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Chapter 04: Ahlan Wasahlan, Dubai

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Ahlan Wasahlan, Dubai

Dubai is an amazing city that I never dreamed of visiting before I gained these powers. It is a coastal city built on the edge of the desert, an oasis at the edge of a wasteland. Oil money had built the city into a modern marvel that other countries in the Middle East could only dream about. I landed in the local airport along with all the other travelers and tourists. Superman had insisted that I fly into the city via airplane in order to ensure that I do not cause undue attention. While there are others in the world with superpowers beyond Superman and Superior Girl, Clark knew that the press was always hungry for a new face to plaster over every newspaper from Los Angeles to Paris. After flying from North America to the Arctic Circle in a few hours, the plane fight with multiple connections was painfully slow. My cab took me from the airport to the Atlantis Hotel on The Palm. I guess that with my abilities the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, would have been the more obvious choice. However, Superman insisted that the underwater suites offered at the Atlantis would provide more privacy. Anyone looking into the sky could see me flying to and from the top of the world’s tallest building, and tourists regularly snapped photos of this building throughout the day and night so underwater hotel room it was. When I arrived at my hotel room, I was surprised to find Superman already waiting for me. He was sitting on a chair and looking out through the window into the sea as fish swam by. Superman was not wearing his uniform, rather dressed in her Clark Kent persona. Glasses and all. Seeing him casually sitting there did set me off a bit.

“Oh, so you can fly over here but I have to take a plane, huh?” I said to him with a rather upset tone to my voice.

Superman smiled, “The world knows me. Someone sees me flying around the world does not make the local papers. Someone sees a new face like you flying towards Dubai, then the world might take notice. The less that Superior Girl and Lex Luthor know about you the better.”

My annoyance quickly passed since we had covered this before, “Ok, I know, so do I call you Clark while you are here?”

Clark got up from his seat, and walked over to me, “I would prefer that, but I won’t be here for long. I just came to discuss the plan in more detail now that you are here. Your flight gave me time to put the finishing touches on how we are going to do this.”

“I guess two super humans smashing through bank vaults and security are out of the question.”

“If I got involved so publicly, Lois, along with everyone in the Daily Planet, would be dead before I got back to Metropolis.” Clark went over to a large screen television that had been plugged into a laptop. “Why don’t you put your bags down so we can get started?”

I dropped by baggage on the bed, and then sat down on the edge to see whatever Superman had prepared. The presentation started up showing a large, imposing building. Like everything in this city, it had a super-modern look to it as if it was 10 years ahead of its time in design.

“This is the Dubai National Data Vault. A local sheik setup the location and its company to store private data for individuals and companies securely from the rest of the world. His idea is to create a Switzerland for digital data where companies can securely keep their secrets.”

I was skeptical at that last statement, “And people like Lex Luthor trust this man?”

Superman chuckled, “Absolutely not, Lex does not trust anyone. No, the company operates much like a bank holding safety depot boxes. They provide the secure areas, employ multiple guards and firewalls to protect it physically and virtually, but have no access to what is exactly inside each of the vaults. Only companies and their authorized representatives have the ability to get in and out to access whatever data files are stored inside.”

“So how do I get inside? Dig a tunnel from the hotel to the vault?”

Superman smiled at the idea, “No need for that. Too big of a chance the tunnel would collapse due to lack of proper structural support, and I am certain that the sheik installed sensors to detect anyone trying to burrow their way into the complex. No, you are going to go in through the front door.”

Now I laughed, “I thought you didn’t want me to just punch my way through?”

Superman chuckled with me before continuing, “I don’t. You do that and there is a high chance some form of security measure could wipe all the data in the vaults. Especially if it becomes clear that you are getting close. No, you are going to go there asking to setup an account. I have created a fake public profile that lists you as the heiress of some old money family in North Westchester County just outside Metropolis. You will be wanting to setup a small, personal vault. A lot of rich families do things like this for anything from family genealogy records to blackmail material.”

“Ok, so that gets me into the lobby or front offices.”

“After which, you will insist upon a tour of the facility to know how securely your data will be kept. They won’t let you deep into the vault, but it will give you past the first couple layers of security. That should buy you a few minutes. Once inside the vault areas, you will have to improvise from there. Based on what I was able to find, the LexCorp vault takes up the entire floor known as Floor Jeem.”


“Fifth character in the Arabic alphabet. Alif, baa, taa, thaa, jeem. According to my sources, you want to pull the hard drives from the servers in grid spaces A6, A5, and A4. Once you bring the hard drives back to the Fortress of Solitude, I can link them to the computer and begin decrypting them.”

“What about the rest of the servers?”

“Might not be a bad idea to smash some other servers or steal some more hard drives to help throw Lex off our trail. However, I doubt it will fool him for long. You should act how you see fit depending on how things are going while inside the vault. Just keep in mind, you can only carry so much in two hands and those hard drives need to be intact in order to be read by my computer.”

“What about my face? Won’t there be cameras in the building?”

“Absolutely, but we don’t need to worry about them. First, I have a few tricks from the Fortress to help disguise your appearance. It won’t be anything drastic, but enough to keep you from being immediately recognized by Jessie or her Ambrosia Amazons. I have also employed the help of a friend who will be trying to break into the Data Vault from the outside. That should keep their Cybersecurity teams busy, and not noticing any technical flaws with their surveillance camera recording equipment. ”

It had sounded like Superman had thought of everything. “You seem to have been planning this for a long time.”

Superman chuckled, “In some ways, I have. I have always known that Lex kept some very sensitive data in this location. However, he made it clear to me years ago that the building was Superman attack proof. Lead-lined walls keep my x-ray vision from seeing through to the vault itself. I am also too famous to just storm into the building and take what I want. Finally, Lex has a small EMP bomb inside his vault. If I even so much as look at the building wrong, any data that I might want gets wiped.”

“So, if I go in guns blazing …?”

Superman spread his hands out to emphasize the futility of the idea as he responded, “Someone is almost certain to detonate that EMP bomb and wipe any information that we want to steal.”

The idea made me laugh. All of this power flowing through my veins, and I had to sneak inside the building like a cat burglar. Lex was certainly someone to be cautious of since he had found a way to keep Superman out of his deepest and darkest secrets. I went through the plan again in my head before speaking next, “Ok, so I understand what to do. When do we start?”

Superman closed the laptop, “Not for a couple more days. You should enjoy the city, see the sights, and just be a normal tourist while you are here. I need some time to setup my alibi back in Metropolis so no one suspects that I had any involvement. Besides, I have blueprints and other security-related data that you should study on this laptop.”

I smiled at the idea of seeing Dubai for a couple of days. Superman clearly also saw my excitement beaming on my face.

“However, keep a low profile. No superpowers unless absolutely necessary, and certainly not in a public location. If word gets out about a new super-powered woman in this town, then the media will go crazy looking for details, which could blow out plans. Remember that everyone nowadays has a cell phone with a camera and instant access to post it on social media. Your face could be all over the world before you know it.”

Superman reached into his pocket, and pulled out some kind of metallic pen. “One last thing, before you go out, use this device on your hair. It will help color your hair blonde from its normal brunette look. That should help hide who you are while out in public, just in case.”

I took the pen and rolled it between my fingers, “What? Just can’t buy some hair coloring from a local store?”

Superman gave a hearty and honest laugh at my comment, “Sadly, no. Your hair is just as strong and invulnerable as the rest of you. That means normal hair dying products won’t work on you. If you ever start going gray later in life, you just need to live with it.”

I smirked at the idea, “Great.”

“Don’t worry. If you are anything like me, you are going to have a very long life. Our powers come from the sun’s radiation, which constant renews my powers and regenerates me over time. If my calculations are right, my lifespan is going to be several centuries longer than your average human. You just might also be the same now that you have these powers inside of you as well.”

With that revelation that I would outlive Mike by centuries, Superman turned to walk towards the door and leave. I was a bit shocked with that revelation that I did not respond, or even suggest that he stay a few hours to test out the hotel’s bed. I was likely to live for centuries, maybe more. Mike would grow old and die while I remained young, fit, and youthful. Superman’s love interest, Lois Lane, would follow the same fate. The thought made me rather sad while I went over it in my head. How would I react as Mike got older and weaker, but I stayed the same powerful goddess that I am now? The thought of me flying through the air while carrying my 80-year-old boyfriend made my stomach turn a bit.

The door to my hotel room closed shut as Clark Kent left to return to Metropolis. I decided that I needed a shower and quick nap to think things over.


Being a tourist in Dubai helped bring up my mood. I put thoughts of my near immortality behind me for now, and tried to focus on enjoying the city and what it had to offer. Since waking from my nap, I had spent an entire day in my hotel room going over everything in the laptop that Superman had left for me. However, after a full day of studying, I knew that I had to get out of my room and enjoy myself. My first choice obviously being the elaborate pool that I had seen on entering the hotel. I had not really had a chance to show off my new super body to the rest of the public. Sure, I had enjoyed myself in the forest and with Superman, but there was something different about a little public show.

I walked into the pool area wearing a robe that I had purchased on my way over to Dubai. It was a thin and colorful bit of clothing that kept my modesty in check while I made the walk to the pool area. Once there, I staked out a reclining chair near the pool that would get some good direct sunlight. Superman had made it clear where the energy for my powers came from. I have to admit that being in direct sunlight made me feel more energized and powerful that ever. It was like drinking a shot of double-expresso.

Once my place was secured with towel, sunglasses, and other items, I stepped towards the edge of the chair near the pool. Time for the show. I undid my robe and allowed it to flow off my body. Underneath, I was wearing a black bikini top and bottom that left little to the imagination. My stomach with its six pack abs, tight and firm buttocks, muscles on my calves and arms, and deep cleavage from the top were all on display for everyone to see. I could feel the eyes of several men and women turn towards me as I disrobed and then dived into the pool. I swam through the pool’s water like a fish, and might have stayed slightly longer than I should have for a normal human. However, when I burst through the water, I threw my head back throwing my long, now blonde hair back with it. I spent more time swimming through the pool before deciding to go back to my chair.

As I walked out of the shallow end of the pool, I felt the eyes of at least one group of men watching me. They were clearly college kids, probably fraternity members from some Ivy League school. Each of them were in excellent shape wearing a pair of swim trucks while showing off their impressive pecs and muscles. I gave a small smile at them as I saw them watching me leave the pool and walk back to my chair. I sat down, put on my sunglasses, and laid back to enjoy the sun as I dried off. It hardly took an ounce of my super hearing to listen in on their conversation.

“Man, did you see the tits on her?”

“Could not help but watch that tight ass. Could pound on that all-night long.”

“I don’t know Jake. She looks like she has more muscles than you.”

The trio of guys laughed and joked around a little more at my expense. If I was not as powerful as I was, I might have even bit a bit offended by their remarks. However, I knew that I was the one really in charge. One gesture from me would send them begging for the right to touch me. Another gesture could just as easily launch them into space. After a couple minutes of my relaxing in the sun, I felt a shadow fall over my body. I opened my eyes to find one of the guys from earlier standing over me and blocking my sun. He appeared to be holding a bottle of sunscreen in his hand.

“Ah, hey. I noticed you were sitting here a while, and wondering if you wanted some of my sunscreen?”

I definitely had no need for sunscreen anymore, but thought the gesture was a nice one. I spied through my sunglasses that his friends were at their table across the pool, and staring intently on what would happen next. One was trying to hide his giggling. He probably had bet that I would blow this kid off. I sat up slightly, and decided to play along.

I smiled brightly at him even if my sunglasses hid my eyes, “Why that is very nice of you. I had completely forgotten mine before coming out here. Would you like to help me put it on?”

The kid was clearly taken aback by my forwardness, but seemed to recover his composure quickly enough. “Ah, sure.”

I moved a bit forward on the chair to give him some room, and leaned forward as well to indicate that I wanted him to start with my back. The kid did not hesitant to take the cue that I had given. He sat down behind me, took some lotion, and began rubbing it into my back.

“My name is Jake, by the way.”


I saw that his friends were agape with their mouths open. They had clearly been betting that their friend would strike out with a person like myself. I decided to give them a show of what they were missing, and crossed my arms underneath my breasts. I subtly pushed up against my breasts causing a much larger amount of cleavage to show. I smiled as my super hearing quickly picked up their quickened heartbeats at the show.

“Mmmm, that feels very good. Can you rub that in a little harder? My muscles are still a bit sore from my work out.”

Jake rubbed harder with his hand, and was clearly putting those muscles that he worked on to good use. It felt good to have him massage my back. His friends were talking amongst themselves, and trying to decide whether to come over or not. I asked Jake,  “So where are you from, Jake?”


I was genuinely surprised to find someone so close to home out here on the other side of the world. I smiled at the irony, “Really, I’m originally from Concord.”

“Wow, small world, huh?”

I laughed at the comment, “You have no idea. What are you doing out here?”

“In-between semester break. Came out here with my friends who are across the pool.”

“Yes, I noticed you all earlier today when I was swimming. Your friend really liked my ass from what I could hear.”

That caught Jake by surprise. He hesitated for a moment before continuing his massage, “Ah, I … ah … sorry about that.”

I laughed at how he was caught off guard. “It’s the pool. Sound travelled farther than you guys expected. Besides, I work hard to get the body that I have. An odd compliment like that can be nice once in a while.”

“Do you play sports?”

“Sometimes.” I turned around so that I could look at him more closely in the eyes. The massage was nice, but it was making me want a bit more action. “I think that I have had enough sun for the time being. Would you like to continue this conversation inside?”

“Ah, sure!” Jake was clearly trying to hold in his excitement. He had gotten farther than both he and his friends had ever expected. I stood up from the chair, but not before noticing Jake give my body a quick once over with his eyes. If we had stayed any longer, Jake would have been having to hold a towel to cover his crotch from public view.

“Why don’t you grab my things?” I put on my robe, but did not bother to tie it up. Jake quickly picked up the few items that I had brought down with me, and followed as I walked back into the hotel. I turned towards the elevators leading back to the room. “I just need to put these up, and then we can get some coffee.”

Jake happily nodded his head in agreement. I could see his friends outside were having a field day that Jake had not only been accepted, but was now disappearing inside the hotel with me. If this was some horror film, this would be the last time that Jake’s friends saw him alive. I smiled at the idea before entering the elevator. Both Jake and I were alone in the elevator as the doors closed so I decided to make my move. With Jake’s hands full, I turned towards him with my open robe and came closed. I placed my hand on his pecs, and leaned in to kiss him. His muscles felt good underneath my hand. Jake responded by kissing me back, and moved his hands closer to my body before realizing what he was holding my things in them. I stopped my kiss, and smiled as I quietly said, “Don’t drop my things.”

The doors to the elevator opened, and I walked out with Jake in tow. I did not say anything until I reached the hotel room. I turned towards Jake, opened my robe a bit more, and pulled out my room’s keycard from inside my bikini top. Jake’s eyes never left my cleavage as I did so, and was probably shocked to learn where I had been keeping it. It did not take x-ray vision to hide that Jake was rock hard inside his swim trunks. I opened the door to my hotel room, walked in, and held the door open for Jake.

“Aren’t you going to come in?”

Jake came into the room, and quickly placed the items from the pool on a nearby table. As he turned around, I was on top of him as the door to the room closed. The robe fell to the floor as I embraced Jake, and gave him a deep kiss while my breasts pressed against him. Jake was slightly shorter than I was so I had to lean downwards for the kiss. Jake instantly responded by kissing me too, and wrapping his arms around me. I could feel his throbbing member pressing against my body.

Jake reached down and cupped my ass with both hands. I jumped up to wrap my legs around his body as he held me above the ground. I cheated a bit, and used a tiny amount of my flight power to make my body weigh slightly less to him. Jake clearly like the idea that he was holding me with his strong muscles. I reached behind, and undid my bikini top for him. He gazed in awe at my breasts as the top fell to the ground. I began to rub my breasts against his face, which drove him wild with passion. As my breasts rubbed against his face, Jake grabbed and sucked them where he could. He lowered his arms slightly, and I could feel his penis pressing against me as it poked outside his trunks.

I smiled at him, and reached down to undo one of the sides of my bikini bottom. It too fell to the ground leaving me completely naked for him. Jake took his cue from my action, and quickly reached down to pull his trunks down further exposing his member to me. He then guided me into him as he stood there with his hands on my super strong ass. Both of us exclaimed out passionately as his dick penetrated into me. I began moving my legs to help me gently thrust up and down on his member as he took one of my breasts into his mouth, and began to suck hard against it. I rubbed my hands across his back, and felt his muscles move with each of his own motions.

“Yes, harder. Bite me harder.” Was all I could say as my own passion began to take over. I placed a hand on the back of his head, and pushed him in further. Jake walked backwards and practically fell into the bed. We both crawled further onto the bed with me on top of him. I began to pump my nether regions on Jake as lightly as I could without using my super strength. I knew that one wrong move would crush bones and kill him. Doing that would put the whole plan in jeopardy.

Jake squeezed and bit on my breasts harder each time. My moans clearly told him that I enjoyed it more than it pained me, which it did not in the slightest. I decided to switch things up before we got too much out of control. Only having these powers for a couple of days made me more cautious about having a crippling accident if things got too passionate. I pulled out him, and crawled further up on the bed until my pussy was directly over his face.

Jake did not need any prompting from me as my pussy lowered onto his face. He grabbed my hip with one hand, and began to eat me out. I moaned and cried out as his tongue worked against my sex. I could not see where his other hand was, but the feeling of his arm moving clearly told me that he was jerking himself off. I felt myself getting ready to cum as he continued, but still did not want to take any chances. I lifted myself off of Jake’s face, and came forward some more. Jake got up and turned towards me as I presented my firm and super tight ass to him.

“Come on, Jake. Time to pound that ass all night long as your friend wanted.”

Jake wasted no time, and practically dove his hard member into my ass. He could barely get it in, but Jake clearly was not paying attention. As he pounded, I reached under with my own fingers and began fingering my pussy to bring me to my own desired orgasm. After a minute of hard and rapid pounding, I felt Jake finish inside me while he cried out. I pulled out of him as he grabbed my ass with his hands. I used my fingers to bring myself to climax as well with a loud cry. I was glad that I did what I did since my muscle spasms from my orgasm would have crushed Jake’s member between my perfect cheeks.

Jake was sprawled across the bed and clearly exhausted from our adventure. I sat up against the headboard, and watched him try to recover his breath. I felt wonderful with a warm calm flowing over me. Jake looked at me, and I smiled back at him too. While I did, I thought about whether this is what sex with Mike would be like in the future. Always having to be careful to make sure my super strength does not crush or kill my lover while finishing the job that his member won’t be able to fully do.

After Jake recovered, we chatted some more and then went a second time with similar results. Jake wore himself out pleasuring both me and him while I remained as calm and composed as if reading a good novel. It was certainly not the workout that I got with Superman, but it touched all the right points to keep me pleased. During the second try, I was deeply tempted to lift Jake up by one hand and give him the best blowjob of his life. However, that would have been a bit too much.

Jake and I decided to get dinner with his friends tonight. I sent him away to get cleaned up and changed while I popped in for a nice, hot shower myself. After my shower, I went through more of the notes in the laptop and began studying what Superman had put together for what was effectively a one-person bank heist. This killed more time until I was ready to leave for my dinner date.


I met Jake and the rest of his friends at a restaurant in the hotel. I had decided to wear a nice black mini dress that left my shoulders bare along with my legs. A pair of matching high heels and small black purse completed the ensemble with a my (fake) blonde hair flowing down my back. The dress had an unintended side effect of also accentuating my cleavage, but I guess that was more of a side bonus for these guys that anything else.

The boys were dressed for the climate and wearing shirts this time. Swim trunks had been replaced with slacks and button shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Under normal circumstances, they were not exactly the crowd that I would go for. However, it was nice to be getting dinner with some fellow Bostonians in such a faraway land. It reminded me of Mike and home, which was something of a sweet and sour memory at this point.

Dinner conversation was very amusing. We talked about life back home. All of Boston had been talking about the terrorist attack on LexCorp offices before they left. Everyone in Boston had a theory as to what happened, which all seemed to depend on how you viewed Lex Luthor and LexCorp. I heard everything from disgruntled employees, bad business deals coming back to haunt Lex, or some Middle Eastern terrorist trying to make a name for themselves. Even Superman had shown up to lend a hand with rescue efforts, and give a statement to the press standing beside Lex Luthor that he would help find whoever was responsible.

Jake’s friends were named Chris and Jerome. Both attending Harvard as well. Jerome was there on a football scholarship since his family did not have the money to pay for Harvard. Out of the group, Jerome was a large African-American man and the largest out of the bunch. Jake and Chris were as white as New England snow, and clearly came from old money back in Boston. Jake and Chris were both studying for law degrees while Jerome was looking towards finance and business. I sat closest to Jake, and had some fun while the others chatted about Boston. At one point, fun included taking my hand from Jake’s leg and rubbing his crotch to make him hard under the table. It was subtle enough that the others did not pick up on it, but I got a kick out of seeing Jake try to hold the conversation without being clearly uncomfortable or aroused in front of his friends.

After dinner, we decided to hit the local night scene. The boys took me to a local club called People by Crystal, which they claimed had won awards in previous years. Upon arriving there was a long line outside the main entrance of people wanting to get in. Beautiful people, tourists, local men in traditional garb. It felt like a United Nations meeting with all the different people all wanting through that door.

Jake threw his hands up, “Ah, damnit! We might as well go somewhere else.”

“Let me handle this, boys.” I walked by them with the level of confidence that only a goddess among mortals could possess. I walked right up to the large bouncer at the front of the line. He had more muscles that Superman, put a capital BEEF in cake, and had a no nonsense look that told everyone to stay in line. I walked straight up to him, leaned in, and whispered in his ear. I seriously hoped that he spoke English, because I certainly did not speak Arabic. A few seconds later, the bouncer removed the rope barrier blocking the entrance and gestured both me and my new friends inside.

“What did you say to him?” Jake asked as we walked inside.

“Ha. I told him that I was really Supergirl, and would throw him into the sun if he did not let us inside.”

The boys got a good laugh at that. What they did not see thanks to some good positioning of my body between them and the bouncer was when I grabbed his crotch and squeezed. He had been wearing a cup, but that did not last longer between my fingers. It was a good thing that the blaring music from the club kept anyone from hearing the loud snap as I cracked it. Ironically enough, I told them the truth about what I told the bouncer.

The nightclub was a hive of activity inside. It was clear why there was a line outside the door. The lights gave the entire place a blue and purple hue that made it hard to tell what color the dark leather seats were. The dance floor was packed as techno music blared through the club and reverberated off the walls. Just like outside, the people inside were from all over the world in all sorts of different outfits. American and European tourists, rich Arab kids in local dress, women in all sorts of undress that bordered what the locals probably considered legal in Dubai. I felt transported to another place in this club. I could just have easily walked outside of here to find myself in New York City or somewhere in western Europe. Nowhere near the Middle East in a land that just a couple hundred miles west, women were not even allowed to drive or leave the house without a male escort.

“I am going to dance. Someone grab us a table and some drinks.” I shouted to them, and then turned towards the dance floor. I left them to decide on who actually does what while I enjoyed myself. Thankfully, Jake did not seem to feel possessive enough follow me on the floor.

Dancing to the music was great. I gyrated and moved my body across the floor like a cat. Both men and women seemed to make room for me. However, my super strength also made sure that no one could push me aside either. I spotted a few girls on the floor who were trying to have a good time, and decided to move towards them. They had been surrounded by some locals who were clearly trying to impress them. I placed my arms around one girl’s shoulders, and proceeded to dance with them as I looked into her eyes. She seemed relieved to have been saved from the group of men that had been ogling her. We danced together for a few more songs while her girlfriends took the opportunity to get some drinks and a break. She was rather cute. She had a rail thin body, and a short bob hair cut with raven black hair. She mouthed thanks to me as we continued to dance.

After a couple more songs, I leaned in close to her “Why don’t you join me and my friends?” Without any hesitation, she took my hand as I led her out of the dance floor. A good thing about x-ray vision is that it allowed me to quickly see through the crowd and find where Jake and his friends had sat. It was a U-shaped leather couch that they had grabbed. Jerome had an attractive Arab girl sitting next to him while they joked around. They all turned to me and my new friend as I emerged from the crowd.

“Boys, this is …” I turned towards the girl.

“Cheryl.” She said with a smile and wave.

“Cheryl, this is Jake, Chris, Jerome, and …” Looking directly at the Arab girl.

Jerome piped in, “Karima. She found me at the bar.”

I leaned in and whispered a suggestion in Cheryl’s ear that she sit with Chris. Chris immediately laid his arm across the couch’s back where she sat down close to him. I sat down next to Jake, and placed my hand back on his leg. Despite the music, the club was well designed for conversation where we were. The music gave us privacy, but was low enough that we could hold a conversation without screaming to each other. The conversation continued as we enjoyed our drinks. I sent Jake back to the bar to get something for Cheryl. Cheryl was also a med student, but from UCLA out in California. She and her girlfriends had also come out to Dubai for some in-between semester fun. Karima did not talk too much about what she did, but she was clearly a local girl from the area.

We talked and joked around more. Cheryl and Chris were clearly getting along well, and Karima never left Jerome’s side. It was not until about an hour later that I heard something with my super hearing that caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up.

“My name is Monica Braun.”

I turned from the group as they laughed at some joe, and looked up towards the second-floor balcony that overlooked the dance floor. It was unmistakable. One of the Ambrosia Amazons, Monica Braun, was up on the balcony area and shaking the hands of a local man in traditional Arab dress. Monica was probably the closest to the stereotypical description of an Amazon. She was a tall, statuesque blonde with long hair and blue eyes. Unlike Superior Girl’s assistant Caroline, Monica had a decent amount of muscle on her body from working out regularly. I had met her along with the other Ambrosia Amazons on my first trip to Metropolis when Superior Girl introduced me to the other Ambrosia Amazons. It had been a few months ago, but I was not sure if Monica would recognize me now. Monica was sharply dressed in a custom-tailored suit that accentuated all of her feminine parts. She seemed to be alone while the man was flanked by two well-armed and strongly built men in business suits and no nonsense looks on their faces. Monica sat down in a chair out of arm’s reach to the Arab man, but kept herself facing the man.

As Jake and the others laughed at some joke, my brain was working overtime about what to do. Confront Monica here in the club. Was Superior Girl nearby? What was Monica doing in Dubai? Would she recognize me if she saw me? I knew little to nothing about her. I turned back towards my new friends as they chatted, and began to drink more from my glass. While they talked, I played the part of arm candy to Jake and listened to the conversation upstairs.

Monica was clearly all business tonight, “Yes, I am glad that we could meet. Lex sent me to review the security arrangements at your vault.”

Of course, I should have recognized the man. Monica was speaking with Sheik Abdullah al Malik. Someone clearly thought high of themselves since “al malik” translates to “the king,” and his bodyguards clearly showed a man of wealth and position. The man had a well-trimmed beard with a red and white ghutrah on his head. Monica almost seemed annoyed to be here in the first place. Sheik Abdullah was clearly happy to see her, “Please sit next to me. It is not very often that such a beautiful and powerful woman, such as yourself, graces my presence.”

Monica was clearly not impressed, but her tone came off as strictly business, “I am most comfortable where I am now, but thank you for the offer. Mr. Luthor has been very concerned over the security since the recent terrorist attack against his offices.”

“Yes, that was a tragic event. I am deeply happy that Mr. Luthor was not harmed. Surely, those who attacked his offices have no interest in my little company. Inshallah.”

Monica was not fazed, “That may be true, but we still want to make sure everything is in order until we determine who is behind the recent attack.”

“I surely hope that you don’t think such attack came from my brethren here.”

“We have suspects, but none of them point back to anywhere nearby.”

The Sheik seemed honestly relieved about that, “Oh, that is good news. There has been far too much trouble from those radicals. It is bad for business.”

“I will arrive tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM sharp when your company’s doors open. Mr. Luthor insists that everything be in order, and ready for my review to begin.” Monica stood up from her seat, and began to turn to leave.

The Sheik was clearly getting upset at Monica’s tone, and reached out to grab her hand. Monica quickly snapped at the motion, and slapped the hand away from herself. She seemed furious at the man’s attempt to touch her, “You need to remember your place, and who helped setup your little company in the first place. Try to touch me again, and you will lose the hand that tries.”

After a burning glare from Monica to the bodyguards who made no move towards her, she turned and walked towards the club’s exit. I decided that it was time for us to go as well. After it was clear that Monica was gone, the Sheik started saying something in Arabic, which I am sure were various curses and profanities directed at Monica. I would need to get in touch with Superman since our time table had been moved up. I squeezed Jake’s leg, and suggested that we continue this back at my hotel room. Jake quickly got everyone else on board with the idea.

Cheryl disappeared to find her friends, and let them know where she was going. She met up with us again at the club’s front entrance. Karima never left Jerome’s side, and seemed a lot less drunk that the rest of the group. She was very attractive with a sleek red dress and long black hair that almost went to the small of her back. Once we were all back together, we grabbed a large cab that could hold all of us and proceed back to the Atlantis Hotel.


I called ahead to the hotel’s concierge to arrange some alcohol brought to my room. The man seemed reluctant at first, but then changed his mind when he learned exactly what room that it would be brought to. It seemed that Superman had not skimped on the room that was reserved, or my fake profile sounded a lot more important than normal. When I opened the door to my hotel room, there were several bottles of our desired liquor waiting for us on the table. The boys immediately stumbled over to the bottles, and began pouring glasses for the ladies. Both Cheryl and I took off our shoes, and dropped them off by the closet.

As we did, Cheryl gave me a look that seemed to show more interest in me than Chris. I got the distinct feeling that Cheryl was here solely because of me rather than her attachment to Chris. I knew that this was going to be an interesting night. Cheryl and I rejoined the guys and Karima back in the suite’s living room. Something about Karima seemed off to me, and was touching off my danger sense. She appeared to enjoy Jerome’s company, but was not enthusiastically responding to his advances. She seemed to be keeping him at bay without outright rejecting him. Finally, Karima disappeared into the bathroom. I watched her through the walls with my x-ray vision, and saw her bring out a small cell phone that she had hidden in her dress. As she began dialing, I casually slipped away from the group and went to the bathroom myself.

Karima was shocked at the door opening as I walked inside and closed it again. Of course, she was probably trying to remember if she locked the door. She had, but a simple door handle lock did not stand a chance at a casual twist of my hand. I looked at Karima, and she knew that the gig was up. There was someone on the other end of the phone calling out her name.

“Karima! Karima!”

I put my finger to my lips to indicate silence from her, and took the phone from her hand. As she watched, I closed my hand around the phone. The sound of cracking emerged as I crushed the device in my hand. I opened my hand back to reveal the shattered phone, but it was almost unrecognizable from what it had been earlier. I looked back into Karima’s eyes, and could listen to her heart beating rapidly.

“Care to explain?”

Karima hesitated for a moment as she looked back at the phone, “Ah, it was my … ah … brother.” Karima was struggling to speak in English, which was not her first language.

“And you brother wanted?”

I could hear her heart pick up pace as she answered, “He wanted to see if I am ok.”

I stepped forward as I calmly ordered her, “Karima, don’t lie to me.”

Karima swallowed hard, “He wanted to know where I was.”


“So, he could rob you and the others when you fall asleep. I let him into the hotel past security after being allowed inside myself with some tourists that I meet at a club.”

I placed my hands on Karima’s waist, and lifted her off the ground effortlessly. Karima gave a squeak as her feet dangled over the ground. I continued as I stared at her face, “Ok, Karima. Here is how this is going to happen. You are going to walk out of here, and show Jerome a good time. How far you go is up to you. You will then sneak out of here, leave the hotel, and never bother my friends again.”

“Yes, I promise.”

“If you do, then I will find and crush both of you and your brother just like I did to this phone.” I was deadly calm as I talked. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

I let Karima down gently as I listened to the laughter outside. Our little conversation had not been noticed by anyone who were all clearly in drunk territory. Overall, it did not seem like a bad scheme. Dumb, horny tourists are the target. Get them wildly drunk, and then rob them blind. I am pretty sure that Karima even has a rooffie or two hidden away beside that phone. I flushed the toilet, and then opened the door for Karima and I to leave. As we did, the boys noticed our leaving and gave a loud shout of excitement.

Chris piped up, “And what were you two girls doing in there?”

I replied, “Being naughty.” I walked right between the boys, and stepped in front of Cheryl. I leaned forward, took Cheryl’s chin in my hand, and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. Cheryl immediately responded by trying to push her tongue into my mouth, which I eagerly accepted. As the boys watched in awe and lust, Karima walked over to Jerome and wrapped her hands around him from behind. She too kissed his neck to which he turned and responded in kind. Cheryl was definitely eager for my kiss. She kept upping the intensity as it continued, and brought a hand up to grope one of my breast. I pulled her out of her seat, and wrapped my arms around her and moved them down to grab her ass. The boys were silent as we kissed until I broke it off and turned to them.

“Are you boys going to just watch, or would you like to join in?”

Chris and Jake looked at each other with their mouths agape, and then immediately began to remove their clothes as fast as possible. Jerome just laughed at the two kids, and navigated Karima over to a chair where he sat down with her on his lap. As Chris and Jake stood naked in front of Cheryl and myself, I directed Cheryl towards Chris with a push of my hand while I moved towards Jake. Cheryl embraced Chris and began to kiss him just as deeply as she did me. Although, I suspect that it was my mouth she was imaging against her lips rather than his. I picked Jake up by his buttocks, and walked him over into the bedroom where I tossed him onto the bed. He was surprised with my strength, but by no means turned off. His member stood to attention in front of me as I crawled on to the bed and hovered over him using my flight powers.

Jake worked his magic on me, and was able to get me thoroughly turned on in a short manner. As I did so, I felt a presence enter the room. I turned my head to see a naked Cheryl and Chris at the entranceway. Cheryl eagerly looked at Jake and I, and asked “Can we join in?” I almost laughed at how both boys were clearly too drunk to notice me slightly hovering above Jake as he explored my body.

As Cheryl and Chris climbed onto the bed alongside Jake and I, I spotted Jerome in the living room still sitting on the chair. Karima had pulled her dress up, and was riding Jerome’s rather impressive cock with obvious pleasure. It felt odd that Karima was fucking Jerome so vigorously considering her original plans here, but then I began to smell it. A faint whiff of honey and sex through the room. The same smell that I spotted when Superman was so turned on by my workout, which has gotten me so sexually excited as well. It was fairly clear that my super body was making super pheromones that could excite anyone around me when I am aroused. The idea of that just made me hornier as Cheryl smashed her face into my pussy and set her tongue to work.

The rest of the night was mostly a blur. Chris, Jake, Cheryl, and myself turned into a mass of movement on the bed as we each pleasured the other equally. My pheromones seemed to remove any inhibition that those two boys had. They wacked each other off as Cheryl and I fucked each other until we cried out in passion. Cheryl and I then returned the favor to the boys while continuing to make out. I do admit that I cheated a bit with Cheryl, however. Vibrating my hand at a low super speed inside her pussy, or lifting her on top of me like a rag doll. Regardless, everything I did to her drove her crazy with lust. Even after the boys were spent, Cheryl and I kept going. Finally, she collapsed from pleasure and fell into a deep sleep next to a naked and sleeping Chris and Jake. Both boys wrapped themselves around her naked form as I got up from the bed.

Karima had finished off with Jerome a while ago, but had appeared at our doorway to watch the orgy taking place on my bed. I am fairly certain that she felt herself up a couple of times based on the side glances that I was able to make in her direction. However, I had my hands full with other matters at the time. After finishing off Cheryl, I put some clothes back on and left the hotel room. Karima has snuck out a few moments earlier, and I wanted to make sure she understood what I had told her. Jerome was passed out in the chair that he had been fucking Karima in with is pants still down showing a rather impressive member between his legs.

Using my x-ray vision, I found Karima and followed her out of the hotel. It was somewhere around 3:00 AM in the morning in Dubai. There was sparse activity both inside and out of the hotel. Even party people have to sleep at some point. Karima turned towards the hotel’s underground parking garage while I followed discretely. She came up to an expensive red corvette with an Arab man inside. The top was down, and the guy inside the car looked extremely angry and impatient. Upon seeing Karima, he got out of the car and stormed towards her. Their exchange was in Arabic so I had little idea what was being said. However, it was not too hard to figure out. Karima was in near panic and terrified of her brother, while her brother was going crazy with anger. I stepped up my pace as I walked towards them. Just as Karima’s brother was about to hit her, I called out “Hey!”

The brother stopped what he was doing, and looked directly at me. “What the fuck do you want, whore?” Karima began saying something to her brother, and pulling his arm to urge him to leave. Her brother ignored this, and started walking towards me. I kept walking towards him and his car without saying a word. Karima took a step back in fear of what might happen next.

“You fucking whore! How about you let …”

I did not let her brother finish the sentence. I gave him a good hard slap across the face. Hard enough that I could feel his jawbone breaking at my strike, but not enough to kill him. Karima screamed as her brother flew across the packing area, and smashed into a parked car. He was alive, but had probably broken even more bones.

I continued walking past her brother who was unconscious on the ground. I looked directly at Karima as I walked past her. “Tell anyone what happened, and this is what happens to you and your brother.” I walked past her towards the car. Putting my foot forward, I gave the car a good, hard shove on the driver’s side door. The car was completely unable to resist my incredible strength, and went sliding against a concrete pillar at what felt like a good 60 miles per hour. The car wrapped itself around the pillar like some fluffy pillow. It was beyond totaled. It was barely recognizable as a car. I continued to walk towards the smashed car.

Karima had a look of sheer terror on her face. I reached down with one hand, and dug my fingers into the door that I kicked. The steel bent and screamed at my strength, but was unable to resist it. Once I had a good grip, I pulled back and completely ripped the door off the car. I took it in both hands, and proceeded to crush and bent it until it was near unrecognizable. Karima just stood there, unable to move or scream. Once the door was thoroughly distorted and no longer showing any sign of my footprint, I casually tossed it aside. I started walking back towards the entrance of the parking garage. As I got next to Karima, I stopped and looked at her. “It was lucky that your brother lost control of his car, or else he could have run you over. Isn’t that right?”

Karima understood what I was implying, and nodded her head in agreement. I walked out of the parking garage and back to the hotel entrance. As I got closer, I started into a light jog and ran up to the security guards at the front entrance who were looking with interest towards the parking garage. I gave a panicked face and quickly stammered out, “Excuse me, but I think there was an accident in the parking garage. Somebody has been hurt!”

While my performance would not win any Oscar, it was enough to get two of the door guards to run off to the parking lot to investigate. I went back inside, and then proceeded to back to my room. As I waited for the elevator, one of the guards came running back inside and told the front desk to call an ambulance. I found my hotel room just as I had left it. I opened up the laptop, and sent a message to Superman through our previously agreed to method. A few minutes later, I got the reply that I expected. No more sightseeing in Dubai. Go time was tomorrow morning before Monica could potentially do anything to the data that we wanted. I closed the laptop, and went back to the bedroom. The boys were fast asleep with Cheryl still in between. Using my new powers, I floated off the floor and hovered horizontally over Cheryl. Her eyes briefly opened to look at me in a sleepy, dreamlike gaze. I floated down and embraced her. She embraced me back, and we made out until both of us fell back to sleep.


The next morning came much too soon for my taste. I woke the boys up, and sent them back to their rooms. They still needed more sleep, and were in no mood to disobey. Cheryl, on the other hand, was allowed to stay as I ordered breakfast for both of us. We sat together at the same next to the window watching the fish as we ate our breakfast. Cheryl had a t-shirt on that I let her borrow from my wardrobe. My frame was way too big for her, but it gave her more than enough modesty. I sat naked only wearing my robe that I used at the pool. The robe was open and displaying my body to Cheryl, which she clearly enjoyed.

Cheryl finally spoke up, “You know, I had the craziest dream last night that you were floating above me.”

Cheryl’s comments had my mind racing at a million miles per second inside my head.  Part of me wanted to tell her everything, or at least tell someone. I had this burning desire to let out what I had been keeping secret from the world for the last few days. On the other hand, the more cautious side knew that I needed to keep this secret from everyone. Telling her put me in danger. It put her in danger. However, thinking back to last night was wonderful. I enjoyed the attention of both Cheryl and the boys. Smashing that car just made me excited all over again about the power that flowed through my body. In the end, I decided what to say next best summed up in the phrase “Fuck it.”

I smiled at Cheryl and gave a light laugh at the idea. I then stood up and walked around the table to stand in front of her. My robe was open and revealing my perfect body to her as I raised my hands into the air, and casually said “You mean like this.”

Cheryl’s mouth went wide open as I slowly floated off the ground. I looked up at the ceiling as it drew closer, and then turned to smile back at Cheryl. I could hear her heartbeat increasing in tempo. After hovering for a moment in the air, I let myself back down to the floor. I reached down and placed a hand underneath the chair that Cheryl was sitting in. In a quick motion both the chair and Cheryl were raised above my head. Cheryl gripped the chair’s seat with her hands to try and steady herself. I tipped the chair over, and Cheryl quickly fell out of it. I caught her, and let the chair fall to the ground with a loud thud. As I cradled Cheryl in my powerful arms, her face was almost directly next to my hardening nipple. I looked down at her as she looked up at me with lust in her eyes.

“Go on, aren’t you going to please your goddess?”

Cheryl smiled and turned her face towards my exposed nipple. She took it in her mouth, and began suckling. Her other hand reached under t-shirt, and began to stroke her own pussy. I rose back into the air, and floated into the bedroom. I casually tossed Cheryl onto the bed. She began to remove her t-shirt before I intervened.

“No, I have something else in mind.” I said as I floated above the bed, and removed the robe from my body. I then lowered down to straddle Cheryl as she lay on the bed. I took hold of her t-shirt, and in one quick motion ripped it in half and threw it from her body. She was wildly turned on by my display.

“Oh Supergirl! You don’t know how much I have fantasized about you.”

While I was not Supergirl, I let Cheryl believe that for the time being. “Tell me what turns you on.”

“I used to search for pictures on the Internet of you lifting cars and trucks, and imagining your powerful muscles holding me.”

As she talked, I raised my arms up and pumped my biceps. My muscles exploded on my arms, much larger than anything Supergirl had ever shown. “You mean these super muscles? Muscles that I used to crush cars with?”

“Yes,” was all that Cheryl could breathlessly exhale as she reached up and stoked my biceps. She squeezed them with her hands, but could not make barely a dent in their flesh. She then reached further up, and began to kiss the muscles on my arms, moving slowly between each of them.

“What else do you like on me?”

Cheryl moved back to look at my body. She began to run her hands over my breasts, and then began to cup and squeeze them. “Your breasts. I would touch myself while watching videos of you deflecting bullets off of your perfect breasts. I imagined what it would be like for you to take those guns, and crush them between your super-powerful tits.”

To which that I had actually done. I laughed at the idea. “My tits are more powerful than you can imagine. Crushing a gun between them is child’s play.”

We continued this game as Cheryl described each part of my body, and what she had fantasized about doing with it in the past. As a formerly normal woman myself, I do have to admit that I felt many similar things when it came to Supergirl. She had all the power of Superman. I also imagined sometimes what it would be like to be with her.

After Cheryl had explored my body, I lifted her off the bed and stood next to it while I held her by her ass. She was athletic but very thin. I lifted her high into the air so that her pussy was level with my face. I then brought her closer, and began to use my tongue against her nether regions. Cheryl went crazy with lust as my tongue worked its magic on her. She was tall enough that she could brace herself against the ceiling to steady her balance. She adjusted her body so that I could get deeper inside of her with my tongue. It penetrated and explored her pussy. After all of that foreplay with my body, she came barely a minute or two after I started with her. After her initial shaking stopped, I brought her back down and gave her a deeper kiss.

She looked deep into my eyes, and was panting heavily from the excitement. I looked back to her own eyes, and told her “I am not Supergirl, but I am your goddess. Will you obey your goddess?”

“Yes, mistress.” Her eyes betrayed no lies. She was mine, body and spirit.

“Your goddess has an appointment to get to this morning. Will you help her get cleaned up in the shower?”

“Anything, mistress.”

I lead Cheryl into the bathroom. We both took a long, hot shower together as we explored each other’s bodies more. Cheryl massaged my body with her hands as I pleasured myself with my fingers. Once our shower was complete, we both got dressed. I prepared for my appointment at the Data Vault, while Cheryl put the clothes from last night back on. I told her that I was going to be leaving immediately after my appointment. We made arrangements to meet back in California in a few weeks when Cheryl returned home. I called her a cab from my room, and gave her a deep goodbye kiss before she walked out. I doubt that anything she does in Dubai will measure up to the last 12 hours.

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