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Chapter 06: Building a New Life

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Building a New Life

I woke the next morning in the bed of the boat. Naturally, I was naked as the day I was born with Jimmy Olsen naked and snuggled next to me as well. His arms were wrapped around my stomach and feeling my rock-hard abs. I looked at Jimmy’s sleeping form, and thought back to how last night ended after dinner. While it was enjoyable, part of me was starting to wonder if I had a problem. This seemed to be becoming a pattern, and not a pattern that I would have eagerly engaged in before gaining these powers. Regardless, I pushed those thoughts to the back of my brain for later. I rolled out of bed while Jimmy continued to sleep like a baby. I opted to skip the shower, and just put on the blue bikini bathing suit that was among my extra clothes. Looking at the colors, it was clear that someone had a sense of humor when purchasing it. I stepped out on deck, and did not see anything amiss. No pirates waiting to ambush us. No Superior Girl hovering over the boat, demanding those hard drives. Dubai was still there and appeared to be intact. I stepped onto the edge of the boat, and dived into the blue waters of the bay. The water was cold and salty, but deeply refreshing. I spent a good amount of time underwater, exploring the bay and fish that called it home. It was incredibly beautiful. After what felt like a good hour of swimming, I returned to the boat and climbed aboard. Jimmy was sitting on deck, and eating some breakfast that he had made. He was wearing a white bathrobe, and had clearly used the boat’s shower to clean up.

“Good morning!” Jimmy greeted me as he ate.

Jimmy could not resist him giving me a once over with his eyes as I emerged from the water. My muscles and large breasts were hard to ignore even when covered by clothing. I smirked at him as he ogled me, “Enjoying the show?”

“Hard to miss. There is still a little hot water left if you want to grab a shower.”

I took a towel that Jimmy had clearly laid on the small table for me to take, and used it to dry myself off. “No, I am good. I will grab a shower back at my hotel room.” I finished toweling myself off, and tossed the towel back to Jimmy who deftly caught it.

“Fair enough.” Jimmy said as he tossed the towel onto a nearby chair. “I will need to get the boat back to the dock before noon. I only secured a one-day rental. Figured that if you did not show yesterday, then you would not be showing at all.”

I put my hands on my hips at his remarks, “A bit morbid, but probably not too far off. I am going to change down below, and see if there is anything on the news.”

“No problem.” Jimmy handed me his plate, “Since you are going down there anyway, would you please take this while I clean up on deck.”

The smirk on my face got larger as I sarcastically responded, “Why, of course, dear. Let me know if would like me to bring you a beer later?”

Without skipping a beat, Jimmy responded “No, thanks. Already drank one this morning, and I can’t afford a DWI in this country.”

I smiled at his quick retort, and went down into the cabin area. I turned on the television, and browsed through the stations until I found one giving local news in English. I went about removing my bikini as the announcer talked in order to change back into the sun dress that I had worn yesterday. The story that I was most interested in came on quickly enough.

“We have an update from the attempted attack in Dubai. For those just joining us, our fair city was attacked yesterday in the late morning shortly before noon. Terrorists attempted to break into the Dubai National Data Vault. While we do not know their ultimate goals, it is known that LexCorp has several accounts at this location. LexCorp was also recently subjected to a terrorist attack at their main offices in Metropolis in the United States. While no terrorist organization has come forward, police do believe that there is a connection and have reached out to American authorities for assistance.

Local police have also reported seeing Superman at the Data Vault arriving shortly after the attack. Onlookers were unable to capture any video of Superman’s arrival. However, local authorities speaking on condition of anonymity have confirmed his arrival and desire to assist in the investigation. We will now be speaking with Brian Thurman who is presently at the Dubai National Data Vault to speak with local authorities.”

I turned off the television. I had heard what I wanted to hear from it. Fully dressed now with my bags packed, I went back on deck to check up on Jimmy. The boat was moving now, and slowly returned back to port. I found Jimmy at the helm, and came to stand beside him as he sat behind the wheel.

“The news is claiming that Superman arrived yesterday, but did not speak to any of the press.”

Jimmy smiled, “Oh, I doubt that it was Superman. We both saw Superior Girl fly in yesterday. I am betting that either Superior Girl or Lex Luthor bribed local authorities to say that it was Superman. It is not the first time that the press has used Superman to cover up a Superior Girl sighting. If she flies fast enough and no video is recording her, it is easy for the untrained eye to think the red and blue uniform is Superman’s from such a distance.”

I nodded in agreement, “That makes a lot of sense. What’s the plan now?”

Jimmy smiled, “Hell, I thought you knew!” I gave him a mocking look as if I was not amused, even though his sense of humor was rubbing off on me. Jimmy continued, “I take the package from here. I have some discreet friends here that have agreed to help smuggle it out of Dubai.”

“Can we trust them?”

“I damn well hope so since I do work for them on the side. The CIA isn’t the powerhouse that it used to be, but they know how to move things around covertly.”

Superman working with that organization sent a chill down my spine. It was like hearing some wild conspiracy theory was suddenly true. I hesitantly asked, “CIA?”

Jimmy waved off my concerns, “Superman isn’t the only one that wants to get rid of Superior Girl. In many ways, she is their worst fear of Superman come to life. Let’s face it, there is little stopping that woman from flying into the White House, killing the President, and declaring herself Empress of America. When Superman first appeared in public, that was the dark fear that kept many analysts in the Intelligence Community up at night in cold sweats. However, over the years, Superman has proven all of those fears unfounded.”

“And now there is some woman with Superman’s powers and complete lack of moral compass to stop her.”

“Exactly. By the way, they don’t know about you. As far as they know, Superman figured out how to do this by himself. They don’t even know Superman’s secret identity.”

“Ok, so what do I do now?”

“I don’t know. Be a tourist. See more of Dubai. It will take a few days for the hard drives to make their way back to Superman at his agreed upon pickup location. Just keep a low profile for now. Once Superman has the hard drives, he said he would contact you through the laptop that you have. Until then, I guess your time is your own.”

I smiled at the idea of being able to be a little bit more of a tourist. I also realized that this might be a good opportunity to see a bit more of Cheryl. Since Superman and I began this endeavor, we never discussed setting up a new life and identity for me. Outside of just hanging in my hotel room for the next several days or weeks, I had nowhere to go back to. I wondered if Cheryl might need a roommate. Jimmy and I disembarked from the boat after securing it to the pier. It was funny seeing the small one cabin boat next to 50 and 100 foot yachts. Clearly, Jimmy was operating on a budget. As we finished up, Jimmy met me on the pier with his bags and case containing the hard drives.

I amusingly asked him, “Would you like an escort for your safety?”

Putting on his best Texas drawl accent, “Why thank you kindly ma’am. I reckon that I’ll do just fine.”

I could not help laughing. His accent sounded just as bad an out of towners coming to Boston, and trying to sound local by saying things like caaaaah and baaaah as if there were a dozen more vowels in the word than actually were there.

Speaking more normally, Jimmy continued, “Don’t worry about me. My friends are the ones who loaned me the boat. They will make sure nothing happens outside what has already been arranged.”

I nodded at his confidence, but cautioned him. “If anything does go wrong, I am just a phone call away.”

Jimmy scoffed, “Wish I could take you to Syria. I would come out of there without a scratch, and the war would be over in a week.”

I smiled at the sentiment, “Take care of yourself, Jimmy.”

In a low voice, Jimmy responded “You too, Power Girl.”


I caught a cab back to the Atlantis Hotel. There was a message for me at the front desk. The message read “Time to go back to America. Most incredible night of my life. Call me when you get back in Boston.” Jake ended the message with his phone number. I committed the phone number to memory, and made a note to look Jake up when I finally returned to Boston. I then headed to the elevators to see how out my room had fared without me.

Cleaning services had come and gone leaving my room brand new. Laptop and all of my equipment was still in place and untouched. I opened up the laptop, and sent a short cryptic message over to Superman. “Package turned over to Fedex for delivery. Hope you like the present. Call me when you receive it.” Should not be too suspicious if anyone decided to read his email or look over Clark’s shoulder. I left the computer on while I began packing my things. A little over an hour later, I got a response from Clark. It just read “Great news! Can’t wait to see it. Give me a call when you get back in town.”

After packing up my things, I sat down on the bed and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed Cheryl’s number, and waited for her to pick up.


“Hey, Cheryl! It’s me from last night.”

“Oh, my God!” Cheryl sounded like she might begin hyperventilating, or that she was just getting confirmation that yesterday actually happened. Before she got too crazy, I intervened, “I just got back from my appointment. Would you like to get coffee?”

We made arrangements to meet at a local hookah bar down the street that was frequented by tourists. I got there before her, and arranged to get a table in the back where it was more private. The private area was a small circular room covered in pillows with a small table sporting a fancy hookah in the middle. Given what I had seen of Dubai so far, this was clearly setup to benefit tourists who had too many fantasies of Arabian Nights. All that was missing was a veiled, olive skinned belly dancer.

Cheryl arrived shortly after I settled into the pillows. The local waiter brought in coffee for both of us, and I asked for some tobacco for the hookah. He smiled and disappeared with the order in hand. I had never smoked in my life before the change. However, invulnerable lungs probably meant that it was perfectly safe for me now. Those beers from last night did not even give me a buzz. Cheryl sat next to me on the pillows, and leaned in once she was comfortable. Cheryl quietly told me, “I was not even sure that it was all real until you called.”

The waiter brought back the hookah with some glowing coals on it and ready to use. I took the stem, and got a long drag from it. I slowly blew out the smoke through my mouth, and passed the pipe over to Cheryl who took a puff as well. While she puffed, I spoke, “All of it was real. I really enjoyed last night too, and am glad that you are still in town. The boys had to take off earlier this morning.”

Cheryl exhaled the smoke, and spoke up “Yeah, that Chris guy was rather nice. But I don’t think I could ever go out with someone like him after meeting you.”

I chuckled at the idea, “I know what you mean. So, when you do go back to the States?”

“A couple more days.” We kept slowly trading the pipe between each other as the conversation went on.

“Would you care to spend those days together with me?”

Cheryl got a naughty look on her face, “Would we even leave the hotel room?”

I laughed at the idea. “Yes, I came here to see Dubai and find a new life.”

“What happened to the old one?”

“I think you saw what happened. Now I want a fresh start.”

“How did you get those powers anyway?”

“It is a long story. One best left for a more private occasion. I just want to have a nice, normal vacation in Dubai before these powers take over my life.”

Cheryl held out her hand at the suggestion, “Deal then. A normal vacation in Dubai for the both of us.”

We shook hands at the suggestion, and finished up our coffees and hookah together. After I took care of the bill, Cheryl took me to meet her friends. She explained that I was the one that ended up sweeping her off her feet, and had agreed to join them on their little vacation. I loved how accepting they were of a fellow American tourist. They were slightly younger than me by a few years, but I quickly became just one of the girls. After one of the girls kept staring at my muscles, I told her that I had dabbled in competitive lifting during college. Never got very far, but kept most of the muscles. After that, I jokingly became the muscle of the group keeping the rich local youth, who only saw a new piece of American ass to conquer, away from the girls.

During the next couple of days, we saw as much of Dubai as possible. Sunbathing on the beach during the day. Dancing in local clubs at night. Checking out the Dubai Mall. Horseback riding. A lesson in falconry, which ironically taught me more about flying and hunting prey from the air that I ever imagined it would. During the days, Cheryl and I quickly became something of an item while the other girls hooked up with various boys, both tourist and local. I even closed down my room at the Atlantis Hotel, and moved into their suite at the Burj Khalifa. It became clear that this vacation trip had a lot of daddy money behind it, but they did not complain when I offered to help cover for the suite.

During one of the nights at the hotel, I snuck Cheryl up to the top of the tower even beyond where the tourists are allowed to go. My strength meant any locked doors stood little chance at stopping us. We hung out on the top of the tower and made out for a while. I even gave her a thrill by floating over the ledge and holding her too me. Cheryl marveled as we both floated slightly above the tallest building in the world under my power. It was during that night as we floated in the sky that Cheryl told me that she loved me. I was not sure how I felt but responded in kind, and spent a good portion of the night pleasuring her under the night sky. I could see where this goes for the time being.

It was during the final night that Cheryl and I broke the news to the rest of the girls. After much discussion, I had convinced Cheryl to offer me a place in her apartment to stay back in California. I explained that my life in Boston had fallen apart after my fiancé dumped me. This Dubai trip was a way to start over and re-think my life. Since Cheryl and I were getting along so well, we decided for me to come back to California with her while I figured out what was next in my life. Some of the girls were hesitant, but had clearly seen how good Cheryl and I were doing. They accepted the story in the end, even if they did not realize that I was Cheryl’s ultimate fantasy made flesh. The only downside was that the flight back to California with Cheryl and the girls was painfully slow, and too public to allow me to break the boredom with Cheryl through other means.


[Following transcript is from an NSA audio intercept from the Dubai National Data Vault security systems. Analysts believe this to be a conversation between the woman who identifies herself as Superior Girl and Monica Braun, a known operative of Lex Luthor. This recording was taken from audio recording devices located in Sheik Abdullah al Malik’s office, CEO of Dubai National Data Vault.]

There is a sound of something heavy hitting the floor.

MB: Jeez, you crushed his head like a melon. Do you think Sheik Abdullah had something to do with this?

SG: No, but someone had to pay for this fuck up. Besides, seeing your bruised face and cracked jaw made me so angry.

(Audio seems to indicate that SG may be wiping her hands on something.)

MB: He insisted that we meet last night in some dance club. That pervert could barely look me in the face, and kept staring at my tits.

SG: Well, Lex will have to find someone else to manage this place now. How is your jaw?

MB: My jaw keeps itching as the bone heals itself. At least, I can talk again.

SG: It could be worse. If Caroline and Terri are any indication, you should be fully healed in another few hours. Monica, what happened?

MB: I don’t fully know. Lex asked me to come here to check on some data that he has been storing. I was attacked by some woman while working in the data vault.

SG: Did you recognize who it was?

MB: No, it was too quick for me to get a good look at her face. However, she was really strong when she punched me in the face. What about the cameras?

SG: Someone hacked the security systems here. All of the video and audio recordings from the main lobby have been deleted.

MB: Who could have done that? Is anyone claiming responsibility?

SG: Just the same people that were cheering the attack on our offices in Metropolis, but could not pull something off like this even if their lives depended on it. You said it was a very strong woman. Could it have been Michelle? We never did find her body from that explosion.

MB: Ah … I … I don’t think so. I did not get a good look at her face, though. All I remember is that she was tall, blonde, and Caucasian.

SG: Blonde?

MB: Yeah, she had long blonde hair tied into a bun on the top of her head.

SG: A blonde woman smashed through thick plates of bullet-proof fiberglass, tore apart several servers with what appears to be her bare hands, and then smashed through the roof in the elevator shaft.

MB: (after a long pause) Do you think it’s Supergirl?

(SG appears to pause before responding)

SG: That’s impossible. Supergirl is dead.

[Transcript ends at this point as both women leave the office where the recording device is located. Audio record has been transcribed and sent to management for review and further action.]

[Management Comments: Upper management does not wish to take action at this time. Active threat of reprisals from Superior Girl remains a highly likely scenario that could result in multiple casualties of either civilians or government officials. Upper management has recommended that this audio recording and transcript be added to the Superior Girl Evidence File for future use when effective counter-measures are possible against her.]


Cheryl and I arrived back in Los Angeles after an excruciatingly long flight. I cannot describe how wonderful it felt to be out of that tightly packed airplane. Part of me wanted to grab our bags and Cheryl, and take off into the California sky to get away from everything. However, appearances had to be maintained. We grabbed an Uber to take us back to Cheryl’s apartment near UCLA. The apartment was just a few blocks walk from the campus itself and much larger than I expected. Cheryl had decorated it with a rather modern taste that clearly showed she came from money.

“Wow! I did not expect your apartment to be so big.” I exclaimed as we walked into the place.

“Yeah, Daddy wanted me to have a space where I could relax and call my own. You are actually in luck. My last roommate got all weird on me last semester, and decided to move in with her new fiancé. Meeting you in Dubai helped keep me from having to start searching for a new roommate before the semester began.”

Cheryl walked into what I assumed was her bedroom, and tossed her bags onto the bed. I put my own luggage down, and began to look around the place. The apartment was a two bedroom, one bathroom with a large living room adjacent to an open kitchen. It had wood floors and large windows that allowed a good amount of sunlight into the place.

“I can’t even guess what you pay for this place. An apartment like this Boston would cost more than I make in a month.”

“Yeah, my Dad and Mom are both lawyers at a large firm in San Francisco. Money has never really been a problem for him.”

“So why med school rather than legal?”

Cheryl got an exasperated look on her face, “Mom and Dad talk about work all of time, and have long, boring arguments about legal nuances. It always put me to sleep. I like the idea of helping people, and a medical degree seemed like the obvious choice.”

I nodded my head in agreement. I had met enough people in Boston who could talk for hours about baseball stats and their history. The biggest trouble that I had with those people was keeping my eyes open and awake. I took a seat on the couch that faced the large screen television, and listened to Cheryl unpack some of her clothes from the bags. It did not sound like it was a large effort. I suspect that most of her clothes from the trip just went straight into a laundry hamper. Cheryl finished her work, and then walked around the couch to stand in front of me. She had a hungry smile on her tired face. I knew that part of her wanted to just crash on the bed, but another part of her wanted something more.

Cheryl came closer and straddled me on the couch. She leaned in to kiss me, and then reached down to grab her t-shirt. In one swift motion, she pulled her shirt off of her body, revealing her thin upper body and white bra. She smiled at me as she reached behind her back to undo the bra. As her bra came off, Cheryl playfully asked, “Don’t you want to know where you will be sleeping?”

I smiled at her as the bra was tossed to the ground. “I think I already know.”

I pulled her close into me, and took one of her breasts in my mouth. They were nowhere as near as large as mine, and had to be somewhere in a C-cup territory. Cheryl closed her eyes and moaned at my suckling. She pressed her waist towards me, and began to grind herself against my abs. I switched between each breast, and flicked my tongue across her hard nipples. She grabbed my shoulders, and pressed herself hard into me. I pushed her back away from me. Cheryl looked down in confusion, not sure what I was doing. I gave her a wry smile, and asked “Do you want to see my super suit?”

Cheryl got an excited grin on her face like waking up and seeing that it was Christmas morning. She nodded her head in agreement. I stood up from the couch, and cradled Cheryl in my arms like a doll. I then walked over, grabbed my bag, and proceeded into her bedroom. I tossed Cheryl onto the bed like throwing a pillow. She bounced on the mattress, and then sat up so she could watch me. I opened my luggage, pulled out my clothes, and then pulled back a hidden compartment in the back. Inside was the super suit that Superman had designed for me.

I held the suit in my hands, and gave a wicked grin to Cheryl. My body became a blur of motion as I moved at super speed. My clothing flew off of me, and a second or two later I was standing in my new super suit. I placed my hands on my hips, and pushed out my large breasts giving Cheryl a good look at the cleavage through my suit’s boob window. Cheryl started breathing heavily, and reached down with one hand to rub her pussy underneath her jeans.

I decided to play along. In a deep, authoritative voice, I said “Cheryl, you have been a very bad girl and I am here to punish you.” It clearly excited Cheryl who began to rub herself more vigorously. “I want to watch you pleasure yourself as you look at my unlimited power.” Cheryl got a big smile, and undid her jeans so she could reach down inside with her hand.

“Yes, show me your muscles.”

I flexed my arms, and worked to make my biceps expand. Power flowed through my arms. The suit’s material stretched as my biceps exploded into large mounds of muscle and power at her command. I flexed as hard as I could for Cheryl as she rubbed herself more fiercely. Her breathing was becoming heavy and strained as she worked herself up.

“Do you like these muscles? These muscles that can pick up a car like a small rock.” I shifted my poses as I talked, but made sure to emphasize the engorged muscles on my arms. “These muscles that can tear steel apart like paper, or rip apart concrete like it was Styrofoam.”

Cheryl was quickly working herself up to an orgasm. “Yes!”

I stopped flexing and cupped my massive breasts squeezing them together. “How about these mega-tits? Do you want to watch as they stop bullets? Or see the softest part of my body bend steel?”

“Oh, God! Yes!” Cheryl could not take much more. She was clearly holding it barely in right now.

Seeing Cheryl pleasure herself just by looking at me and hearing my voice was extremely exciting to me too. I felt myself getting wet as she reveled in my power. I floated off the floor, and gave the hardest flex of my arms that I could manage.

“Then cum for your goddess.”

Cheryl could not contain herself any longer. She arched her back as a powerful wave of pleasure washed over her. Cheryl cried out as her body spasmed in pleasure. After Cheryl’s pleasure subsided, she began to remove her hand from her pants. I took hold of her wrist, and brought her wet fingers to my mouth. As I floated above her, I began to lick and suck the juices from them as Cheryl watched.

I looked back to at Cheryl as I held her wrist. “Will you now pleasure your goddess?” Cheryl breathlessly nodded in agreement. She shifted her body over as I floated down to the bed, and laid on my back. I moved the bottom of my super suit to give Cheryl an unobstructed view of my pussy. She wasted no time in crawling down between my legs, and began to lick, suck, and bite me down there. The days in Dubai had taught Cheryl well. She picked up quickly on what I liked. It was very quick before I was orgasming myself. As I did, Cheryl lapped up all of my juices with her tongue. She even took her fingers deep inside of me, and licked them dry after pulling them out. After she was done, she looked at me with her mouth wet with my juices.

“You have no idea how wonderful you taste. I feel like I could take on the world.”

I smiled at Cheryl’s joy of tasting me. Ever since we started together, I had noticed that Cheryl seemed to have a lot more energy than before. She kept going when her friends were exhausted. She also seemed more tone and fit than before as well. Were my love juices some form of drug to Cheryl? Or were these juices changing her like the golden Ambrosia that Superior Girl gave off? More questions for Superman, but I doubted that he knew either. Cheryl might be able to do some research thanks to her connections to UCLA.

Both Cheryl and I embraced each other on the bed for a while. It was not long before both of us were fast asleep. When we woke, it was quickly getting dark outside. I could hear Cheryl’s stomach rumbling and growling from a lack of food. Cheryl seemed slightly embarrassed and grabbed her tummy.

I laughed, “I don’t need to have super hearing to hear that.”

We both laughed together. Cheryl knew a place nearby that we could go for dinner. We cleaned up, and changed clothes. Cheryl led me on a short tour of the area, and pointed out some of her favorite hangouts. She did not seem to stray far from campus. However, from the stories about what I heard regarding Los Angeles traffic, that was probably a good thing. We popped into a small Chinese restaurant that did not have a lot of people inside. It gave us a good chance to talk while we ate.

“So, you never told me how you got your powers?”

I felt it best to leave most of the details out. “I was largely born with them. I have always been stronger than everyone else.”

Cheryl got an excited look as she leaned in, “Like juggling cars in high school?”

I laughed, “No, nothing so grand. However, no boy could force me to do what I did not want to do. I could have also been a one-woman football team.”

Cheryl laughed at the idea and seemed rather envious. “I wish that I was like that in high school.”

I continued, “After high school, I went to college like everyone else. I also started working out. I found it a great way to relax, and also noticed that I was becoming stronger. A LOT stronger. However, the stronger that I got, the harder my new fiancé had in dealing with it. It all came to a head right before I was about to graduate.”

Cheryl got an excited look on her face, “What happened?!?”

“A radioactive spider bit me while I was pumping iron in the gym.”

Cheryl knew immediately that I was joking, “Ah, what?”

“How about time travel paradox?”

“Is that even a thing?”

“Ok, electro-chemical bath in the gym’s hot tub?”

“Now you are just smashing words together and hoping they make sense.” Cheryl could not help but laugh. “So really, how did it happen?”

“It was all rather mundane. As I worked out more, I kept getting stronger as my muscles got bigger. We are talking near superhuman levels now. One night, I was walking home from the gym when two guys attacked me. They hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I was completely disorientated and could not think straight. One of the guys was on top of me before I knew what was happening. And something just snapped.”

“What do you mean by snapped?”

“I don’t really know. I was completely filled with fear and rage over what was happening. My head felt like it was going to explode. It was like suddenly someone turned on the light switch in my brain. I threw the guy off me into a nearby wall and almost killed him. I grabbed the other guy and crushed in hand inside my own. I then punched him so hard that I shattered his jaw.”

“Did you kill them?”

“No, but one is now permanently in a wheelchair while the other will be eating through a straw for the rest of his life. The police who came to help me think I fought back, and did all that damage with the baseball bat they used on me. After that, I started finding my strength growing exponentially. The more that I stayed in the sun; the stronger that I became.”

“So, you’re just like Supergirl?”

I shrugged at the idea, “I guess. I have been keeping a low profile since then, and trying to learn how to use my powers. You would be surprised how easy it is to break things when you can toss an SUV into space with one hand.”

“What happened to your fiancé?”

“He called me a freak of nature and took off. He was always uncomfortable with my strength. The stronger and bulkier that I became, the more problems that we had at home. In the end, he finally had enough.”

“And that is when you went to Dubai?”

“Seemed like a good idea at the time. Far away from everything. Time to think. I will need to go back to Boston in a few days to clean out my things there. Are you sure that you don’t mind me moving in with you?”

Cheryl got a dreamy look on her face, and leaned against the table with her hand on her cheek. “The last few days have been the best in my life. You are a dream come true for me.” Cheryl got a mock serious look on her face. “As long as you pay your share of the rent, though.”

I got a good laugh out of that. “Just point me to the nearest coal mine so I can crush some coal into diamonds.” We both laughed at the idea. Superman had famously tried to do that as a joke on a late-night show appearance and failed spectacularly. The host had a fun time with a real scientist explaining how mere strength and heat vision were not enough to turn coal into diamonds. In the end, Superman brought in a huge diamond that he had pulled from deep inside the Earth and donated it to a charity of the audience’s choosing. That was all before Supergirl disappeared, and Superior Girl made herself known to the world.

“So, what about Superman and that super suit in your luggage?”

“Friend of a friend who knows about my abilities. He wants me to become a superhero like Superman. Fight crime. Defend the American way. Usual stuff. As for Superman, I have not met him yet.”

Cheryl seemed excited at the prospect of eating dinner with a future superhero, “Do you think you will do it? Be a hero?”

I was more ambivalent, “I don’t know. Maybe. I need to think about it more.”

I hated lying to Cheryl, but knew that the best lies are interwoven with some truth to them. In the end, I was unsure about what I should do with these powers. Help Superman take down Superior Girl? Fly over to LexCorp towers and join Superior Girl’s little army? Go solo and declare myself Empress of America? Helping Superman seemed like the best choice that fit with my own feelings about Superior Girl. However, I can’t help but admit that the near unlimited power that flowed through my veins did make the other options just as enticing at times.

We finished our dinner, and then began to walk about the apartment. Like many nights in California, it was extremely pleasant. It made me wonder why I had bothered suffering through so many freezing winters back in Boston. Over the next couple of days, I got more and more comfortable in Cheryl’s apartment. Despite being roommates as far as her parents knew, we shared the same bed each night. It also gave me a chance to learn to be careful with my powers. The other bedroom was setup to work as an office for me. I spent the days that Cheryl was at work at the local hospital going over everything that I could find about Superman, Supergirl, and Superior Girl. I sent a message to Superman letting him know where I was now. Clark was surprised, and had apparently been planning for me to stay at the Fortress of Solitude. He said he would have the necessary changes made for my identity, and told me to sit tight until he got the hard drives.

The news media still had no leads on the terrorist attacks in Metropolis and Dubai. Clark Kent had become a regular figure representing the Daily Planet. He had also published several articles on the incident. It was fairly clear that Clark Kent had worked hard to make up his alibi for the events in Dubai. It seemed to be working. Superior Girl had been spotted attacking several known terrorist hot spots across the world. She was clearly on the hunt for those responsible, but I knew she was following false leads. However, no one raised any concerns about a known supervillain like Superior Girl beating up some terrorists. The media just speculated that those terrorists had double-crossed the wrong person. As the President’s Press Secretary said during a morning briefing on C-SPAN, “Good riddance.”

A few days later, I got the message that I had been waiting for. A message appeared on my laptop simply said “My present has arrived. Want to watch me unwrap it?” I responded, “Can’t wait. See you tomorrow for dinner.”

I told Cheryl when she got home that it was time for me to fly back to Boston and close up my accounts there. I laughed when she asked me if I needed a ride to the airport. I told her that I had it covered, and nodded towards my super suit hanging on the closet door. I told her that it would take me a few days, but I would ship some of my things here and store the rest. Cheryl asked if she could come with me, but I was firm that this was something that I had to do alone. While Cheryl was sad that she could not come with me, I made sure to make it up to her that night.


[The following is the transcript of an audio recordings from a cassette tape mailed to the NSA offices in Maryland. The sender of the audio tape is unknown at this time. However, the tape appears to be a recording of a partial conversation between the woman who identifies herself as Superior Girl and Lex Luthor, CEO of LexCorp.]

LL: I thought you said that Supergirl was dead. That you killed her.

SG: I did. I don’t understand who this woman could be.

LL: But Monica claims that a tall, blonde white woman with super strength broke into one of MY data vaults.”

SG: Yes.

(Audio appears to indicate that Lex slams his hand on a desk while speaking.)

LL: God damnit! How certain are you that Supergirl is dead?

SG: I watched her die and then her body disintegrated into dust that blew away in the wind.

(There appears to be a pause before either speak again.)

SG: Careful, Lex! Remember who I am and watch what you say next!

(A sound of someone exhaling loudly whom we believe to be Lex Luthor. Lex’s tone is much calmer and conciliatory when he speaks next.)

LL: I am sorry for raising my voice. I did not mean to imply …

SG: Supergirl. Is. Dead. She is not coming back. I have kept Superman away from your operations. I will keep whoever this woman is away too.

LL: Good … ah … thank you.

SG: When can Dusty and Sandy be brought in from the ranch? If there is some new hero out there, they can help me track this person down.

LL: I will make the necessary arrangements. They can be in Metropolis in a week. Do you plan on adding them to your little click?

SG: Of course, they will make fine Ambrosia Amazons. I still don’t understand why Mercy won’t join us. You would be a lot safer with someone possessing their strength guarding you.

LL: Mercy is free to make her own choice on the matter. For now, she seems content as she is, but that does not mean she might change her mind in the future.

SG: Her loss.

[The audio continues with the sound of high heels clicking on the marble floor of Lex Luthor’s office until a door is opened and closed. The audio recording ends at this point. This audio recording and transcript will be sent upstairs to management for review on possible action.]

[Management Comments: Management believes that the source of the audio recording is Lex Luthor himself or someone working directly within his office. Lex Luthor may be using the leaked audio recording to indicate that his cooperation with Superior Girl may be against his will. Upper management does not wish to take action at this time. Active threat of reprisals from Superior Girl remains a highly likely scenario that could result in multiple casualties of either civilians or government officials. Upper management has recommended that this audio recording and transcript be added to the Superior Girl Evidence File for future use when effective counter-measures are possible against her.]

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