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Chapter 18: Invasion of the Amazons

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Invasion of the Amazons

There appeared to be a pause go through everyone as the onlookers took in the scene that they were watching. Superman and Power Girl were standing in the middle of the plaza with Superior Girl rubbing her cheek while lying on the ground. The rioters trying to get to the Ambrosia Amazons, the police holding them back, the Ambrosia Amazons watching their goddess sprawled on the ground, and the reporters trying to film every single second of it. For a brief second, the entire world was watching through their television sets or online, and could hear a pin drop as they collectively held their breath. Then, it all changed.

The Ambrosia Amazons watching events unfold in LexCorp Tower gave out a loud roar at the sight of Superior Girl being knocked to the ground by the two Kryptonians. The rioters joined that roar as they pushed towards the police to get through to the sweet Ambrosia that was waiting for them. The police pushed back hard against the rioters as they pushed forward. Finally, the Ambrosia Amazons streamed out of LexCorp Tower in all directions. Many ran towards the police to allow as many people desiring to join them to come. Other Ambrosia Amazons headed straight for Superman and Power Girl. The two Kryptonians turned to see a group of women coming straight for them. One of them got close enough, and gave a right cross to Superman’s cheek. Superman was caught off guard by the punch, which caused him to turn his head away from the attack. The punch actually hurt a little bit even though the damage was just superficial. These newly enhanced Ambrosia Amazons could punch hard. Two other women jumped on Superman, and were quickly able to take him down to the ground together. They both landed on him, and started throwing punches over and over into his face and body.

I watched Superman get taken down by the two Ambrosia Amazons, and quickly turned to the group of Amazons running towards me. I blew a wall of air towards them, which pushed them off balance. They were incredibly strong, but unprepared for my super breath. The girls flew backwards as they struggled to maintain and then lost their balance on the ground. These Ambrosia Amazons may be strong, but at least they did not have the ability to fly. I turned quickly to see if anyone else was rushing me, but the other Amazons were pushing towards the police. One of the women ran up to a parked police car, reached under it, and lifted the car over her head like it was almost nothing. The woman laughed as if drunk on her own power, and threw the car over the heads of the onlookers into a building across the street. The car smashed through the windows on the fourth floor of the office tower. Police officers around her scattered for cover as they reached for their guns.

As I watched the action unfold, I suddenly felt a battering ram rush into me as incredible speed. My body along with whatever hit me flew in the air, and smashed into another office tower across from the plaza. My body tore through the wall in between the windows, and ripped apart the cubicles, chairs, and desks that stood in my way. The computers along with any office knick-knacks flew all over as my body proved stronger than any of them. I slammed into a wall in the middle of the tower that housed the elevators and major support structure of the building. The wall cracked and nearly broke, but my velocity had already been slowed enough by the office equipment in my way. I back to see what had hit me. My path from the window was strewn with destroyed office equipment and cubicles. Hovering in the middle of that path was Superior Girl who just smirked at me.

Superior Girl smugly said, “Now we know how strong you would become thanks to my Ambrosia.”

I pushed myself away from the wall, and stood facing Superior Girl with my hands balled into fists. I responded, “Yeah, food of the gods was an appropriate name.”

I rushed towards Superior Girl at super speed. My body would have been a blur to the rest of the world, but to someone as enhanced as she was it appeared perfectly normal. I swung my fist at Superior Girl, but she just raised her arm and blocked the punch. Superior Girl used her other fist to punch me hard in my stomach. I felt her fist connect hard against me. It hurt like hell, and forced air out of my lungs. Part of me enjoyed the fact that it did hurt. After the events in Asia, I needed a good, hard fight with someone that I did not have to hold back on.

I doubled over from the punch, but part of that was more act than anything else. Superior Girl clearly thought she was tougher than me. I balled my right hand into a fist, and came back up quick with an upper cut of my own to her chin. I caught Superior Girl completely off guard as my fist connected. Superior Girl was shot up through the ceiling, and plowed through 10 floors much in the same configuration as this one. I followed her up with my x-ray vision, and used my flying power to tear through the floors in between us. My body split apart floors and ceilings. Any furniture in the way was reduced to splinters. I exploded through the floor of the level that Superior Girl landed on. She had gotten up, and was flying towards me. The new Maid of Might tackled me in my stomach with her shoulder like some football linebacker, and used her flying power to push me out the building. I responded with my own flying power to push in the opposite direction. Superior Girl began using her free hand, and repeatedly punched me in my side using her own super speed. With a few seconds, Superior Girl had landed a dozen punches into my ribs that ached in pain yet remained unbroken.

I joined my two fists together in a ball, and smashed them down on Superior Girl with all of my might. My fists hit her directly in the spine, and propelled her through the floor and five floors down below until she stabilized herself. Superior Girl floated in the hole that her body had created as I used my own flight abilities to turn towards her like a missile. Superior Girl looked up at me, and unleashed a torrent of energy at my body. I was moving too fast to avoid the beams, and took them directly on my shoulder. The fiery lasers coming from her eyes burned into my shoulder with great pain. I veered off from her, and smashed against several pieces of furniture on the same floor. I got up quickly, and rushed towards Superior Girl using all of my super speed available to me.


The plaza was the personification of chaos. Gunshots rang out from police officers who tried to stop the Ambrosia Amazons assaulting them. The bullets from their revolvers tore through the clothing that these women wore, but otherwise left them unharmed as the bullets could not penetrate their skin. Many of the women laughed when they learned that they were bulletproof. One of them even just stood in front of three police officers with her hands on her hips as they fired uselessly as her. Her clothing was quickly shredded, but such worries about modesty were for mere mortals. Another Ambrosia Amazon grabbed one of the officer’s guns, and crushed it in her hand like taffy. She then picked up the officer, and lifted him off the ground with one arm. The officer was sent flying across the plaza with just a simple flow.

In the middle of the plaza, the two Amazons punching Superman had been joined by four others who were pinning the Man of Steel to the ground. Superman reeled from the beatings from these women. They were not able to easily damage him, but the constant attacks left him off-balance and dazed. If Superman did not react quickly, these women might actually punch him into unconsciousness. The concrete beneath his head had been smashed to dust as his head was repeatedly thrown backwards. The force of the blows had actually created a small crater somewhat in the impression of Superman’s invulnerable body. Superman roared as he felt himself getting dizzy from the attacks. Suddenly, the mound of women on top of him flew apart as Superman gave a gigantic push with all of his might. The women were sent flying in all directions across the plaza. Some fell into the crowds while others smashed through office windows in nearby towers.

Superman stood up and surveyed the battle going on around him. There were many new faces that had joined the Ambrosia Amazon ranks with several other women rushing towards the entrance for their own vials of formula. Dozens of police officers were in trouble as they fought against a stronger and tougher enemy. Several police cars were completely trashed or overturned. One rather tall Amazon was even holding the front of a police car in both hands, and smashing it down on police officers like some game of whack-a-mole. Superman had to stop this problem from getting any bigger, but he needed to deal with her first. Just before Superman could react, the wall of a nearby office tower exploded as Superior Girl flew through it and into another tower across the street. Superman could see that it was her back that hit the wall first with Power Girl quickly chasing after her. Michelle was keeping Superior Girl busy at least.

Superman took off from the ground, and flew over to the woman holding the police car. She brought the car up high, readying to bring it down on a cowering officer that would soon be dead. Superman grabbed the backend of the police car as it raised up, and yanked the vehicle out of the woman’s hands. She looked up startled to see Superman casually holding the car while hovering over her. Superman quickly spun around and threw the car towards the ocean. The car sailed over the city of Metropolis, beyond Queens and Long Island, and finally landing in the Atlantic Ocean where it quick sunk. The Amazon got an angry look on her face, and jumped towards Superman for robbing her of her toy. The woman’s body flew up like a missile toward him. However, Superman was experienced in fighting super-powered people, and quickly backhanded her across the face as she got close. The Amazon felt searing pain run through her face as Superman’s hand connected. She was thrown off course, and blasted into a nearby office tower. The woman got up from the floor slowly, but was clearly in a lot of pain from Superman’s powerful backhand.

Superman turned back towards LexCorp Tower offices. His vision zoomed in to see Caroline handing another vial out to a woman while two other women convulsed with the changes. The bodies of several men were lying dead on the ground. Clearly, they had hoped they could get superpowers too, but the women in the lobby had kept them away from any vials of precious Ambrosia. The Man of Steel turned towards the office tower, and flew directly through the windows into the lobby. Only a handful of women remained in the lobby to protect Caroline and the Ambrosia. They immediately turned towards Superman with hate in their eyes. Superman landed on the lobby’s marble floors as a chair came flying at him. With a swipe of his hand, Clark smashed the chair into a thousand pieces.

“Caroline, stop!” Superman yelled.

Caroline quickly responded, “Jessie’s only mistake was not killing you when she first had the chance.”

Superman had to try and reason with her, “Caroline, I know you don’t approve of everything that Jessie has done.”

Caroline smirked as she spoke with the others, “Did you know that Superior Girl make Superman call her mistress when they have sex?” The other girls laughed as Superman tried and failed to keep from blushing. “You should hear Superior Girl describes how Superman begged for her, and she left him bruised and beaten every time.” Caroline’s tone only became even more mocking as she continued, “It’s lonely being the man of steel among women of Kleenex.”

Superman ground his teeth together as the Amazons all laughed around him. His submission to Superior Girl was a touchy subject that he would rather forget in life. Superman lost his patience and yelled out, “STOP THAT!” Several windows in the lobby area cracked as the soundwaves from his yell impacted them. However, his clear embarrassment just made the women laugh harder.

Caroline yelled out, “Don’t let him get the Ambrosia!”

The dozen women in the lobby rushed Superman. They grabbed onto his arms and legs. While one was not enough to stop him, the combined strength of a half-dozen super strong Ambrosia Amazons was enough to pin Superman down. Caroline grabbed the remaining vials of Ambrosia, and took off running for the plaza. Superman tried to turn his heat vision towards the phials, but one of the Ambrosia Amazons quickly shoved her hand in front of his eyes. Despite not being at full power, his heat vision burned the woman’s hand but did not destroy it. She screamed and pulled her hand back to reveal black scorch marks. Clearly enraged, the woman took her burnt hand and began repeatedly punching Superman in the face with all of her might. Another Amazon grabbed Superman’s package and began to squeeze with her superhuman strength. Superman would have screamed at the pain of his groin being crushed had the other woman not been punching him in the face constantly.


I rammed my fists into Superior Girl’s face as she tried to block me. Neither of us had any combat or fighting training so it probably looked very amateurish to any professionals watching us. However, each punch that I threw had the force of a sonic boom behind it. The office tower was in complete ruins thanks to our fight. I was amazed that it was even still standing at this point. Jessie blocked my punches again, and lashed out with a kick to my side. Her legs propelled me through the walls enclosing the elevator shaft until I landed on the opposite side of the building. I got up, but had to jump to the side as a torrent of energy flew out of Jessie’s eyes towards me. The beams sliced through the supporting walls like a hot knife through butter. The building shook and rumbled as the last support beams holding it in place were blasted into ash. The building twisted and shook as the floor gave way. Part of me wanted to try and hold something to stop the collapse, but I knew that there was nothing that I could grab to prevent this monstrous tower from coming down.

Superior Girl flew out of the building and back towards the plaza. I flew after her and out of the building. I hovered over the battlefield and turned to look at the tower as it began to collapse. Thankfully, the tower was collapsing parallel to the plaza so those fighting where somewhat safe. A quick scan of where it would land showed that the police had at least done their job in getting most of the civilians out of the way. As the massive tower fell, it clipped the side of LexCorp Tower and cleaved off a side of the building almost from top to bottom. The falling tower came crashing down on the ground and sent debris and dust everywhere. The Ambrosia Amazons were immune from any debris-related damage, but many of those normal humans trying to fight them were not. The majority of non-enhanced beings in the plaza fell to the ground as everything around them shook. It was like an earthquake had gone off in Metropolis. Windows from nearby buildings rumbled with many cracking or outright breaking to send shards of glass falling to the ground. To make matters worse, the entire area was covered in a dust cloud making it impossible for everyone to see. The fighting in the area practically came to a stop as people coughed and struggled to get their bearings. The Ambrosia Amazons may have super strength and resilience, but even they had to breath. Opponents that found each other in the smoke tried to fight, but were barely able to breath in all the smoke.

The dust cloud was turning the tide of this battle even more in favor of Superior Girl and her forces. The unenhanced were unable to fight back when these female powerhouses stumbled across them. I looked around for Superior Girl in the dust cloud, but my super vision was unable to penetrate. I used my x-ray vision to scan the crowd. It told me where people where, but did not tell me whose skeleton was whose. As I watched, I felt something smash into my back with the force of a moving train. Completely unprepared for the blow to my back, my body flew to the ground like a missile. I impacted the concrete plaza, creating another mini-earthquake as my invulnerable body buried itself into the ground. I turned around to look up and see what hit me.

A female shape flying through the air closed the distance between where I was before and am now. I could only assume it was Superior Girl, but the dust cloud made it impossible to truly make out. Superior Girl smashed down on top of me as she straddled my stomach. Her knees ripped into the concrete without a care in the world. She immediately began punching me in the face with each hand over and over. Her punches gained speed until her arms were just a blur of motion. Superior Girl screamed at me as she landed each blow. It was all that I could do to raise my arms up in a vain attempt to protect myself from her. Barely over Superior Girl’s own inhumanly loud scream, I could hear the screams and cries of other people fighting in the plaza. Cries for help, their parents, and just agony as the Ambrosia Amazons used the dust cloud to tear into the remaining police officers trying to stop them. I had no idea where Superman was in all of this chaos.

I tried to jab back at Superior Girl to stop her onslaught. However, Superior Girl grabbed my wrist with ease, and then punched me in the throat with her other fist. The punch knocked the air out of me, which was more shocking to my own senses than actually painful. Despite my powers and abilities, I had still not gotten used to the idea of not needing air to breath on a constant basis. Superior Girl cupped both hands together in a fist, and brought it down hard on my chest. I could feel the blow smashing me further into the ground, digging my crater even deeper. Superior Girl raised her arms up again, and smashed me further into the dirt under the shattered concrete. I cried out in pain as her fists slammed into me for a second time. This wasn’t that burning pain of the kryptonite lasers. This was a pain brought on by sheer power inside her fists. Superior Girl was strong. Stronger than Superman. Strong enough to lift an aircraft carrier out of the water. All of that strength was being smashed into my chest at this moment as Superior Girl raged on top of me. I tried to grab onto something to stop her, but could only manager to grab her large breasts. Superior Girl actually laughed as my super strong hands squeezed her tits. I was unsure if I was causing her pain, turning her on, or just plain amusing her.

Superior Girl raised her hands again to bring them down on me for a third time. The pain coursing through my chest was incredible. I was unsure how much longer that I could take this kind of punishment. I felt myself actually getting nauseous from her punches and the pain. It was in the haze of this pain that I saw something that my brain could not wrap its head around for a moment. An object came flying into my field of vision towards Superior Girl. I looked at the object with curiosity as time seemed to slow around us. Superior Girl was raising her fists up for another attack. Flying just above my face was a long metal shaft with a bulb or some kind attachment to the front. The back seems to have what looked like feathers. Before my brain could even ask itself, “Is that an arrow,” the object drove into Superior Girl’s face and exploded.

The explosion did no damage to Superior Girl’s perfect face, but it gave me the distraction that I needed. As Superior Girl looked up at the arrows source, I unleashed a torrent of energy towards her from my eyes. The beams burned into her causing intense pain. I followed-up the action with a quick punch directly towards Superior Girl’s jaw. My super strength gave the punch the needed power to send her flying off me. Superior Girl flew backwards and was quickly lost in the dust cloud that surrounded us. I got up as quickly as my sore and aching body would allow me. The cloud was impenetrable to me as fighting could still be heard all around. I inhaled deeply and then let out a torrent of air from my pursed lips. I swiveled my head around the plaza as my gale force winds quickly blew the dust and smoke away from the plaza. It was not perfect, but it helped clear the air so that people could see and defend themselves.

As the dust cloud cleared, I could see what was finally going on and who had saved me from Superior Girl. Standing on a raised flower bed at the edge of the plaza was a man clad in a green uniform with a bow and arrow. He looked like an older version of Robin Hood with a flashy goatee and mustache. He gave me a slight nod before turning to the Ambrosia Amazons fighting in the plaza. Three quick arrows flew from his bow that exploded against the Ambrosia Amazons just like the one shot at Superior Girl. The explosions did little damage to them, but immediately caused each Amazon to turn her attention to the costumed hero known as the Green Arrow.

I turned to scan the scene of battle as the screaming and cries began to make sense. Heroes from all over had felt that they could no longer keep out of Superman’s fight. A figure that I immediately recognized as Batman was fighting two Ambrosia Amazons single-handedly. Despite his punches not doing any damage, he deftly dodged both women’s attempts to punch back at him. A similarly dressed woman whom I recognized as Batgirl came from behind one Amazon, and slid into her legs causing the enhanced woman to fall on her back. Dodging blows from the Amazon’s partner, Batman ducked towards the fallen woman’s legs, tied her legs in wire like an expert cattle wrangler, and then quickly snapped a grappling hook in place. Before the fallen Amazon knew what was happening, she was thrust away from Batman and smashed into a nearby building. Watching Batman and Batgirl dodge more incoming attacks was like watching water move as they darted off into the crowd for other targets.

In the midst of the fighting, I could see what appeared to be a red blur dodging and weaving amongst the fighters. I turned my attention to above me, and saw the iconic uniform of Wonder Woman floating down into the thick of the battle among a group of Ambrosia Amazons. A quick punch from Wonder Woman send an Ambrosia Amazon flying into the fifth floor of the LexCorp building. The muscles on her arms were as big as mine, and looked like steel cables when moving. She barked out orders to her fellow heroes, and then brought up her sword and shield as she entered the fray. The battle scene had returned to a more even playing field as police officers pulled back to let superheroes and supervillains fight it out. They had done what they could, but now needed the big guns to take over.

I turned back towards trying to find Superior Girl in the thick of the fighting. Among the chaos, a woman with giant wings slammed a mace into the face on an Ambrosia Amazon. A blonde-haired woman in black gave an ear-piercing scream at another group of Amazons. Someone who appeared to be half-machine was shooting lasers from where a hand should be. A very attractive woman in purple and black was dodging punches and keeping several Amazons busy with her two hand-held crossbows. Finally, I saw my mark. A grouping of policemen and several SWAT officers trapped midst the fighting had surrounded Superior Girl. Their guns were completely useless against Superior Girl. Her body deflected the bullets with ease as she grabbed and tore a police officer completely apart as Superior Girl laughed. The ripped apart wall of the office tower behind Superior Girl told me that these officers just had the bad misfortune of being exactly right where Superior Girl landed after my punch.

I flew towards and into Superior Girl like a speeding bullet. Her body flew through the air, and smashed into a part SWAT van. The van’s side was completely dented in as the vehicle flipped over onto its side. The trapped police officers scattered as they ran towards the edge of the chaos. Clearly, I did not need their help on this battle. The SWAT van rose above the ground to reveal Superior Girl lifting the vehicle up with both hands. She raised it above her head, and then threw it towards me with all of her might. I unleashed twin beams of energy from my eyes and cut the van in half. As the van neared, I thrust out my arms and split the vehicle in two pieces that crashed onto the plaza. Superior Girl just glared at me in response.

“Flight, super breath, heat vision. Looks like you got the entire bag.” Superior Girl yelled to me as she began to walk to my side. I began walking in the opposite direction so that we were slowly forming a circle amid the chaos.

I smiled back, “How’s Monica?”

Superior Girl got an angry look on her face, but refrained from taking the bait. “She’ll live after you maimed her.”

I snapped back, “She should have stayed down.”

This only infuriated Jessie as she raged, “I will kill Mike slow for that. I will rip his limbs off one by one.”

The mentioning of my boyfriend Mike from before my transformation hit a sore spot for me. I was a goddess now among mortals, but I still cared for him much in the same way that I cared for Cheryl. I pointed towards Superior Girl, “You keep away from him!”

Superior Girl just laughed as we circled each other, “Ha. Hit a sore spot, I see. Don’t worry, Mike will be seeing me real soon. He won’t be seeing much afterwards, however.”

Before I could respond, I heard a loud cry and roar coming across the plaza. I looked over to see what the commotion was. Superior Girl turned her head as well to look but just smiled at the sight. What I saw sent a shiver down my spine. Vicki Vale was standing at the opposite end of the plaza amongst a number of fighters. However, Vicki was in the process of changing. Vicki’s clothes were ripping apart as she grew to a height of twelve feet tall. Her arms exploded in more muscles than I knew a human being even had. Her muscles had muscles. Her breasts grew in size to gigantic melons while her voice got deeper and throatier. Vicki Vale had taken some of the Synthetic Ambrosia that Terri took back in Singapore.

Superior Girl laughed, “A present from Monica and Kazakhstan. Looks like Caroline decided who to give out a vial of that Synthetic Ambrosia too.”

I pointed to the gigantic Vicki Vale who was tearing apart the opposition in front of her with ease. If my experience with Terri was an accurate predictor, then Vicki was nearly strong as me and Superior Girl. I called out to Superior Girl, “I saw what happened to Terri with that stuff! That isn’t reversible!”

Superior Girl just smiled, “Desperate times.” Superior Girl took off towards me in flight. I flew towards her as well. We smashed into each other, and began a tangle of punching arms and kicking legs. I slammed Superior Girl to the ground, took her head in my hands, and began ramming her face into the concrete with all of my might. The smashing of her face sent shockwaves around us like mini-earthquakes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Superman fly out of an upper floor of the LexCorp Tower offices towards Vicki Vale.


Superman flew out of the LexCorp Office tower down towards the now naked and gigantic Vicki Vale. Vicki had grabbed hold of a police car, and was using it as a club against a group of SWAT members who had bravely entered the fray. Clark saw several Ambrosia Amazons lying on the ground dead or bleeding from what appeared to be high caliber rifle rounds. The revolvers used by the police were not much of a threat to them, but the assault rifles being used by SWAT certainly were. As Superman flew towards the action, he used his telescopic vision to zoom in on one of the rounds near the Ambrosia Amazons. The rounds were high-caliber, armor-piercing, and tipped with depleted uranium. It was clear that the person in charge of this SWAT team was not fooling around.

Superman turned back towards the monstrous Vicki Vale, and unleashed a strong punch right towards her face. Vicki was thrown backwards and landed hard on the ground. The police car went flying into the air. Superman flew up and caught the car. He then turned to Vicki, and began to slam the car right into her face. The car itself tore apart and deformed as it hit her much stronger and harder face. Vicki finally reached up and grabbed the car with one hand. As Superman and Vicki wrestled for the vehicle, it tore apart and exploded in a shower of metal, oil, and gasoline all over the plaza. Vicki swung out with her other hand, and grabbed hold of Superman by the waist. Superman struggled to get free, but was caught in her powerful grip. Vicki stood up with an evil smile on her face as she was drunk off the power now coursing through her veins. She turned towards the concrete ground of the plaza, and began to smash Superman as hard as possible into it.

Superman felt each impact, and once again began to start feeling faint. He turned towards Vicki’s arm, and let out twin beams of pure anger and power. The intensity of the beams burnt Vicki’s bare skin along her forearm, which caused her to drop Superman. Superman was quick to regain his balance, and give Vicki a sharp uppercut with all of his might. His fist landed right at her chin, and sent Vicki flying like a ragdoll into the 10th floor of LexCorp Tower. Superman looked around in the brief moment that he had. He had to find Caroline, but it was too late when he did.

As Superman turned his eyes towards Caroline, she was staring right at him as she downed a vial of golden liquid. Clark felt that this seemed odd since secondary doses to Ambrosia Amazons did not have much effect. However, this was clearly not normal Ambrosia as Caroline’s body began growing and ripping out of her clothes. She was turning into another hulking monster just like Vicki Vale. To make matters worse, Superman turned to the sound of a loud crash to find Vicki had just landed on the ground in front of LexCorp Tower. She was looking directly at him as she licked her lips and smiled.


As I ground Superior Girl’s face into the concrete, I was surprised as she quickly spun around at super speed and struck me in the face with her elbow. The attack caught me off-guard, and sent me rolling away from her. Superior Girl got up, and jumped on top of me as we wrestled for control. I unleashed a torrent of energy from my eyes towards her own face. Just like her beams hurt me, mine hurt her. Superior Girl screamed in pain as my heat vision burned her right cheek. I then headbutted Superior Girl right on the nose with as much force that I could bring to bear. Superior Girl’s head flew backwards along with her body with a distinct cracking down and blood flying from her nose.

As Superior Girl’s body flew off mine, I grabbed Jessie’s long, brown hair. I swung my arm down so that Superior Girl flew right into the concrete. Her body smashed the concrete apart as it impacted. I then swung my arm back the other way, and sent Superior Girl flying over me towards another patch of concrete. I repeated this half a dozen times as Superior Girl cried out in anger. The concrete was not actually hurting her, but it was enough to disorientate and stun her with each impact.

After half a dozen more hits, I jumped into the air still holding Superior Girl by the hair. I let go of Superior Girl and punched her as hard as possible right in the mouth. Superior Girl flew away from me and directly into LexCorp Tower. Her body smashed through the 35th floor. I flew right into her, and pushed her completely through the office tower. We flew through the air and smashed through the Wayne Enterprises skyscraper. As we flew through the air, I repeatedly punched Superior Girl in the face over and over. My fist felt like it was a normal fist punching a steel wall. However, my strength was doing its work against Superior Girl. Her lip was swelling; her nose was bleeding and looked broken. It was probably the first time that she had bleed from an injury since her transformation.

Superior Girl and I landed on a street somewhere in Midtown. I increased the speed of my punches until I was just a blur of punches that was slowly grinding Superior Girl into the ground. I could see dark circles forming around Superior Girl’s right eye thanks to my punches. I felt powerful, invincible even, as adrenaline rushed through my system. I could take on anyone in the world. Superior Girl was shifting in and out of consciousness due to my repeated and unabating punches to her face. After all of this fighting, I had finally worn her down. However, this fighting had taught me someone interesting. Superior Girl was just as fast as me. However, I was stronger. Superior Girl could punch hard, but I could punch much harder. As I continued to beat her, I yelled out “You don’t ever threaten my boyfriend! You fucking bitch!”

Superior Girl tried to say something, but it just came out as moans under my assault. I stopped my assault for a moment. Superior Girl turned her head to look at me with half-closed eyes. I grabbed the top of her Supergirl outfit by the neck with both hands.

“You don’t deserve to wear this!” I screamed out at her.

In one swift motion, I ripped her top apart with all of my strength my Kryptonian muscles could manage. The top tore in two down the middle of crest with the red S. Superior Girl tried to protest, but completely failed to form any resistance to my rage-fueled strength. Her top completely ripped in two and exposed her large double-D breasts to the world. I had to say that they were just as perfect as my own, if a little smaller.

I got off Superior Girl, and grabbed her by the top’s back as it still clung to her. I rose from the ground and lifted her limp body with me. I flew back to LexCorp Tower with Superior Girl unconscious in my hand. As I came to hover over the ground of people fighting, I surveyed the damage around me. One office tower had collapsed into another so that it was leaning against it. I was actually surprised that the tower was even still standing. Other surrounding offices were completely destroyed or gutted from the inside. The area itself looked like someone had exploded a small tactical nuke here. LexCorp Tower had so many holes in it that it looked ready to collapse as well. Dozens of Ambrosia Amazons were lying on the ground either dead or wounded. More SWAT officers had arrived, and were shooting any remaining Amazons that tried to break out of the plaza. The various superheroes that had come to help had finally started to get control of the situation. Seeing their sisters dead or bleeding caused many Ambrosia Amazons to give up the fight.

I turned to find Vicki Vale and Superman. Vicki Vale was lying inside the 9th floor of an office tower, unconscious. The hole tore open by her massive frame was hard for anyone to miss. I looked down to see Superman still fighting Caroline who had also transformed into a gigantic muscle monster just like Vicki Vale. Hopefully, Superior Girl had only brought two vials of the Synthetic Ambrosia. I turned to Caroline as I held an unconscious Superior Girl in my hand with her top ripped open revealing her breasts to the world.

“Hey! Caroline!” I yelled out.

Caroline turned to look towards me from the fight that she was having with Superman. Superman himself was in rough shape, and looked about ready to go down the same route as Superior Girl just did. Caroline saw me hovering about 20 feet off the ground. However, her eyes went into shock and uncontrollable rage when she saw the broken and humiliated Superior Girl that I was holding in my hand. As Caroline looked at me, she unleashed a terrible and terrifying roar. Everyone still fighting in the plaza stopped what they were doing and turned to look as well.

The sight of Superior Girl unconscious with her top ripped open immediately ended whatever fight had been left in the remaining Ambrosia Amazons. Several of them dropped to their knees as they cried out at their defeated goddess. Police and SWAT officers were emboldened now that the Ambrosia Amazons’ leader was out of the game. The SWAT teams moved forward faster than I would have expected, and got into positions to ensure the remaining fighters surrendered or died fighting. One woman tried to break for LexCorp Tower, but the nearby SWAT team shot her dead with a dozen rounds from their high-caliber rifles. No one else dared to keep fighting or run.

Caroline was a completely different case. As I casually tossed Superior Girl to the ground, Caroline rushed towards me. Her massive, hulking frame of muscle was something to definitely be feared. She was probably on par with my own level of strength, which recent battles had shown was stronger than both Superman and Superior Girl. However, this fight was over. It was time to end this on my terms. Two SWAT officers tried to take shots at her, but the bullets just bounced off her skin harmlessly despite proving to harm the other Ambrosia Amazons.

As Caroline closed the distance to me, I used my flying powers to duck under her massive arms and come around her back. I balled both fists together, and slammed them down as hard as possible on her back. Caroline was sent flying to the ground with her massive breasts digging two trenches into the shattered concrete. I reached down and grabbed Caroline by her red hair. With a strong swing of my arm, I put every ounce of my strength into my throw. Every muscle fiber that allowed me to press over 400 kilotons worked in sync with my willpower. As my arm straightened and my hand opened, Caroline’s body flew up into the air.

Caroline flew upwards like a missile flying out of Metropolis. Her massive frame was no match to the forces that I pushed into the throw. I watched as Caroline’s body began to heat up from the air friction around her. I jumped into the air and flew like a rocket towards her. My enhanced vision allowed me to closely follow everything that happened. Caroline was desperately trying to scream as she shot into the sky with no ability to control her trajectory or eventual fall.

As I closed the distance to Caroline, I thought about what Superman told me earlier. The darkness inside of me wanted to just give her an extra push to put her completely into orbit. I knew that doing so would certainly kill her. However, I also knew that I could not let the darkness take hold of me like that. As Superman said when we first began, I won’t defeat Superior Girl just to let another take her place. I was better than Superior Girl.

I tightened my fists and pushed even harder towards Caroline to catch up with her faster. The air was getting thinner by the microsecond. As I came next to a flailing Caroline, I raised my fists together and smashed them down on Caroline’s stomach. I could feel the shockwave as my incredible strength stopped her body flat and immediately propelled her back towards the ground. I flew back after Caroline as her body raced down towards the planet. Metropolis was zooming in fast as Caroline screamed in terror. However, my targeting was on point for this little trick. Instead of landing in the ocean or somewhere in Metropolis, Caroline was dead center on hitting LexCorp Tower.

Caroline’s body smashed into the top of the tower and ripped through all 60 floors on her way to the bottom. Her invincible body was no match against the office tower. Floors, ceilings, and furniture all succumbed to Caroline’s invulnerability as she smashed through every one. Finally, Caroline slammed into the lobby with a loud earth roaring shudder. Dust and debris exploded from the lobby and blew outwards into the plaza. The crash itself had also damaged the LexCorp Tower building to the point that it was no longer structurally sound. The tower wailed and creaked as it began to sway in the wind. Heroes and officers had already been clearing the plaza as quickly as possible due to the structural instability of the surrounding office towers. The screaming whistle of Caroline’s body coming back to Earth like an artillery shell caused everyone to scramble to get everyone out. Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and others ensured everyone was safe. News cameras and onlookers watched as the LexCorp office tower swayed in the wind, and began to come apart before their eyes.

As I watched far up in the sky, I saw the only figure still in the plaza was Superior Girl herself. She was still lying on the ground where I had left her. No one had dared to risk approaching her. I turned to Superman who looked at Superior Girl and then up at me. I knew due to my own telescopic super-vision that he could see me as clearly as I could see him. He gave me the tiniest of smiles and an imperceptible shrug before turning back to protect the crowd. I smiled back at him. We both knew that Superior Girl would be fine despite a possible building collapsing on her. I turned back to Superior Girl to see that she had regained consciousness, but was still extremely out of it. Superior Girl coughed and spat some blood out on the ground as she tried to get up on her hands and knees.

Finally, the LexCorp Tower gave up on the fight to stay vertical. Deafening sound came from the top of the tower as floors gave way under the pressure and collapsed upon the floors below. Within a span on fifteen seconds, the entire LexCorp Tower came crashing down upon itself. The plaza was filled with debris, concrete, and twisted steel. A cloud of dust blew through the street canals of Metropolis like a giant dust storm. People would say that it was a small miracle that everyone made it out alive. The top of LexCorp came crashing down directly on Superior Girl and buried her under a mountain of rubble. The impact compounded with her previous beating and confusion of just regaining consciousness put her right back out again.

While the tower collapsed, I stopped my descent to hover over the plaza as I watched it all happen. I smiled as the tower came crashing down on top of Caroline Hunter and Superior Girl. All of Lex Luthor’s secrets buried in that tower were gone. The very core of Lex Luthor’s spider web that formed the central hub of his business empire had been crushed beyond repair. Any remaining Ambrosia not yet given to those willing to follow Superior Girl were destroyed. There would be chaos as people scrambled to go underground or find other places to be. However, without any direction to guide them, the chaos would also keep anyone of these former LexCorp employees from being an actual threat. Superman’s greatest enemy was no more.

After the rubble had settled, I used my x-ray vision to peek through the mountain of steel and concrete. Caroline Hunter had survived the collapse of the building on top of her as I suspected. However, she was unconscious within her little tomb. I scanned around the area some more, and found the unconscious body of Superior Girl as well. I had had even less doubts that Jessie would be trouble, but was still pleased to be proven right. Besides, it only helped reinforce that I too could survive an entire skyscraper falling on top of me. I floated down to the area where Jessie was. I grabbed a large boulder and casually tossed it aside like it was Styrofoam. I began digging through the rubble to retrieve the once mighty Superior Girl.


This is Channel 4 with breaking news. As many viewers have seen across the globe, Superman and the woman known as Power Girl confronted Superior Girl outside the offices of LexCorp in Metropolis. Earlier today, the Daily Planet had released stunning reports that showed Lex Luthor and Superior Girl working together through LexCorp itself. Police had quickly cordoned off the area, and worked to evacuate citizens from the immediate vicinity. Despite their efforts an angry mob had formed around the offices of LexCorp. Spontaneous protests also sprung up in other major cities across the world as people were clearly outraged by the criminal activities of LexCorp. Several offices across the globe were ransacked or firebombed during these protests. Many of these sites evacuated their employees for their own safety.

Back in Metropolis, Superior Girl along with her so-called Ambrosia Amazons were defeated by the combined efforts of Superman, Power Girl, the Metropolis Police, and several other well-known heroes. The battle that took place left a large portion of the area surrounding Metropolis’ LexCorp Tower in ruins. Trading at the Stock Exchange has been halted for 24 hours while city engineers investigate nearby buildings for structural integrity and other damages. Superman is assisting the Metropolis Police in quickly recovering the body of Caroline Hunter, whom Superman claims is unconscious under the rubble of LexCorp Tower. Power Girl quickly retrieved the body of Superior Girl, who was also buried under the LexCorp Tower collapse, and flew the body out of the city.

Superman gave a brief statement that this was done for the safety of Metropolis. Superman hopes to have Superior Girl back in Metropolis soon in a secure facility so that she can face trial for her actions. While Superman has not said how he plans on securing Superior Girl, the Metropolis District Attorney has issued a statement that they already have a very large file on Superior Girl and will be incorporating facts from the recent revelations by the Daily Planet in their case against her. The United States Attorney General has also released a public statement also claiming to have a large case file against Superior Girl with intentions to prosecute her as well. However, several national security correspondents have indicated that Superior Girl could be declared a terrorist and put on trial through a military commission. Clearly, how Jessie Nelson, the woman formerly known as Superior Girl, will pay for her crimes remains to be seen.

The families of Jessie Nelson and Caroline Hunter have both declined to comment on recent revelations about Superior Girl and the subsequent battle in Metropolis against Superman and Power Girl.


I watched the local news from the computer screen in the main room of the Fortress of Solitude. Superior Girl did not recover during the entire flight back to the Arctic Circle. When I arrived, I placed her in a special jail cell that Superman has designed just for her opposite Terri. While Kryptonite did not affect Superior Girl, Superman had discovered the special gas that was used by Lex Luthor’s agents to knock Superior Girl out for capture. According to the records found in the decrypted hard drives, it was this capturing of Superior Girl that led to the creation of the first Ambrosia Amazon, Caroline Hunter. Superman had been able to re-create the gas, which was being pumped through the cell holding Superior Girl. It should keep her unconscious until Superman returned. Oddly enough, the gas appeared to have no effect on me or Superman.

Most of the Ambrosia Amazons had all been rounded up by the Metropolis Police. We all suspected that some of them had escaped during the fighting or aftermath. An Ambrosia Amazon looked just like anyone else so it would be easy to blend in, unlike the hulking forms of Terri Suzuki, Vicki Vale, and Caroline Hunter. It did not seem too important, however. In about ten more hours, the initial enhancement of Ambrosia would wear off. They would be stronger, faster, and more resilient than other humans. However, they would also be instantly recognized if they used these new abilities. I suspected that most would be rounded up the next couple of weeks.

Superman had a contact at Wayne Enterprises that was working up the technology that would keep Vicki and Caroline under control in Metropolis. The devices were based on the same one that was used on Terri here at the Fortress. Once the third jail cell was setup, Superman would transfer Terri back to Metropolis so she could face trial with the others. I was concerned that those three people might be problems in the future. They were incredibly strong and tough. If those three worked together, they could be a real threat to Clark or myself. I did still have hope that Caroline would snap out of her near worship of Jessie, however.

As I watched the video feeds show the battle over and over again from different angles, I could not help but feel a strong sense of pride. A few months ago, I had been interested in joining Jessie’s ranks of Ambrosia Amazons. However, the process had revealed more about me than I knew existed. In turn, I had really discovered who I was. I had more of a place in this world now than ever before. I could help people like I did in Aleppo, and make a real difference rather than just being out for myself.

Thinking about the future did make me wonder what to do with Superior Girl. We could not keep her locked up like this forever. However, we could also not allow her to keep those powers that she stole. There was no Supergirl to give those powers back to. However, both Superman and I had people in our lives who could take in those powers. For Superman, it seemed to be Lois Lane or Lana Lang. I liked my conversation with Lana back in Smallville. She had a good head on her shoulders, and did not appear to hold a grudge to Clark. In fact, that spark of love was still there today. Lois was another possibility. She was tough and smart, and Superman clearly had feelings for her. However, I was not convinced that she loved Superman for who he was or the power that flowed through his veins. As for me, my only real option seemed to be Cheryl Rose back at UCLA. Cheryl seemed like a really good fit. She loved my powers just as much as Lois did, but her desire to be a doctor makes her personality one to help people rather than rule over them. Lois has always wanted to uncover the truth and shed light on corruption. Cheryl wants to help heal the world and bring comfort to the sick. Lana wants to make the world a better place with her renewable energy projects.

I looked at the clock on the computer screen. I still had a couple of hours before Superman would arrive from his cleanup in Metropolis. Superior Girl was secure in her cell so I decided to make a decision on who would inherit Jessie Nelson’s powers. I double-checked the cells to ensure that Terri and Jessie were locked down. I then walked out of the Fortress of Solitude and jumped into the sky. I would be back before Superman returned. The big question was just whether I could convince my choice to come with me and accept these powers.

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