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Chapter 16: Battle at Winter Base Zero

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Battle at Winter Base Zero

“This is CNN with breaking news. Financial markets have been sent into a panic with the accusation that LexCorp has been harboring the known terrorist, Superior Girl, and participating in illegal weapons sales across the globe. Stocks in LexCorp have tanked sharply as investors attempt to flee the company before its assets are frozen and seized by the United States government, which has declared the corporation an international terrorist organization. Stock in both Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries have also spiked sharply in light of recent events. Both companies have released statements clearly positioning themselves to fill whatever void in legitimate business enterprises that will be created by the LexCorp scandal.”

“Metropolis Police have surrounded LexCorp Tower, and are working to detain any individuals who are leaving the building. The majority of LexCorp employees who were detained have been released and asked to immediately proceed home. All flights in and out of local Metropolis airports have also been cancelled. Earlier reports showed a large exodus of staff as news of LexCorp’s association with Superior Girl came to light. Before the news broke, Superior Girl was spotted flying away from Metropolis and has now been spotted in India. However, Lex Luthor has been reported to be still in LexCorp Tower. As people clearly fear a confrontation with Superior Girl may be inevitable, the immediate area around LexCorp Tower has been steadily clearing of people as surrounding office towers close early and businesses ask their employees to leave the area.”

“We will continue to keep you informed as the situation in Metropolis continues to develop.”


I flew further north following the coast line until I spotted what appeared to be another major city. Just as before, I landed lightly on one of the city streets. It was well into evening now with people walking home or dinner with a lot of traffic going about their business. The city was of a decently large size with several skyscrapers and other towers jutting across its landscape. I pulled out my phone from his protected hiding spot and turned it on. The world service quickly picked up a local signal, and informed me that I was in the city of Surat. Eighth largest city in India, fourth fastest growing city in the world, and famous for its food. The idea of getting a bite to eat sounded nice, but I was too close to Mumbai and without any civilian clothes. I had to continue on unless I wanted to risk turning this city into a battleground. I opened the phone’s messaging service as people stared at me. My outfit felt a bit too immodest for this area.

“Job done. Next target, please.”

A few minutes later, my reply from Superman came in, “Superior Girl already on her way. Publishing articles now. Next target is at following coordinates in Kazakhstan.”

“What is it?” I replied.

Superman answered, “Former underground nuclear missile silos from the old Soviet Union turned into special weapons research and testing facility by LexCorp.”

“Sounds like fun. Also, other facility had two weapons designed to hurt Kryptonians. Green lasers?”

“Kryptonite beams. Lex has been experimenting with them for years with varying success.”

“Hit me in shoulder. Hurt like hell.” I winced at the memory of the burning sensation from those beams against my shoulders.

Superman cautioned, “Be careful, at the right frequency those beams can temporarily shut down your powers, make you vulnerable to regular gunfire.”

“Will keep that in mind. On my way.”

The coordinates and map downloaded to my phone. I made a mental note of the location, and put the phone back into its pocket. I looked up to see a crowd had gathered around me, but was keeping a respectable distance. Many people were taking photos or video of me with their smart phones. I flashed a glowing smile to them, and the took off into the night sky as people awed at the sight.


According to my maps, my flight took me north past India, through parts of Pakistan, and then Afghanistan. I could see what I believed to be the Hindu Kush mountains. It looked beautiful. I made a mental note that I needed to return here after my business with Superior Girl was over. There was a lot that a woman with superpowers could do around here. Maybe I could spend a year or two helping clear out terrorists and other extremists operating in the region. That would be the ultimate insult for them. Defeated by a goddess who could crush their entire mountain range to powder and resist everything they could throw at her.

My flight took a bit longer than I had anticipated. Since there were no clear landmarks to help guide me, I had to keep flying down to spot a city that I could check my progress. I finally made it into Kazakhstan as the mountains began to recede into what I could only assume were vast hill country. Lands made famous by the rampaging hordes of Genghis Khan as he carved his way westward in creating an empire. After another hour, I spotted the site that I was looking for. Just as Superman had said, it was completely out in the middle of nowhere. The site looked like a small military base carved into a small mountain. Black trucks and other vehicles were dotting the outside along with soldiers dressed in the same uniforms as those guarding the facility on Vaitarna River. I did a scan of the area with my x-ray vision. Just as before, my powers did not show too much since the facility had a LOT of lead in the area. However, I just assumed that this was old fashioned Cold War radiation protection rather than Lex Luthor trying to keep Superman out. Either way, it worked.

I decided to take a different approach on attacking this site, however. I hovered over the facility to help get my bearings, and then shot down right in front of the door like a missile. I hit the ground hard. Soldiers all around me lost their balance. Trucks and other vehicles actually jumped nearly a foot into the air. It was like a mini-earthquake had gone off right in the middle of their base. I looked up to see two massive steel doors blocking the entrance into the base. The doors were large enough for an entire convoy to quickly and easily fit through, while still allowing traffic to exit the base unimpeded. I looked forward to ripping those doors open. However, the soldiers on the ground had to come first.

I got up from my little power landing, and ran towards the nearest supply truck. I grabbed the engine compartment, and swung the truck around to throw it towards a cluster of jeeps. The truck sailed through the air, and smashed into the jeeps. The vehicles tore each other apart. One soldier had gotten back up with his rifle, and opened fire on me. I zoomed over to him at super speed, grabbed the rifle, and gave him a light backhanded slap across the face. He was knocked unconscious, and dropped like a stone to the ground. I took the rifle, and twisted it apart with my hands. Other soldiers were trying to get to the base entrance, or were running for vehicles. I heard and engine roaring towards me. I turned to see one of those black jeeps undamaged by the thrown supply truck racing towards me. The soldier was clearly trying to see if ramming me would do anything. It wouldn’t.

I planted my feet on the ground, and used my flying powers to brace myself as I stood facing the jeep with my hands on my hips. The jeep crashed into me hard. The front of the jeep wrapped itself around my invulnerable body like it had just hit a large tree or pole. However, both my suit and self were completely undamaged by the assault. The driver was sent sailing over the jeep’s screen and into the darkness of night. I did not even bother turning to see where he landed.

Using my hands, I took hold of the jeep wrapped around me. The metal screamed in protest as the steel and iron inside succumbed to my muscles. I spread the jeep apart to free myself from its confines. I then took hold of the ruined engine, and lifted the jeep high above my head. Two soldiers came out of the darkness with their rifles blazing bullets into my general direction. Some hit their mark while others completely flew past me. I stood there smiling as I held the ruined jeep above me like an empty box. I could not help but smile at how these people thought their bullets could harm me. There I was holding a jeep above my head that has just wrapped itself around my body without leaving a scratch. Yet these morons thought their pitiful guns could actually harm me.

I threw the jeep at the soldiers firing their weapons. They scattered to avoid the jeep as it smashed into the ground near them, and then bounced off into the darkness of night. That was enough for them, however. The two soldiers dropped their weapons, and turned tail into the night. I turned back to the doors, which had the remaining soldiers positioning themselves. A last stand for the protective force on the surface. I could hear one soldier shouting into an intercom to seal the base and call for help. That would get Superior Girl here. As fun as this was, I needed to be quick.

I started walking towards the soldiers on the ground. Two of them had gotten behind what appeared to be miniguns on tripods behind a wall of steel. As I walked closer, the soldiers around them finished loading the guns with an ammo feed. The barrels of the guns began to spin with a distinct whine as their barrels whirled with increasing speed. Bullets began to fly out of the rotating barrels towards me. It was a veritable storm of gunfire from just those two weapons alone. My mind was racing as the bullets zoomed towards me. My own super speed had kicked in automatically as a defense mechanism. It had to be thousands of bullets flying out of those guns per minute. The bullets raced towards me, and impacted against my body before even I knew how best to react. They were certainly a stronger caliber than those from the assault rifles. I felt the impact of the bullets all over. In fact, it was quite an erotic feeling.

I continued to walk towards the soldiers, but felt the sheer force of the bullets pushing me back some. They were not hurting me, but they were certainly impeding my progress. I resisted the attempts to let the bullets knock me back. However, one gunner got the bright idea to move his weapon a bit up. As I got closer to them, their aim was able to improve without as much spread across my entire body. The raised weapon moved its bullet assault up my stomach until it centered on my right breast. The torrent of bullets hitting my breast and nipple was too much to resist. I gasped as I grabbed my invulnerable tit as a pleasurable wave washed over my body. The constant slamming of each round against my invulnerable breast and nipple was too pleasurable. Without even realizing, my other hand reached down to my nether regions and began vigorously rubbing with my fingers. Seeing my reaction, the other soldier moved his own weapon up to focus on my left breast. This just doubled the pleasure washing over me.

I could hear the soldiers. Some were laughing. Some were gasping. I think one in the back was actually masturbating as I rubbed myself. However, I was unable to open my eyes due to the pleasure soaking my body. My knees became weak as my legs gave out. I dropped to my knees onto the hard ground. However, the torrent of bullets kept coming and found their way into my open mouth. My head snapped back as several bullets went down my throat. I was instantly snapped out of my erotic revelry as the taste of burning gunpowder and steel went into my mouth. It left me unfinished and angry. I gagged as the bullets went down my throat, and spat a cluster of them out onto the ground.

Twin beams of heat vision shot out of my eyes towards the first minigun. The bullets in the path of my heat vision incinerated. The beams met against the barrel of the gun itself. The gunner let go of the scalding hot rifle, and jumped backwards as the minigun actually melted in front of them. I turned to the other minigun with my eyes glowing red. However, the other gunner took the message and back away from it. One of the soldiers who looked like the commander stepped forward with a pistol, and tried to take a few pot shots at me. I stood up as the bullets bounced off me. I blew a short burst of air towards the commander that sent him flying into the massive door behind them. His body smashed hard enough to knock him unconscious immediately as he fell to the ground. The rest of the soldiers stood there in terrified silence as I walked towards them. They were inside a small recessed area in front of the doors. If this had been a Bond movie, it would be the area that the mountain itself would around the doors, hiding all signs of the base’s existence.

I entered the alcove area with the frightened soldiers. I looked at the ones on the far right, and simply said to them “Leave.” The soldiers needed no encouragement from me after that. They took off as fast as possible into the night. I turned back to the three soldiers who were standing in front of me. The one in the back was definitely the masturbator from earlier as he laid on the ground against the wall. His belt was undone, and pants were partially unzipped. I quick peek with my x-ray vision showed something that I could work with, especially if my powers turned him on. I turned to the other two, which included the gunner.

“You boys are going to finish what you started.” I said as I grabbed the edges of my leotard’s boob window. A quick pull with my super-powered muscles pulled the opening down to reveal my large, naked breasts. Both soldiers looked at me in shock. I moved forward and grabbed both of them by the backs of their heads. I pulled them in close so their faces came against my naked breasts.

“Suckle, boys.” I said to them. They quickly took my nipples into the mouths, and began to chew and suckle against them. Before long, both were quick eagerly working my breasts with both mouths and hands. I gasped at their ministrations against my body. I also pushed forward, pinning them against the wall with just my tits. I turned to the other soldier on the ground. I commanded him,“Continue.” The third soldier reached down into his pants, and pulled out his member that was still partially hard. He began to stroke it in front of me. “Don’t cum until I tell you to, or you will regret it.” The soldier slowed his efforts to make sure that did not happen.

I turned back to the other soldiers. “That’s right, boys. Bite them hard. Your pathetic teeth won’t hurt me.” I reached down and rubbed my hands against their crotches. They were undeniably hard. I rubbed my powerful fingers over their dicks, and gave them a good squeeze. Both vigorously increased their assault on my tits. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation wash over me. I could feel my nether region getting wet again. I placed my hands on the wall, and rubbed my tits against their faces. The soldiers struggled against them.

I turned back to the soldier on the ground. “Look at your friends. They can’t resist my super tits. Ugh. This makes me so horny.” I took a hand, and reached down between my own legs to stroke my pussy through my uniform. I bit my lower lip as I felt myself building to a climax. I loved the feeling of them being unable to resist me as I just used my breasts to pin them against the wall. The power rushing through me as they worked each tit, and I worked my own nether regions in ways that they could not. I could feel my pleasure building as I neared my orgasm. While the idea did come to my mind about crushing these two men with just my breasts, I did feel that was a bit too far. I just needed the release after all that I had done in the past 24 hours.

I took my hands, and rubbed them against the members of the two men that I was holding hostage. Both were ready. I gave them a good stroke and squeeze through their pants. Both men came at the same time. The smell of their semen was overwhelming to me. I needed my own release, and I needed it now. Both men’s efforts were faltering now that they were in their own ecstatic throws. I pulled back from them, and then pushed my chest out to them. The force of my breasts hitting their heads pushed both men back against the concrete wall. Not hard enough to crack their skulls, but my love tap from my tits was enough to knock both out cold. They slumped to the floor as wet stains formed around their crotches.

I turned to the third soldier who was laying on the ground while holding his dick in his hand. He was hard enough for what I needed. I came over and straddled him across his waist. I reached down, and adjusted my costume to help expose my pussy to him. I spread my legs, and slowly slid his hard member inside me. I gasped as I felt it pierce my nether regions, even if it could not go very deep. It was enough. I placed my hands on the ground, and started slowly pumping myself up and down on him. The soldier eagerly responded by grabbing my breasts, and squeezing them as hard as possible. He quickly took a nipple in his mouth, and bit as hard as possible. I gasped as pleasure waved through my body. This man was no Superman, but it was stimulating the areas that I needed stimulated. I increased my tempo, but made sure to be gentle with him. I wanted to finish with this man inside me, not crush him to death. After the foreplay that his friends did on me, it did not take long. I felt on the threshold of my climax.

I looked down at him in the eyes as I continued to pump him. “Now,” was all that I said. He immediately started pushing as hard as possible into me with his hips. One. Two. Three. I felt his body and dick inside of me shudder as he finished. Feeling his pulsing member against my pussy put me over the edge as well. My own orgasm caused me to shudder violently. I pulled up and out of him as my body throbbed uncontrollably with pleasure. It felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of me. All the tension and buildup from my earlier adventures was flowing out of me. I felt at peace.

I rolled onto my back. We both let out sighs of pleasurable relief together. I sat up and adjusted my costume back to its normal positions. The soldier just laid there in ecstasy. I got to my feet and looked down at him. He looked up at me with a reverence almost bordering on worship. He clearly had a thing for powerful women so this was probably the fulfillment of a life-long sexual dream.

I told him, “When Superior Girl arrives, you tell her that Power Girl is coming for her.” The soldier nodded at me. I put my boot on his crotch, and continued “You will also leave this part out, and never speak of it to anyone. Understand?” The soldier nodded in reply before I removed my boot from his crotch.

I turned to the massive doors that were blocking my entrance into the facility. It was time to get back to work, and finish the job that I was here for. Superior Girl would not be far off soon so I had to stay ahead of her. I walked over to the door. On closer inspection, it had to a good 30 feet across and at least 20 feet high. This monster could probably even withstand a nearby nuclear blast, or prevent one from inside the facility from getting out. I reached out and punched the door with both hands together. The steel dented at my fists. I punched again and against until my fists had made a sizeable dent and hole in the door. All that was beyond was just more of that Durasteel substance from earlier. It was tough, but I was tougher. My fingers dug into the metal of the door until I had a firm handle on each side of the door. I then began to pull. My muscles burned with power, and exploded along my biceps, triceps, and other muscles that I never knew that I had. My costume stretched to near breaking point. The soldier got up and ran for his life. However, the door bent and bulged.


I groaned as I moved to work the Durasteel to my desire and will. Finally, the steel split as I ripped and bent a hole in the door itself. The giant door itself had not moved, but instead twisted and deformed to my godlike desires. I was not large enough to actually push the entire thing open. However, I was able to rip open a Power Girl sized hole in the door that I could walk through. The sound of its protest was deafening even to my ears. The metal screamed as it parted and twisted to my will. I finished creating my hole, and stepped back to admire my work. It had taken more effort that I would have imagined, but I had torn a human-size entrance into what was clearly a solid five-foot thick door made entirely of Durasteel. Just above my head in the doorway, I could make out a massive metal rod going through the door. Seeing my handiwork and effort that it took, it made me wonder what would have happened if I just rammed it at full speed while flying. I could probably still punch through it, but I had a feeling that I might also have a massive headache afterwards too.

I walked through my newly-made entrance into the base itself. The area was a long downward-sloping road deep in to the heart of the base. The corridor was huge and circular in design, but had a yellow strip down the middle of the road to clearly define incoming and outgoing traffic. Lights were placed into the ceiling so that it was well-lit. I peered further down using my enhanced vision. About a mile down, the corridor opened into what appeared to be a garage. There was another high-tech tank facing the entrance just like at Vaitarna. Several soldiers were also waiting around the tank, each armed with one of those high-tech Kryptonite laser rifles. This had to be fast and hard, or otherwise I was due for a lot of pain.

My feet floated off the ground as I raised myself into the air. In the blink of an eye, I took off like a missile. My body soared down the corridor as near super-sonic speeds. I covered the distance between the ruined door and the garage in seconds. My body slammed into the tank before any of the soldiers had a moment to react. At full speed, the durasteel plates were no match for my fists or body. I slammed into the tank and pushed it back towards the wall behind it. The durasteel bent and twisted as my firsts slammed into it. Once the tank crashed into the wall, it quickly compressed itself like an accordian as the metal tried to resist me. Finally, the metal buckled to my strength and tore open. I blasted through and into the tank, smashing into its engines. The tank exploded as my body crashed through its reactor and power source. The flames engulfed my body, but did nothing to harm it. As the smoke began to clear, I looked through it to see the soldiers turning around. One of them was shouting where I was and to open fire. I needed to act before they got the chance.

Zooming out of the smoke at super-speed, I smashed into one soldier and sent him flying over 15 feet into the air until he slammed against another wall. The crunching sound that he made told me that he would not be walking anytime soon. I turned to another soldier, and zoomed over to him. I punched him so hard that my fist dislocated his left shoulder. As my first tried to bury itself into his uniform, I realized that they were wearing some type of armor. The lack of damage that my first did immediately told me the armor also has plates of the same durasteel that the tank and door were made of. The soldier began to spin around as pain immediately started registering on his face. As he moved in slow motion to myself, his right hand was coming up towards his left shoulder. I grabbed him by the shoulders, and twisted around to launch him into another soldier to send both of them flying. A blur of motion later, I was in front of a soldier just starting to realize what was happening. I pummeled his body with my fists so fast that my arms were just a series of blurring motions. When I was done, the metal plates protecting his chest were dented and deformed along with several broken ribs. The soldier’s body began to realize what had happened as pain began to cover his face. Still moving in slow motion to my own perception of time, the soldier raised his arms as he was about to scream while his legs gave way. He slowly began sinking down to the floor. I turned to the last soldier standing and used my heat vision to incinerate his rifle in his hands. As time began to return to normal around me, the soldier dropped his melting rifle as he raised his own burnt hands. The other soldiers still conscious also fell to the ground in severe pain, but they would at least live through this encounter. Under the circumstance, it felt like the best that I could do in order to not needlessly take their lives. It was by no means perfect, but it would do.

I looked around the garage. The footsteps of more soldiers were coming from inside the compounds. This must have been all they could get to the garage in time. Several vehicles were parked in the garage from jeeps to large supply trucks. I floated over to one of the large supply trucks. I reached under and lifted it off the ground with ease. I still loved having these powers, and using my strength always amazed me how weightless the world had become. Like throwing a toy truck, I tossed the massive vehicle over to several other parked cars. The truck completely totaled them as its weight came crashing down. The cars were flattened like pancakes. I turned to several other vehicles, and melted them to slag using my heat vision. Several cars caught fire as the gas inside ignited. I turned to the doors leading into the compound and floated towards them.

As the soldiers came running down the corridor, the doors into the garage blew off from the walls as I gave them a good push with each hand. I noticed that my push left a good imprint of my own hands as I did so. The doors flew down the corridor, but failed to reach the soldiers as they stopped to look at what happened. They saw me floating down the corridor, and tried to raise their weapons to fire. I inhaled quickly, and then blew towards them as hard as possible. A veritable hurricane escaped from my lips. None of the soldiers were able to resist it. They flew back dozens of feet through the air until many slammed against the wall at the end of the corridor. I could hear multiple bones crunching. Many of the soldiers struggled and failed to get up as I abated my hurricane to let the soldiers fall to the ground. I quickly floated down the corridor, and grabbed several guns lying on the floor. Each were the high-tech guns that I needed to worry about. I twisted them apart so they were no longer a threat.

The corridor split down two hallways. I turned to the one on the right, and flew down it at a moderately fast speed. I stopped in several offices that were lined with computers or paperwork. A quick blast of my heat vision or super breath made sure that everything in the offices was useless. I did this several times until I ran across a room full of huddled scientists. My x-ray vision showed that it was some kind of safe room for them to cower in. I reached for the steel door that served as an entrance for the safe room. My hands dug into the metal like putty. The metal screeched as I pulled it apart to make my entrance. Two of the scientists wet themselves as I did so. I stepped into the room, and floated several inches off the floor to show my power.

I said in a commanding voice, “So, you like making weapons that can hurt Superman?” Most of the scientists were terrified to even look at me. They clearly had heard what happened when I arrived. I continued, “Well, I am not Superman. I don’t have his sense to not hurt people who try to harm me.” To emphasize the point, I grabbed a scientist in each hand by their clothes and lifted them off the ground. Both cried out in complete and total terror. I shook them a little bit to make sure that point was driven home.

I continued, “That tank you left outside is trash. The one at the facility at Vaitarna River is trash. I smashed both of them with just my fists. If you ever design anything like those weapons again, I will use those same fists on you. There won’t be enough of your body left to bury. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!”

I was surprised my shout did not deafen them, but each of the scientists got on their hands and knees. They pleaded that they would never do anything like this again.

“Destroy all of your notes and find new employment. If I find any of these weapons in the future, I am coming for each of you. I know your names. I know your faces. I don’t forget.” I ordered.

To emphasize my point, I turned and created a new hole in the wall as I casually floated through it. The mere steel of the saferoom was no match for me as my super strong arms ripped it apart like paper. I checked down several hallways. I found the kitchen area. Incinerated. I found the barracks. Trashed. I found the armory, which now had a big metal ball of former weapons inside it. Thankfully, the facility was not the sprawling secret lair of a supervillain that you see in the movies. I was actually surprised how small and compact the place was in the end.

My scans of the facility showed only two more rooms to destroy before I left. The facility had a small generator at the bottom of the facility. Right below what appeared to be a small data center of computer equipment. If I destroyed the reactor correctly, the explosion should also take out the servers with the research data. However, I had one room that I had to go to first. My scans also showed someone waiting for me.

I walked into what appeared to be the testing area for the equipment being designed. There were various statues of Superman and even a couple of Supergirl. The room was sparse but very large. It had several barriers and firing ranges setup to rest different types of weapons. Right in the middle of the room was standing Monica Braun. She seemed to be wearing yoga pants, sports bra, and leather jacket with her blonde hair flowing down her back. In her hands, she held one of those high-tech rifles. I marched through the doors to confront her. Monica just smiled at my entrance as I stuck a power pose with my fists pressed against my hips.

Monica’s smile turned into a smirk, “Well, that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

I smirked back, “Like your outfit hides anything either.”

Monica seemed to get a glimpse of recognition, “You were in Dubai?”

“So were you. Glad to see your face healed up nicely.”

“Yeah, the Ambrosia has a lot of nice perks. But I know you. Michelle?”

I crossed my arms under my breasts, “That’s me.”

Monica clearly got angry at getting confirmation at who I was. I knew exactly what was going through her head. How did she get full blown superpowers while I just got enhanced? If our roles had been reversed, I might have been asking myself the same question. Monica pointed her rifle at me. “Once I am done with you, you are going to tell me everything.”

I smirked at her again. Time slowed for me as I saw her finger closing to squeeze the trigger on the rifle. I moved so fast that I was just a blur to Monica. One second, I was standing over 20 feet away from her. Next second, I was in front of her with my hand on the rifle and crushing it. The rifle was ruined thanks to my delicate fingers squishing the metal like taffy.

I smiled at Monica as I said, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m Power Girl!”

I ripped the rifle from Monica’s hand, and threw the destroyed equipment across the room. As I turned back to Monica, she gave me a solid left cross against my cheek using as much strength as she could muster. The punch told me a lot about Monica. She was strong. She could probably pick up a small car. The fact that I did not hear any bones break in her hand told me that she was tough too. Maybe even tough enough to take a bullet from a small gun. However, Monica was not strong enough to be a threat to me. I also doubted that she was tough enough to withstand my own punches.

I acted like the punch actually did something and rolled with it. I then stood straight up and smiled at Monica. I grabbed Monica by the throat, and raised both of us off the ground by one hand as I floated upwards. Monica struggled to try and get away from my vice grip, but could not make my fingers move an inch. I tossed Monica hard against the far wall. She smashed into it with enough force to push all the air out of her lungs, but not enough to break bones. As I suspected, Monica was tough. I flew over to her as she tried to get up. I began to pummel her with my fists so rapidly that my arms were just blurs of motion to her. I refrained from using my full strength. I wanted to send a message, not kill her. However, this time I did hear several rib bones snap inside her chest. When I was done with Monica, she slid down to the floor. Her breathing was ragged. I could see the swelling begin to form on her face. Monica was done.

“So much for getting a real challenge out of you. Pathetic.” I said to Monica just to rub it in how beneath me she actually was. In truth, I just wanted to further rub salt into the wound. Monica was a trained killer who relished in even the modest amount of power that the Ambrosia had granted her. It felt good to take her down a notch.

I landed on the ground, and turned to walk away from her. It was time to get to the reactor. As I got about 10 feet away, I suddenly felt an intense burning sensation directly on my spine between my shoulder blades. I cried out in pain and staggered a bit from the shock of it. I turned to see Monica slumped against the wall with another high-tech rifle in her right hand. It must have been laying nearby since she had shifted to reach it. I had not noticed the weapon earlier. It was a careless mistake by my own overconfidence in defeating Monica. Seeing the weapon in her hand made me intensely angry. Monica now knew the weapon would at least cause me pain. I had given her visual proof. She got a little smile at seeing my angry and pained face. I swear that Monica even tried to laugh, but that was clearly painful to her. Instead, she squeezed the trigger again sending another beam directly into my right breast. The pain was even more intense as it seared my nipple through my power suit. The world went black and then red with pain as I crunched my eyes closed. I fell to the ground in pain as a third beam lanced through my body. A fourth blast ripped into my stomach as I writhed on the floor. It was the worst pain that I had felt in months. I could feel my muscles spasming uncontrollably. I could barely see or hear anything as the Kryptonite laser bore into me.

My pain finally found a voice in my throat as I cried out, “AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

My hands dug into the floor and tore out pieces of concrete and metal. I could not control my spasming muscles that were desperate to get away from this pain. However, my hearing picked up something that broke something inside of me. Monica was laughing at my pain. I could barely see through my half-closed eyes that she was standing with the rifle pointed at me. Pointing a rifle at me as she fired shot after shot while laughing at my pain. I felt the rage from earlier bubbling up in me again. Monica was laughing at my pain. Monica had found a victory even after her defeat. I was furious at her. I had let her live. I had just broken some bones, but those would all heal thanks to her Ambrosia. I could not let this stand. Someone needed to be made an example of when someone hurts me or another Kryptonian like this. The rage and pain coursing through my body caused something to snap. I am not entirely sure what it was, but I felt the darkness from Singapore taking over. The pain became a distant memory while my body seemed to be acting on its own as if I was no longer pulling the strings to my own actions. Using my power of flight, I rose up off the ground so that I was once again standing in front on Monica. I took two steps toward her. Monica shot another blast at me. I just let the weapon hit me. The laser beam hit me right on my left tit. The pain was excruciating, but I keep moving towards her. I kept closing the distance. Monica clearly saw the rage on my face, which turned her confidence into fear. I am sure that she had seen Superior Girl angry in the past, and it was probably not a pretty sight.

I grabbed Monica’s arm that held the rifle while grabbing that arm’s shoulder with my other arm. Using all of my strength, I pulled on her arm while holding her down. Monica quickly began screaming in pain and terror at what I was doing. A second later, in what felt like an unstoppable rage, I ripped Monica’s right arm completely off her body. Blood poured out of the now empty socket as Monica reached over with her left arm. I tossed the arm to the ground with it still holding the rifle. I unleashed a torrent of energy with my heat vision. Both the arm and rifle were burned to ash in front of Monica as she screamed. Rage and anger still coursed through me to the breaking point. I turned around and looked down to the small data center with the servers. I unleashed another torrent of energy towards them. My beams of pure heat and hatred burned through the floors until reaching the server room. The servers cooked and then melted while still in their racks. The smell of burning plastic and metal filled my nostrils even from several floors up.

I turned back to Monica still deep in my rage, and screamed at her like some savage animal, which caused Monica to coil up in panic. I yelled, “You brought that on yourself! Raise a weapon like that to me again, and you will lose your other arm!”

As I spoke Monica covered her ears with her remaining arm in an attempt to save her hearing. However, my rage-fueled voice tore through her ear drums just like the steel that my super muscles had torn through. Monica screamed at the pain. She was absolutely terrified. A part of me that was no longer in the driving seat was also terrified. I could easily rip her entire body apart or crush her into a small ball of flesh and bone. The darkness that raged inside of me seemed completely capable of doing that too.

Before I could do more harm to Monica, I instead jumped up towards the ceiling as I took off towards the sky. Anger was still fueling me. My body pushed through steel and rock like paper as I blew through the top of the mountain. Once in the sky, I kept going upwards as fast as possible. I turned in some direction that I don’t even remember, and flew away from the facility. I could feel the heat of my travel through the sky. I was traveling so fast that the atmosphere itself was trying to burn me up. I let the heat and flames of this journey meld with my rage and anger. When I calmed down, I found myself floating over an ocean. I don’t really know how long that I did my rage-filled flight. I was not even sure if I had completely circumnavigated the globe.

When I finally calmed down, I felt an entire host of emotions. Mostly, I felt shame and regret over what I had just done to Monica. I looked at my hands as they trembled. This was not the person that I wanted to be. I had gone to great lengths to try and not kill at both locations, unless I felt I had no other choice. Monica had shot me in the back even after I had stopped the fight, but that did not justify what I had done to her. I felt that there was a darkness inside of me; one that I did not truly understand. I knew that I needed to do something before going any further. I needed to talk to Superman about this right now. I turned westward and began to try and find exactly where I was in the world. Thankfully, I discovered that I had been floating over the Atlantic Ocean just several hundred miles south of the Caribbean. I changed course again so that I was heading north towards Metropolis. Superman was there in case of trouble at the Daily Planet after the news story broke. It was important that I be there too when Superior Girl returns.

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