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The Dream Girl

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 11 March 2017 02:20] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:14]

Art by Autodi


This is the story of a normal 10 year old in a small rural town in Louisiana. Well, from an outsider's point of view, you would think he was a normal boy; short, light brown hair, green eyes filled with innocence and curiosity, someone who likes to play all day long in the street with his friends. However, this one, which we will call Steve Summers, was one of those one-of-a-kind examples that sticks out like a sore thumb in a little town where everyone knows each other.

Steve had a really difficult childhood, his parents were all fine and dandy once, a perfect new marriage with hopes and dreams for their future and their child's. However his mother, Sarah, started to get tired of their relationship on the second year and eventually Larry, his father, learned that she was cheating on him with a vacuum cleaner peddler while he was working in his liquor store two blocks down the street. The relationship broke instantly and Steve had to suffer through his parents arguing and breaking things every single day. Apparently her mother said she was sorry and they decided to stay together because of him. He paid the biggest toll of all when he went to his father’s store one time and saw him drowning his sorrows in the alcohol that he was supposed to sell, and his father slapped him so hard he could feel his cheek burning like hot lava and was ordered not to tell her mother or anyone about this.

However, he wouldn’t need to tell anyone because sooner than later Larry started to show his habits in public: he began to bet on horse races and drink more, even in public. He, of course, would end up losing money and asking people to lend him more, which predictably he would never return, creating a debt so deep he could never pay it off with his job, which also was in decay. For this reason, money became scarce in the household and Sarah had no other option except asking for a divorce, she eventually got it in courts and obtained the right to half of Larry’s income in the form of alimony.

As a last act of debauchery, Larry appeared, drunk as he could be, in their old house and beat Sarah to a pulp in front of Steve. He stormed out of the house and abandoned his wife and his son forever. Steve was forced to watch as his mother was pummeled repeatedly by the much bigger, imposing male and cried in desperation as he couldn’t do anything to stop it. Steve was only 7 years old back then and has always considered himself a coward for that since. He called an ambulance and, luckily, his mother would recover after she received medical care. Larry moved out of town that day with a few friends, fleeing from his life and his debt and he hasn’t returned, not even once.

During his mother’s stay in the hospital, Steve had to live with his grandparents. They had a farm in another town where he had the best days of his life in it. He was a lucky boy, surrounded by animals, friends to play with and a lot of space in the farm to do whatever he wanted. His grandpa was a no-nonsense, but genuinely caring person and his grandma was the best cook he ever knew but eventually all good things come to an end as his mother finally recovered. She took Steve and brought him to their old home and was hired as a waitress in a local restaurant. Things weren’t so bad; she brought money home and they could live without his abusive father always beating her. Eventually, Steve felt lonely because his mother wasn’t home for most of the day. Steve developed insular tendencies after three years of being raised by television and videogames instead of his mother and ended up becoming a bashful child that had difficulties to find friends in school. He was shorter and weaker than the other kids, and on top of that his family was seen as unstable in that tiny intimate town, where gossip flew faster than light between the busy mouths of its inhabitants. So, it would be safe to say that Steve wasn’t precisely popular in his school.

The other kids didn’t let him play with them, he was picked by bullies almost on a daily basis and had his lunch stolen many times, he was a joke for the rest of the kids and the teachers couldn’t care less, and he couldn’t even tell his mother when he returned from school because she would still be working. In fact, his life became such a living hell that not even his dreams gave him peace. Horrendous nightmares and terrible creatures stalked him every night, he was their defenseless prey and, eventually, Steve started to wake up in the middle of the night screaming with wet pajamas. His mother tried everything to stop this but she was forced to go to the school psychologist with him. It didn’t work at all and the nightmares persisted.

Steve noticed that her mother treated him worse as time passed, he began to think she hated him for being such a problematic child, and it was not that ridiculous in his mind. He only brought problems to her, didn’t he? The nightmares became worse after one night and he not only cried but also puked in his bed, which caused his mother to get so angry she slapped him even harder than his father that last time.

But there was a beacon of light in Steve’s life: a girl from his class, his only friend. She was called Serena Martínez, a little Latino angel that always tried to cheer him up in the recess. She played with and talked to him, always with an electric and contagious smile in her pretty and innocent face. After school they would go to the river that crossed the town and tried to fish little crabs or whatever shiny treasure they could find. They had fun and their parents were never around, so, why not be together? Unfortunately for Steve, Serena didn’t tell him something important: she had cancer, but decided not to partake in a chemotherapy process because she wanted to pass her last days with her only friend in this world. Serena didn’t tell anyone, only her parents and the teachers knew, and they let her go to school just as a last wish, not even Steve was aware of this.

Sadly though, life would worsen again for Steve. He missed her when she stopped coming to school in her last, agonizing days in bed. When the little miracle left this world, the teachers talked about her and her disease in school and Steve couldn’t believe it. He cried for days and couldn’t even go to school. He felt destroyed, his soul was broken, with his best and only friend in this world dead, and she died at such a young age too. She was a brave girl… another one he couldn’t save…

That night he had the worst nightmare of all, he was trapped into an otherworldly landscape comprising of a vast desert of red sand. The wind howled maliciously and moved the branches of horrible tree-cactus hybrids that looked like they were about to eat him alive at any time. The moon had an ominous yellow color that created an ambience of horror and despair. Steve walked, cowering in fear, almost crying from the fact that he could hear screams in the distance, screams coming from his mother. She was suffering and he couldn’t do anything about it, he couldn’t even walk in a straight line for fear of a strange creature appearing and devouring him. Then he got stuck in a branch, crying and flailing, trying to free himself. He ended up tearing his pajamas apart and hitting the floor with his mouth, crying because his life was miserable, and now he was being bullied by plants in his dreams. It was an unbearable sensation.

Steve turned back his head and noticed that there was no path anymore. He was alone, in the middle of (the desert. He started to hyperventilate out of fear. The only thing he could do now was run. He knew how this always played out: ‘It’ was coming for his life. At first the only thing he could hear was his own panting as he ran, looking for the hills in the distance, as perhaps he could hide there. Then another kind of respiration appeared from behind. It sounded really excited and monstrous, and it came from something big, something that was hungry and faster than him. He knew this because the ground trembled, as the beast was not only panting but also charged through everything in its path to reach the boy. He couldn’t turn his head to see his pursuer’s face, he could only use his remaining energy to run as fast as he could in order to lose the monster that was rapidly closing the distance between them.

Just when Steve felt the monster’s saliva dripping from its mouth and dropping onto his little head, he bolted as fast as he could into a cave. He knew these hills like the palm of his hand as they were the only thing in the desert where he could feel safe from this beast. He discovered them many nightmares ago after many failed attempts at trial and error killed him. The hills were full of holes, like Swiss Cheese, but the caves were so small only a child could fit in, keeping him safe from the creature. Steve called these monsters ‘nightmares’, and this was the biggest of them, appearing every single night and trying to eat him without rest. The monster had a staggering total of ten legs, arachnid in nature: thin, pointy and long but very strong. Their weight could make the ground shake and it was at least 100 feet tall. Its skin was an exoskeleton, looking similar to a cockroach, which he was sure it was almost indestructible, as no conventional weapon could hurt such a beast. Steve hated insects, so this one was especially repugnant for him. Strange fluffy hair came from its main body while its face looked like the devil with no eyes, resembling a soulless abomination with a mouth with big lips filled with infinite sharp teeth and large horns on its head. Its tail was like a scorpion’s and it spit acid that burned away everything it touched. The roars of the creature were quasi-human and made it sound terrifying. Steve could only observe it in horror while hiding, praying for it not to find him.

The monster had tried many things to kill him since he discovered the caves, one time he tried to lure him out by asphyxiating him with his dense breath which smelled like alcohol, but it didn’t work, but…this time was different. He stopped and went away, and Steve could finally breathe in relief as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Then what happened was unexpected. The creature started to hit the hill with its head, piercing holes in it with its horns. Steve could only evade the beast’s attack by moving from one cave to another but eventually it would find him, or worse, he would be stuck inside the hill while it collapsed. Little rocks started to fall from the ceiling as Steve knew that if he wanted to survive he should escape. Dying in these kinds of nightmares was always a horrible experience. But suddenly, just like that, everything ceased, the monstrous roars and howls of the beast, the smell of alcohol, the structure crumbling, it was as if time stopped.

Surprised and confused, the kid decided to test his luck and see what was happening. He gasped when he discovered it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The gigantic creature struggled for its life, grabbing to any big rock or tree it could, roaring like a hurt animal, but it was all useless. The beast was being dragged away casually and nothing it did was enough to stop the one that was pulling its tail. That was impressive, but he couldn’t see who was dragging it around like he weighed nothing. The only thing he could hear, far louder than the screams of the beast was “Clack, clack, clack”. He recognized that from his mother and his teacher, those were the sounds of a woman’s heels clacking on the floor.

When the beast was far away enough from the hills, the ruckus stopped in an instant, and the humiliated beast recomposed itself and turned around his head in an unnatural way that gave Steve the creeps. It was angry, he hadn’t seen it so mad before, and then… he saw her, a woman! The one who dragged the beast by its tail was a small girl. He could not appreciate her features from there but he was sure she was a girl. In an instant, the beast’s tail spita big round of acid which should have killed her. She didn’t move, but then she simply blew a little air from her mouth, which unexpectedly created a strong whirlwind of air that dispelled the acid and scattered it around. How was she so powerful? What was her secret? The monster howled in confusion and tried to take the girl down by stomping on her, but she was too fast. From Steve’s point of view she wasn’t moving at all, but she was able to evade the attacks easily.

The wrathful creature tried to stomp on her a final time but she grabbed its leg. It was obvious that the monster couldn’t free itself from her painful grasp, but the next thing that happened was even more astounding. The girl started rotating in a way that made the entire body of the creature spun in the air by grabbing its leg with utter ease and no strain at all. It eventually became a whirlwind of red and brown, spun about from the tremendous force of the girl that was twenty times smaller than it. Finally she released the beast, which propelled it into a mountain. The crash damaged its strong exoskeleton and bled. The abomination attempted to stand with nine of its ten legs as the girl crushed the tenth with her hand.

She appeared there in a second and dissipated the rubble and dust with two simple claps of her hands and watched as the monster suffered endless pain. There was no time to waste even if that thing was in a pitiful and sorry state. She didn’t have any mercy and toyed with it, grabbing the tip of its tail again with two of her thin, delicate fingers. The beast squealed when it understood that it couldn’t move just because her fingers were stronger than its whole body and altered its balance, causing it to fall over again over its own legs. After doing this she jumped and flew, with the ease of someone who had been doing that since birth. Steve couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing as he watched this spectacular scene play out, wondering if his nightmare was going to end now. It didn’t, instead he saw that incredibly powerful woman pull the beast by one of its horns and lifted it with no problems. The beast almost cried, desperately trying to cling to the floor by using its legs as an anchor but it was useless, her strength couldn’t be contested as she started to fly higher and higher, pulling the entire weight of such a massive beast with a hand holding its horn. She flew so high she surpassed the clouds, and then, when she thought it was enough, she dropped the monster like nothing, the creature crashed against the floor and moaned in pain for a while.

The powerful woman returned to ground level and turned her back to the defeated abomination. She started walking towards Steve’s direction but was stopped by the last attempt of the creature, which locked her entire body between its dreary jaws. The girl, unaffected by its bite, unknowingly broke all the beast’s teeth and just casually unhinged its mouth to escape. It looked like she had impenetrable skin too.

For Steve, this was a miracle, the girl saved him and defeated the implacable nightmare that had been preying on him for the last few months without breaking a sweat, he needed to talk to her! He ought to thank her at least! Surprisingly, the woman was already there when Steve crawled out of the cave and helped him get up. Steve noticed the comfy touch of her hand, which was covered in a dark glove, then, he stared at the glorious image of his savior.

She was an angel, that was the only thing Steve knew could compare to her, she was literally perfect, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her blond hair danced like a golden river from her head to her buttocks, emanating a bright, pristine light, and it looked so soft and silky too. Her face was godlike, her pale and fair complexion without a single blemish or mark made her look like a perfect doll, an idealized being that could only exist in fiction, and her skin was white as snow. Her eyes were the most impressive part of her, big and rounded, like the ones on a little, innocent girl, but at the same time projecting wisdom and maturity with a deep blue color. Steve almost lost the notion of time while looking into them, it was like gazing into the depths of a crystal lake. Her little nose was cute and under it there were perfect, small but soft and puffy lips of a relaxing pink color that didn’t need lipstick, naturally looking that way and asking to be kissed over and over again.

Even as a kid that wasn’t interested in women at all, Steve could understand that she was a really beautiful one, one in a billion. Even if she had such a cute and sweet face, her body was like one of those supermodel stereotypes from adult magazines in the eighties. Her frame was voluptuous even if she was fairly petite, standing at 165 cm which made the thrashing she dealt to that monster even more impressive. She had almost no muscle and was mostly thin, except for her hips, which were really wide, someone could say that they were perfect for childbearing. This created an hourglass figure when you take into account that her waist was thin and her breasts were big and plump as melons, while having the perkiness of torpedoes. Those were perfect breasts, supported by her crossed arms. Her legs were long and toned and if she wasn’t so small, you could say they were neverending, one of the most attractive points of her.

She was dressed in a really strange fashion, her frame was covered in a very tight and dark spandex bodysuit that looked like a second skin. In a way, it was like staring at her nude body, you could even appreciate her nipples in that costume and it really reassured the fact that she had an amazing body. She also had little black armor parts here and there and high heels which produced a sexy clacking sound even when she was walking on sand, how did she do that?

Was she perhaps a super soldier or something like that? Steve wasn’t sure at all but he felt nervous just by looking at her, she was too radiant and pretty, he felt someone so perfect and strong shouldn’t be wasting her time saving someone like him. You know, Steve had become quite the shy kid and couldn’t bring himself to say anything to her, he was blushing, not knowing why, trying not to look her in the eyes.

The girl tried to break the ice, putting her hands on her knees and crouching to his eyes’ level, she smiled pleasantly and talked with her magical, harmonious voice that sounded like heaven, “Are you alright?” She reminded him of the school nurse with that question.

The boy nodded repeatedly. “Y-yes I-I a-am!” He answered, stuttering, trying to compose himself in front of such a beauty. “Ma’am, c-can I ask w-who are you? And… w-why did you save me?”

She giggled playfully, her smile was like the sun, almost blinding. “Me? I am the dream girl you created unconsciously! I’m your protector, a soldier of love and peace!” Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing, it was crazy talk, he never had “control” in his nightmares, and she said he created her? But she looked and sounded so real! “It’s true! My duty is to protect you, to assure that you are safe! From now on this nightmare has become a dream, you won’t have to fear the monsters anymore, you have me on your side, and we have control!”

Did he hear that correctly? If that was true, he could finally defeat his nightmares! That was terrific news! A spark of curiosity surged in his mind and he was tempted to ask her so he tried not to sound too nervous. “S-so, you mean that I don’t have to fear the nightmares anymore? They are big and scary and powerful. I mean, you are strong too but…”

She stopped him in the middle of his speech. “Don’t worry my dear, they can’t hurt me, I’m as strong as you want me to be. I can do everything, you control the dream through me. You could even say I have no limits at all except for your imagination, so those pesky beasts can’t even touch you when I’m around.” That sounded very comforting.

“Woooow, that’s so cool, you were so rad back there, you toyed with that monster! You are a true superheroine, thanks for saving me!” He wasn’t nervous anymore, he felt at peace, liberated, as if a massive weight was lifted from his soul by the strong metaphorical arms of his new guardian angel, the superwoman he created without knowing it.

The dream girl giggled again and patted the head of the ecstatic kid “You want to see more of my power? We can play together for a while if you wish!” Finally! He made a new friend, even if she was not real and only in his dreams, but still, it was better than nothing

“That would be great!” He replied with emotion, this lady was so sympathetic and warm, she was easy to talk to and he didn’t need to be shy around her, their mutual confidence was literally built in seconds,

“Aaaaaalright, then let’s get to it!” Steve was surprised when he found she lifted him in a cradle carry. She was so strong, he instinctively hugged her not to fall and found her giant breasts in front of him. He blushed, not feeling ready for this, not yet at least! She started to walk with no particular direction, her heels clacked all around the vast desert. Steve could see that flowers were growing where she stepped on, they were dazzling, captivating. So… the nightmare was quickly turning into a dream, eh?

But this bucolic fantasy was about to end anyway as the air became corrupted again, the putrid smell of evil nightmares started to spread around them. Steve knew the creatures were angry because their boss was defeated easily by this dream girl, but they would not surrender without a fight. Worms, lizards, spiders, every single kind of monster surrounded them. The big one was still alive, roaring pitifully, dying, but still strong enough to give orders to its subordinates. A pack of monstrous worms spit fire hotter than hell from their maws. The dream girl shielded Steve with her own body, and after a few seconds he looked up and watched her comforting smile. She winked at him. “Don’t worry, I told you I’m invulnerable!” The fire was like a hot shower for the dream girl, that not only didn’t burn her, but instead, amused her. She was putting on a smug expression while watching how futile the efforts of the monsters were. Anything they tried was in vain: fire, claws, teeth, everything they did she rubbed it off easily while protecting Steve. “You’ll have to do better if you want to scratch me!” She proudly declared, knowing she was virtually invincible. Steve had his mouth open all the time, his innocent green eyes almost exploded with how big they became, as she was just like a heroine from the comics! A true goddess!

The creatures retreated and huddled together with their dying leader. They were going to use their last option against the superwoman. Their bodies started to liquify, turning into a red, vicious fluid that smelled horribly and merged with the carcass of the titanic nightmare. The monster also liquified at the end and the red water ascended to the sky. Steve hugged the dream girl’s leg, cowering in fear, not knowing what would happen while she stood there; strong, stoic, immovable. The red vermin reached the big moon in the sky, the one that looked so evil and wretched and slowly corrupted it, bathing it in a blood-red color. In less than a minute the entire moon was like a giant crimson pearl, nightmarish, but beautiful. Then the most horrible, soulless face appeared and covered its entire frontal side. The monster from before had transformed into the moon thanks to its minions! What could they possibly do against this?

The monstrous moon laughed at them. This time the creature would have its proper revenge, or so it looked like at first glance. In a moment, the Moon fell from the sky, accelerating faster and faster, burning furiously. Steve was sure that if it impacted it could destroy the Earth. But when it was about to hit them it stopped instantly, Steve covered his eyes, fearing his death, but when he noticed he wasn’t dead he looked up and watched the incredible miracle. The dream girl was… the dream girl stopped the Moon with her hands! She was supporting the weight of 81 pentillion metric tons without effort. In fact, she grinned charmingly. “Is that all you’ve got? You don’t weigh anything to me!” she claimed in a sing-song tone, calm and collected as she started to press lift the entire astral body with ease. “Look at these losers Steve! They don’t know you gave me no limits, hahaha!” Her laugh was contagious and Steve started to laugh too, to the humiliation of the monster moon who could only roar, hoping that she would spare its life. “Look how easy this is for me Steve, look at what I can do!” She removed one of her hands to comb her beautiful hair, which she then put it on her hip. After that she started tossing the entire moon up and catching it with one little, delicate, glove-covered hand. She was having fun testing her almighty power.

“Oh Oh!” Interrupted Steve. “Do it with your fingers please!”

“Like this?” She said lovingly while hefting the entire weight without strain in her fingers like a waitress holding a plate. “Or this?” Then she started removing finger after finger but it was all the same, she didn’t feel the weight at all. Steve loved it, she had colossal strength in the body of a princess. In the end she only needed her pinky to support the cosmic entity, the shadow that the moon cast covered the entire desert, you couldn’t see past it, but Steve could thanks to her brilliant dream girl, that shone like starlight. “I’m an All-Star” She passed the giant moon’s weight from her pinky to her index finger and started spinning the monumental rock with one finger like a basketball. The monster became dizzy and started to make weird sounds. The dream girl yawned. “I’m tired of it already, what do we do with it?” She said, bored of her worthless opponent.

“There’s no need to kill him, but I’d like to turn my nightmare into a dream!” Steve answered, and so his dream girl obeyed. The girl kissed the moon with her precious, pink lips and the celestial body rapidly lost its red color. With just a kiss, she purified the entire thing, after that she threw it up again where it stayed in its original position in the sky. “Geez lady, you have a lot of powers.” He said after watching her display of magic.

“Of course, how else could I protect you?” The dream girl grabbed Steve and put him over her shoulders in a piggyback and resumed their walk. The sound of her heels beating the ground was relaxing, she walked perfectly with them even in this situation. “See, we are already working miracles!” As they walked Steve could only watch, marvelled how the world around him changed. It was not a nightmare anymore. There were lakes, rivers, animals all around, green beautiful forests and a sky that was almost as blue as the dream girl’s eyes. It was a paradise, a really comfortable one, and then Steve instinctively hugged the girl from behind. She smelled like strawberry. The woman smiled, enjoying the fact that Steve had already formed a bond with her. “Do you want to see how fast I am?” She asked with a cute wink.

“Yes, please! Run as fast as you can!” The boy was having so much fun he didn’t care what she did, he only wanted to see more cool things. Suddenly he felt a lot of pressure, his skin almost got peeled off his body as she started running faster than 500 miles per hour even with high heels. Steve felt fear but he realized he couldn’t fall, she had him fastened tightly to her shoulders. While she sped up he could see the environment around them like a flash and the colors started to mix. He didn’t know how he survived this but then again, this was a dream after all. Then she broke the sound barrier. Steve couldn’t hear anything, he lost himself in the cornucopia of colors, forms, shades, smells and the speed of his caretaker when she stopped instantly. Steve was breathing heavily, trying to recover himself. They were walking over a lake. She could also walk over water, just like Jesus! “W-wow, t-that was fast!” He was shocked, impressed by his powerful new friend.

“Hah, that was nothing Steve, for me that wasn’t even walking. It was like I wasn’t even moving at all, you should see me when I’m really trying! I guess we did at least 3 laps around the world though.” That blew Steve’s mind, with her as a friend, he would never have to fear going to sleep ever again!

They sat in a building next to the lake and started talking. Steve had his head in the dream girl’s lap and told her about all his problems: his lack of friends, his broken family, his lack of a proper childhood, the persisting wounds his nightmares left in his mind. She understood that those scars wouldn’t be easy to heal but she should try anyway. With the voice of an angel she whispered while caressing him. “I know it hurts but I will do everything in my power to make you happy, at least here in your dreams.” Surprisingly, she was a great listener, and only answered when it was the proper moment. Steve was truly happy with her at his side, he felt comforted and loved.

“I wish real life was like this dream, I will miss you when I wake up. Ummm… I think I haven’t asked you your name, s-sorry…” He said, feeling bad for not being polite with the only person that cared for him.

She smiled warmly and patted his head. “Don’t worry Steve, I don’t have a name, you didn’t give me one… yet!”

“Oh is that true? Can I give you a name? Well, I’ll find something beautiful for a princess like you!” He started to think while closing his eyes.

“Steve! You are making me blush, I’m no princess!” She giggled and waited for the little boy to think of a name.

After thinking a lot Steve finally found the perfect name for his guardian angel, one very dear to him. “Your name will be Serena, just like the girl I told you about. When I’m with you I feel as happy as I did when she was alive!” It was something important for the dream girl as she gasped and smiled, that little detail almost brought her to tears. After that she hugged her little boy, the one she would protect forever in his dreams. Now she was no dream girl anymore, she was Serena.

“It’s perfect, I love it, thank you…” Serena kissed Steve in the forehead. “I love you Steve,” she said in a motherly tone.

“And I love you too… Serena.”

But then the dream ended abruptly as the alarm clock woke him up. There was no Serena at his side, just his bedroom ceiling. He had returned to his sad and boring life, well at least this time he didn’t pee himself and defeated the nightmares, but he was already longing to meet Serena again. Her mother was surprised and happy to discover that he finally (cleaned up grammar some) had a normal night and asked Steve a lot about this but he said he didn’t know why.

Steve ate his breakfast, dressed himself and went to take the school bus. This was going to be another boring and stupid day in which no one would talk to him except bullies. His lunch would be stolen, his locker would be vandalized and the girls in class would probably laugh at him too. Joke’s on them, they wished they could be as pretty as Serena when they grew up.

The day passed without anything too important, he was humiliated one or two times in class but he was going to return to his home intact. However, someone stood in his way to the bus stop, not letting him pass. It was Earl, the worst bully in the entire school, two years Steve’s elder and much bigger. “Where ya goin’ Steve? Heard you was talkin’ shit ‘bout me all day” His grammar was as bad as his marks, he had it out for Steve, he didn’t know why but he hated his guts.

“I didn’t say anything about you, Earl. I don’t want any problems, leave me alone please.” Steve said, sounding almost depressed while trying to evade him. The bully blocked his path again.

“Uh-huh, you ain’t gettin’ out of this one, shitface!” He tried to push Steve, but somehow Steve avoided it. He couldn’t believe it himself, it was like something invisible pushed him out of the way. “Stand still so I can hit you!” The wrathful little monster tried to punch Steve again but no matter how fast he attacked, he could never reach his face, Steve was too fast and he himself didn’t even comprehend why.

Suddenly, in front of everyone, Earl had been served his comeuppance. Steve punched the bully in the face, he didn’t even know why or how he did it, but he did and the blow was so strong that Earl was sent flying into a pool of mud as everyone started laughing at him. “SHUT UP, YOU ARE DEAD, YOU HEAR ME STEVE? DEAD!” After that he ran out of there covering his eyes, as he was a coward and didn’t want people to see him cry.

Steve took the bus, wondering how he was able to do that even if he didn’t really want to punch Earl. Luckily he got out of it clean this time, which was relieving. “Mom, I’m home!” He said while entering his house, he retained the custom of saying hello to his mother from better times when she waited for him after school, but now he felt like an idiot when he unintentionally did that because his mother was not there, as she would be working until night. And just like that, he felt alone in his house again, a pitiful and solitary life with no friends at only 10 years old and the only saving grace was dreaming about Serena. He sighed and walked upstairs, then he smelled something. This smell, it was strawberry!

He started to run as far as he could and entered his room, where the smell was stronger and he… he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was her, illuminated by the sun, sitting in the window frame of his bedroom. There she was, in all of her glory, his dear Serena, smiling at him, dressed in a perfect white dress looking like a fairy; magical, beautiful with her sapphire eyes meeting his. “S-Serena, how? Y-you come from my dreams, y-you are not real…” He couldn’t believe this, Serena doing what she did in the dream was believable, but now she was real? This was too much to process, he fell to the floor and Serena helped him get up with her hand, covered in a white glove. He caressed her cheek to see if she was real. “B-but… i-is this a dream or what?”

Serena giggled, her laughter was like birds chirping. “No silly, I am here, it’s because of you, you wished so much for me to be real in your dream that I actually became real out of them.”

“T-That’s impossible, how could you…?” He still didn’t believe it, it was impossible, the stuff from the dreams is just that, but there she was, standing in front of him, as pretty as ever.

“I don’t know how…” she answered. “But now I am here with you, that’s the important thing. I even protected you from that horrible kid before, but I was invisible!”

“I see, that explains everything… so…” Serena read his mind easily.

“Yes, I have unlimited power in the real world too thanks to you.” Steve’s head was about to explode. That power? In the real world? It was crazy that they could do whatever they wanted with no limits.

“I observed your daily life. It’s true that you have it really hard, that’s why I’m asking you to come with me and leave the rest behind, these people don’t deserve you…” Just like that? It wasn’t that easy for him. That was madness. “If you come with me you will have someone who loves you like a mother, like a real mother. We will have fun together everyday with my powers. I just want to be with my baby boy, what do you say? We can be happy, as mother and son.” Even if it sounded like utter bollocks, the invitation was tempting.

Steve didn’t say anything for a time, pondering his options. On the one hand, he was really happy that Serena was real and wanted to be with her forever, as he loved her like a mother after just meeting her in a dream. It was a love much more powerful than what he felt for his real mother after his short ten year lifespan. On the other hand, it was all so sudden, although… he had to choose… “I will protect you, take care of you and provide you with the love you need. You don’t even have to age, just be my little boy for all eternity, we will be happy, I promise!” Steve knew she wasn’t joking.

After a moment, Steve decided, he quickly went to hug her new mother, Serena, the all-powerful princess from his dreams. He was her son now and knowing that fact made him cry with joy in her skirt, she cleaned his tears and took his hand, after that she stepped out of the window and flew out with her new son.

They hugged each other while flying. “I love you Steve.” She said after kissing him on the cheek, and what she said was true.

“I love you too, Mommy. I love you a lot!”

So there you have it guys, sometimes dreams do come true.

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