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Civil War – Chapter 5

Written by TheOne25 :: [Saturday, 11 February 2017 13:39] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 February 2017 17:05]

Allison stormed out the hotel, not knowing how to react to Trevor’s over zealous accusation. How could THE Robert Kalowski ever betray Ardent?

She looked around the road saw that it was empty and then used her super speed to get back to Ardent HQ.

As she streaked through the city she was still adjusting to how much faster she was than ordinary humans and other Evos.

It was a mild, spring afternoon. A large group of college students had left the lecture hall to go live out the rest of the day.

Allison was walking briskly to her dorm, eager to avoid talking to the other students. The boys were always trying to hook up with her even when she wore baggy clothes that covered much of her body and thick glasses that made her eyes look huge while the girls tried to ask her how she gets her hair to look like that or how much did she pay for her breasts. She grew up being the centre of attention everywhere she went and hated it.

As she arrived in her dorm she quickly closed the door and threw herself on her bed. Her roommate, Alicia, walked out of the bathroom.

“Hey Ms Centre-Of-Attention!” the black beauty joked.

“I hate it!” Allison chided with her face shoved in her pillow.

“Oh come on! Like every girl wants to be you and every guy wants you. What’s not to love about that?” Alicia asked as she sat next to Allison and comforted her friend.

“It’s just not me Alicia … I can’t do anything in public alone.”

“Well that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Allison you are incredibly beautiful, almost as beautiful as me, “ Alicia smiled as she sat up but then took a serious tone, “That beauty is something you have to embrace because it is you. You are beautiful inside and outside. So what if everybody oogles you and throws themselves at your feet? If you want to be happy you have to accept everything about yourself, everything.”

Allison removed her glasses and hugged her friend tightly. “I don’t know what I would do without you!”

“I know!” Alicia cockily informed with a huge grin.

“So, do you have any plans?” Allison asked.

“Yeah, I’m going out to see the family this weekend. First class ticket to France!” Alicia bragged. “And you?”

“Just gonna do some studying.”

“You have GOT to get a boyfriend to pull you away from your books girl.” Alicia laughed.

“Just so that he can stare at my boobs the entire time? No thanks.” Allison laughed in reply.

“Well honestly it is quite hard to look away from them. Honestly Alli it’s like they don’t conform to the laws of gravity at all!” Alicia admitted as she got up to leave the dorm. “I’m gonna go grab some lunch, would you like anything?”

“A roommate who will stop staring at my boobs yeah.”

“There’s no one in the world who wouldn’t stare at those girls.” Alicia ended as she left the dorm.

Allison got up and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t help but admit that she was indeed incredibly beautiful. She absently stared at herself as she recalled an unpleasant memory.

Class 3 Evo. That was what her doctor had classified her as when her family went to see him. Allison was only 7 years old at the time. They were there because Allison had fallen from the balcony, a height of 12 feet from the ground. She told her parents that she was okay but they insisted in taking her to the doctor. The doctor had taken some tests and proved to Allison’s parents that she was fine but the doctor informed them that it wasn’t normal for a 7 year old girl to stand up unscathed from a 12 foot balcony so the doctor asked them if he could measure her radiation levels. After some time the doctor informed that Allison had abnormally high levels of radiation so he asked if they could keep Allison in for the night.

Allison had seen how worried and scared her parents were and immediately felt scared herself. The doctor had put her through multiple tests that terrified little Allison. Eventually when morning came and her parents arrived the doctor told them that Allison was neither a class 1 or 2 Evo. The doctor told them that no other hospital on the west coast had ever seen radiation levels this high and rare so the doctor told them Allison was a class 3 Evo.

“Listen folks, this is something that medical professionals are taught not to believe in. I personally do believe in them but the chances of having a class 3 Evo is one in a billion so doctors dismiss that possibility.” The doctor informed her parents.

Later that evening in their home, Allison heard her parents arguing. She could hear her father toss about words like ‘freak’ whenever he made a sentence with her name in it. Allison had cried herself to sleep that night and feared what she was from then on. Determined to never reveal her true self to anyone.

Back in her college dorm, Allison continued staring at herself in the mirror and then changed into some casual clothes, that weren’t baggy, and left to go meet the mysterious person who told her he could help her.

She arrived at a very fancy property just outside of the city. It was huge, almost like a country club. The main building was four storeys and painted in a gray colour. The main reception had a few people littered about.

A tall man approached her. He looked to be in his late forties and was dressed in some smart attire. He wore an appreciative smile. “Hello Allison.”

“A-are you Mr Kalowski?” Allison nervously asked.

“Yep that’s me. Let’s take a stroll outside my dear.” Robert offered as he held his arm out beckoning her outside. She followed.

“So you’re a class 3 Evo?” Robert asked.

“Yeah supposedly.”

“Why do you suppose?” Robert warmly asked.

“Well I read online about class 3 Evos doing amazing things like running faster than a bullet or lifting large cars over their heads or … or …”


Allison looked up at him in shock. “Yeah, flying. How did you know I was gonna say that?”

“I’ve seen those blogs too.”

“Yeah well I’m a class 3 Evo but I don’t think I can do any of those things …”

“Have you tried doing them?”

“Not really … I mean don’t those things sound preposterous? Far fetched?”

“Well I’m certain you’ve heard of class 2 Evos lifting something as large as a sedan with a tremendous amount of effort right?”

“Yes … so are you saying I can lift more?”

Robert just smiled as they strolled through the property. There were three other buildings in the vicinity in a park like facility. The grass was trimmly cut and a healthy green and with the limestone pathways cutting through the grass to the other buildings made the property more tranquil and serene in a way.

A young man was approaching the pair. He was wearing some gym clothes.

“Gregory, “ Robert beckoned for him, “This is Allison. I need you to race her.”

“Uhh yeah sure.” Gregory accepted.

“I-I’m not much of a runner …” Allison nervously stated.

“Good then this is gonna be easy for me.” Gregory bragged as he rubbed his hands together.

“You will race to the pool. That’s about 600 metres away. Ready?”

“No, not ready!” Allison alerted, waving her arms frantically.

Robert placed a hand on her shoulder. “Just try?” he asked.

Allison reluctantly agreed as she got into a running pose, knowing that she was going to lose.

“Go!” Robert yelled.

They both took off. Allison was shocked at how quick Gregory was. He was already far ahead of her. ‘How the hell am I supposed to beat this guy!” Allison thought to herself.

Gregory smiled cockily to himself. He could run 100 metres in 7 seconds. This girl was no competition at all but he would give it his best just so that he could laugh at her when she finally arrived several minutes after him.

Allison was about to give up as she thought that she would never catch up to him when a voice spoke to her inside of her head. “You can do it. Just believe in yourself and like your friend said, accept yourself.”

Allison willed herself to run faster, forgetting her fear of herself and suddenly feeling a heavy weight lifted off her shoulders. When she opened her eyes Allison was shocked to see the world around her blur. She was nervously looking around and stopped running when suddenly she fell into a body of water. She swam to the surface and looked about when she realised she was in a pool, the pool Robert had asked her to run to. She swam to the ledge.

Gregory was practically laughing as he arrived at the pool but his laughter was brought to an ubrupt halt for there was Allison, drying her hair while she was drenched.

“Oh you finally arrived!” Allison mocked.

Robert laughed as he emerged from the changing rooms nearby.

Gregory was at a loss for words but for a reason other than coming in second. Allison’s clothes were stuck to her body and BOY did she have a body!

“Weren’t expecting that were you Greg?” Robert asked.

" … ."

Robert produced a hearty laugh as he put an arm around Greg. “Thanks for helping out.”

Gregory walked back to the property with the image of Allison’s wet body seared into his head.

“I told you you can do it!” Robert acknowledged.

“Wait that was you in my head wasn’t it?” Allison asked.


“But how did you do that?”

“I’m a telepath.”

“W-what kind of an Evo are you?”

“Allison I’m shocked you didn’t see me on your way into the pool.”

“I couldn’t really see much. The world around me was blurred. Wait you’re like me?”

Robert nodded his head.

“I didn’t know I was that quick …”

“In truth you’re actually much faster than that though I suppose for someone who only now accepted her powers that was really fast.”

“So all those rumours were actually true? Class 3 Evos are real?”

“Very much so but before we lose our time talking I think it’s best if I let you wash up and dry your clothes.” Robert chuckled.

“Yeah that would be nice.”

Allison came out of her memory when she arrived at Ardent HQ. She saw Madison leaving one of the buildings and went to talk to her. “Hey Madi.”

“Hey.” Madison greeted.

“Uhh … I know this is gonna sound ridiculous but … do you think that … Robert would betray us?”

Madison just stared incredulously at her.

“Yeah never mind. That was a stupid question … sorry.”

“Yeah Alli it was. Anyway how did you manage to think up that load of crap?”

“One of my agents, I found him on the subway unconscious so I took him back to his hotel …”

“Oooh-laa-laaa!” Madison sang.

Allison playfully slapped her friend. “This is serious. So anyway when he woke up he told me that Robert was on the same train as him and then attacked him, like telepathically until he passed out.”

“That is bogus. What’s his name and where is he staying? I’d love to have a word with him!” Madison said with a wicked smile on her face.

“I don’t think anyone deserves that Madi.” Allison joked although there was a hint of seriousness in that statement. “You haven’t seen Robert around have you?”

“Y-No … I haven’t seen him for quite some time now.”

“Yeah … me too.”

The house still gave her nightmares. It didn’t matter that she could lift a truck without straining or that bullets could bounce off her skin. This house still haunted her. It would be the one thing that Madison King would always fear. This very house where her brother was kidnapped and held.

Madison remembered the long, agonising nights where her brother’s cellphone would just ring and ring and there was no reply. She had so much power yet she could do nothing to find her missing baby brother …

Five minutes had gone by yet Madison hadn’t realised it. She started walking towards the old, burnt house. Her heart was beating erratically and her super human eyes were darting about. When Madison realised she wasn’t breathing she took a moment to try to calm herself down but to no avail.

Madison almost let out a yelp as she heard the crunching of wood but saw that she had stepped on some weak wooden planks. The floor was littered with broken, burnt pieces of wood and clothing.

Madison found herself standing in what was left of the living room. Standing in the same spot where her brother was kneeling on the ground, his hands and feet tied together and his body covered in fire.

His screams were so pained all Madison could do was stare. Tears were welling up in her eyes as the events danced through her mind:

All Madison could do was stare as she watched the terrorist burn her brother with a wicked smile on his face. Madison was frozen in fear when suddenly a voice spoke to her in her head.

“Fight this Madison. Save your brother! You’ve got the power now use it.”

A surge of confidence shot through her as she sped to her brother and then zoomed to the nearest body of water and jumped in. Once the fire was out she walked out the water and laid her brother down gently. Madison cringed as she noted the damage done to Max but miraculously he was still alive and breathing. She picked Max up gently and sped to the nearest hospital, careful not to go too fast though for fear of friction on Max’s heavily damaged body. Luckily enough there was an emergency response team waiting in front of the facility.

Madison sat down in the lobby, eagerly awaiting news on her brother’s condition. A man sat down next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Who are you?” Madison asked with tears running down her eyes.

“I’m just here to offer my sincerest apologies.” The man replied.

“… You’re the voice in my head from earlier?”


“You’re a telepath which means you’re a class three Evo.”

“Not many people believe in class three Evos.”

“Yeah well not many people believe that a girl like me can lift up a truck. You could have helped me, no, you could have helped my brother! You were there weren’t you?” Madison questioned with rage building up inside of her.

“Trust me dear I wanted to help but I was too far at the time so I reached out telepathically.”

Madison clenched her fists tightly,with enough force to crush diamonds.

“I know you’re hurting dear but you must stay strong for your brother and don’t blame yourself for this alright?” The man comforted Madison with a warming smile.

His smile made Madison calm a bit yet she was still extremely worried about her brother. “W-will you stay with me?”

“I was never going to leave.” The man reassured as he held Madison’s hands in his own. “Please, call me Robert.”

The pair waited for several hours until a doctor walked up to them. “Ms King?” He asked.

Madison nodded her head.

“Your brother’s condition is stable. He’ll be alright.”

Madison felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

“But he did suffer severe burns to his lower spine and skin. He is asleep right now but you can see him now.” The doctor offered.

Madison and Robert stood up to follow the man to Max’s ward.

It pained Madison to see Max covered in bandages but she still took comfort in knowing that he was still alive. She sat down next to him and gently stroked his sleeping form.

“He’s the only family I have …”

“He doesn’t have to be.” Robert began.

“What do you mean?” Madison asked.

“I want you to think something over Madison. I want you to join Ardent. It’s an Evo community that accepts anyone and everyone. You can give me your answer when you’re ready.”

Madison nodded her head. Some more silence ensued before Robert spoke up.

“You know you don’t have to kill those men. Life will give them their just desserts.”

“If I didn’t do anything … Max … they would have killed him and me too if I wasn’t a class three.”

“Violence isn’t always the solution. I’m not going to stop you from doing what your heart desires but just remember those words.”

Madison’s memory ended as she stood up when her cellphone went off.

“Hey Madi!” Her brother greeted.

“Hey Max.”

“I was just checking when you were gonna swing by. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you and I’m itching to get out of this place.”

“Is that so? Well just hold on for a while okay. I’ve just gotta quickly finish up some things.”

“Cool. See you soon!” Max ended.

Madison had to relent from destroying her phone as she thought of how these terrorists had crippled her brother and ended his dreams of being a professional soccer player.

Recalling the location of the man who set her brother on fire, Madison clenched her fists and launched into the air.


Curtis Mayfield cussed at the tv with a warm beer in his right hand and the remote in his left. The Giants had just fumbled the ball 10 yards from the touchdown line with only two minutes left in the game and the team trailing by 3 points against the Patriots.

After his tirade of obscenities, Curtis switched off the tv and threw the remote against the wall. He had bet $1000 that the Giants would win and considering their 16 game winning streak it was probably the safest bet of the season.

Groaning Curtis heaved himself off the couch and picked up the remote to tune back to the game and just like that, the ref blew the whistle and the Patriots had ended the Giant’s winning streak and probably Curtis’s life too …

Gambling with the nephew of a mafia boss was something only desperate people and stupid people did and boy did Curtis feel stupid right now …

There was a knock on the door. It was probably Tony Perin, here to collect on his debt. Crap …

Curtis trudged to the door and prepared to make Tony a promise to pay him back but not before skipping town!

Curtis opened the door and to his relief it wasn’t Tony but instead an incredibly beautiful girl, one whose face was slightly familiar …

“What?” Curtis sneered.

The girl just stood there with her hands on her hips.

“Listen lady, I’m not interested in any ads or business about volunteering alright.”

She had an obnoxious smile but still said nothing.

Curtis leaned in closer to her, “Are you here to … please me?” he whispered.

She leaned towards him, “Not a chance in heaven or hell.” she whispered, her breath washing over his ear and his neck. His pants were feeling tighter now.

Curtis gulped as he breathed in her intoxicating scent. This girl was straight out of a dream. She was perfect in every way. From her hair to her feet. Her breasts weren’t the largest he’d seen but the way they opposed gravity and their apparent firmness in her tight shirt meant that they were probably the best set of boobs he had the honour of being this close too.

She breathed slowly into his ear as she put her index finger under his chin and lifted his head up so that he was looking at her eyes. Her deep brown eyes were so … deep. Like they were pulling at his very essence. Curtis’s mind stirred as he recalled something similar from his past and suddenly he remembered this girl.

Madison seemed to note this as she simply smiled and with an effortless shove of her free hand she sent him hurtling into the far wall.

Curtis groaned as he slipped down to the floor but suddenly he felt himself being lifted painfully by his shaggy hair and held aloft in front of the Evo.

“Hi Curtis.” The Evo greeted with a wicked smile.

“Wh-what do you want freak?” Curtis asked while trying to hide the immense pain he felt on his scalp.

“To be honest, I don’t know …” she answered while looking down at the floor, deep in thought like she wasn’t holding a 250 pound man by his greasy hair.

Curtis always liked tempting fate. He lived to his moniker of: You only have one life.

“Wait a minute … this must be about a certain someone.” Curtis began.

She tightened her grip on his hair. He struck a nerve.

“How’s crispy doing anyway? Is his skin blackened? Do his lungs still work?” Curtis mocked.

“He’s doing well actually.” Madison calmly replied as she smiled at him. “But he can’t walk anymore. I can’t say that I know what he is going through so I sought to gain some light on it from someone else. Thanks for volunteering.” Madison calmly explained as she circled her index finger of her free hand around Curtis’s kneecap.

“But I didn’t volunteer sweetheart.” Curtis smiled.

Madison produced a chilling laugh. “Aw, I love how you thought you had a choice!”

Madison flicked her index finger against Curtis’s left kneecap and was rewarded with a resounding CRACK as his kneecap was destroyed.

Curtis felt himself fall and knew to land on his right leg as his left was rendered useless, leaning against the wall. Once again he held his mouth shut to prevent from screaming and looking weak.

“Nice reflexes!” Madison applauded. “You can scream you know. I won’t judge …”

“Fuck you freak!”

Madison pouted as she lightly tapped Curtis’s shattered knee continuously while Curtis whimpered. “Well it’s not a scream but it will have to do. Have you ever felt what it’s like to have your knee collide against someone else’s knee? I’m sure you have but I know you’ve never had your knee collide against my own knee …”

It was mind numbingly painful when Madison had destroyed his left kneecap with just a flick but when she had rammed her knee into his own it had actually obliterated his knee and badly fractured his femur, tibia and fibula which was enough to finally elicit a shrill from Curtis as he collapsed onto the floor in front of Madison.

“Oh no! Your situation is different from my brother’s … My brother can’t feel his legs but you can. You can feel all that pain in your legs, pain that will never ever leave your pathetic body until you die!” Madison hissed.

Curtis prevented himself from writhing around in pain for the slightest movement of his legs resulted in excruciating pain. He looked into Madison’s cold, unforgiving eyes. “Please just kill me! Please!”

“I was going to at first but now that I see it’s what you want, I’ll leave you here all sore and broken.” Madison squatted and caressed his cheek.

“But don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you alone. Tony will be here in a short while to keep you company!” Madison grinned as she stood up and walked to the door.

“One last thing; Tony is an Evo. I had a little chat with him and he is now well aware of your … previous actions. Ciao!” Madison waved as she closed the door.

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