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Asami's Diary of Power

Written by Akane :: [Monday, 19 June 2017 20:34] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:15]

Username: asamipotent

Name: Asami Kasuga

Age: 69 (Physically 20)

Born: October 8, 2645 in Tokyo, Japan

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Race: Asian

Height: 5’2’’

Weight: SE-CRET <3

Job: Renowned heroine, idol, teacher, scientist, engineer, lawyer, medic, fashion model, artist, entrepreneur and God of this Universe and many others.

Likes: Doing what I want, whenever I want!

Dislikes: The taste of broccoli, so much that I deleted that nasty vegetable from reality.


June 18

HELLO EVERYONE! It's your friendly Goddess and magical idol Asami Kasuga here! I decided to use a bit of the infinite time I have at my disposal to tell you all about my life day by day and maybe you all can get to know me better in the process. I will update this blog whenever I feel like talking about me. I hope It's not an issue if I ramble too much. Oh, who am I kidding? You are dying to know more about me.  I mean, who wouldn't? I'm only the most important person in the world, hahaha! 

As you know, I'm an all-powerful protector of justice that spends the day saving the world and doing a lot of good.  Nothing can beat me so it's really easy but even if sometimes it gets boring, I still feel like I did the right thing! I always use exactly what I need to in any given situation, since reality and physics bend to my will! You could call me a superheroine, but Goddess fits me better!

I was born in Tokyo, Japan, 600 years into the future.  Is that too complicated for you? I mean, I understand if it is, not everyone is a living, breathing encyclopedia and supercomputer like me. I was simply born in the future and I decided to live in the past because it is a simpler, less busy time, I like it here! I was born with all my fantastic powers already and by the time I was an adult I had already become the invincible Goddess you love with a passion.  There's nothing I can't do! I can't even die of old age so I might as well be present at my birth in a few centuries, hahaha!

My powers? Super strength, speed, mental powers, invulnerability, everything that you like will get a spotlight in the upcoming months, so I hope you all end up following me!

Until next time, cuties <3

June 19

HI HI! Here I am again, Asami, your beautiful Goddess, protector of the Universe, yay! I see that the subscriber count on the blog has risen up from zero to tens of millions in a day. That's great, but I didn't expect less, since my blog was even showcased in the international news yesterday!

Many know this already but for those that aren't from Japan, I'm a well known academic researcher and professor in more than ten universities from here, I even teach children and teenagers at high school! Where do I get the time to do this you ask? Oh I simply can be in many places at the same time, since I'm that fast! I can also process any information I'm teaching with ease and listen to all my pupils at the same time, the national Grade Point Average is much higher now thanks to me! Yay me! Nobody knows how I can do it, but any student I teach always gets the best grades both in my class and the national tests. It doesn't matter if they aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, I always get them interested in studying! If you don't believe me, for the next 10.000 subscribers I will give private lessons and help them pass their exams for free!

I'll comment on the results of my research in the next entry, see ya <3

June 21

Hi again! Last time I talked about academic stuff, well, that's not all! For those that don't know yet, I'm pretty smart.  I wouldn't even say the most intelligent lifeform on Earth, as a matter of fact I have researched that too and I found out that I'm the most intelligent being in the entire Universe! Not even the smartest species in the cosmos compares to my mighty intellect hahaha! Furthermore, if you add up everyone’s IQ's in the entire Universe, the resulting number would still be an infinitesimal fraction of mine, isn't that great? I discovered the true origin of the Universe, how physics works on a perfect level that normal humans couldn't even start to comprehend and I'm confident that I know literally everything! My super senses and mind can pick up all the information that exists at any time, no matter how far I am from the stimulus, and understand it almost before I even receive it! It's hard to explain to normal humans but for someone like me that can see the future and the past with so much clarity, time and speed are merely suggestions.

Of course many people wonder why I don't use the powerhouse that is my brain to help mankind progress. Well...that's partially the truth, I wouldn't want to push humanity to enlightenment that fast, since the time I come from is messy enough. I prefer you all to be more simple and approachable since people from my era are really strange in comparison! For now you will have to make do with little gifts, though in a few years I might release the cure for cancer. Oh! And don't forget that last year I gave you the perfect renewable energy source and flying cars! Hope you liked those!

If you were me, you would experience how exciting it is to possess so much knowledge and having infinite data being processed in your head every second, a shame that no one except me can!

Asami out <3

June 22

Hello little fans! I'm very happy to see that at least a quarter of the world's population is subscribed to this blog by now. I've been thinking about the reason for this.  Obviously It's because I'm world famous and you think about my perfection all the time. But honestly, I think it’s because of the pictures I post with my blog entries. I simply needed to read the minds of everyone on Earth to understand it, you all love my body! And I mean, who wouldn't?

First you have my little 5'2” frame, I look petite but my body is more than worthy of a sex goddess. I know for a fact that I'm objectively the hottest woman on Earth, so I can see why you are all obsessed with me! My legs are long and well sculpted, ending in a bubble butt of pure power and softness at the same time. My motherly hips connect to my tiny waist and give me the perfect hourglass figure while my gigantic chest makes both men and women around the world drool. I don't even make lesser women jealous, they adore me as well, I’m just irresistible! My face is the most beautiful thing in existence, and even nature bows in my presence because that's how perfect it is.  I’ve got kissable, peach colored lips, a cute button nose, obsidian eyes that the universe tries (and fails) at mirroring and perfect dark hair that elegantly cascades until it nearly touches the floor. I think I forgot to tell you my body is as strong as my mind!

Yes, my body is pure perfection and the incarnation of the concept of sex, and it's also the strongest material in the universe. You literally can't damage me with anything and I can do whatever I want to you, but that I will leave for later.

Stay tuned for more about my beauty <3

June 23

I'm here again! Missed me? What was I talking about last time? Oh yes, beauty! Well, you already know how much of a petite bombshell I am, but that's not all, everything about me works in such a way that everyone finds me the most stupidly beautiful person they have ever seen. That's not only because I am, I also have enhanced pheromones. That’s right, even my secretions are superpowered! They work extremely well, everyone falls in love with me when they smell me from a distance, assuming they were not already in love with me after seeing my incredible body at work! This works for men, women and even humanoid alien species, they all become infatuated with me no matter how strong-willed they are and easily succumb to my charms like zombies! Animals love me too, but not in that way, they simply like to be around me.  Seems nature loves me too!

Honestly sometimes I have to tone down this power, if I use it at its full potential I would paralyze the entire universe for a long time and we don't want that, right? As you can see, I use my powers responsibly, I'm not power-crazed or something like that! Being all-powerful has been a part of my life since I was a child and it’s natural to me.  So don't worry little ones, you are safe in my powerful but dainty hands! Which reminds me that I have to do my pedicure. Voilá! Just thought about it and it happened, I will tell you about my reality warping later!

I have to go, see ya Asamiheads <3

June 25

Have I ever told you that I work as a model too? "Model" would be the perfect term in fact, as mankind has come to think (correctly so) that I should be the standard of beauty which by you should judge lesser grades of beauty. It’s not wrong, the most beautiful people in the world tend to look similar to me but they never achieve my level of genetic perfection. I like the job anyway, I get to wear cute outfits and be admired by people that love watching me on the catwalk and I never fail to amaze! I have sponsored perfume, clothes, even cars because everyone knows that any product I advertise will sell like hotcakes! I wonder when they will put a photo of my face next to the word "gorgeous" in the dictionary!

I won't update in a while, maybe I will write more when something extraordinary happens. By the way, the next few pictures on the blog are all going to be from a recent modelling session I had, so be hyped!

Bye bye <3

July 6

Worry not little ones! Your Goddess hasn't abandoned you! I did a lot of things last week, many of them are incredible feats that any fan should love. You know that there is a war in the Middle East right now, right? Well, I foresaw that a truck full of refugees was gonna be destroyed by a missile. I could see it from my home in Tokyo, as my eyesight is phenomenal to say the least! Sadly I couldn't save them in time and I almost got emotional, but no problem! Just had to twirl my fingers a little and time was reversed for a second, more than enough time to fly there in an instant and facetank the missile for them! That puny weapon didn't leave a scratch on me obviously. Everyone was cheering for me because I saved them, that was so cool! I protected them from then on, using my super breath to clear the way of tanks, enemy soldiers and other pests. No, I couldn't kill them, that would be so hypocritical of me. I let them live with the advice of leaving those defenseless children, women and wounded alone. Ain't I merciful? 

Well, after I saved them I got back to my house in Tokyo, which again, took me less than a millisecond, as I'm really fast! Though I wouldn't need to be fast anyway as I can play with time as much as I like and turn it back when I don't like the result.  Playing with time is fun, it's like everything around you stops moving, like a static background from a badly animated cartoon! It's great!

I have to go now, bye <3

July 9

Minasan, konnichiwa! This morning I was asked by the military to test their new nuclear bomb, and I thought, why not? I've been partying for the last three days and now I guess I can do something of worth! They had me waiting for a while sadly, but don't worry, I and the soldiers had some fun together as they saw how easy it was for me to juggle their tanks and vehicles like they weighed nothing and lift planes by the snout with my pinky.

After that they told me to enter a deserted zone with nothing around in miles, although with my eyes I never feel alone, as I can see as far as the limit of the Universe from anywhere! Then I noticed an explosion and suddenly everything became bright, of course I could see perfectly regardless, as I’ve been inside suns a thousand times bigger than ours and this pathetic light was nothing to me. It was obvious that they used the nuke on me and everything was wiped out around me, however all I felt was a soft and warm breeze that caressed my body and made me moan a little. It was relaxing, and also intoxicating, knowing I'm so powerful not even a nuke can hurt me in the slightest.

Well, this one was a bit stronger than the last one so I would have to tell them how it felt, at least this time I felt some sort of massage. They told me this one could have destroyed the Earth a few times over had I not absorbed the impact, but just for safety reasons I decided to inhale the entire shroom. It took one second for me to absorb the entire nuke, as well as a lot of the sand and rocks of the desert around me.  Everything was easily compressed in my lungs. I saved the day again with a trivial action like that! The military can't even comprehend how much powerful I am, they don't even know I can read their minds and see that was an attempt on my life, how cute!

Hasta la vista! <3

July 10

Hi girls and boys! Did you know that the nuke I ate yesterday was actually visible from space? Not bad for regular humans! That gave me an idea, it was a Sunday so I had nothing to do and decided to jump into space to have a little fun with my powers. That tiny leap was enough to kickstart my flight and I was in space in no time at all! It’s such a joy not needing air to breathe, and the absolute zero temperatures don't even make me shiver either. In less than a millisecond I run a million laps around the entire universe. For someone of my speed everything that exists sometimes can feel claustrophobic, you know? Small even.

I still had a lot of fun though. I destroyed entire meteors, planets, moons and everything as I was flying, while of course trying not to hit the ones inhabited by intelligent life! I caused many supernovas just to experiment with the warm feeling of being totally invincible against cosmic sized explosions just to relax later in the subsequent black hole I helped create. There is no force in the Universe that holds up against me so I don't fear a little gravitational force here and there trying to pull me. After doing all that I bathed in our sun, I like to do that a lot.

Then I plunged into the Earth, unaffected by the heat of reentry. My body crashed into the Pacific Ocean and I started diving really deep, so deep that even submarines get compressed by the sheer pressure of the water. Just for fun I pushed one of the walls and whoops! I think I displaced the continental plate a little! Sorry for that, maybe you will experience an earthquake or two today but you'll be fine, I promise!

And that's what I have done today, be safe <3 

July 11

I talked about this power the other day but look! I can change reality just with a thought, since I'm so powerful that the Universe simply obeys my command! In this photo I'm impressing my handsome photographer by taking some of my hair (which by the way is stronger than any substance in the Universe and can cut through everything) and making it disappear in front of him. I really like my new look but I wonder when I’ll get tired of it, though it ultimately doesn't matter for me as I can change my body and others' the way I want without repercussions.

Sometimes I change reality for fun. For example, this stud of a photographer had sex with me seconds after the picture was taken and I just needed to blow on his dick to make it bigger, that's how powerful and easy to use is my magic!

I have more modelling photos but this will have to do for now, bye <3

July 12

I'm back sweeties! Look at this picture I took today! To the untrained eye these look like normal objects but they are actually made of the heaviest material in the Universe and I compressed them with my own hands from a meteorite. Each one weighs as much as an aircraft carrier, but as you can see, my titties feel nothing and don't even flinch, since they are super too and can support this puny weight like it’s nothing! Doesn't this remind you of that time I lifted the entire moon with my breasts on live TV? That was fun too!

My house is full of art like this, I can't help but to take heavy materials and mold them with my hands like they are clay.  Nothing can resist my power, or my creativity. Nothing whatsoever!

Please don't ask me to sell them to you, your normal houses couldn't hold them without falling apart <3

July 20

Hi guys, lately I have been in a philosophical and existential mood.  My superpowered mind can't stop racing with complex and deep thoughts about me, the Universe and mankind. Perhaps I have been too lenient with mortals? What is the meaning of having lesser beings running around when a perfect entity like me exists? If anything, I should be the only being in existence, you don't have a purpose anymore now that I exist. Perhaps I should just destroy the Universe and make a new one, one without life, a personal playground only for me. I think I deserve it.

I don't know, I just...sometimes I find you so pathetic and flawed.  You are nothing more than ants to me. I could blow a little air from my kissable lips and the world as you know it would end. You’re such pointless and weak creatures if you think about it. Of course you may get angry if you read this, but the truth is that everything but me is inconsequential and exists only because I allow it.

Who knows? I may change my opinion in the next few days but I'm feeling really tempted to end everything. I don't need you at all but you’re so dependent on me. I really hope I can find enough worth in you soon little ones, but maybe you would have to prove it first, I'm your Goddess after all!

Well, see you next time, if there's a next time.

July 21

Good news for all of you! I've decided not to rewrite the Universe! I just needed a little peace and calm in the stars. It seems that the blog's subscriber count has even more subscribers than the number of people that actually have access to the internet, which is very impressive. I'm sorry that my announcement yesterday caused so much trouble, I heard many cities were almost destroyed by apocalyptic riots, but not anymore! I made my mind and I won't punish you! However I still had a lot of fun yesterday, as you probably noticed by watching any news channel.

This phenomenon has an explanation. You see, yesterday I felt like using our Galaxy as a ship, so I began to move it slowly around the Universe with my mind. The galaxies that were about to collide with us were easily dispelled by my finger. I just had to twirl it a bit with little to no force and I noticed how the alien galaxies started to spiral out of control.  Their planets and stars were destroyed in the whirlwind caused by my powerful finger. I destroyed a lot yesterday and I didn't feel better, so I decided I won't end the world.

Be happy now, everything turned out just fine <3

July 22

Time for a new sexy picture of me guys! But this time it's not like the others, this one is actually an endearing anime-styled drawing made by one of the mangaka that stared at my ass constantly today when I decided to take a walk around Akihabara. Many other sexy pictures of me have been uploaded to art sites already but I liked how this one captured my body's perfection so there you have it!

What am I wearing? Oh yes! It’s actually one of my sexiest creations. I usually don't wear it in public but given how erotic it is I just had least once. Look at that black, shiny material that hugs my flawless curves and generous figure...mhm...

But its origin tells a lot more about it than you think!

You know I'm from the future right? Well, I grew bored of that future and went back to the past to live here with you all, but before doing that I destroyed the future Universe. Yes, I’m serious when I say that.  Sadly there was nothing worth saving but as you can see I took a souvenir from the future in my journey.  This suit is not actually made of latex, it's made of the entire future Universe! I just had to fold it into a small, humanoid shape and there you have it! A new cool outfit made of trillions of galaxies! Cool, huh? I didn't even have to exert myself to do it. If you take a closer look you can actually see the stars, it's like wearing a microcosmos. Sadly sometimes it breaks because of my voluptuous figure.  Guess not even the full mass of an entire universe can contain my pretty skin pushing outwards, funny eh?

Maybe someday I will design clothes for mortals too, you can give me ideas if you want <3

July 24

I don't have much to say this time but here goes nothing, a new picture of me for everyone to share, ain't I pretty? It's a shame that you can't print it, it will automatically unprint itself if you do so. Isn’t my reality bending fun? Take care <3

July 28

Oh hi there! A lot of time has passed since my last existential crisis and I have been feeling more motivated than ever to make my presence on Earth even more significant! So, hear this, just for fun, I decided to create a new brand of milk, one that contains my essence. I'm sure everyone will love it and choose it over every other brand. I just feel so happy when I outdo everyone else with ease! I'm not a bad person because of that, right?

This picture is from an ad for my milk that is turning up everywhere, from boards to the back of buses all around Japan. The brand has become really popular already because my perfect image can sell anything, specially if I'm posing as provocatively as that!

Stay here for more news on this little project of mine soon! <3

July 30

Wow there you have it guys! It's only the second day and my brand is already Japan’s favorite! I may have to expand to the international market and compete there, though I’m sure I’ll win easily anyway!

Oh! Yeah, it's everywhere in the news today, the effects of my milk are magical and tend to enhance humans but I never expected this! Looks like Japanese females are getting prettier and bustier day by day thanks to my super dairy! Of course, since it's made with my power, eventually it will make you look similar to me! It's funny, men are going crazy for this, maybe I’ll fix Japan’s poor birth ratios? I never intended this to happen but it's funny to think how much good something as simple as milk can accomplish, hahaha!

Have a good evening everyone <3

August 1

I'm sorry guys but this is the last entry of my wonderful blog. I know it’ll be difficult to keep moving forward without reading me but don't despair, I may want to return to it in the future, who knows?

The reason for this is that I want to spend more time with my new girlfriend, Jeanne! She's the bombshell in the photo, I met her in the past when I travelled to the middle ages out of boredom yesterday. She was dying out of asphyxiation on a burning stake so I gave her superpowers to survive and now she is a lesbian superhuman hottie that adores me! I'm totally in love with her and we have so much fun together. I bet you are all sooo envious for not being in her place. A pretty understandable feeling if I say so myself!

She is not a Goddess like me but she has enough power to defeat humanity alone if she wants so please don't make her mad! For now she is dedicated to fighting crime in her spare time. She’s a good girl and gives me the best sex I could ever wish! No surprises here, since I enhanced her to be able to do so!

Well, it was fun while it lasted but I'm going out with Jeanne now! Until next time my beloved fans <3

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