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LaPorte Caves – Chapter 16

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A wrong turn in a Kentucky cave dropped Julia and Howard into a world run by amazons who derive their extreme power for a drink called Nourishment. Initially, the couple wanted only to return to earth. But then, Julia found her own lips on the Nourishment, and soon found herself in a body imbued with immense strength, intelligence, and pleasure. And Howard, although initially set on returning to Earth, didn’t take well to her suggestion that the amazon world might just be too much for him to handle. There was nothing Howard liked more than a challenge. And so the couple made a pact: briefly return to Earth, send a few emails that signal an extended absence, and then return to the amazon land, where Julia would explore her body while Howard proved his resilience and endurance to her – and himself.


This story contains adult sexual content, and violence. If you are not of age to read this stuff, don’t. No resemblance between these characters and real people on Earth is implied or intended.


Don’t be intimidated, Howard told himself, and you will hold your own. Howard watched his girlfriend thread her arms through the straps of her pack. It was dwarfed by the exaggerated “V” of her back, a small boat of gear adrift on a sea of muscle. The time had come for him and Julia to implement their plan – a quick stop back in Kentucky to set their affairs in order before extending their stay in the amazon world. Howard wondered whether he had been crazy to agree to it, but Julia had been very protective of him recently, making sure that no one took advantage of him in the slightest. And more importantly, Julia had acknowledged that this extension of their stay might be a challenge for Howard. That had triggered something fundamental inside of him: a renewed, rebellious spirit. Howard was never one to back away from a challenge.

Julia’s protectiveness, unfortunately, came at the price of repeated reminders to get himself Claimed. Howard had no interest in being branded like cattle. Luckily, a trip back to Earth would be a day without that pestering.

“It feels strange to be doing this without shoes,” his girlfriend admitted as she adjusted her head lamp.

Howard glanced at her bare feet. The trip to the outfitters that morning was a surreal one, with much of the store dedicated to “Men’s Gear” and only a small corner for the store dedicated to women. Unfortunately, the bulk of the store was useless to the couple: Howard’s original long-sleeve expedition shirt and pants still fit. It was Julia that had developed new garment sizing requirements.

What little was offered in the small Women’s corner of the store seemed more appropriate for a pin-up calendar than a cave: short canvas shorts, tube tops, racerback tops, and the like. Julia found a pair of shorts that fit nicely, albeit as provocatively as everything else in the store: hemmed very short and the fabric drawn tight over the hard globes of her ass. But the tops were far worse – even bathing-suit-like – and the couple refused to accept that they could possibly serve as wilderness gear. In their place, Julia picked out the largest breathable t-shirt offered for men: XXXL. That shirt now had the misfortune of having Julia’s body jammed inside, its material stretched and strained to cover her bustline. The bottom hem dangled uselessly over her middle set of abdominal muscles. But as long as she didn’t make any sudden motions, the poor garment seemed to have good odds of surviving the journey. But there was nothing to be done about boots for Julia: the ones she wore into this world didn’t fit anymore, the outfitter simply didn’t sell women’s boots. Women didn’t need them on this type of adventure, or any type of adventure.

This cave was different than the disastrous one from which Amanda had rescued them. They proceeded perhaps a hundred yards before they hit a rock face heading up at a 45-degree angle.

“I’ll need to go ahead of you and hammer in some pitons for the ropes,” Howard announced. “Someday, I should teach you how to do that so that, but I can take care of it this time.”

Julia shook her head. “They don’t use pitons here, not when women are climbing. Watch.” She placed her index finger on the rock, at shoulder level. “If I just vibrate my finger, it works like a drill. Or maybe, better than a drill.”

The space was filled with a humming sound as her finger became a blur in the light of Howard’s headlamp. She began to press it into the rock, filling his ears with a much louder BZZZZZZZ as rock dust began to cascade from the tip of her finger. She smiled, then sank the finger into the rock with all the ease of a drill bit going into soft drywall. “See?” she beamed. “Easy.”

No, not easy. Impossible. Howard felt his insides clench at the display of raw power.

“Where did you learn that trick?”

“I read about it last night.”

“I didn’t see you reading,” Howard protested.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I got up for an hour and read some books.”

More unease began to drill into Howard’s gut, with all the relentless power of a woman’s finger. He watched Julia’s body prepare itself for a trip up the rock slope, like a cat stalking its prey. Her gaze focused upward, on the path ahead. “How … how many books, Julia?”

“A hundred thirty-eight,” she replied as she began her ascent of the slope. Howard was grateful that she hadn’t seen his face react to that. One hundred thirty-eight? How could anyone one be that intelligent? What chance would he have in a disagreement with her – his dinghy of a brain up against her battleship?

Howard’s head began to hurt. Maybe it was the rock dust. Maybe it was the girl who produced it. As he rummaged his pack for an aspirin, he watched her limbs propel her with cat-like grace, belying their weight and girth. Whenever she encountered a place that was too steep for simple scampering, a BZZZZZZZ filled the air. Her finger would easily drill the rock, and within moments, she was back climbing again. It was a slope that would have taken Earth-bound rock climbers several hours, and yet, she was most of the way up before Howard had the pill down his throat. Don’t be intimidated, Howard tried to remind himself, and you will hold your own.

Once at the top, they proceeded up the passageway at a brisk pace. Howard found himself panting a bit. And then, he found himself panting a lot more. He began to feel tired.

Howard took some solace from the fact that Julia would be stopping to install route markers on this trip: four-inch spikes that had to be driven into the rock. But when it came time to install the first marker, she simply pressed the spike into the rock with her thumb with all the ease of a candle going into birthday cake, and then resumed her rapid pace.

In fact, the climb got steeper and the pace, somehow, brisker, her inhumanly powerful body tackling every incline with thoughtless ease, walking every passage with such speed that he had to jog to keep up. He tried to pant quietly, so she wouldn’t hear his struggles.

“Is everything OK, Howard? You sound like you’re winded.” She brushed rock dust off her immense thigh.

Don’t be intimidated, Howard told himself, nodding his head resolutely. “I’m fine. Just keep going.”

By the end of thirty minutes, Howard’s lungs were aching and his muscles screaming in pain, but he refused to slow down.

The girl in front of him moved with an easy confidence. When she arrived at an intersection, she picked her tunnel instantly, sinking a marker into the rock near the correct option and continuing at an unflagging pace. When her wide body got stuck in a passage that was too narrow, Howard thought he might have a few minutes to catch his breath. But she just backed out, jabbed a fist into the offending wall, and was rewarded by an explosion of dust as the rock shattered under her power. When they encountered a boulder that would have been an expedition-ending obstacle for Howard, she just picked it up, her massive frame experiencing no strain from the more massive boulder and tossed it out of the way with a boom.

Howard’s extremities tingled with a lack of oxygen as his lungs worked overtime. His muscles ached with deep pain before going numb from it. Her pace was insane. She didn’t seem to know it, and Howard didn’t want to tell her. He wanted to keep up. But it was so hard.

“That looks handy,” Julia announced, pointing to a rock slab that was about two feet across and eight long. “Maybe I’ll take it with us in case we need a bridge for you over something.”

“You’re going to haul a ton of rock without know whether we need it?

“Two tons,” Julia said lightly as she hoisted it onto her shoulder. “Come on!”

Her pace somehow quickened a bit further. Howard felt his lungs ache for air as he tried to keep up. His foot, punctured in the swamp the prior day, at first shot pain all the way up his leg, but then went blissfully numb. He would pay for it later, he knew.

What seemed like an eternity later, the darkness of the cave gave way to filtered daylight. And not just any daylight, but the yellower stuff that Howard had remembered from Earth. Familiar Kentucky smells wafted through the air.

“Here we are!” his girlfriend announced as they arrived on the surface. “That was easier than I thought.”

She tossed the rock slab away dismissively, the BOOMing sound so loud it shook the trees. Then she stretch her muscles, arms and lats and pecs and leg erupting into jaw-dropping dimensions with casual ease.

Howard felt himself collapsing onto the rock. He wanted to see the landscape for himself. He wanted to check and see the relationship between this exit point and their original entrance point. He wanted to confirm that no unsuspecting hikers were about to come across his titanic girlfriend and set off a storm on social media. But he could do none of these things, because he was curled up in the shadows of the cave, his forehead on the ground, panting for breath.

Julia didn’t seem to notice. Howard managed to look up enough to see that she had the cell phones out, one in each hand. Her fingers blurred with speed as she read emails and composed them. Howard couldn’t believe she was working her way through his inbox, but he was too exhausted to object.

“I’ve notified my family about our extended trip,” she said after a minute. “Neighbors too. You had just over seven hundred emails, and about a hundred of them required responses. I drafted up responses and also the notice about your extended holiday. Take a look and make sure everything is right.”

She handed him her phone, yawned, and then stretched again. Her shoulders exploded into round balls. Her back thickened and widened like a cobra poised to strike. Her stretchy XXXL shirt cackled as the fibers succumbed.

Howard tried to ignore the thoughtless display of power, instead focusing on the emails. He had only read a few, but man, everything she had done was perfect. She understood the nuances of each discussion, composed the perfect response, even phrased the responses in his voice.

“I’m going to need a few hours to get through everything,” Howard admitted, as the pain from his punctured foot came roaring back.

“OK, no rush. I’m going explore the ridgeline a bit,” tipping a canteen of Nourishment to her lips. “I’ll stay out of sight, I promise.”

The thought of walking the ridgeline made Howard’s muscles ache. Howard appraised his girlfriend. Her skin glowed, and was free of scratches and abrasions from the cave. Her breathing was steady, her eyes bright. Her thick muscles danced across her arm as she raised and lowered the Nourishment to her lips. “How far are you going to go?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a hundred miles, round trip?”

The thought of that distance made Howard’s body scream in pain, made his lungs ache for air. Now that he was off his foot, the pain of the puncture was coming back tenfold. “Why do you want to go that far?” he asked.

She took one last swig. “I’m trying to listen to my body better. And I haven’t had any exercise this morning.”

Howard tried to watch his girlfriend speed away from him. But his abdomen was collapsing like an accordion due to a massive muscle cramp, and he found himself crumpling into the ball.


I should be intimidated, Julia told herself.

At least, that’s always how I used to feel around Tony. And there’s no reason I should feel it now: his power has always been the lawyers and the courts and the manipulation of the system. Those powers alone had brought her father misery enough.

She uncrossed and recrossed her legs, the chair creaking in the darkness of the unfamiliar home. The armchair was wide by Earth standards, she could tell, but not wide enough for her enhanced size. She flexed her massive thighs just a bit and heard the arms of the chair groan as they spread. I could snap this puny piece of earth furniture without even changing my position, she realized, the thrill of her power boosting her spirits.

Julia checked the blanket that covered her – one that she had borrowed from the neighboring sofa and wrapped about herself like a shawl. She re-tucked it a bit ensure that it obscured her body completely. This would be a difficult conversation, and she did not want her excessive size to distract from it.


There was a jangle of keys in the door and then a creak when it opened. The silhouette of a man came in. Its shoulders were high and rigid, like a praying mantis.

The man placed his keys, phone and wallet on a marble ledge and then walked across the room. He walked right past her with no acknowledgement that an intruder was in the room. Julia remembered belatedly that the lights were off. Her eyes were so powerful, the darkness had not bothered her.

“Hello, Tony,” she announced. “It’s been too long.”

The man startled and peered into the gloom, squinting his eyes. “Who’s there?”

Seeing his confusion relieved a bit of her anxiety. Men’s eyes are so weak, she thought! “It’s Julia. Remember me? The daughter of your old business partner? The daughter of the guy you sued for all he was worth?”

He flipped on the light and peered with scrutiny at the blanked-covered mass in the armchair. “What are you doing in here?”

“Ever since you ruined my dad’s career, I’ve been trying to put it all out of my mind. But I’m spending more time getting in touch with my emotions, and I’m realizing that it really bothers me.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. The lawsuit is over. I won.”

“You won more than you know. My father was never the same after you took the partnership from him. It broke his spirit.”

“That’s not my problem. What do you want with me?”

“To hear you say you’re sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. “ He took a step sideways toward the ledge by the door, where his phone was located. “I’m calling the police to report a trespasser.”

“Don’t … Please don’t do that.”

“You can’t stop me.”

“Tony, please. It’s not necessary. All I want to do is talk.” Julia suddenly found herself out of the chair, stepping towards his phone as well.

The man stopped in his tracks. He was only about five-foot-eight – taller than the old Julia but a diminutive next to the new one. She watched his head tilt backward as took in her eight-foot height – a stature that was normal to her now but frightening to an Earth man, she knew.

In her haste, she had allowed the the blanket to slip off her shoulders. The man’s eyes went wide as he tried to comprehend her football-sized biceps, her thick forearms, the mountain of muscle that formed her shoulders and the inverted mountain of muscle created by her thick and powerful lats. Even her baseball-sized abdominals, so normal to her now, seemed to instill awe and fear in him. She heard his heart beat faster with fear. This brawn was so normal to her now, it was hard to imagine how a man would be so totally stunned at the sight. It made her giggle yet again, another small scrap of her anxiety disappearing.

“Holy shit,” the man whispered. “You’re some sort of monster.”

In her chest, Julia felt a small flame of anger ignite. Monster? This body had marked the happiest days of her life. And some of the greatest kindness she had ever received from strangers had come for women with nearly identical bodies. How dare he call all of them monsters!

The man had the cell phone in his hand now and was unlocking it with shaking fingers. “I’m definitely calling the police now. You’ve been gorging yourself on steroids just for this very moment. You’ve been planning to undo me all along.”

“That’s just like you, Tony, to believe that everything is about you. That everyone spends their whole life thinking of ways to take something away from you. All I want to do here is talk!” Julia grabbed the phone out of his hand. In her larger one, it felt no bigger than a credit card. She closed her fingers, crushing it with no more effort than she would have used to wad a ball of paper. Bits of circuit metal, plastic and glass rained out of her closed fist. “Can we talk now?”

He stared as the shower of dust that spilled from between the woman’s fingers. “Sure,” he concluded.

Julia watched his eyes dart back and forth, and was sure that his brain was working on a lot more than just that one word. Tony backed away, towards the kitchen area. The house had been extensively renovated since Julia’s last visit with her father ten years ago: the living and dining and entry areas had been opened up into a semi-contiguous space, as was the trend these days. The size of the house, it’s recent upgrades, the secluded location, the extensive acreage – Tony was living quite well these days. And he was living alone, as had always been his preference, undisturbed by the needs and wants of other people. He was anti-social. “What do you want to talk about? Buying me a new phone?”

“You didn’t just sue my dad,” Julia said as she followed him around the buffet. “You ruined his career. You ruined his outlook on life. You crushed his spirit. And it wasn’t long afterward that his health began to decline. You destroyed him. I want you to say you’re sorry.”

He was rummaging through the drawer. “Want something to drink? I always open a bottle of wine after work. I just need to find that the darn corkscrew.”

“Say it, Tony. That’s all I need.”

He stopped his rummaging. “I’m not giving the settlement money back. You know that, right?”

Julia gripped the lip of the sink in frustration and felt her fingers denting the surface. She tried to calm herself. Listen to your emotions, she reminded herself. You came here for an apology, not to rearrange his sink. “Yes,” she replied, “I expected you wouldn’t be giving the money back. My family has struggled for money ever since having to pay you that absurd settlement, but it’s not about the money for me anymore. It’s about the human element – the decency, or the lack of it.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. If your father had been intelligent enough to see my strategic vision – a vision that would have lead to increased profitability – I never would have sued him.”

“Profitability? You ruined another man’s career, his outlook on life.”

“The business had become too focused on repeat clients. Your father was discounting our services too much to keep the clients we had …”

“Tony, you’re not listening to me.”

“… when he should have been going after new client that would pay—”

“DAMMIT, Tony!” Julia felt her fist come down on the granite countertop with a CRACK, shattering the thick stone and even the plywood underneath.

Tony stumbled back away from her, his hand emerging from the drawer. And it wasn’t holding a corkscrew, but rather, a knife. “You’re going to pay for that,” he announced in a trembling voice.

That felt really good, she admitted to herself. I want more of that.

“Do you know how much time and money it took me to get this kitchen remodel done right?”

She tilted her head, looked at the crater in his countertop as if for the first time, and then tightened her face into a pout. “What, dat? But dat’s only an eensty weentsy bit of the damage I’m going to do today.”

“I’m not giving you your money back, no matter how much you threaten me.”

“Oh, Tony, baby, I don’t want your stupid money, remember? But..” she screwed up her features and rubbed her chin in mock concentration, “… maybe I should. Maybe it’s the only way you can relate to people.” Julia placed a hand on top of the stove. It was an an impressive, commercial-grade appliance – the types that sells for thousands. “A range top with six burners, Tony? Really? Do you even cook? Or is it just a place to rest your bags of take-out before you put it on plate?

“That’s none of your business.” Reflected glints of the expensive kitchen lighting wobbled across the trebling blade of the knife.

“You blew my family’s money on a five thousand dollar prop for your take-out? See, that’s the sort of thing that really pisses me off.”

Julia squeezed her hand closed, her fingers collapsing the steel of the range top with ease. Once she had created a good hand grip for herself, she yanked the oven out of its housing. The surrounding cabinetry exploded with the force of the moving object. Yes, Julia realized, that does feel really good.

She held the oven in front of her with one hand, her super-sensitive muscles estimating the weight at 420.15 pounds. She felt the corners of her lips drop into a frown. Four hundred pounds was such a measly weight. Julia had been hoping to find something a little more intimidating.

In frustration, she placed her other hand on the opposite side of the appliance and then bought her hands together. The hapless oven instantly succumbed to the industrial might of the woman muscles, screaming in protest as its walls collapsed. Julia continued to crush the appliance, the way a normal person might crumple paper into a wad.

When the poor oven was roughly the size of a beach ball, Julia made sure she had a good grip on it, then swept her arm dismissively about. Under the superhuman power of her arm, the ruined appliance had been transformed into a wrecking ball. She swung her hand straight down through the granite countertop into the dishwasher, crushing the object with a single CRUNCH, driving it through the floor into the basement. Julia then swept her wrecking ball through the sink with such force that it became a projectile smashing yet another cabinet on the opposite side of the room. She walked a circuit around the outer edge of the kitchen, sweeping her wrecking ball oven through the cabinetry with blinding speed. Cabinets and their contents exploded across the room with every impact. Shards of dishware flew across the room like rain made of ceramic and glass.

The kitchen was in ruins. Only two small cabinets still dangled from their wall mountings. The room was filled with shattered wood and crumpled metal.

“Oppps!” Julia pouted. “What a mess! I think I might have lost track of my strength.”

Tony had backed himself up against the refrigerator, which was the only appliance still standing.

“Replacing all that will be expensive, won’t it baby?” Julia gazed at him with puppy dog eyes. “But it wasn’t your money that bought this kitchen to begin with, so I guess you shouldn’t feel too sad.”

Tony wiped the dust of the shattered ceramic and granite off his face. Underneath, his skin was white with fear. “This can’t be real.”

“The part you’re not understanding, Tony, is that I’ve done a bit more than just grow. My genetics have changed: I’ve been rebuilt from the inside out. Every one of my GIRL muscle fibres is HUNDREDS of times stronger than your pathetic BOY muscle fibres. And as you can see, I’ve got A LOT of them.” Julia flexed her free bicep, and felt a thrill as it happily swelled to the size of a volley ball. She felt an even deeper thrill watching Tony’s eyes go wide and his jaw slowly drop.

Tony took a step backwards until he was up against the refrigerator.

“So, yes, this is indeed real.” Julia swept her hand through the air at the obliterated kitchen. “If you want to spare the rest of your house, then you need to be real as well. Get your head out of your bank account and all the lawsuits you want to file against me, and tell me, very simply, why you decided to destroy my father.”

Destroy – as soon as the word was out of Julia’s mouth, she felt her eyes begin to water. She had never named it so clearly before. Tony wanted the company, and her dad got in the way. So Tony destroyed her dad. The flame of anger grew inside of her. The soothing words of advice she had received from Sallan and Ash came back to her now: listen to your emotions. She cupped that flame of anger in her mind and gently blew. It billowed large, filling her with its heat. And then she looked at Tony, allowing the anger to course over her.

“Maybe I should do to you on the outside what you did to him on the inside.” She balled her hand into a fist and watched her forearm, thicker than Tony’s bicep, swell to life. “Just saying that makes me feel good. How does it make you feel?”

He didn’t need to answer with words. The whitening of his face said it all.

Tony lunged with the knife. He went for her midriff, exposed under the floating hem of her too-small shirt.

For a moment, Julia’s blood chilled with fear. Knives had always been deadly to her, in her old body. But just as quickly, the warmth of total confidence returned to her. The thousands of pages of reading she had done the prior night, including hundreds of pages of first aid material, made it clear that a knife would have no more effect on her than a feather. She watched with passive indifference as the tip of of the blade stabbed into her exposed abdominal skin.

Or, it tried supposed to a stab. She could see Tony’s body tense with exertion as he drove the tip of the kitchen knife into her stomach. But if the knife was supposed to cut her open, the tan colored boulders of her abdomen didn’t get the memo. The rolled up and down in a fit of giggles as the knife’s tip danced angrily across their rounded expanse.

“Stop it!” She had to laugh “You’re tickling me!”

But Tony just came on harder, putting his body weight into the knife blows. But his male weakness was pathetic next to her overwhelming, female power. The reminder turned her on more than she expected.

Tony slashed at her once more, holding the knife perpendicular to the thrust like a scimitar.

Julia watched the blade coming for her and decided enough was enough. She flexed her abdominals, turning her midriff from rock-hard to something harder.

The blade snapped apart on impact.

Both the blade and the handle fell to the floor with a CLANG. Tony was defeated. She could see it in his eyes.

“Pick it up,” Julia ordered. “NOW.”

Tony scooped up the two pieces and held them out to her with trembling hands.

She examined the broken two pieces of the kitchen knife – the thickness of the steel, the sharpness of the cutting edge. “I can’t believe you tried to kill me with this, when all I wanted to do was talk. I’ve been trying to understand my feelings better recently. And knowing that you tried to cut me open like butcher meat – that brings up a lot of feelings. It make me …” She leveled her gaze at him “… angry.”

Tony pressed his back into the refrigerator. He looked with longing at the exit from the kitchen. But he did not look at her. Julia felt those hot flames of anger burn even hotter. She grabbed the man by the throat and slid his pathetically light body up the refrigerator. She wanted to talk to him eye-to-eye.

“Ever since you destroyed my dad, I’ve been trying to put it all out of my mind. But the more time I spend with my emotions, the more I realize how upset I am. I need to do something that makes me feel better, Tony. Something that makes the pain die, forever. Any idea what that might be?”

The part of Tony’s body below Julia’s grip flailed, while the part above it turned blue. He tried to say something, but could only point at her hand.

“You want me to take my hand off your throat so you can talk? It hurts that much? If I held one of my new girlfriends like this, she’d just tell me it was funny. With her voice. But a man’s body is so much weaker than a girl’s. Here, let’s try a different position. I’ll let go of your throat.”

Julia did, pressing her chest up against him instead. The man’s feet dangled above the ground as her massive breasts pressed into his ribcage like industrial rams. “There,” she said. “Is that better?”

“… I … ca … can’t … br …”

“How do you like my ‘girls’? They’re pretty firm, aren’t they?” Julia appraised her breasts happily. They had nearly enveloped Tony’s torso. “Those young ladies are holding up your 190 pounds without a second thought. And boy do they turn heads on the street! Super tough, super sexy – they’re good friends to have. Don’t you agree that they’re nice?”

“… I … suh … nuh …” Tony mouth moved but little came out.

“You’re saying no, they’re not nice? See, that just pissed them off. And when my girls get angry, weak little boys get hurt.”

Julia gripped the refrigerator on each side and pulled it into toward her, watching his eyes bulge as her body easily doubled the pressure it was applying to his. The reflections on the stainless steel door warped and wandered as the door slowly deformed around the man that was crushed against it.

“All you have to do is say that you’re sorry, and I will call my girls off. Is that so hard, Tony?”

“I’m … sorr … sah … sah …” he rasped, his ribcage compressing under her punishing strength.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Tony. But your insolence is making my girls even angrier.”

“… sorr … sah … sah …”

“Not good enough, sweetie.” She gave him a little squeeze and felt a something give way with an audible POP. “That must have been one of your ribs, huh? Got anything you want to tell my girls?”

Tony’s head flailed back and forth as he sought the air to respond. “You’re shaking your head, Tony? Is that a ‘no’? OK, my price just went up. An apology isn’t enough any more. After all, an apology is just words. Money is the only thing you think about, so for me to know you’re sincere, you need to say ‘sorry’ with money. You need to pay the settlement back. Is that a deal?”

The proposal seemed to breath new life into the man’s weak body. He pushed against her with all his might. Muscles that were weak even by male standards strained in futility against Julia’s juggernaut power. She giggled at the desperately display of resistance, and then felt herself all the more turned on by it. Her nipples hardened further as she easily doubled the crushing pressure.

“You are being really obstinate, Tony, and it’s really pissing my girls off.” Julia straightened herself slightly. Her nipples traveled up his ribcage, plowing furrows of blood as they went. There was another POP as more of his silly, weak bones gave way.

“You have the bank routing numbers from the original wire transfer from my father’s estate. All you need to do is reverse the wire. It would be a big help with my mom’s round-the-clock care, as well as all the troubles my sister is having. What do you say, do we have a deal?”

Tony’s head moved up and down in a nod.

“I need to hear you say it. After all this time, I deserve that much, I think.”

“… please … sto … stop … can’t … br …”

“OK, then, no deal. Ladies,” she said to her own body. “Let’s teach him a lesson.”

Julia lifted the refrigerator off the ground and pulled into into him, the crush growing exponentially worse. There were two more POP’s, so loud that she could feel the vibration through her chest.

“My girls would really like to kill you right now. And they could. They could drive like through your body like hammers through soft butter.”

His lips, now blue, quivered, and his eyes went wider with more fear.

“But I’ve got a better idea. I’m going to let you live so that you can pay the settlement back. That sound like a good idea?”

Tony nodded as much as his failing body was able, but no sound emerged from his purple lips.

“I didn’t hear a yes.” Julia enjoyed the delightful feeling of her nipples scraping over her clothing and his, the furrows of red on his chest lengthening as her softest flesh dug into him. There was another POP. “Perhaps you don’t think it’s fair? Perhaps you wanted to pay more? Pay us back with interest?”

Tony’s eyes rolled back into his head.

Julia’s eased the pressure slightly to ensure he did not pass out on her. “Yes, sweetie, that’s a great idea. Paying us back with interest would be only fair. What rate? Should we say 3%?”

Tony was hitting her now, in desperation, his little fist tapping against her iron shoulder with futility.

“Not enough? Very thoughtful of you to say. Let’s make the interest rate 100% instead. We’ll call it an even $3 million. That sound good?”

There was a final POP as her body drove the message home. The refrigerator hit the ground with a THUD as Julia released it, the door now slightly concave from bending around the man’s body. Tony hit the ground with a THUD as well, his broken body collapsing into a clump at Julia’s feet.

“Thanks for the chat. It was refreshing to get all that off my chest, no pun intended. I’ll be back in a few weeks to make sure you’ve transferred the money,” she said as she dialed 911 on his land line. She dropped the phone at his feet. “Feel free to tell the police everything that happened – the eight foot woman and the rest of it. But they won’t believe you. And if they decide to commit you to a mental institution, that’s no excuse for not sending the money. I will track you down if I need to. Walls aren’t an issue for me.”

And just to emphasize the point, Julia picked up the refrigerator and hurled it through kitchen wall with all her might, tearing a door sized gash.

Three days later, when the contractor came to begin repairs, the fridge was nowhere to be found. No one thought to look 200 yards away.

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