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What it means to be a super strong and sexy girl

Written by jsooi0110 :: [Wednesday, 17 May 2017 23:00] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 30 April 2023 21:21]

Kim is always a sexy and beautiful girl but after she gained her superpower accidentally from the meteor she touched last night, she became sexier and more beautiful than ever.

She decided to test some tight outfit to see how she looks like now and of course, bikini.

After testing on several bikinis Kim decided she is not going to wear bikini. However standing naked in front of the full length mirror Kim just can’t help grinning and admiring on her perfect body.

Kim is always a young and pretty girl but her body now is something out of a comic book. She runs her hands up her thigh slowly. Those long and slender legs are belongs to her. “Damn!” Kim thought. Kim put her hands on her hips and shows herself the side profile of her body. Her tight little waist is so small and her washboard stomach is so flat Kim thinks her waist line should be 22 inches now. Her butt is so curvy as she showing her side profile to herself. She snaps her butt with her hand and there was a loud pop which proves her bubble butt is firm. Kim feeling extremely happy as she has a voluptuous body but her huge boobs are the one which makes she feels proud.

Kim watches at the mirror at her chest and what she sees is the most astonishing boobs in her 16 years life. She had big boobs but after she was exposed to the crystal power her bust has changed a lot in size and firmness. Before this she has 32D size bust which already catching a lot of guys’ attention but with her new boobs Kim just can’t imagine what effect her boobs would create now. Her small hands come up to her huge boobs and she slightly caresses them. Her boobs are round and firm, even to her own touch. They stand proudly on her chest, as if they are defying the law of gravity. Each boasted a big, triumphant pink nipple at its centre. They are just so perfect! She is eager to know what her bust’s size is now.

“You, come out now!” Kim shouted. A man comes out from the behind of a rack which he used to hide quite some time because he is attracted by the beauty of Kim although she came in from the side of the shop by smashing the wall. 

“Are you the staff here?” Kim asked the man.

“Yes and my name is Paul.” Paul answered.

“I am not interested in your name. Now I want you to get the measurements of my bust, NOW!” Paul runs into the back of the shop and in a short time he brings a measurement tape.

While he is standing in front of Kim, who is a goddess to him, Paul feels nervous and gasping heavily and his hands are shaking while taking the measurement for Kim. Kim raises both hands in the air and while she is doing this her huge and perfect boobs rise up which causes Paul having an instant hard on. Paul has to shift around as his member pressing his pants hard.

Kim sees Paul’s reaction and she grins in satisfy and proud as she causes a man’s erection by just raising her hands. Measurement done and Paul confirms Kim is having a 38FF bust now.

Kim grinning wider as she heard her latest bust’s size while Paul just can’t help keep on staring at Kim’s boobs mesmerizingly and having a harder erection. He has never so turned on.

Kim put down her hands and put her hands on her hips again and asks seductively, “Thank you Paul. Do you like my body?” Paul nods his head without moving his sight from her boobs. Turning her body to side and shows Paul her side profile. Kim pushes out her chest and her fingers playfully bounce over top of her boobs,” My 38FF is a little outrageous but do you like them?” Paul again nods mesmerizingly.

Kim loves having man gawk at her fantastic new body. She looks on Paul, who appears to be hypnotized. Kim turns back and face to face with Paul. She takes a baby step approaching Paul which her spectacular bust almost touching with Paul’s chest. “Feel them. Tell me what you honestly think.”

Paul moves his hands on the roundness of her boobs where he gently squeezes and feels the hard nipples pressing at the palm of his hands. “So what do you think?” Kim asked coyly. Paul instantly getting himself into a great ecstasy as he has never felt such huge and firm boobs in his life! His eyes rolls back and his member erupt immediately in his pants.

Kim laughs and walking back a little and give her boobs a little shake, “I know, they’re perfect.”

Paul still erupting while Kim talking and he was having the best orgasm in his life.

“Do you see my deep cleavage? Do you want to have a closer look and to feel them with your face?” Kim pressing her boobs from each side, a long and deep cleavage in between her boobs which Paul having an erection again by just seeing on it.

Without hesitation Paul buries his face into Kim’s cleavage and rubbing his face on her soft yet firm boobs.

After letting Paul rubbing his face on her boobs for some time Kim thinks of one idea. She wants to see how strong are her boobs and could them do something extraordinary.

By thinking of this Kim pushes Paul’s head from behind using her hand to bury Paul’s face deeply into her cleavage. Paul feels some pain and wants to pull his head but couldn’t as Kim is holding his head in position without any effort. Paul cries for help but his cries are muffled and his face is covered by Kim’s huge boobs.

Paul holds Kim’s tight little waist and uses all his might to push Kim away to try to get off from her boobs but it is no use. Kim is standing still. The pain of his head and face is increasing from time to time. Paul let go of his holds on Kim’s waist and found up his fist and hits Kim’s washboard stomach as hard as he could. When Paul’s fists hit on Kim’s flat stomach all he could hear are “Thud! Thud! Thud!” Kim’s stomach is not like her boobs. It is like a steel door when hitting it. Kim doesn’t even flinch. Paul did not hurt Kim instead he hurts himself. Paul’s cries for his pain from his hand muffled.

Kim laughing loudly and ask coyly, “Oh did you hurt yourself big boy?” Kim arches her back and pushes her chest out and upward. Paul’s feet leave the ground as Kim is doing this. Her boobs are supporting Paul’s weight!

Kim laughs louder as she feels she is a goddess now.

Paul doing nothing now and his arms and legs go limp. Kim grabs the back of his neck and lifting him effortlessly into the air.

Kim looks up and facing Paul, “Had fun? I was having so much fun!” Kim asks as she flexes one boob at a time. Each time she flexes her big boobs bounce up and down dramatically. Paul’s face full of bruises and doesn’t answer Kim. However he is getting a hard on again while watching Kim flexes her big boobs.

“Men! Come! Let me give you a little hug!” Kim puts Paul down and pulls him into her feeling her springy softness of her large boobs spreading against Paul’s chest. “Isn’t this lovely? Me holding you tight, my boobs pressing into you, squeezing you, driving the air from your body, making your ribs bend.” Paul’s eyes wild with terror but she could feel his erection throbbing against her thigh.

“You like this don’t you? Feeling my boobs so firmly against your body I think this is your best experience in your whole life.” After Kim has finished her talking, Paul is having a eruption again and then his body goes limp without moving anymore.

Kim let go of his body and let his body falls to the ground. Kim grins widely.

“Now it’s time for me to explore more.” Kim grabs a white tight tank top which hugs her body tightly and her boobs become the most visible object throughout her entire body. She wears a blue shorts. Kim looks herself again at the mirror,” Damn! I am hot!” She walks out of the shop and thinking what she wants to do now … 

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