. It had to be past noon. I looked towards the sun, and felt no pain or discomfort in my eyes as I stared it down. Using my super vision, I zoomed in on the giant ball of fire and could make out dark sunspots on its surface. I loved the sensation of power and limitless energy that flowed through my muscles. I prayed that this feeling would never wear off.


I soared through the sky under my own power. After further testing out my powers, I quickly figured out how to turn a super leap into self-powered flight. A flexing of certain muscles and suddenly I found myself floating in the air as if it was nothing. I hovered over the forest completely naked for the world to see. Thankfully, my super vision and hearing told me that the only world to see me was local wildlife in the forest. No hikers or other humans nearby. I scanned the horizon and saw a town several miles away from my original landing. To ordinary Michelle, it would have been several hours of walking. To Super Michelle, it would be a minute or two of high speed flight to reach the town.

As I hovered in the air, I continued to scan the town and surrounding area with my enhanced vision. People were milling about on their daily business and routines as if nothing extraordinary had happened a couple miles from them. Cars and quite a few trucks moved about the streets with a lazy lack of hurry in their movement. The town itself did not appear to have a building more than three or four stories tall. Wherever I was, it was somewhere rural. Given the beat-up nature of some trucks and older model of cars, it was somewhere very rural.

I zoomed further in on the license plates of the trucks, which all had Kansas plates. I thought to myself, “Kansas! Wow! Before all of this happened, I was in Metropolis on the East Coast. How did I end up over 1,000 miles away from Metropolis? Was there even a Metropolis to go back to?”

Desperate for more answers, I scanned more of the city edges trying to find a better idea where I was. After some more searching, I found it near the edge of town. A large sign displaying endless rows of wheat with the words “Welcome to Smallville” blasting across the top. Smallville, Kansas. Well, the town certainly looked the part from what I could tell.  I had to get back to Metropolis and find out what happened. However, flying naked across half the United States did not seem very appealing to me. I may be a goddess among mortals with a body to match, but that did not mean I willingly just wanted to stroll everywhere naked.

I floated down closer to the tops of the trees, and slowly started hovering towards Smallville. As I did, I continued to scan the town to find some stores that I could raid for clothing. Walls proved ineffective to my X-Ray vision. While the town had two moderated sized department stores with clothing departments, both of them were full of staff and customers. No way that I could get in there without being seen or causing major destruction. Then I spotted my target, a small clothing store off to the side of town was closed for the day. The place was clearly a mom and pop style business, and mom and pop were clearly somewhere else.

I quickly formed a course of action and flight plan that would take me around the main part of town. If I flew fast enough, I could get by the local residences without being spotted. To anyone not directly looking at my flight path, I would be a blur or streak of movement there one second and gone the next. I braced myself and quickly took off in my planned direction. My fists out in front of me. I soared through the air like a bullet, but tried to not go fast enough to break the sound barrier. Something told me that shattering every window in Smallville’s downtown area would bring undue attention.

Within seconds I landed behind the small clothing shop in an empty alley. Thankfully, the alleyway was completely empty except for some large trash bins used by the local shops. A strong steel door barred entrance into the shop from the back. Smallville may be a small town, but that did not mean people did not take security seriously. I scanned the shop with my x-ray vision again to confirm that it was empty. I also took a quick look for any alarm system, but could not see any in the store. I walked over to the metal door, and ran my fingers across its surface. Its metal surface was cool to the touch. Eager to test my new strength against the door, I reached to the sides and dug my fingers into its steel. My nails penetrated the door like digging into Styrofoam. Once my fingers were through, I grabbed hold of the door and pulled. The metal hinges on the door screamed in protest as they bent to my muscles.

Anxious to not create too much noise and attention, I ripped the door away from the wall. The steel was unable to resist my super muscles and twisted like putty. The door itself quickly deformed and bent as I brought my arms closer together. Before anyone could come see me, I quickly ducked into the back area of the store. I turned and pulled the bent and broken door back into its frame. A little pull firmed stuck the door in place so no fear of some local just walking in to see what happened.

The lights were off in the store, but that proved no bother to my vision. My eyes adjusted to the lack of light, and quickly enough it was as if the store was perfectly lit for me. My naked body walked through the aisles of clothes while keeping in the shadows and away from the front windows. Only the most inquisitive window shopper would notice me. I stopped by the undergarments section. There were a nice selection of panties and bras. I smirked as I looked down and cupped my amazing breasts. I wouldn’t be needing a bra ever again. I laughed at the idea. I continued browsing through the shop. My biggest concern was how to get back to Metropolis. Flying seemed to be my best option, but how many of these clothes would survive the journey. Thankfully, the store had a small section for travel bags and luggage. I grabbed a small bag that could fit some extra clothes. Anything that did not survive the flight could be replaced. I placed two skirts in the bag along with two rather nice blouses. I also dropped a business card for the store in the bag as well so I could mail them cash once I am back home. I needed the clothes right now, but felt bad at the idea of being a thief on the matter.

After grabbing clothes and a pair of high heel shoes for Metropolis, I snagged a pair of black yoga pants and matching sports bra. I figured both had the best chance of surviving the journey. While my breasts may not need any support, I could not help but marvel at how the sports bra hugged my tits. I had an amazing cleavage that would drive most people wild. The idea that that same cleavage crushed stones barely an hour ago still amazed me. I made sure they were nice and snug, then grabbed my little travel bag to go. I figured that I would have to fly high enough to not be seen from the ground, but also slow enough so my clothes don’t burn or rip away. Metropolis seemed the most logical place to go. I had to find out what happened, and just showing up back home in Boston would lead to more questions than I was willing to answer right now.


I easily moved the door to the alleyway out of the way as I exited the clothing store. Holding my travel bag over my shoulder, I set the door back against the frame with my free hand. The door made a loud thud as it hit the ground, clearly signifying its weight that meant nothing to me. I was startled out of my reverie by someone clearing their throat. I had been so immersed into thinking about what to do next that I did not notice the person floating in the alleyway with his arms crossed.

The blue and red uniform was unmistakable. Someone would have to be living in a cave for the past decade to not recognize that Superman was floating three feet above the pavement in the alleyway and staring straight at me. He had a stern look on his face that was clearly his “serious business” face.

“Excuse me, miss. But do those clothes belong to you?”

I was a bit too shocked at seeing the Man of Steel standing a couple feet away from me to think of a witty reply. I just kind of stared back for a minute with my mouth open trying to think of something to say.

“Ah … well … I …” After stuttering like some star-struck idiot (which I was), I snapped out of it. “No, these are not my clothes. I need them to get back to Metropolis, and will sent money to the owner once I am home.”

“I see. And why do you need them?” Superman responded matter of factly as he floated to the ground and walked over to me.

Damn. I was trapped. It was no secret that Superman and Superior Girl had fought on multiple occasions. While Superior Girl had seemed to have won those fights, I had no idea if I was even in Superman’s league. Crushing trees, rock, and steel was one thing. Going up against the Man from Krypton was entirely something else. If I tell him about Superior Girl, he will almost certainly fight me.

“I….ah….” was all I could get out before he interrupted me again. He must know what I was thinking. I could not help look skyward for possible escape routes. Could I outfly the Man of Steel?

“Ok, stop. I know what you are thinking, and I think I know what is going on. Before you decide on flight or fight, let’s lay some things out on the table. If you fight me here, a lot of innocent civilians are going to get hurt. The fact that you went through the backdoor to steal clothes clearly indicates that you don’t want to be seen so a big fight in the middle of a town is not something you are looking forward to.”

Superman certainly had me there.

“Second, if you run off, I will chase you. I will likely catch you. We will likely fight each other, and draw the same attention that you already don’t want. That leaves us at somewhat of an impasse right now.” Superman had me there too, but the next sentence out of his mouth is what really hit home. It was like being punched in the gut without him even moving. “So, Michelle Wallace, what do you want to do?”

All the fight or flight need immediately drained out of me as I heard him speak my name. He knew who I was. If he already knew who I was, then he probably knew everything about me. About Superior Girl, Lex Luthor, my home in Boston and Mike. No way to fight my way out of this now. I dropped the travel bag at my feet, and placed my hands on my hips, “Ok, how do you know my name?”

Superman smirked at the knowledge that he had me. “It was not hard. Your face and name are all over the news? Of course, the journalists appear to think that you are dead.”

“Wait, what?!? What happened?”

Superman crossed his arms across his chest as he explained, “I don’t have all of the details. The Metropolis News agencies are reporting some kind of terrorist attack on LexCorp’s main offices. You were supposedly killed in the explosion that took place on the 45th floor. Some people are claiming that you were a suicide bomber.”

I quickly cried back, “But that’s crazy! I was there for a job interview.”

Superman was clearly one step ahead of me right now. “I suspect as much. If you were on the 45th floor, that means you were there to see Jessie Nelson, aka Superior Girl.” While it should not surprise me that Superman would know who Superior Girl was, it still shocked me that he seemed to know about this so casually. Superman continued, “And if you were there to see Superior Girl, then that means you were there to become an Ambrosia Amazon.”

“How do you know all of this?” Curiosity was getting the better of me as I took a step towards Superman.

“Jessie and I have fought on several occasions. And if you have read the news, you would know that Jessie had beaten me each time. She is stronger and faster than me so I have been watching quietly from a distance for months while I learned everything I could about Jessie Nelson. Jessie has some method to enhance other humans whom she calls her Ambrosia Amazons. I know of three right now with three others waiting in the wings for enhancement. You were one of those three; the other two are still at a ranch in Montana.”

I knew my expression only confirmed everything that Superman told me, even though I did not say a word in response. Superman started to slowly pace in the alleyway as he continued, “Based on what I have read from various incidents, the enhancement gives increased strength and durability but does not give full Kryptonian-like powers to those affected. It also wears off after several hours. Those who were enhanced still have strength superior to any human, but nowhere near the earlier superhuman levels they first had. But you are different.”

“Different, how? It has only been a couple hours since I was enhanced too.”

“What?” Superman was caught off guard by that statement, but quickly regained his footing. “No, you are different. I saw the damage you left in the forest where you landed. You clearly have powers that other Ambrosia Amazons don’t have. It has also been over 24 hours since the explosion. It has been 24 hours and you still have all of your powers.”

“WHAT?!?” I cupped my mouth in surprise. My voice was a lot louder than I anticipated. Probably most of downtown Smallville heard me. I whispered back, “How is that possible?”

“That is what I want to find out. You clearly did not steal Jessie’s powers because I saw Superior Girl flying around the outskirts of Metropolis yesterday afternoon and evening. I would have been here sooner, but I was needed to help save people caught in the explosion. I then followed your trajectory when you were blown out of the LexCorp building. Jessie had the right idea, but did not realize how far you flew.”

“If the media is reporting that I am dead, then I need to get back to Mike NOW!” I exclaimed as I turned and readied to jump into the sky.

“Wait!” I felt Superman grab my arm. I could feel his strength and power coursing through his hands. He was clearly using his superhuman strength to ensure I don’t fly off. I also understood that while as strong as his grip was; I was sure that I could break free from it. Superman continued, “I have been looking for a way to stop Superior Girl for months. She killed my cousin, Supergirl. She has killed other people without a second thought. Some intentionally and some not. She has helped promote Lex Luthor’s plans and agendas. Agendas that only increase Lex’s personal power while bringing death and misery to anyone in his path. If you want to help your boyfriend Mike, then I need your help.”

I turned towards Superman with an angry look on my face. I did not like the idea of Superman threatening Mike. “What do you mean if I want to help Mike?”

“All of the Ambrosia Amazons created so far have all come from inside LexCorp. Lex Luthor likes to keep his secrets close. How long can you keep your new secret identity secret from Mike? Lex Luthor doesn’t tolerate loose ends.”

Shocked at the idea that Mike could be in danger right now, I felt like in a near panic. “I need to get back to Boston.” I pulled my arm out of Superman’s grip, and jumped into the sky as I took off. My travel bag completely forgotten on the ground. Smallville was a distant memory by the time that Superman caught up with me. He flew in front of me causing me to decide to either stop or try ramming through him.

“Wait!” Superman cried with his hands out towards me. I stopped at his gesture and hovered with him over 10,000 feet above the ground. “The media thinks that you are dead. If you go back to Boston, it will only raise questions. Questions that Mike does not need to be asking, and questions that Lex Luthor doesn’t want asked. Especially if anyone gets word that you have superpowers.”

“But I can’t leave Mike while he is in danger!” My cry was almost desperate.

“Mike is safer right now thinking what the rest of the world thinks. In fact, he is safer now because the media will be looking at him closely. Closely enough that they could easily spot you still being alive. Closely enough that Lex Luthor won’t try to harm Mike unless he absolutely has to.”

“But where do I go? What do I do?”

“I have a place that Superior Girl does not know about. We can use the equipment there to test your powers, and find out what makes you different from the other Ambrosia Amazons. You are my first big break in months for possibly defeating Superior Girl. You can help me save thousands of lives from Jessie and her Ambrosia Amazons.”

“I am not sure.”

“I can help you understand why you are different. I know from inside sources at LexCorp that Jessie does not fully understand the enhancements. She just knows that it works.”

I looked over my body and thought about the powers that I had access to now. “What about my powers?”

Tension seemed to crawl across Superman’s face for moment. Finally, he made a decision. “If you will help me against Superior Girl, then I promise that I won’t look into ways to take away your new powers.” That got a great big smile across my face before I even realized. Superman held up a finger as he interrupted, “Provided that you use them responsibly. I don’t want to defeat one Superior Girl only to create another in her place.”

I thought about what he said. If I doubted him and he was right, then I put Mike and myself in danger from Superior Girl and Lex Luthor. It seemed better to follow Superman for the time being. Besides, that little shrug in the alleyway showed that I was stronger than him, even if he tried to hide it. I held out my hand to Superman, “Deal.” Superman took my hand, and gave it a firm shake. He then took off north while I followed him. While I flew north, I could not help but notice his tight and shapely ass. The sight made me smile and quietly giggle.

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