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Chapter 09: Dreams of Synthetic Ambrosia

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Dreams of Synthetic Ambrosia

Less than a minute later, I was floating over the converted warehouse that was acting as a medical testing facility for Lex Luthor. The sign outside was written in Mandarin, but I suspected it was just some non-descript shell company. On the outside, it was the kind of place that just melted off the eyes. You could look directly at it, and never really notice it was there. Its camouflage came from looking plain, ordinary, and completely unappealing. It was the definition of hiding in plain sight. My x-ray vision revealed the truth behind those walls. Doctors and nurses in medical uniforms worked at various stations. Men in heavy combat arm with machine guns guarded key positions and entrances. Other well-built, partially-dressed men waited in what appeared to be examination areas. If they were not already testing the formula, they were just about to get started. No time like the present.

I decided on a grand entrance as I hovered a hundred feet above the ground. Terri was still empowered by the Synthetic Ambrosia but completely unconscious. As I held her by the ankle, I raised my arm up holding Terri and threw her towards the large middle area of the building where the doctors were working. Terri’s body flew through the air towards the building and her target. When her invulnerable body hit the building’s roof, it was like an explosion went off. A massive section of the roof collapsed onto the doctors, nurses, and work stations covering the area. No one had time to react as they became trapped under the rubble. Terri landed on the warehouse floor with a loud crash that sent a shockwave through the entire building. Much of the equipment in the room was ruined beyond repair. Every person in that building and probably within a mile radius heard the crash. Soldiers and other staff who were still mobile immediately started running towards the commotion.

When they arrived in the room, they found Terri’s massive body unconscious on the ground. As the smoke from the rubble cleared, they then saw me hovering several feet above the ground in the building wearing my Power Girl outfit. My arms were crossed over my breasts as I looked down on them. Several of the soldiers shouted something in Mandarin, and opened fire on me with their guns. I was amused how the bullets just bounced off me, and also left my suit intact. I felt a couple waves of pleasure soar through me as two bullets impacted directly on my more sensitive nether regions. Hovering at this angle had its advantages sometimes. I decided to act before a repeat of the club incident happened again.

The scientists were fleeing in all directions. Rats leaving a sinking ship. I soared towards the first of the soldiers, and gave him a hard punch in the face. The soldier flew back and slammed against the warehouse wall nearly 20 feet away. I then grabbed the machine gun out of the next soldier’s hands. Before he knew what was happening, I twisted the gun like it was taffy and then shoved it back into the soldier’s face. His nose instantly broke as the rifle hit him. He crumpled to the ground as blood spurted out of his nose. The other soldiers kept firing at me. Some hit; some missed; some hit other soldiers or staff. What equipment remained in the room was obliterated by the shower of bullets from soldiers missing their target and ricochets from my own body. I floated to the next soldier that was firing at me. I grabbed him by the shirt, and threw him at the next soldier down the line. They both collapsed to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

One of the doctors had been brave enough to stay behind. He had run to the computer, and was working furiously away. Whether he was calling for help or saving data, I had to take him out quick. Fire burned inside my eyes as I called forth my heat vision. Twin beams of energy flew out of my eyes and lanced through the computer. Unfortunately, there was no way to miss the scientist as my beams blasted both him and the computer into their component atoms. The remains of the computer melted into a pool of plastic slag. I blasted the other computers in the room to make sure everything was destroyed. No need or time to perform any kind of retrieval here.

As the last computer melted on the table it sat on, I heard the clicking sound indicating that the soldiers had run out of bullets. One of them took a grenade off his belt, pulled the pin, and lobbed it towards me. I watched the grenade sail through the air, and begin its arc downwards toward me. Using my super speed, I grabbed the grenade out of the air as it got close to me. I held it for a second, and then smiled as I shoved it between my breasts. The grenade fit snuggly between my two powerful mounds as the costume held them tightly together. A second later a bright flash and muffled pop sound came from inside my cleavage. I looked down to see smoke rising from between my breasts, and some dark powder stains on the top of them as well. The explosion had felt incredible against my most sensitive boobs. Just like some tricks with those firearms, I was going to have to try that again and experiment in other places too. I laughed out loud at the sight of the smoke rising. I reached into my cleavage, and pulled out a handful of scrap metal. All that remained of the grenade. After seeing the scrap metal fall to the ground, one of the soldiers actually wet themselves in front of me. The smell of their urine was awful. One of the disadvantages of having super senses. I blew a puff of super breath towards the soldier, and sent him flying against the wall. He did not get up after landing. The other soldier turned tail and tried to run, but a quick puff towards him sent him careening into the wall as well.

I landed on the ground, and looked at the carnage that used to be the medical facility. Many people were all over the floor either dead, unconscious, or loudly moaning about their wounds. The equipment and computers were destroyed beyond repair. I thought that my work was mostly done here. I had to admit a feeling of disappointment. One of the problems of being a goddess among mortals was that a fight between a normal human and myself tended to be over very, very quickly. As I continued looking through the building, I did not see any of those shirtless men from the testing area in the room. Before I could begin a scan of the building, I heard a roar from deeper inside.

“Uh oh.” I mumbled as the sound of running came crashing towards me.

I turned towards the source of the noise, and saw the doors into this area of the warehouse burst open. Half a dozen overly muscular men barged into the room. They only wore their camo pants from earlier, but those had been nearly ripped to shreds. Their arms and chests had muscles on top of muscles. The men looked at me with animalistic hunger and rage. I was not sure if they wanted to have sex with me or kill me. Probably both by the looks of it, and possibly not in that order. One of the men strode forwards, grabbed a steel table separating them from me, and easily ripped it in two. This was going to be interesting.

The six Ambrosia Soldiers rushed towards me. I gave the soldier who had ripped apart the table a solid punch in the face, which sent him sprawling backwards into the room. However, he immediately jumped back up and joined the charge with the others. Two men reached me first, and were able to land two punches against me. I could tell they used their full power, and it was not insignificant. I slid back several feet before I could brace myself, and felt the impact where the second person’s fist hit my gut. For the first time since my transformation, someone had actually punched the breath out of me. I recovered quickly, and charged back at them.

The good thing about fighting a group of people is that if you miss, there is still a chance you will hit someone. I threw one punch that a super soldier easily dodged, but his partner next to him was not so lucky. He went down onto the ground, but quickly got back up. These men were by no means stronger than me, but that formula clearly helped even the playing field. One of them alone was clearly not a threat. Six of them at the same time was. I felt myself getting punched more and more by these combat veterans who had actual training. My muscles protested in rage at their attacks, and let the rest of my body know it. This was not a fight where my identity was just in danger; this was clearly a fight for my own life.

One of the soldiers to my left did a sweep of his leg with such force that I was thrown flat on my back. Another soldier jumped on top of me, grabbed both of his hands together in a joined fist, and tried to smash it down on my face. I reached up to block him at the last minute, and using my hold on his arm was able to throw him across the room. He smashed against a wall, but was quickly back on his feet like it had been nothing to him. I tried to get up, but two other soldiers were on top of me. I found that I was unable to throw them off as the other three soldiers tried to pile on top of me. I used my flight power to push myself off the ground and get the soldiers off me. However, as I tried to get some distance, the sixth soldier that I threw at the wall grabbed my ankles with both hands and slammed me down on the ground. My face smashed and cracked again the concrete floor although my own pride was hurt more than my face. The soldier tried to crawl up my legs to get a better grip on me. I kicked back hard and was able to knock him off. However, the other five were quickly bearing down on me. Both of the soldier and I got back up at the same time. As his companions rushed to join us, we stared at each other for a second.

I decided to try and focus on one individual to see if that helped take these guys down. I quickly moved in towards the soldier staring at me. After an exchange of several blows, I had the soldier on the floor as I straddled him. He tried to push me off, but was unable to move me as I used my flight abilities to push myself down. As I press down on the soldier I could feel a very hard and solid rod underneath his pants between my legs. The pinned soldier kept staring at my breasts as he tried to push me off, and even pushed hard against them. The unwanted touching of my private parts and lustful yet angry look on the soldiers’ faces made my stomach turn. The other soldiers had surrounded me and slamming their fists against my body and head. Despite the pain I was doing my best to ignore their punches, knees, and kicks as I pinned his comrade down. My flying abilities allowed me to stay rooted in place even though the pain of their combined and repeated assaults was getting worse. I felt two arms wrap around my neck just like how I took Terri out. My need for breathing was clearly less than Terri’s had been. However, I did not want to chance blacking out around these guys. I reached around with both hands, and grabbed the head of the person trying to choke me. I was getting scared about these attacks. I had never truly tested my limits since getting these powers. While my body was mostly invulnerable, there was no telling what these monsters would do to it if I fell unconscious.

In a fit of fear, I pulled the head forward as hard as I could. However, I was not rewarded with simply throwing the man off me as I planned. My scared state and super strength was even too much for the enhanced soldier. His head along with parts of his spine were quickly separated from his body. The head flew like a rocket at a wall opposite the room where it smashed into a thousand pieces against the building wall. The sight of their colleague’s body gushing blood all over my back took the soldiers back. They stopped their attacks, and looked in horror at what I just did. However, the pause was brief as the four remaining soldiers tackled me as I straddled their comrade. They were all screaming something in Mandarin. I was unsure if they were giving each other orders or cursing me for killing a comrade. Two soldiers each grabbed my arms and shoulders, and used their enhanced strength to pull each arm behind me. They were trying to lock down my arms so I could not fight back. My fear was quickly turning into rage at what might happen if these men are successful.

I roared like an angry lion as the rage inside of me built to critical levels. Twin beams of blazing sun fire erupted from my eyes and into the face of the soldier pinned to the ground. His enhancements were no match for the power coming out of my eyes. He screamed out as his head baked and burnt to ash under my power. His arms fell lifelessly to the floor. I looked up at the super soldiers who were desperately trying to pin my arms. They knew that Superman had these powers, but no one had ever seen a raging Kryptonian before. I let the rage fuel the power in my muscles. My biceps exploded in power as my strength began to overpower these four super soldiers. In a powerful and sudden thrust outward, I broke free of the four soldiers holding onto my arms and shoulders. The men flew several feet backwards and slammed into the walls. Each got up off the ground quickly. A simple wall was too weak to actually hurt them. I looked at one of the soldiers, inhaled deeply, and then blew a stream of freezing breath towards him. He froze to solid ice before he knew what was happening. I got off the dead soldier, and moved as a blur of inhuman speed as I brought down my fist on the frozen soldier like a hammer. His body shattered into a million pieces like breaking a pane of glass. If four soldiers could barely hold me down, then three was impossible for them. The three soldiers knew that they were outmatched even with their enhanced abilities. They bolted for the door.

I still seethed in my dark rage at what they could have done to me. I blasted one with my heat vision, which burnt the upper parts of his body to a crisp until the beams bore through him and into the wall. I then moved at super speed towards the remaining two. I shoved the first one to the side as he flew into a nearby wall. The second individual was not so lucky as I grabbed him by a shoulder. The soldier was stopped dead in his tracks from running away from me. I gave him the full force and power that a Kryptonian can punch with directly into his chest. My fist did not go through him. He did not double over in pain or show any emotion. He exploded. His body seemed to dissolve into a fine red mist that covered everything in the room, including me.

The final soldier was trying to stand up from next to the wall when I walked over to him. I was still furious at what happened. I think I was angrier at myself for letting it happen rather than what could have happened. The fear over my life being in danger and the dangerously lustful gazes of these enhanced men took me to a dark place that I never knew existed inside of me. I grabbed the super soldier by the throat and ignored his protestations. I lifted him clear off the ground as he tried to free himself. I then pulled my boob window open and let me glorious breasts free to the world. The soldier could not help but stare despite his obvious discomfort.

“So you like my tits?” I ran my free hand over my bare breasts as the soldier continued to struggle. “Your friend couldn’t stop staring at them. Do you think they are as strong and powerful as the rest of my body?” The soldier gurgled as he tried to speak or get himself free from my grasp. I continued, “Let’s find out.”

The super soldier tried to protest, but could not utter a word under my grasp. I pulled him back down to the ground, and placed my hand on the back of his head. Before he could get away, I pulled his face into my bare breast. My boob smothered his face completely. It gave a little at first, but then his face reached solid muscle underneath. I kept pushing inwards with my hand. Soon the soldier was trying to punch me and bite my boob flesh. His singular love taps and kisses were no match for my raw, unbridled power. His motions became more frantic as I proceeded. Yet, I was beyond caring. Michelle Wallace had gone somewhere else for the time being. The person standing there in her body was unconcerned over this pathetic mortal’s feelings or pain. She only saw a pathetic human that had tried to have his way with a goddess. Suddenly, I heard a crack and a pop. I felt his skull break between my hand and super tits. I kept pressing inwards with more cracking sounds. Now the soldier stopped moving and his arms just dangled at his side. A final thrust inwards causing his head to explode like a bursting melon against my tit.

It was not as erotic a feeling as touching Terri and thinking of our fight, but it made me feel so fucking powerful that the softest parts of my body could crush a super soldier’s skull like that. I tensed my muscles in my arms as I felt the raw power flowing through me. I watched my biceps explode on my arms as the blood of these super-soldiers covered my white super suit. I grabbed the dead body of the soldier that I had just killed. I lifted his corpse into the air and over my head. With my rage and bloodlust coursing through me, I roared again at my victory over these supposed super soldiers. I felt my muscles tense and release vast amounts of strength and power in my arms. As I moved my arms apart, I watched the body tear itself in two under my immense strength. Blood splattered everywhere and completely covered me. I tossed the useless remains away from me. I looked around the room, and then scanned the rest of the building. There was no one else here. The equipment had been trashed completely. Most of the staff was either dead, near dead, or fled in terror. There was just one more step to do.

I walked over to Terri, and gave a look down at her. Terri’s eyes were starting to flutter as her mouth began to move as well. She was beginning to regain consciousness. I knelt down and gave her a hard punch in the face with my right fist. The concrete floor beneath her head cracked and shattered as her head smashed back against it. However, my punch had the effect that I wanted and sent her back into unconsciousness for a bit longer. Terri was still invulnerable so I decided to have some more fun with her as I finished destroying the building. I grabbed Terri by her ankle once again, and lifted her off the ground. Her body lifted up despite the incredible weight brought on by her massive frame and muscles. I swung my arm over and around and began to use Terri’s unconscious body like a baseball bat. Her body flew through the air as I held onto her leg. She smashed into a nearby wall, which was absolutely demolished by her impact. I could not help but laugh at the sight of this massive muscular beast being thrown around by a relatively small superwoman.

I swung my arm the other way, and smashed Terri through tables and lab equipment that had somehow made it unscathed through the fight. They did not stand a chance against her powerful form. I began walking through the rest of the building, and continued to swing Terri over my head like twirling a large towel. Her body proved greater than anything the building had to throw at it. Walls, floors, furniture. It all crumbled as I used by own super strength and her invulnerable body to smash it all to bits. Walls came tumbling down and the building’s support structure was quickly compromised. I gave Terri a few good smashes against the concrete floor, which sent shockwaves through the area like an earthquake was rumbling through. Her massive and invulnerable breasts made deep twin impressions on the concrete floor. I could not stop laughing. It was so much fun to toss this superwoman around by another superwoman. It was easy to see why Jessie had so much fun as Superior Girl.

After walking through the building, the inside of was little more than broken rubble, steel, and glass. As I expected, I heard the building creaking as the structural integrity finally gave way. I looked up to see the building collapse on top of me as tons of mortar and steel debris rained down on me. I laughed at the sight, and let the debris fall harmlessly onto my face. Steel bounced harmlessly off my body, and the concrete that hit by head split in two as it hit the immoveable object that was my face. Seconds later, I found myself buried in several tons of building from what was once Lex Luthor’s Synthetic Ambrosia testing site. There was no way that Lex nor anyone else would be finding anything of use from here. My job was done.

I shook my body slightly, and giggled as my boobs proved stronger than steel. The steel and rubble that they smashed against bent and crumbled as the softest parts of my body proved more powerful. As much as I wanted to play more, it was time to leave. Terri could wake up again, and the longer that I stayed meant the greater chance that Superior Girl or the police would arrive on the scene. After dealing with Terri and the factory, I felt pretty good about taking on Superior Girl at this stage. However, I knew it best to face her on my own terms rather than chance an encounter. I was still not certain if my feelings were real, or just adrenaline, overconfidence, and that dark rage from earlier getting the better of me.

I took hold of Terri’s ankle firmly in my hand, and then jumped up through the rubble into the sky. The rubble engulfing me proved little resistance to my super powers. I flew up thousands of feet into the sky, and then let my flight powers take over to speed out of the city. A sonic boom sounded over the city as I quickly hit and broke the sound barrier. I was starting to get a better sense of direction, and my memory of the flight to Singapore gave me a good idea how to get back to the Fortress. I zoomed off into that direction, and pushed myself to see how fast that I could actually travel. As I flew, I dipped into the ocean to wash off the blood from my fight. The water itself proved incapable of slowing me down even in the slightest. The spray from my wake was enormous as it shot nearly a hundred feet into the air. I pulled Terri’s body with me since it showed no signs of harm from my experiment. Her invulnerability would protect her as I pushed myself to my limits on the return trip. Islands zoomed past me at incredible speeds. I felt Terri’s leg muscles begin to move, and looked back towards her. She was finally waking up. Terri was also clearly in a panic. However, she seemed to be unable to sit upwards to try and grab me. I was travelling so fast that Terri was unable to effectively move her body against the wind shear to try and stop me. I also suspected that the fear in her eyes also said she was too terrified to really try, anyway. Someone was not used to flying outside an airplane, especially at Mach speeds.

As I flew over the ocean, I felt the dark rage that had taken control over me earlier finally pass. The adrenaline had also worn off as well. I felt torn inside as I replayed the night’s events through my head. I was unsure what had come over me. That rage had brought out someone inside of me that I never knew existed. I did not feel like it had actually been me, but at the same time I knew that deep down it was. This was something that I needed to think about and contemplate over. I had always admired super heroes and had dreamed of becoming one when growing up. However, the darkness and things that I did in that Lab went against everything that I had learned about heroes. Maybe this meant that I needed to find out who I really was deep down in the darkness recesses of myself. I also wondered if this is why so many people who gain these incredible powers more often tend to go bad. If so, it truly made those people who called themselves heroes in this world exceptional.


I kept a firm grip on Terri’s ankle to ensure that she did not get away from me. After what felt like an hour, the frozen ice of the Arctic Circle was below me. I felt that I probably could have gone even faster, but the adrenaline had finally worn off from my fight with Terri and the super soldiers. I could feel several aches and bruises that I sustained from the fights. I probably looked in worse shape that I felt. Dragging a nine-foot-tall giant behind me was also screwing with the aerodynamics. Terri kept trying to say something, but was never able to get out complete sentences or speak coherent English. I came over the Fortress of Solitude, but knew that when I slowed down that Terri would try something. So, I did something first.

I took Terri’s ankle, and threw her towards the Fortress as hard as I could. As I came to a complete stop and hovered several hundred feet above the doorway, Terri’s body sailed towards it like a nuclear missile. I felt my nipples harden as I watched her naked body sail towards the Kryptonian doorway. She smashed into it, face first, and caused a loud gong sound like a hammer striking metal. While the door was not destroyed, there was a sizable dent where her face had struck the door. She collapsed to the ground unconscious. When I hovered over to her, I turned her over and was shocked to find that her nose had been broken. Blood was gushing out, and bruising was already starting to show around her face. It did not seem like her powers were diminishing yet, but that door was clearly made of some stronger material that could stand up to her own invincibility. Seeing her condition, I actually worried that I might even break my own hand against it if I tried to punch the door hard enough. However, given the denting, I had no doubt that Superior Girl would eventually break through even if taking some serious damage to her fists in the process.

As I knelt beside a completely out-of-it Terri, the doorway opened by itself. Superman quickly appeared at the entranceway, and looked in shock towards both me and Terri. I must have been a complete mess after my battle. I knew from later that my hair was in complete disarray, my suit was looked to be near its limit, and pieces of dirt and blood still clung to me. I also had several bruises from my fight with Terri. I had taken a beating, but come out victorious in the end.

Superman said excitedly, “By Rao! What happened?”

I smirked at him as I spoke between the pain in my body, “Guess we know what happens when an Ambrosia Amazon takes a dose of that Synthetic Ambrosia. Help me get her inside before she wakes up again.”

Superman knelt down, and picked Terri’s unconscious body up. He swung the massive frame over his shoulder like an enormous sack of potatoes, and floated back inside the Fortress of Solitude. I walked slowly behind him as I grasped my hurt ribs, and listened to the door close behind us. Superman did not say a word as he moved through the Fortress. He turned down a corridor that I was unfamiliar with. We soon found ourselves in what appeared to be a small jail area.

“I had the Fortress construct this section around the time that we met.”

It did not take a genius to figure out why. I asked, “Seems bit small for a guest room.”

Superman smirked, “Ha. Ha. Keep in mind that I had no idea who or what I would find when I went to seek you out. These cells were designed to hold Ambrosia Amazons so I could examine them more closely.”

“I think Terri is beyond Ambrosia Amazon at this stage. Will these cells hold her?”

Superman opened a cell, and dropped Terri’s unconscious body inside while he spoke, “They should. In theory, they could hold Superior Girl or me for a limited amount of time. I had hoped that by then; I would have found a long-term solution to disabling Superior Girl.”

“You said the Fortress constructed this room?”

Superman smiled, “Yes. This place has a small group of androids that perform maintenance, add or remove rooms, and do various chores. They are programmed to keep out of sight while visitors are present.”

I nodded in agreement. It made sense considering that even Superman could not be everywhere at once. Superman made some adjustments to the control panel next to the cell’s entrance. The doors closed, and my super senses could detect the energy coursing through the walls. While the walls looked normal, I did not need x-ray vision to suspect that there were the same force beams inside the walls that protected the sparring area from earlier. Superman turned to walk back to the main area of the Fortress. “The androids will take necessary samples so we can see what the Synthetic Ambrosia has done to Ms. Suzuki. Let’s talk in the main room.”

I laughed for a second, but grimaced in pain from the bruising. I could feel my body trying to heal itself, but it would take longer to repair this damage. I breathlessly told Superman, “Do you have anything to drink here?”

Instead of taking me to the main room so we could talk, Superman instead escorted me into the master bedroom. Seeing the bed caused me to realize how exhausted I suddenly was. I could not think of anything else in life. I just knew that I needed a good, long sleep so that my body could heal. I stumbled towards the bed and collapsed on it. I was about to ask Superman to join me when the whole world just went dark. When I woke up twenty-four hours later, my bruises had completely healed. I felt truly refreshed like I had just completed a great run.


Superman and I sat in the main room of the Fortress of Solitude. I laid back on the couch while Superman sat in a chair across from me. I kept replaying everything that I had or had not done during the fight with Terri and those super soldiers. Superman seemed to sense that something was wrong, and began to ask about how everything went. He was hesitant in how he asked. Superman clearly wanted to hear everything, but also wanted to give me the time that I needed to heal from my wounds.

“Alright, I guess.” I told Superman of how I arrived in Singapore, and what happened leading to the club fight with Terri. I told him about the date rapist that I caught in the bar. He seemed to nod in approval on how I was able to get the man away from the woman and outside.

“I am glad that you did not kill him.” Superman said rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh, I wanted to. It felt so good crushing that trash bin with him inside.” I gestured with my hands as if crushing the bin all over again. “I can’t get over how fucking powerful I am now.” I flexed my arms, and watched my biceps grow through my power suit. Superman seemed to adjust in his seat. “However, what really surprised me was my fight with Terri.” I began to rub and squeeze the bicep on my right arm as I told him the story. “Fighting her was such a turn-on. She was so strong and powerful that my muscles with all their strength could hardly do anything to her at first. However, what really got me was when I finally defeated her.” I let go of my bicep, and laid back on the couch. I didn’t need x-ray vision to see the hard bulge forming at Superman’s crotch as I described my fight.

“After I had Terri on the ground, she looked so hot with her powerful muscles. I kept thinking about how strong they were, and how hard it was for me to beat her. I looked at those massive breasts, and thought how tough they were. They were like two super-powerful boulders.” breathing was starting to become heavy as I described what happened. “She was so strong. She threw me through a wall like it was nothing. She was just as strong as I was, maybe even stronger. Defeating her made me feel so powerful.” My own left hand squeezing my breast causing it to dimple. I looked over at Superman directly into his eyes as he looked towards me. “How much does that turn you on? The big and strong Power Girl defeating an even bigger and stronger Terri.”

Superman’s breathing was very controlled as he was trying to resist what my description of the event and rubbing of my body was doing to him. He was failing more and more as I touched myselfm and rubbed my powerful muscles. He finally breathlessly got out, “Yes, mistress!”

I smiled at Superman’s response to me. The idea of a woman just as or stronger than him, an equal to his power, was something that he clearly lusted over in the past. Just like earlier nights, it was like Superman was a horny teenager all over again. I corrected Clark, “Goddess. Show your goddess how hot that makes you.”

Superman did not seem to be able to control it more, and let go of any resistance or hesitation that he had been keeping. His hands reached into uniform, and pulled out his own massive, super-hard penis. He began to stroke it in front of me as I rubbed and squeezed my breasts together. “Her tits were so soft to my super muscles, but I knew they could crush steel between them just like my own can. When I flew back here, I carried her enormous body in one hand like it was a backpack full of books. However, the best part was how her friends’ used their guns against me. The bullets bounced off my body. One even threw a grenade that I shoved between my own breasts. It was wonderful when it exploded between them. The explosion sent ripples through my flesh even though the shrapnel could not pierce me.”

Superman furious masturbated to my description of what I did with Terri. His own hand was started to become a blur along with my own as we both worked our pleasure centers. I fingered my own hard nipples through my super suit, and then reached a hand down between my legs. Unable to contain himself any more, Superman came right there in his seat. His cum shot out of his dick like a shotgun, and easily hit the ceiling over 30 feet above us. It probably would have gone through the ceiling had it not been made of that ultra-hard material that the door was made of. Seeing Superman’s throbbing member shoot his cum so high set me over the edge as well as my fingers touched me exactly where I wanted and needed to be touched. I came as my fingers worked my pussy through my uniform. The couch withstood my shaking as waves of pleasure rolled over my body. Superman’s own eyes practically rolled to the back of his head as he was overcome as well. As we both came out of our reverie, I got up from the couch and floated over to where Superman sat. I knelt beside him on the arm of his chair, and slid my finger up and down his still throbbing cock. I lapped up some of his cum, and sucked it from my finger as he watched.

“Mmmm. Delicious.” It was no lie. Something about his semen excited me. It made me feel powerful, even more than I already was. I leaned down, and began to lick his hard, semen-covered cock. I licked the juices from it, and felt it quickly hardening again. Clark’s super stamina in action. I took Superman’s massive penis into my mouth, and began to suck hard against it. I could feel Superman tense up. He took his hand, and rubbed it through my short blonde hair. I worked his cock hard inside my mouth, and generated enough suction to strip paint off steel. Superman cried out in pleasure.

I got up and turned myself around. I leaned back so that my tight rear was between Superman’s cock, and squeezed my butt cheeks together. Superman’s hard member was held in between my cheeks like a steel vice. I moved my firm ass up and down as I stroked his cock while my hands rested on his knees. The material of my uniform was thin enough that I could feel Clark’s member against me. Superman was being driven wild with lust at my actions. He grabbed my ass with both hands, and squeezed with all of his might. I could feel his cock throbbing between my cheeks. He felt like he was ready to explode once more. I held him in place, squeezing my super firm ass together to keep him from cumming. When I felt that he had calmed down, I let go and slowly slid upwards. In a quick motion, I undid the hidden clasps that held my uniform together and let it fall to the floor.

I began to float upwards. I could feel Superman’s eyes follow my ass and it hovered higher towards his face. When my pussy was in line with his lips, Superman wasted no time and dived in, licking and sucking as hard as he could. I cried out as he pleasured me with his mouth, and allowed myself to remain there for a while. Superman knew how to work his tongue, and I came quickly enough with his face between my legs. After coming down off my orgasm, it was time to return the favor. I floated my legs upwards as I turned my body upside down and grabbed onto Superman’s knees. Soon, my legs were pointing towards the ceiling as I hovered perpendicular to Superman’s crotch. His member standing tall and proud towards my face as I looked down. I stopped my flying powers and just held myself up on his knees. It felt easy to balance myself in this position even without using my flying abilities. I lowered my arms down so that my face and body began to fall as well. As I came into reach, I took Superman’s member into my mouth and resumed my own licking and sucking. I moved my arms up and down against his legs, and began to do a series of push-ups as I gave Superman his blowjob.

Superman could see my muscles working across my arms just as I felt his leg muscles resist me. He knew that I was not using my flight powers, and each push-up seemed to make Superman a little bit harder inside my mouth. I upped the pace of my motion, moving my arms up and down with my body. Soon, Superman grabbed the edges of the couch and squeezed. The couch broke where his fingers crushed the metal frame underneath. As the chair fell apart around Superman, we both engaged our flying powers as I hovered in the air upside down. I reached out with my hands, and grabbed hold of Superman’s member. I pulled him up as he used his own flying powers to rise into the air. We rose twenty-five feet into the air with the main hall below us. I spun around so that my legs once again pointed to the ground, and quickly wrapped them around Clark’s waist. Clark grabbed my hips as I held onto his shoulders.

I needed him inside of me. I breathlessly told Clark in a low voice, “Finish inside me.”

Superman guided my floating hips down on his member. It penetrated inside me, parting my labia as he slowly drove himself inside. I closed my eyes and cried out as he rubbed against my g-spot. It was a pleasure that no normal human could give me anymore. I moved my hips back and forth as my flying abilities kept me hovering in place. Superman slowly and methodically starting pumping back in time with my motions. As our motions increased in tempo, I reached forward and kissed Superman on the mouth. Our tongues wrapped around each other as they fought for dominance.

As we floated in the main hall of the Fortress of Solitude, Superman’s thrusts became stronger and more violent against me. With each impact, I cried out as more and more pleasure washed over my body. I let go of his shoulders, and reached down to grab his firm ass. Using my own superior strength, I pulled Superman into me harder and harder with each thrust. It was like a shotgun blast with each pounding as his super body slammed into my own super sex. Finally, unable to contain myself any longer, I cried out “Now!” as I came. Superman also came inside of me as well. The strength of his throbbing member and jet of hot cum inside of me filled me with indescribable pleasure. That pleasure was only magnified as Superman took one of my nipples in his mouth, and bit down with all the force to crush titanium. His teeth grinded against my nipple only bringing forth even more pleasure from my body. After several moments, I felt the final pulse of his cock inside of me. We separated ourselves from each other as we both floated down to the floor. His now flaccid member returning to a more normal size that could be hidden underneath his costume. As my feet touched the floor, I brought up my hands, made a fist, and tried to make the largest muscles that I could. I was certain that my muscles were bigger. I felt stronger and faster than before.

“God, I love this feeling,” I said as I flexed my arms. Superman still seemed to be recovering. He walked over the couch and sat down as I spoke, “It is like the greatest high that I have ever had. I just can’t seem to help myself.” I sat down on the couch next to Superman who had finally caught his breath from our efforts. I rubbed my hand on his rock-hard chest.

“I can’t seem to help myself either.” Superman admitted rather meekly.

“Does Lois know?” I asked.

Superman gave me a shocked look that told me immediately before a word left his mouth. “By Rao, no! I have not been able to admit to her what seems to keep happening. I feel like I have betrayed her.” Superman looked sad after his admission.

I sat up further, and took Superman’s chin in my hand. I turned his head towards me so we could look each other in the eye. “I don’t understand what is happening either. I was never like this before getting these powers. I was always faithful to Mike and my previous boyfriends. But something is different, especially between us. It’s …”

“Addicting?” Superman asked.

“Yes. It is like the greatest and most powerful orgasm that I have ever had when with you. I have done it with normal humans, but I always have to hold myself back to keep from hurting them. But when I am with you, I don’t have to hold anything back at all. I can use my powers to their full extent, and using my powers is such a turn-on.” I leaned in close to Superman’s face, and gave him a kiss on the lip. I bit down on his lower lip.

Superman spoke after we separated our lips from each other, “It’s your senses. They are super-charged. You can spot a mosquito flying from 5000 feet above the ground, and smell pizza cooking 3 miles away. However, it also means that your pleasure centers are just as super-charged.” I moved closer to Superman, and wrapped my arms around him as we began to cuddle. I reached over and kissed his neck. Superman had a smell about him. It smelled of raw power and sex. It was rather intoxicating.

“Keep talking,” I told Clark.

Superman tried to oblige. He was clearly trying to concentrate as I nuzzled his neck and kissed him. “It happened to me when I started to hit puberty. I became stronger, faster, and began to develop these amazing powers.”

I laughed as I continued to stroke Superman. “Did Superboy enjoy peeking into the girl’s locker room?”

Superman blushed. I suppressed a laugh. He had done it, and was clearly embarrassed about it. “There was a girl named Lana Lang. She was hard to miss. We ended up dating through high school and into college. She knew my secret.”

“Oh, Superboy’s first crush.” I giggled at the idea of a super-powerful Clark trying to date a normal girl from his high school. “Tell me about her.”

Superman was trying to concentrate on his story, “Lana was a normal human so I always had to be careful. However, she had a good imagination. She liked to experiment with what I could do with my powers. She also helped me train on how to use my growing abilities, and interact with the rest of the world as a normal human.”

“But you two could never be truly intimate like we can be?” I asked as I rubbed a hand on his rock-hard chest.

“Right. I always had to hold back. It wore on me that I might not be satisfying her in the ways that she truly wanted. My attempts to please her could have easily kill her had I not been careful. It was what eventually caused his to draw apart from each other. My worry poisoned our relationship.”

It was interesting to see this side of Superman. It was a vulnerable side that the rest of the world had never seen. Here was a man that could fly into space, throw busses across a continent, and probably withstand a nuclear explosion. However, he was still a man with all of his fears, worries, and doubts that came with his powers. It many ways this revelation made me feel even more powerful around him. I was Power Girl, a goddess among mortals. Superman was a god. Who else can satisfy another god’s need but a goddess. But how did Lois fall into this equation if he had so much doubt. I asked, “What about Lois? Aren’t you repeating history with her?”

Superman smiled a bit that was clearly hiding the pain from an uncomfortable truth, “I have been attracted to Lois since I started working at the Daily Planet. However, I do fear that I am treading down a familiar path with her. She has been fascinated with Superman since he made his first appearance.”

I had seen Lois’ reporting on Superman over the years. She had been one of his staunchest defenders from the more right-wing elements on the media. Many right-wing pundits seemed to have a love/hate relationship with Superman. One moment, Superman was the all-American hero with his displays of might and power a symbol of America’s own greatness. Another moment, he was an out of control vigilante who gave no concern to the law or people that he endangered. Lois had been critical from time to time as well, but seemed to give Superman more of a fair shake than others. However, Superman’s career had been what put Lois truly on the map for journalistic superstar. She had a good reputation as an investigative reporter, but her work on Superman and the foes that he fought had quickly overshadowed her past achievements.

As I sat there snuggled against Superman, I had a thought that I spoke out loud, “Does Lois Lane love Superman for the man that he is or the powers that he possesses?”

Clark was silent for several minutes as we sat on the couch. My hand silently rubbing against him as he wrapped an arm around me. Superman was clearly deep in thought on the matter. I felt that I had just given voice to a concern that had been hiding in the deep recesses of his own mind.

Finally, Clark answered me as he stared into the main hall, “I don’t know.” Another minute passed in silence, “It is one of the reasons why I have never told her that I was Superman. We have dated a couple of times and been intimate. However, she thinks my reluctance to push further is due to our working relationship and fact that I came from a small, Midwest town.

I laughed a little, “Lois Lane thinks you are a bible thumper?”

Superman smiled, “No, just old, small town traditions and a little conservative. She has been trying to get me out of my bubble since I moved to Metropolis. It’s an unfortunate fiction that I have to use to sell Clark Kent.”

I used a fake country drawl as I commented, “Country boy from Kansas livin’ life in the big city.”

Superman laughed at my accent. We both sat on that couch for several more minutes in silence. Superman was deep in thought about the matter. It was not only my questioning that had brought up some potential hard truths but my very presence as well.

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