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LaPorte Caves – Chapter 18

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A wrong turn in a Kentucky cave dropped Julia and Howard into a world run by amazons who derive their extreme power form a drink called Nourishment. Initially, the couple wanted only to return to earth. But then, Julia found her own lips on the Nourishment, and soon found herself in a body imbued with immense strength, intelligence, and pleasure. And Howard, although initially set on returning to Earth, didn’t take well to her suggestion that the amazon world might just be to much for him to handle. There was nothing Howard liked more than a challenge. And so the couple made a pact: briefly return to Earth, send a few emails that signal an extended absence, and then return to the amazon land, where Julia would explore her body while Howard proved his resilience and endurance to her – and himself.


This story contains adult sexual content, and violence. If you are not of age to read this stuff, don’t. No resemblance between these characters and real people on Earth is implied or intended.

By the time Howard and Amanda arrived at the beach, the jet skis were already in the water, their engines idling.

Mindy was helping her little brother Roddie don his life jacket, while the girl Becky swam out to the jet skis without one. Julia was there, too, as was a young man Howard recognized only from family photos.

Howard dove into the waist deep water, bracing himself for the immense pain of salt water on his remaining scrapes. But there was none. Every scrape and cut – every single one – had healed.

Howard swam out the rose-colored jet ski and pulled himself up on it. These machines were not the stuff of earth-bound summers, he could tell. Fifteen feet long and wide as a refrigerator, their engines growled at a volume usually reserved for something much larger. He swung a leg over the driver’s saddle, and was greeted by a chorus of barely concealed giggles.

“Look, Sis, he wants to drive!” Becky squealed from the neighboring jet ski.

Julia surfaced between the two jet skis, the water spreading wide for her powerful shoulders. “Howard, scooch back a bit so that Amanda can get into the saddle.”

“I know how to operate a jet ski,” Howard corrected her. “I can even read some of the symbols now.” He revved the engine slightly, producing a deep-throated snarl from the machine below. It made him feel like a real man again.

“It’s a ladies jet ski.” Julia climbed onto the neighboring magenta-colored machine and sat herself in front of Becky. “Men never operate them.”

“That’s sexist.” Howard declared.

“Back on Earth, did you ever see a woman at the handlebars of a motorcycle, with the man behind her? No? Did you ever think that was sexist?” Julia revved the engine of her own machine and then adjusted the shoulder strap of her bikini top. It was a simple traingle-top, alabaster-colored number with a matching bottom. But the garment had a metallic sheet that made Howard wonder whether it was constructed of the same high-grade steel thread as her slingshot suit.

Amanda surfaced beside him, the water separating for her breasts like a pair of french doors opening wide. She motioned at the jet ski. “There’s a reason you guys don’t drive these things. They’re way too powerful, and the controls are super-sensitive. You guys don’t have nearly the motor control.”

As large as the jet ski was, it rocked side-to-side when her 360 pounds came on board. Howard had no choice but to slide himself back, lest he wind up underneath the eighteen-year-old’s massive thighs as she swung a leg over the saddle. From his embarrassing new position, he watched Mindy board the third Jet ski – pink and white – with the boy Roddie wrapping his arms around her from behind. So, that’s how it’s going to be, Howard realized – I’m riding in the back like a grade-school aged kid. Humiliated, he put his hands on either side of Amanda’s midriff. “Ready.”

“No, you’re not. I like a rougher ride, remember?” She laughed at her own joke as she grabbed his hand and pulled them forward, sandwiching his torso against hers. “Hug me as hard as you can. Let me know if you need me to slow down. Guys say it can get pretty painful.”

“I’ll be OK,” Howard declared.

“That’s what I like about you, stud. You’re a fighter … You fought my pheromones like a champ. I could see it in your eyes that first night – all that determination. It almost like you had a chance of winning. It was so cute.”

His forearms scraped against the underside of her breasts their heavy warmth spilling over his elbows. The reminder of that night sent a shiver though Howard. Her pheromones had indeed railroaded his body into something it had not wanted to do. But once it was doing it … man … it had felt so good. It made him miss Julia – not the pile of living granite that his girlfriend currently was, but the softer, gentler Julia back home, the one that turned him on without the assistance of pheromones.

Those winsome thoughts came to an abrupt end as the engine roared to life. Within moments, they were rocketing across the bay.

They must have been going over a hundred miles per hour. The jet ski slammed into the waves, BAM BAM BAM BAM. Howard felt the bruises forming in his thighs with every blow. He wondered how much more abuse his body could take before a bone fractured. And yet, remarkably, he heard Amanda open the throttle more, and the BAM BAM BAMing only grew worse. Howard squeezed the eighteen-year-old for dear life. She felt like a steel column to him – one that was moving with all the violence of the ride itself. His ribs and arms ached as he jostled violently against her.

“Wanna go faster?”

I’m not going to look weak in front of them, Howard decided. I’m not going to look scared. “You bet!”

The jet ski – or maybe it was a rocket ship on its side – throttled up even more. The bone crushing violence of the ride made Howard want to scream. He bear-hugged Amanda with enough force to merit an assault and battery charge back home, but the girl seemed not to mind. Her body jolted up and down with the motion of the boat, her hips digging mercilessly into the underside of his forearms. “You sure you’re ok?”

“yyy … yy … yes” Howard struggled, as he felt his flesh crushed by the hard seat and the even harder girl. Those bruises would be the size of drink coaster by this afternoon, he knew.

The violence continued, Howard clinging to the eighteen-year-old’s body as the ocean went by in a blurs of grey, blue and sunlight. After what seemed like an eternity, cliffs loomed large above them, and Amanda cut the engine back down to a purr.

“What that as fast as it goes?” Howard gasped, his insides roiling.

“That was about half.”

When the jet ski came to a halt, Howard slid off it without saying another word, his insides turning to jelly at even the sight of the machine. He reached a hand down to his buttocks: everything down there was bruises and welts. Touching them was so painful that he nearly wretched.

“That was awesome,” Amanda announced to Mindy. “I NEVER get to go that fast on a jet ski with a guy! Most boys start BEGGING me to slow down when it’s going at a crawl anyway.” Amanda stood straight up on the jet ski, stretched her Herculean muscles, and shouted into the sky. “The one guy in the world who can actually handle some fun, and HE’S FUCKING TAKEN!”

Howard responded to the compliment by dipping his head below the water, so that he could vomit in peace.


As Julia pulled her jet ski alongside Amanda’s, she examined the cliffs above them. They vaulted two hundred feet into the air, the rock forming a seeming wall in front of them. But upon closer examination, the rock face was at enough of an angle to allow a person to scamper to a number of different points on it.

“Looks like a family is already here,” Amanda announced.

Julia glanced where Amanda was pointing. There were perhaps nine men crawling over the cliff face, diving, laughing. They were accompanied by only one woman. “Mostly guys in that family,” Julia remarked.

“That’s normal.” Amanda finished clipping the jet skis to a mooring. “Most women have ten or twenty sons but only one or two daughters. It’s Ruth’s family that’s weird – two girls, two boys. She just got lucky.”

“But if women have that many children over their lifetime, population must be exploding.”

“Well, a woman might have twenty kids, but that’s over more than three hundreds years.” Amanda slipped into the water.

“Women live to three hundred years?”

“Some live to 400. Like they always say, may the years in your life exceed the pounds in your body.”

“I love that expression!” Mindy announced, pulling her jet ski to the mooring with a side stroke. “Mostly because I’ve got twenty pounds on you. Ha!”

“You are such a bitch!” Amanda swept her arm through the water, sending a torrent of it over Mindy. “Smokin’ hot, but still a bitch!”

Three hundred years? Four hundred years? To Julia, such a length of time sounded akin to immortality. But it’s not for me, Julia reminded myself. I’m here only for a short while. I belong with Howard, and our place is back on Earth. She made a conscious decision to put the conversation out of her mind.


But not all of the conversation went away. The “smokin’ hot” part stuck with Julia as they picked their way up the cliff face. The girl was right: Mindy was stunning. The nineteen-year-old was leading Julia up the slope now, the girl’s pert derriere rocking back and forth before Julia’s eyes. I would sleep with her in a second, Julia found herself thinking, before she caught herself. Julia had never harbored a lesbian inkling in her life. But now, she had to admit that the expanse of ocean behind her was only the second best view her eyes were taking in.

They reached the point on the cliff from which the men and boys of the other family were jumping. It was an overhang about twenty feet above a pocket of relatively still water.

“Howard, you stay here with Roddie,” Mindy ordered. I’m going to take everybody else up to the top.”

Julia could tell that Howard didn’t like that, but it was hard to imagine an unenhanced person jumping safely from any greater height. Even Olympic dives were done from platforms only a few feet higher.

The trail narrowed and then got serious about going up. Whatever free-spirited musings Julia entertained about Mindy’s body, they quickly fluttered away in the turbid ocean breeze as Julia followed the others up the precipitous slope. Forty feet above the waterline, Mindy paused at a bend in the trail. “This is the highest point I’ve ever seen a man jump from. And the second time he did it, he had to go to the hospital.”

From that terrifying location, Mindy led them up. And up. And up. The walk on a narrow trail became a scramble over loose rock as the slope steepened. And then the slope itself gave way to a vertical rock wall.

Julia’s stomach went into little knots as she appraised the the distance to the water. It was already far higher than she wanted to jump. Then she looked up. The little knots in her stomach gathered into a single big one: the climb they were about to undertake was an ascent up a sheer cliff.

Mindy went first, followed by an enthusiastic Becky, their fingers digging into small cracks and grasping at small knobs for purchase. Amanda motioned for Julia to go next, and the woman tried. But after only a few feet, her limbs were shaking. Beneath her, Amanda paused, and then climbed up to her left.

“Something wrong?”

“I …” Julia looked down. The waves seemed like ripples from up here. Roddie had already jumped in the water, his head a black dot against the bright water. “I’m scared. I can’t.”

As if to prove the point, Julia held up her hand for Amanda’s examination. It was shaking.

“That’s so COOL.” Amanda watched the vibrations of Julia’s hand. “I’ve never been scared before. How does it feel? You must feel so ALIVE right now!”

Julia had to laugh. There was something about the girl’s incredulousness that put her at ease.

“Just drill a finger into the rock. You know how to do that, don’t you.” Amanda’s index finger became a blur and emitted a faint HUMMM before she a pressed it into the cliff face. Rock that had initially appeared impenetrable issued a steady stream of dust as the girl’s diamond-hard finger nail sank smoothly in.

Julia nodded. I did it in the caves yesterday.

“Well, that’s all that you need. You’re acting scared like a boy. Come on, try this.” Amanda left her finger in the rock, but let go with the other hand, rotating her body away from the cliff. She allowed her feet to dangle free as well, such that the entire 360-pound girl was attached to the cliff face only by her finger.

Julia tried it as well. She felt her finger adopt a superhuman vibration speed, and then sank it into the rock. Forcing deep breaths into her lungs, she lifted her body off the ground by her finger, allowing her feet to dangle in the air. Far below, the water glistened at her, but her body was steady and did not slip. With every passing moment, her confidence grew a bit. Her finger could support 375 pounds for a long time, Julia knew. This wasn’t going to be so hard after all. And the granite face – it didn’t really look like solid rock anymore. It looked softer to her now, like clay. To the Nourished, that must be how the whole world always looks, she realized: soft and flexible.

“Race ya to the top!” Amanda laughed, and began ascending the wall with the dexterity of a spider.

Julia followed, laughing to herself as Amanda left her far below, the girl’s greater experience aiding her climb.

The top of the cliff offered a breathtaking view of the coastline, as well as an impatient Mindy, who greeted the last arrival with crossed arms. “Took you long enough. Becky got so bored that she already jumped.”

“Sorry.” So intense was the wind up here that Julia had to tie her hair back.

“She was scared,” Amanda offered. “I wish I could be scared, just once.”

Mindy laughed. “You were being ballsy down there? About a two hundred foot drop?”

Ballsy, Julia thought. That means courageous, doesn’t it? No, no, that was back on Earth. I have to start thinking like a local. Here, ‘ballsy’ must mean the opposite. Scared. Scared like man. What would a local girl say to that? “There are worse things than ballsy,” Julia retorted. “I happen to like balls. And the rest of men too.”

That got a laugh out of both of them.

Mindy jutted a chin out into the void. “Ballsy-girl goes first. I want to see it!”

Julia tiptoed up to the edge of the cliff. That waves were so small, just wrinkles on the hide of a bright, blue elephant. She took a deep gulp of the stiff breeze, her nervousness returning. She could feel wisps of grass at her feet, clinging for dear life to what little soil they could find. The trees up here were hunched over, grasping at the rocks against the menacing wind. Everything, everything here clings.

Julia froze. How much time passed, she did not know.

“We’re getting old up here,” Amanda prodded.

“In a world where women live to 300 hundred,” Julia admitted, “that’s really saying something. I’m sorry. Old Earth instincts. It’s hard to ignore them.”

“Come on,” Mindy prodded. “Grow some tits.”

Julia tried to take a step forward, but she couldn’t. She just shook her head.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to jump off.” Mindy stepped in front of Julia. “I have an idea about something you could do instead.”

The girl pressed herself up against Julia, their ample breasts scraping against each other even as the rest of their bodies remained far apart.

“Do you know what I’ve always wanted to do?” the girl’s melodious voice asked. “To you?”

Julia felt the warmth of Mindy’s fingers slide between her legs. Her body responded as only a superhuman one could, soaking the crotch of her bathing suit before a single faltering breath escaped her lips. “You’ve always wanted to do that to me?” Julia’s voice was more needful than she intended. “Really?”

“Not that.” Mindy’s lips spread into a wicked smile. “This.”

Julia felt a quick pressure on her pubic bone, followed by the a sickening feeling of weightlessness. The reassuring ground spun away from her, and the blue floor of the sea opened up below her, three hundred feet below.

The bitch had launched her off the cliff.

The fall into the water – it couldn’t be called a dive – took many sickening seconds. When she hit, shoulder first, the sound was like a cannon firing. Dry became wet and light became dark as her body plummeted thirty feet below the waves. The impact would have killed the old Julia, but the new one was giggling as her gleeful face broke the surface of the water.

“That was awesome!” She announced to Mindy, who surfaced only feet away from her.

“See, I told you!”

“Thank you thank you thank you.” Julia wrapped the girl into a grateful hug. “For never letting me say no.”

The two of them floated like that for a moment, their bodies caressed by the cloud of fine bubbles that continued to surface from the bomb-like impacts of their bodies. Julia felt Mindy’s fingers down there again. This time, however, the touch was more gentle and the voice was a whisper. “My mom and I both want to make love to you, but my mom’s holding back. She says you have all kinds of relationship shit going on and the idea of fucking around with you doesn’t feel right to her. But for me, the idea of fucking around with you feels … very good.”

Julia felt a rush of unfamiliar need, followed by a need to change the topic. Howard was watching. “Race you to the top?” she suggested.

A male mountain climber would have been sick with jealousy at the speed with which the ladies casually conquered the cliff. A safe climb should have taken at least four or five hours, but Julia had it licked in less than a minute.

This time, Amanda webbed her fingers for Julia, creating a stirrup into which the woman could step. Back facing the sea, Amanda hurled Julia skyward, projecting her another hundred feet into the air. The apogee of Julia’s trajectory was 400 feet above the water – the height of a 40-story building. Back on earth, a leap off a bridge half that height was certain suicide. But for her body, it was only fun.

On the trip down, she tucked her knees up for a cannonball, smashing through the surface of the water so hard that she felt like she was breaching a wall rather than the thin surface of the water. The watery depths filled with the sound of her impact echoing off the rocky seafloor.

On her third leap, Julia tried to get into an actual dive: head down, ass up, vertical line into the water. That sent her body far deeper, so deep that her outstretched hands smashed into the rocky seafloor, much to the detriment of the rocky seafloor. Julia surfaced each time wanting more.

There were many more dives where one of the other girls would launch her off the cliff face, adding another hundred feet to the face’s three-hundred-foot height. Every third time, however, it was Julia’s turn to do the launching, and she would go last under her own power. On those dives, she explored the joys of acrobatics – adding twists, tucks and turns rather simply go for height and speed.

What was more, Julia found that the wonders of the ocean were not limited a plunge through its surface. At greater depths, new worlds revealed themselves, much richer with sea life than the areas she and Ruth had explored with the fins. At depths of one hundred feet, Julia found fish of many colors, vibrant colonies of coral, and oddities of sea life for with Earth had no equivalent.

I could do this all day, Julia concluded as she hoisted herself out of the water. She had dispensed with the trail on the lower reaches of the cliff and had opted for a rock face that descended from the top all the way to the water as a sheer wall. Everything about the morning was such a thrill – the wide open views, the beautiful day, the jaw dropping

It was only after twenty dives, a full hour of activity, that Julia remembered Howard.


“Having fun?”

Howard felt Julia’s shadow fall over him. Her presence was so great that, even with the ocean breeze, he could feel the heat emanating off her nearly four-hundred-pound body.

“Sort of.” He avoided her gaze, instead taking in the horizon. “It’s a little bit weird to be hanging out in separate groups. And to be going from only a quarter of the height you are.”

Her gaze followed his out to the horizon. “Not a quarter of the height,” she said factually. “Closer to seven percent.”

“Who’s to say exactly how high one point is versus another? It’s all guesswork.”

“No, it’s not. Different elevations have different levels of air pressure. I can sense those differences. You can’t.”

Howard felt a few millibars of pressure escape his own lungs. The blunt nature of her announcement somehow made it more painful for him. How could she be so much better than him, and in so many ways? Howard turned to face her, and wound up eye-level with a bicep as large as his head. Tilting his head, he eventually found her face, framed in a perfect heart-shape, with beautiful facial feaatures, like all the Nourished.

“For what it’s worth,” she continued, “I can also sense a low pressure system coming in. The air pressure at sea level has been dropping steadily all afternoon.”

Howard wanted a new topic. “How about you? Are you having fun?”

Her perfect face widened to a perfect smile. “You bet. I’ve never experienced free fall from such heights before, so that’s pretty awesome. I think I’ve got my dive form down, which is nice. But the best part is the underwater world. There’s a huge coral reef under these cliffs.”

“Where is it? Maybe I’ll go check it out.”

Julia shook her head. “The best parts are a few hundred feet down. It’s easy for me but you would need scuba gear. It’s too bad, because I really wish you could experience it – it’s far more colorful and full of life than what we saw in the Caribbean.”

Howard felt a bit more of the air leave his lungs, replaced by the ache of jealousy. Entire worlds were open to Julia, but off limits to a being of lesser fortitude.

“Even with your eyes,” she continued, “I think you would be impressed. But I can actually see a wider range of the radio spectrum than I used to, and well … it’s just stunning down there.”

“That’s … that’s great. I’m really happy for you.” He wasn’t.

“Maybe you could learn scuba someday and I could give you a guided tour. I’ve memorized the species.”

“How many species?” Howard regretted the question the moment he asked it. He didn’t want to know the answer.

“Just ten thousand or so types of marine life. I haven’t gotten to the land stuff yet.”

Howard answered with a dive into the water. He had to get away from her. He girlfriend had become something that he did not recognize: she had ascended to some higher plane of existence – experiencing more of the world than he ever could.


As he dove, Julia watched Howard try to get his body into a straight line. But he nonetheless entered the water with a bend in his waist. A large splash gave away the imperfections of his form.

She followed him in. On the way down, she felt her body forming a vertical, ramrod line. She could tell just from the feel of the entry that dive had been perfect. Her body had learned the skill almost on its own, in only an hour, to a level of perfection that Howard would never achieve.

It was strangely sad to know that the perfection that was now commonplace for her was so inaccessible to him. But they were a couple, Julia reminded herself. And as the saying goes, families that play together, stay together.

“Why don’t we go off together a few times?” she suggested.

And so they did. But Julia had to admit that jumping from twenty feet was no more thrilling than going from the lip of the bathtub into the bath. She couldn’t avoid thinking that there was something pathetic about Howard now – how long it took Howard to climb back up the slope, how seriously he prepared himself for the measly drop, how his form was consistently less than perfect.

After the couple’s second dive together, Julia saw Mindy enter the water like an artillery shell and paddled out to her.

“Having fun with Howard?”


“Turns out I know that woman,” Mindy said motioning to the other family. “Her family has a house on the same beach.”

Julia looked up at the lone Nourished woman, whose powerful frame made her nine brothers appear stick-like by comparison.

“I caught up with her for a few minutes.” The surface of the water undulated with the treading of Mindy’s powerful arms. “Amanda and I are going to Borrow her brothers, take them back to Amanda’s beach house for lunch and a nice afternoon screw. You want to take a few for yourself?”

Julia glanced at the shirtless men who scrambled over the rocks far above. The sight stirred something warm inside of her, but she knew better. “No, I’d better stay with Howard. He’s had a rough twenty-four hours.”

“You’re strange.” Mindy began a lazy paddle toward the jet skis.

“It’s called being in a relationship.” Julia’s irritation surprised her.

After everyone had gone, the couple did two more dives before Howard gave her a quizzical look. “You’re bored,” he announced.

“No, no. As long as you’re having fun, I mean, that’s the point, right?”

Howard didn’t seem to agree. He scrambled up the slope with new energy, passing the men’s jumping point. His eyes were fixed higher. “You’re right.” He spoke up into the breeze as she followed him. “I’m bored, too. I’m ready for a challenge.”

He passed the several decent promontories before finally stopping at one. It was about forty feet above the water, Julia judged – twice the height of his original station, but only a tenth of Julia’s highest drop.

“This ought to be more exciting for you, right?” He asked.

“I suppose, honey. But I was fine going off the lower point too. It doesn’t make a difference to me.” It’s all pathetic, her thoughts reminded her. Anything remotely within his skill set seems pathetic now.

Howard began to sidle up to the edge. She watched him close his eyes momentarily.

He does that when he’s scared, Julia knew. She tried to imagine how the drop would appear in her old body. Yes, Julia realized, this was dangerous. “Babe, I don’t know if you should be doing this.”

“I can handle it.” Howard set his jaw. “I’m not going to be like the other guys – timid and gutless. I want you to have fun when you’re around me. And I like a challenge.”

Forty feet, eighty feet, a hundred feet – it’s all dull, Julia wanted to say. She didn’t know what to do. “Howard, you don’t have to do this for me. I’ve enjoyed the diving, but even more I enjoy having my boyfriend in one piece.”

No, Howard had gone into his own world, his eyes distant on the horizon line. There was no talking him out of it.

“At least let me go first,” she suggested.

Howard didn’t reply, so Julia took the opportunity. She stepped forward, opting for a feet-first drop that would allow her to surface quicker – the better to keep an eye on her over-ambitious man. Julia felt a quick rush of air, then the splash. Her ankle bore into the rocky bottom like a piston, which filled her with a feeling of dread.

“Honey,” she shouted up. “It’s too shallow here! I need to check out the bottom before you jump!”

But Howard was already off the cliff-face, Hurtling toward another side of the churning inlet. When he hit the water, Julia heard a sickening SLAP, followed by an even worse CRACK from below the waterline.

It took her only three strokes to get to him. But by the time she arrived, he wasn’t moving.

Julia hauled Howard onto the jet ski and draped him over the saddle face down. He coughed out some water. His body shook.

“Howard?” She ran her fingers through his hair. “Can you hear me?”

He turned to the intruding sound but did not seem to recognize it as her voice. His cheeks filled and Julia was left with only a moment to divert his head before he vomited down into the water.

“Shit, honey, hang in there.”

Large welts were forming on his skin, the size of frisbees, and his jaw fell open as if it no longer had the energy to stay shut. When he opened his eyes, they were distant, as if the spirit had already begun to leave them.

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