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Super Goddesses

Written by Akane :: [Monday, 27 February 2017 21:30] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:13]

Art by Armaron

Sean Wilson

Ms. Rojo

Contemporary History 1


Super Goddesses

The world has changed quite a bit in recent years, but it still isn’t that different from how it was when my parents were young. Cars still run on gasoline, most people live in cities, people still go to work and school. Medicine and science are starting to advance more quickly, but cancer and many diseases are still incurable. So it’s kinda the future, but kinda not.

The US is the most powerful country in the world, followed by Japan. Twenty years ago, China suffered an economic collapse. When China had its depression, a civil war was prompted--one which toppled the corrupt government and brought upon the democracy and economic growth of today’s China. The EU fell apart too. A new union of western European countries with free trade of goods and people was formed instead, without a common currency or a European parliament. Africa’s situation has improved as well, since a new superpower emerged and gained independence from Rwanda, and now it leads in the fields of medicine and technology, as well as having the best economic projections in the world, much better than its neighboring countries. Also, the new African nation’s trade favors the whole continent and the population of impoverished and starving citizens has drastically decreased. Russia has balkanized and the newfound republics of the formerly vast country formed a union with the rest of the eastern and Nordic European countries. Arabia, Latin America, and Oceania, for the most part, have remained relatively the same as 20 years ago.

So, this is the world we live in now. My parents tell me that our new world is better than the one they lived in before, with less poverty and war and a more stable relationship between races and countries. I don't really know if this is true, I was born in 2026, so this is the only world I've ever known. I can’t say it’s the best, but it’s definitely not the worst.

However, there is a radical change between what we knew about evolution back then and what we know now, and it’s all thanks to an incredible phenomenon that started in the late 2010s, one that has become the most discussed issue in modern society. This is of course the existence of what we commonly call "Super Goddesses".

What does this term mean, you may ask? Where I come from, you’d have be blind, stupid or completely disconnected from reality to not know about them. Everyone talks about them. They appear almost every day in the newspapers and tabloids and have weekly interviews with reporters on TV. Scientists named them "Homo superior" when they were first discovered, but they are now called "Deus sapiens omnipotentis" and sometimes even "The Pinnacle of Evolution". As the last term implies, they are people who removed themselves from the limitations of normal humans and evolved into beings who don't need to follow the laws of nature, because even those laws are beneath them. We call them goddesses because they’ve all been women so far.

How and why did this happen exactly? How did the human race evolve in such a short span of time when it usually takes hundreds of thousands of years? Even scientists don't really know, since it’s really hard to study a Super Goddess. Their evolution is a mystery, and the emergence of such superior beings is something the world just had to come to terms with. The inferior humans had to contact and befriend them, and to this day they haven't caused any trouble. In fact, they’re all upstanding citizens who mean no harm and just want to integrate into our communities. Our species is like children compared to them, but they still want to interact with us.

The process started in the late 10's when the first Super Goddess was born. Nowadays there’s a total of six Super Goddesses. The hype surrounding them has calmed down lately since not many of them have been discovered in recent years. Although the reason for this is still unknown, it is nice to know that they are all good people, or at least that is what I think of them, from what I’ve seen on TV.

The Goddesses have appeared many times in fashion parades and beauty magazines and pageants. The adults are considered the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet, with enormous breasts and beautiful symmetrical faces. They can get anyone or anything they want just by asking, and human women tend to compare themselves to them. Which can get unhealthy, since they’re all effortlessly and naturally beautiful.

Super Goddesses have many powers that have been disclosed to the public, but it is said that there is no real limit to what they can do. However, the Goddesses talk about themselves in interviews often. Sometimes they even perform in front of an audience. Their powers include, but are not limited to:

  • Super Strength. Super Goddesses are extremely strong. They can lift anything they want and, for now, there is seemingly no real limit to this power. We’ve only seen them do amazing things on Earth, so who knows how much more or less impressive they might be elsewhere in the universe. For example, one of them lifted the Statue of Liberty with just one finger! They have stated many times that they have not yet found a weight that is difficult to lift, and they probably never will since they consider their strength limitless. One of them even joked about being able to destroy Earth with a single blow! That is possible for them but I really hope she’s only kidding, or else we can consider ourselves extinct.
  • Advanced Durability. Possibly limitless, like their strength. There is no weapon on Earth capable of even remotely harming them. In fact, the governments of the world sometimes ask them to help test out new military weapons. So far even the biggest nukes don’t even scratch them, though. Scientists have determined that there is no force in the universe strong enough to harm them. Moreover, they are composed of the strongest and most durable matter to exist, which makes them an immovable object and an unstoppable force at the same time. This is mainly the reason why they can't be studied, since nothing can penetrate their skin and most probes that are used to explore their body from the inside are strangely unable to find any difference with the normal human body. We are basically the same on a cellular and molecular level, but modern science says it should be impossible for them to be as powerful as they are. They’re just built like that, I guess.
  • Hyper Speed and Levitation. They are classified as the fastest moving objects in the universe as they can travel faster than the speed of light. Super Goddesses can easily explore the entire universe in search of both knowledge and fun, and they can complete this monumental journey in no time. They can fly or levitate at that same speed so they have no problem in leaving the planet when they want. They can jump an unlimited distance, thanks to the infinite strength in their legs.
  • Perfect Metabolism. They do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe, they cannot become fat or ill and they don’t age. For all that we know, they could even live forever. Death is but a suggestion Super Goddesses can only experience by observing lower lifeforms like us who suffer from it. They can eat anything too. Wood, metal, rock, even poison. It all gets digested without any trouble.
  • Super Perception. They have demonstrated on TV that they can hear, smell and see anything at any distance as their senses are so vastly developed that they can recognize everything in the universe at the same time and be able to tell it all apart. They help space agencies discover new planets, stars, and asteroids all the time using this power. They all probably know who I am and that I'm writing this right now. Really, if you exist, or even if you don’t, they know about you. Their reflexes are also perfect. If they don’t want to get hit, they won't.
  • Incalculable Intelligence and Knowledge Absorption and Retention. Ironically, they don’t really know everything. They have to learn like us, but unlike us, it’s really easy for them to teach themselves anything they want or need to know. All six of them are the most intelligent beings on the planet. They’re so smart that it’s impossible to put their IQ on a scale. By the age of 3 they can understand and teach any subject at a college professor level, speak and read all of Earth's languages perfectly and breeze through tons of books in seconds, while retaining everything about them forever. They can absorb any knowledge in no time at all and are constantly learning. Maybe one of them will eventually learn everything there is to learn? For now, the many tests utilized to measure their knowledge can’t figure out their IQ. One of them being a chess match against the best human players in the world plus the most advanced supercomputers. They defeated all of them quickly and easily. They sometimes teach in college seminars and advise world powers, since they’re valued as the greatest experts in the world about basically everything. Even if they don’t want to share their private investigations about the universe with us lower humans, they tend to help us advance and evolve with little gentle pushes, like mothers patiently teaching their children. Most of them still go to school, college or work like the rest of us to maintain a public persona and because they actually like to socialize with us and be around us.
  • Super Breath and Inhalation. They can generate hurricanes if they want to. In fact, one of the Goddesses even prevented one by dispelling it with her own breath! Scientists say they could easily turn the planet into a frozen wasteland if they wanted to. The oldest of the Super Goddesses once talked about her inhalation capabilities in an interview and stated that she’d be able to inhale the entire Universe inside her body, no problem!
  • Alpha Species Mind Control. They are unanimously considered the species that has conquered literally everything. As masters of life, death, and all existence, it only makes sense that they can mind control and command all other species. If they wanted the bees gone, the bees would all kill themselves instantly. We humans are no exception, but fortunately they want to protect and nurture us.
  • Irresistible Pheromones. Exposure to their pheromones can cause any living thing to drop what they’re doing and mate as hard as they possibly can. The Super Goddess who released the pheromones is almost always the priority target for anyone affected by them. In high enough concentrations, they become visible in the air, looking like a rose-tinted fog. They have no saturation point, so they can eventually become so concentrated in the air that a human exposed to them would be overwhelmed and die. Of course, Super Goddesses are more than capable of containing and controlling these pheromones to keep anything like that from happening. They don’t get this power until they’re adults.
  • Reality Warping. Scientists call it matter manipulation. We don't know how but the Super Goddesses can alter their own and others' matter at will. They are the only beings in the universe who can actually create and destroy it at every level, be it superficial, cellular, molecular or even existential. The Goddesses can turn themselves invisible, change their physical size, transform into animals, plants or anything else they want, as well as being able to do the same to others just by willing it to happen. One of them, my favorite of the six, created life from nothing in an interview. She created a little mouse with rabbit ears and she said she just had to think about it to do it. it was that easy, but she did even more impressive things like turning into a bat or changing the skin color of everyone in the audience. It was a treat to watch and experience. Apparently they can also alter the space-time continuum and travel through and exist in it in any way. This is the power that concerns most naysayers because it means the Goddesses are the unstoppable masters of the universe. There are already theories that one of them has already assimilated the entire universe into her body, so we could easily be part of her without even knowing it! There are also a bunch of passive reality warping abilities Super Goddesses possess that can be turned on and off at their whim, but their nature until now has remained mysterious and it seems that to this point they are still discovering new ones themselves.
  • Enhancing Abilities. Super Goddesses can “Enhance” people if they want. Enhanceds are gifted with unnatural beauty, strength, speed, damage resistance, stamina, and intelligence that exceeds what should be physically possible, and any specific ability they want to bestow upon the person. Enhanceds can be anywhere from a bit stronger than a normal person to almost as powerful as a Super Goddess. I checked online, but there aren’t any people made that powerful. If there were, the term for them would be Ultipotents. Furthermore, it has been reported that those that spend a lot of time near a Super Goddess will eventually become better at everything and develop the full potential that their natural genetics can provide. People like this are called Peak Humans.
  • Sexual Relativism. Thanks to their power to warp reality, they can have sex with any other living beings, since they can transform their bodies to make it work. For example, they could grow a penis and mate with other women if they wanted to, or turn normal human men into women and the other way around with ease. Even though they are born as women, these capabilities have made scientists classify them as "Deigender" (the godly gender). They are also all pansexual, because all of them have shown no preference of gender with their partners.


I believe that I listed all of their known powers so far. More than one of them have had children with humans before, but none of their children were born with any godly powers at all, which makes us believe their powers are not genetic, but an inexplicable anomaly, possibly a mutation that goes back to the time in their mother's womb that cannot be reproduced, simulated, or repeated... though that’s all theoretical. Either the Super Goddesses don’t know themselves or have decided to keep the truth a secret.

As previously stated, there are currently six Super Goddesses living on Earth. Here is a list and description of all six of them, starting with the oldest and ending with the youngest.


M'Wela Mutegaraba, alias ''Queen''. The first Super Goddess to be born in history is a black, tall, beautiful woman listed to have been born in what originally was a part of rural Rwanda, Africa on September 30, 2017. She is currently 23. Her birthday was a week ago. It was a monumental celebration that all world leaders (as well as the other Super Goddesses) attended, and it prompted me to research the topic for this essay.

M'Wela was born impoverished, but used her godly powers to become a powerful and influential politician and scientist in Rwanda. Eventually she would denounce the government for their corruption and incompetence and fought against the palpable racism between tribes. She ended up becoming a heroine of hope for the oppressed masses and led an independence movement against the government. She easily defeated and humiliated the Rwandan military entirely on her own and created the nation of Prosperia. Ever since, she has been a renowned and loved monarch in her country and the entire world. She made the economy boom without even using her powers and thoroughly educated her people, to the point that they now make regular and significant advances in science and medicine. Prosperia has become the most important and wealthy country in Africa, and its cities are marvels of the world. It’s a prime example of Super Goddess leadership.

M'Wela is the tallest Super Goddess standing at 200 cm. She resembles a statue: tall, strong, and beautiful. She has the perfect combination of a fit and athletic body, ample breasts, and general curvaceousness that makes her look like both a warrior and a mother at the same time. Her build isn’t actually too different from the likes of Oshun, Kianda, Mami Wata, and Asase Ya--goddesses of old who the people of Africa worshipped throughout the continent prior to the coming of the white man in the times of imperialism. M’Wela’s eyes are a vibrant and mystic violet color that reflect her calm, motherly, and mature personality. Her black hair is long and wavy. She’s a benevolent goddess who cares deeply for her people and, from what I’ve heard, smells like tropical fruits.

She’s done some incredible things with her powers too. She moved an entire mountain range by ripping it from the ground to create a new natural border between Prosperia and Rwanda. She also made a violent warlord who employed child soldiers renounce his evil ways with just a kiss on his lips. I’m sure you know the scene I’m talking about. It’s one of Time's favorite photos. She then transformed every weapon his militia possessed into food for the starving children.

She lets the country work in a humane and non-dictatorial way, but she sometimes helps her people by curing them of diseases or using her breath to alter the climate in order to favor a good crop season for her farmers. It’s the little things like this that her people love her unconditionally for.


Irina Volkoba, alias "Christina". She is the second Super Goddess in history. She’s 22 and born on January 6, 2018, a few months after M'Wela. So far, very little is known about her. She’s very reclusive, you could call her a shut-in if you want, which is a shame since she makes and discovers cures for diseases and advances our understanding of science every day! She never appears at the ceremonies for the Nobel prizes she wins all the time since she doesn't want to be seen in public. She must be shy.

Irina was born in Moscow, Russia, in the middle of a rough winter. Her mother initially died during the delivery, which must have been really hard on Irina, since she resurrected and Enhanced her, to the absolute joy of her and her father (they told the world all of this in an interview). Irina doesn't like to appear on TV or magazines, and there aren’t many pictures of her. The few that do exist at all are only public because Irina approves of them herself. The rest instantly disappear when they are taken, as she takes her image very seriously and doesn’t want to be marketed and shown to the public a lot. The same goes for any information about her that she doesn't want being publicized, she just erases its existence with her powers. She just keeps to herself and her work, revealing her scientific breakthroughs with the pseudonym “Christina”. I’m not sure why she calls herself that. You can easily find the interview where her parents confirm Christina is actually Irina. Maybe she just doesn’t like her name? Anyway, it’s also known that she likes to play chess, and she is currently the World Champion with a perfect record and not a single loss so far. She plays by using telepathy and telekinesis from inside her home, a beautiful castle just outside Moscow that she created after draining an entire lake to have a yard to ground the building on.

From the few photos we have of her, Irina is an astoundingly beautiful slender woman with pale skin and big juicy lips with eyes like fractals of aquamarine. People have said they’re mesmerizing and even hypnotic, so she covers them with a black veil most of the time, to prevent undesired problems. Her hair is long, silky and blonde, so blonde it looks white like snow. She’s 175 cm tall and always wears beautiful, flowing black dresses to cover her slender hourglass figure and big breasts and butt. Irina is rather reserved. Even if she is a good person she doesn't like to be around people. She is bashful and not the talkative type, and we should respect her decision to not be in the spotlight like her godly sisters.

Apart from all her deeds commented before, she is known to be a great pursuer of knowledge, traveling all across the universe to explore strange new worlds, collect chemical substances and elements and bring them home to study all by herself, doing all that faster than any human could comprehend. She has reportedly destroyed asteroids and comets with ease to discover the secrets in their interior. As a child experimenting with her powers, she accidentally annihilated Moscow, leaving no survivors. She quickly realized what had happened and undid the destruction, resurrecting all the casualties instantaneously.


Shizuka Hirose, alias "Shizurin". The third Super Goddess, currently 20, born on March 15, 2020 in Sendai, Japan. She lives in Akihabara, Tokyo. She is a fashion model, scientist and businesswoman who always wears extravagant clothes and makeup, which only increases her natural beauty and appeal. She is the owner of the very famous Wasurenagusa (Japanese for the forget-me-not flower, Shizuka’s favorite) Maid Cafe, which has the best girls and services in the city. She also cosplays all the time. It’s easy for her since she can make the cosplay real just by using her powerful imagination. She’s also revolutionized Japanese cuisine by applying her vast knowledge of chemistry into it.

Shizuka is a fashionista, constantly trying new haircuts, new dresses, and new forms to look gorgeous. Shizuka is famous for her Shizurin persona. Shizurin is a perfect magical real life anime character. Her cosplay is easily the best ever made, with everyone calling it legendary and ultra realistic. She has an avid interest in video games, anime, cooking and otaku culture. She helped in expanding the worldwide fame of these industries by cosplaying as characters, designing games, creating anime and manga, and new recipes all by herself. They’re all outstanding quality and instant classics. I’ve seen a few of her anime online, they’re great! She’s endlessly creative, trendy, and fashionable. She received the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2030 and since then has been in the science spotlight as well as fashion parades and restaurant guides around the world. She lives for the attention, so she loves appearing on TV, often roleplaying as Shizurin.

She is the most petite of the goddesses and looks like a doll, standing at only 162 cm, but she sports the generous figure and great assets of her species. She’s known as the cutest and most lovely of the bunch with her adorable little button nose, small gracious lips, and big expressive red eyes. She has a bubbly and outgoing personality that can get spicy when she is aroused, and she is prideful and likes to show off her powers. She has the longest hair of the goddesses as well: silky and straight and jet black like the night sky. She often sports different hairstyles but her favorite one is twintails. I read that no one has ever seen her without makeup on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have and she’s just that beautiful.

She has shown off her powers many times on TV. One time she outran a GT500 car going full speed! Another time she sang at a concert literally inside the caldera of Mt. Fuji! The acoustics were perfect and she didn’t even break a sweat! Neither did the audience actually, since she shielded them from the heat with her powers.


Park Ha-neul, alias "Dragon": the fourth Super Goddess, aged 19, born in Seoul, Korea on May 21, 2021. She is the second Asian goddess, though she is not really like Shizuka, personality wise. For starters, as soon as she could, she moved from Korea to the US. I read some rumors saying she wasn’t on good terms with her parents. She opted to help the world of science in America. Her advancements in theoretical physics are still resonating today in all scientific circles. She is really energetic and probably the reason Super Goddesses have so many fans over here. Because of that, she was even asked to lift the Statue of Liberty last 4th of July! I saw it on TV, it was amazing! She also shows off her strength at the yearly swimsuit contests at Coney Island, playing catch with herself using an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean! She was moving fast enough to be in two places at once!

She recently left the scientific world to become a commercial representative for many companies and a tester for military weapons and dangerous medicines that can’t be safely tested on humans or animals. She has a TV show now where she shows off her impressive strength, speed, endurance and durability feats whenever someone asks her to. It’s one of the most popular shows on TV because she always manages to outdo herself, again reminding us all of how incredible the Super Goddesses are. There isn’t much known about her past in Korea, but it’s assumed that she didn’t like it much, since she moved here by herself when she was 12. Whatever the reason was, it doesn't matter to the people here. They treat her like a national symbol. She loves participating in sports but she limits herself to human levels in order to be fair. She also coaches many basketball, baseball, volleyball and football teams across the country.

Ha-neul is ridiculously cute, even without ever wearing makeup! She’s a tomboy that anyone would fall for, but with a gorgeous and powerful sex-charged body, she is the fittest of the bunch, though she isn’t especially muscular. She has a strong feminine voice that makes you want to obey her when she speaks to you, or anyone, really. She’s most comfortable in casual clothing, to the point that someone who doesn’t know her would never guess she’s actually the strongest being in the universe! In fact, she has her own brand of sportswear that she wears all the time: A11. She is 185 cm tall and her hair and eyes are pitch black, but they have a lively luster that makes her a pleasure to look at.

She tests all kinds of weapons for the military: tanks, rifles, rocket launchers, even nukes. They all fail to hurt her but she encourages people she works with to someday create something that can even tickle her. She helps in experiments to test the force and resistance of many kinds of military and civilian products, always shooting down the claims that their product is the best because it can supposedly defeat her. In her TV show she lifts cars, boats, planes and even buildings from ruins just to show her skeptics why she is so beloved. One time she leaped from Los Angeles to the top of Mt. Everest! She’s said before that if the world is in danger she will always be the first to defend it. She was also the first Super Goddess to prove in a government experiment that it’s possible to travel faster than light, something the other Super Goddesses are also capable of.


Jennifer Martinette, alias "Butterfly". The fifth Super Goddess, as well as my personal favorite. She is 16, born in Toronto, Canada on February 14, 2024. She only appears on TV for interviews and occasionally in special events with the other Super Goddesses. She is a teenager who just wants to live a quiet life with her peers. Since she’s a prodigy unlike any other, she breezed through her entire education in no time and became one of the intellectual powerhouses of the world in all scientific fields. She’s in high school and college simultaneously, mostly just for fun. She’s famous in the art world where she is known to be an astonishing creator thanks to her powers. She loves animals as well.

Even after realizing she was a Super Goddess she decided that she wanted to live a normal life free of government interference. She’s made many friends over the years and has kept them to this day, often hanging out with them at her high school or college campus. The rest of the time she passes with her friends in her neighborhood, creating new art from nothing or molding the real world to transform it into something more beautiful and unique. Jennifer loves to play with reality, warping it in a way that improves it without erasing its former identity. It’s very fascinating and cerebral. If people from 20 years ago saw the landscape of Toronto today, they wouldn't even recognize it! Ms. Martinette changed it a lot over the years.

I think Jennifer is the most beautiful girl in the world. she is only 168 cm tall, but very well endowed and voluptuous. She has full pink lips and always maintains a cool smile on her face that reflects her mysterious persona--her true self which she only reveals to her closest, most intimate friends. Jennifer typically wears her Roberta Bondar Private High School uniform, with all kinds of butterfly-themed accessories because it is her favorite creature. In fact, a lot of her art resembles the form of a butterfly. Necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets, everything she creates and wears has butterflies that are usually made of or colored sapphire and gold, but her favorite accessory is a pair of iridescent butterfly earrings, which she almost always wears. Her silvery brown hair is long and beautiful. Her eyes are a warm golden color like a sunrise shining in the darkness. I might be a little obsessed with her, but she’s the ideal partner in my eyes. Apparently her friends have said she’s gentle and lovely, but if she really likes you she will act mischievously and tease you.

Jennifer has shown many times that she is just as strong, fast, and unkillable as the other Super Goddesses, but she is especially attractive to me compared to the rest. I have had many wet dreams involving her--which she probably already knows about, even if she doesn't know who I am and we live so far apart from each other. She likes to use the power of reality warping, more so than the others. She usually changes matter to twist it into art and she likes to talk to animals, hence why if she desires to appear somewhere, she is followed by a myriad of butterflies. She also loves to create life and make people young again just to make them happy. When she feels truly bohemian, she flies into the depths of the unknown universe to think and finds new life and civilizations to draw inspiration from. While out and about, she once destroyed an abusive alien overlord with a flick of the wrist, freeing another race from his rule! She also enjoys genderbending her friends, and they usually love the new experience. She has officially worked with the CSA--Canada’s NASA--and visited the planets of the Solar System to take photos of them. She even took a selfie on the surface of the sun! Apparently she said it tastes like strawberry and caramel?


Paula Estevez, alias "Caliope". She is the sixth and last Super Goddess, from Venezuela. We don't know much about her because she is only a year and a half old. Even then, we can already tell she’s a Super Goddess because she can already talk, walk, levitate and understand animals, so it’s reasonable to assume that she’ll become a powerful goddess like the others.


Super Goddesses are something very new to our world. We could be destroyed instantly if one of them desired to do so. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about that. I think we can team up as a species with them, even if we are objectively inferior, and be their friends. In my opinion, we are very lucky to have such perfect beings on our side, but we should treat them like anyone else, like human beings, with love and care. With their help, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

In conclusion, this is my report on Super Goddesses. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing this essay, I didn't think I’d like researching all this at all. I kinda got carried away while writing this, but I must admit I have become very passionate about it.



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