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Heather Popeye saves a baby

Written by regiotigre :: [Monday, 08 May 2017 22:16] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 09 May 2017 18:41]

Heather Popeye walked along the beach wearing nothing but a black bikini. She had just gotten back from the tanning salon and she was showing off her muscular body. The sun was shining bright that day and it was shining down on her defined muscles. A few guys stopped to admire her body and she was happy to flex for them.

She continued to walk along the beach strutting her stuff. One guy actually walked up to her and had picked her a bunch of flowers. Heather looked extremely flattered and she kissed the guy on the cheek. A heart appeared above his head as he looked so charmed by getting kissed by the beautiful woman.

Heather stopped when she realized there was a crying baby lying in the sand. The baby seemed to be all alone and there was no mother to be seen in sight. Heather got a womanly concerned look on her face as she moved closer to the baby to give it some assistance.

“Move out of the way” she heard a very deep voice say behind her.

Before she had the chance to turn around and see what the voice was, she felt an extremely large hand grab her neck. She looked to see a large giant that was ten feet tall and much bigger than her holding her up off of the ground by her neck. Heather swung her fists as the giant but wasn’t able to reach.

“How do I know that’s your baby?” Heather asked back in the baby’s defense.

“It’s my baby because I said it’s my baby” the giant said to her.

“That’s not your baby” Heather said to him. “You are going to steal it.”

“Maybe I am” the giant said back. “But there is nothing you can do about it.”

The giant threw Heather a good thirty feet and she landed right in the sand. The giant then bent over and picked the baby up. He rocked it in his arms and looked at it with admiration. Everyone else watched but they were all too afraid to do anything to stop the giant.

With the baby still in his hands, the giant proceeded to walk across the beach. Heather was sneaking up behind him and the giant had no idea that she was there. He walked across someone’s beach towel and Heather pulled it right out from under him which made him fall off of his feet.

The giant was not able to hold onto the baby while this was happening and the baby went flying in the air. Heather immediately wanted to save the baby from a hard fall and she quickly stood right under it. The baby started to cry and Heather caught it right in her strong arms.

The giant hit the ground hard which mad quite the thump in the sand and it actually knocked a couple of people off of their feet. Heather almost lost her balance but she was able to stay standing. She looked at the baby and tickled his face to make him smile. She prepared to take it to safety.

The giant was going to have none of this. He got to his feet and looked at Heather angrily. He grabbed her by the neck, looked her right in the eyes, and took the baby right out of her hands. Heather looked at the giant angrily and he looked back at her like he was daring her to do something about it.

“You’re not taking this baby anywhere” the giant said to her.

“Oh, yes I am” Heather said back.

She tried taking the baby away from the giant but without her spinach nearby she was not strong enough to do so. The giant just laughed at her and pushed her away. The giant then started walking along the beach with the baby in his arms. Heather followed him but she could not get the baby back.

“Don’t worry” the giant said gently as he looked right into the baby’s eyes. “Don’t you worry about her. I am going to take good care of you, little boy, I promise.”

Heather continued to follow the giant looking angry. The baby was holding a bottle in his hands and the giant took the bottle from him. He uncapped it and threw the formula all over Heather so it covered her face. She shook her head back and forth to clear it off of her.

“Wait to waste the baby’s formula” Heather said to him. “Real classy.”

“It was funny” the giant said back to her. “That’s for sure.” Heather picked up some sand from the ground and she threw it right in the giant’s face. Now he looked quite angry.

“Now you’ve really made me mad!” he said to her.

He set the baby down in the sand and went after Heather. She stood her ground and prepared for his attack. She was about to try to punch him but with his one very large foot, the giant stepped on both of Heather’s feet. He held her right where she was and started punching her in the head repeatedly.

“I like having you as my punching bag” the giant said as he continued to punch her in the head.

Stars were circling Heather’s head as she endured multiple punches from the giant. The baby was sitting in the sand and now crying. No one else wanted to try to go grab the baby as they were too afraid to have to deal with the giant. The only one that was brave enough was Heather who was dealing with a beating.

The giant got off of Heather’s feet but continued to repeatedly punch her. He was giving her multiple punches in the face and he was hitting her so much that smoke was coming out of her ears. She could do nothing but walk backwards as the big giant continued to punch her.

Fortunately for Heather, there was someone on the beach that just happened to have a can of spinach with them. It was a girl that sneakily walked up right next to Heather. The giant was too busy punching Heather in the faceto see the girl next to Heather. She discreetly handed Heather the can of spinach.

While taking more punches from the giant, Heather started to open the can of spinach in her hand. Right before she was able to get the spinach in her mouth, the giant saw what was going on and he punched the can of spinach right out of her hand. It ended up flying a good twenty feet away from her.

“I’m not as stupid as your pal Bluto there” the giant said. “I’m not letting you eat any of that spinach.”

Heather saw the spinach can rolling through the sand and rolling away from her. She sprinted after it knowing it was her only chance of saving that baby. When she almost had her hand on it the giant stuck out his long leg and kicked the spinach can another fifty feet away.

Heather desperately ran after that spinach can and the giant was right behind her. She saw it right in her reach and she could not let it get away this time. When the giant was just about to catch her again she made a dive for the spinach can. She grabbed the can and the giant grabbed her by the ankles to try to pull her away from it.

The giant started pulling her towards him and as he did so Heather began pulling the spinach out of the can. She put it in her mouth and swallowed all of it while discarding the can in a nearby garbage can. When she swallowed the spinach her right bicep grew to be enormous.

Both of her biceps grew a great deal and she became so powerful that two large dumbbells actually appeared in her arms. Those dumbbells moved down her arms, through her body, and down to her legs. With complete power in her legs now, she wrapped her muscular legs around the enormous giant and started tossing him around everywhere.

She slammed the giant on the ground on his back and then she slammed the giant on the ground on his head. She then used her legs to throw him right up in the air. On his way down from being in the air she punched him in the head and sent him flying a good twenty feet.

Stars circled the giant’s head as he lied on the ground. She had punched him so far that he was lying in the wet sand. He saw Heather coming at him ready to beat him up some more. He picked up some of the wet sand making a ball out of it and he threw it right at Heather.

Heather ran at the giant and fire was behind her because she was running so fast. The giant started throwing balls of wet sand at her and they just bounced right off of the strong woman. Heather walked right up to the giant and punched him again with her fist that had turned into an anvil it was so powerful.

Heather’s punch sent the giant a good fifty feet this time and he actually got slammed right against a palm tree from the punch. Birds now circled his head as he had no idea where he was. With her strong forearms sticking out, Heather walked proudly over to the giant to beat him up some more.

The giant looked stunned even when Heather was coming up upon him. She wound up her arm to give him an uppercut and everyone could see that she now had bombs in her biceps. The uppercut sent the giant right up the palm tree until her hit the top of it and got covered with water.“Get em!” the girl that gave Heather the spinach cheered her on. “Get him!”

The giant started falling down from the palm tree quickly. Heather grabbed her own wrist and started winding up her own arm until it turned into a drill. When the giant hit the ground, Heather punched him right in the stomach and her drill of an arm went right through him.

The giant got to his feet and now he was just trying to get away from Heather. She went at him some more and started giving him repeated punches in the face. Atomic bombs appeared in her biceps as she continued to punch him and her fists turned into hammers. She punched him some more continuing to send him walking backwards.

“This should teach you to try to take a baby that’s not yours” Heather said as she continued to punch him.

She punched the giant in the face multiple times and he just had no answer for her. Her fists that had turned into hammers had now turned into atomic bombs. After punching the giant repeatedly some more, her fists that were atomic bombs blew up and sent the giant flying.

“You look like you’re having a tough time there, matey” she said to him. “But I’m not done with you.”

The giant lay on the ground looking completely dazed. Heather walked right up to him and picked him up off of the ground with just one hand. She lifted him high in the air and everyone could see the atomic bombs in her biceps. Everyone crowded around to watch.

With her powerful arm, Heather threw the giant up on the air even higher. His arms and legs were dangling in the air and Heather didn’t move out of the way. As the large giant came down on her she caught him under his feet with her hands. She now held him even higher in the air.

Heather then pulled the giant’s shoelaces from the shoes that he was wearing. She brought him to the ground and then wrapped the shoelaces around his waist like a lasso. She then sent him a good fifty feet away from her with the lasso and pulled him back to her.

As the big giant came back at her with a lot of speed, Heather had her hammer fists ready for him. She gave him more punches in the face once he reached her and more stars surrounded his head. After punching him in the head multiple times she flexed her muscles more for everyone that was watching.

She grabbed the giant by the waist and she threw him high in the air again. As she threw him up she spun his body around. Once he was on his way down he was spinning quickly in circles like he was a human drill. When he hit the sand she was still spinning and he dug himself into the ground.

The giant now sat in the sand with nothing but his head exposed. Chirping birds were circling his head as he had no idea where he was. Heather bent down, grabbed him by the hair, and she pulled him right back out of the sand. He still looked completely dazed when she got him out.

Heather flexed her muscles some more and the giant was too dazed to even do anything about it. As she flexed her powerful muscles they began to looklike atomic bombs again. She flexed them some more and then the giant realized he was in for an unpleasant surprise.

The bombs went off and sent the giant flying a good fifty feet. Her fists turned into anvils again as she walked towards the giants. He was lying on the ground looking like he had no idea where he was. Heather got on top of him and started punching him multiple times.

The crowd all cheered as they watched Heather pulverize the giant. She punched him multiple times with her fists of anvils and she was punching him so hard that she was now burying him in the sand. After punching him some he was completely buried except for his head. Heather stood up, wiped her hands together, and looked down at the defeated giant.

“Don’t ever try to steal a baby like that again” she said to him. She walked to the baby and picked it up to take it to safety. Everyone applauded.

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