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Mike Randalls Beach shop owner.

When i tell people i own a bikini shop i get a lot of odd looks i am not going to lie. They think i am perv i am a werido i donno. I do know i got a good business, on a summer day i can clear 5k a day in sales which is pretty snazzy. Sure there's expenses, sure rents high...but it does pretty well for me. I'm married got two kids. when i tell people that they just think i am werido.

I moved to Florida from Chicago when i was 10. My dad was a big shot in an accounting firm that retired early and wanted to get the sun. A couple of years ago i visted an uncle who stayed in the winter time..and man. Anyway. Glad i didn't look back. Settled in.

Now its not really a bikini shop-i sell all kinda swimsuits, lot of beach wear towels, wraps, some T shirts-honestly T shirts are the large part of my business-people going down the boardwalk wanting a suvinor. You can call em tourists, but a fair number are from miami and Fort Lauderdale is so damm close it doesn't quite read as that.

But all this-well beside the point. I saw her first some people say but i find that hard to believe. Someone had to seen her. someone had to know her. don't know any of that Auperman Clark Kent bullshit-but someone did.

anyway it was early spring. i was opening up the shop around 8:30 on a Tuesday. Non break Spring is my worst season to be honest-its the worst weather-so much rain- though that day was if anything kinda hot and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect day actually for the beach-but the tourists weren't there and people where at work. there was plenty of people who come to a beach even on days like this...but at that moment nobody. i was alone with my cup of coffee.

i had one of the roll up metal things, that i actually don't know the names of. it was going up. i was thinking about the day, such as it was a shipment coming in around 1. I was in gear up mode for Spring Break. It was hella of a time but man did it do great business.

When i turned my head up and saw what looked to be a red light in the sky. first i thought it was a plane(at no point was it a bird hahah). just a red flashing light.

huh. it dissipated after like a second.

Now you get your planes in the city-threes the whole business of signs flying over the beach. But it was close real close. There was a big hotel a block away, and it looked as it was lower then that, which i think was illegal. And it was to fast. Planes you know can go speed of sound, but not the kinda that fly signs by the seashore.

So for a good long second there was that. it was 8:31, i saw on a clock, and it hit me that either i was hallucinating, or something was up.

it turned out something was up. something was way up.

Jane Champion, Maid

I've worked a fair number of service jobs over the years. Waitressing, shops, cleaning. i was good at cleaning. quite honestly i don't like people much. never could truck with them. Don't know why. loner, never married.

but It turns out looking after them cleaning up there shit( sometimes literally) was something i could do fine. People as abstract messes that had to be cleaned up sure.

So i work at the Beltwater hotel in the cleaning staff. It didn't matter that i made 2 bucks over the minimum wage and was 43 i was okay. I owned my own home and think by and large i had a good life.

But that morning- i was on the roof. Some reports said i was there for a cigarette. fuck them. room 807 had the wettest sheets i had ever seen. i am not talking bodily fluids, but who knows. in situations like that it would just get the washing machines gummed up so what i tended to do was put them on a close-line on the roof and let them dry a bit, and then wash them...

So i go on the roof. Its like 8:30 in the morning. Its a pretty empty roof, so the first thing i notice was the girl. yeah the first thing. She was standing there at the corner of it all looking out over the city, if that's the word on the far edge of the building.

Now a lot of hotels have like a rooftop bar, with tiki drinks and shit. We didn't. It was agianst the rules to actually be on the roof for guests. But sure it happens. I would get chewed out for it. she was making money.

From far She was wearing a red outfit i thought was swimming Like a wet suit. Fort Lauderdale gets all types, like girls who you know want to swim to Barbados or some shit. Not my place to judge. The suit had this texture. like them gortexs. She had red hair with it, and that was what should have been a give away. Red long as hair is shit for water. it frizzles and sags like no ones business. i know from experience. It was pretty hair-lot of textures lot of highlight, with this touch of black mixed in somehow to give it sheen. i couldn't see really anything like her but . she looked for 50 feet away like one of those pretty girls who is pretty enough never to work a day in her god damn life.

why she was on the roof, at 8:30 in the morning i dunno. But i made up a story. She was on drugs, or had been the night before. she wanted to come up and see the sunrise but was to whacked out to come down. the Bathing suit was warm she figured like an idiot-no one brings sweaters to Florida, even though you should-and she was standing there right now cause of it.

Now i had a choice. Tell her to come down or leave her and go about my day. Now people have said i should have gone up to her talk to her, get her autograph. What would i do with an autograph put it over my mantle price? And to me she was just this drugging tripping asshole who wasn't my responsibility.

But what i did was i go to the side of the building to the small line and started to put up sheets. I was maybe 50 feet from her. i was just starting to hang them when i heard her make a noise. an Oh. i wonder if i made a noise and startled her. the cart-something-no idea what.

But she made a noise like an "oh". i turned my head and looked at her for a second she looked startled was a word. startled and confused.

and then she jumped off the side of the building.

now i screamed. i screamed loud my fool head off, and i ran as fast as i could towards the edge of the building-but it was all sheet rock and yeah i tripped half way there, and scraped up my knee. As i laid on the ground i wondered why was i running. not much like a 10 story building would do for a person you couldn't predict. i did climb up after a second and get there and...

She wasn't there. she was gone. nothing. nothing. It wasn't like she was one of those spring break movies and hit the pool. this was the side of the building towards the parking lot. she was gone.

and i wondered if i had taken the drugs.

Andrea Collins, Broadcast Reporter

Hi My name is Andrea! I just graduated last year from Case Western University in Broadcasting! I got a job at KWKT the local AM news station for Fort Launderdale and South Florida.

Fort Lauterdale is a small city north of Miami, founded in 1896. Its considered the hub of the South Florida Metro area, though its not the southern Most city! Its mainly known for its tourist business, but also does a significant business in Yhatt and small boat manufacture. that was something i didn't know before i came here. you think of Fort Lauterdale as this giant beach on MTV for spring break stuff. Really the city is dominated by this huge Harbor with channels going all over the place for small boats.

My Job was at the station was to coordinate news programming for KWKT. We mainly do talk radio-yeah we have rush Limbaugh sorry to say!- but every hour we break in for 3 minutes to talk about whats happening. From 5 AM to to 2 PM my job was to gather the reports, and when the Normal Announcer Bill Weather was on vacation or sick to fill in on the Air.

If you call 747 456-2345 you reach the tip line! Its my job to answer it. Honestly it didn't ring very often. mostly when we get a traffic jam on the 1, or sometimes when an elderly person means to call the police. Yes there is a lot of Old people in the city and there easy to confuse sometime.

It was 8:34 when i heard the first call. i know exactly cause i have phone records! It was from an old lady by the beach who wanted to know if there was any navy tests. there was like a red streak of light over head and she wanted to know why.

Got the second call at 8:35. Another person and home saying she saw something moving really fast over head, and she thought it looked human but couldn't make out the details. That was weird.

Third call came in right after i mean right after for a guy in the street just talking about the red line-he flew airplanes and this didn't make airplane noises.

Now this is news, so i did what newsmen did. Call the police. it turned out that they had been getting a couple of reports but it turned out it looked like it disappeared rather quickly.

My News report was at 855, and i considered writing a story up for it, and talked with Bill..he said let it sit for awhile, wait until 10. And considering he was my boss i said yes.

I regret it, cause if i did...well it would have been our first real scoop.

Corporal Sandy Martinez, Fort Lauderdale police department

We where coming up to Spring Break My least favorite season of the year. There's a 130,000 people and change live in . During spring break on some days the number can triple. Most of them drunk, a lot of them underage drunk.

Now the kids drinking what are you going to do with that many people? But when they drink they get rowdy, they get into fights, They harass the locals, the break property they rape girls, fuck shit. And in a week they all go all across the country most to wealthy universities(though not always-there is a surprisingly high rate of just rando pervs coming into town). And what can you do then? That's what gets me-you get so many people and they do something horrible...but it almost impossible to punish, impossible to get justice, and what does that teach them? this is school.

And of course it didn't help that i was female, and with all do modestly kinda of attractive. I keep in shape pretty well, and i got cute eyes. When the kids saw me coming into a bar to come at the fight they would all start slobbering over me like the future doctors and engineers they are, and say the worst shit. Yeah i actually am married. To a carpenter who works with his hands.

Of course that day was about 3 weeks from now, when things where actually by most measures quiet. I was during the day patrol just after 9 which was pleasant on a kinda hot sunny day. before it started since my shift began at 8, i had literally no complaints what so ever. Not a traffic stop, not a call about theft nothing. That would change, but it was a nice start to a morning. The most interesting thing i remember was when i saw a local semi homeless guy on the street and he waved at me.

Then i got a call. People where reporting weird lights over head, a red streak in the sky. When i first got the call from dispatch, i looked up at the sky and saw nothing other then some fluffish clouds. Nothing. I rolled my eyes.

Police practice required that i take a report of any incident that's reported. that took a lot of time, for something that was if it was more then one probably something-but not necessarily anything interesting. Probably a jet plane that got to low.

But well i was the public.

i was driving up to the Forest Ground neigborhood to talk to the probably retired person who saw it i should respond to... when i turned my head and saw her.

She was what maybe 20-25 standing in front of a Go-Kart shop. Yeah we have weird businesses. i was driving by waiting for a light to go, and i saw her maybe 10 seconds.

in retrospect-theirs a lot to retrospect. i gave her a second look but not much longer. She was Wearing a bright red bodysuit that looked maybe like it was a designer skin divers outfit, all bright Lycra and gortex. It had a symbol that i didn't recognize at the time, but in retrospect kinda looks like an abstract sun She was tall pretty with her red hair and sharp features that looked kinda Nordic. She had sharp features and this bright red lipstick smile, and hair that went down a ways over shoulders. pretty. Fit as anyone i had seen, even in the kind of outfit where you can't really see the muscles, she had em-i remember her cavs-she had these big muscular cavs that could ride a bronco.

But it was a second look and i kept driving. We get a lot of European tourists sometimes and maybe she was one of those wearing the hip look from Milan(European bathing suits-yeah we had complaints) She had the look that said she could be eye candy for some trust fund ashole or maybe one herself. Who knows. Maybe she was modeling one of new looks in Go Karting(don't you wear full body suits?). I am not sure i even thought that. But well she wasn't breaking any laws so i drove on.

And about half a mile away i got the report of a robbery and some kind of incident in process at self same go kart shop, and was diverted to go check it out.. the radio was weird just there was two reports something was going in

When i get back, the door is open like wide in a way that suggest there's a breaking and there was what looked to be a weird battle damage inside the building-like go karts had been thrown around and the smell of gunfire. I drew my gun and walked inside.

it had the look of a very selective storm-some of the stuff looked like large pieces of metal where around the shop and the register was jimmied open for cash...but parts well it looked well enough normal.

when i heard a whimper behind the counter.

there was a small tough looking little guy with a weird cloth jacket on. he crying, crying loudly really sobbing as if the world had ended at him. when i pointed my gun at him he kept crying more..but then stooped. he just looked at me with a look that said i wasn't the worse thing he had seen.

then i realized his hands and legs where tied up. at first i thought it was funny rope. then i realized it was metal bars.

Daniel Ricardo , Criminal

Yes i am the lucky dude who was her first victim. Hurary!!

What to tell about me? i grew up poor in new York. i could tell sob stories to gain sympathy but that's not my style. I'm a mean ass loco bitch. I make trouble. And about three years ago got in to much trouble for the big apple. I decided to head south, staying with some friends moving around. No excuses no complaints, doing a lot of things to survive and keep my head above water.

I was in Miami. I got tipped off a few weeks before that there was this Shop in Lauderdale that did a lot of all cash transactions. The day before they had sold like 3 which meant that it probably had a couple thousands bucks in a till, which was a damn good haul.

i come out this joint and see inside. i am not the type to case a joint spend months planning some elaborate con like something from a fucking movie. i come in one morning and do my thing. Get in, get out, get high.

The store opened at 10:00. I could have come in over night but i find that actually early morning is a surprisingly good time to do it. Someone told me that once, and it was fucking good advice. no one much notices when people walk in and out, and security company's tend to be a little slower, thinking some clerk came in.

No clerks. It was dead ass simple

The store was maybe a small little store front in a building along the street. it had a couple of go karts in the room that had been done at odd angles i think to suggest cheesy adventures. it hits me that i had never actually be in a go kart-that was fun about this job sometimes. It looks hella stupid but maybe i wold spend some lucre to ride a go kart after this. that could be fun.

i can break in a lock in 5 seconds. yo i am good. No one can tell. Yo i am great. All it took was a chisel.

i come in to the store and look around. yo i am not some guy wearing a striped shirt or some idiot shirt, nor am i some hyper fly shit either. i was wearing a jeans and an jacket. i looked like the average Hispanic in the street.

I wanted money. there was a safe in the back where it probably was. an old fashion portable lock safe. i didn't bring it but look around for a hand crate. this was like a room where the fixed go carts, stored go karts i don't know .it was a fucking mess.

when i heard a noise in the front. This happens all the time in robberies. happened to me at least 3 or 4 times especially with my cool flow. i took out my glock i carried. no i didn't want to kill who ever it was, i did want to escape.

I was getting the safe on the cart. The store had a back door where i had parked my car and wanted to get out so maybe it wasn't even necessary...

when she walked into the back.

She was dressed in this weird hippie getup, like this wealthy body suit out of some dance video. Like she was a weird dancer in tights.

I took my gun and shot it.

Not at her, but right above her into the wall near the ceiling. i find its a good way to start a conversation "Get down"

She looked at me. she just looked at me. that was the thing. she didn't say a damn word the entire time but she looked at me and it said volumes. there was disdain superiority to the bitch that i could see with just a glance. she was a smug ashole and it took me 3 seconds to hate her. Though i should note that i spent maybe 45 seconds total with her.

which is a fancy way of saying she stood there.

now i was at a little loss to do next. Shooting a gun is a great way to get noticed so i knew i didn't have any real time with her. I still didn't actually want to kill her, so my next step was just to ignore her. i grabbed the cart i had with the safe and started to turn around to leave. now i wasn't the biggest guy in the world-i was just 5'4. But i was a strong fucker and knew how to handle myself anything more then this girl could handle.

i turn my back to her which was yo know what i am going to say a mistake on my part. But it was a mistake i didn't know.

cause as i turned to the back door a go kart flew at it and blocked the path. it also really damaged the wall behind it , like cut into the drywall.

This got my attention. i turned back and she was just standing there.

for like a second. then she garbed me. and pushed me against a wall and knocked the wind out of me in a flash of movement pushing my head against the wall. i felt loopy, and yeah to a certain extent i don't entirely know what happened to me other then it happened fast-almost to fast to see. She felt warm that was what i remember. warm like a girl does but that felt bad

i then realized that my hands and legs where tied up in some kinda steel or iron or something bar-plenty of them around. it was tight, tighter then anything i had seen...and she stood up. real slow. and kept her eyes on me. these dark dark eyes that saw what i did and...

then she walked out actually fairly slowly half an eye on me. and that's all i saw of her.

The go kart machine hit by its wheels...and looked drivable i guess.

I never actually shot her you see-i didn't do a thing to her really. i am not entirely sure it would have made a difference. probably wouldn't have about 10 15 minutes latter the cops came and dragged me out of there., and the rest is the rest.

Jodan Sholansky, mayor Fort Lauderale

When she first appeared..i was well i was playing tennis. i have my own court. not one the luxuries of office mind you but something i got working 30 years as a lawyer. i feel a bit self conscious about that to be honest. Mayor of a city like fort Lauderdale pays about as much as a janitor makes. I retired early when my law firm broke up, and i came down here and decided try my hand at local politics and growing lilies . its a surprisingly fun job. get to shake a lot of peoples hands, talk about there problems and more often then not fix them. and if it pays not great its not actually the busiest in the world. time as one says..for tennis.

So as the police station the news and within about a day the world where looking in on my little town...i was off rather badly loosing to My Friend Charles. I didn't finish until well after 10.

Now you may say hey don't they call you about this kind of stuff use some of secret phone. Nope. Nope. They sent me an email and a voice message on my land land which i didn't listen to it.

Not that there was much i could do about it-the police where in charge of public safety in a day to day minute. all i had for that day was a breeding on what brief happened with the chief, the DA and a couple of calls from the city council. The Governor called around 1. Third time we talked. he has a reputation, but he was surprisingly nice guy, saying what ever i did he would support me 100%. i didn't really have an idea of what there was to do. Get an arrest warrant? throw a parade? what was the step i was missing.

And that was pretty much my day. A bunch of meetings, a half asses press conference where i said nothing and stood next to the police chief...and bed around midnight with no real dinner. Oh yeah and a tennis game where i got owned. Honestly when people ask-how did your day go and where were you, and how did you feel awe-i haven't answer. it was actually a pretty crappy day all things considered. Not that i blamed her. At that point i didn't know a thing about her.

Diego Monton, Hotel Manager

The press people started to arrive they afternoon. There were some in Miami who where more or less already here, but the real press came around 3 4 clock, after booking around 11. I was the place they came. Every year a couple of camera crew come to film spring break footage, even network ones, and i made it into there Rolodex as a hotel that wasn't that loud during spring break so you could actually sleep(i am a little ways downwards towards the canals which helps a good bit). So now there was news it was news.

I ran a hotel. As any Hotel owner I can tell you that's 80% running the restaurant Bar. Actual Hotels can take care of themselves a good deal. And after the story came out after the reports came in on the radio of the flying woman red streak in the sky who came to earth, i spent most of that day in the bar. people came in of course like they always do-but if almost to talk, if almost to just to say what was on there minds...and i admit i was one of them.

and so i sat at a table most of the day drinking a soda(i was working) and just listened, and watched the TV.

lot of stories that day

*who was she?

*was she a she? or some alien or some monster? That mars was uninhabited and uninhabitable was discussed.

*Was she from the future-that was discussed in a very entertaining conversation between two retired regulars one i take it was a science fiction writer you never heard of.

*was she Supergirl the one from the TV Show, or someone named Power Girl, or ms marvel or Mary Marvel(the last one some tourist suggested was most probable

* She was some kinda government experiment was a common theme. But what government? what govermentt? was an interesting question.

*Heard from the staff that one of the maids saw her on the roof didn't know if we where to believe her. Knew her enough not to like her. There where reports of her all day people talking to the camera witnesses- we saw footage of her someone took around 12 is when CNN got it Some tourist saw her on a boat.

I watched it, and this inspired a new wave of questions: who was she. Cause if theirs one thing superman comics leave out is that a lot of people look a like, we heard at least five names that afternoon as people talked about she was this and that daughter who came here or a tourist who came last month, or a hot co ed.

of course the question that i mauled over a lot in my head before i left the bar around 3 was...why was she here? was she in town just to fly over and startle people and stop a couple of random robberies in town then fly off. was that it was that a grand purpose.

i had been at times in my life a fairly religious person, a fairly devout man. there where days in my life when i went to church everyday. And this...this didn't feel that. the answer of course was that she an angel-whether literal or figurative or something gods purpose making someone or something an angel. Either way-it had to be more. And this wasn't enough this wasn't enough.

So i went to talk to some reporters who checked in and answered the questions i knew(funny that some of these speculations may have at least if not made influenced the news), and something one of them brought up from CBS that i hadn't considered. She would never come back. she flew here and would tomorrow appear somewhere Cleveland, or Beginning,or never again.

And that...that was something different wasn't it?

Anotonio Salvica, Tourist

Some people asked when we where going to spend 3 weeks in Florida why go? isn't it just like Italy- some sunny getaway in the south.

No it wasn't. South Florida was long a center of Gay culture in America and me and Marco wanted to experience it for ourselves. It can be hard in Italy-its has pockets of tolerance everywhere but only pockets, and since Marco is fairly well off i sometimes feel if that tolerance is more they want to sell to him. Florida is of course in the American south which is long a center in the country for intolerance-but yeah this feels quite a bit better overall.

We spent a week and a half in Miami seeing the nightlife sometimes but i realized shortly that nightlife ain't the be all end all. There some gardens, we took a day trip to the everglades and saw alligators. At some point we decided to rent a boat and see the waters for a three day cruise. Marco was quite a sailor. There was some talk of going to the Bahamas but we both found the Florida coastline which was flat as a platter! Something That isn't like Italy at all! its all hills and mountains! We sailed around the keys for a day and a half and then we headed up the coast a ways. The water was blue the corals where green. Saw a manatee, and i gave him some lettuce which he ate gladly.

Around 9:0 that day we where off the cost a bit north of Miami. we where having so much fun we where thinking of heading up the coast to maybe Saint Augustine or heading back. WE ended up heading back for reasons that will become evident.

Marco was steering i was sitting on a chair. Now when people hear that two gay European men where on a boat floating on Florida the cliche would be we where both wearing speedos will sipping mai tais. I was wearing jeans and windbreaker and had a coke somewhere (temperature was great still windy). I did have my phone and was thinking of putting on some music...

when well as the expression went i looked up in the sky-or actually the water of the beach.

there she was-she was maybe a 100 feet above, if anything less. i heard that most people thought she flew relaitivly high into the sky into Miami but flying out of she was low as we could could almost see that she was producing a wake that her speed was in the water

She was flying. and that. that was something you don't see everyday.

so i took my phone up pressed the camera button to get a picture then thinking turned on my camcorder function of my iPhone 5. and watched her fly overhead.

as she did...i caught her eye, i saw her eye...and this is something i don't know. its ridiculous to describe it, cause i maybe making it up. I'm quite possibly making it up. But i saw her eyes smile. i saw them dance in a way that said look at me, see what i can do, see what i can be..see me look at me, i am this.

and she was this.

and i stood up and turned around and saw her do..what i have learned the technical term is a barrel roll. she turned around over her body once and twice.

and then she flew off into the horizon-the sunset would have been poetic but like i said it was really just around 9:00

"hey Marco i said when she was about half way gone.

He came out and saw her and we talked animatedly about it as i latter realized the camera was still going in Italian which in retrospect i feel silly.

I posted it to my YouTube channel-an Italian YouTube channel which produced some commentary. and shared it on various social media. i thought if i saw this everyone did, everyone must have back in town. it turned out while there was a couple of camera snaps and one vague blur, i was the first and best real video we saw there. and there was talk on email that we should tell our story.

And so cutting our trip short to respond to some of this we did.

Agent David Dunkie, FBI Agent

Bureau is a different place then a lot of people imagine. First pretty much every agent who say "Freeze FBI", is a licensed attorney-and a fair portion of my time is spent on licensed attorney stuff-talking to prosecutors, reading double spaced papers and occasionally talking in court. Its a strange experience, but often from the sidelines I read once that an average cop in the big city, will draw there gun take it out of the holster once ever 2 days. I would say that in a good year i draw it out maybe once.

Which is not to say i don't do cop stuff-i do plenty, but one thing that day which is true is i had 22 active cases and 4 more that I had to write reports of why they where closing. A lot of them in Miami where drug related-which i wasn't hyper happy with, considering i suspected that it was all more or less going to be legal by the time i retire(seriously- i knew people who drank who where a lot worse off then the equivalent cocaine junkie, and with all that stuff with marijuana-yeah there was a day i was going to wonder if i wasted my life ) but there was stuff that wasn't. A lot of Finance stuff, some sex stuff that you know you don't feel good about happens. Its honest law.

Which is why when i got called around 10:00 O clock to look at a something in Fort Lauderdale i felt a touch confused about it, cause i am not sure what the case *was*. I am not going to comment either way whether what she did was right or not, or legal or not-but i didn't see a *federal* law that was being broke here. No federal law against flying without a permit(okay maybe there was-that was FAA case not Bureau).

So that morning i start looking in reading cases dealing with superwoman crap...and i honestly didn't know what i was supposed to do here. Arrest her? was that the plan?-what the plan was in those first 72 hours or so was very sketchy-i think the conscientious everyone was working with was "We should talk to her", which given the reports from the crime scenes maybe wasn't possible as no one heard her voice.

Here's a second clue. Someone flying away from a scene of a crime is a fucking a bitch to track. What i was good at, i will admit was looking at a credit card trail to see where someone was. Even cash sometimes will work if there dumb. Crime is money and money leaves traces. Not getting that here. We didn't have a name, a Car she was driving, A finger print(little observed fact-she was wearing gloves) or a gob of spit. I think Crime scene when they came in from Arlington around mid day got a hair...which in the first 72 hours did us jack squat.

So what did we have?

at around 4:30 we had as mentioned a couple of hair that may have been hers, about 60 eye witnesses to various degrees from "i saw her in the sky" to "She punched me", A dozen photos about a minutes worth of video that we could get a little bit of a heading if she was flying like a plane does in a straight line but as far a the Coast guard suggested was a straight way to Spain, and a radar Doppler that maybe was her, which was when we knew she was over the city which wasn't much good in tracking her now.

i learned this at a briefing of me and about 12 other agents-5 from the bureau, 1 from the coast guard, 2 from the NSA, 3 from the FAA, and 1 from the Air Force who indicated that he had a separate team on it. And this was in Florida. it was brought up that separate investigations where happening in Washington ,and maybe was intonated in the CIA.

and this was the federal government-i am sure Florida and god help em the local PD Where doing some version of the same thing.

Asian all to talk to her- what did she have to say. ? I didn't know.

Everyone was rational. no one wanted to escalate things, but as we talked, and i said-what was there to escalate. if where where afraid that if we were to be bring her in with a SWAT squad, or even the Seals. then pretty much we where leaving her to do as she cared. Its not like we had good options here-or maybe this was a good option, and she was the savior from heaven. Either fucking way-we where at this point insubstantial. Granted we could spend forever learning more, and with that maybe find i dunno kryptonite-but that.

I had a very full desk that i didn't get back to-which to give you my opinion i will say this. Superman Batman-lets call em cops. Great 1 more person on the force great. But i didn't think until this day if we had a team of what the fuck probably a 140 guys on the case-thatch not efficient for stooping Go-kart robberies. It was dumb Brazil Bureaucracy...but it was here.

Linda Agore, Wife & Mother

Sarah and Johnny are the most important thing in my life-since i had then i have realized my purpose in this world which is a good thing to have. Sarah is 5 and Johnny is 8. Care for them, loving for em protecting them-its cliche b its amazing how instincts play into it. When i first go pregnant Johnny and quit my job just the nesting impulses to make a house and a home for him filled me with such joy and determination that its hard to articulate. Which is how this is for me. Its hard to say how dedicated i am, how much they mean to me-somehow words like Love don't quite cover it. My kids are my obsession.

That morning around 8:30 i will admit i did see something in the sky as i was hanging up the laundry, but i paid it no mind. We get a lot of planes overhead so one more is no big whoop, i went inside and folded them. It was just a normal day-which is not say a boring one or anything-people ask me that-but a good one of devotion and care.

Johnny of course goes to christian private school, but Sarah stays home. I try to limit her TV watching, especially during the day after 10 as theirs very little good on. Instead she was playing in her sandbox with her dolls.

I sometimes listen to the radio-this time i was working on a big casserole with wheat berries for dinner. When they broke into the music, to give a news announcement about a flying woman. in Fort Lauderdale.

i turn the TV on, and they interview witnesses. At first its very unreal, people a blurry photo-they talk to people that i know or at least heard off around town. then they show the footage. Her. It looks like something from one of those marvel movies you see on TV. I have never really watched them to be honest-superheros are very silly and as one may commit i am a woman and thus isn't that interested in that stuff. Billy is just at the age when hes aware of that stuff but i leave it for his father.

Who is off at work...but i watch. CNN is covering this close to full attention after a point, reshowing interviewing people scientists. It really isn't at least today all that much of a story in retrospect in the sense of it having a beginning a middle and end...but its fascinating how they spin this, how they talk about this changes things, who she is who she wants. eventually as it so often does it gets to the political ramifications of it and i kinda zone out around 2.

Which is when i notice something, something that should have been super obvious. Sarah was here. she walked in at some point and watched. she could be a surprisingly quiet child. Never did cry much.

She was just watching the TV, and saw the footage of the flying woman.

And i figured i should say something say something about what was going on. Parents responsibility to a degree, there main goal beyond mere survival is to teach them who they will become. And this was one of those moments.

Now a woman place is the home. A woman place is find strength and solace from good work and from serving her husband Her community & Christ.

Now there is the commandment not to judge others, lest you be judged. Our Minster has given several fairly good sermons about this over the years-and it was something i thought of about a lot-and this produced a specific question in one of them-of what sin? What sin was your fellow man committing and you could be sure of it. This was in the context of the new and different not necessarily equal wrong, and not a woman flying around. Gaudiness, showing off, immodesty, pride, violence, vanity, wraith, all of these where answers but..not quite sure. Helping was a virtue of course and the idea of a flying superhero going around saving the day was one that had virtue-but that wasn't quite settled. That wasn't quite clear, and i knew from experience the worse thing a woman could be was confused.

but she was just looked up and watched the TV like anything else. There is a line of psychology that goes that Children can have a hard time separating fantasy from reality-from watching the show Supergirl and seeing people in the street-and to present Supergirl on CNN would complicate that further.

Now all of this...all of this took maybe 20 seconds from time i saw her to the time she first spoke. I expected a question like many i have received, from what makes grass green to whats in Bread.


That's all she said at first. "Wow"

Wow was my point of reference. Wow was what going to shape her for the rest of my life, wow was the world was now. this strange gaudy little strumpet flying around town. Wow.

And from that day forward i hated her because she made my girl feel awe, more then any Disney princess. But that...that was very very wrong wasn't it?

Simon Dancy, Biologist

'You will believe a a man can fly'. That was the tag-line of Superman from 1978 and on this date i saw. not a man-well i couldn't confirm her gender, but let say she expressed outright female characteristics, so i think we can safely start with woman. Okay. She Flew.

And that was impossible.

During that day she was observed by evidence strength beyond normal human abilities as well. according to some witnesses whose testimony was maybe suspect or subject to misremening she was observed some measure of Superspeed and resistance to injury.

Okay Superstrength. That happens actually. To throw modest size viecles, bend steal bars and hold someone with one hand with no apparent strain-yeah that's unusual certainly but not impossible. Watch the worlds strongest man competition on ESPN 2. Now hear studies about what Adrenaline and other chemicals can do, and learn that muscles are capable with a fair amount of fungability when stressed. Fair enough. If all the case was a woman walked into a bar and did all of that...i would scoff, but that is within the realm of believably.

Toughness-invulnerability-we had little evidence, but plenty of colloquial. Bullets bounce off people more then you might think-even biggish ones frequently fail to break the skin and if she was wearing some kind of bullet proof garment-decent likelhood. Speed-plenty of people where fast. it was called athletes. or illusionists, which may not be intentional but can work the same way. A quick glance a nervous panic and someone can be right across the room in 1/2 seconds. All of this was stuff i could believe if you put it on my desk.

Not Flight. not in a million years.

now what is flight? One can Fly in a hot air balloon in a Plane, in a rocket( a helicopter was somewhere between the last 2). All three depended very much on the notion that Air, Something we consider as ether to walk through on our way to work, was actual matter, and if you approached something gaseous from a certain angle, it would act somewhat like a solid letting you move over it. A stone Skipping on a lake worked on the same concept. This was long established scientific theory for centuries, Since the Greeks, since newton.

these theroys did not allow red heads to fly around over south Florida.

But well, that day after watching the video at work(i teach at the University of Florida) i kinda of had to accept it now didn't I?

So what-either the existing laws of the universe which a physicist once explained to me cover about 99.99% of everything important needed a special case, or there was someway this made sense in them.

me and my colleagues around 11 started to have colloquial meetings in offices and conference rooms all that afternoon-especially after the video came out. it was quiet exciting-the speculations where wild and completely unsubstantiated. Francis kept suggesting some kind of heat ray producing what was in effect a hot air balloon-you see that sometimes in ultra low size wing tests in the desert-of course that shifted the impossible thing to "She can produce fire" and it was still kind of impossible without it. Penelope suggested that it wasn't a real woman at all-but some kind of projection or illusion which was possible in the very loose sense but produced a lot more questions. Robots where suggested, helicopter suits(it should be noted we had no absolute proof that this was in anyway biological-a suit was in the largest sense more likely), but an impossible suit was less interesting then an impossible women if perhaps more repeatable in the lab.

I learned Victor was a believer in ESP and all of that jazz to some degree or belied that such a thing existed called Telekinesis-which i frankly thought was stupid, but today who was the stupid one?

which is how i want to share-when i learned that something impossible was happening in North Dade county-i wasn't angry. Ii wasn't unhappy in the least-i was in fact rather ecstatic-this was fascinating-i can't stress this enough how fascinating it was, and how giddy i was, and how almost all of the faculty member i spoke with that day, and would speaking the future about it-even as ever so slightly theroiess got put to paper and ideas percolated-there was this sense of giddy exuberance about it. None of us was Newton. None of us was Einstein-but i would be lying if i didn't say that if the thought that somewhere if we figure this out we become like them.

Of course when i listed ways you could fly, things that could fly-birds, bees, certain types of fish-i left out one. Gods. The gods could fly. if we could figure this out, we could be gods, we could be.

of course there was one obvious problem with this logic.

Greese Happen, Go-kart Impessario

Door was broken. That cost about 2k to replace.

Damage to the ceiling and the wall That cost about 3k to fix.

Which hit an electric cord which added an extra 1k.

Three carts where damaged. I could fix em for 1500 bucks.

General cleanup 5 hours let say 200 bucks.

The two days the stores was closed because of this with the police FBI and door let say a 5k loss in business.

Let say 13700 in total losses on this.

Money in the safe. 7500k (though in fairness we kept the safe which was worth an extra 1K-and i do not have insurance on that). Let say this lost me 5200.

Best damn money i spent in my life. Had people coming for months to see this place-i became a tourist destination they would mention in books. You know how there things like Wine tourism, and Eco tourism and Murder tourism. While i had hero tourism. And while not a lot of them came to buy, some did. And that Damaged Kart? Sold it for 80k.

Richard Flagen, Clothing Salesman.

I started my career at Disney. Yes it was working at a shop in Fronterland in Disneyworld one really hot summer, but if you pay attention you can learn a lot there. Most of the people where brain dead hostile teens-which arguably was me, but i was smart. you can see what sells, what doesn't-and boy did stuff sell. You could sell a bottle of water for five times what you would pay for outside-and this as mentioned was a bottle of water-something you shouldn't have to sell, as water was a free and ready resource-cause if there was one thing amusement parks had was drinking fountains.

But of course the real bit was souvenirs-t shirts, Stuffed animals, big hats-all of which was ludicrously over priced. At this point we charged 60 dollars a day to get into the park-and someone told me there was days when we lost money doing it. So many rides, So many Idiot Teens, all of which was a sunk cost. However They always made money cause of the crap.

And i wondered for the first third of the summer why people bought it? Why go all this way spend all this money just to spend and buy more money on stuff you can get anywhere? Most if not all of it was the same shit you could buy anywhere.

Then i figured it out. It told them they where alive. that they had went here. That it was a story they could have and look at, it became so obvious like a rush

The next third i wondered why they spent so much time arguing over the price.

I could hear them arguing "Hey this costs to much-15 bucks..not going to do it!". To come to disneyworld pretty much all of them had to be have been in this for at least a grand a pop-what was the extra five.NowTo come to Disneyworld pretty much all of them had to be have been in this for at least a grand a pop-what was the extra five. Now plenty of them did. But i came to realize that those who different where making a different transaction. when they bought the 10 dollar shirt as opposed to the 15 dollar sweater they where making a transaction with the now as opposed to the future. they would never remember this moment when they would argue but when they got home they would have the exact same good feeling anyone else did.

The third lesson was realizing why people came at all. The 90s where not a hotbed of western movie production. I watched some just for fun on TV when i wasn't banging hot foreign broads(EPCOT made it a point to hire foreign workers and lots of others came from around the world-and a lot of them wanted to go around the world on Dick). One day i watched the non Disney movie Shane and it came to me. Its a western story about good guys and bad guys-but deliberately told through the perspective of a child(which cleverly papered over the fact that it was very much implied not be a black and white story). They came because it was associated with the past-there past there childhood. And even if like me they never really watched westerns. They came with there kids to experience it, and with there kids experience it that way-in that sense the brats where the ultimate souvenir, more expensive then any i would ever sell. But even those without, even those with no particular connection to any of this shit(and we got em from all over, India Africa)-cowboys and Indians where just something we associated with childhood. Like Princess and Snow White, Jungle cruises or Spacemen. They where Childhood that vague notion.

This was in the end the Future Present and Past. Just in reverse order.

Having completed my education i dropped out of college. Two years latter i was a millionaire.

oh it wasn't as easy as that, but i got the basics.

What i did fairly early on was merchandising online. T Shirts, Sweaters Lunchboxes, Toys. The stuff you could buy at a theme park. Now i didn't have a theme park, but i had the internet, and that was in someways similar- someways completely different-but it did have an aura of going some place and being someplace and wouldn't you like to have a memory of it? The term didn't come for awhile but what it got settled on was a meme-that big story that was big for a day a week, you never met.

I had my ups and down-Amazon has been good and bad, but have done pretty damn well for myself.

And that's what i did-i sold you a meme on the shirt-cats, Double Rainbows, or sometimes just the days political stories-i could tell you which but you wouldn't remember it without the shirt. it was all Disney world your past. People got mad at me for doing September 11 stuff, but hey that was just the same-and people i discovered wanted to remember that kinda stuff most of all sometimes .

Which is why that day in April i was so excited. This was real! this was a perfect story. People Would remember it for decades-but hey everyone knows who superman was, everyone knows who captain marvel was. and this was this in woman form. simple as that, or at least i could sell it like that-without the pesky DC lawyers butting in when i tried to slap a logo on it.

That was something i had learned-part of the beauty of the internet is learning what copyright stuff you could use and what you couldn't, without getting sued-plenty was up for grabs cause well for a snook who had a keyboard cat wasn't going to be able to go after me? Jesus. Was it always legal. No, but there was a difference between Criminal and civil legal and i was okay with the former. Was what she was doing legal? probably not.

Course a question that you could ask-was it a was move to sell bootleg merchandise of a woman who could probably punch me into the Atlantic-and i didn't have a good answer to that one-however again if she had the power to do that she probably wasn't going to worry to much about me.

in any case i have three guys working on Photo shop-hell i did one quick. and by the end of the day we had an entire line of Merchandise ready to go. All we needed was a name, and it was around CNN settled on Sunfire. Great. We ran with that and it was online and ready to go, as i started to promote it through my channels. We didn't have a Shirt Yet-but the beauty of a shirt was that i could get it to you next week.
Jane Young, CNN Segment Producer

Do you want to know how something Dumb happens?

I work for the Cable News Network. The World Leader in News. We where doing heavy coverage of the events in Fort Lauderdale, and the world was turning to us.

It was also the kind of story we weren't good at.

Now if something was happening in Say Washington or New York or even London Fine. We had reporters on the scene people to talk about it. South Florida Not so much. We had a couple of stringers in Miami but they where more for local political coverage-and we got em together to drive up...but...

Someone like an NBC or a CBS or even a Fox-they had an entire station of local news teams that could do good work. We didn't. We could license stuff like footage easy-but that's not quite the same. If only because there wasn't much footage. She didn't leave a disaster in her wake-no destroyed buildings nothing. We had one not actually bad piece of footage around 1 of her flying...but that was 30 seconds. And man did we play it with commentary scientists everyone.

When around 12:30 we got a helicopter in the area-which showed a fairly normal looking South Florida city in Late winter(i actually have relatives in Florida. been there. its okay).

What we did have is mid day reporters trying to scramble to keep spinning the story and doing our bests as we called everyone we could think of-scientists, politicians, theorists environmentalists, those crackpots who talk about aliens-to well to get some comment something to keep the story going from around 10:30 when i started to 4 when i got off work.

The name became an issue. We could just have called her Supergirl. It wasn't as if Melisa Benoist was going to fly in and object about it. Hell CNN technically speaking through a lot of divisional issues that still technically exist was owned by the same company as DC. Great. However i figured that would get problematic early and often if we used that or any name. The Name "The Florida Superwoman" was used once or twice, but i goggled that and discovered the name Superwoman was a minefield(did you know there was a porno named that?).

So we decided to go back to the drawing board and by drawing board i meant i got a cup of coffee talked with Sally who was off air at the time but our anchor, with a bit of input from Rob a cameraman who was pretty smart. I came up with Sunfire. I don't expect the Pulitzer for it. Florida was hot and her costume was red-fire was red. Sunfire.

It wasn't a great name, and in retrospect after hearing it on air we should have stuck with Florida Superwoman-it seemed more newsy less comicbooky-i figured that by the end of the day it would have been forgotten-someone would pick something better, or she would come out with one herself when ever they gave her the key to the City.....

but well that didn't happen. as we had endless people spinning and spiny and by the end of the day people on the scene...i heard other networks where using it.

Great. Well great. I went home to my Wife that night and we had a decent bottle of wine, and i ended up watching the Goldbergs on NBC.

Melissa Benoist, “Supergirl”

This was a problem I did not anticipate.

3 years ago I heard from my agent they wanted me to audition Supergirl on a new TV Show for CBS. I was ectactic. My agent was ecstatic. My husband was ectatic. This was at the stage they where interviewing a hundred people obviously but hey? A girl can dream. I did have some relationship with comic books and superheros growing up and it something.

I had done Glee for a couple of seasons and had a reputation as an actress who can sing-i am not sure what would mean. I had never really done anything actiony or fighting and I had no idea what that would mean- I was fit as the expression goes. I had just costared in Whiplash a movie that got some serious talk for oscars even though if that hadn't quite happened yet-and to me at least I was thinking that. And playing a comicbook characters could challenge that. I do think there is a world where if I didn't get Supergirl I would have at least gotten nominated for an Oscar. I don't think the academy would have nominated that, on a TV show.

But well beyond I hadn't auditioned yet.

a couple of hours latter when I went for a hike I thought about it, about getting it-this was the kind of part that sticks with you even if its just a pilot it would in some form get out and people would pay attention. In some form or another I would be connected to it. For the rest of my life. I would be the women who I would meet latter Helen Slater. I would be Lynda Carter. It would be me.

But something beyond that. I would be power in women. I would be the example kids would look up to-no matter how silly the script was, no matter how any of it when people thought of w omens potential from seniors to the littlest-they would look at me, think of me. When womens rights came up in the world-and it was pretty terrible even in plenty of places in America-they would think of me. Men would hate me because of this. But it would be me.

The script realized that, and that above anything else is what I responded to. I would do the audition anyway you always do-but by the time it happened a week later I wanted the part because of that.

And I of course didn't think about that.

The irony was that when I heard about it I wasn't supergirl. I was Dana Carver. Or would be I n a couple of hours.

Between the first and second they moved shooting of the show to Vancouver-which meant that after the season was over it was my first real time back in LA for awhile. I wanted to spend time with friends and such but well I also got an offer for the movie “Trance” which would be my first real staring role in a film-and I jumped on it, especially since it was filming here.

It was different. This didn't have a huge budget though I had my own trailer-it was a story about a woman trying to make it as a professional dancer while dealing with her mother who may or may not be dying-we where filming a scene in a dance hall that morning- and well we where waiting for it to light.

That can take a minute.

I was in my trailer. Listening to some music and considering but not doing yoga when I got a knock on my door. It was a PA came in and told me something was happening-she didn't specifiy why, but well we got my laptop and we looked at it.

It was around 10:00 oclock(pacific time) they had footage of the woman.

I didn't know what to make of it, but it was confusing. Yes actually we did as was the want of movies keep going, and 20 minutes latter we where shooting. I am not the biggest method actor in the world but I was a playing a scene where my character was confused and a little withdrawn because of something that happened-and well.

When I got back to my trailer, Frank(my PR guy) emailed and said people wanted a comment and that we should work up a tweet-and....why?

Then I realized why. This was also me. I was also this red headed stranger who from the picture looked nothing like me. I had bought this. I had no idea what this would do to the show its ratings, hows its proceived in the world. But I was somehow a part of it still.My PR guy wanted us to be supportive, glad happy to see this-but to that question I had no answer.

Lawrence Fease, Chief of Detectives Fort Lauderdale PD

That day around 9:30 Or so i first came to the crime scene and assigned myself the case.

That was the beauty of the job. I was a loose cannon outlaw who didn't follow the rules. And also i was effectively my own boss. Fort Lauderdale has about 70 police officers-which is actually a big number for a 100,000 town plus. About 60 of them walk the streets keeping the peace and the tourists mostly in check.5 where in administration about and 5 work for me as Detectives investigating the biggies.

I like my job. A lot more then any street work- this is in part because while crime can be depressing there is-an energy about it, a sense of figuring stuff out of process. Detective work in that regard can be a lot like detective novels-granted most of them are incredibly easy to solve-yeah the husband did it most often the real question was getting enough stuff to get the DA not so much to convict him but to sign a Plea deal...but the effect was the same.

This was different. Now 'she'(i refuse to use any stupid names) had committed several crimes. Breaking and entering was one of them- its actually a separate crime from theft-you can break and enter a building and wash someones dishes and still be guilty of a crime. Assault and Battery,destruction of personal property and Fleeing the scene of the crime(okay that one was something we just piled on). However i didn't think i could find a jury in this state or maybe any state to convict her.

So that was out.

But still the principal of investigation.

If you ever read anything you know the five basic questions-who what where how and why. You learn a lot about these in college for criminology-which yes actually have done-got a fancy degree and everything which isn't universal by any means in police work. I also learned around 12:00 when i got a call by the police and certainly around 1 when a team from the state bureau came to the go kart shop and other sites and started to pick over it with the kinda stuff you see on CSI that i was not alone in having a Fancy degree-probably from fancier schools then Florida state(we're National Football champion winning but not fancy) to help, get in my way, assert jurisdictional bullshit, make threats, treat me like garbage, but help was in there somewhere.

But they mainly seemed interested in the how-how did a woman fly into town and beat up a gang banger trying to rob an auto store. This was an interesting question, but one i decided wasn't directly important. I didn't have to prove to a hypothetical jury the physical principals behind her flight powers. So that was 4 questions.

When. Knew that.

Where. Knew That.

that Left Who and Why. Who had to parts-likes some kind of poetic phrase-him and her. Him was sitting in a prison sell waiting for the DA To figure out his move, which was most likely going to be throw the book at him which is what you do when get any kind of public attention. Her...lets table that for a second.

Why? That i figured standing around the go kart store for while was actually two questions. Why she wanted to become a vigilante-the her parents were killed by a radioactive comet, bite from superman. If we got to who we could answer that. probably depressing.

Why she decided to stop *this* Robbery.

She had to have knowledge of it. Knowledge that no one, not a security camera, not a system, not any witness had.

Because that was something i did investigate i did figure out. he broke in i am fairly certain at 8:46. We saw her flying into the city at 8:31, and have her at an other spot at a 8:45. This means she was coming in before he came into the city, and came to the crime scene fairly mealtime-within minutes.

i know this is veering dangerously close to how, but bear with me.

She was at a hotel 3 miles away from the scene streaked in and appeared at the robbery. We have witness reports saying that she was flying 100 miles an hour so if she had 4 minutes to do it this was plenty of time. However the witness at the hotel suggested that she jumped off the building-not so much to leave to fight crime....but because well she was spotted. as you do. if your a crazy superheroine and want to give a maid a heart attack.

So she just jumped off immediately and did it.

But that as they say in the business suspicious.

Hey i know what your saying X ray vision, super hearing all of that-and i can't discount that.

But the timing. it seems just to neat.

Keep in mind. Where a modestly sized town. This Go Kart Robbery 95% going to be the biggest thing that happens today. I would have at least looked at it anyway. This just doesn't happen.

Now i am not sure an inside job or a publicity stunt. Mr. Ricardo doesn't seem the type-i am actually going to suggest that she had knowledge of what was going to happen..

Well what i am saying the Why she was here why she did this is a bit of something to debate. Could be something very clever with people and payoffs...

But well it could be magic, which X ray Vision effectively is in this case. Scientifically advanced technology yadahaha...but even then it doesn't make sense. There is a lot of space around people to see. Where a crap filled world with crap filled things going on 100% of the time. To be that precise to see it...

In either case i have a question, and if you can figure out a solid question your that closer to an answer.

Francis Derrek Bum

Life ain't been great to me, but at some point i decided that was okay. I ain't one of those guys who had it all. I never had much in fact. Grew up poor, and at some point poverty took pretty much all of what i got. never great at talking to people, and so much of life is that.

I started in Virginia ended up in Florida, after a stint in Germany in the army, where i stood in an army base to defends us against the Germans. i donno. something like that.

But Florida. Move around the state periodically but i have kinda of made it my home. Weathers nice-chilly for a bit in winter, but nice. The cops if you don't panhandle to aggressively don't come at you, and i am not much at panhandling. But i am reasonable at getting food and shelter. Got myself at some point one of those surprisingly cheep little phone devices which if i can find wifi, means i can watch movies at night. Got friends on the street when i want it, and privacy when i don't. Yeah people on the street weren't always nice, got your share of crazes and drugs. A couple of times-cause Florida-i saw at night some alligator with a little to big a smile. its not a bad life by any means, better probably then those fools who worry about work and home. I happened to be in Fort Lauderdale. there was a vacant lot near the harbor that no one was currently caring to much about and i had setup a little camp of it. Like i mentioned i was about a quarter block from a jack in the box and could just catch its WiFi.

It was nice.

Like a lot of people i heard the news about her that morning. Actually i realized i was about 5 blocks from where it happened. i spent a lot of the day like a lot of people talking about it with people i know. it kinda of bugged me, though at first i am not sure why. there swas something about it.

It was around 10 oclock that night when it started. The rain. and that's when i realized it.

This wasn't unusual in Florida -well most of the rains tended to come earlier in the day, but not so unusual.

There was something wrong about the rain.

The way the clouds dropped it almost as if it was milking from a cow. a way it moved in these kinda of chugs. Something wrong about how it came down. it wasn't sweet, or bitter, or metallic, but as it put my mouth to the drop something was wrong in a way i can't describe. maybe it was the smell. wasn't posionious or terrible, or even bad...but...

i looked up at the sky. it wasn't lightening, maybe it was reflected light. but there was something, not bright, not some scienfiction bullshit, but there was something wrong.

i had been doing some version of this now for 20 years and you learn stuff. Streets can be a hard place and you put your nose to them you see stuff i had been doing some version of this now for 20 years and you learn stuff. Streets can be a hard place and you put your nose to them you see stuff. Somethings that aren't right. not just you know the 2 legged variety. the mists the veils

it lasted maybe 30-40 minutes then stopped. if anyone else noted the wrongness i didn't see.

Next Day i got out of town as fast as i could. Gave a 20 to a guy with an empty 18 wheeler. By Thursday afternoon i was in Tallahassee in the panhandle. i wanted to get as far away as i could from this shit.

Something was wrong with that rain.

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