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Super Catwoman – Part 1

Written by jsooi0110 :: [Sunday, 09 July 2017 18:15] Last updated by :: [Friday, 29 March 2019 14:39]

Author's note: This story is based on Batgirl - It's all about power by up2nogd1 in his deviantart site and thought that this story can be presented in different perspective. All the credits are credited to the original author.

Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman, has always been drawn to powerful men like Superman or Bane. She would masturbate just by thinking about their muscle and super strength and would reach wonderful orgasm every single time.

It was the fateful night that she was forced to face Bane alone that began Catwoman down the most dangerous, enticing path she had yet to encounter.

During the battle, Catwoman did her best, but to her initial dismay, and then to her growing excitement, her punches seemed to have even less effect than they should.  Was Bane even stronger than before? Catwoman unleashed a hard kick to his midsection, but Bane stayed still without a flinch and laughed at her. He flexed his huge biceps, and swelled the muscles on his shoulders, chest and back. He was really powerful. Catwoman lust grew at the thought of this incredibly huge mountain of muscle. Bane had to be the strongest second to Superman, most muscular man in the world.

Bane stood over the defeated Catwoman, flexing his huge upper body, showcasing raw power from every flex. Catwoman looked up at the incredible sight and felt arouse. Bane picked Catwoman up until her face level to his huge chest and bounced his chest muscle in front of Catwoman’s face. Catwoman couldn’t withstand the powerful bouncing of Bane’s hard and juicy chest muscle and started to cum. Bane would be her master.  With one punch, he knocked her out and carried her back to his house.

Catwoman awoke and found out that she was on a bed. Bane was standing there and his venom tubes removed. He didn't need to have them fed directly into his system anymore; he had devised new methods to pump himself up to incredible levels of power. He smiled lustfully at Catwoman. Her body figure was always nice with proper proportions on the right place. Perk boobs, small waist, thick booty, long legs. Damn, just what a woman should be.

“Selina, I have noticed you since your first appearance in Gotham. What a woman. Your body figure is more beautiful than a professional model body. However have you not attracted by me? Or should I say,” Bane flexed his muscle, “these muscles,” Bane said proudly.

Selina felt aroused once again just by seeing Bane flexing his muscle. God what a full body of godlike muscle Bane possessed. His shoulders looked inhumanly broad. His vest hugged his torso tightly highlighting his dramatic body figure. The fabric was stretched taunt across his back and protruding pectorals. His delts are like bowling balls hanging on his shoulders. He raised his hands and flexed his biceps. His biceps rose up like two mountains and he kiss his bicep with a big kiss. Selina almost came by just seeing him kissing his biceps but she managed to hold on as she knew there is more to come.

His tree trunk version of legs filling his camouflage pants to the max and his ass looked like two soccer balls threatening to tear up the pants. His dick has fully erected and bulging hard in the crotch.

“How is it, Selina? Are they impressive?” Bane asked while posing different poses to show different angle of his impressive body. Selina groaned while taking full sight on Bane’s incredible body.

“Or how about this?” Bane grinned and pushed his chest out, swelling his thick, hard pectorals. Under so much strain his vest split down the middle. It ripped apart and his vest blew off, revealing his perfect chest and 8 packs to Selina. Selina couldn’t stand with it anymore. She moaned and came with her eyes rolled back.

Bane dropped his pants, his massive, erect tool ready. “Come to me, little kitty,” said Bane while opening his arms wide to welcome Selina to throw herself into him and yes, Selina threw herself without hesitation as her lust has been pushed to the max by Bane.

Her hands felt the unimaginable hardness of his muscles. The thought that his hard, long dick went into her vagina has made her wildest dream came true!

As they finished, Catwoman lie on bed with passion and pain. “Please, keep me with you. I couldn’t lose you,” said Selina. Bane was just grinned on her with a great satisfaction look. He finally got her!

Over few weeks they have been together and couldn’t stop themselves in making love. The sight of his muscles and the feel of the muscles was everything she thought she ever wanted. She would only dream about his ultra-muscular body.  She did everything for him that he asked.

However, Bane was starting to tire of her he started to think about Poison Ivy. Now his venom has not just become his source of super strength and muscle but also a strong defence to any poison. He was confident that he could get Poison Ivy as well. And as he left for the day to get Poison Ivy, he let her know.

Those words cause Catwoman flashed anger with envy. She had no desire for competition. If she couldn't have Bane, nobody could! Once gone, Catwoman decided to improve herself. Now she could only think of being the powerful one! It was easy to find his secret stash of special Venom that made him all but indestructible. He had a delivery system that had pumped it into his veins slowly but Catwoman had no such luxury and filling a huge syringe, jammed the needle into her arm and pumped the entire contents into her body.

Within moments, the Venom took effect and Catwoman stood up, filling with incomparable power. Her naked body began to throb. Catwoman screamed with pain and pleasure. Her heart pounded like a base drum and she felt so much power was surging into her veins. Her nipples stiffened from her excitement and she yelled with a violent orgasm. Selina groaned loudly as the wave of pain and ecstasy subsided.  

After several minutes the pain faded but the ecstasy remained and even more. Selina kept on moaning in ecstasy and she felt something tinkling in her legs. She felt her legs were growing longer and thinner. She looked down and feeling her sight become further and further from the ground. “Am I growing taller?” Selina thought. She got the answer to prove she was right when she saw her latex long pants were above her ankle at least 7 inches higher. Selina felt so happy because one of her dreams is to become taller and have longer legs.

Selina bowed down to examine her legs. She touched from her ankle to her thigh and felt the smoothness and the firmness. “Damn! They are nice!” said Selina. At the same time she felt tinkling in her fingers and arms. She saw her fingers and arms lengthen in front of her eyes.

Selina looked with satisfaction. Her tinkling feeling followed by her face. She quickly took off her mask and went to the full body length mirror to watch herself in the reflection. Selina was stunned. She was always a beautiful girl in the town. What Selina looking at the mirror is someone she knew and familiar but just a more beautiful version. Her eyes became deeper. Her nose is higher. Her lips became fuller. Her face now is smoother and much more radiance. Selina turned her face from left to right and from right to left again and again with disbelief that she can become so beautiful. “Oh my God! My face is flawless! I am much more beautiful now!” Selina said happily.

Her attention was being interrupted by a straining sound of latex. Selina immediately knew where is the sound coming from because she felt her hips is becoming higher and fuller. The straining sound was from her expanding hips. Selina turned her head to watch her hips growing. She smiled widely until the hips growing stopped. She slapped her hips and a loud sound was created as the slap on the butt. She tried to pitch her butt’s flesh but found that it was quite impossible because of the fullness of the butt cheek.

It was then she felt the tinkling in her waist and feeling her waist is shrinking down and the layer of fat was melting. Selina took off her belt and rose up the latex shirt to touch her stomach and she had never felt her stomach been so flat and so smooth. She turned around in front of the mirror to see how her waist looks like now. Her waist now is so thin and narrow and because of this made her hips looks wider and more outrageous. Selina happily turned around to see her combination of perfect looking waist and hips and grinned happily.

Suddenly Selina felt a tinkling feeling that she has never felt before even during the other transformation of her body in her breast especially in her nipples. She cupped her breast and squeezed them as the tinkling sensation is overwhelming her. Her breast began rising. The tight latex which once flattened her sagging breasts was now yielding as her breasts grew.

Selina gasped as the tight material loudly began to strain in high pitch sound as if someone was stretching rubber to its absolute limit. Selina was mesmerized and groaned as her breasts growing larger. The costume now molded to every curve of her body like a second skin.

As the growing process has finished Selina was still in ecstasy. She pulled her costume off and found that it’s difficult to take off as her breasts were so large that she had to pull her costume off with much more effort than before. Selina was complaining about the difficulty of it but as soon as she took off her costume she immediately silent and only gasping because she was looking at the most perfect pair of large breasts she has ever seen.

“Damn my boobs are huge!” Selina grabbing her breasts and squeezing with all her might and found that her breasts are really large but also very firm, soft, pert and gravity defying!

“They are super firm but yet super soft! I have never touched and experienced such perfect boobs! And they are mine!” Selina was mesmerized and keep on squeezing her breasts as she was already obsessed to it.

“God! I already so obsess to it how about guys?” Thinking about guys grabbing and squeezing her breasts Selina has already aroused.

When Selina was dreaming about how her body may cause the effect to guys she suddenly woke up and thought of her real intention in injecting the venom. “Is it the venom cause the transformation?” Selina thought while she turned to side to see her side profile in the mirror.

No muscle was built up and bulged up from any part of her body. Yes Selina has transformed but she has transformed into some kind of porn star body figure than growing muscle like Bane. Of cause she was not complaining and she was really happy to her transformation but what she expected from the venom was totally the opposite effect. Selina did not feel any different to her power level. She was still feeling the same.

“Maybe the Venom has different effect on male and female.” Selina thought and at the same time Bane was walking back in. Turning toward the door they met each other eyes to eyes. He looked at her with angry eyes but then turned into lustful eyes. Selina was naked upper body and the perfect body figure was the cause.

However Bane knew something has happened and asked "What the hell is going on?"

Catwoman was shocked and afraid when Bane asked the question but when she saw Bane was in lustful eyes and glued to her breasts she knew that her transformed appearance had an effect that she should knew it. Selina knew that now she is one of the most beautiful and sexiest girls on the planet. She knew what to do now.

She walked toward him like a model on a catwalk and Bane was mesmerized as Selina approached him. With each step her wonderful, large breasts bobbed ever so slightly like something out of his most private fantasies. The vision caused him an erection. He has never seen such a perfect female body before. She is just way more better and sexier than before!

“What do you think? Am I perfect?” Selina asked while showing Bane her side profile and pushed her chest out which her breasts protruded outrageously.

Bane couldn’t take it anymore and started to grab Selina’s breasts.

Selina did not refuse and she was still mesmerized when touching Bane’s hard muscle. The sight of his muscles and the feel of their hugeness was everything she thought she ever wanted. However she is now different. She has the perfect boobs and body. When Bane was squeezing her boobs she was in ecstasy. Bane was also having his finest fuck and he groaned and moaned in ecstasy when Selina’s large, firm, soft boobs spreading against his chest and covering his large muscular chest.

Bane entered his cock and ejaculated into Selina. This is the best orgasm that Bane has ever had.

After the orgasm, Selina felt different. She felt something growing within her body. Something surging through her veins with so much pleasure. “What’s happening to me?” Selina thought. After seconds she realized what was happening. She is gaining power! A power she had hope to get it by injecting herself the venom.

Power! The Power was now hers!

Selina was so excited and laughed out loud without caring about Bane’s reaction.

“What are you laughing at?” Bane asked curiously. Selina ignored him and keep on laughing. “I said what are you laughing at?” Bane was angry at Selina’s ignorance and pulled his fist back and hit Selina’s face.

Selina was so excited that she did not see Bane’s fist coming. Bane’s massive fist connected with her face and Selina did not even flinch to Bane’s attack. Bane felt his fist was like hitting a huge hard rock and shaking his fist in pain.

Selina woke up from dream when Bane’s fist connected with her face. When she opened her eyes what she saw was something she never thought of but she has been dreamed of. This was turning her on even greater than she would have imagined! Selina smiled wickedly.

"Well, well, Bane. Looks like the little Catwoman has the upper hand now! Your Venom and my venom combined must work even better on me! And if that's the case, I'm stronger than you now! And you're the one who's in for a world of hurt!  My body is the most powerful! You had better hope that you've got more than that!"

Figuring she just got lucky, Bane punched her harder in the midsection with another crack that nearly broke his fingers. Smiling, Catwoman reared back and delivered an uppercut that pulled him off his feet and sent him crashing harshly on the ground four feet away. Wasting little time, Selina reached down and grabbed him by his neck and leg and pulled him over her head in one quick motion as he groaned.

"Ha! One punch and you're finished!  Well don't think you're getting off that easy. Get ready for some real pain."

Dropping his large frame on her shoulders, Catwoman wrapped her arms around his neck and legs and pulled down, enjoying the pops and snaps as her rack was breaking bones and tendons on Bane's once supremely powerful body.  She knew the Venom could heal him, but she wasn't going to give him the chance to fully recover. Selina sneered as Bane groaned.

"Can you feel it Bane? Can you feel your body slowly breaking against my mega powerful sexy body? Well, when I'm through with you, you'll wish you were never born! Your muscles were the biggest on the planet even bigger than Superman. How strong and powerful does that make me? Because to me, your mighty muscles are nothing but weak, worthless marshmallows, while I am much more stronger than you with unstoppable power! I'm the one in charge now! I'm the one who gets to determine who lives and dies. And to me, you're nothing but a twig! A twig that I'm going to easily snap against my firm sexy body!"

As she continued to pull down, Bane tried desperately to break free, but was unable to overcome Catwoman's superior might. And now it was his turn to be turned on. Wincing, Bane could feel his member grow harder even as his muscles were ripping apart. Catwoman laughed as she saw his member become hard. This only made her pull harder until his back, unable to withstand the pressure, snapped loudly. Catwoman tossed his body up into the air and it landed harshly back on the ground. He was momentarily crippled, giving Catwoman a chance to gloat.

Catwoman stood over him and looked down at his broken body. "That was too easy! By the looks of it, you're getting turning on by having me so easily dominate you! Well then, want to get a feel of the strongest body on the planet? Want to rub my sexiest body on earth and press against my large, firm and soft boobs? Sure you do!  And you had better do what I say from here on out or there will be further lessons to come!"

Catwoman stood over him, raising her hands to the sky and showing her side profile again to show off and presenting the most powerful, full on feminine sexiest body Bane had ever seen!

Bane’s dick got hard as his sight was presented by Selina’s sexy body and his dick began throbbing again.

Catwoman hummed with pleasure. "Like my body now Bane. My boob is bigger than a melon and more powerful than an atomic bomb! Hell, it's bigger and stronger than your pecs now! And you called yourself the most muscular man on earth. To me you're just a little boy. A little boy whose neck I could easily crush! I'm what super power is all about now! This body is a mass of strength and sexiness power. Damn I'm so much more powerful than you!"

This is more than Bane could take and he cums wildly, his dick pulsing and throbbing. Catwoman laughed.

"And I used to think your muscles were powerful, that your strength was unapproachable. And now those same muscles are nothing compared to my mega powered body! I'm the one filled with true unapproachable strength! Yours is a pathetic, weak little man body, easily broken against mine. You used to turn me on with your mighty muscles. Now the fact that I can destroy your muscles with my sexy mighty body really turns me on! I'm the strongest being on this planet! With the sexiest body and boobs.  Little Selina Kyle, the girl with no super powers at all, the girl weaker than Batman is now the most powerful being in the galaxy!"

Bane was fully recovered from the breaking by Selina and rose up from the floor. He began to squeeze Selina’s boobs and felt that her boobs have become firmer. Selina let Bane doing it and while Bane was squeezing her boobs Selina was flexing her boobs . This made Bane’s palms were following Selina’s boobs motion where she flexed. Looking at Bane she giggled.

"Like these boobs, wimp. They are now bigger and so much stronger than your once proud muscles. The muscles that turned me on are now pathetic bags of jelly! Try and stop me from doing anything I want! I'll show you what REAL power is all about!”

Selina planting her hands on her wide hips and stand in classic powerful pose. “Now I want you to hit my boobs. I want you to hit me as hard as you can. And don't stop until I say so or I'll snap your pathetic neck!"

Bane, realizing that her boobs were full of invulnerable power, looked to Selina with concern, but her gaze makes him realize that she wasn't kidding. Selina pushed out her mighty large boobs looking impossibly firm and soft as they protruded out from her chest. Closing his eyes, Bane pulled his arm back and smashes his fist against her boobs with a crunch, pulling away his bruised hand. Selina’s boobs were jiggling while Bane hit them. Selina grinned widely.

"Harder, you pathetic!"

Bane reached back with his other arm and his fist planted into her impossibly firm boobs with a thud and a crunch from his now broken fist. He winced in pain. This only caused Selina to laugh. "I said harder! And faster!"

With bangs and crunches, Bane continued to pound on Catwoman's large, impossible firm boobs, ripping up his hands, breaking his fingers, then his wrists, snapping his forearms, until he slumped forward breathing hard. The whole time, Selina thrusted her chest out enjoying the sensation she cooed and awed. Deriving immense pleasure from her super powered body and her complete dominance over the man she once admired. She laughed as his fists were ruined. “Damn! This is so turn on!” Selina thought.

Once Bane stopped, Catwoman let loose a punch to the side of his face. The deafening crunch from her small fist shattered bones, causing her to smile as she knocked him back to the ground. He could barely scream in pain as he hit the floor. Catwoman laughed at the mangled mess that was once the strongest man on earth.

"I never told you to stop! Let that be a lesson. And thanks for the massage. I almost felt one or two of those punches." Smiling wickedly, she snickered.  "Almost!"

Catching his breath, Bane looked back up at his dominatrix who was now flexing her boobs with mesmerizing, hypnotic rhythm. Selina rolled her mighty boobs around, demonstrating incredible control and impossible power. Bane quickly got hard and came again, shooting a load across the room.

Reaching down, Catwoman grabbed Bane by the neck and pulled him up, forcing him to his feet for a moment as she wrapped one arm around him.  Releasing his neck, she pulled her other arm around his side, clamping his huge torso against her upper body.  He struggled for a moment, but he couldn't move her steel arms a fraction. Catwoman looked into his shocked eyes casually to show how little effort she has summoned to hold Bane still.

"It's time you got a feel of what real chests feel like! You thought you were pretty tough. Well we'll just see whose chest is more powerful, yours or little Catwoman's!"

Pulling him closer, Selina slowly pressing her mighty boobs into Bane’s chest. Selina’s big, round breasts flatten ever so slightly as Bane’s hard muscular chest pressed against them. Bane moaned in discomfort. Selina felt lovely, rubbing his broad, muscular chest over her breasts, listening to her gasps as her bosom squeezed the air from his lungs. Bane flexed as hard as he could trying to fight her pressure, but Selina’s boobs slowly, painfully penetrated his once proud chest.

As his muscles began to compress, Selina pulled him closer, feeling his dick get hard once again and press against her stomach even as he groaned in pain.

"Mmmmmmm.  Can you feel it Bane?  Can you feel my super boobs slowly press your once mighty chest muscles back, slowly crushing your pectorals, breaking them down, tearing them apart? Can you feel my nipples dig into your flesh, ripping through your skin, penetrating you muscles? Hahaha!” Selina laughed mockingly. ”I can feel your dick get hard, your desire to have me crush you building. Well don't worry Bane, I won't back off until you're done."

"Oh yeah, Bane. This is awesome! Your once indestructible muscles have been turned into jelly against the overwhelming power of my feminine body. And now that I've completely crushed your muscles and your ribs are slowly bending against my super boobs. Can you feel your once powerful body breaking down against my ultra powerful female body? There isn't a muscle on my body that isn't stronger and more powerful than you! I'm a Super Catwoman now. And you're just a pet! Now let's see if you can even satisfy me anymore Bane. Your mistress is waiting."

Grunting and submitting to her will, Bane comes and his Venom filled semen shoots onto Catwoman’s belly in waves.

“Well, well, well, not bad,” said Catwoman while using her pinky to gather some of his juices and seductively sucked on her little finger and swallowed. Immediately Catwoman climaxing herself feels with a renewed sense of power. Smiling, Catwoman soon realizes that his semen was making her even more powerful! Even stronger! Her superpowers were being ramped up to even greater heights! Selina grabbed Bane's throat and lifted him up like a rag doll. All the while Bane just dangling there and tried to kick Selina to try to free himself but all efforts went in vain. Selina stretched her back, thrusting her already pushed out boobs which the edge of her boobs just a few centimetres from Bane’s dick and stretched her free arm, accepting the new power with building ecstasy and moaned.

"Mmmmmmmmmm.  I can feel my body fill with even greater power. Your load is transforming me again! I'm becoming even STRONGER! My feminine body is becoming even SEXIER! Look up and worship the body of your GODDESS as she grows in might well beyond anything you've ever dreamed about! So powerful that you're nothing but a small child compared to me.”

Selina laughed, continued lifting Bane up. Bane tried to pull off her hand by grabbing her wrist trying to get off of her grip but failed. The once almighty Bane, held with one arm by the super powered Catwoman.

"You're no longer any fun for me Bane. With my strength and power I'll be challenging all of the powerful beings on this planet. Catwoman will be the ruler around here from now on! And you're just a stepping stone to my ascension to dominatrix of this planet!"

Smiling wickedly, Selina pulled her slender arm back and punched Bane in the stomach so hard that his once mighty muscles felt so soft and his eyes widened and glazed over as he grunted weakly. Still smiling, Catwoman lifted him up high, and using her other arm she pulled his body down on her forearm, over her lower arm until his body stuck on her arm. Bringing her arm out to horizontal she looked at the once proud body that hung on her arm like a giant stuffed doll.

"Well Bane, we've had fun. But I thinks it’s time I went out looking for some fresh meat. You're not even in my class anymore! And my body is now filled with enough power to toss mountains around. You're finished and there's nobody who can stand up to me now!"

She threw Bane to the ground and walking out from Bane’s secret base. Thinking to see how powerful she is now, to see how those tight outfit fit her super sexy body, to see how many guys get an erection just by seeing her.

At this moment, Selina only thought of two persons she wants to meet – Batman and Superman! Selina wondered Batman and Superman’s reaction to see her sexiest appearance. While she thought of this, her boobs and nipples become firmer and harder. Selina smile wickedly.

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