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Chapter 15: Assault on Vaitarna River

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Assault on Vaitarna River

[The following record is a transcript of the meeting minutes recorded and archived within the case files for the individual known as Superior Girl. Information regarding the meeting’s location, times, and names of attendees have been redacted due to national security considerations. Individuals within this transcript are identified by their agency acronym associations.]

ODNI: Thank you for everyone’s attendance on such short notice. As many of you are already aware, various agencies across the Intelligence Community have been keeping watch on the woman who calls herself Superior Girl. For the past several months, Superman has been training a woman who is identified by the codename Power Girl. Through means that I am not at liberty to disclose, Power Girl has obtained the full powers of a Kryptonian similar to Superman. She is working with Superman under her own accord to help take down Superior Girl. As of one hour ago, Superman contacted me to inform us that he and Power Girl are ready to move against Superior Girl and Lex Luthor.

[Several attendees begin speaking at once. Unable to distinguish individual conversations.]

ODNI: I understand your concern, gentlemen.

DIA: Sir, we understand the need to take down a known terrorist like Superior Girl. However, Lex Luthor has repeatedly evaded our previous attempts to convict him on various illegal arms deals that his organization has been linked to.

NSA: As part of our counter-terrorism program, we have several recordings of conversations linking Lex Luthor to Superior Girl and her Ambrosia Amazons.

ODNI: Superman is also releasing information that he obtained through his own investigation that will directly tie Lex Luthor to Superior Girl as well as financial dealings with several terrorist organizations.

FBI: Are there concerns that information will be considered inadmissible in Court?

ODNI: This won’t be going through the normal courts. Based on evidence collected by Superman and our own agencies, the President will be declaring Lex Luthor and his company, LexCorp, an international terrorist organization. They will be tried under the Military Commissions Act.

FBI: ACLU is going to just love that.

DIA: How are we going to detain Superior Girl for trial?

ODNI: Superman has developed a method to remove her powers. Once Superior Girl has been turned back into a normal human, Superman will turn her over for trial.

CIA: What will our role be on this matter?

ODNI: This endeavor is completely reliant on Superman and Power Girl effectively disabling Superior Girl. Once they do so, we need to be ready to move immediately in order to secure as many facilities of LexCorp has possible. These facilities hold valuable weapons and research data that cannot fall into enemy hands. We also need to ensure that critical evidence is secured for use in trial.

DIA: Foreign or domestic assets?

ODNI: Both. Superman has provided a list of facilities identified as key strategic assets. These will take priority, regardless of location.

CIA: Given the timeframe for preparation, we might not be able to handle this quietly.

ODNI: Unfortunately, by the time that we go through proper diplomatic channels, most of these sites will have been looted or abandoned. The President has authorized us to act in the name of national security. Apologies can come later. It will be the job of the diplomats to smooth any ruffled feathers.

CIA: We may need more manpower to effectively secure these sites.

ODNI: DOD will provide any extra resources and equipment required for this operation. This is an all hands-on deck moment. Due to the extreme nature of this national security threat, all of you should consider yourselves to be working with a blank check in regards to making this operation a success.

[Several attendees begin speaking at once. Unable to distinguish individual conversations.]

FBI: Sir, just curious on worst-case scenario, but what happens if Superman and Power Girl fail?

ODNI: Then Superman and Power Girl will certainly be dead. Everyone in Washington will probably be killed in retaliation, and there will be nothing to stop Superior Girl from simply taking over the entire country. In other words, we either take her down in the next 24 hours or we, our families, and way of life are all dead.

[End of meeting minutes]


A few seconds out from Metropolis and I was hovering over the Atlantic Ocean. It had been several hours since Superman began his work. Ready or not, it was time. I contacted the Fortress of Solitude through my ear transmitter. Superman answered the call immediately. He confirmed that he had everything in place, and that I was good to go on my assault in India. Superman also said that he would send several secondary and tertiary locations to my mobile that I could hit after the facility off the Vaitarna River. Superman stated that he was going to head back to Metropolis to publish the stories, and would be onsite in case someone tried to retaliate immediately. I ended the call, and turned back towards flying to India.

Over the past few months, I had become quite accustomed to flying across the world. I felt that I was really starting to develop a better sense of direction and location as I crossed various oceans and continents. The Atlantic Ocean roared past me as I zoomed over it above supersonic speeds. My fists forward with my body flat as a board. My cape waving behind me. Soon ocean turned into land as I hit North Africa. The Sahara Desert with its endless dunes of sand was impossible to miss. Cities flew by me so fast that no one living there had even a second to look up into the sky to see me. North Africa gave way to the Middle East with its own endless deserts and impossible cities sitting at the borders of desolation. The sight of this region immediately brought back pleasant memories of my first adventure in Dubai. Soon, the deserts and opulent wealth of the Middle East was behind me as I was over the Arabian Sea. The spotting of the occasional oil tanker made me think about the Somali pirates that patrolled these waters just south of here. I imagined me flying down to save some oil tanker under attach, drive off the pirates off with their puny weapons, and then lift up the tanker out of the water and fly it to its destination.

Soon land appeared on the horizon that could only be India. Unfortunately, India was a massive continent that I had never been too before. So finding a river just north of Mumbai was harder that anyone would expect. I spotted what looked like a very large and modern city on the coast. Hiding was no longer an issue for me so I decided to just forget all about subtlety. I floated down and landed on a busy street in what appeared to be the middle of the city. As I landed, I brought out my cell phone that I kept in a small protect pocket underneath the belt across my waist. The cell phone came online as my feet touched the ground. Several cars and people came to halt as this blonde-haired woman in skin tight costume casually landed as if flying was just natural.

I pulled up Google Maps as some people darted around corners while others brought out cell phones of their own. I heard what sounded like a dozen different languages as people were wondering either who I was or what I was doing there. I quickly learned how to say Power Girl in several different languages. My phone’s GPS claimed that I was in the city of Mangaluru about 600 miles south of Mumbai. Not too bad for my first time here. I put my phone back into my belt, but kept it on so I could check it as I followed the coast north. Just as I was about to jump back into the sky, I heard someone calling out “Power Girl! Power Girl!” I turned around to see some brave, male teenager who had come up from behind with his phone out. Rather than secretly taking a picture of my ass, he clearly wanted a selfie with me instead. Eh, why not.

I smiled as I stood beside him, wrapped my arm around his shoulder, and pulled him close. He was shorter than me so his head was about even with my chest. He lifted his arm up with the camera facing us. I could not help but laugh as he had a complete shit-eating grin as his head practically rested against my breast. The photo snapped with him, myself, and my cleavage firmly in view. He took a second just for good measure. Several other people were also snapping photos with their phones too. So I decided to give a quick show. I took hold of the selfie teen by his butt, and lifted him completely off the ground as my hand extended upwards above my head. The kid was in complete shock as he was nearly 7 feet above the ground while I effortlessly held him. I smiled for the cameras so they could all get several shots. I then placed the teenager gently back on the ground, gave him a kiss on the check, and shot up into the sky before anyone else asked for a selfie too. I laughed as I had likely just made a local, maybe even national, celebrity out of that kid.

I followed the coast north from the city of Mangaluru. Several more towns and cities passed me by, but none were as large as Mumbai. When I got to Mumbai, I knew that it was the right place. The city was a massive metropolis of activity just like Singapore. Given the time difference and travel time, it was now late afternoon in Mumbai. People would soon be heading home from work in this city just as people would soon be waking up in a few hours in Metropolis. I checked my phone one more time as I hovered over the city of Mumbai. I floated a bit close to some office towers, and saw some flashes coming from behind the windows. Several office workers were taking pictures of me checking my phone as I hovered there. I smiled since the sun was just a bit behind me from those office towers. The golden hues in the clouds was probably creating some impressive pictures for them. I could just imagine the billboard ad of me floating in the sunset and checking my phone with some slogan “Power Girl. Only the best. Only Samsung.” Maybe I needed to talk to Superman about sponsorship when all this was done.

The Vaitarna River was the second large river north of the city. Should be easy to spot from the air so I turned off my cell phone, and stored it securely back into its hiding place. I turned in the air, and continued my journey north out of the city. The city quickly melted away leading to more rural area just outside its border. The first river quickly passed me by and before I knew it, the Vaitarna River was in my view. The river was quite large and impossible to miss. I began to scan the northern shoreline of the river for the LexCorp facility that Superman had mentioned. Just like the river, it was not hard to miss either.

The LexCorp facility stood on the river’s banks and surrounded by trees and other foliage. It was bordered by high concrete walls that were topped with razor wire. The facility did not have a front gate for any deliveries, but instead appeared to rely entirely on a large dock for boats and trawlers to drop cargo off at. One of the buildings did sport a large helipad, which was probably used for executives flying in for onsite inspections. The complex inside was composed of five separate buildings of various size. The tallest building had four floors with office cubicles showing through the various windows. Another large building looked like a giant garage or hanger. The campus had several walkways and a main road bisecting the facility. I could easily spot people walking about on the daily business. The people consisted from a couple of lab coats, business dress, and several armed soldiers from what looked like a private military contractor. Interestingly enough, I discovered that my x-ray vision was unable to penetrate any of the buildings on the campus. Clearly, Lex Luthor had tried to keep Superman (or Superior Girl) from doing any illicit spying.

I could have landed directly in the middle of the campus, pick a building, and start working my way through it at random. Alternatively, I could have just flown through each building like a guided missile until the entire campus was rubble. Or I could have just hovered up in the sky while I meticulously burned and melted the entire campus using my heat vision. Decisions, decisions. So many options, so little time.

In the end, I decided to do something different from all of those. Ever since getting my powers, I had wanted to do this. I moved back across the river and lowered myself down so that I was level with the walls bordering the entire complex. I then pushed myself forward and flew towards the section of the wall that had several people on the other side. As I got close, I straightened my body so that I was standing upright as my body crashed through the wall. For me, it was a fun feeling as my large chest touched the wall first, dimpled a little, and then pushed back against the wall. My amazing breasts were stronger than any concrete in this facility. The wall quickly cracked and then broke as my breasts following with the rest of my body burst through. As the wall exploded I could see the shocked faces of the facility employees turn to see what was causing the explosion.

As my body burst through, I called out “Oh, yeah!” just like in those old Kool-Aid commercials that I would see on television as a child. Unfortunately, none of the employees there got the joke as half ran screaming from my little display. The military guards nearby were equally panicked that Power Girl had arrived. I mean, how exactly do you train for that. The guards recovered quickly and brought their assault rifles to bear on me. Muzzles exploded with flashes as guns fired and bullets raced towards me as my feet drew closer to touching the ground. It was like the world was moving in slow motion for me. Bullets were flying towards me. My feet were just touching the ground as I landed. Rubble and dust from the now destroyed wall were flying all around me. I had to say it. I loved being super!

My perception of time returned to normal as my feet were firmly planted on the ground. The bullets quickly found their mark on my invincible body, but bounced harmlessly off. The shells hit all over my body from my waist, chest, and even face. However, none of these bullets caused even the slightest harm or discomfort to me. I reveled in the feeling of these pathetic weapons trying to harm a goddess among mortals. I turned to look at the nearest building to me. It was a modest size building with two floors and a couple of windows. That would be a good place to start. Ignoring the bullets, I turned towards the building and walked a couple of steps to the closest wall. A firm punch from my fist caused the wall to explode into the building, creating a massive hole for me to walk through.

The room that I entered looked to be some storage area. A combination of large wooden and metal boxes that held various replacement parts to keep a facility like this running. A brave soldier came running around the corner from outside to appear in the opening that I created. He leveled his rifle at me and opened fire. I ignored the bullets massaging my back as I walked over to a large wooden crate filled with what appeared to be pipes. I grabbed the crate and lifted it effortlessly above the ground. I then swung around towards the hole that I created to let loose with the crate. The box flew from my hands and smashed into the guard pushing him back hard against the part of the border wall that I broke through a moment ago. I could hear a muffled cry as the crash broke several bones in the guard’s body. Amazingly, the armor that the soldier wore had kept him alive, if barely. I turned back to the storage room, and looked through the door into the rest of the facility. The doorway just showed an empty hallway with a bunch of other doors to the side. Eh, too boring.

I walked a few feet over to the wall that would place me inside those other rooms down the hallway. I picked up a large metal crate like it was cardboard. The crate was full of steel rivets and bolts. A normal human would need a forklift to carry it anywhere. However, it was nothing in my impossibly strong hands. I held the crate with both arms that barely fit around it. One arm over; one arm under. I then proceeded to walk forward towards the wall. The wall itself was useless against me or my makeshift battering ram. Steel stud beams and other material holding the wall up crumbled and succumbed to my power. I tore a hole through the wall as I walked through it.

The next room over was an office complete with desk, computer, and furniture. I kept walking through, smashing into the office desk, and kicking it towards the opposite wall. However, my own progress would not be stopped as I just marched right through the desk. The desk split as my body and the wall proved too much for it. To me, it was like walking through a cluster of bushes. The screams of protest from the desk said it felt otherwise.

The next room over was another office in similar format as the previous. However, I could hear the loud footsteps of soldiers running down the hallway towards me. While my x-ray was blocked at the outside walls of each building, Lex did not go to the extra expense of lead-lining the walls inside. My x-ray vision pierced the walls into the corridor as heavily armed soldiers stormed down it. As the first soldier got close, I threw my metal crate towards the doorway with as much force that I could muster given my awkward grip. The crate sailed out of my arms, and completely smashed through the door and surrounding wall. It was like watching a bowling ball roll through paper. The soldier closest to the door was blown backwards as the wall exploded next to him. The other soldiers stopped dead in their tracks, and watched in amazement as I nonchalantly walked out of the destroyed office with dust falling all around me. To them, it must have looked like I appeared out of a fog. The soldier who had been blown backwards was rolling on the floor in pain.

The remaining soldiers aimed their rifles at me, and once again opened fire. The bullets bounced off my body just as before as I advanced on them. I casually stepped over the fallen soldier, which allowed my own body to protect him from further harm by his comrades. However, I was now close enough to grab the first soldier’s gun. I ripped the gun from his hands, and bent it into unrecognizable shapes seconds later. The soldier tried to turn and run. I instead gave him a little push by blowing a gust of wind down the hallway. The corridor became an instant wind tunnel as my breath was like a hurricane to them. The fleeing soldier was lifted off his feet and sailed into his nearest companion. Both fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The other soldiers behind them were also unable to stand, and fell to the ground as well.

I turned left in the corridor and punched a large hole through another wall. I started running through the building, not stopping for any furniture, equipment, or wall. All gave way to this goddess and her unstoppable body. Before long any structural support for the building was gone. The building groaned and cried out as it began to collapse on its own weight. The second floor and roof came tumbling down on top of me and everything else in the area. I felt large chunks of steel and concrete bounce off my head as I was soon buried underneath the rubble of my own making. I let the dust settle on my body, and used the opportunity to listen to the world around me. More soldiers were coming towards my direction while others were helping those that fled the building escape. I could also hear engines rumbling in several locations, but was not sure if that was people trying to escape on vehicles or something else.

As soldiers surrounded the pile of rubble that used to be a building, I stood up and shoved my arms outwards, causing the rubble to explode from around me. Several pieces hit soldiers while other chunks of concrete smashed into nearby buildings. I roared as I arose from the building. The soldiers immediately opened fire on me. However, the bullets just tingled my skin as they impacted against it. Someone threw something at my feet. I looked down to see a grenade resting beside my foot. I reached down and picked up the grenade. Before it could it explode, I squeezed it between my powerful fingers. The metal twisted and conformed to my incredible grip until the grenade exploded inside my hand. I loved the feeling as the explosion tried and failed to rip my hand apart. The feeling of the power flowing through me was starting to turn me on.

I turned towards one of the soldiers. My body became a blur as I zoomed over the rubble to come standing in front of him. I grabbed the assault rifle from his hands, and casually ripped it in two. The soldier was stunned at my action, and also at the bullets bouncing harmless off my back as I shielded him from harm. I grabbed the soldier by the uniform, and lifted him high into the air. I grabbed his body armor with my other hand, and ripped it from his body. The other soldiers stopped shooting for a moment. That seemed to get their attention. The soldier that I was holding tried to squirm out of my grip, unsuccessfully. I turned towards a group of soldiers and threw my captive towards them. He smashed into one of the soldiers, and caused both the tumble to the ground. As the others stood there dumbfounded, they suddenly turned and ran away from me. I smiled at their reaction until I felt something smash into my back.

A fireball exploded in between my shoulder blades. While the explosion did not harm me, the attack caught me off guard. I was slammed into the ground face first. My forehead actually cracked the concrete as it smacked into it hard. However, as I pushed myself up, I saw two craters had been created as my super strong chest had slammed into the concrete pavement. Two perfect sized craters seemed to leave a near perfect imprint of my tits. I stood back up and turned to see what had hit me. It was a pair of soldiers standing a good thirty feet behind me. One of them was holding what appeared to be a large rocket launcher. The kind of weapon used to take down aircraft or tanks. The other soldier was holding what appeared to be rockets used in the launcher. He was helping the other soldier load a new rocket into the launcher.

Before I could react, the launcher was lifted up towards me and fired. Another rocket came streaming out of the barrel and straight towards me. Time seemed to slow as my super speed went into reactive mode against the incoming rocket. The rocket slowed down as I perceived time differently than the humans around me. As the rocket neared, I braced myself on the ground and reached out to the incoming missile. My hand closed around the projectile and squeezed. The missile twisted and bent in my hand until it exploded right in front of me. A wave of fire and heat washed over me. Beyond a sense and feeling of raw power, the explosion did little beyond re-arranging my hair. To the soldiers, it was a pity that they were unable to see what happened as I saw it. However, as the dust from the explosion cleared, it was easy to see what had happened in a past tense. I stood there with my hand out, holding the remaining bits of the rocket with my other hand on my hip. I slowly opened my hand to let the shrapnel shards fall out of my hand and onto the ground.

The soldiers were clearly unsure what to do next. They just stood there for what felt like an eternity, to me at least. Twin beams of energy lashed out of my eyes towards the rocket launcher in their hands. The weapon heated up immediately until the front sagged and began to melt. The soldier holding the rocket launcher screamed as the weapon heated up, and threw it to the ground. The other soldier dropped the remaining rockets, and pulled his friend away from the action as fast as possible. I kept my heat vision on the rocket launcher until it was just a pool of molten metal. One of the rockets dropped to the ground rolled over in the molten pool and instantly exploded. The explosion was close enough to the other rockets that they too exploded in short order. As the smoke cleared, all that was left was a smoking crater.

I was about to choose another building when I felt a burning sensation on my body. For the first time in months, I felt real pain in my right shoulder. I stumbled onto the ground, and then turned to scan the area for the source. The area was clear of soldiers who had all run for cover in different buildings. However, as I turned to scan the sky, a green laser beam hit me right in the opposite shoulder, causing a searing pain throughout my arm. I looked up as I grabbed my shoulder to see a soldier standing on the rooftop of the tallest building with a high-tech rifle in his hand. As I focused my hearing, I could hear the whine building up again from the rifle as it seemed to be going through a charge cycle.

The searing pain in my shoulder and arm made me angry. Really angry. I had not felt such pain in a long time. The burning sensation hurt worse that punches thrown by Terri after she took that Synthetic Ambrosia or those enhanced super soldiers in Singapore. It broke my feeling of godhood that these powers had given me. Someone had actually hurt me. A mortal human had hurt me. I felt a fury building inside of me. I felt the darkness from Singapore returning. Before I knew what was happening, I lashed out with a fury that I did not know that I had inside of me. My eyes burned as a torrent of heat vision shot out from them towards the soldier. It felt like the energy of the sun was pouring through my eye sockets. The soldier and his high-tech rifle were instantly incinerated. However, as the beams hit the building, a large chunk of the roof and side wall exploded. In fact, my violent assault tore half of the entire roof off the building, causing it to come crashing down on the top floor.

I stood there as my rage continued to boil until I heard the rumbling of a large vehicle coming around a corner. I turned to look behind me to see what was approaching. The vehicle was a massive tank, slightly larger than the ones that I fought against in Syria. However, this tank appeared to have a lot more armor with a high-tech weapon in place of the normal cannon barrel. It looked like a larger version of the same rifle that had just hurt me. Seeing the larger version of this weapon on a tank only fueled my anger. I could only imagine how painful a larger version of that laser rifle would be against me. I could not take the chance of that turret’s weapon getting a good shot at me. As the turret began to turn towards me, I rushed towards the weapon at super speed. My body was a complete blur of motion to anyone watching nearby. My body slammed into the tank hard. Its armor was miraculously able to sustain itself against my rage-fueled strength, but the front of severely dented inwards. My fists slammed into the tank’s armor at super speed with a dozen punches hit in a fraction of a second.

I grabbed the tank by the front armor, and dug my fingers into its steel. The metal slowly deformed, but nothing like how normal steel would. I could feel my own muscles burning as power flowed through them. My biceps and triceps exploded in size as my muscles finally found something worthy enough to resist my impossible strength. The metal deformed and screamed as I slowly dug my fingers into it and pulled it apart. In the back of my brain, I remembered the incredibly dense and heavy desk that Superior Girl had in her office. She said it was made of a new alloy called Durasteel. This felt like the entire tank was made of this metal. My fingers had a good grip on the tank. I lifted it up in the air, and then brought the tank down hard onto the ground. I repeated this action two more times as the tank lifted high above the ground my this 6’2 tall woman. The tank smashed into the concrete road with enough force to cause small tremors. The ground shook as it tore apart the concrete. Digging my hands deeper into the hard metal, I pulled my arms apart and began to rip the tank in two. The metal screamed in protest as my super muscles struggled to bend it to my will. My biceps surged with power. My Kryptonian heritage was in full force as my biceps and triceps brought my sleeves to near breaking points. Finally, the durasteel armor gave way to my superior strength. The armor failed, and the tank’s front end ripped open like ripping open a bag. Two soldiers were inside with what looked multiple broken bones. They were both out of the fight. Electronic equipment filled the cabin area of the tank. I reached into the tank and grabbed each soldier as I tossed them clear of the ruined tank. I then unleashed another torrent of heat vision into the vehicle. The electronics melted into slag. The molten slag itself began to burn off into its component atoms as the power of a star flowed out of my eyes. The temperature became so hot that even the durasteel frame began to buckle and melt. The tank and everything inside was useless now. Using my strong hold of the tank, I threw it with all of my might into the large building that was now minus a roof. The tank tore through a side wall and then the large fence bordering the complex. With its support structure gone, half of the building collapsed. The tank itself landed in the Vaitarna River which caused clouds of steam to rise as the water tried to cool the molten metal.

I turned to see some of the soldiers getting into a large truck filled with boxes of supplies. There was no road to flee by, but the surrounding walls were damaged enough to provide an exit. However, I was not about to let these soldiers get away. I flew over towards the truck, and landed in front. The soldiers had started the engine, but were terrified to see my angry face in front of them. The truck itself was massive, and looked like those old military surplus transport trucks that you see in movies, complete with a cloth covering the back area. I grabbed hold of the truck by the front engine compartment. The metal twisted in my grip, but I was able to get a firm hold. Then, before the soldiers or physics could stop me, I lifted up the truck up into the air so that it was perpendicular to the ground. I adjusted my hold so that I was holding the entire truck with just my hand on the front grill. The driver’s side door opened, and one of the soldiers came tumbling out. He landed hard on the concrete pavement, and looked up at me. I must have been an impressive sight to see. Standing there in my white power suit, gravity defying boobs, and holding the entire truck by one hand with his screaming companions still inside. However, he was just the first as the soldiers in the back of the truck also jumped out as well.

I smiled at him, and then looked up at the truck. I lowered my arm slightly, and then threw the truck up into the sky with all of my might. The truck sailed into the air until it was little more than a small dot to the casual viewer. However, to my eyes, I was able to enjoy every moment as the truck flew higher into the sky. The soldiers who had bailed from the truck had lost all discipline at this point, and were in a complete panic. Part of me fed sad for them, but the part that won was the rage and anger from their experimental weapons actually hurting me. They were actively working for a man designing weapons with the goal of hurting or even killing Superman and myself. I turned back to the soldier who had been on the ground. He had gotten up, and was trying to make a run for it. I blew him a kiss as he ran. Of course, my kisses could cause a hurricane. The winds gushing from my lips slammed into his back like a brick wall. The soldier was quickly lifted off the ground, and flew straight into the concrete wall of one of the still standing building.

I took a moment to survey my work. Half a building was destroyed, exposing the rest of it to the elements. Another building was complete rubble. Soldiers and other staff were scattering in all directions. My work was nearly done here. I walked over to another truck that was parked next to what appeared to be a garage. I felt underneath the truck, and got a firm grip on the bottom. I then lifted up into the sky, holding the large truck with its cargo using only one arm. The truck felt near weightless in my hand, but its axle groaned in protest to my handling. It was not last long like this. I got about 30 feet into the sky as I surveyed the compound. A few buildings were still standing. I adjusted the truck so that I was holding it with both hands above my head. It must have almost been comical to see this tall, toned woman floating in the sky and holding a large truck above her head as if it was nothing. I turned towards one of the undamaged buildings and threw the truck towards it. The truck flew like a rocket towards the roof of the building. It smashed into the roof and collapsed through it. The end result was a large truck sticking out of the roof of the building. However, I could do better than that. I used my heat vision to attack the truck’s engine. The steel and iron that composed the engine melted at my gaze. I moved my gaze up the truck to the gas tanks on the side. A second later, the front end of the truck exploded inside the building, which started a massive fire. I watched for a few moments as the fire clearly raged uncontrollably in the building. The fire suppression system was not working with all the damage that I had done to the compound.

The large satellite dish on the top of the tall building that was partially collapsed was still standing, amazingly enough. I floated over to it, and landed beside the dish. I gripped the sides of the pylon holding the dish into place. The pylon was bolted into the ceiling, but nothing could withstand my power. I smiled and felt my nether region get wet as the bolts and steel holding the dish in place snapped. I ripped the dish free, which only caused more of the roof to collapse, and also saw parts of the top floor give way to the lower floors. I floated up into the sky with the dish in hand. I adjusted my grip to hold it by the dish itself. I squeezed my arms together, and crumpled the dish like folding a piece of paper. My breasts rubbed against the dish, which only made my nipples hard to think about how little strength I was using to crush this large dish.

I dropped the now useless dish onto the ground below. The dish landed with a loud clang that was impossible to ignore. I looked up to see the truck that I had thrown was coming down fast. I watched as the truck smashed into the ground like a missile. It exploded into a million pieces upon impact with a remaining building that had not been touched yet. The truck crushed a side of the building’s roof. It’s explosion also ignited another fire inside this building as well. With two buildings destroyed and two raging fires, my work destroying this compound was complete. I floated in the sky as I surveyed my work. Smoke from the fires surrounded me as I floated in the sky like an angry goddess. My rage had finally subsided. Seeing the damage that I wrought to people that would do me and Superman harm made me feel good inside. When this was over, I needed to give Superman a good, hard fuck.

I turned my attention to those fleeing from the compound. The smart one had grabbed the boats in the harbor and made a run for it. They were probably half-way to Mumbai by now, or stopped at some village nearby to hide out from my wrath. However, others not so lucky were attempting to flee on foot across the forested area north of the compound. I looked at each of them fleeing. and picked one. I flew over towards my target, and swooped down in front of them. They slammed into my chest before they even knew that I was there. The guy looked like he was a scientist based on his outfit. He was still wearing his lab coat and ID badge. However, what amused me was that he had broken his nose when his face slammed at full speed into my breast. Nothing made me hornier than thinking about my indestructible super tits. The scientist was terrified as blood poured out of his nose while he lay on the ground, looking up at me.

I said commandingly, “Do you know who I am?”

Unable to speak well, he blurted out, “Power Girl?”

“That’s right. Now, you are going back to that compound. When Superior Girl arrives and she will, you will tell her everything that you were working on there.”

The scientist was absolutely terrified, but needed no real encouragement after my recent assault, “Yes, I will!”

“Also, tell her that I have a list of all of Lex Luthor’s secret compounds just like this one. I am going to take each one apart, one by one. Then I am coming for her.” I said as I stared down at the man.

The scientist closed his eyes out of fear, “Yes, please! Just don’t hurt me!”

He lay there sobbing uncontrollably for several more minutes. Finally, the scientist opened his eyes to see my gone. I was actually floating several hundred feet above, watching to see what he does. However, true to his word, the scientist got up and started walking back towards the compound. He held his nose in an attempt to stop the bleeding. The sun was almost completely gone from the sky at this point as night was on the edge of falling. I turned northward, and flew off before giving any more time for Superior Girl to arrive with me still in the area.


[Video/audio logs recovered from secret LexCorp compound on Vaitarna River just north of Mumbai, India. Surveillance equipment had been setup as part of NSA operations to monitor activity at various black sites identified as belonging to LexCorp.]

Video shows what appears to be part of the tall, main building of the compound. Half of the building is missing and exposed to the outside elements. The area appears to be a lobby with a man in a lab coat sitting in a chair. The main is middle-aged and balding, and is holding his nose with his head back. In the outside area, a woman wearing Supergirl’s outfit appears to lands on the ground. Her landing is so quick and forceful that the concrete cracks around her. The building itself rumbles with dust falling from the ceiling. The woman gets up and walks towards the man who also stands in her presence.

Superior Girl calls out commandingly, “What happened here?”

“Power Girl. She attacked us,” the scientist stutters a response back.

Superior Girl appeared to loom over the man even though she was not too much taller than him. However, she appears to almost radiate authority and power, causing the man to cower slightly.

“Why would she attack this place? I did not even know that it existed until I heard the emergency call about some costumed attacker.”

“Ah, well … this was a research … facility.”

Superior Girl steps closer to the man who only cowers more in an attempt to make himself look small and non-threatening. Superior Girl grabs the man by the shirt, and lifts him into the air using only one arm. The man screams as his feet leave the ground.

“What kind of research?”

“Please! I … ah … I don’t …”

Superior Girl violently shakes the man. It almost looks like his neck will snap. “I said, what research?”

“Krypton!” The man screams. “We were researching ways to fight Superman!”

“Was it just Superman that you were researching?”

“Well … ah …”

“Tell me the truth if you want to live.”

“Anyone with powers like Superman,” the scientist said weakly.

Superior Girl glared at the man for several minutes. She then dropped him to the ground, and flatly told him “Show me.”

Both Superior Girl and the scientist then walk out of view of the camera deeper into the damaged building.


Broadcaster: “Thank you for joining us. CNN has the following breaking news to bring to you first. The Daily Planet has just released a ground-breaking story that directly ties Lex Luthor with the supervillain known as Superior Girl. This story comes as part of a year-long investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Supergirl and sudden appearance of the woman calling herself Superior Girl. The President has also announced that he will be giving an emergency press conference shortly. We now turn to Lois Lane, who working in cooperation with both Superman and Clark Kent, is one of the investigative journalists breaking this story. Ms. Lane, thank you for joining us here at CNN. Could you please explain what you uncovered?”

Lois Lane: “Thank you for having me on tonight. As you stated, Clark Kent and I have been researching the mysterious disappearance of Supergirl nearly a year ago. However, as we progressed in our efforts, we were able to uncover a conspiracy that tied Superior Girl to Lex Luthor and his company LexCorp.”

Broadcaster: “So, you have proven that Supergirl and Superior Girl are tied together as many have speculated?”

Lois Lane: “Yes. According to files obtained from sources inside LexCorp, Lex Luthor helped orchestrate a project that killed Supergirl and gave her powers to the woman known as Superior Girl. We have also uncovered the true identity of Superior Girl to be a former Stanford University grad student named Jessie Nelson from Dublin, California.”

Broadcaster: “Lex Luthor has been a well-respected businessman in Metropolis. That is a shocking accusation to level at him. LexCorp is an international company that employs thousands of people all across the globe.”

Lois Lane: “It certainly is, and we were just as shocked as you and your viewers were at learning this. However, the data that has been recovered by our investigations and through Superman’s independent investigation have proven beyond any doubt about LexCorp’s involvement in this scandal. We have also been able to tie several sightings and activities by Superior Girl to several weapon sales conducted in secret and also in violation to United States law.”

Broadcaster: “If Lex Luthor was able to transfer Supergirl’s powers to someone else, why did he give it to this woman?”

Lois Lane: “Our understanding is that Ms. Nelson was a research assistant in the project. We believe the transfer to her was an accident, which explains the other information that was uncovered. The files that we found regarding Superior Girl from LexCorp also detail what has amounted to a covert shadow war that Lex Luthor has been waging against Jessie Nelson since she assumed the identity of Superior Girl.”

Broadcaster: “Lex Luthor turned Jessie Nelson into Superior Girl, and is now actively working against her behind the scenes.”

Lois Lane: “Exactly, which is why we believe that Mr. Luthor took Superior Girl into his employment to keep her close. However, the files from LexCorp have repeatedly discussed how Jessie is uncontrollable with frequent references to her being unstable and a ticking time bomb as LexCorp scientists explain. Mr. Luthor has also meticulously recorded the incidents in which individuals whom Superior Girl has murdered in cold blood. Many of these cases were considered to be unsolved by local police.”

Broadcaster: “Absolutely shocking. I am sorry to cut this conversation short, but we have just received word that the President of the United States along with Superman are ready to begin their emergency press conference on this matter.”


[Communication from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to participating agencies of Operation Kingdom Come.]

“The President’s address to the nation regarding Superior Girl has begun. All forces are authorized to begin operations against identified LexCorp facilities. Metropolis Police and New York State National Guard units are in route to Metropolis to secure LexCorp Corporate Headquarters. Superior Girl has been sighted at LexCorp research facility on Vaitarna River north of Mumbai, India. Good luck and may God bless the United States of America.”

[End Transmission]

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