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S.W.R. – Be It Ever So Humble

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Special Weapons Research Base

“Convoy, halt! All mechfighters, suit up. Do not deploy until I give the word. Commander out.”

Behind the wheel of the Expedition’s lead vehicle, Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb transferred her foot from accelerator to brake, bringing the massive armored van to a stop. To her immediate right, Sergeant Amy DiCaprio shifted uneasily in her seat as she gazed through the windshield at the incongruous scene ahead. To her right, Commander (Special Weapons Research Base) Barbara Wallace pressed a button on the dash to cut the convoy-wide comm link that had broadcast her terse orders. She had ordered the long line of armored vehicles to halt with Zero Zero One just past the guard tower at the northwest corner of Special Weapons Research Base. Ahead, the uninvited guests formed an indistinct mass of armor and infantry along the base’s front wall and clustered at its main gate.

With her convoy-wide commands duly issued, the Commander restarted her grumpy mumbling.

“...was looking forward to a nice relaxing homecoming, a long hot bubble bath, and a big heap of Mr. Brody’s wonderful lasagna with a nice forty-year-old Chianti. Dammit!”

“Ma’am,” her busty staff sergeant bravely interrupted. “There doesn’t seem to be any actual attacking going on. They look more like they’re waiting to get into a concert!”

“Tell me what you see, sergeant. Give me the counts.”

After an impressively short pause, the sergeant responded. “I count forty-eight deployed infantry, ma’am. Most armed with rifles, at least two with chain guns. Up at the gate, I count twelve APCs and eight tanks. But they don’t seem hostile. In fact, the insignia on their uniforms looks familiar to me. Are they from...?”

“Palmdale Army Base,” replied the Commander, finishing her sergeant’s thought. “Still, for the moment, let’s play it safe. The lieutenant and I will proceed on foot to apprise the situation. Stay here and coordinate the convoy defenses, if needed. Are you up for it?”

The sergeant sat up straighter and nodded. “Yes, ma’am, I—”

That was all the Commander needed to hear. She was already opening her door and hopping out of Zero Zero One’s cab. “I am trusting you to not ‘hulk out’ again, or in any other manner transmogrify into something other than my dependable yet delightfully curvaceous staff sergeant. At least for the short time it will take us to deal with our unexpected company! Lieutenant, come with me.”

“Ma’am, I still don’t know what hap—”

“Not now, sergeant! We will discuss it later. Lieutenant, leave the two crystals here in the cab. I do not want them popping out of your leotard if the situation should become dynamic. And remind me to have a discussion with Mr. Brody about adding pockets to our outfits.”

Smiling, Wendy reached inside her leotard, under her left breast, and dug out the two sky-blue crystal shards she had tucked there. She reached across the cab and deposited them in the van’s glove box. “Pockets where?” she asked her Commander. “There’s barely room to pin a brooch! And I like it that way.”

The Commander shut the passenger door behind her as she dropped the three feet from her seat to the pavement. On the other side of the van, her lieutenant did likewise, casting a brief nervous glance at the sergeant before she departed. Then she turned her attention forward, eyeing the throng of soldiers with just a dash of hunger. She had been looking forward to enjoying (and showing off) her strength and invulnerability once again. But it looked like these guys were going to rain on her parade.

As she stood with her hand still on the van’s door handle, the Commander again beheld the tanks and armored carriers sitting on the road in clusters, with soldiers milling around them. She glanced over at the base’s perimeter wall and was pleased to see the defending mechfighters lined up on top of it, weapons trained on the crowd below. Her sergeant was correct: these strangers certainly did not appear to be making any effort to storm the gates. In fact, the whole lot of them seemed more like a bunch of heavily-armed marionettes with their strings cut. They just stood around chatting with each other and casting frequent glances up at the defenders on the wall.

“Palmdale,” the Commander muttered just loud enough for her lieutenant to hear. “I think I know what is going on. I just did not expect it to happen so soon. Come, lieutenant. Let’s go verify that I am correct as always. I think our reputations will put a damper on any lingering hostile intent.”

The red headed muscle goddess started to walk forward. Wendy moved to do likewise on her side of the van, then stopped. Her lips stretched into a wide grin. Her superior, whose attention was riveted on the mass of soldiers and heavy armor ahead, did not notice her lieutenant’s mighty leap straight up in the air.

In front of Zero Zero One, the Commander stood with her hands on her hips and glared at the milling soldiers. Noticing her now, they gazed back with a mixture of awe and nervousness, their weapons hanging loosely at their sides or in their hands. She turned her head to say something to her lieutenant, but frowned when she saw no one there. “Lieutenant, where the hell did— AGGGHHH!!!”

With a thunderous *CRACK* the raven-haired muscle goddess plummeted down from above, landing hard enough to dig a crater into the asphalt right in front of the Commander’s bare feet. Wendy planted her fists on her hips and puffed out her chest, making muscles bulge all over her amazing body.

unexpected company by lustmonster db0hqxy
Image courtesy of CylenX

The Commander goggled at this unexpected (OK, maybe NOT so unexpected) sight for just a second or so, then she slowly raised one hand and jabbed a finger at Wendy’s grinning face. “I said follow me, not— what in the wide world of sports was that???

“Superhero landing!” Wendy stage-whispered. “Impress them even more!”

Her superior just stood there, mouth hanging open, muscles quivering and finger quaking, flummoxed beyond words.

Not content to just stand there and wait for her muscly ass to get the chewing out it so richly deserved, Wendy pivoted on her feet to face the nearest soldiers, grinding herself down a little bit into the rubble. Fixing a dreamy smile on her face, she strutted toward a particularly cute specimen who brandished one of the huge chain guns.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiii,” the muscle goddess moaned, stretching the word out as if she were stretching helpless steel with her unstoppable fists. “Do you know who I am?” she cooed sweetly. She brushed one massive thigh against the end of the chain gun’s fearsome barrel, sliding its tip upward to press against her hip.

“Y-yes!” He stammered. “L-lieutenant DeKalb, adjutant to Commander Wallace of Spec—”

“Never mind her,” the muscle goddess said huskily as she slid the fingers of both hands around the huge gun barrel and brought the death-dealing apparatus upward against her heaving chest in a very affectionate hug. “We’re talking about me.”

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The air was suddenly filled with the howl of tortured metal as the huge chain gun started to bend and crush between the lieutenant’s mighty arms and her all-devouring pecs, with delicious titflesh squishing out of her skimpy leotard and all around the screaming alloy. Her lower lip disappeared behind her upper teeth as she moaned softly.

“I love your big gun,” Wendy moaned as she pulled more of it in between her boobs. The soldier just stood there, still clutching his end of the helpless weapon as he watched it being slowly squashed into horrible new shapes. Beside him his fellow soldiers gaped, their own rifles dangling toward the ground as they watched this muscle show with a heady mix of lust, awe, and fear. More than one of them managed to stain their pants.

The lieutenant pulled the entire gun upward between her boobs until the entire thing was over her head, scraping bits of it off along the way. The soldier wisely let go of it as she spun it around so that its mangled barrel pointed straight down. She slid one hand along the barrel to bend it back into a somewhat linear condition. Then she tilted her head back, opened her mouth wide, and slowly lowered the doomed death-dealing device. The end of its barrel squeezed between her lips and then howled in metallic terror as it was crushed into her all-devouring gullet. Arm muscles bulged as she shoved the thing inexorably down, more and more of its metal body crushing into her mouth and down her throat.

wendy eats chain gun by lustmonster db22wtr
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Someone in the crowd around her passed out. Deep moans erupted among those still standing.

Wendy’s fingers entered her mouth as the entire mass that once had been a weapon disappeared down her throat, crushed so hard that it was now a superheated liquid. Letting her hand fall to her side, she turned her head and let out a deep, satisfying burp.

Nervous laughter turned into cheers and applause. Wendy smiled and took a bow. Straightening up, she cast a backward glance over her shoulder. To her great disappointment, the Commander was no longer paying attention to the goings-on over here. Instead, she was conferring with a small group of officers that had assembled around her super muscle body, all of whom sported Palmdale insignia. “Excuse me,” the lieutenant said to her knot of new musclewoman fans. “I better go see what’s up over there!” Bounding lightly on the balls of her feet, she quickly took her place beside her superior.

“Lieutenant! Happy to see you could join us. I was afraid you were going to start an orgy of muscle-licking over there. That was a hell of a show with that chain gun, by the way.” The clustered group of officers chuckled, and Wendy just smiled dreamily at her Commander (and frequent lover). “So,” the lieutenant asked, “have we successfully conquered this invading army?”

“Not just conquered it, lieutenant, but swallowed it whole. Allow me to introduce Colonel Mark Prior, Major Frank Rice, Captain Maxwell Bolger, and Captain Peter Pelletier, formerly of Palmdale Army Base”. Hands were offered, hands were shaken.

“Um, ‘formerly’, Commander?” Wendy inquired.

“As of this moment, they are now under my command, as is Palmdale Base itself.”

Wendy’s eyebrows shot up like Spock’s. “Oh, my! How did?”

“I’ll fill you in on the details later. Suffice it to say that Palmdale Base suffered a nasty abbie attack a couple days ago. After beating it back with some unfortunate losses, my esteemed colleague, Commander Jack Fulbright, had the quaint notion of taking over Special Weapons while we were conveniently away. I fear that it was something brewing in his mind for a while, and his trouble with the abbies pushed him over the edge. Fortunately, the idea proved to be rather unpopular with the officers and men under his command. They staged a happy fun little mutiny right on our doorstep. So on top of everything else we have to attend to, we now have a new annex to our base, six hundred new men under our command, and a deposed and shackled base commander to deal with. Oh, I just can’t wait for the happy discussion I’ll be having with our President. Even more fun in the Fun Factory!”

Wendy grinned and glanced back at the soldiers she had been tormenting like a big cat playing with little mice. “So I can boss all those cuties around now?”

“All you want, lieutenant. Try not to break their poor crunchy bones, please. But do see to welcoming them to their lovely new home, and have Building Five opened up for their housing. I believe it is currently still unoccupied. Then put the men to work helping to unload the cocoons from our convoy. There are a lot of poor souls inside them awaiting rescue, and we could use all the extra manpower we can muster. After you get that all arranged, report to my office.”

“Yes, Commander!”

Wendy’s grin stretched even wider. If she had vampire fangs, they would be glistening now in the fading sunlight. She spun on her bare feet and flounced back to her new playthings.

“Sorry guys, but your men are doomed.” The Commander shrugged with her arms outstretched and palms upward, as if helpless to do anything about her unleashed kraken. The others in the group all laughed. The lieutenant’s playfulness was evidently well known to those within the neighboring military establishment.

Soon the main gate of Special Weapons Research Base swung open with a swiftness that belied its considerable mass. The Commander waved the lingering crowd of soldiers away from the opening so that the Expedition had a reasonably clear path inside.

The Commander tapped her earlobe with her finger, activating her tiny comm link. “Sergeant, lead the convoy inside to the parking structures, then assign someone to oversee the unloading of the cocoons. The lieutenant will be assigning most of the new men to help. Afterward, report to my office ASAP. Bring the two crystals with you.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

The lead vehicle of the Expedition began to move, and the great convoy, several kilometers long and laden with hundreds of cocoons to be opened and their comatose prisoners revived, slowly followed it in.

Special Weapons Research Base, Main Operations Building, top floor, fifteen minutes later

steel hallway 1 by lustmonster db0mckv
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As the Commander and her lieutenant entered one end of the long hallway that led to the former’s office, a cacophony of shrieks emitted from the opposite end. Wendy swung her muscular arms wide to receive a stampede of delicious playthings, who evidently had been missing her, despite being utterly eaten alive by their ravenous muscle goddess every chance she got.

The base’s supreme overlord folded her meaty arms under her big breasts and harrumphed like a prim schoolmarm, as her lieutenant disappeared under a dogpile of squealing toyflesh. Tits beneath tight shirts ground against Wendy’s beaming face as the lieutenant’s own tank-crusher arms hooked between their thighs and lifted them upward.

steel hallway 2 by lustmonster db0md5h
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Pivoting on her feet, Wendy carried her pets until their backs pressed against the nearest wall. Then she plunged her face into the blonde’s big tits and began to suck right through the poor helpless plaything’s tank top. The Commander sidled up behind for a closer look at the Wendy-worshippers’ warm welcome. There was an important question that needed answering here …

steel hallway 3 by lustmonster db0mcb7
Image courtesy of Plinius

“Ahem,” the Commander interjected after an interminable fifteen seconds, with just a touch of lust and jealousy. “We have work to do, lieutenant.”

After a few more seconds, Wendy pulled her face out of Leigh’s pillows. She had a piece of her plaything’s shirt caught between her teeth, and the busty blonde’s super-erect nipple poked out through a new several-inch-wide hole in her shirt. Grinning, she spat out the chunk of cloth.

“Report to my room at 2100,” Wendy huskily ordered her squeaky toys. They danced all around her, stole more kisses, then bounced away.

The Commander closed her eyes and sighed. Then, as Wendy sidled up beside her, she asked, “so, are they, or are they not?”

“Remember when I ate that chain gun in front of the soldiers? I just tried to do that to Leigh’s yummy boobie. But I couldn’t!”

“Well, hell. My merry band of fragile squishies is getting decidedly less squishy by the day. More mystery spice to stir into the soup! You realize, lieutenant, that your girls are going to have to undergo some tests, as soon as I can find time to set it up.”

“If they’re anything like me, they’ll enjoy it a lot!”

“Uh huh. Come on, lieutenant, let’s get settled in my office. I have a lot of meetings ahead of me this evening, starting with you and our dear sergeant. She should be along shortly, if she hasn’t already beaten us there.”

Amy DiCaprio was indeed already there, wearing fresh crisp fatigues and looking every bit the Commander’s snappy staff sergeant, with no evidence that she had earlier that day “hulked out” and threatened super muscular harm on some innocent outbuildings. The blonde beauty stood ramrod straight, big tits straining her top, as the Commander took her seat behind the big desk.

“At ease, sergeant. You know I don’t stand on ceremony, especially in private with my two favorite chew toys around.”

The sergeant smiled as she relaxed, and reached a hand into a pocket and brought out the two blue crystals Wendy had left in Zero Zero One’s glove box. She placed them on the desk in front of the Commander. Looking very serious now, the seated redhead picked one up, then the other. She held them out, one in each palm, toward her subordinates. “You keep them, both of you. Frankly, I suspect they are nothing more than shiny baubles. Symbols born of whatever process made us what we are, but nothing more. Nonetheless, stash them someplace safe, where no one is likely to stumble upon them. At some point, I would like to have some tests conducted on them, but we have much more pressing matters to deal with first.”

Wendy and Amy quietly retook possession of their respective crystals.

“Ma’am,” the sergeant began. “I still don’t remember what happened. Did I really have big honking muscles like you two?”

“Oh, you should have seen yourself,” Wendy said with a throaty moan. “So hot! Your muscles were bulging all over your body like this ...”

triogirl by lustmonster db1g2us
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Wendy silently acted out a slow-motion replay of Amy’s transformation, posing as she pumped massive muscles all over her sexy body. Amy simply gaped at the spectacle, fighting the urge to pile onto her lieutenant the way Carol and Leigh had a moment ago (which the sergeant had surreptitiously witnessed by means of the Commander’s security monitor).

“I think she gets the idea,” the Commander said after silently enjoying the show herself for a few more seconds.

“But it’s gone now, ma’am, and I’m not strong anymore! Still can’t get hurt, though, as far as I can tell. Do you think it will come back?”

The Commander waved to some chairs in the room. “Each of you, pull up a chair. Let’s have a little chat.”

Once the blonde and the raven-haired were settled and comfy, the Commander got started.

“First off, sergeant, your crystal. How did you come by it?”

Amy fidgeted. “Um, it was rather strange, ma’am. It was the second to last night we were out on the Expedition. Just after midnight, I think. I couldn’t sleep at all. In fact, I haven’t slept since!”

“Check another box in the ‘super’ column,” the Commander muttered.

Amy smiled. “Yeah, I know you two never sleep at all. More time to make new craters together! I can’t wait to help you with that.”

“Good thing we have such a big planet to play with,” Wendy said happily.

“Go on, sergeant.”

“Well, I snuck out for a midnight walk. Right out into the desert. I was feeling, well, weird. Really wired. Like I had just drunk gallons of coffee or something. And I was also, um, seeing things. Weird stuff on the edges of my vision.”

“Glowy spots?” Wendy asked.

“Yes! And something else, very dim. Like a great big rocky wall behind everything.”

The Commander nodded, her mouth set in a grim line. “Go on.”

“Well, this is where it gets really weird. I think I passed out or something. Next thing I remember, I was lying on the ground, with my clothes completely destroyed and the ground a big mess. A little crater of my own, ma’am.”

“So you hulked out”.

“I guess so. I didn’t think of that then, though. Just thought I had some sort of spasm or something. Anyway, my right hand was clenched really hard, and it seemed to take many minutes for it to relax enough that I could open it. When it did, I found the crystal right there, on my palm.”

“And you did not think this important enough to report?”

Amy looked sheepishly down at her lap, biting her lip.

“I didn’t know what to make of it,” she said finally. “I made my way back to my quarters and just lay on my bed. I was feeling all dazed. Really out of it. When morning came, things got real busy and I just shoved it out of my head. Grabbed new fatigues and got to work.”

“And you made the crystal into a necklace.”

“I didn’t think the crystal was anything important! Just a chunk of glass. Something I clawed out of the ground while I was spazzing out. I thought it was kind of pretty, though. So I found some chain and made a pendant.”

The Commander slowly blew her breath out between pursed lips.

“I’m in a bind, sergeant. You have transformed into a mindless muscle beast twice now. In that form, you are presently a danger to others. For now, I want you to stick by me or my lieutenant at all times, so at least one of us is present to restrain your hulked-out self if necessary. Look at me, sergeant.”

Amy looked up from her own lap. A tear was forming under one eye.

“Oh, there’s no need for that! I’m only a little pissed off at you. Please do not keep any more such secrets from me, however. We are living in a strange world now, that is getting stranger every day. Even the little things are significant.”

The sergeant nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Why do you always call me ‘ma’am’, anyway? It makes me feel old!

“Sorry, ma’am.” But Amy was grinning now.

“We can start calling her ‘Superbitch’,” Wendy said to Amy, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the barely suppressed giggles.

“No, I’m the ‘Destructress’, remember?” The Commander flexed a giant bicep, momentarily silencing the other two ladies in the room and threatening to drown them in their own drool.

“That was going to be my name,” Wendy pouted. “I destroyed way more of the old base than you did!”

“You had a considerable head start,” the redheaded muscle goddess responded. “Speaking of destroying bases: now that Palmdale is merging with us, I plan to move them all over here. So there will be another decommissioning opportunity soo OH HELL NO …”

wendy is ecstatic by lustmonster db1m2e1
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Both the Commander and her sergeant dug their fingers firmly into their ears as the lieutenant erupted like a whistling teapot and danced around the room on her tippy toes. It was a wonder that she didn’t start a fresh decommissioning process right there in the Commander’s own office.

“Sergeant, I order you to find a gallon of peanut brittle and a rocket. Feed my lieutenant the peanut brittle, and after she has gone into a peanut brittle coma, put her in the rocket and blast her into space. Just like Tony Stark did to the Hulk.”

“He did?”

“Yes. Didn’t I ever show you that one?”

“No, ma’am. Remember? I got bored of your silly comics, so you threw me on the couch and ate me alive until I passed out.”

“Oh yeah. I should have put you on the rocket then. Why can’t I find someone sexy who likes to read comics with me? At least my lieutenant enjoys all the scenes of destruction.”

“HAHAHAHA!!! SMASH RIP TEAR CRUSH DESTROY!!!” Wendy yelled as she continued to bounce around the room on her invisible pogo stick.

“Don’t you think that might be a bad influence, ma’am?” the sergeant asked with a smirk.

“You think?” The two women laughed together.

After watching her second-in-command bounce around for a few more seconds, the Commander decided enough was enough.


Wendy stopped her portrayal of an engine piston and just stood there with a big grin still seared across her face and her hands clasped together tightly.

“I can see you’re going to be pretty useless to me right now. Why don’t you go down to your playground and see if the lab geeks have taken possession of your prize abbie head yet? I want you to show them exactly where that beam came out of its head, so they can dig out whatever made it and study the hell out of it.”

“Yes, Commander! WEEEEEEEEE …!!!”

As Wendy skipped out of the Commander’s office like a girl on her way to Pony Mart, the Commander stabbed a button on her console. “Corporal Cho? Escort our new officers from Palmdale to my office. It’s time to sort things out on that front. Is Fulbright in confinement?”

“The least comfortable cell we could find, Commander!”

“Thank you, Corporal. See you shortly.”

A minute later, across the Main Building, Wendy was tapping her feet impatiently as she rode the elevator down to the base’s lowest level.

“Come on, go faster, go faster …”

wendy walks down hall by lustmonster db22wux
Image courtesy of Megadevianttron

The lieutenant was damn tempted to smash through the elevator car’s floor and drop down the shaft herself. Finally, the elevator saved itself by arriving and retracting its door from the muscle goddess’s path. Wendy stepped into the long steel-lined corridor and flounced toward the huge door at the far end. She stabbed her fingers into the thick wall along the way and pleasured herself with the wonderful screech of helpless metal as her fingertips tore long, deep gouges in it.

Wendy reached the end of the corridor, ignored the palm plate next to the massive door, and slammed her fists into either side of it, burying her fingers in the thick steel all the way to her wrists. Curling her fingers within the super hard alloy, she gripped the edges of the door and gave the whole mass a mighty yank. With a wonderful cacophony of screeches and bangs, the door blasted out of its frame. Wendy delighted in squeezing the door like an accordion (her favorite way of disposing of a silly door), then tossed it into the hall behind her.

Wendy stepped through the mangled frame and entered: the CHAMBER OF HER CERTAIN DOOM.



Or: whatever the resident techs were calling the place this evening after their last round of beers.

The vast underground laboratory was under the lieutenant’s command, and it served as the base’s main testing ground for various new weapon and immobilizer technologies. The techies were under standing orders to attack the lieutenant with whatever they had on hand whenever she entered the chamber alone through that particular entrance. The entrance that typically needed to be replaced afterward.

The already quite horny lieutenant ambled further into the chamber, then planted her hands on her hips.

“BRING IT!!!” she yelled.

It was quickly brought. Something ignited in the dimness at the far end of the vast chamber. Several fireballs appeared and grew rapidly. Wendy lifted her arms in a bicep-blasting pose. She flared her lats and bulged her thighs, making her body a bigger target.

fun with rockets by lustmonster db0mbb8
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The pair of rocket-propelled grenades arrived in an instant and impacted against the lieutenant’s chest and abdomen. Each one exploded with enough force to rip the turret off the heaviest of battle tanks.

fun with rockets 2 by lustmonster db0mb5j
Image courtesy of Jetichor

Wendy stood her ground, tapping into the anchoring force that she barely understood but wielded effortlessly as she bellowed her defiance and total superiority at these insignificant devices. She blasted her muscles outward in pose after sexy pose and screamed for more.

Two more RPGs raced inbound. The unstoppable superwoman weaved on her feet and grabbed the rockets right out of the air, then slammed them together over her head with a delightful explosion.

fun with rockets 3 by lustmonster db15pvn
Image courtesy of Jetichor


She crouched down in a most-muscular pose, blasting every delicious sinew outward.

“Come on! More! MORE! MO- Uh ...”

Wendy whirled around at the scraping sounds that suddenly emitted from behind.

abbie fight 1 by lustmonster db0mage
Image courtesy of Plinius

The explosions from the rockets had carved several craters in the cavern wall behind her. One of them seemed to have suddenly sprouted appendages from its center that whipped all about, tearing more gouges in the wall. Giant talons quickly joined them, and the scrabbling mass widened the hole to expose a madly screeching abbie.

The howling creature propelled itself through the newly formed hole and onto the very surprised lieutenant. Talons tried to stab right through her flesh as tentacles whipped around her, trying to bash her into a pulp. Beyond, she could see a second abbie scrambling through the hole.

abbie fight 2 by lustmonster db0maid abbie fight 3 by lustmonster db0majw abbie fight 4 by lustmonster db0mb15
All images courtesy of Plinius

In a couple of seconds, the second abbie was upon her as well. Tentacles wrapped and squeezed. Huge pointy things jabbed and prodded with sufficient force to skewer tank armor. Mandibles attempted to bite her sexy body in half and/or chomp succulent thigh or breast meat. More abbies spilled out of the hole to join the Wendy-eating festival.


Wendy flung her arms wide and propelled the entire mass away from her hard enough to slam most of them against nearby walls.

Several of the abbies hit the wall so hard they simply slumped on the ground. The remainder charged Wendy again, and she spent an enjoyable minute ripping them to pieces. Then, for good measure, she also ripped apart the ones that hadn’t charged.

The comm unit in her ear chirped, and the lieutenant tapped her earlobe. “Commander, you’re not going to believe ...”

“The lab just informed me, lieutenant. My little group and I enjoyed the live entertainment on the security cam. It appears that Palmdale is not the only base in the vicinity with an abbie infestation. Proceed into that tunnel and see where it leads. A squad of mechs is on its way to secure the breach. Report what you find ASAP. Commander out.”

Wendy kicked her way through a pile of abbie parts and stepped through the hole into the tunnel. It was surprisingly large, and she could easily stand and even raise her arms over her head. She had a choice of directions to go, so she proceeded to the right, which seemed to be sloping slightly upward.

As the hole receded behind her, the tunnel quickly became dark. Wendy discovered, however, that despite any evident source of light, she could still see, at least dimly. Pinpoints of light reappeared at the edges of her vision, indicating that she was again tapping into some sort of external power.

Night vision? Sweet!

The tunnel suddenly filled with a mad keening and the sounds of talons and tentacles scraping against rock. A fresh stream of abbies burst upon her like water out of a firehose. Wendy plowed through the stream, ripping the creatures apart as if they were impacting the blades of a giant fan. The complex scents of abbie blood and guts mixed with the dank odor of rock-lined tunnel wall, nearly overwhelming her sense of smell.

battle in the tunnel 1 by lustmonster db0m9ml
Image courtesy of Plinius

The lieutenant was having the time of her life. She could do this all night! Rip shred tear crunch smash …

Suddenly, in the middle of a particularly intense battle with a tight tangle of abbies, everything went dark. Wendy felt her throat constrict as uncharacteristic discomfort settled in. Dammit! What the—

In the sudden darkness, she punched and kicked madly, plowing fists, elbows, and knees through shrieking abbies that she couldn’t see, blasting huge chunks out of the tunnel walls as well. She tried to pause and concentrate on reestablishing her power tap, to get the night vision back. But she did not know for sure how to do it. Anchoring herself physically: she had that down cold. This new see-in-the-dark ability seemed to be something else entirely. Something that slipped through her mental fingers like wet spaghetti.

More abbies plowed into her, and the wild punching and kicking resumed. Wendy shrieked with growing frustration and unease, her voice drowned out by the wailing of the attacking abbies. This was no longer fun. The darkness and the cramped quarters combined to fuel an increased sense of panic. Her breathing became fast and shallow. The tide of mutant creatures ebbed, and she paused and reached her hands out to the nearest wall to steady herself.

Get a grip, girl, come ON!

The “lights” came back on. The pinpoints at the edge of her vision snapped back into place, and the lieutenant felt a wave of blessed relief. She shoved herself away from the wall, shook the lingering tenseness from her arms and legs, and stood tall in the middle of the tunnel.

Yet another wave of the wailing monstrosities appeared. The lieutenant speared through them, knocking them aside with greater efficiency than before. The abbies kept coming and coming …

Wait a minute. What the hell???

She was still fighting her way through something, but it was no longer abbies. Her fists smashed through solid stone, blasting it into smaller chunks that impacted the tunnel walls and tore gouges out of it, making little rockfalls behind her. But the stone was moving!

battle in the tunnel 2 by lustmonster db0m9p3
Image courtesy of Plinius

More of the things stomped into view, their gigantic fists raised in the air. Each of the creatures must have weighed several tons. They were vaguely humanoid in appearance, running on legs as thick as tree trunks. Viewed against the tunnel walls they were nearly invisible, so similar to their background in color and pattern. It was as if they had been crafted from the very walls they were now speeding between as they smashed their huge fists against Wendy’s chest, abdomen, and thighs.

Night vision, don’t fail me now …

The lieutenant blasted her way through this strange new wave of attackers. They were a lot tougher than the abbies, actually putting up noticeable resistance to her incredible strength. She could actually feel her fists slow slightly as they rammed through the beasts’ stone flesh. This served only to increase the pleasure of the battle. Wendy grinned wickedly as she pounded creature after creature into pebbles.

Suddenly the tunnel widened, and Wendy found herself entering a large underground chamber. Many more of the stone creatures were here, as well as the carcasses of abbies who had fallen in evident battle. The lieutenant’s jaw dropped as she took in an amazing sight: the creatures really were forming themselves from the walls, stepping out of depressions that matched their own shapes.

“What the hell?” she said out loud.

“THIS HELL WILL BE YOURS!!!” a voice boomed in response.

Wendy’s head whipped around as she tried to locate the source. Then a tight group of the stone creatures parted, and a figure came into view between them.

She was a vision of earthly beauty, clad in some sort of skimpy leather outfit with thigh-high boots and a thong and vest that hid little. Tall, lithe, yet quite muscular, she stood tall and proud, with dark brown hair cascading straight down past her waist.

The woman shot a hand outward to one side, and there came a loud *CRACK* as a huge boulder shot out of a new depression in the wall and sailed across the chamber to settle on her waiting palm.

“YOU DESTROYED MY CHILDREN!!!” she screamed as she effortlessly hurled the boulder at Wendy, who just stood her ground and let it shatter against her chest.

“Um...” the lieutenant managed to say. Her mind was still spinning, taking this all in. She tapped her finger against her earlobe, activating her comm link. Instead of the usual chirp of a successful connection, however, it simply buzzed. Apparently, it could not establish a connection in here. The lieutenant was on her own.

“Who are …?” she started to ask, genuinely curious.

“YOU MUST DIE!!!” the woman screamed. She slowly raised a finger and pointed it directly at Wendy’s beating heart.

battle in the cavern by lustmonster db0ma66
Image courtesy of Plinius

All around the stranger, the sea of stone golems gathered and faced the lieutenant, even as more emerged from the walls all around the cavern. The place filled with the rumbling of massive rock feet on hard ground. Giant fists of rock slammed together in front of swelling rock chests.

Then, like one vast fist of stone snapping shut around the wide-eyed lieutenant, they charged.

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