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Chapter 07: Decrypting the Data

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Decrypting the Data

I started the following day early in the morning before the city had fully woken up. Less chance of someone spotting a woman in a white leotard and red cape blasting off into the sky. Cheryl joined me on the roof as I stood there in my suit. She gave me a kiss goodbye, and hugged me with a surprising amount of strength. Nothing near my level or truly superhuman, but we definitely needed to examine what my sexual juices were doing to her. Either that or someone had secretly started hitting the gym on a daily basis.

I blasted off into the Los Angeles sky, and was thousands of feet up before turning north towards the Arctic Circle. Not being restrained by an airline or the need to not destroy my clothing made the flight a lot quicker than it had been earlier. After flying past Canada and the rest of North America, I found myself over the location that Superman had taken me to after first getting my powers. The ice on the front door had already been cleared. I picked up the key that was lying on the ground with both hands, and shoved it into the locking mechanism. The key was certainly heavy, and I could see why Superman had needed two hands. There were only three people on this planet that could lift it. The key fit into place like a glove. A twist began the unlocking procedure. I removed the key, and let it fall to the ground with a loud thud and rumble. The doors to the Fortress of Solitude slid open to allow me entrance, and immediately began closing again once I was beyond the threshold. The place looked exactly like the last time that I had been here. Superman was working hard at the large computer. Several screens were turned to news broadcasts detailing the carnage that Superior Girl had inflicted upon various terrorist organizations across the world. One of the larger screens was dedicated to the decryption status of each of the stolen hard drives.

Superman did not bother turning to look at me as he spoke, “I am glad that you made it. Any trouble in Dubai?”

I started walked towards my usual spot on the couch in the living area of the spacious main room. “Nothing that I could not handle. I heard you showed up shortly after I left.”

Superman stopped what he was working on, and left the computer station to join me in the living area. As he floated over, he had a folder with several documents in one hand. I suppressed the desire to peek inside with my x-ray vision. Superman replied, “Not me as I am sure that you knew already.” I smiled and nodded in agreement. Superman continued, “My sources say that Lex made sure that the media was too far away to get a good look at Superior Girl, and bribed those in the Data Vault to claim that the red and blue flying person was actually me.”

“And thus the world does not realize that Lex Luthor employs a supervillain, and gives the illusion that both of you are working together to fight terrorism.”

Superman sat down in a chair across from me with a white coffee table between us. “Exactly. Take a look at these.” Superman tossed the folder onto the coffee table that stood between my couch and his chair. I looked down at it, and scanned through each of the pages using my x-ray vision. Each page melted away as I pushed deeper. Within seconds, I had read each page and committed it to memory.

I took off my boots and placed my feet up on the coffee table as I laid back. “Interesting reading. Lex Luthor is trying to replicate Superior Girl’s Ambrosia?”

“That is just from the first hard drive that was decrypted. It had the smallest amount of what appears to be useful data. I think there is a lot more in the other drives. The documents show that Lex is clearly working against Superior Girl in the shadows. The information related to those other operations should be on the remaining drives that are still decrypting.”

I shrugged my shoulders at his comments, “You already mentioned that you suspected this. How does this information change things?”

“A lot of the money that LexCorp makes comes from defense contracts and weapon sales. He does not discriminate in who he deals with. Super soldier serums have been the great white whale of every military power. A cheap way to multiply their fighting power without special power suits or next generation weapons technology. A squad of ten men who have the fighting power of a 100 people.”

“Which the Ambrosia has shown to do in the Ambrosia Amazons. But isn’t he creating the very monster that he fears Superior Girl and her Ambrosia Amazons may turn into?”

“Only if the effects never wear off. The Ambrosia only lasts a couple hours with no residual effects in men. If his version of Ambrosia is only temporary regardless of gender, then he has a serum that he can sell to anyone in the world without fear of unleashing a monster that he can’t ultimately control.”

“And any two-bit organization with money now has a small army of super soldiers they can unleash onto the world.”

Superman spread his hands in acknowledgment of my supposition, “I am glad you understand my concerns.”

I leaned forward to Superman. “So how do we stop it?” Superman smiled at my question. He took a device that was on the coffee table, and pointed it at the large computer screen. An Asian woman’s face came up. It looked like a mug shot.

I instantly recognized the face as I spoke, “I know her. She is one of Superior Girl’s Ambrosia Amazons.”

Superman nodded as he looked at the screen with me, “Yes. She goes by the name Terri Suzuki, but that is just a cover. Her real name is Jiang Shishi. She worked for years as an enforcer within the Chinese Triads. However, after a couple of years, she ran afoul with some higher members of the Triads, and was forced to leave China. Given her connections and experience, she turned to Lex Luthor for assistance who gave her a new life and a covert position in LexCorp. She now helps Lex with his business affairs in Asia that touch of the less legal side of the law.”

“Do you think Superior Girl knows?”

Superman tossed the remote back onto the coffee table and leaned back as he answered my question, “I doubt it. From the info that my friends have gathered, Terri was the second Ambrosia Amazon after Caroline Hunter and personally selected by Lex Luthor. I think that Terri is there to spy on Jessie as well as becoming an Ambrosia Amazon. However, her background suggests that Terri is only loyal to Terri.”

I turned from the screen back to Superman, “Speaking of which, I ran into Monica while inside the Data Vault.”

Superman’s face showed immediate concern about this development, “Did she recognize you?”

I shook my head in response, “I don’t think so. It was only a second before my fist slammed into her face, and that was as I was flying through the vault’s wall. I knocked her out cold.”

Superman nodded in agreement, and seemed to approve that I did not just kill Monica right then and there. “Good. Monica is similar to Terri, but got her start directly with LexCorp in America. However, I am certain that she is loyal to Lex first and Superior Girl second.”

I nodded my head in agreement to his assessment. However, given my relationship with Cheryl, I did not doubt Superior Girl’s ability to turn the loyalty of both girls towards herself over time. I decided to bring the subject back to the mission at hand, “How does Terri, or Jiang, fall into this work with the Synthetic Ambrosia that Lex is developing?”

Superman grabbed the remote again and used it to change the screen. The image shifted from Jiang Shishi’s mug shot to what appeared to be a rather non-descript building in a metropolitan area. The signs in the picture clearly indicated that it was somewhere in Asia. Superman explained, “According to the data on the hard drive, Lex is using this factory building in Singapore to manufacturer an initial batch of the Synthetic Ambrosia that he developed. My sources also tell me that our friend Terri is currently travelling to Singapore as we speak. If she is going there, then I suspect that Lex is nearing some advanced testing phase for the drug.”

“What about Superior Girl? Will she be present?”

“Almost certainly not. All the files in the first hard drive indicate that Lex is playing this operation close to the vest. He seems concerned how Jessie will react if she knew he was trying to synthesize her Ambrosia. He feels that Jessie could be unpredictable.”

“But why involve Terri if Lex wants to keep this secret from Jessie?”

“Terri’s previous work in Asian organized crime gangs makes her a likely choice. It also goes to help prove my belief that Terri may be an Ambrosia Amazon, but is keeping her loyalty close to Lex Luthor. Terri has openly talked to others underworld contacts about a desire to return to Asia someday and obtain a high-ranking position in the Triads. Her status as an Ambrosia Amazon would make her an ideal Red Pole, which is sort of an enforcer or lieutenant in the Triad organizations.

I thought that this might be a good time to bring up my conversation with Jimmy back in Dubai, “Jimmy Olsen said that you are working with the CIA on this. Are these your sources for this information?”

Superman shifted uncomfortably, “Partially. They, along with others in the United States government, are very concerned about Superior Girl so they are helping me as quietly as possible. You could best say it is a small faction inside the CIA rather than the agency itself. I am also getting help from other masked heroes too.”

“Why not use other established heroes for this then? Why even bring me into this?”

Superman exhaled before speaking, “The majority of them would be no match for Superior Girl, especially since she does not share my weakness to Kryptonite. They help where they can with information and technology, but remain in the shadows to keep from waking the dragon. The devices that you used in Dubai came from their assistance along with their aid in making sure no video or audio recordings of you were left behind.”

I nodded my head in agreement, but my face clearly showed annoyance that they could not help us. I crossed my arms underneath my chest, “So, is this just like Dubai?”

Superman smiled, “More frontal assault this time. You will have two objectives in Singapore. The first is to take out Terri; the second is to destroy the testing facility for the Synthetic Ambrosia. I would advise taking Terri on away from the factory. There is no telling how many candidates for the serum will be present there, and no idea what the serum will do to someone already enhanced.”

“It has been several days since the Dubai break-in. Don’t you think Lex will already be moving the factory? Surely, he figured out that the data for this operation might be in danger.”

Superman shook his head, “I don’t believe so. Lex may be planning to pack up and move the moment the tests are concluded. He might even be preparing a backup facility right now. My computer is of Kryptonian design, and even it took a lot of processing power to crack that hard drive. Lex is likely banking on the fact that anyone who has those hard drives will need at least a month or more to get anything useful out of them, if ever. However, the moment that we move against the facility, Lex will know and consider all the data on those drives potentially compromised. We do benefit from the fact that you smashed the other servers in that data vault. It is possible that Lex may not know the full extent of the hard drives that we have.”

I saw where Superman was going with this, “And if he thinks that possibly all of his data in that room was compromised, then he will be scrambling to move operations around and put stricter security measures in place.”

Superman smiled as I understood his line of thought, “Exactly! The moment that you hit the Singapore operation, Lex will know that some or all of his secret data has been compromised. He will be scrambling to move and protect resources, which will create chaos in his organization.”

I smiled back at Superman, “Which will give us more opportunities to intercept and disrupt his plans.”

The smile on Superman’s face showed me that I got it. We decided to break for dinner while I thought over what Superman had told me. The plan sounded solid in my mind. I fly to Singapore. Track down Terri at the locations that Superman believes she will be at. Take her out of the fight, and then do a frontal assault of the facility where the Synthetic Ambrosia is being made. Finally, bring Terri back to the Fortress of Solitude for safe keeping until this is all over. What could go wrong?


After dinner, I decided to get some more workouts done in Superman’s gym to test out more of my powers. Superman came with me to help, and perform some mock sparring as well. As we entered the workout room, I began to move towards some of the equipment. However, Superman called out to me.

“Hey, come over here first. We need to test something out.”

Superman was standing by a table with several heavy boxes on them of differing size. Most could be held in one or two hands, and looked to be made of solid lead. I tried to do a quick scan with my x-ray vision, but was unable to penetrate them. I walked over to Superman.

Superman spoke up, “I was terribly neglectful before you left for Dubai.” I crossed my arms under my chest as he spoke. Part of me was not too crazy where this was going. Superman continued, “In each of these boxes is a mineral called Kryptonite. Each of these rocks was originally from my home planet of Krypton. However, the strange properties of Krypton’s explosion caused these same rocks to become highly radioactive to Kryptonians.”

If Superman had a weakness, he had done a decent job of keeping it out of the local papers. I was certain that Superman could pick up the uncertainty in my own voice, “Ok?”

Superman took one of the boxes in his hand while the other hand laid on top of the lid. Superman said, “This is one of the few weaknesses that I have as a Son of Krypton. When exposed to Kryptonite, I begin to lose my powers while in its presence. The radiation also wracks my body just like a human getting exposed to near lethal amounts of radiation on Earth. If I am in its presence for too long, the Kryptonite could kill me.”

“Are there any residual effects?”

“None that I have found. My own body’s rapid healing factor will usually repair any damage taken under the Kryptonite’s influence once the Kryptonite is taken away. This can be done by either moving away from the Kryptonite, or placing the Kryptonite in a lead-lined container like this one. You should also know that the larger the Kryptonite, the stronger the effect becomes.”

I was not thrilled with the fact that Superman wanted to test Kryptonite on me to see how I could react. My look was not hard for him to read on my face, “You mentioned Kryptonite earlier when talking about Superior Girl. Something about her being immune?”

Superman nodded as he spoke, “Correct. Superior Girl might have Kryptonian abilities and powers, but she is ultimately human which appears to make her immune to the negative effects of Kryptonite. According to the data in Lex’s files, he tried Kryptonite on Superior Girl during their first meeting. The radiation from that rock did nothing to her, and she crushed it to powder with her hands.”

“Do you think that I am immune?”

Superman got an expression on his face that just sort of said that he was sorry for what was likely to come next. “Unfortunately, the best way to find out is in a controlled environment like the Fortress. Are you ready?”

I looked once more at the box. I felt like I was about to get punched in the face, but the only thing that I could do was stand my ground. I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly as I prepared myself mentally. I gazed up at Superman and just nodded. Superman opened the lid of the box carefully that the lead-lined walls of the box were between himself and the Kryptonite. However, the grimace of pain on his face showed that this was not comprehensive protection against the radiation that this Kryptonite spewed forth.

I looked into the box as the lid was opened. There was a bright green glow coming from the box. As the box opened, I could see what appeared to be a dark rock with crystals jutting out of it. The clear crystals appeared to be almost like quartz, but had an eerie green glow coming from the heart of the rock. As the lid opened more and more, I suddenly felt a tight pain in my stomach. When the rock was in full view of my eyes, the tight pain became a burning sensation all over my body. I doubled over in pain as I grabbed my stomach. I felt weak without any strength or energy for the first time since my transformation. My hands hit the ground hard, but failed to make any dent or impression on the floor. I felt to my knees as I lost all ability to remain vertical. I felt like I was going to throw up as I cried out.

Superman closed the lid of the box quickly. The green glow disappeared immediately. I began to feel the pain all over my body begin to recede as well. I felt my energy and strength coming back to me. I slowly stood back up from the ground. My entire body felt wobbly and off-balance. Thankfully, I did not hurl the contents of my stomach out on the workout room. Superman put the box back on the table, and looked back at me with concern on his face. I could see trickles of sweat on his forehead that told me the experience was nearly just as unpleasant for him as well.

I spoke first to Superman as I struggled to catch my breath, “My god that was painful. It felt like all of the energy and strength inside me was being sucked out.”

Superman nodded as he too spoke breathlessly, “Yes, that is how I felt as well. Just remember that if you ever need surgery done, only surgical instruments that have Kryptonite-tipped blades will be able to penetrate your skin.”

“If that stuff is so dangerous, why hasn’t a criminal created a Kryptonite bullet to just shoot you with?”

“Thankfully, this stuff is extremely rare so even finding enough to fashion a bullet would be costly. The only person to have Kryptonite in any moderate quantity is Lex Luthor, and he has spent a small fortune just collecting the items that he has.”

I could feel my body returning to normal more and more the longer that I was out of the presence of that rock. I put my fists on my hips before speaking again, “So why does Kryptonite affect me while Superior Girl is immune?”

Superman evasively answered, “I have some theories, but don’t want to say any more until I have more concrete details.” I nodded my understanding to his response. I did not like it, but knew that pushing him further on the matter would not get any results. Superman would tell me when he was ready.

“Ok, so what is next?”

Superman smiled at me. He then gestured for me to follow him as he began walking towards the back area of the gym. As we walked past several other pieces of large and powerful equipment, Superman spoke up, “We already tested your strength and speed. I think that a little sparing match will help you learn how to fight other super-powered beings, like Superior Girl.”

I smiled at the idea. It would be fun to get a little payback at Superman for testing what kind of effects that Kryptonite would have on me. As we approached the back area of the gym, I saw what Superman was leading me towards. The back of the room opened up into a very large and expansive sparring ring. The ceiling was high enough to allow some limited aerial maneuvers. The sparring area was outlined with what appeared to be some kind of black tape like strips. The floor was divided into two sections almost like dividing up a tennis court. One side was painted red while the other was painted blue. Superman walked over to the blue section while I stepped over to the red area. As we faced each other, I crossed my arms at Superman and smiled.

Superman smiled back even if he did not cross his arms. “Alright, this is a sparring area that I used to train Supergirl in when she was first learning how to control her powers.”

“Aren’t you afraid that we will smash through these walls or ceiling?”

Superman called out to the room, “Computer, activate sparring protection field.” As Superman finished speaking, the black strips on the floor lit up. A reddish wall of energy lashed out from the strips and shot up to the ceiling. As I looked up, I saw that there was another strip circling the top of the wall just before it hit the ceiling. That strip was also projecting a wall of reddish energy causing us to be completely boxed in.

Superman smiled as he spoke, “This is a high-energy force field that was often used to protect buildings or spaceships back on Krypton. I re-purposed it for this room after it became clear that I would need to teach Supergirl how to fight.”

I walked over, and gave the wall a hit with the bottom of my fist. As my fist hit the energy wall, the wall crackled and then pushed the energy back towards my fist. I looked back at Superman with a quizzical look on my face, “Will this hold up to our strength?”

“Nothing can hold up to our strength for very long. If you gave that wall a full-force punch or tried to fly through it at you top speed, then the wall would break apart and destroy the force field. However, this will give the Fortress some protection while we unleash against each other.”

I liked the idea that I did not have to hold back. I was in a room designed to protect the Fortress from total destruction as we play fought in this ring. I was fighting a person with whom I did not have to worry about holding some of my strength back on. Superman could take my punches, and dish out a few of his own as well. I felt a grin creeping across my face at the prospect of really unleashing my new powers on Superman. Before Superman could say anything else, I darted ahead towards him at super speed. My body became a blur as I rushed across the space between us. Superman saw that I was charging and rose his arms up to block my incoming attacks. I reared my right arm back, and unleashed a powerful blow towards Superman. My first connected to his arms that deflected my attack. Superman was clearly using his flight powers to hold his ground against me. I changed gears and unleashed a volley of punches against his body at super speed. My arms moved at a blurring pace as they smashed into his stomach, ribs, and blocking arms. I could hear Superman grunting as my punches connected. Each hit sounded like a thunderclap or explosion was going off in the room.

Superman opened his arms so that I could see his face. Before I had a chance to react, twin beams of intense heat lashed out against my own face. The shock of the beams hitting me threw me back several feet as I landed on my back. The beams were of such intensity that I could feel the heat against my skin. I could feel my cheeks turning red as they absorbed the power streaming forth from Superman’s eyes. While lying on my back, I could feel smoke drifting off my face from my skin where the beams had made contact. I looked up to see Superman in the air, and descending down upon me to deliver a punch with his own right fist. I rolled out of the way just as Superman landed on the ground. His fist created a small earthquake in the Fortress as the ground shook.

I quickly got off the ground and charged into Superman’s side. He tumbled over as we rolled on the ground. I grabbed Superman’s arms as he tried to grab onto me. Superman struggled to pull his arms up towards me as I pushed down on him. I could feel the strength coursing through his arms. I could see his muscles bulging as they struggled against my own strength. I repositioned myself so that I was straddling Superman as he struggled against me. He gritted his teeth as his arms began to shake against my own. Superman was putting all of his strength into the effort just as I was putting all of my own strength into blocking him. Then suddenly my muscles began to push back. I could feel Superman’s arms weakening against my own strength. Rather than rising up towards me, Superman’s arms were beginning to slowly descend back down to the ground. Before I could get my arms down further, Superman used his legs to kick and throw me off of him. I flew through the air due to the force of the kick and my own unpreparedness for the attack. My body slammed into the force field and bounced off to hit the ground hard.

I got up from the ground as quickly as possible and charged again at Superman. Superman flew up into the air above me and blew a stream of freezing breath on me. The cold was intense as I felt ice form around me body and my own muscles begin to seize up. I may be invulnerable to cold, but that did not mean that my muscles did not act like normal muscles even under extreme temperatures. However, as I felt myself being encased in ice, I knew that this was just a delaying tactic. After the ice solidified, I flexed my muscles in my arms and legs. I could feel my biceps filling with power and strength as they stretched outward to contain my abilities. My biceps, triceps, and quads exploded in muscle as power flowed through me like hot lava. The ice that surrounded my body quickly cracked and exploded outwards, unable to resist my bulging biceps and muscles. I roared at Superman as I immediately took to the sky as well. We floated in the middle of the sparring room as I grabbed onto him by the shoulders. Superman grabbed onto me as well as we began grappling with each other while hovering in the air. Each of us maneuvered out holds and positions against each other as we fought for advantage. My breasts pushed against his hard chest as his own chest muscles pushed back as compressed my tits. Our legs wrapped around each other like two mighty pythons in a duel to the death. Finally, I got the advantage on Superman with a firm hold on his shoulders. I thrust downwards with all of my strength to send him hurtling into the floor of the room. The floor cracked under the impact of his body, leaving a small crater under Superman.

Before Superman could get up, I was a blur of motion downward onto him. I smashed my shoulder into his body causing the crater to deepen further. The force field protected the walls and ceiling, but someone had forgotten to setup a field underneath us as well. Superman kicked up his legs and propelled me off of him as I smashed into the force field. Before I could right myself or even fall to the ground, Superman was on top of me as he grabbed my wrist and tried to yank it behind my back. His other hand going to my shoulder blade so that he could try and restrain me. However, I was not about to let myself get restrained by him or anyone else. Using my flight powers, I pulled my restrained arm upwards while also spinning my body a complete 360-degree circle as fast as possible. My spin completely caught Superman off guard as he was propelled directly into the force field face-first. Superman smashed into the energy wall hard and grunted as his face impacted it.

This was my chance. I quickly grabbed Superman by his cape and swung him down hard on the ground. Superman smashed into the floor, causing the Fortress to rumble once more and creating another crack in the floor. Still disorientated, Superman was having trouble responding to my assault. I swung my arm back over my head with as much strength as I could muster. Superman sailed over me as his cape pulled him along. He smashed once more into the floor on the opposite side of where he had hit it earlier. The floor was thoroughly cracked and spider-glassing as his body smashed into it. I swung back over again to ram Superman back into the ground. Superman was able to right himself and landed on his back rather than face first. I moved as a blur of motion to the naked eye, and planted myself on top of Superman. I straddled him as he lay on the ground with the cracks flowing out from beneath him. Superman was regaining his composure, and looked like he still had more fight in him.

Superman raised his arms up, but I made a grab for them before he could do anything. I also shifted myself higher up on his body to keep from being thrown off by his legs. As Superman and I flailed against each other, one of Superman’s fists completely got through my defenses and punched me right in my breast. I felt his hard fist plow into my soft mammary causing it to compress inwards. For someone of Superman’s strength, it was like punching a large pillow as my boob succumbed to his might rather than my breast overpowering the attacker. However, I felt little to no actual pain from Superman’s punch at my tit. In fact, it felt kind of good. It made me feel powerful.

Superman paused after he realized that he had punched me in my breast. He was clearly not trying to do that, and appeared to be somewhat embarrassed that it had happened. I immediately began laughing as he removed his first. I puffed up my chest causing my breasts to expand outwards. I could not help but respond, “Ah, that felt good actually. Punch me there some more.” Superman gave an experimental punch back at my breast. He did not put much power into it, but it was enough to cause my tit to bounce. I closed my eyes and smiled as I enjoyed the sensation. I commanded him, “Harder, you big boy scout.”

Superman punched again into my breasts much harder. They compressed as before, but there was no actual sensation of pain. In fact, the experience of this super strong juggernaut being unable to really hard me was actually rather erotic. Superman increased the tempo and strength of his punching causing my super-strong breasts to compress and bounce with each impact. I closed my eyes and rubbed my hips against own body as I put my hands on my hips. I gasped in pleasure as his immense strength was not able to hard me. I then started to remember how I was able to overpower him earlier, and how Superman had responded to me working those weights when we first arrived at the Fortress.

I moved at super speed with my arms as I reached out and grabbed Superman’s wrists in my hands. His motions were brought to a dead stop as I opened my eyes and looked down at him. I looked Superman in the eye, and told him “Go ahead. Resist me.” I then started to slowly push my arms down back towards Superman. Superman responded by trying to push back towards me. We were in a superhuman tug of war as I fought to push Superman’s arms down, and he fought to keep them up towards me. However, it was a battle that Superman was slowly losing. Superman pushed with more and more strength against me. His own biceps and triceps bulged as his superhuman muscles grew with the power flowing through them. As I pushed downwards, my own muscles bulged and expanded to take in my own inexhaustible power. Both of our muscles were gigantic in size as we tried to resist and overcome the other. However, as my arms filled with more and more power, I felt Superman’s own arms reach their maximum. After a point, there was nothing left for him to give while I kept increasing my own strength and push against him. Beads of sweat formed on Superman’s face as he pushed against me. He gritted his teeth while trying to push back against my inhuman muscles. I smiled down at him. I was stronger than Superman, and Superman knew it now. There was no doubt.

Superman’s arms finally lost the battle, and fell to the ground next to his head as my arms gave a final push against them. Superman was exhausted with the effort, and unable to resist me any further. We were both breathing heavily. However, because I was sitting on Superman’s stomach rather than his hips, Superman’s face was dead center with my enormous and heaving chest. As we both breathed heavily, my breasts probably looked twice as large as they normally were. Two gigantic melons staring Superman in the face with the power to crush steel between them. Superman looked upwards from my amazing chest to gaze into my eyes. I could see the horniness in them. I could smell it coming off him. I pushed my body slowly backwards to cause my hips to slide down his body. As I reached his hips, I could feel Superman’s hard member poking out from his own costume. I rubbed my hips up and downwards on his body until I could feel my labia rubbing against his tip. I smiled and laughed as Superman seemed unsure of what to do. He was clearly hornier than a teenager who just discovered sex, but was reserved about what might happen next.

I looked Superman in the eyes as I told him, “I won. My reward comes first.” I moved my body up Superman’s body. My hips felt the outlines of his costume as it moved over his stomach and chest. I let go of his hands as I crawled forward. Superman offered no resistance or attempt to move away from me. My legs came over his shoulders so that my knees touched the floor between his head. As Superman looked up, he quickly found himself gazing into the underside of my costume between my shapely, muscular legs. I reached down and moved my costume aside so that he has a clear view and access to my wet pussy. I slowly lowered myself onto Superman’s face as he reached up. His mouth kissed my most private of parts as he began to lick. I cried out as Superman’s tongue pushed my lips apart and began to explore the insides of my nether regions. I grabbed and squeezed my breasts as I began to rub my hips slowly across Superman’s face. He buried himself between my legs as his tongue worked me in ways that no human had the strength to do. Superman reached out and grabbed my thighs in his hands. I reached up behind me and undid the hidden fastens that kept my costume in place. With a swift motion, I removed my super suit and tossed it aside as I knelt on Superman’s face wearing only my blue boots. Superman tongue was strong and versatile. I quickly felt myself cumming on top of Superman’s face. As my juices flowed, Superman just ate me up even more, lapping up my own liquids like sweet honey. As I felt waves of pleasure flow through my body, I felt no need to push him away. I sat there as my body shuddered with superhuman strength on top of Superman’s face. Shuddering that could crush steel to throw cars a block away meant nothing to a Kryptonian.

As I felt my first orgasm subside, I still wanted more from Superman. This was unlike any normal human that I had been with. This was better than Mike, Jake, or even Cheryl could ever provide me. There was no need to be careful. No need to worry if I might hurt my partner. I could just be the new me. The newly created goddess that I was. I lifted my leg up and began to move on top of Superman. At first, he was unsure of what I was doing, but quickly figured it out as I was not getting up, but turning around instead. I adjusted my body so that I was not facing Superman’s crotch while his face still lay underneath my wet and desirous pussy. I reached out with one hand, and freed Superman’s impressively large and invulnerable member from his own suit. I could feel it pulsing in my hand, ready to explode at my command. I gave it a good couple of tugs to only feel it get even harder, if that was even possible. I then let my own tongue trace the outlines of his tip before driving it into my mouth. As I began sucking Superman’s cock with enough pressure to cause a hurricane, Superman grabbed my hips and once again dug his face into my wet pussy. He licked and bit my sex as I sucked and licked his member. Superman’s size was so much that I could barely fit all of it into my mouth. However, it felt like it could rip through steel and tear apart a car.

I shifted my body forward some more as I felt my hard nipples drag against Superman’s torso. I was tall enough that Superman could eat me out as my large tits came to rest against the tip of Superman’s cock. While I was not taller than Superman enough to dig his entire member between my cleavage, I was able to bury his tip between my massive, sexy globes. I gave it a good lick, and then stuck it between them. I placed my hands against the sides of my breasts and pushed them together. My powerful breasts squeezed his member like a vice until I began to rub them together. Superman leaned his head back and cried out as pleasure washed over him as well. I could feel his pulsing member between my breasts. I could feel that he was on the verge of finishing himself. Superman had had brought me to near climax again as well. I needed him inside of me. I rose up again and shifted myself down his body until my sex was directly over his hard member. Grabbing hold on it with one hand, I directed it into my own nether region, which it penetrated deeply and easily. There was no half-in like it was with Jake. It felt natural and glorious to be with someone of such strength, not some compromise to fulfill my immediate needs. Sitting in a reverse cowgirl position, I grabbed hold of Superman’s legs and felt his strong muscles underneath my fingers. I began pumping myself up and down on him as Superman grabbed my ass and squeezed. I could feel the strength to crush steel beams to paste squeezing my ass. Superman was near finishing, and began to pull me downwards onto him with each thrust of my hips. I could hear an animalistic groan and need leave his lips as Superman was unable to contain himself any longer. As I felt Superman finish inside of me, I could feel his pulsing cock spill his hot liquid all inside of me. The feeling of these vibrations brought me over the edge as well as my entire body shuddered in pleasure of my own orgasm. I cried out in my own pleasure as my screams echoed throughout the Fortress. The walls shook as my super lungs exhaled a sound that would have deafened any normal human in the area.

With both of us spent, we laid on the ground with me on top of Superman. Both of us covered in the pleasurable sweat of a good, hard fuck as we listened to each other’s heavy breathing. I felt the last pulse of his member inside of me, but I still wanted more. I felt insatiable. My senses were dialed up beyond eleven with these powers. Sex had never been this good or powerful before gaining these powers. I could feel everything, and everything felt a thousand times better than it did before. If Superman felt even half of what I did, then I could see why he was unable to resist me.

I lifted my legs off the ground, and used my flying powers to hover in the air as Superman’s still half-hard member poked inside of me. I moaned as I felt it quiver some more before I began to rotate myself 180-degrees so that I could face Superman. Superman gasped at the sensation of my pussy rubbing against his member as my body turned. I could feel it harden a bit, ready for more action at a moment’s notice. It would just take a little more coaxing to get the Man of Steel back to starting position. I closed my eyes and smiled at the sensation and knowledge of my power over the Last Son of Krypton. I opened my eyes as I came face to face with Superman as he laid on the ground. I put my feet back down and lowered myself so I was once again resting on top of him. Superman himself seemed unsure on what to do next. It was clear through his eyes that he was fighting an internal battle on his desire for more and desire to try and keep this on a professional relationship. I could accept friends with benefits, but I don’t think that I could live without this.

I looked down at Superman before speaking, “Do you know that I have realized something?”

Superman seemed unsure of what I was going to say next as he hesitantly responded, “What is that?”

I placed one hand on Superman’s chest as I leaned in slightly. I raised my other arm, made a fist, and flexed as strongly as I could. The muscles on my arm exploded outwards as power flowed through them. Superman switched his gaze back and forth between my face and my bulging bicep. I answered him in a low voice, “I am stronger than you.”

My statement of fact caused Superman to swallow, but what I really noticed was how his cock inside of me started slowly getting hard again. I moaned in the pleasurable feeling of his member inside of me as it grew. I lifted my other hard that was against his chest and flexed it as well. I sat there straddling Superman as I flexed both arms. I smiled at Superman, “Yes, and me being stronger than you turns you on.” That statement only fueled Superman’s hardening cock inside of me. I began to slowly move myself up and down on his member as I laughed. “That’s right. Think about these hard muscles overpowering the great Superman. Tell me, is that how Superior Girl beat you? Is she stronger than you too?”

Superman was trying to resist his own building lust, but was having trouble keeping his head on straight. He spoke with great resistance, “Yes. Just like Supergirl.”

Well, that was interesting. Supergirl, Superior Girl, and I were stronger than Superman. Maybe women are stronger than men on Krypton. Or maybe, growing up on Earth with these powers did not allow Clark’s muscles to develop as fully as they would on a normal human. The idea was almost funny that the strongest man on Earth might actually be the weakest man on Krypton. Confirmation of my strength over Superman just made me hornier, and Superman’s member was fully ready to go now as I slowly pumped myself on top of him. I stopped flexing and pushed my boobs together in front of Superman. My hard nipples stared Superman directly in the face along with my massive mammaries. I commanded Superman, “Superior Girl doesn’t own you anymore. In the bedroom, you belong to me. Is that clear?”

Superman was fully engaged with me now. There was no hesitation as he responded, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good. Now come here and suck on my super-titties.”

Superman used his own flight powers to rise both of us off the ground. As we floated in the middle of the training room, he wrapped his arms around me and brought my breast closer so he could take one in his mouth. Just as Superman worked my pussy, he explored my nipples with his tongue and bit hard into them. Pleasure rolled over me as I thrust my hips harder and harder into him as his rock-hard member touched my insides in all the right places.


I woke the next morning with Superman gone from the bed. I put my super suit back on, and flew into the main area of the Fortress. Superman was already awake and eating breakfast. There was a warm plate waiting for me next to him. I flew over, and began to chow down on my food. Superman finished up his meal, and looked at me as I ate. He seemed to be pondering what to say next until he finally spoke.

“There is something else that I need to tell you.” I mumbled in agreement as I ate. “While you were here the last time, I took a DNA sample from you for testing. I wanted to find out why you developed full Kryptonian powers from the Ambrosia unlike the others.”

I finished my food, and put the plate down on the table. “Did you find anything?”

“Quite a lot. You are not fully human.”

“Well, I always suspected that I was some kind of mutant due to my freakish strength growing up.”

Superman shook his head, “No. I mean that your DNA is half-human and half-Kryptonian. The computer believes that one of your parents was from Krypton.”

The revelation took me a moment to process, and also caused a shiver to run down my spine. I had been adopted at a very early age, but knew little to nothing about my birth parents. However, it did explain quite a lot about where my abnormal strength came from.

“Is that even possible? I thought you said that just having sex with a normal human was dangerous enough.”

“I did not believe it was until now. However, your DNA clearly shows that someone from Krypton was on Earth several decades ago, and managed to have a child with a human partner. I can’t tell which parent was from Krypton. But I have never seen evidence of another Kryptonian on this planet before I came out publicly. Even Supergirl did not arrive until a few years after I became publicly known.”

I sat back on the chair as I thought about this revelation more. “So how did the Ambrosia factor into this?”

“It seems to have activated the full potential of your Kryptonian DNA, which has been overwriting your human DNA. Given the time since our last meeting, you are probably now more Kryptonian than human.

That news frightened me a bit. Superman looked human on the outside. “Ah, does that mean….?”

Superman laughed, “No, you are not going to growing a third eye or a tail. Kryptonians are near identical to humans outside the genetic sequences that give us our powers. It might even be possible that humans and Kryptonians came from the same species millions of years ago. However, any evidence of such origin has been completely lost to history both here and on Krypton.”

“So, did Kryptonians come from humans or humans from Kryptonians?”

“I don’t think anyone knows. However, some scientists that I know at Starr Labs do speculate there was genetic manipulation in my Kryptonian DNA. A few of our powers can be explained through different environments, like a high gravity world, but it does not explain the wide range of powers that I have.”

“So Kryptonians made themselves into a bunch of supermen?”

“The surviving records within the ship that brought me to Earth were sparse and incomplete. They talked about these powers as more legend than reality. However, there are mentions to some kind of Kryptonian interstellar empire thousands of years before Krypton exploded. My best guess is that Krypton reached some pinnacle of science. The people redesigned their race with the powers that I now possess. Then something happened. Some kind of dark age where their empire collapsed, and Kryptonians became isolationists confined to their home planet. Something in the sun changed too causing them to lose most of their powers. My powers became myth to the people of Krypton just like the legends of Hercules and other demigods on Earth. Finally, Krypton exploded causing my parents to send me here. Just as my father theorized, the legends were real under the yellow sun this planet orbits causing my powers to manifest in full.”

So that was the story of Krypton and Superman. It explained why only Superman was on Earth. I had always thought it seemed crazy that the galaxy was not littered with people like Superman. Flying from star to star under their own power. I asked, “No one travelled the stars?”

“Krypton was very conservative, and believed in isolationism from the rest of the galaxy. To them, the galaxy was filled with dangerous aliens who would only bring doom and destruction to what remained of Krypton’s proud heritage. They kept everyone away from their star system, and anyone that tried to steal ancient scientific secrets from Krypton’s archives paid a terrible price. There were those that wanted for Krypton to expand out to the stars. To try and reclaim our lost empire of centuries past. However, most were relegated to the fringes of society up until near the end of Krypton, but by then it was already too late for us.”

“What about legends of their old powers?”

“Fringe science. To the average Kryptonian, talk of awakening dormant superpowers hidden in their DNA was Earth’s equivalent of claiming vaccines cause autism, alien abductions, and Earth governments are run by lizard people.”

I laughed at the comment, “That’s just what our lizard overlords want you to believe.”

Superman laughed at my joke, “Quite. Look, I am going to do some more digging into your past. See if I can uncover anything about your birth parents. In the meantime, you will need to get over to Singapore to find Terri. Superior Girl is still out in the field in Central Asia. Our mutual friends’ have setup a series of false leads there to help keep her busy, and take out a few enemies of the United States government. If someone does get a call out to LexCorp for help, you will have some extra time before Superior Girl swoops in.”

I stopped Superman before he continued further, “Hold on, before you send me out on the next mission, I have something that I want your help with.” Superman looked back at me with clear wonder on what I was about to ask him. I continued, “I have been thinking about what you said about a new identity. I think that I should change my hair as well.”

“The device that turned your hair blonde will keep it that color for well over a month at least.”

“I am not worried about that. I had a scary thought while we were fighting yesterday. I don’t want to give someone the chance to grab my long hair, and do what I did to you while holding your cape.”

Superman immediately got it, “Ah, yes. I see. Now that we know that you are affected by Kryptonite that problem is easy to fix. Follow me.”

I followed Superman back towards the master bedroom area that we had slept in together. He took me into the bathroom, and pulled out a small lead box from one of the cabinets. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. Superman looked back at me and smiled. Superman said as he quietly laughed, “It is funny how no one ever really asks me how I am always so clean shaven if all of my body is invulnerable and super strong.”

I looked back at Superman as I suggested, “Heat vision through a mirror?”

Superman laughed heartily at the suggestion, “I actually tried that once. Unfortunately, my heat vision tends to melt the mirror rather than deflect the beam onto my stubble. No, I use these items to help me with my more mundane hygiene needs. I will get you a pair as well.” Superman opened the box to reveal a very sharp razor blade. The blade has a tiny almost imperceptible green glow on its edge. Superman explained, “The razor was specially made for me. It is made out of titanium with an edge infused with a trace amount of Kryptonite. Not enough Kryptonite to cause me serious harm or effect, but enough to slightly dull my invulnerability around the area that I am using it.” Superman moved the razor aside to reveal a pair of scissors as well.

I tried unsuccessfully to repress a laugh at the idea. Superman saw the humor in it and laughed himself, which only caused me to burst out laughing too. While my legs were ok, this did remind me that I would need to shave them soon considering my super suit left my legs bare. Superman walked out of the bathroom and grabbed a chair for me to sit in. He patted on its back for me to sit down. I grabbed the box, and walked over to sit down in the chair with Superman behind me.

Superman responded, “Don’t worry. I have gotten quite good cutting my own hair. Let me help you on this. How short do you want it?”

I thought back to the bob hair cut that Cheryl had. While she had black hair, I liked the idea of having short hair like that to keep people from grapping it. Just as a different hair style and glasses help Superman as Clark Kent, I hoped that a significantly shorter hair style would help conceal me from Jessie and her Ambrosia Amazons. The only downside was that I would not be able to play the role of Supergirl returned from the grave for her revenge anymore. I explained to Superman the style that I wanted. He got to work, and was actually quite good in shaping my hair to how I described it. Superman cut my blonde hair so that it barely touched the back of my neck, and had a shock of hair that could cover my right eye if hung in the right direction. I was pleased seeing myself in the mirror. Given my near perfect features that these new powers gave, the blonde hair and short cut made me almost unrecognizable to even myself.

I turned back to Superman who seemed eager for a critique on his work, “It’s perfect!” Superman smiled greatly at my enjoyment of his efforts. I continued, “Now if you will excuse me. I need to shave some other parts of my body. I will meet you back in the main room when I am done.”

Superman got the message, and flew out of the master bedroom. I grabbed the razor from the box, and sat myself down in the bathroom. Just as I had done countless other times, I slowly and methodically shaved my legs until they were as smooth as silk. A benefit of super vision is that no single strand of hair could escape my keen eye. Once I was done with my legs, I used the razor to clean the more feminine parts of my body. While I kept a small bush as had always been my preference, I made sure that it was trimmed enough that no stray hairs would be popping out of my super suit down there. Once I was done, I cleaned off the razor and scissors then returned them to their proper resting place in the box. That would keep me for a while until Superman could arrange my own set.

With my work done, I returned to the main room to find Superman once again working on his computer. As I walked into the room, Superman got up from his seat and tossed a large travel bag over to me. A quick peek with my x-ray vision showed that the bag had a variety of clothes so I did not have to walk around in my super suit all the time. There was also a cell phone that I could use to call for assistance once Terri was secure. Depending on the situation, I could either fly Terri back here myself or make arrangements to have her shipped to a secure location where Superman would move her himself. The bag also contained some local currency, new identity papers, and location of a hotel whose room had been booked for my brief stay.

Superman walked me outside of the Fortress of Solitude with my bag slung over my shoulder. Despite the biting cold of the Arctic Circle, I felt hardly any chill despite my legs being bare to the elements. Superman handed me a device that he had taken from his desk inside the Fortress. “Here, take this. It’s a GPS mapper to help you find Singapore.” I gave him an odd look, but he responded with a large smile on his face. “Would have been helpful when I first started out. It is easy to overshoot your objective, or confuse one major city with another from 10,000 feet up. I have been around the world long enough to recognize most major landmarks and cities.”

I smiled at the idea of me landing in Bangkok or Seoul, and initially thinking it was Singapore. I put the GPS unit in my bag, and took a piece of paper that I had on me out. “I am staying with a girl that I met in Dubai named Cheryl Rose in Los Angeles. She thinks I am in Boston cleaning out my things. Can you arrange to have some boxes of clothes shipped from Boston to that address?”

“Consider it done. How much does she know?”

“Not much. Just that my fiancé left me when I got my powers, and I am trying to figure out what to do with my life.”

“I would have preferred that you stay in the Fortress of Solitude until this is all over. Just be careful. The more she knows; the more she is in danger. Loose lips sink ships.”

I laughed as I responded, “Considering what we did to the training room floor yesterday, I am not sure there would be much of a Fortress left if I stayed here. Besides, I can’t hide inside there forever. I need to be around other people.”

Superman briefly got a sad look as he lightly chuckled, “Supergirl told me the same thing when she first arrived on Earth. Have you thought about your old boyfriend Mike?”

I exhaled loudly in the freezing artic cold, “I am still not sure. These powers and sensations make sex feel more amazing that it ever did before. I care for Mike, but I feel that I need more with my new powers and abilities. Besides, you said it yourself that Mike was safer thinking that I died in the explosion in Metropolis.”

Superman got a pensive look on his face, “Unfortunately, I know what you mean. There was a woman before Lois. I worried how my powers would always keep us apart from the kind of relationship that she deserved. Let’s talk more about it when you return.”

I nodded my head to Superman. Holding tightly to my bag and GPS unit, I jumped into the sky and took off towards Asia. I left Superman standing at the entrance of the Fortress of Solitude listening to a sonic boom erupt as I quickly broke the sound barrier.

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