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Chapter 12: Aftermath and Consequences

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Aftermath and Consequences

“This is CNN with breaking news! Fighting in the city of Aleppo has ended. Earlier today, we reported on how forces from the Syrian government and the Syrian Opposition were converging to retake a city that had recently fallen into chaos and ISIL control. However, after a dramatic turn of events, the Syrian Army has pulled out of their attack on the city and is presently retreating back to Syrian government-controlled territory. Photojournalist Jimmy Olsen was present in the city during the fighting, and was also witness to the events that led to the present ceasefire.”

“The images and video that you are seeing are from a new super-powered individual calling herself Power Girl. As the fighting raged in the city, she flew out of the sky into the heaviest of fighting. Reports from local civilians who also saw her in action reported that she took on soldiers from both armies, and worked to help save civilians trapped in the middle of the fight.”

Camera switches to video of an Arab woman speaking to a reporter in Aleppo. While she speaks in Arabic, the voice of a female translator repeats her words in English. “We had been trapped in a building. A nearby artillery shell hit the building next to us, and it was all about to collapse on us. Then this woman appeared and held up the building long enough for us to get out. It collapsed on her, but she walked out of the rubble unharmed.”

The camera switched back to the news anchor who begins to show a video from the perspective of a cameraman watching Power Girl fight a large tank. Power Girl lifts up the tank and throws it into a nearby building.

“As you can see in video here, the stories of this incredible woman appear to be true and unexaggerated. Our military analyst states that the tank she is lifting is a T-90A tank made in Russia. The tank normally weighs 50 tons when fully loaded for combat operations. No one has yet come forward with more information, nor do we know if this woman is somehow related to Superman or the woman calling herself Superior Girl.

However, images of this Power Girl do match descriptions of the woman who was seen fighting in a Singapore night club over a week ago. We will keep you updated as this story continues to unfold. However, it appears that a new hero may be making herself known to the rest of the world.”


[Following transcript is from an NSA audio intercept of LexCorp offices]

LL: Who the hell is this woman on the news?

SG: How the hell should I know?

LL: She isn’t one of yours?

SG: None of mine could lift a tank and throw it half a block down a street. Besides, we both know that you already knew the answer to that question.

LL: What about Superman?

SG: I checked on him. He hasn’t moved, and seems to be keeping quiet. He knows as much as we do right now. I was with him when this woman appeared in Aleppo. Do you want me to talk to him again?

LL: Not yet. Let’s see what he does. Did you find anything in Singapore?

SG: Just a destroyed warehouse full of dead mercenaries and doctors. Terri has not been seen either, but I am certain that was her in that fight at the nightclub.

LL: Hmmm. Any idea what could make her so huge?

SG: I intend to ask her why when I see her. I was not even aware she was in Singapore.

LL: Terri had some old business that she wanted to take care of from the days before she came to America. If there is a new Kryptonian on Earth, then we need to know about it. One is already too many.

SG: I seem to recall this happening before.

LL: There have been other survivors from Krypton who have followed Superman to Earth. Those that have come are either dead or disappeared. Supergirl was the only one that was not overtly hostile to either Superman or Humans.

SG: Hmmm, I will let you know if I hear anything.

[Footsteps of someone walking in what might be heels. Door opens and closes again. A tone sounds, possible from a desk phone]

LL: Send Caroline in. I need her to conduct some research for me.

[End Transcript]

[Management Comments: Upper management has recommended that this audio recording and transcript be added to the Superior Girl Evidence File for future use when effective counter-measures are possible against her. Recording will also be copied to newly created file on person known as Power Girl.]


[Following transcript is from an NSA intercept of an encrypted email message sent by Lex Luthor to private military company Executive Outcomes. Reference material: Executive Outcomes has known associations with LexCorp throughout Central Asia, and has been suspected of running security for LexCorp’s black projects. Names behind suspected aliases have been added by NSA security analysts.]


SG (Superior Girl) is getting harder to control through usual means of appeasement. New girl in town (Power Girl) and disappearance of T (Terri Suzuki) is causing early signs of paranoia and high stress. Need update on new weapons and rapid restart of serum (Synthetic Ambrosia?) testing. Sending M (Monica Braun) to oversee program. Need results soon!


[Intercepted reply:]


M will be welcome addition. Initial tests working as planned. New weapons tested and ready for deployment. Need to discuss increasing production capacity. Will begin plans for deployment of Operation Red Daughter.


[Operation Red Daughter objectives currently unknown. Satellite images show heightened activity at suspected LexCorp black project sites in India, Kazakhstan, and new facility in development deep in the Siberian wilderness.]

[Management Comments: Contact DIA to deploy HUMINT resources for local follow-up and monitoring of facilities in India, Kazakhstan, and Sibera. Contact NGA to re-deploy satellites for 24/7 monitoring of identified facilities and major personnel movements. Follow-up with CIA liaison to obtain any related intelligence data.]


[Following is an audio transcript of an intercepted conversation at LexCorp offices between the woman identified as Superior Girl and Caroline Hunter.]

SG: What did Lex want you to look up?

CH: Lex wanted some historical data on some old Soviet military research projects.

SG: Soviet military research? How does he have that kind of information?

CH: I don’t know. The archivist who is working on decrypting and translating the documents that I saw joked that Lex bought them from some military officer for a pair of blue jeans and tickets to Disneyland.

SG: Yeah, right. More like Lex has some former Soviet military officers living large off his payroll. What are the projects about?

CH: I am still figuring that out, but they seem centered around Superman.

SG: Superman?

CH: It was right before the fall of the Soviet Union, but still years before Superman had come out to the world. There are several projects that mention the word Krypton in them.

SG: Hmmm. What are you up to, Lex? Let me know everything that you find.

CH: I will. What about this Power Girl that the news is talking about?

SG: I don’t know. Superman didn’t know anything about Singapore or Dubai, despite everything that I did to him. But I know he is up to something?

CH: The News has been calling her the new Supergirl.

SG: (long pause) Supergirl is dead!

CH: But …


[Sound of someone in heels walking rapidly out of the office. Long pause followed up something large being smashed. Contacts in Janitorial Services confirmed large, steel desk that was ripped apart was found in an office dumpster the following day.]

[Management Comments: Send for analysis to Psych unit to review and update psychological profile of Superior Girl. Upper management has recommended that this audio recording and transcript be added to the Superior Girl Evidence File for future use when effective counter-measures are possible against her. Recording will also be copied to newly created file on person known as Power Girl.]


My flight back to Cheryl’s apartment near UCLA was uneventful. I took my time during the journey to relax a bit from the fighting and collect my thoughts. I made sure to take a northerly detour to ensure that I would not accidentally fly over any area that Superior Girl might be in. By the time that I arrived in Los Angeles, it was the middle of the night. I flew down to the rooftop of Cheryl’s apartment and let myself inside. I floated just above the floor to ensure that I did not make a sound. I floated into the bedroom, and found Cheryl lying naked in the bed fast asleep. I quietly removed my own costume, and let it fall to the ground. I then floated over to the bed, and climbed into the sheets next to Cheryl. She shifted her own body so we were soon spooning each other. Her eyes fluttered awake at my presence.

I smiled at her, and reached with one hand down in between her legs. She gasped as my fingers began to play with sex. She rubbed herself up against my own naked body. It did not take long to get Cheryl in the mood, and it took even less time for my fingers to bring her to climax. We held each other in our arms afterwards. Morning came too soon for either of us.

Cheryl and I cooked breakfast in the morning. She was still exhausted from the previous night, but I was full of energy as the morning sun hit me. I suggested that Cheryl call in sick, but she just joked that she would catch a quick cat nap when she could. The benefits of a doctor’s office were there was always a bed that she could lie down on in an empty room. Before she left, I decided it best to prepare her for any news that she might hear about.

“Hey, wanted to tell you something?” I said in between bites.

“What’s up?”

“I was thinking about the idea of becoming a superhero.”

Cheryl immediately got excited, “Really?!?”

“And you might hear something about Syria.”

Cheryl put down her fork, and grabbed my hand across the table. She looked a mix of pure joy and excitement, maybe even a little arousal. “You have to tell me everything!”

I told her the story of what happened in Syria. However, I told her that I had seen on the news that Jimmy Olsen had been trapped in the city along with a bunch of citizens. Outside of that small lie, the rest of the events unfolded just as they had in real life. I flew out to Syria in order to find and save Jimmy. While I was there, I stopped the Syrian Army and saved several families hiding in the ruins. Cheryl was so excited to hear about what I did in Aleppo. She asked me about everything. How did it feel to lift a tank? What did the bullets feel like when they hit my breasts? What was it like being shot by a tank? I answered each as best as I could. Any thoughts of work quickly left Cheryl after our discussion. She called up the clinic, and told her colleagues that she needed to stay here to tend to her sick roommate.

I asked, “Won’t they wonder?”

Cheryl responded nonchalantly, “Nah, I have covered for them in the past so they owe me one at the office.”

Cheryl turned on the TV to a 24-hour cable news channel that was showing video of my fight. I went over and sat next to her on the couch. She turned off the sound as pundit after pundit speculated endlessly about who I was. Space alien. Mutant. Supergirl reborn. Supergirl in disguise. Superior Girl herself. They all had theories and ideas, but few actual facts to back any of them up. Cheryl and I snuggled together. Cheryl reached over with her hand, and squeezed one of my breasts as Power Girl deflected bullets and lifted a tank above her head on the television. I reached over to her face, and we kissed each other deeply on the lips.

Cheryl slid off the couch, and came to kneel in between my legs. I was just wearing a t-shirt and a short skirt that barely hid my perfect ass. Wearing underwear seemed pointless while inside the house. Besides, modesty was for mortals. Cheryl rubbed my legs with her hands, and slowly drew her fingers closer to my sex. She reached under my skirt, and lifted it up to reveal myself to her. She rubbed her thumbs over and through my bush, and then leaned forward to place her mouth on my netherlips. Cheryl began licking as I spread my legs further apart. Her tongue became more intense as it delved inside of me, and worked with a strength that I did not expect Cheryl to have. I wrapped my legs around her body, and placed a hand on her head to pull her closer. My other hand squeezed my breasts and pinched my hard nipple.

Cheryl did not take long to help me finish as she had become well-practiced in my needs and desires. I cried out as I felt my climax overtake me. My body shook, but I was able to maintain enough control to keep from destroying the couch. Cheryl held on, and jealously licked all of the juices from my orgasm. I could see her excitement and need as she lapped my juices up. As she held my legs, I also noticed that she had developed a decent amount of muscle on her arms. She was more toned and fit that ever before. I knew her class and work schedule enough to know that was not from hours in the gym. It had to be from my pussy juices. Juices filled with what was now full Kryptonian DNA.

Cheryl looked at me with deep love in her eyes, “You taste delicious. I love you!”

I pulled Cheryl up towards me, and told her “I love you too” before kissing her. I could taste remnants of my own juices still inside her mouth. I pulled her up more towards me, and began to nuzzle her neck. She giggled at my actions until she gasped in pleasure as my fingers delved into her own sex. I began to vibrate my fingers as super speed inside her. She slid further down on my fingers as she cried out in pleasure. It took less than two minutes of pleasuring her to cause Cheryl to erupt into her own powerful orgasm. After she stopped shaking from her climax, we spent more time snuggling in each other’s arms. I brought my hand back to our faces. We took turns sucking and licking my fingers that had been inside her.

After a few moments, Cheryl looked at me with a smile “I have something that I want to try with you.”

Curious, I asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Cheryl got up from the couch, and went into the bedroom. She reached into the back of her closet, and pulled out what looked like an old shoebox. Cheryl came back to the couch, and sat next to me with the box. I resisted the urge to peek inside with my x-ray vision. Cheryl looked at me with excitement, and opened the box. I gasped at what was inside, which was an old .38 Special revolver. The gun looked to be in good condition, and had a box of ammunition sitting next to it as well.

“Cheryl, what are you doing with a gun?” I asked in shock.

“Daddy gave it to me when I went off to college. He even took me to a local gun range so I could learn to shoot it. I guess he thought it would keep me safe.”

“Has it?”

“I guess. I keep it in the closet. This area is fairly safe, but my dad thinks crime runs rampant through the entire city. I think he watches too much Fox News.”

I took the box from her, and held out the gun in my hand. The steel of the gun felt cold in my hand, but its weight was near meaningless to my strength. I knew that I could quickly crush it in between my fingers, if I desired. I looked back at Cheryl with a smirk, “So what exactly do you want to do with this?”


“Welcome back and thank you everyone for tuning into a special episode of Crossfire. We now return to our earlier discussion about the recent emergence of a new super-powered woman calling herself Power Girl. Joining us in this panel is Clifford Spears, a former advisor to the President and expert on individuals with super-powers. We also have Lois Lane from the Daily Planet, a Pulitzer-winning reporter who has routinely covered the activities of Superman.

Clifford Spears is a chubby, balding Caucasian man in his 50s wearing a tan suit. He nods to the host with a “Thank you.” Lois Lane is sitting opposite Clifford Spears in a black and blue pants suit. Her dark hair is tied into a bun. She has a sharp expression on her face as if ready for the fight that is to come. Lois also looks to the show’s host and gives a brief “Thank you” as well.

The host of Crossfire continues, “Power Girl. This makes the third, maybe fourth, individual that we know to either currently or have been previously active on this planet with powers similar to Superman. Is this woman a threat to humanity?”

Clifford immediately spoke up, “Absolutely. There is no doubt that they all are!”

Lois scoffed at the comment, “More paranoid garbage. Superman has saved thousands of lives over the years from stopping natural disasters or other crises across the globe.”

“Half of those ‘disasters’ as you call them were often engineered by the very people that Superman was fighting at the time. Superman is a solution creating his own problem.”

Lois smirked at Clifford’s idea, “Superman creates the people that he fights. I can’t believe that you can sit across that table, and say that with a straight face.”

“Ms. Lane, I have been saying this for years while people like you refuse to see the reality of the situation. Superman is a nuclear arms race for criminals and terrorists. After World War II, the Soviet Union scrambled to build more bombers, more missiles, more nukes than America. All to counter the perceived threat of American nuclear and military power. Superman’s mere existence forces anyone who may fall under his ire to seek out ways to defeat Superman. That translates into super-powered beings being created to solely for the purpose to oppose Superman.”

The host chimes in at this point, “Interesting conclusion. To fight Superman, criminals and terrorists are constantly having to build a better Superman of their own.”

“Exactly. Just look at weapons seized from drug cartels and gangs in inner cities. Police get better equipment; gangs start buying AR-15 assault rifles. Police get body armor and surplus military vehicles; cartels start using armor piercing bullets and explosives.”

Lois scoffed at the comment, “First time that I have heard a conservative like you advocate for gun control and police de-militarization.”

Clifford feigned a look of smug consolation, “Unfortunately, that genie is already out of the bottle unless you can find a way for both criminals and police to disarm each other equally. The same goes for Superman. His mere presence incites the creation of more super-powered beings.”

Interjecting once again, the host says “Like Superior Girl?”

Lois interrupts before Clifford can response, “Superior Girl appeared a few months after Supergirl disappeared. She is no different than Metallo, Parasite, or any of the others villains that Superman has fought.”

Clifford quickly chimed in, “Except that Superman has fought her at least twice and lost both times. They both seem to actively avoiding each other like some mutual non-aggression pact. Is this how Superman stops other super-powered beings that may be a match for him?”

“How dare you suggest …”

Clifford was on a roll now, “What about this new Power Girl? Is she just another Superior Girl waiting to happen? What is there to stop her from flying over to the White House, killing the President, and declaring herself Empress of America? Or teaming up with Superior Girl and carving the United States in half for their own little kingdoms?”

Before Lois Lane could retort, Clifford was one a roll, interrupting Lois before she could even speak, “But this does not address the real threat that no one appears to want to talk about? What about their children? If they mated with a human, would the child inherit their abilities? What if Superman decided to start having a family with either of them? This goes beyond just another super-powered being opposed to Superman. This is about the future of humanity with us normal humans becoming second-class citizens to a future generation of superhuman elites.”

Lois was clearly fuming at the subject. Before she could respond the host interrupted, “And that is where we will have to leave this discussion for a short commercial break.”


Cheryl and I drove north out of the city and towards the hills. Cheryl parked her car, and we began a nice run on a trail that would take us deep into Topanga State Park. After a solid run, we found ourselves deep into the park. I did a scan of the area. We were mostly beyond some wildlife living. Just to be safe, however, I took Cheryl in my arms and flew off the trail into a deeper part of the park to make sure we were really alone. Chery loved it as I held her in my arms while flying. Hills surrounded us along with several trees. It would be hard to pinpoint any noise, and my own hearing would inform me of approaching hikers anyway.

Cheryl took the bag that held our water, and pulled out the gun. She quickly began to load it. I was just wearing some running clothes, and had not bothered to bring my super suit with me. I removed my shirt and also took off my sports bra. I tossed them over to the bag that held our water. Cheryl finished loading the revolver, and looked over at me. I stood there with my hands on my hips with my running tights leaving little to the imagination about my sculpted calves. My upper body was completely bare to Cheryl with my breasts standing high and proud on my chest. Cheryl took a moment to eye my body from top to bottom.

I smirked at her, “Any time.”

Cheryl smiled, and then lifted up the gun in both hands. She took careful aim at my chest and fired. The bullet zoomed out of the barrel of the gun straight at me. However, Cheryl was a bit low in her aim. The bullet hit my midriff, and bounced harmless off towards the grass.

“Oh wow!” Cheryl lowered her gun, and moved towards me looking at where the bullet had hit. She was amazed at seeing it firsthand. Cheryl reached out and touched my stomach where the bullet had impacted. Her hand felt my smooth and undamaged skin. “It is so amazing seeing it in real life.”

“Want to see more? Aim higher next time.”

Cheryl got a naughty look on her face as she returned to her original position. She raised the gun again, and fired away at me with two shots. The bullets flew towards me, but this time were aimed directly at my super tits. The bullets impacted my invulnerable breasts. They dimpled the flesh, but then bounced off away from us. Cheryl actually jumped in excitement.

“That is so cool! You really do have super tits!”

I cupped my breasts as I smiled as I punched my bare nipples. “Once we are done, I will show you what they can really do.”

Cheryl looked even more excited as she brought the gun back up. I let go of my breasts to give her the best shot. She fired off more rounds until the gun was empty. Each bullet hit its mark on my breasts and bounced harmlessly off into the grass. Except for the last round. Cheryl had been inching upwards as she fired so the final bullet missed my chest, and was heading directly for my face. I decided to have some fun. Just as the bullet was about to impact, I quickly whipped my head around as if it had struck me. Cheryl dropped the gun, and brought her hands up to her mouth in shock.

“Oh my god! Did I hurt you?”

I turned my head back to face her, and then smiled showing my teeth. In between my perfectly white teeth was the bullet caught between them. Cheryl’s fear turned to joy at my trick. However, I was not done yet. I turned to a nearby tree. I closed my mouth and then spat the bullet towards the tree with as much force that I could muster without disintegrating the bullet. It sounded like I had fired a gun as the bullet shot out of my mouth at supersonic speed. It tore through the tree truck like it was paper.

“Awesome!” Cheryl clapped her hands in excitement at my trick.

I walked over to her, and picked up the gun from the ground. As I held it, I told Cheryl “I am not really comfortable with you having a gun. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” Cheryl got a playful look on her face.

“Why don’t we get rid of it?”

I stroked the gun’s barrel and felt its steel against my skin. “Well, we don’t just want others to find it. Best we destroy this dangerous weapon so no one else gets hurt.”

Cheryl nodded in excited agreement. I took the gun in my hand, and placed it between my large breasts. The gun fit snuggly between my super globes, and was soon enveloped as I brought my hands against each side of my breasts. Cheryl watched in amazement as I pushed my breasts together. My breasts dimpled slightly as they compressed between the firearm. Then my own muscle and power took over, and it was no longer my breasts that we dimpling. The gun slowly began to twist and scream in protest as my breasts crushed it. The steel distorted and bent slowly until the gun was no longer recognizable.

Cheryl reached out, and felt the sides of my breasts with her hands. She rubbed her hands over my perfect skin, and tried to push them in herself. However, Cheryl could barely get my breasts to move. I moved my hands so that my breasts would rub together. They crushed and compressed the now-former gun between them until it was little more than a twisted mass of metal. I took the remains out from my tits, and squeezed them together in my hand. The metal squished between my fingers like Playdoh. I let the remains of the weapon fall to the ground.

Cheryl was enraptured by how I crushed the gun between my breasts. She ran her hands over them, and squeezed my powerful boobs in her hands. I smiled at her, and brought her closer towards me so that I could kiss her. Our tongues played inside each other’s mouths before I broke it off to give her some air. Cheryl gasped for air as she tried to speak.

“That is so hot. I could never imagine Supergirl or Superior Girl doing that.”

I smiled back, “Never in public.”

Cheryl laughed at the idea, “Makes you wonder how super Superman’s cock is.”

I laughed. Strong enough to lift a car off the ground when fully erect is the correct answer. He could drill that monster through solid concrete, and then use the hole to get himself off. However, I refrained from telling Cheryl the truth about that. I smiled back at her, and asked “Are you hungry?”

We sat down, and pulled out some sandwiches that Cheryl had packed for the trip. I took a remaining bullet, and popped it into my mouth. Cheryl was amazed as I chewed and swallowed the bullet with ease. After lunch, Cheryl played more with my breasts. We crushed a few stones between them. I also used my erect nipples to grind away another rock that we found as well. Cheryl suckled my tits while we took turns pleasuring each other. Afterwards, we both lay on a blanket that Cheryl had laid out, completely naked to the world, and held each other looking into the sky.

“I can’t believe how powerful you are.” Cheryl stated.

“Yeah, goddess on Earth practically.”

“Your tits are amazing. I wish I had super powerful tits like you did.”

I smiled, “And what would you do with your super powerful tits?”

Cheryl grabbed her breasts as she responded, “I would crush the heads of criminals against them. Use them to smash rock and guns just like you can. I would never wear a top again.”

I laughed, “Never took you for a nudist.”

Cheryl smiled down at me, “Why not? If I had your perfect body and incredible power, no one could stop me. No one could make me wear clothes again, and why would I want to. If I had your body, I would show it off to everyone.” Cheryl began playing with my nipple as she spoke enthusiastically.

I asked back, “Speaking of power, have you noticed any changes in your body? You seem more fit than we first met.”

“Yeah, I don’t understand it. I feel faster and stronger than before, and have a lot more energy that I used to. The lack of sleep from last night would normally knock me out for the rest of the day. I feel tired, but nothing like it was before.”

“It seems to happen most when you go down on me. I think my juices are slowly changing you.”

Cheryl got excited at that idea, “Like giving me superpowers?”

I thought about it for a moment, “Hmmm. I don’t think it is doing that much. But you could probably be an Olympic athlete if this keeps up.”

Cheryl’s hand traced itself down my body until it was playing with my nether regions. “Mmmm, that sounds nice. Of course, only an Olympic athlete could have a chance of keeping up with you.”

I shifted my legs as Cheryl played with my pleasure centers. Cheryl knew how to excite me. We explored each other’s bodies further until the sun was starting to go down. We got dressed again, and packed to head back down to our car.

“Damn, we won’t get back until after dark.” Cheryl was clearly upset.

“Don’t worry,” I responded as I swept Cheryl off her feet, “there are faster ways to get back to the car.”

I jumped into the sky with Cheryl held in my arms. We flew over the State Park with the sun setting in the distance. It was dark enough that I was not worried about someone seeing us, and most of the hikers had clearly left the area much earlier. I landed in the parking lot where we had left the car. No one else was around. The drive back to UCLA was uneventful considering the rest of the day. When we got home, the news organizations were still speculating over who this new mystery woman was. Both Superman and Superior Girl had been spotted separately in Aleppo. Superman spoke with several civilians and soldiers in the area, but Superior Girl kept mostly to herself. I was clear that Superman was trying to keep up appearances that he had no idea who I was. After learning that nothing new was really on the news, Cheryl and I changed clothes then headed out to grab dinner at a local restaurant.


The next couple of days saw little change in the news, although I was happy when they began to move on to other topics. Cheryl and I spoke more about how I felt about the idea of being a superhero. I enjoyed our conversations, and it helped assure me that I was on the right path. However, I do not think that I was ready for the daily crime patrol that most people think of when it comes to being a superhero. I still needed to find my place in the world, and how Power Girl would fit in it. It seemed impractical for me to try and stop every single mugging in a single city. However, there were a lot of problems throughout the world that I might be able to solve. Problems that ordinary people could not but a superhero could.

Life began to fall more into a routine as I waited for more information from Superman. Cheryl showed me more of Los Angeles. I worked more on learning how to use my powers in private outside the city. I also continued my research into LexCorp and all things Superior Girl. Since my public appearance, Superior Girl sightings had increased dramatically. It was clear that Superior Girl was trying to track down who I was. I assumed that the silence from Superman was also part of him trying to lay low while Superior Girl was on the prowl. I could tell that Clark was not in real trouble since he kept cranking out article after article at the Daily Planet. This led to a lot of good investigative journalism pieces about the city and local corruption in Metropolis. Elected officials caught meeting people whom they should not be seen with, or hidden caches of embarrassing information being found. It was clear to me that Clark Kent was benefiting heavily in his articles with the use of Superman’s powers.

My big break came during the third week back from Syria. I woke up in the morning to find an email from an unknown address. The email contained a Zip file with several scanned documents regarding my adoption. The documents listed my parents name along with their addresses at the time of my adoption. There were also several follow-up documents detailing several addresses that people matching my birth parents’ names and birthdays were living at. While Superman and I waited for Superior Girl to give up on her search, this was a good chance for me to do some digging into my birth parents. According to the documents, my real parents were from a town called Aurora, Illinois. The city is a suburb of Chicago, and seemed fairly routine as suburbs go. However, what was interesting was the note that Aurora was just south of Fermilab, which is a major particle physics laboratory. The fact that I was born a half-Kryptonian just south of a major particle physics lab did not seem like a coincidence. The documents listed several addresses that I should look into.

I spent another two days going over everything in the documents, and trying to verify as much as I could through the Internet. The documents went into some details about how I came into the adoption system. My biological mother was living in Aurora at the time, and was working as a theoretical physicist at Fermilab. When I was barely six months old, there was a break-in at my mother’s home. By the time the police arrived, they found my mother dead by several gunshots with me still in my crib. The house had been ransacked, and several home electronics had been clearly stolen from the premises. My mother had no living relatives, and the father’s status was listed as unknown. The police placed me into the adoption system where I was quickly adopted by the parents that I grew up with.

I felt strange reading the police report and initial adoption information. It was like reading about someone else’s life, but I still felt my gut welling up with emotion. I felt tears coming down my face as I realized that I would never get a chance to meet my birth mother. I would never learn who my father was, and how a human woman came to give birth to a child from a Kryptonian father. Feeling the water flow down my cheeks made my sadness turn to frustration and anger. What had happened? Who broke into my mother’s house? Was is just some random robbery? Some kids looking to score some money who also robbed me of my chance to learn who I really was? To grow up without my biological mother.

My anger turned to rage as these thoughts ran through my head. I squeezed my eyes closed and clenched my teeth as tightly as possible. Before I knew what I was doing, I raised my firsts over my head and brought them down hard on the laptop. My fists smashed through the laptop with enough force that it and the table holding it shattered into a thousand pieces. Circuit boards, wood chips, and plastic flew everywhere in the apartment. I cried out in anger at what fate has stolen from me, and how my own anger had destroyed the laptop that I had been using. I covered my face with my hands, and could not stop weeping at the news.

Cheryl came home to find me still crying in the bathroom. She comforted me as best that she could. After a while, I calmed down to tell her everything that I had learned. She embraced me as I wept. I returned the gesture, and held her tightly back. Cheryl left the bathroom to begin cooking some dinner for us. I composed myself as best as possible, and came into the kitchen to join her. We ate mostly in silence as I thought about what to do next. It was obvious that I needed to learn more about everything that happened. I told Cheryl that I needed to fly to Chicago, and find out what had happened to my biological mother. She indicated that she understood. After dinner, I packed a bag of clothes and donned my power suit. Outside on the patio, we kissed for several minutes before Cheryl wished me good luck. I shot up into the sky, and headed towards Chicago to find my answers.

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