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Fems Gym: The Recruit

Written by Apollo :: [Thursday, 20 April 2017 11:33] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 23 April 2017 13:43]

Editor's Note: This is a sample of Apollo's writing. If you're interested to see more, please contact him.


Hey sweetie! I miss you! I can't believe that it's already been 22 months already! Seven more weeks, and your deployment will be over! I can't wait to see you! I've got an appointment for my annual physical today, wish me luck!




Hey. The physical went okay today. I'm not dying or anything, but I almost passed out when she weighed me. Of course, I'm not telling you how much it said, but IT WAS TOO DAMN MUCH! As far as you, or anyone else is concerned, I WEIGH 109lbs., PERFECT FOR MY 5'2" BODY!!!

But, the good news is, while I was driving home, I passed a new gym. They're in the space where Colonel's Pizza used to be. The name is Fems Gym. I pulled in, and met the owner, Charlie. We talked for a bit and I told her that I wanted to lose some weight. She told me that she'd give me a free trial complete with personal training! I can't wait to start!




Six weeks left! I can't wait to see you! Oh, the gym is going well! Charlie has really given me a lot of good tips and I feel really good. I'm even sleeping better! She told me that she's going to turn up the workouts a bit next week. I just hope she doesn't try to kill me! You know my push-up limit is 4 maybe 5. Anything more than that, and I'm gonna need a nap, LOL!

Maybe we can workout together when you get home. Charlie is just starting her gym, maybe she can get you the free trial, too!

Love ya lots,



Only five more to go! I really really can't wait to see you. It seems the closer we get to you coming home, the more 'excited' I've been getting. I'm sleeping like a log, but it's like I can't stop dreaming about you and me – you know – doing things. You know, I'm always paranoid that the government is reading your e-mails through the Army servers, so I won't get any more graphic than that. But, let's just say that one of last night's dreams had me ready to fly 4000 miles, track you down and have my way with you!

The other dream I had was about the gym. Weird, right? I know! Charlie and I worked out 3 times this week! We used up my free trial, but when she found out that I was an Army Wife, she told me that she'd keep my membership FREE and, more than that, she's going to keep on giving me my personal training sessions for FREE, too!!! She even floated the idea of me working there part-time. I'm not sure about that part. I don't know if my body is in the type of shape that would look good enough to work there. I mean, Charlie is ripped (is that how you say it?)! She's got those ab things in her stomach, I can see them through her spandex top. They're even bigger than yours! She told me that with a little work, I could look even better than her. But, who would want that? I mean, I weigh 109lbs, I don't want to look like a man or something (not saying Charlie looks like a man, but still)! I like being the Big Strong Army Man's Wittle Wifey!

Well, I need to get some sleep. Charlie says she's got something new for me to try tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Love you …


PS: Oh I asked her about getting a free trial for you, she told me the Gym is Women's Only. Don't worry, I'll still 'work out' with you, whenever you want.


Hey sweetie! How's it going!?!? I can't wait to see you. I can't stop thinking about you, dreaming about you. All the other wives keep complaining to me that all I seem to talk about is you and the gym. Yeah, the gym. I've developed a real routine with Charlie. I was there 4 times this past week since I last e-mailed you, and twice on Sunday. She started me on a new endurance plan. She even has started me on a Power Shake she said would help me. Boy it did, and it's AMAZING! First of all, it tastes like strawberries and a little bit of Margarita with the salt. I don't know what's in it, but damn! I chug it down, and I can't wait to start running on the treadmill or the exercise bike! The first day I drank it, an hour just flew by! That was four sessions ago. I think the machines were messing up, but she told me that I biked 15 miles last night! Whew! I slept like a baby last night. But, I think I overdid it. I woke up with my entire body in pain, cramps and soreness. So I called Charlie. She came over and gave me a Sports Massage or something. She rubbed me down with some lotion or something, and it made my entire body tingle. Even the parts that I save for you. So, needless to say, after she left, I spent the next 90 minutes in the bed, relieving another form of "tension". Oh, and Charlie weighed me, and told me that I'm down to 104 lbs! Not bad for 3 weeks. I'd send you a pic, but Charlie asked me NOT to take any pics or even look in a mirror more than a headshot, until you got home. She wanted both of us to be surprised with my "gains".

Well, all this thinking of you, is making me horny again. Plus, I might just drop by the Gym again tonight. I might need to work out some more aggression. Charlie's unpacking and staging her the weights section of the Gym tonight. I'm sure she could use my help, at least I can help her move the lighter weights around.




What's up! Let me tell you what happened after I sent your weekly e-mail. Well, I told you that I was gonna stop by the Gym and see Charlie, you know, help her unpack the weights. Well, I did, but the weirdest thing happened. I went to pick up one of the weights, and it feel GOOD. Then, I curled it, and it felt REALLY REALLY GOOD. Like, you know, when I'm with you, and we're having sex and you hit that spot kind of good. It scared me! I didn't tell Charlie, I just did my best to ignore it and helped her move in her weight equipment. But, when I thought Charlie wasn't looking, I was curling, and it was really doing something to me. Then, Charlie must've seen me out of the corner of her eye, because she came over and helped me with my form. So, there I was curling, and every time I curled one arm, it was like the other one was begging to curl! I don't know how many I did before I got exhausted! But, then Charlie made me a shake and I felt a million times better, and then we went and worked out! This one had the usual tastes in it, plus banana! YUM! My workout was a blur as it flew by. All I know is that I'm scared I'm gaining weight. My appetite is ravenous! Hell, I've got some mac and cheese heating up in the microwave right now! Charlie told me that I'm not gaining fat or anything, but from all the biking and running, my metabolism is burning the calories faster than I was feeding, so she told me to just go nuts on my eating! So here I am. Hungry, and horny, and ready to go work out!

As a matter of fact. Let me go. I want some more of those shakes Charlie's been cooking up for me! Love ya lots!


Hey, sweetie.

I think I'm catching a cold or something. I started sneezing and coughing a bit last night, driving home from the gym. Charlie told me not to take much cold medicine and, instead, she still wants me to work out and sweat it out. So, she got me to get to the gym at 6AM (crazy, I know right!?!). We got there, I took my shakes, and the time flew by! We didn't leave until 8 tonight! I'm exhausted! I did feel better right after. But, as I type this, I'm feeling that tickle in my throat again. I don't think I have it in me to write much tonight. I'll e-mail again soon. Can't wait to see you in 17 DAYS.



Ugh! I feel like death! I've been achy, and feverish for four days now! Charlie was trying to get me to sweat it out, but I told her I couldn't. She finally gave up, but instead she'd been coming over to try to nurse me back to health. I really appreciate everything she's been doing for me. She's been coming over early, and staying with me through it all. I've been doing a lot of pooping and sleeping, but she's hasn't left my side.

I'm a little worried that my being sick is going to ruin all my hard work. I just feel so weak, and sore all over. I'm so worried about it, that I've been dreaming even more about being in the gym working out. I know, weird, right?

I really can't wait for you to get home to take care of me. A little Love From Luke is probably just what I need!

Love you



I'm feeling better, after a week of bedrest, but something weird is going on. I think I'm having the weirdest dreams, or something. You know how I told you that that whole time I've sick, I've been dreaming that I was in the gym, working out? It felt so REAL! Then, yesterday, in my dream, I accidentally dropped a weight on my foot. Well, I looked at my foot this morning, and now there's a huge bruise on my foot where I dropped the weight in my dream! I don't know what the hell is going on. I'm scared. I've been avoiding Charlie's calls all day, and when she dropped by the apartment, I pretended to not be home. I don't know what's going on. I need you here!


Sergeant Luke Michaels sat on the transport, worried about his wife. He'd planned to come back a week earlier than he told Ariel to surprise her, but with these last few e-mails, he thanked his stars that he was able to get back early. Luke couldn't help but be dangerously worried about her. "What's going on with this woman, Charlie, and this gym?", he pondered silently. He quickly signed his leave paperwork and had his Pre-Leave Interview the moment his transport landed. He hopped in his buddy Mason's car and rode back to his apartment as the sun set off the nearby coast.

As they pulled up to Luke and Ariel's apartment, he looked at window of their third story apartment. "Good. She's here.", Luke spoke as he saw the lights on in the apartment.

He jogged up the stairs to his front door. He was met by Ariel. "Hey, baby! Surprise!" Luke said with feigned excitement.

Ariel just stared through him. "I have to go. I have to go workout.", Ariel spoke in a monotone voice, as she tried to sidestep past him.

Luke stepped back in front of her, not letting her pass. "No. A, tell me what's going on!? I got your last few e-mails. What's the deal with this gym? How are you feeling???" he asked as he grabbed Ariel by the shoulders, shaking her a bit.

Ariel finally looked up to him, and began to clear what seemed like a fog from her mind. Ariel then began to speak, "L-Luke? I d-don't know. It's been really weird. It's like I'm not in control of my body. It-it's all I can think about, and it's like my body won't let me STOP … it's the gym, Luke! It's … it's …"

Luke watched at the fog washed over his wife's face, her monotone voice returning. "No. I must go." Ariel once again responded in a dull, almost robotic voice, as she tried to step around Luke again, only to be further blocked by him.

"No, Ariel! What the hell is going on??? This isn't like you. Tell me everyth—" Luke's words were cut short as Ariel exploded in a series of strikes against Luke's chest, face and throat, before monkey-flipping him into the apartment. Amazed and confused, Luke watched, with blurred vision, Ariel leave, just before he passed out.


"What the hell happened to you?", Mason ran into the apartment asking Luke as he stirred back into consciousness. "I saw what looked like Ariel running out of here like a world class sprinter. When she didn't come back, and you didn't come out after her, I got worried."

Luke struggled to regain his bearings, as he made it to his feet. "We … we have to go after her. Something's wrong with her.", Luke spoke, shaking the cobwebs from his head. "Where's that new gym that opened up?"

"I don't know dude.", Luke's friend replied.

"Wait. Here's a card. It says '514 Valkyrie Coast Drive'."

"Great. Let's go. That's where Ariel is headed!" Luke started to make his way back out of the apartment.

"Wait a sec." Mason stopped. "That's a 45 minute drive from here. I didn't see Ariel get in a car. You mean to tell me she's RUNNING there?"

Luke paused, "I think so. They've done something to her. I need to save my wife!"


Mason and Luke barreled down the road to try to catch Ariel as she trekked to the Gym. They made it in just over 35 minutes. Luke slowly crept into the unlocked front door of the gym. Among the rows of exercise machines, he followed the sound of a single exercise bike, cautious to make as little noise as possible. He slowly made his way into in a room marked ‘Weight Training’. There he saw Ariel, pumping away on what looked like a Demonic Incline Step Machine, but she was hooked up to another nearby machine, wire and nodes sticking out from the spandex top she was wearing. Still, she had that far away look in her eyes.

"Ariel! Ariel!" Luke yelled as quietly as he could at her as he crept closer, looking around to ensure the coast was clear. Ariel just kept pumping on the machine, her face and top drenched in sweat. It wasn't until Luke reached out and touched her hand that she looked into his direction, and once again, the fog became lifted.

"Lu-Luke? Help me! I can't stop!", Ariel whimpered out. She was right, even though she was giving Luke her attention, her body kept on working out.

"Come on! I need to get you out of here!" Luke pleaded with his wife.

"I told you … I CAN'T! It's like I'm not even in control! I can't get my body to stop! HELP ME!" Ariel begged.

Luke tried to pull Ariel's hand away, with no success. He walked behind her, and tried to pull her away by her waist. Still, Ariel's body wouldn't release it's grip. She was right, her body was no longer hers.

"DO SOMETHING! I'M REALLY SCARED!!!", Ariel pleaded with her would-be savior.

"Maybe if we unplugged you from this machine. Maybe that would give you back control of your body.", Luke lamented aloud. His concentration was quickly cut short by the sound of clicking metal.

"Now, now. We're almost complete with our prep …" Charlie's voice cut in as she appeared behind the would-be escapees. "Ariel's going to be my first surviving recruit, and we're just about to get to the best part. We can't have to you interfering."

Luke looked over at the direction of the clicking metal sound, to find himself handcuffed to a nearby piece of equipment.

"But, you're more than welcome to watch, Luke.", Charlie retorted with a smirk of satisfaction.

Luke pulled at his restraint. The metal was too sturdy to break, and the equipment was too heavy to move. He was stuck. Just then the machine beeped, and Charlie began to disconnect the wires from Ariel. "Come with me Ariel. We've got quite a lot to show your hubby …"

And with that, Ariel climbed off the machine and followed Charlie to a nearby table, tears welling in her eyes, as she was unable to anything but comply with Charlie's orders.

Cuffed to the equipment, all Luke could do was reach out in vain as Ariel and Charlie made their way to a nearby massage table. "What have you DONE! Leave her alone!", Luke yelled in vain.

"Well, Sgt. Michaels.", Charlie responded while obviously prepping something out of Luke's view. "It was very romantic, your plan to come home early. Ariel and I were hoping to have our surprise all set for you. Oh well, I guess you just get to watch the surprise unfold, instead of seeing the afterwards part. Ariel please sit here on the table."

Ariel trembled slightly, as she fought against her muscles as her body made it's way over to the massage table, next to Charlie.

"You see, all these weeks, we've been building up to this moment.", Charlie spoke as she turned to Luke, with a large syringe in hand. "You see, I'm more than just some gym owner. I'm a scientist and businessperson. For years, I've been working on new supplements and hormones to improve people, specifically women. I've had many breakthroughs, but also, thanks in large part to my impatience, a lot of setbacks. Far too often, I've rushed the process, and my 'subjects' never quite survived the process. But, recently, I've been working with some new financial backers who have been searching for the same things I have. They didn't have much in terms of research and data, but it turns out, they had exactly the pieces that I think I've been missing. So, they set me up here, and gave me plenty of time to work it through."

Charlie plucked the air out of the syringe's contents. "Now, Ariel. This is my masterpiece. It's chocked full of hormones, DNA replicants and a few other things. It's going to make you a Genetic Marvel. Bigger, stronger, it'll make you a MASTERPIECE!"

Charlie reached out and injected half of the syringe into Ariel's left wrist, and soon injected the other half into her right. "Now, Ariel, I want you to open and close your fists tightly, get the serum pumping through your system.” Ariel's body did as instructed.

"DAMN IT! I wont be your MONSTER! I have a LIFE, a HUSBAND! I don't want to be some manish FREAK!", Ariel spat at Charlie with venom in her voice.

"Oh, well Ariel. I understand how you'd feel that way.", Charlie spoke in response while turning back to her medical tray. "That's what this second shot is for. A couple of my other 'recruits' actually survived most of the physical improvements, but mentally and emotionally, they just couldn't handle the strain." Charlie walked around the table and pulled up her top, exposing her spine. "I do want to apologize for some of the bad parts of the past few weeks. I had to boost your stamina and endurance, to make sure your heart didn't explode in a few moments. So, I gave you some small doses of my older Enhancers in those shakes. Plus, I had to lower your immune system so that when your body wouldn't resist when I needed it to crave the growth and exercise. So, I do apologize for you getting sick, but it made your body so much easier to train, while you thought you were asleep."

"You bitch! You'd better hope this kills me, otherwise I'll kill you first!" Ariel growled as her veins in her wrists and neck became taut and raised from her skin, her breathing becoming more intense.

"Ahhh, yes. The aggressive demeanor. Let me give you this last shot. It'll help take the edge off, and keep you from becoming a raving, murderous, maniac.", Charlie spoke calmy as she injected the second dosage into Ariel's spine. "There we go … this will help keep your head on straight, and still let you keep parts of your 'girlish figure'. Now, Ariel, please start the weight lifting routine I showed you."

Ariel hopped off the table and made her way to a nearby computerized weight bench, seething with a volcanic anger that she'd never felt burn within her. Charlie followed with her tablet and inputted a starting Leg Press weight of 150 lbs. "Let's start you off small, Ariel. Now start lifting!", Charlie commanded. Ariel's body complied.

At first, Ariel first struggled with the elementary weight, but quickly she was lifting it with ease. "Good!", Charlie commented. "Keep going, but now at 200!". Charlie tapped the tablet and almost immediately Ariel winced as she felt the weight increase but, soon enough, her body seemed to adjust and 200 lbs seemed like nothing. Ariel looked down at her quads. There was newfound definition there. Lines of definition that were undiscovered until now, making their presence known.

"350!", boomed Charlie, sounding like a mad scientist. Again, Ariel winced at the weight increase, but her body fought on. Ariel could feel the fire within her, pressing on as well. Ariel could feel herself tapping into the seething aggression in her to drive the weight pad higher, and she started to like it.

She gritted down on her teeth as she heard Charlie's voice yell, "500!". She could feel the increase, and her body's reaction in time. Spittle flew from her mouth as she dug in, becoming in-tune with her body as her muscles surged in size and strength. Her quads now triple the size of them in her memory, the muscles defined like granite. She growled quietly as she pressed on, her thighs ripping as the seams on their cotton confines. Five hundred pounds went from a fantasy to child's play in a matter of 15 minutes. Instinctively, Ariel began to point her toes at the peak of her reps, forcing her calves to respond to her commands to grow. They ballooned outward into rock-hard giant protrusions from the backs of her shins.

Charlie looked on, proud of her work as she kept the weight increasing. Ariel keep taking it in, and growing in kind. "Okay, that's enough of Part One, Ariel. Come over here", Charlie beckoned her. Ariel stood up, still breathing heavily. Her legs had become massive trunks, as they glided her body over to Charlie. Those weren't the only noticeable changes to Ariel.

Luke stood there amazed at what he'd just seen. His wife Ariel was undergoing a transformation out of a horror novel. He tried to make eye contact with her, but she didn't look his way. She stood there, seething, breathing heavily. Her legs were now the thickness of Amazon Trees, ripped and cut with definition superior to some male bodybuilders. Her calves looked like hams threatening to burst through her skin at any moment. Luke studied her as he looked over the rest of her. She looked bigger all over, even taller! Her sneakers seemed a bit too tight for her, as her heels looked to distress the stitching of her sneakers. What was his wife becoming?

"Now, Ariel. How do you feel?", Charlie asked with a sound of satisfaction in her voice. Ariel didn't respond. She just breathed heavily, the growth serum still coursing through her veins.

"Next …", Charlie spoke as she stepped out of Ariel's way. "Let's get some torso work in."

Ariel walked slowly over to the overhead pull up station. There, she froze as she looked up at it. "No … I d-don't want this …", Ariel whispered, shaking a bit as she fought for control of her body.

"Ariel, this is all for you! This is my gift to you.", Charlie spoke in a reassuring tone. "You can feel it in you. It feels good doesn't it, Ariel. Well, stop fighting it, and it'll feel even better, trust me …"

With that, Ariel turned her head to Charlie. Ariel had begun to regain some control. Luke saw a glimmer of hope. Ariel was fighting back. But, in a shock to him, Ariel quickly turned back to the station, and jumped up to grab the bars, and began her exercise.

With her knees bent an ankles crossed, Ariel began to raise her massive legs. Slowly at first, as the serum worked its way to her abs to complete her workout, her knees went up, then down. Ariel whimpered a bit as she felt her abs cramp as the muscle fibers broke down and rebuilt themselves in virtually no time. Her abs becoming a cobblestone road of power. Sweat began to sink down her abs as her body responded to her workout. Ariel bit her lip as she felt a myriad of urges and sensations. Without thinking, she switched her workouts to full-on pull ups, her new weighted legs providing all the weight resistance she needed. In her mind, she did her best to fight back the rage, funneling it to this workout. She felt her muscles contract and expand as her traps began to grow, her back beginning to widen. She could feel her muscles surge, as they expanded within her spandex top. Her nerve endings were on fire as every inch of her was increasing in size, density and sensitivity. She picked up the pace as she felt a stirring from within her loins. Ariel's grunts slowly became louder, as she also began to moan. She was beginning to enjoy this, much to the satisfaction of Charlie. Luke could only watch in horror as he could obviously see his wife being lost, and hear her moans as she slowly gave in. With a thud, Ariel dropped down from the bar. Still breathing heavily, Ariel's arms were forced away from her sides as her now-pronounced back and widened shoulders resembled the hood of an angry cobra draped in spandex.

"Impressive, Ariel.", Charlie spoke to her. "You're looking good."

Ariel, her head still slightly bowed, seethed as she spoke: "… more … please … more!"

Charlie smiled as she knew she'd won.

Luke could only stand in fear, as he heard his wife's words of surrender. He struggled against his restraints, as he tried to be the voice of reason to bring his wife back. "Ariel, baby! Come on! Don't give in, please! FIGHT, DAMN IT, FIGHT!", Luke plead aloud.

With that Ariel turned and walked over to her husband, and looked him in the eye. No longer did she have to crane her neck to make eye contact. Her now 5'10" height brought her nearly eye to eye with her 6'3" husband. "Luke. I know, it's scary", she spoke in a breathy tone, reaching for his free hand.

Still sounding like Ariel, but obviously restrained, she continued on. "It feels so GOOD! I can't stop. I won't stop!" as she rolled her shoulders, flexing her traps, small pops of stitching could be heard from her delts and shorts. "And, I want you to know …", Ariel spoke as she placed Luke's hand on her ripped abs, and moved it lower. "… when Charlie and I are done, you and I are gonna every bit of it … and I mean EVERY BIT of it!"

Luke's eyes followed her hands' direction, as he saw her crotch sopping wet, not just with sweat. Luke, in the back of his mind, gulped, as he felt his first taste of fear, when looking at his wife.

"But, first, sweetie … I need you to WATCH!" and with that Ariel walked back over to the Incline Bench Press Station. Ariel made sure to sit facing Luke. Charlie began tapping on her control tablet, while Ariel never took her eyes off of Luke's. "Now watch. I want you to enjoy this as much as I AM!"

Ariel set her feet in place, her sneakers showing obvious distress as her feet were now far too big for them, leaned into the inclined bench and prepared to take on the weight.

"150, Ariel …" Charlie announced the starting weight. Ariel smirked in anticipation as she felt her muscle contract and expand. After 5 reps, 150 pounds was far too easy.

"More …", commanded Ariel.

Charlie tapped away. "200 …", Charlie announced.

Ariel's smirk got even wider as she felt the weight increase. Her shoulders widened more, as Ariel readjusted her grip mid-rep. Luke watched on as his full-frontal show showed him every bit of what was happening to his wife. Her abs contracted with every breath as the grooves separating each muscle deepened. Ten more reps, and Ariel announced "More! I need MORE!"

Charlie was only happy to oblige, as she pushed the level up to 300! Ariel growled as she willed her muscles to grow in response to the added weight. And grow they did. Ariel's neck pulsed as the serum criss-crossed through her body's network of veins, fueling her monstrous transformation. Her spandex top stretched it's best to accommodate Ariel's rapidly increasing girth. Ariel's chest spread and surged as her muscular pecs pushed out Ariel's modest breast tissue. The nipples of her B-cup breasts looked far outmatched in comparison to her pecs. "MORE, DAMN IT, MORE!!! I want to CUM!" Ariel bellowed, lost in an erotic episode, spurned on by her growth.

"Fine … 500!", Charlie responded.

Ariel wasn't quite prepared for such a large increase, and whimpered a bit as it caught her off guard, the weight forcing it way, nearly crushing her. Luke feared the worst, as he watched his wife battle with the weight. Ariel's grunts and growls became even louder as she fought on. She stomped her right foot in frustration, finally bursting the stitching around the toe. She dug in as her footwear surrendered. Luke watched as her forearms, and triceps visibly rippled under the spandex, surging forward! Ariel's grunts and gasps were loud, beastly, almost inhuman, as she pushed her way through the weight resistance. Here was his once 5'2" 110 pound wife pumping away 500 pounds, turning into an Altered Beast that would and could do seemingly anything. What would she do next?

Twenty reps in, Ariel's eyes widened, and she suddenly locked the bar overhead. She jumped from the bench, groping herself as she struggled to catch her breath. "Wh-what's happening???" she clutched at her over-stretched top. Her pecs resembled plates of armor, their definition couldn't be ignored even behind her small breast tissue. Ariel's back spasmed forcing her to twitch uncontrollably, jutting her chest out.

"Ah, yes." Charlie spoke, "You didn't want to look 'manish' remember? Well, that last cocktail I gave you is starting to make sure that doesn't happen."

Ariel looked down and noticed 'movement' in her breasts.

"You see, what that last cocktail does is increase your 'feminity', specifically, it will increase mammary tissue, and skyrocket your sex drive, which, judging by your cum stained shorts, already started."

Ariel smiled widely as she moved her hands aside, her breast tissue beginning to pulse. She looked down at her torso, her pecs bouncing as she anticipated her tit growth.

Luke watched on, awestruck as the overtaxed spandex was further assailed. First, he watched as Ariel's nipples hardened, then grew larger, sticking out twice as far as they used to. Ariel spaced her fingers around them, as they grew between her spread fingers, smiling the whole while. She watched them as the flesh was separated from her pectorals, as fat surged across her chest. The spandex top became tented as a noticeable gap was formed as Ariel's breasts continued their expansion. "Oh, Luke! You have to feel this!" Ariel exclaimed, her senses bombarded.

In no time, she was facing her husband, each of their faces in direct contrast to one another. Ariel's face was full of excitement, and lust. Luke's, on the other hand, was a mixture of dread, concern and horror. To further Luke's dismay, his once diminutive wife now stood over him at a height of 6'5", her torso's width eclipsing his shoulders. Luke looked at her valley as her tits continued their growth, the veins in her torso still fueling her growth.

"Here, baby. Get a facefull!" with those words, Ariel ripped open her top a bit, as her 42DD breasts defied gravity, only wobbling slightly, as they were nearly fully exposed. Before Luke could protest, Ariel grabbed him by the back of the head and smashed it into her chest. Ariel gasped sexually as she felt his breath and lips on her sensitive skin. To Ariel's surprise, Luke fought against her, still strong enough to push her away a bit.

"Hmmm … baby, I'm sorry. Maybe I got a little too carried away." Ariel whispered as she licked her lips. Her eyes were burning with lust for her husband. She then looked as her comparatively small arms, flexing them a bit. "But, don't worry, I'll be doing ALL the carrying in a few minutes. Charlie! Let's finish this! It's time for the grand finale!"

"Honey. One more thing, and we'll be done. And it'll be all over." Ariel kissed Luke on the cheek and walked over to the bicep curling station. "Charlie! Let's do this! 100!"

Charlie programmed the curling station for Ariel's desired weight, and she began to curl.

"More!", she bellowed at Charlie, all the while not breaking eye contact with Luke. "150!"

Charlie responded. Luke watched on, knowing what was about to happen. It began slowly, the slack in Ariel's sleeve slowly dissipated. Then, the sleever went from "comfortable" to "filled". Luke's stared transfixed, lost in what he was seeing. He blocked out Ariel's yelling as she commanded more weight, and just watched. Her sleeve began to bulge obscenely as her biceps grew. Ariel closed her eyes, losing herself in the growth as she mentally willed her biceps to heed her demands to grow. They didn't have to wait long as a long rip soon heralded the arrival of her left bicep, roughly already at 20 inches. She looked down as she felt the stirrings of an erotic explosion, feeling the chill air on her bicep, a long thick vein rising over the head of her bicep. She kept pumping, watching her bicep grow, escaping the confines of her sleeve like a baby bird hatching.

Wanting to see it first hand, Ariel stopped lifting to rip away the tatters of her left sleeve. She flexed it, hypnotized by the sheer size and power she knew it now held. The definition increased as the head of her deltoid cut into her bicep like a diamond. Ariel's right sleeve was putting up a better fight, as the spandex went transparent, she flexed it, trying to burst it open but she had no success. She walked over to the free weight curl bar, and brought a curl bar back to just in front of Luke. She then quickly ran back over to grab plates. She piled them on to the curling bar.

"Baby …" Ariel spoke to Luke, hungry for power and incredibly horny. "… you're gonna love this … 300!!!" And with that, Ariel began to curl the 300 lb. bar, making sure to turn, giving Luke a front row seat to the destruction of her right sleeve. Luke watched on as he watched her muscle groups respond to the stimulus. Her tricep bulged further, her delt, and her bicep. Each muscle group fighting their way in the sleeve, like an over-stuffed sausage casing.

Luke gulped, as he played tonight through his mind. He felt powerless, knowing that the balance of power has shifted, and there was no way of going back. He was watching his wife become a musclebound anomaly. But it was still his wife, wasn't it? He feared the worst, as his attention was drawn to the sudden sound of ripped fabric.

"Yes!!!!", Ariel screamed in a rough sexual tone. She looked down at her right bicep's conquest as she sped up her reps, until she was out of breath. She dropped the curl bar, breathing heavily. Losing herself in a sexual frenzy, Ariel licked her bicep, her tongue exploring it's hardness, her skin stretched taught across the expanse of the bicep's head. A few drops of her cum dripped down her leg, tracing it's way along the defined muscle groups, as she was lost in the excitement of her own growth, moaning, and molesting herself, further destroying the rest of her top in the process.

As she calmed a bit, Ariel looked back to Luke. With a glint of lust in her eye, she rushed to him. Luke, even though his years of combat and training, felt a noticeable twinge of fear as his Amazon Bride came towards him. She reached behind him, and make short work of his handcuffs, breaking them with little effort. Ariel then swept Luke up in her arms, excited and horny. It was then that Ariel caught the look on his face, and froze. She could see the hint of fear in his eye. "Wh-what? L-Luke?", she put him down, shocked at what she just saw.

For as long as she'd known Luke, he'd never shown fear about ANYTHING. But, here he was, afraid of his wife. She stood there, towering over him. Those last reps only increased her size even more, topping her of at an astounding 6'7". "Luke …" Ariel spoke quietly as she tried her best to alleviate his concern. "Luke. It's still me. I still love you. Please!"

Luke looked up at his gargantuan wife, as she grabbed his hand. He winced, and she quickly realized she hadn't mastered control of her strength.

"Sorry …", Ariel feigned a smile as she held his hand more gently, before putting it on her chest. "Here, feel my heartbeat, listen to my voice, it's still me. I still love you …"

Luke complied, knowing he couldn't resist even if he wanted to. Luke looked Ariel in the eyes. Through most absurd twenty minutes of their lives, through the huge muscles, it was still Ariel. It was still his wife. "Ariel … it's okay. I'm not going anywhere. I love you too."

The behemoth that was his wife smiled back, one of relief, but soon after, her smile became seductive. "Good! Because I would have just had to RAPE YOU if you hadn't felt that way!" Ariel spoke in a playful, but serious manner, which left Luke unsure as to how to respond. "Come on! I've been waiting a long time for this!". With that, Ariel swept Luke back up in her arms, throwing him over her shoulder and made her way out of the gym.

Charlie watched them leave, smiling with a sense of accomplishment. "Now, time for part two …" she spoke to herself as she typed in her notes.

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