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Dawn of a New Age – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – The Discovery

The Pegasi system, 2274.

The Deep Space Exploration Vessel Magellan cruised silently amongst the dark mountainous asteroids that hung silently and still in every direction. The Magellan was not a small ship. Like all DSEVs the Magellan carried a large crew of nearly 900 souls. These men and women were required to feed the ship's voracious engines their ceaseless anti-matter diet, enough to generate the vast power required for the ship to punch its own wormholes through the very fabric of space. Yet large though the ship was, it was tiny compared to the colossal rocks that hung seemingly motionless all around it. The ship's lights were bright beacons of light amongst the shadowy asteroids, lit only in patches by the bright starlight of Pegasi itself.

The asteroid belt represented all that remained of the system’s third planet, a planet which had once orbited Pegasi in much the same location as the Earth orbited the sun. The belt had drawn the attention of scientists for some time, for its position hinted at the possibility of life, and the titanic forces which had rent the world apart hinted at unimaginable power. Furthermore, although the asteroids formed a belt, it was a most uneven belt, with the enormous majority of the belt’s mass clustered together, as though the planet’s death had occurred comparatively recently.

The Magellan had found traces of life amongst the cold, dead void. On a few of the asteroids were fragments of a deceased civilisation, though nothing but faint ruinous hints of whatever had once stood upon the surface of the Pegasi 3. The finds were exciting discoveries, but extra terrestrial life was nothing new, and fragmentary remains held little military value.

“Scanning asteroid Pegasi 3-8918.” The calm voice of the ship's computer as another tremendous rock slowly passed by the ship's starboard quarter.

“Game of cards later?” 2nd Lieutenant Jones asked 3rd Lieutenant Chan.

“I don’t see why not, I could do with a bit more of your money.”

Jones laughed. “Maybe this time I won't go so easy on you!”

The Magellan's bridge was quiet. The time was designated two in the morning, which meant that the ship's idlers were all asleep. Only the foremorn watch were awake. Just enough crew to run the ship and the surveying equipment, until the morning watch took over at six.

“Anomaly detected on asteroid Pegasi 3-8918.” The computer announced unexpectedly, though in the same calm voice in which it announced everything.

Jones checked the readings. “Hey, this is interesting! Check this out!”

Chan leaned across to check the scanners reading. On the screen was a picture of asteroid 8918, a long, thin and relatively flat chunk of rock, over one hundred miles long. One face of the rock was flatter than usual, a typical indicator that asteroid was from the world's surface. A faint tracery of straight lines ran across the smooth face of the asteroid, shadows of a destroyed civilisation. But amongst the trace remains there was a mark beneath the ground, a cavity deep below the surface.

And it was a perfect cuboid.

Jones checked the readings again. “Helmsman, bring us in above that anomaly and hold there.”

“Aye, aye, sir.” The Magellan's thrusters flared into life and the ship spun to face the anomaly. The ship hovered above the flat plane of the rock, looking straight down at the fragmented surface of what had once been a living world. Jones and Chang peered out at the barren rock beneath them, clearly marked with deeply incised straight lines that spoke of a civilization. “Roads?”

“More likely tunnels. Surface features like roads would have been obliterated when the planet was destroyed.” The two lieutenants turned to look at the speaker, junior ensign Janice Rowe. Rowe was the only class D human aboard the ship, a designation only marginally above sub-humans and mutants. But, she had specialist knowledge of archaeological remains amongst asteroid belts, having grown up amongst similar ruins in a distant system.

“There are a lot of them,” Jones said thoughtfully.

“Part of an underground complex. The linear nature of the structure suggests a military purpose.” Rowe spoke calmly, knowing that her thin reedy voice grated on the ear whenever she became excited.

Chan snorted. Like most class A humans he had little respect for a D class expert. “How can you possibly know that?”

Rowe didn't react to the snort. She was used to being treated as an inferior. Class A humans were classic human beings, pretty much unchanged by thousands of years of evolution. “Mining complexes are not linear, they follow seams of natural ore. Transportation tunnels are normally much more substantial and tend to curve more where there is convergence.”

Jones nodded thoughtfully. “Computer, can you display the anomaly on the screen?” On the large display screen the view shifted, zooming to a point where one of the linear features tunnelled deeper below the rock, to an abrupt dark ending. As the camera adjusted to the darkness of the tunnel the faint glint of metal became visible.

“What do you make of that, ensign?” He asked Rowe.

Rowe adjusted her thick glasses. Like many who had grown up in deep space mining colonies, her eyesight was terrible. “I think it's a vault.”

“Computer, scan the anomaly.” The computer hummed and a projection of the end of the tunnel appeared on the screen, an empty red box, about five meters wide by ten long and two meters tall. “Is it empty?” Jones asked.

“No, the scan can't penetrate the walls,” said Chan.

Rowe leaned forward to get a closer look at the screen. Jones stepped aside politely so that she could see, but Chan didn't move. Luckily she was taller than him, though far skinnier, so that she could see the display properly. She pulled on an earlobe thoughtfully, “What do you put in a vault that can survive the destruction of a whole world?”

Jones looked at the red cuboid on the screen. “We should get the captain.” Captain Charlotte Brenner was awake, even though it was the middle of the night. Like most superior class humans she needed little sleep, her considerably enhanced metabolism and circulatory system allowing her to stay awake for days at a time if necessary, without any ill effect. Instead of sleeping, she was lounging in a deep, hot bath, enjoying the pleasant sensation of near boiling water upon her flawless skin.

At 86 years of age, Brenner was easily the oldest person aboard the Magellan. She was old enough to be grandmother to most of the crew, though she did not look a day over twenty-five. Physically her body remained in its prime, perpetually youthful, eternally beautiful.

She heard the faint footsteps approach before she heard a tentative knock at her door. “Enter!” She said.

She heard Lieutenant Jones walk in. She could sense that he was afraid of her and she liked it. “Captain, ma'am?” He heard him say from her living room.

“I'm in the bath, lieutenant. Come in,” she called to him, shifting her position so that her shoulders were lifted out of the water and her large, firm breasts rose from the depths like two perfectly formed islands of flesh.

“Ma'am, we've found something.” He called, without opening the door.

She smiled to herself, relishing her power over him. “I ordered you to come in, lieutenant.”

The door opened and Jones stepped in, nervously, trying not to look at her. She stretched a long and slender leg out of the steaming water, running a delicate foot along the side of the bath. “We've found something, ma'am.” He said awkwardly, keeping his eyes fixed upon the wall above her head.

“I'm down here, lieutenant,” she said playfully.

He glanced down at her, trying to keep his eyes fixed on her face as she pushed herself up onto her hands, bringing her breasts clear of the water so that steaming rivulets trickled over her perfect flesh. “That's better,” she whispered, “Now, what have we found?”

“Some kind of subterranean structure with an intact sealed chamber.”

She smiled, genuinely pleased at something which would break the monotony of her long voyage. She stood up, stepping out onto the bathmat in a cloud of perfumed steam. “Towel!” She commanded. He handed her a towel and she took it, leaning towards him as she did, so that the side of her left breast brushed against his hand. She carefully wound the towel around her wet hair, slowly turning her hands whilst her eyes watched him curiously. “Another!” She snapped again. He handed her another towel and she held this one behind her back, arms outstretched, drying her back in a slow, silky motion, arching her back towards him. When she was done she let the towel drop to the floor. “Now dry my front.”

“Ma’am?” Jones asked nervously. Part of him desperately wanted to run his hands over those massive, flawless mammaries that Brennan was flaunting so outrageously, and she knew it. But part of him knew that if she took offence, as superior humans were wont to do, she could kill him without breaking a sweat.

“Get a towel and rub my tits dry,” she said in a casual, matter of fact voice. He took a towel and nervously placed it on her chest. Her breasts were huge, solid mounds of gravity defying flesh, barely yielding to his cautious touch. “Harder, lieutenant,” she said. He pressed harder, her skin still didn't yield at all. Brennan let out a low moan, and Jones suddenly realised that she was touching herself. “Press harder, lieutenant, with all your strength.” He was pressing as hard as he could now, using two hands on one breast at a time they were so big. Her nipples were rigid, hard as steel. Goosebumps rose across her flesh as she vigorously pleasured herself. Finally she let out a low gasp and a moan. She took hold of his wrists and removed his hands from her body. “Thank you, lieutenant, I'm definitely dry all over now. I'll get dressed and join you on the bridge.”

“Ma’am!” He saluted, unsure of what else to do.

She returned the salute, totally naked apart from the towel around her hair, with a wink as she did so.

Jones left her quarters and walked back to the bridge. “The captain will be here in a -,” he began, but as he spoke the door opened and Brennan stepped onto the bridge.

She looked simply stunning. Her golden hair was tied neatly back, her spotless red command uniform showing off the full majesty of her figure. She didn't even glance towards Jones as she stepped over to the display screen.

“Interesting,” she said. “An underground military base with an intact sealed vault, which our scanners cannot penetrate. Unless you disagree, D class?”

Rowe blushed. She may have been a D class, but to be called such in the presence of so many others was extremely rude. “No, ma’am.”

Brennan nodded. She hadn't wanted any D class humans aboard her ship. “A significant find. Well done Mr Jones and Mr Chan. Beat to quarters and assemble a ground assault team. Mr Chan, you will lead.”

“Thank you, ma'am!” Chan beamed with pride.

Brennan nodded. “You should take the D class with you. She's used to asteroid life!”

“Yes, ma'am!” Chan saluted. He turned to Rowe. “D class, get your suit and be at the shuttle bay in ten minutes.”

Rowe saluted and left, thoroughly humiliated.

Brennan looked thoughtfully at the vault again. Alien remains were interesting. They could be both valuable and dangerous, in roughly equal measure. High command would expect her to do all she could to ensure that anything of significant interest was safely recovered. She thought about going with the team herself, she was worth at least fifty men in such conditions…

“Mr Chan, I think it might be as well to have some real muscle with you.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

“We shall wake the assassin.” As ship's captain and the only member of the superior elite aboard the Magellan, only Brennan could wake the ship's assassin. She also had an emergency link to the assassin, so that in the event of mutiny or betrayal, she could activate the killer remotely.

Brennan travelled down to the assassin's pod in an elevator with Chan and Jones. She typed in her code to open the door, and they stepped inside the small chamber within.

The assassin hung in a concri-glass pod, suspended in a pale green liquid slime and fed through a tube that ran directly into her throat. Like all assassin's she was female, as it had been found that male assassins could not always control their lustful urges, with necessarily disastrous consequences. The assassin was thin, much thinner than the curvaceous Brennan, with smaller, yet still generous, breasts and a totally hairless body. Hair was considered an unnecessary luxury, whilst large breasts were felt to imply power, as was often the case amongst superiors.

The assassins were different from the superiors. Like the superiors they were massively genetically enhanced, but they had been robbed of any freedom of thought and were highly limited in intelligence. In the assassin's dormant state, she was probably no stronger than Brennan, though that meant she was nearly fifty times stronger than anyone else aboard the ship. She travelled in a deep sleep unit, a relic of pre-warp travel, but valuable as it had been found that keeping an assassin awake aboard a ship often had fatal consequences for the crew, as assassins followed a set of rigid rules and punished ruthlessly any who deviated from those rules even slightly. In her deep sleep state she was preserved and required little energy, but her muscles were not primed to the maximum extent. She would need a workout to prepare her for duty.

Brennan pressed her hand onto a screen which scanned her palm print. A green light flicked on and she calmly said: “Activate.”

A green light flicked on at the top of the tank. The assassin opened her eyes.

Almost immediately forks of electricity began to arc into her body from all sides of the tank, casting a lurid glow about the chamber as her body began to vibrate.

The workout was incredibly intense. An unenhanced human would have been dead in seconds. As it was, the huge electrical current flowing into her body caused every muscle to tense and release thousands of times every second. The assassin opened her mouth, gasping in the thick liquid tank, her eyes now wide and lit from within with violent sapphire light.

And her muscles began to grow.

It seemed to be slow at first, but the pace quickened rapidly. Across her body, from her head to her feet, every muscle began to expand. Calves flared up, thighs thickened and rippled with veins, her hips seemed to grow wider as gluteus muscles doubled in size. Ridges of hard, corded muscle crossed her belly and her ample breasts seemed to grow bigger still as they rose on thick slabs of pectoral muscle. Her arms thickened, growing fuller by the second, whilst her neck became broader and harder. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, her face lit with ecstasy.

Brennan watched the display, loving every second of it. Her own nipples grew hard, straining against the feeble fabric of her uniform. Uncaring of the two officers with her, she slid her hand down her skirt, pressing her fingers firmly to her enraged clitoris. She gasped with delight, loving the sensitivity of her own powerful body as the assassin throbbed with power before her.

The assassin was huge now. She rippled with massive inhumanly powerful muscle from her broad shoulders, to her impossibly narrow waist, to her shapely hips, to her thick, curvaceous legs. Lightning still flickered about her body, slower now, tongues and tendrils of brilliance that caressed her magnificent form. She was still floating in the tank, her feet off the floor, as she flexed her tremendous arms in an awesome display of superhuman muscle. Biceps rose from her thick arms like bowling balls, incised with huge veins and crowned with a further hard knot of rigid might. She opened her eyes and grinned.

The liquid drained from the tank in a sudden rush. A few final tendrils of power flickered over her body, and then it was done. She stood on the floor of the tank, legs planted firmly apart, hands upon her hips, eyes open and a faint smile upon her face.

She could have ripped open the concri-glass like she was tearing open a paper bag, but instead she waited until a green light flicked on and the glass slid aside. She stepped down onto the metal grating floor, her body glistening, then stood to sharp attention as Brennan stepped over to her. “I am yours to command,” she said in a deep feminine voice.

“My, but aren't you magnificent!” Whispered Brennan lustfully. She stepped in close to the assassin, so that her rigid nipples were pressing lightly against the assassin's naked chest. She ran a sensuous hand slowly down the side of the assassin's face and neck, before leaning in to her kiss her firmly. For a moment the two mighty women stood there together, lips locked, their tongues exploring each others. Brennan’s left hand was tracing down the assassin's spine, feeling the huge muscles of her back and then the tight muscles of her ass. Finally, she took a step back, releasing the assassin from her embrace. “We will continue this later,” Brennan said reluctantly. She ran her right hand playfully over the assassin's left breast, carefully running her fore finger around the nipple. She ran her hand across the breast and up to the shoulder, then along onto the arm. “Flex!” She commanded.

The assassin flexed her huge bicep with all her might, holding a rigid posture of incredible power as Brennan's fingers traced thick, powerful veins. “That is so hot!” Brennan whispered lustily.

“Do you wish to fuck me?” The assassin asked casually.

“Later, definitely, but right now, I need you to open a vault for me …”

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