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Chapter 08: Goddess Club Showdown

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Goddess Club Showdown

My flight across the Pacific Ocean gave me good time to think about my situation. The Pacific Ocean was absolutely beautiful to behold with a shining sun and open sky as far as I could see. I knew the general direction that I was supposed to go, and used the sun to help me navigate in that direction. After a couple of hours of flying, I spotted a small island appearing at the edge of the horizon. I turned myself slightly in its direction. The island was uninhabited with a couple of trees surrounding it. The island looked like a nice place to stop and gather my surroundings. I also needed a moment to look at where exactly in Singapore I was expected to go, and give the sun a little bit more time to set.

As the island quickly came below me, I saw that it was indeed uninhabited by humans, but did have several birds and other small animals. I landed on the beach that surrounded the island. I could feel the warm sun bathing me in its energy, refueling my powers, and giving me a much-needed boost. I sat down on the sand, and removed my boots. I felt the warm sand between my toes as the tide rolled in and out in a slow rhythm. I opened the bag to more closely review what Superman had packed for me. There were a number of clothes in the bag, all fitted perfectly to my measurements, as well as a small folder with several sheets of paper inside. The papers showed information on the hotel that I was supposed to check in to was the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I was registered under a completely new name from the ones that I used in Dubai. However, given Lex Luthor’s resources, he probably had watchers out looking for anyone who used those old names again.

Superman had also included several notes on the Synthetic Ambrosia that had been decoded from the hard drives. The substance was completely experimental and based off samples of the real Ambrosia that Lex had acquired by unknown means. I suspected that he may have simply asked Jessie for a sample. Based on what Superman had told me, Jessie was paranoid about anyone taking her powers but seemed supremely overconfident at times. Apparently, the substance had been developed at a facility called Winter Base Zero, but I could not find any reference as to where that actually was. The research notes talked about running the live testing in an old warehouse in Singapore. Lex was uncomfortable bringing these agents into the same facility where this was first made for security reasons. I would guess this was part of Lex’s effort to compartmentalize the information.

As I read further through the notes, the recovered documents and emails from the hard drive indicated that Terri Suzuki would be flying in via private jet to Singapore later tonight. The actual testing of the Synthetic Ambrosia was not scheduled to begin until the following evening. I thought about the idea of hitting the testing facility tonight before Terri arrived, but I was unsure if everything might actually be there. If Lex was being as paranoid as his writings seemed to indicate, then he probably would only bring it all together at the same time. Superman had some handwritten notes on the sides of the pages. He suspected the delay also helped give Terri some time to build up her cover story on why she would be in Singapore. Her past associations with Chinese Triads could certainly be useful. Prematurely attacking the facility was not a gamble that I was willing to risk. If I struck early with not everything there, then I would lose the opportunity to shut it all down. Unless Superman found where we could steal more hard drives of secret data, this was a one-shot opportunity.

I secured the papers back into the bag. The sun felt nice on my body, and the GPS device showed that I still had a couple hours of daylight left. Flying in to Singapore in the middle of the day might be problematic considering how populated the city was. Relaxing on this pristine beach with no one around sounded like a good way to pass the time as the sun slowly went down. I reached behind my back to undo the hidden clasps that kept my super suit in place. I removed my suit and placed it nicely into the bag. I leaned back to the beach as my naked body absorbed the sun rays. The beams felt wonderful as they washed over my naked form. I breathed out deeply as I could feel my entire body relax. The warm sand felt wonderful against my back.

I am not sure how long that I laid there in the sun. I may have even lightly dozed off with the sound of the waves washing up to the shore. However, after some time, I opened my eyes and decided that I should take a swim. I got up from the beach. I took my bag and tossed it more up from the shore to make sure that the tide did not come and wash it away. Having to fly back to the Fortress of Solitude for a new super suit, clothes, and GPS device would have quickly ruined my day. I turned back to the ocean that was a good fifteen feet away. Rather than run into the ocean, I decided to try something different. I leaped into the air with my powerful legs propelling me high up into the air. Without using an ounce of my flight abilities, my jump caused me to soar the distance between beach and ocean until I was a good thirty feet away from the shoreline. As I came down, I adjusted my body so that I dived directly into the ocean like a world-class diver. My body broke through the water as I swam deep under the currents. The water was cool to my skin, but I felt complete comfort despite any chill in the water itself. As I opened my eyes underwater, I saw the full beauty of the Pacific Ocean that lay hidden under the waves. Fish and other sea life darted around the water with a care in the world about the new intruder.

As I held my breath with little discomfort, I swam deeper and lower into the ocean as the island became a distant memory. I spent over an hour underwater as I explored the sea around the island. The fish and other sea life was truly amazing for me to experience. I rose to the surface to find myself a full two miles away from the island. The sun was starting to set as I began to paddle my way back to where I started. With my strength and endurance now at superhuman levels, the swim back to the island was nothing to my muscles. I came up to the beach feeling just as energized and fresh as I first did when jumping into the ocean itself. My naked body was dripping wet from the swim. I stood on the beach and shook myself at super speed. My body became a blur of motion as I moved quickly in place. The motion caused the water to fly off me, and quickly dried my skin. My hair was still a bit damp, but that would take care of itself as I finished my flight to Singapore. The sun was just now beginning to halfway dip below the horizon. I watched its orange and red glow recede further until it was completely gone. Night came upon me on my own private island as the stars opened themselves up in the sky with the moon hanging high. There was no light pollution to help obscure the stars like in Boston. The island itself was extremely peaceful. It was effectively a small mountain covered with trees with a small forest surrounding it. I went back to my bag that was still on the beach where I had thrown it. I retrieved the GPS tracker, and looked up where I was. According to the device, I was somewhere to the southwest tip of an island chain called Palau. The Philippines were several hundred miles to the west of where I was.

I marked my little island on my GPS device so that I could see about returning to it in the future. It was small enough to not attract much attention from potential settlers, but large enough that I could easily setup a home here. Once all of this business with Superior Girl is behind me, this little private island might be a good place for me to setup my own Fortress of Solitude away from the rest of the world. Singapore was to my southwest. I made a note of the direction that I needed to go by using the moon in the sky as my guide. It would keep me on the right path until I got closer to the mainland and could make a course correction. I stuffed the GPS unit back into my bag, put my super suit back on, and then threw the bag over my shoulder as I leap into the air. As night fell across all of Asia, I was once again soaring in the sky towards my destination. However, I now had the benefit of arriving in Singapore under the cover of darkness.


I continued my journey towards Singapore with my travel bag slung over my shoulder and a GPS unit in hand to ensure that I was on course. I thought a lot about how I was going to take down Terri and the lab. Doing a frontal assault of the lab seemed like the best approach. If I hit them fast and hard, it gives everyone less time to react and catches them off guard. However, Terri might be trouble. The lab is in a remote, more industrial area of town away from large population centers. Terri will likely be in those population centers. Flying in, fighting her, and flying out will cause a lot of attention. According to the notes on Terri, she was experienced with Judo martial arts. Maybe I could catch Terri unaware in some private place, like I did with Monica.

After another hour of flight and a few course corrections, I arrived near where I could see Singapore with my naked eyes. It was not hard to miss since the sun had set. The city was a shining metropolis next to the sea. Sea traffic alone was practically directing me towards the city if I followed it. I stayed on course towards the city with little fear of being spotted. The moon was half full in the night sky, and it would be hard to spot my body flying to so high up. I hovered over the city, and scanned the buildings to find my destination. After a hotel with an underwater room, my designated living arrangements were much lower scale. The Grand Hyatt Hotel was my destination in the center of the city. However, it would serve my purposes in this town for the time being.

I scanned the hotel and surrounding area to see where the people were hanging out. I spotted a place behind the hotel that was clear and hidden from the streets. I quickly landed, and set down the bag with my new clothes inside. A few seconds later, I had put on a blouse and skirt over my super suit with a pair of matching high heels. I left the alley and walked through the front door of the hotel. The front desk took the fake name that my room was registered under, and gave me a key card with no questions asked. The receptionist also gave me a package that had arrived earlier for me. A peek with my x-ray vision showed that it was a laptop. Everything had been arranged before my arrival, and I felt like a regular Jane Bond, international woman of mystery.

My room was extremely spacious, and set on the top floor. It would be easy to get to the roof should I decide to fly somewhere. I set my bag down, set aside my clothes, and setup the laptop and paperwork that Superman had left me. I got a good look at the night activity within the city as I worked. Superman’s friends had listed five locations that Terri was likely to visit upon entering the city. Many were related to her time working with the Triads in China and appeared to be front organizations. The side notes seemed to indicate that they thought Terri would make an appearance to help maintain good relations local crime syndicates. Her association with Lex Luthor would give her certain amounts of immunity from those that she had pissed off back in her Triad days. It seemed like pure speculation, but it made logical sense.

The notes that Superman had left also stated that his contacts working secretly in Singapore would send me a message as soon as Terri arrived. If I had more experience tracking things while flying, I might have even been able to intercept Terri’s plane, kidnap her, and make it look like the plane went down. I took the opportunity to go downstairs to get some food from the hotel’s restaurant. I chose to sit at a table near the bar, and was pleased at the attention that my entrance got from several men nursing their drinks. A few looked interested, but I gave a definite “not interested” glare back at them when our eyes met.

Near the end of my dinner, I caught sight of something that no woman ever wants to see. My super eyesight gave me enough clarity to realize that what I saw was not a mistake. A middle-aged business man with a British accent at the bar slipped something into the drink of the woman that he was talking to. It did not take much to guess what it was, but the woman had gone to the bathroom when he did it. I pondered what to do. Just snapping his neck would be too obvious. However, my plans were interrupted when the woman came back and began to sit down. The man pushed the drink towards her with a smile on his face as he looked at her. His smile drained away any hesitation that I had previously.

I got up from my seat, and walked over to the couple as the woman was about to take hold of the drink. I did a quick scan of his pockets using my x-ray vision to find his identity. His passport read “Michael Farrington” and gave his residency somewhere in London. Using this info, I quickly called out as I approached “Hey, Mike! Thanks for getting me that drink?” I reached between the two before either could react, took the drink, and downed the entire glass in one swift motion. The odd taste mixed with the alcohol clearly indicated something wrong, although I doubt someone without super senses would have picked up on it. As Michael turned towards me along with the woman, I placed the glass back on the bar and put my arm around Michael. I looked towards the woman who also looked from out of town as well. “Thanks, honey. So who is your friend?”

Michael was clearly at a loss for words, “Ah, who….?”

However, the woman saw that she had stepped into something that she preferred not to be involved with. She gave an angry look towards Michael whom she now believed to be some slime ball who had tried cheating on his partner. “Oh, no worries. I was just heading out.” The woman grabbed her purse, and walked out of the bar.

Michael was starting to regain his composure, but I moved in quickly still. I turned myself to face Michael, and used my other hand to grab his crotch. I squeezed with enough pressure to make sure he knew who was boss here. In a low voice, I gave his next commands “Don’t say a word and follow me. Stay here, and you will never leave this hotel alive.”

The man was clearly scared now, and unsure about what was going on. Without waiting for a response, I moved away from him and started walking towards the kitchen area. I could tell by his rapid heartbeat that he was following me like a scared puppy. I walked through the kitchen doors, and continued past chefs and assistant chefs as they worked. Some cried out in what I assume was Mandarin, but I kept moving with a stern look on my face. Soon, we were out in the loading dock section of the hotel where the trash bins were stored.

As soon as the doors back into the hotel closed, I turned and was on Michael. I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him completely off his feet. He just dangled in the air like I was holding up a small book. His weight meant nothing to me as he struggled against my immovable arm as I held him over a foot off the ground with one hand.

“What?!? Please, don’t!”

I squeezed my hand tighter. “No talking. So you like to drug and rape women. I saw what you put in her drink. Do not try denying it.” Michael croaked out some sounds that I took for an acknowledgement. “Under normal circumstances, I would rip you in half. However, I don’t want to get blood on my dress.” More gurgling sounds as I continued, “If you so much as look at a woman wrongly, I will crush you like the pathetic insect that you are. Let me demonstrate.”

I grabbed his right hand that I saw him use to drop the medication into the drink. My hand wrapped around his fingers. I closed my hand and began to squeeze. Michael tried to cry out as I could hear the bones in his fingers breaking. My hand on his throat prevented him from making any truly loud sounds or calls for help. After mangling his first hand, I grabbed his other hand and repeated the process. I did not crush them completely, but certainly broke several bones. His hands would heal, but he would never play a piano properly again. By the time that I was done, Michael was whimpering in pain with tears flowing down his face. I walked over to the nearby dumpster. I lifted the lid and tossed Michael inside with the rest of the trash. He immediately cradled his ruined hands, and curled up in a fetal position without a word. I slammed the metal lid of the trash bin down, and used my super strength to squeeze the lid shut. I then used my heat vision to melt the lid and dumpster together to ensure that this sleaze was not getting out without professional help. Sealing him in the dumpster with his two broken hands made me feel exhilarated. That woman, whom I did not even know her name, was actually the first person that I saved since getting these powers. I felt good.

I did not bother walking back into the hotel. I instead jumped into took the sky, and soared towards the top of the hotel. Within seconds, I was through the doors that allowed roof access and back in my room. When I got back to my room, I found a message from 15 minutes earlier on the laptop. The message stated “Our friend has arrived.”


“This is Channel 4 News coming to you with a breaking news story. State television services in the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan are reporting another sighting of the woman identifying herself as Superior Girl. The dark-haired woman wearing Supergirl’s old uniform was spotted assaulting a training camp of known terrorists in the country’s interior. Video footage from the incident was posted on social media by unknown parties whom we have been unable to reach for comment. To help provide our viewers with more insight into the developing incident, we have brought on Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane and photojournalist Jimmy Olsen. Mr. Olsen is joining us via satellite phone while on assignment somewhere in Syria.”

The news anchor turns to a dark haired and attractive woman wearing a dark suit and blue blouse that matches the blue from Superman’s uniform. Lois Lane smiled brightly at the news anchor with the backdrop of Metropolis behind her. While Lois remains in the center of the screen, a photo of Jimmy Olsen is smiling to her left with the news anchor on her right.

“Ms. Lane, thank you very much for being here. You have been a key figure in reporting about the ongoing activities of Superman and his rogues’ gallery, as many call the people whom he has fought. Why do you think Superior Girl is attacking this terrorist cell in Turkmenistan?”

Lois smiled at the camera, “Thank you for having me on your program, Chuck. Why that woman does anything has been a mystery to the entire world? The most that we have put together is that she does things that please her. So, it stands to reason that these terrorists somehow displeased her enough to face her wrath.”

The news anchor looked serious at the camera, “I see. Are there any prevailing theories on how they may have displeased her?”

Lois smiled as she gave a light-hearted laugh, “Despite her being in the public’s eye for a little over a year, we still no little to nothing about her. No one has come forward to identify her before she became Superior Girl, and no one has yet found what happened to the woman whose uniform she wears.”

“You are talking about the disappearance of Supergirl. Superman has been extremely quiet about what happened with Supergirl. Have you heard anything different?”

Lois got a somber look on her face as she shook her head, “Unfortunately, not. Superman has continually refused to answer questions about Supergirl’s whereabouts. The fact that Superior Girl continues to fly around in what appears to be Supergirl’s uniform makes it highly likely that she is no longer with us.”

“We can only hope that is not the case since that would be a tragic loss of such a bright and wonderful woman. Mr. Olsen, what can you tell us about the terrorist organization that Superior Girl has been attacking.”

Jimmy spoke up through a static-laden satellite phone connection, “Mostly the same kind of Islamic extremists that you find in Afghanistan and the Middle East. They claim to be inspired by ISIS with some loose ties back to al Qaeda. However, that has never been verified since a number of terrorist cells claim those links to give themselves the appearance of legitimacy.”

The news anchor responded quickly, “Have you heard of such terrorist cells working with people like Superior Girl?”

“Definitely not. Superior Girl has never shown any interest in international politics or religious extremism. Most of these terrorist cells have a very bad view of people with extraordinary abilities or superpowers. The ones they tend to work with are those that originally came from their own organizations, and those people don’t tend to last long.”

“And why is that?”

Jimmy continued, “Most religious extremists appear to equate superpowers with a form of magic or sorcery that they see as antithetical to their own beliefs. So, most people who display these special abilities are either killed or flee these organizations.”

Lois spoke sarcastically, “Hard to follow some nutjob sitting in a tent in the desert when you can fly or throw fireballs from your fingertips.”

The news anchor turned back to Lois after her comment, “Ms. Lane, why do you suspect that Superman has not been able to defeat Superior Girl like so many other villains that he has fought.”

Lois did not miss a beat to the question, “I have spoken with Superman on this subject in recent interviews. All verified sightings of Superior Girl have been in major metropolitan areas. In fact, this sighting of her in Turkmenistan is unusual since it is outside a major civilian area.”

The anchor interrupted Lois, “So Superior Girl is using large cities as a form of human shield?”

Lois immediately spoke up, “Exactly. Superman believes that Superior Girl keeps to major cities in order to prevent Superman from strongly pursuing her. Superman has stated that he fears a battle between himself and Superior Girl in a city like Metropolis would put thousands, possibly millions, of people at risk.”

“Do you think this might be an opportunity for Superman then?”

“Possibly, but this footage was likely taken several hours ago given the remoteness of that area. It is almost certain that Superior Girl is somewhere else right now.”

The news anchor spoke up to bring the discussion to a close, “Unfortunately, that is all of the time that we have for now. I would like to thank both Lois Lane of the Daily Planet and Jimmy Olsen, an independent photojournalist on assignment in Syria, for providing this valuable insight into the recent events in Turkmenistan.”


Terri may be enhanced, but she was still human. I figured that she would want to get some rest after flying in to Singapore. The immediate messages that came through after the first indicated that I was right. Terri was headed to a hotel on the other side of the city. Just as one would expect, it was one of the fancier and richer hotels in all of Singapore. I decided to skip the obvious opportunity, and get some rest myself. I read more on the dossier that was included in the laptop, and got some sleep.

I woke up early in the morning the next day. After a quick shower and room service breakfast, I suited up and headed out to track down Terri. Once again, my own super suit was concealed underneath some regular street clothes that I hoped would allow me to mix with the other tourists in this city. I caught a cab over to the hotel that Terri was staying at. While outside I scanned the floor that Terri was supposed to be staying on. She was still there and sitting at a table in her room wearing just a black bra, panties, and sheer robe while her breakfast was being served. As Terri at her breakfast, she read a local paper written in Mandarin. Several bodyguards were standing at attention in select corners of the room, trying to not be noticed. There was also a quite muscular and naked man lying on the bed, either still asleep or unconscious, with his wrists handcuffed to the headboard of the bed.

I walked into the hotel, grabbed an English language paper, and found a chair that I could sit at in the lobby and read. A waitress even came by, and offered me a glass of coffee. No one seemed to blink an eye at my presence. I can only assume that to them I was just yet another western tourist enjoying their morning. I considered the idea of going up to the hotel room itself. I could break in, disable the guards, and capture Terri fairly quickly. However, the hotel was full of people that could get hurt, and it was broad daylight outside. I chose to take the subtler route and wait for my opportunity.

By noon, my boredom had made me ready let caution go to the wind and head up to the hotel room. However, I was surprised when Terri came out of the elevators into the lobby with her retinue of bodyguards behind her. She was wearing a sharp, black business suit clearly tailored to her form. Her high heels clicked against the marble tiles that lined the lobby. Her bodyguards wore sunglasses, but I could see them constantly scanning the room in case of trouble. A quick burst of x-ray vision showed that the bodyguards had small submachine guns concealed underneath those bulky jackets. I looked towards the hotel entrance, and spotted a large black SUV waiting for them outside with a driver standing by the doors. He opened it for Terri, and then ran over to the driver’s side to get in. The bodyguards filled out the remaining seats in the car, which quickly took off afterwards.

I got up from my seat, and waved down the first taxi that I saw. The driver spoke in broken English, which he was clearly not used to speaking often. However, he accepted my money along with a lack of destination. Using my super senses, I was easily able to track the black SUV as it navigated traffic and local streets. I gave the driver instructions on what streets to turn towards in order to keep on the same path as the SUV. He grumbled something in Chinese, but I paid no attention. Finally, the SUV stopped in front of some non-descript shop. I paid the driver, and got out on the streets to walk. I found a café to sit at, got some coffee, and watched from down the block. My super senses kept me informed of what was going on.

Terri was having some kind of meeting with a Chinese man in a business suit. The meeting was tense by both of them, and ended up in a lot of shouting in Chinese. Finally, Terri had had enough of the conversation. She slammed her fist down on the table and easily broke it. The table dipped as it was split in two by Terri’s first. The Chinese man stood up and leaned against the window. His heart rate clearly showed that he was in fear of his life. Terri yelled more at him in Chinese. The Chinese man finally nodded his head multiple times, and seemed to acknowledge whatever Terri wanted. She gave a wicked smile, and then simply walked out of the room. I decided against calling another cab. We were near the downtown district of Singapore, and Terri appeared to be heading in that direction. The traffic kept them from getting too far ahead of me as I kept up a brisk walking pace among the pedestrians.

I repeated my earlier routine throughout most of the day. I was able to keep far out of view of Terri and her crew so being discovered never seemed to be a worry. My telescopic and x-ray vision ensured that I never lost them in the crowd. Terri was making the rounds in the city. She talked to a number of men, and argued with even more of them. Once or twice, a bodyguard with the man she wanted to talk to tried to stop her. A quick shove or punch from Terri quickly made them regret that decision. Some of the establishments also appeared to be rather shady in nature. However, my lack of skill with Chinese made it impossible for me to know what was going on. I thought about barging in on the meetings several times, but eventually decided against it. I began to question myself. Why was I stalling? Was I scared of being discovered by Terri? Not all the bodyguards went into the buildings with Terri so it did seem possible that one or more could escape in the fight. By the end of the day, I was almost kicking myself for my lack of action. I had the power of a goddess, yet I stood outside drinking coffee and being indecisive. I needed to step up. I needed to move.

Terri broke for dinner. She went to a rather nice restaurant in what appeared to be a tourist district. I felt that my luck was improving because she also sent her bodyguards away. They protested, but she indicated that their work for the day was done. She would be returning to the hotel later in the night. I grabbed some dinner myself at another restaurant down the street. I made sure that my table was in a position that I could easily watch Terri. One thing that I did find out, Terri is a slow eater and can really pack it away. By herself, she ate a full course meal including desert and half a bottle of wine. Before my transformation, a meal like that would have just made me ready for bed. However, Terri seemed unfazed by the size of the meal and maybe a bit re-energized. It made me think about the Ambrosia Amazons. They may be enhanced, but they were still human. Exerting all that extra strength must require a lot more calories that a normal person.


Terri finally finished her meal, and got up to leave the restaurant. Rather than hailing a cab, she walked down the street against the flow of the crowd. I quickly left the restaurant that I was in, and followed her from across the street. Terri walked for a good two blocks until I saw her destination. Terri was making a b-line for a nightclub with a crowd outside. I wonder if this is where her boy toy from the morning came from. Terri skipped the line and went directly to the bouncer. Some words in Chinese and something slipped between hands, and Terri was through the front door a second later.

I considered repeating what I did in Dubai, but felt a subtler approach was in order. However, no point in at least not trying the front door. I crossed the street, and walked up the to the front entrance. I looked up at the bouncer, gave the cutest smile that I could muster, and eyed the front door. Despite my post-transformation good looks and cleavage, the bouncer appeared to be completely unfazed. He stood on the stairs leading to the entrance, and looked down upon me like I was some worthless piece of meat.

“No, gwai lo allowed. Find somewhere else to party, tourist.”

I did not speak Chinese, but had a good idea what gwai lo was intended to imply. I took a closer look at the line, and now noticed that it was composed entirely of Asians. Several of whom looked to be dressed in flashy suits and sunglasses that were pointless under the moonlight. I smiled and walked away down the street from the club. I walked down the street while I decided on my options. Using that bouncer as a battering ram would be fun. However, those doors swung outwards and the idea of crushing his skull against their heavy wooden frame just seemed mean and unnecessary. However, luck was with me. I turned at the end of the block as I walked around the area, and immediately spotted an alley for delivery trucks. No club likes having to take the trash out through the front door.

I walked down the alleyway that was completely devoid of people. The only activity was a backdoor opening from a restaurant while a busboy threw a bag of trash into a dumpster. He gave me a stink eye like I should not be here, but went back inside without any other action. I found the backdoor to the club, and could hear the bass through the walls. Before walking in, I decided to take off my shoes. If I had to fight Terri, I did not want my high heels to get in the way. I tossed the shoes into the dumpster that was down the block. The backdoor was a large steel doorway that was locked tight. In fact, it appeared to be overly strong for a normal club. I was beginning to suspect that the heavy front doors also had a steel plate hidden between its wooden façade, as well.

I grabbed the handle of the door, and gave it a good tug. The heavy steel of the door bent to my will and muscles in my arm. Someone had gone to good lengths to ensure that this door would not be opened without a lot of effort and noise. I was thankful for the bass music playing inside, or else I would have been alerting the entire building of my arrival. However, the door bent around the handle and quickly pulled open. No one would be able to properly close it again. The door itself looked like someone had tied a tow line to the handle and pulled it right out of the wall. They would be partially right.

I walked into the club’s back area, and quickly made my way through the kitchen area where staff were frying up food and cleaning dishes. Some of the staff yelled at me in Mandarin, but seemed to settle down as I moved towards the club itself. I probably don’t want to know what they said, but at least no one ran for an alarm bell. I walked into the club itself, and stood out like a sore thumb. It was full of men and women of Asian descent, most of whom turned to me with odd looks on their faces. They did not expect a foreigner in the club so I was clearly an oddity. A quick scan also showed a number of them packing weapons, which meant this was probably a Triad hangout. I looked into the rest of the club, and spotted Terri on the dance floor with some strapping, muscular man. She was clearly in control, and enjoying the man’s attention on her.

I walked towards the dance floor and avoided the eyes of the other patrons. Many of them starting talking amongst themselves in Chinese. I entered the dance floor, and made my way through the crowd. However, the crowd itself began to part as patrons noticed that I was not someone who normally entered this establishment. Terri stopped her dancing, despite the music continuing, and looked directly at my face. The women on the dance floor quietly disappeared into the crowds while the men began to form a circle around Terri and myself. We stood there for a couple of seconds staring at each other until I felt a presence coming from behind.

“Bitch! I said no gweilo allowed!”

The strong, meaty hand of the bouncer from the front door came down hard on my shoulder. I did not let it faze me as I kept staring at Terri. The bouncer took a firm hold of my shoulder, and tried to pull me back towards him. I just twisted my shoulder forward, and was greeted with the sound of my blouse tearing. The bouncer was surprised at what happened, and looked at the piece of cloth in his hand. There were several gasps from the men surrounding us. While I stood on the dance floor with my power suit partially revealed. Terri seemed to be putting two and two together between my suit and face.

“Michelle?” Terri asked.

“That’s Power Girl now!” I called out as I grabbed the remains of my clothes, and ripped them off of my body in a single motion. With my full costume revealed, there was an audible gasp from the crowd while several men scrambled for the guns and weapons inside their coats. I did not let that stop me. Before the remains of my clothes even touched the ground, I was moving towards Terri with my first in the air. Terri reacted just as quickly, and brought her hands up in a fighting stance.

I cried out as I let my punch loose towards Terri. My first connected with Terri’s cheek, and sent her flying backwards. Terri knocked over the men behind her as her body proved more powerful against them. They fell to the ground like bowling pins being knocked over by the ball. The men surrounding me quickly recovered from my attack. As they pulled their guns upwards towards me, the bouncer strode forward loudly. I did not even bother turning around, and jammed my elbow back to where I thought the bouncer would be. My hearing had directed me well as my elbow impacted directly upon the bouncer’s nose. I could hear his nose breaking at the impact, and an immediate cry out from him as he crumbled to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He was out of the game for now.

The Triad members did not waste any further time. With their submachine guns out, they pointed them at me and opened fire. Bullets flew out of the guns at lightening speeds with the booms from the gunfire deafening even the bass that continued to play in the background. The dark dance floor was lit up in a thousand lights from the flashes. Time appeared to slow for me as I focused on the bullets flying towards me from all directions. The bullets covered the distance in no time, and harmless impacted upon my invulnerable body. The sensation of the bullets hitting my magnificent breasts was such an erotic feeling. I closed my eyes and arched my back as the waves of pleasure rolled over me. My breasts expanded outwards as I breathed deeply in only giving the bullets more surface area to hit. I could have stood there for hours, basking in that feeling, until I began hearing the men cry out in pain.

Time seemed to revert to normal as I opened my eyes. The bullets from the submachine guns were bouncing harmlessly off my body, and were impacting the Triad members that were surrounding me. It was like being in the middle of a circular firing squad as the gang members inadvertently shot their colleagues. Triad members fell to the ground either dead or nursing various wounds inflicted upon them by their own weapons. While they cried out in pain, I felt a sense of satisfaction on how these criminals took themselves out. I didn’t even need to lay a hand on them.

I looked towards Terri to see her walking towards me. A dark bruise was already forming on her cheek where I had hit her. She had a dark scowl on her face, and was clearing fuming with rage at my punch. She also had a vial in her hand with some golden liquid. Before I could react, she took the vial and drank all of its contents. She tossed the vial away as she stood there, raging towards me with her eyes.

“So, you want Lex’s Synthetic Ambrosia. Time to see what it does to an Ambrosia Amazon.” Terri said between her clenched teeth. As she finished her sentence, pain overwhelmed the rage that she was feeling. Terri doubled over and dropped to one knee. She was shaking violently, and began to cry out in terrible pain. She grasped her stomach, but I could already see her body changing. Terri was growing.

The other patrons in the club began to hear ripping sounds coming from Terri as she kneeled. I could see the changes clearly without any need for my x-ray vision. The suit that Terri was wearing became skin tight against her. Her body was growing muscles in places were no muscles existed. Her existing muscles were doubling and then tripling in size. Terri rose to her feel, and let out an animalistic growl. Her clothes melted off of her as they tore apart. Her eyes briefly glowed a bright golden color. In front of me was now standing an 9-foot monster of muscle. Terri’s calves were looked as large as my waist, and throbbed with muscles and power. Her biceps were the size of my head. She looked like she could not only throw a car into orbit; she could throw a car into Jupiter and then follow it down to the planet’s core. Terri ended her roar, and looked down at my six-foot frame. She was breathing heavily with her massive breasts bouncing up and down. They defied gravity. They probably generated their own gravity. Terri’s breasts would be world record holders if a bra company dared to measure her. She would be somewhere in Z or even double Z territory. It would almost look comical if they were not standing proudly on a 9-foot tall muscular juggernaut. I could only stand there in awe as I looked at what she had become. Terri flexed her right arm, and watched her biceps explode with power. It was like watching a nuclear explosion happen. I could swear that tiny golden arcs of electricity erupted between her muscles as she flexed. Terri reached over with her other arm, and squeezed her enormous breast. Her breast hardly dimpled in her fingers. She pinched her enormous nipple in between her fingers, which hardened into diamond thickness in front of me. Terri smiled down at me. In a husky voice that resonated with power, she asked “Ready to play, little girl?”

Before I could respond, Terri took a step towards me. With her size, she only needed a single step before being in range. Her hand shot out like lightening, and punched me right in the face. I went flying backwards so fast that I tore through the bodies of several Triad members. They did not stand a chance as my body moved like a cannon ball through them. If I had not used my flying power to slow myself down, I would have easily gone through the club and every wall of the building into the next block. However, my effort only caused me to smash into the bar behind me, which shattered into a million toothpicks of wood and glass. Alcohol from the crushed bottles covered me.

I was angry at what Terri had done to me. The pain in my cheek was searing through me. I could feel my body already beginning to heal, but it did not make the pain any less than it was. As my own anger built, I felt my eyes begin to burn with rage. I unleashed a torrent of energy back towards Terri. Red hot beams flew from my eyes as I cried out, and blasted Terri directly on her immense breasts. The alcohol covering and surrounding me instantly ignited due to the heat from my beams.

The twin beams struck Terri on her breasts. She seemed unfazed by the lasts, and just cupped her hands to her breasts. She twisted her body to let the beams wash over each breast, which glowed red from the heat. “Mmmm, you know how to please a girl.” The fire and heat vision was finally enough for the remaining patrons who began to flee in masse through the front and back doors.

I stopped my beams in surprise that she could resist that. If she could do that to my heat vision, then how would she respond to my strength. I quickly got off the floor, and flew towards her at full speed. My body flew at near supersonic speeds from the bar area to the dance floor with my firsts out in front. Terri took a perfectly timed swing at me, and swatted me away from her like a fly. I went sailing into a sitting area that smashed apart at the impact of my body. Terri turned towards me, and began to walk over. Her footsteps seemed to create mini-earthquakes, and caused the floor to crack and buckle under her weight.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Think you are the first person that I have fought with super powers. I will crush you like the inexperienced little ant that you are.” Her voice and laughter boomed like coming through a loud speaker.

The pain from her blow was stinging in my sides. I got back up and rushed towards her. As she began to take a swing, I used my super speed to duck under her massive arms and gave her several punches in the stomach. The impact of my fists against her flesh was like the sound of shotgun blasts. I could feel the impact. I could feel that Terri felt it. However, it was not enough to do any real damage. There was no need to pull my punches. In fact, pulling my punches was the last thing that I needed to do against this monster. I jumped clear out of the way as Terri’s first came down on the floor hard. The tiles shattered like glass, and the whole building shook. A few more hits like that and the entire building would easily collapse. Not that it was the only problem. The fire from the bar was quickly spreading.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Don’t hold back on my account, little gwai lo.” Terri continued to tease me.

As I got up, Terri got a good punch into my right boob. The pain from her punch was hard to describe. No woman ever likes getting punched there, but my super-sensitive nipples only registered more pain that a more normal punch to a normal woman would have registered. I flew back and landed on the floor several feet away. There is a bit of irony that my own large breasts acted like a cushion to her attack. The pain wanted me to double over, but I got an idea. Terri was massively strong, maybe even a little stronger than me right now. However, she was slow in comparison to me. The attacks that hit me were either from her anticipating my attack or being caught off guard. If I was going to take Terri out, I had to be quicker than her. Maybe, I could wear her out.

I got back onto my feet, and tried to ignore the pain that was surging through me from her punches. I started into a sprint towards her. Terri took and step forward, and tried to take a swing at where she thought I would be. Using my superior speed, I ducked underneath her fist and came out to her side. I fired a rapid series of punches so fast that my fists were a blur of motion. Each impact was like an exploding cannon as my fists pounded into her ribs. This time, I could hear Terri take in her breaths as the impacts started to cause her pain. She twisted her body and brought her arm back against me. It was like being hit by a steel beam, and sent my body flying across the room and into the DJ booth. The booth collapsed in a shower of sparks, plastic, and metal as the equipment inside stood no chance against me.

Terri held out her arms and roared like an enraged animal. Her eyes glowed with an animal hatred at my hurting her. She started into a charge straight at me. I started to get up, but was not fast enough to get out of the way of the Terri Pain Train as she came ramming towards me. Her massive body impacted me like a brick wall. Her arms wrapped around me as she kept going, and began to crush me in a bear hug. Terri kept her movement going, and soon smashed through the wall at the other end of the club. Brick and mortar flew everywhere as our bodies were no match for the wall. I noticed that we were in a well-lit and fancy restaurant now. The place was mostly empty except for some staff standing near the front door, but they quickly ran once spotting us coming through the wall. Terri stood among the destroyed tables and chairs, and pulled her arms tighter together to try and turn me into paste.

I could feel my body trying to resist Terri’s bear hug, but felt that I was slowly starting to lose the battle. Breathing was starting to get painful, and I could feel my ribs bending in ways they were not meant to bend. The worst part was Terri’s titanic breasts pushing against my own. In any other situation, I might have found this erotic. However, her breasts had completely flattened mine. If I lowered my head forward, it would be practically enveloped by her massive cleavage. Her boob flesh was so enticing and smooth, however. It had a firmness that most women could only dream of, and felt packed with pure muscle and power inside. A part of me wanted nothing more than to lick and suckle her massive super tits, and squeeze them as hard as I could with my own super muscles. However, it was clear that Terri was in no such mood. There mere fact that this was making me even think that in this situation was a bit disturbing, as well.

I pulled up my hands, and pushed them against her stomach. Using as much strength that I could summon from inside of me, I slowly began to push her away from my body. It gave me a moment to catch my breath. I walked my hands up to her powerful breasts, and continued to push against them. They dimpled slightly, but showed little resistance to my efforts. Her tits felt like two tightly packed pillows as I pushed. I noticed her own nipples hardening further at my efforts, which painfully dug into the palms of my hands. Terri smiled at my efforts.

“Do you like these massive super breasts? How about I crush your head against them?” Terri growled at me.

Finally, I had enough distance to try and break free of her hold. I took my fist from her breast, and gave Terri a good, solid punch directly in the throat. Terri was caught off guard, and gasped for air after my fist impacted. She released her arms. I fell to the ground, and instantly sprang into action as I leaped past her like a cat jumping away from a predator. Before Terri knew what was happening with me, I was through the hole in the wall and back into the darkened club. The fire had consumed the opposite half of the building, and continued to spread rapidly. If we were not both immune to fire, I might have been worried about that. However, the worst problem with the fire was the smoke and noise being generated, which made it hard to see and hear Terri.

Seconds later after landing, I heard the loud thuds of Terri’s feat impacting the floor and cracking it. She did not bother fitting through the wall. Terri came smashing through it while creating an entirely new hole. She kept on moving towards me like before, but this time I was ready for her. As Terri tried to grab me, I used my super speed to duck between her massive legs as she took a stride forward. A bit to being a full three feet shorter than her. I came around to her back, and gave her a solid kick forward. Terri stumbled at my super-powerful kick against her back, and grabbed her rips where my foot landed. I did not break anything, but I certainly caused her some damage. I kept up the pressure before Terri could respond.

I jumped up on Terri’s back, and wrapped my arms around her neck. I began to squeeze them together, using as much strength and power that I could flow into my arms. My own muscles and biceps exploded as pure, Kryptonian power rushed through them. Terri gagged and coughed for breath. Despite all of her power, she was still human. I shifted my arms so that only a single arm was curled around her throat. I continued to choke Terri as she tried to fight back, and used my free hand to push her head forward towards my arm. The fight against this sexy mega-beast of a woman was making me so horny. The idea of Terri being able to withstand my muscles, and the power that I had to pump into them to defeat her. The fact that I was now choking her out turned me on even more. Here I was on her back, holding her with just a single arm, my bicep exploding outwards. Two immoveable objects fighting each other with myself winning.

Terri finally lost consciousness after several minutes of continued struggles trying to reach me on her back. Terri fell onto her back. Her diamond hard nipples pointing directly towards the ceiling. Thinking about all the power the flowed through her right now. I could not help myself. I beat her. I beat this enormous, super-powered 9-foot muscular monster. I could hear the police outside. A scan through the walls showed that they were preparing to storm the place with heavy weapons. I got off Terri, and reached down to lift her up into my arms. Despite her massive size, her body felt weightless to my superhuman strength. The fire was raging out of control in the nightclub, which was a total loss now. Terri was too large to hold in my arms. I wouldn’t be able to see where I was going. I took hold of Terri by one of her ankles, and took off into the night sky through the roof. The roof exploded as our bodies ripped through its material like wet paper. Flying through the night sky, I turned towards the area of Singapore where the Synthetic Ambrosia was being created. It was time to finish up and go home.

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