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Chapter 19: Picking Up the Pieces

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Picking Up the Pieces

I returned to the Fortress of Solitude with my passenger to find that Superman had still not returned from Metropolis. I showed her to the master bedroom area in the back so they could freshen up from the trip, and change into clothing more suitable for the climate inside the Fortress. I had bundled her up before leaving so she would not freeze to death. I turned up the volume of the computer so that I could hear the news feed as I laid down on the couch in the sitting area of the main room. Channel 4 News was doing an interview with Superman in front of the destroyed LexCorp building. Behind them, a large crane was lifting the uncovered and still unconscious body of Caroline Hunter out of the rubble. The cameraman was good since he had positioned Superman right where any naughty parts of Caroline would show so they would not get in trouble with the FCC.

The interviewer began, “Superman, thank you for taking the time to speak with us after helping retrieve Caroline Hunter from the rubble. I believe the city and the world owes you a big amount of gratitude for finally stopping Superior Girl.”

Superman smiled, “Thank you very much, Rebecca. First, I could not do this alone without the help of Power Girl and many others who assisted me behind the scenes. My only regret was that we had not been able to take her down more peacefully in a secluded area.”

The interviewer, Rebecca, followed through with Superman’s statement, “Power Girl. The world knows little to nothing about her. What can you tell us?”

“Well, I don’t believe that it is my place to say much beyond that she is a trusted friend and was critical in our effort to stop Superior Girl. I will leave it to her to decide when and how much she wants to reveal about herself.”

“Outside of Power Girl, you mentioned that others assisted you too. Would you be able to name them?”

“I cannot name them directly for their own safety. However, I can say that many people in the United States and across the world provided assistance whenever possible. They had to remain in the shadows in fear that discovery could lead to brutal retaliation by Superior Girl.”

“Did these include the help of the other heroes who came to your aid during the most recent fight in Metropolis?”

Superman nodded, “Yes. They all assisted where they could, and helped fill the gap whenever I was unable to be present at a crisis.”

The interviewer pressed on, “Why did you and others superheroes operate in the shadows?”

“Our biggest fear was that a direct and open confrontation could lead to the loss of hundreds or thousands of lives. Even the fight that took place here was not without casualties, but we tried to limit them as best as possible. My first and subsequent confrontations with Superior Girl showed me that her abilities were equal to my own,” Superman calmly responded.

Seeing an opening, the interviewer pounced on the obvious question, “Considering the heroes that helped you here, why not call in their assistance earlier?”

Superman easily countered as if he had been anticipating the question already, “It was for their own safety. Superior Girl made it clear to me early on that she would kill anyone that I brought to aid me along with their families. That meant taking down Superior Girl had to be a precise action with meticulous planning and preparation. If we failed, the retaliations by Superior Girl would have led to many innocent people, along with any heroes who aided me, being brutally killed. It was simply too much of a risk to take.”

“What about Supergirl? Do you know what happened to her?”

Superman got a sad look on his face, “From what we have pieced together, Jessie Nelson, who would become Superior Girl, was working as a research assistant for a scientist under the employ of Lex Luthor. The original plan had been to use a device that this scientist had spent years constructing to transfer my powers into four hired mercenaries under Lex Luthor’s employment. Due to some unclear circumstances, Jessie Nelson ended up receiving Supergirl’s abilities while the four mercenaries were killed. Sadly, the newly empowered Jessie Nelson beat Supergirl to death as the machine drained Supergirl of her invulnerability.”

“How did this happen where you were unaware?”

Superman took a deep breath before continuing, “I blame myself for not being able to be there to help. I was on a mission in the outer reaches of the solar system to help a special project by NASA. Supergirl responded to the distress call that Lex’s goons had initiated to draw me there. There is not a clear record of what exactly happened next beyond the outcome of Supergirl being killed by Jessie Nelson who took on the name Superior Girl.”

“What happened to the machine they used to transfer Supergirl’s powers? Are you worried that this could happen again?”

“The machine was destroyed during the experiment. I have spent the last several months covertly removing any and all information about the device from LexCorp. If anyone tried to re-create it, they would have to start from scratch without the lead scientist’s years of research and notes.”

“If this machine was destroyed, what will happen to Superior Girl?”

“I have used the notes stolen from LexCorp to recreate the machine at an undisclosed location. We plan to use it a single time to remove those ill-gotten powers from Jessie Nelson. Once that is done, we will turn her over to the authorities for trial and destroy both the machine and all collected research.“

“Who …” The reporter asked, but was quickly interrupted by Superman.

“I am sorry, but I will need to go so we can deal with Jessie’s powers. To answer your question, Earth will soon have three protectors to keep the planet safe, and also provide the kind of backup that Supergirl was unable to have while I was away.” Superman took a step back from the reporter, and jumped into the air. Seconds later, he was flying north away from Metropolis.

The reporter turned back to the camera, “Thank you once again for the interview, Superman. We will be waiting in anticipation for the announcement of this third super-being.”

I smiled as the interview concluded and heard the front entrance to the Fortress open. Superman came walking into the main room, and gave me a smile as I lay on the couch.

“Nice interview,” I said to Superman.

“Thanks. I wanted to wait, but felt that the world needed some immediate answers,” Superman responded as he walked over to the sitting area.

“Those notes may be destroyed, but what about Jessie? She was Dr. Mendenhall’s research assistant,” I inquired.

Superman sat down in a chair opposite my couch, “Only for a year. Dr. Mendenhall had worked for years on his energy transfer process before Jessie even arrived at Stanford University. She has part of the puzzle, but does not know all the pieces. Even if she did escape and try to recreate the experiment, it would take her years of trial and error, while on the run and needing to purchase highly expensive and unique pieces of equipment.”

I smirked before speaking, “What about a government? Entire movies are based around the CIA or other secret agencies doing experiments just like this.”

Superman chuckled, “I made sure that the people I worked with knew in no uncertain terms that any such action would be taken very harshly by me and even harsher by you. Your exploits have not gone unnoticed by them.” Superman smiled at me.

I narrowed my eyes towards Superman, “Wait, did you know about that rage and darkness inside of me all this time?”

Superman nodded, “I heard multiple reports, but waited for you to come to me. I could see the conflict going on inside you. When needed, either I or my friends just helped give you a nudge in the right direction from time to time. The final test was in Aurora when you learned about your parents.”

I was starting to get angry. I sat up on the couch as I turned fully towards Superman, “What? That was a setup?”

Superman just looked at me dead serious, “Not at all. Everything you found actually happened. Your birth name is Karen Starr, born of Dana Starr and Dru-Zod of Krypton. Your mother was killed during what appeared to be a failed home invasion.”

“A staged home invasion.”

Superman nodded, “Yes, but not by who you think. Agents from a rogue government operation discovered your half-Kryptonian origin, and wanted to study you to see whether your Kryptonian powers could be unlocked. Their ultimate goal was to sell you to a defense contractor as part of a possible super-soldier program. The FBI learned of this and stopped these rogue agents. Unfortunately, your mother had died so you were quickly given to a foster family across the country and watched for years. When you showed no real sign of Kryptonian superpowers beyond some above average strength, the people watching you wrote you off as a non-threat and moved on.”

“What happened to the rogue agents?”

Superman’s grim face told me the truth, “Quietly disposed by a ruthless government official named, Amanda Waller, in order to keep the incident at FermiLab and your existence secret.”

The name was unfamiliar to me. I asked, “Was this Amanda Waller your contact in the United States government?”

Superman had a stern look on his face, “One of several, but it was more an alliance of necessity. Few can rival Ms. Wallace’s ruthless effectiveness, but working with her is making a deal with the devil.”

I mulled this new information over in my brain for several minutes. Superman quietly sat while watching me. This filled in some remaining holes in what had happened back in Aurora. Of course, I had to take Superman’s word for it. However, Superman had never lied to me during this entire endeavor. He has also not given me any reason to not trust him and clearly put a lot of trust into me. I had to take this version of events from Superman by their word. I still wanted to find and meet my father in his home dimension. However, that was a quest and adventure that would have to come later.

I turned back to Superman, “Alright. I believe you, but how was that all a final test?”

“It was to see how you reacted. We kept enough information out to allow it to look like a sinister government conspiracy that got your mother killed. You were clearly angry as everyone expected, but passed the test with flying colors in the end.”

“And if I had gone on a murderous and angry rampage?”

“Our time working together told me that was extremely unlikely to happen. However, Jimmy and over a dozen other agents in the area had lead-lined boxes of Kryptonite to use against you. Their only goal would have been to disable you until we could speak and decide what to do.”

I ground my jaw back and forth for a bit, “You know, that really doesn’t sound like your style, though.”

Superman chuckled more, “That is because it isn’t. However, there are other heroes who take a much darker approach to threats. He insisted that the test to be done,” Superman held up a hand as I was about to speak up. “Don’t worry, you will meet him soon along with everyone else.”

“Speaking of which, why did none of the other heroes try to take out Superior Girl earlier?”

“I asked them not to. Too much of a risk that Superior Girl would harm or kill them. As a Kryptonian, I also felt compelled to avenge Supergirl myself rather than allow others to do it. I cannot tell you how good it feels for two Kryptonians to work together to bring Kara Zor-El’s killer to justice.” Superman had a sad smile on his face as he was clearly feeling two very different emotions at the same time.

I let Superman lose himself in his thoughts for a moment before pushing the conversation forward, “So, what happens now?”

Superman slapped his hands on his knees, “Time to get to work. We have let Superior Girl wait too long, and I want to get those powers out of her before Murphy’s Law tries something.” Superman stood up. “Now I have to go get Lois from where I left her.”

“Actually, I already took care of that,” I replied a bit sheepishly.

“What?” Superman was a bit startled by my response, but was even more surprised at what happened next.

“Clark?” A voice called out from the hallway entrance to the rest of the Fortress of Solitude.

Superman turned to the sound of the new voice. “Lana! How did you get here?”

Lana Lang walked more into the main area and joined us in the sitting area. She was wearing a long-sleeved blouse that she had brought with her along with a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was still a bit damp from the shower, but drying quickly enough. Lana’s red hair flowed down over her shoulders and back. Lana came up to Clark, and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Michelle brought me here,” Lana said, “She explained what you planned to do, and offered me the chance to receive Superior Girl’s powers.”

Superman seemed speechless, “I don’t understand. I thought you said.”

“Yes, Clark. I broke things off because we could not be as intimate as you or I truly wanted. That does not mean that I ever stopped caring for you. In fact, we can now be together as the equals we dreamed about.”

Superman looked at me, “What about Lois?”

I stared straight back at Superman and asked “I understand that you have feelings for Lois. I spoke to Lois myself earlier after visiting Lana in Smallville. When Lana and I spoke, and it was clear that she still has deep feelings for you just as you do for her. I have seen the look on your face when her name is brought up. How your face softens; how your heart skips a beat. I think you two deserve the happiness that you wanted since you both dated in high school.”

Superman looked at Lana, and took hold of her shoulders. He clearly had a dozen thoughts going through his head at the time. However, the possibility of getting back together with Lana seemed to overshadow all other doubts now that a real possibility of her having similar powers to his was available. After a beat, I could see the muscles in Superman’s face relax almost microscopically as he accepted what I had done. Superman embraced Lana who embraced him back. I stood by my couch with a smile that my matchmaking effort worked out. In truth, Lois was not all that bad. It is not hard for any woman to be enamored with Superman and his powers along with secret fantasies of having them too. Lana was a woman more to my style than Lois. Frankly, this was not just a partnership between Clark Kent and Lana Lang. I was not disappearing into the shadows, and looked forward to the idea of sharing Superman with someone whose company I also enjoyed.

Superman just whispered, “I missed you so much, Lana.”


I left the two reunited lovebirds to catch up on everything that had happened in the past few months. Most of what Lana had heard had been from the news so Superman took the opportunity to catch her up on all the sordid details. They both lounged on the couch as I went back into the holding area to check up on our prisoner. I entered the holding area, and could hear Jessie groggily in her cell. As I came into view, I saw that Jessie was sitting on a bench in the cell. I could smell the faint odor of a gas coming from the vents and filling the entire area. It was not strong enough to be overpowering, but it certainly seemed to have an effect on Superior Girl. She seemed something in a daze or possibly drunk. I turned around to check on Terri who was completely unconscious from the gas’ effects. However, as much as I breathed in, the gas did not appear to have any effect to my Kryptonian physiology.

Jessie glanced up at me with her eyes half-closed, “This gas … it’s like … when Caroline and I were kidnapped. How … did … you?”

I crossed my arms under my chest, which only made my cleavage appear larger, “You can thank Lex Luthor for it since it came from those hard drives that we stole.”

Jessie rubbed her head and shook it to try and clear the grogginess. It seemed to help a little bit but not terribly much. Jessie continued, “Then it was you in Dubai?”

I smiled as I nodded, “Yeah, that was me. My first real adventure after my transformation.”

My smile only pissed off Jessie who looked back at me angrily. If the gas had not been affecting her, she probably would have tried blasting me with her heat vision. She hissed back, “You bitch. You could have had everything with me.”

I walked closer to the cell bars, “I doubt that with all my strength and power. You liked being top dog, and I don’t think that you would have tolerated a rival for long. Besides, I am nothing like you. The only reason that I came was that I was terrified of what would happen if I said no.”

“If you had kept silent …”

I interrupted Jessie as I was starting to get annoyed, “Please. Do you think that Lex would have let me and my boyfriend Mike live?”

“Not if I …”

I was biting now in my response, “Yeah, yeah. Not on my watch. Maybe you have not realized this yet, but Lex has been playing you since day one. You have just been too blind to see it. Tell me, how long did you and Dr. Mendenhall expect to live if your experiment was successful? Do you think that Lex Luthor would allow you two to go free with knowledge on how to steal Superman’s powers?”

Jessie bowed her head and grabbed it with her hands. There were all hard truths that Jessie had not wanted to think about. I did not blame her. It is easy to think you are invincible, and get lost in the glamour of large apartments, unlimited money, and being surrounded by beautiful women who worshipped you. I continued on, “How about after you stole Supergirl’s powers? Lex took you into his payroll to keep you close. We found at least two instances where Lex setup situations to test your powers. The abduction of you and Caroline being the highest profile. The group of Lex’s men who got surrounded by SWAT teams. Your first encounter with Superman.”

Jessie was trying to fight what I was saying. She snapped back at me, “You’re wrong. I was in control!”

I just smiled, “Bullshit. How about those Ambrosia Amazons? Caroline was something that happened in the moment, but who did Lex give you to transform next? Was Monica and Terri loyal to you or Lex Luthor? They both worked for him first. Do you know where I found Terri just before she disappeared? She was in Singapore, monitoring a live test of the Synthetic Ambrosia that Lex had been developing. He was going to create a small army of super-soldiers to oppose you.”

Jessie just moaned at hearing about Terri’s betrayal. I decided to move onto Monica Braun, “And how about Monica? You saw for yourself that she was in a testing facility for weapons to take down people like Superman or you. Did you know either was at those locations? Were they there under your orders or Lex Luthor’s?”

I paused for a moment to let everything sink in. It was probably a big hit to Jessie’s ego about these revelations. She had thought that she was secretly in control of Lex Luthor. That her powers made her untouchable to him and the world. However, as Superman taught me, Lex Luthor plays the long game. He was more than willing to act as the subordinate while he got his pieces in order to win in the end. When Lex finally made his move on Jessie, I suspected that she would never even see it coming as Terri and Monica both drove their knives into Jessie Nelson’s back probably while standing over Caroline Hunter’s corpse.

After several minutes of silence, Jessie tried to fight back in our mental battle, “My Ambrosia Amazons …”

I scoffed at her retort, “Maybe it would have worked. Maybe Lex already had a plan in place. But how are those women going to feel when theirs powers diminish just like the others did? How loyal will those Ambrosia Amazons be if Lex dangles the effects on his Synthetic Ambrosia to them? That was a side effect that Terri discovered in Singapore. The Synthetic Ambrosia can give a normal human strength on par with our own permanently, long after your Ambrosia’s initial effects wear off. However, when an Ambrosia Amazon ingests the Synthetic Ambrosia, “I turned towards Terri’s sleeping form. “Well, you can see what Terri looks like now. How many of your Ambrosia Amazons would trade loyalty to you for a taste of that kind of power?”

Jessie stared at the massive form of Terri Suzuki sleeping in her cell on the other side of the hall. Terri’s massive frame and gigantic muscles moved in motion with her regular breathing. That nine-foot muscle monster was almost as strong and invulnerable as Superman or myself. It would be hard for some Ambrosia Amazons to deny wanting some of that power regardless of the side effects. How many would remain loyal to Superior Girl? How many would it take to bring Superior Girl down if Lex Luthor had ordered it?

Jessie stared at Terri’s massive form for full five minutes before exhaling loudly. It might not have all gone down like I described. However, it was some hard truths that Jessie was having to reconcile in her brain after everything she saw from LexCorp in the last few hours. There was no denying that Lex Luthor had been working against her on several different fronts. Lex had blinded her with wealth, power, and subservience all while he worked in the shadows to take her down. I could not read her thoughts. However, it was fairly obvious on her face what range of emotions were running through her as she sat in that cell.

Jessie laughed lightly, “You know, when I first met Lex as Superior Girl, he tried to shove some Kryptonite at me. It was when I learned that the substance had no effect on me. I had not even expected him to try that, and had no idea whether it would have worked on me.”

I uncrossed my arms and placed my hands on my hips, “Let me guess, when his direct attack did not work, Lex switched to giving you everything that you wanted. A big penthouse to live in. Servants. More money than you knew what to do with. And then a few months later, some shadowy organization started making several failed attempts to capture you.”

Jessie covered her face with her hands, “If only I had captured one of those assholes.”

I rolled my eyes at the idea, “Trust me, Jessie. Lex was smart enough to cover his tracks. Those people that you met probably had a dozen or more middle men between them and anything even relating to LexCorp. Maybe you could have followed that chain, but Lex would have cut those strings himself the moment you started getting close.”

Jessie looked up at me as we stared into each other’s eyes. I could see hatred in her eyes over what I was telling her. She probably felt extremely foolish for not seeing all of this in the first place. She was also likely furious that I was effectively rubbing her face into the ground after defeating her. I could hear footsteps walking down the hallway and entering the holding area. I did not bother to turn my head. It was clear who it was. Superman strode up next to me and turned to look at Superior Girl. Her eyes sent daggers towards him as he did the same to her. If the gas was not making Superior Girl so weak, then I could guess that heat vision would be involved right now.

Superman finally spoke, “Time to pay for your crimes.”

Jessie laughed, “Do you think some prison is going to hold me?”

“Of course, it will. Maybe you don’t know but Lex kept all the research notes from Dr. Mendenhall. While Michelle has been exposing Lex’s secrets, I have been slowly rebuilding the machine that you used against my cousin.”

My hearing could easily pick up the sound of Jessie’s heartbeat begin racing as she looked at Superman in shock. Her fingers closed around the bench that she was sitting on, which bent and deformed at her strength.

“NO! You can’t! These are mine now!” Jessie screamed at us.

Superman smirked at her response, “You stole those powers from my cousin, and killed her in the process. Those are not YOUR powers!” Superman’s tone was clearly showing anger bubbling deep inside of him.

Jessie continued, “I will find a way! I will rebuild the machine too! I stole these powers once; I can do it again!”

Superman exhaled loudly through his nostrils, “Maybe so if you were free, but you will never be given that opportunity. Also, I doubt that Dr. Mendenhall told you everything about his process.”

Jessie was clearly moving from fearful to angry, “I know more than you think!”

I decided to step in to settle this. I placed a hand on Superman’s shoulder and stepped forward, “Let me explain how this is going to work. After today, there will be three people with abilities like myself and Superman. If you escape from whatever hole you are thrown into, I will hunt you down and use my heat vision to lobotomize you. If you agree to assist any officials from the government or a company on rebuilding the machine, I will use my heat vision to lobotomize you. Do you understand?” I made sure to keep my voice as calm as possible as I spoke. Jessie was completely taken aback by my threat, and I found even feel Superman distancing himself from me as well. I decided to add one last caveat to my threat, “Now do you agree to these conditions, or should I just pre-emptively take care of this problem now?” I started up my heat vision a little bit to give my eyes a red glow, but not enough to actually fire anything from them. The effect had the impression that I wanted. Superior Girl was clearly scared at my threat of turning her into a mindless vegetable.

Jessie turned to Superman with fear on her face, “Are you going to let her do that? That’s barbaric!”

Superman crossed his arms across his chest, “How many people have died after you got those powers? How many more would die if you got them back again? I don’t like Michelle’s solution, but we both know that she is not one to be trifled with. Besides, it won’t kill you.”

Superman smirked as he said the last line. I knew deep in my heart that Superman was playing along. There was anger in his voice. I am sure that a part of him would love to see me execute my threat against Jessie. However, I knew enough of Superman since gaining my powers to know that he could never follow through with that threat. All of those years at hiding his powers while growing up had certainly made Superman a decent actor. However, for me, this was less of a threat and more of a promise.

We stood in silence staring at Jessie for a moment longer. Jessie was open-mouth shocked at how Superman had agreed to my threat. Superman finally spoke up, “Well, it’s time that we get to work. You go back to Metropolis as soon as you don’t have Supergirl’s powers.” Superman reached over and pressed a button on a control panel near the cell door. The sound of gas lifted higher as more of the chemical flooded into the room. The increased amount of gas had the desired effect on Superior Girl who quickly fell over unconscious.

I opened the cell door, and went over to pick Jessie off the ground. I flung her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I then turned and followed Superman out of the holding area so we could finally end the nightmare of Superior Girl. As we walked out of the room, I could not help but give a feel to Superior Girl’s butt. I smiled and hoped that Lana Lang’s ass would be just as firm as Jessie’s ass felt right now.


Superman, Lana, and I walked down a corridor that I had never travelled down in the Fortress. I still had an unconscious Superior Girl slung over my shoulder. I walked in silence as Lana and Superman chatted together quietly. The small talk was mostly just that along with gossip about what was happening in Smallville. Lana mentioned about her wind farm project, discussed the latest news from town, and gave Clark a hard time about not visiting his parents more often. I had to suppress a smile as Lana talked to Clark in such a casual tone. She had grown up with him. She knew him probably better than most anyone else in the world. There was no concern for secret identities here. There seemed to be no real secrets between them. It was clear from the conversation that Lana had learned Clark’s secrets a long time ago. It made me feel a little sad that these two had been driven apart mostly by Superman’s own powers. It also made me a bit frustrated that someone like Clark had not seen that he was just falling into the same trap again with Lois Lane.

As they talked, I thought back to that intrepid reporter. It was too bad that we could not empower both Lana and Lois. However, my gut told me that Superman would be better off with a woman like Lana Lang. The fact that I had taken an immediate liking to her in Smallville probably did not play a small factor in that decision either. I could not put my finger on it, but something put me off about Lois. Maybe I wondered if Lois loved Clark for who he was or loved Superman for the powers that he had. I wondered if even Lois understood that question herself. I knew from every ounce of body language out of Lana that she loved Clark as Clark. The fact that Clark Kent was also Superman was more of a complication than detriment.

The walk was taking us much deeper into the Fortress than I had ever been. I could hear a distinct rumbling coming from inside the Fortress that was not audible in the main areas. It sounded like heavy machinery or equipment. My own guess was that the noise came from some power generator that kept the lights on and all of Superman’s toys powered. Superman stopped by a closed door. He turned to look at Lana and myself.

Superman said in a manner that clearly showed the weight of the next few moments would be decisive, “This is the research lab where I have been building a replica of the machine that Dr. Mendenhall designed. Once this transfer is complete, I am going to destroy the machine and its research data to prevent it from being used again.”

I smirked at Lana, “Last chance to back out and stay a mere mortal.”

 “Not on your life,” Lana looked at me and laughed.

I laughed at Lana’s response. Superman’s face was near expressionless as he turned to the door and opened it. The lab was enormous in size. It had computers and equipment to house an entire team of scientists for different research projects. There was several desks and workstations that could be used, a small and well-equipped chemistry section, and several other areas whose purpose was beyond my level of science education. The room had high ceilings so just about anything could be built here. On the other side of the room were two cylindrical chambers large enough to hold an adult human in each. The chambers were surrounded by various computer equipment and electronics.

“Wow!” I said in excitement at the sight before I could help myself. While I was no scientist, I was certain that this room would be any researcher’s wet dream. Anything and everything that they could want.

Superman smiled at my amazement of the room, “Thank you.” I looked over at Lana who was equally impressed with the layout and equipment. However, in Lana’s case, her background in electrical engineering meant that she knew what a lot of this equipment could do.

Lana nodded her head while putting her hands on her hips, “Well, Clark, you really know how to please a lady like me.”

Superman chuckled at the comment, “I use a lot of this equipment when investigating some of the technologies or weapons that my adversaries often use.”

Lana turned to Clark, “Did you decide to bring all of this equipment here?”

Superman gave a wry smile like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, “A lot of the equipment and configuration was recommended by Star Labs. I asked them to help me setup the room in case we ever needed it. A few others have used the room when the situation has called for professional scientists rather than an amateur like me.”

Lana smiled in approval, “Smart.”

I could tell from Superman’s eyes that he greatly appreciated Lana’s approval on the layout of the research lab. I also could see this was Superman’s modesty keeping him from showing that he knew more about using this Lab than he wanted to give away. Clark seemed to have a deep love and respect for the woman. It made me a bit frustrated that this big lug did not try more forcefully to work things out with her. However, I was not there so I should not judge. It did make me wonder whether I should put serious effort to seeing my old boyfriend Mike to help repair those bridges. It had been several months since gaining my powers, and I was uncertain that lovemaking with a normal human would never be as fulfilling as it had been with Superman. While Cheryl was able to hit me in the right spots, there was a special something or need that neither she, Jimmy Olsen, or that boy I met in Dubai named Jake could provide. None of them had the level of strength needed to give it to me in way that I truly wanted. Either way, it was a discussion for further down the road. For the time being, I needed to focus on transferring Superior Girl’s powers to a worthier individual. I turned back to Clark and Lana was they spoke to each other. It was refreshing to see them getting along together so well, like slipping back into a well-worn and perfectly fitting glove.

I cleared my throat towards them, “Ahem. We should probably get underway before sleeping beauty here wakes up.”

Superman responded quickly, “Of course, if you can put her in the chamber on the right. Lana will need to step into the left chamber. You should also remove that uniform from Jessie. It will get uncomfortably tight once her powers are removed.”

Lana walked over to the chamber on the left, opened the door, and stepped inside. I walked over to the right chamber and placed Superior Girl’s unconscious body inside. There were no braces or hooks to hold her up so she just slumped to the side. I bent down, and removed the remain of the top that I ripped open along with her skirt. The cape and boots quickly followed leaving Jessie Nelson lying completely in the nude. I turned back to Superman as he worked the controls on one of the workstations. I asked, “All done. Do we need to worry about restraining her?”

Superman turned to look at Superior Girl and then at me, “No, just leave her there. She won’t be able to do any harm in there in a couple of minutes.” Superman turned back to the machine, which was beginning to hum louder as it went into motion. Lana stood with her arms crossed in her pod as she looked back and forth between Superior Girl, Superman, and myself. I sealed and locked the chamber that Jessie Nelson was lying in. I also walked over and made sure that the chamber holding Lana was sealed tightly as well.

As the humming got louder, Superman called out, “Michelle, you should come stand next to me over here just to make sure nothing happens to you.”

Superman did not have to tell me twice. I was a blur of motion for a second until I came to stand next to Superman at the controls. The last thing that I needed was for this machine to accidentally steal my powers. Considering that I was now a full-fledge Kryptonian, the experience with Supergirl told me that the machine stealing my powers would be a fatal experience unlike transferring them from one human to another.

The insides of both pods became bathed in green light as some energy flowed through the modified Kryptonite crystals. I saw that Jessie’s eyes began to flutter indicating that she was about to wake up. I smiled at how she will react when she realizes that we are stealing her powers at this moment. How would she feel as the power drains out of her body? Would she returns to a less perfect, more average human shape? No more gravity-defying breasts sitting high and proud on her chest. No more unlimited energy and strength. If she had any blemishes on her face before, would they return? I watched Jessie with something of a morbid fascination as the process began to take hold.

Superman and I were both startled as Lana cried out and doubled over in pain. She grabbed her stomach, and looked like she might fall to the ground. Then the pain appeared to recede from Lana. Superman cried out to her, “Lana, are you ok?”

Lana nodded her head as she propped herself up against the glass with her hand. “I am alright. My body feels weird.”

As Lana spoke her last words, I could see the changes beginning to form on and inside of her body. I scanned her with my x-ray vision only to find that I could see through less and less of her until my x-ray vision had no effect at all through her skin. I could see through her clothes without any problem, but could not penetrate her skin at all. However, Lana’s skin was clearly the first to change. I saw that two moles on her body seemed to recede as her skin cleared of blemishes. A few brown spots on her skin also diminished in size and disappeared. Her skin was perfectly smooth throughout her entire body. Her skin looked like it was now ten years younger.

Superman called out to Lana again, “Lana, how do you feel?”

Lana removed her hand from her stomach and stopped leaning against the glass window of the chamber. She stood up straight, and looked like she had even gained an inch in height. Her hair flowed down her back in luscious red colors. My super vision showed her hair to be as healthy as mine. No split ends. No dryness. Absolutely perfect. Lana flexed her arms slightly as if testing the motion and unsure of how her body would respond.

“I feel … I feel great!” Lana exclaimed, “This feels wonderful!”

The changes on Lana’s body were coming faster and faster now. She seemed to gain an inch in height from what I could see. Her green eyes sparkled at both me and Superman. As Lana flexed her arms, I noticed that her blouse was tightening. What used to be a loose-fitting button shirt was now becoming tighter and tighter around her chest. Lana looked down to notice the change herself.

“Oh, my god!”

Lana grabbed her breasts with her hands as they rose up and expanded outwards. This went beyond a simple fact that gravity had little hold over them. Lana’s breasts were growing several cup sizes larger than they were originally. I heard a distinct pop as her chest expanded that I took to mean that her bra had actually broken. Unable to contain her breasts, Lana’s bra gave up the fight. This freedom only caused her boobs to explode outwards as they were no longer contained by the ever-tightening bra. The buttons on her shirt were stretched to the breaking point. Finally, they too lost the battle and popped off one by one from the middle of her chest. The buttons flew against the glass, but did not crack or penetrate it. I could hear Superman breathing heavily as he watched the changes take hold of Lana.

Lana took hold of her now ruined shirt and grabbed the area where her buttons used to be. She pulled with her arms and effortlessly ripped the entire shirt open. Her bra hung limply around her growing breasts. Lana grabbed the remains of the bra and removed it from her. She stood there marveling at what appeared to be 36DDD breasts. Breasts that appeared to nearly defy gravity, and stood high on her chest in perfect teardrops. I could hear Superman breathing heavily as the changes continued to wash over Lana’s body. She let go of her breasts, and gazed down at her stomach. Her stomach that had become completely flat and toned. She did not have the six-pack that I was able to sport under my own suit, but it was a stomach that any woman looking to stay in shape dreamed about. Lana rubbed her hands over her tummy to feel its softness between her fingers. She then turned her attention to her hands. It was clear that she could feel the power of Krypton flowing through them. Lana made her hands into fists as flexed her arms with her growing might. Lana’s arms exploded in muscle as her shirt sleeves became skin tight across her arms. Her muscles were smaller than mine, but she could fill out that shirt easily. If I had done that, I would have easily split the sleeves open as my muscles tore through them like paper. Not being able to tear open her sleeves with a flex, Lana grabbed her sleeves and ripped the shirt right off her body. She stood in the chamber as the green light continued to bath her in energy and flexed her now bare arms. She smiled from ear to ear as she looked at the muscles forming on her body. She looked powerful just standing there naked from the waist up with her red hair, large gravity-defying breasts, and flexing muscles all displayed in their glory.

As Superman and I stood on the opposite side of the room, we marveled at how Lana was clearly enjoying her transformation. She was absolutely perfect now. Not a single blemish or mark on her skin. Teeth as white as snow. Her green eyes radiated joy. The green light and loud hum of the machine finally dimmed until it stopped completely. The transfer was complete. I turned to Jessie who was still unconscious from the experience. I used my x-ray vision on her to see what would happen. Unlike Lana, my vision easily pierced her skin and through her entirely. I could see her heart strongly pumping blood through her body. I watched her lungs fill and empty of air as she breathed. Jessie Nelson was once again a human being with no superpowers.

I laughed as I looked at Jessie, “I can see through Jessie’s skin but not Lana’s. It’s over!”

Superman gave a clear sigh of relief and seemed to relax as he stood next to me. It looked like a giant weight had been lifted from his shoulders. His long nightmare and exile from being the world’s premiere hero and protector was finally over. The villain who had beaten Superman several times in the past year was finally defeated. I had to admit that I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction too. I was finally free to do as I truly pleased. No more needing to hide from Mike for his safety. No worries that Lex Luthor or Superior Girl would come after me. I was free.

Both of us were startled and broken out of our relief with the sound of breaking glass and twisting metal. Superman and I both turned towards the source of the noise, which was coming from the other pod holding Lana Lang. Lana was still standing in the pod, naked from the waist up. She had smashed the glass screen, and was holding onto the sides of the pod. As we watched, Lana smiled as she moved her arms and slowly ripped the pod open from the inside. The steel twisted and screamed against her as her hands and arms proved too powerful to resist. The shards of glass meant nothing to Lana, and refused to penetrate her now invulnerable skin. Lana laughed as she tore the pod completely open causing electrical sparks all around her. The pod tore open like she was ripping open a thin cardboard box.

Lana stepped out of the ruined pod and onto the floor of the laboratory. She smiled at both of us and was clearly turned on by the power that she just displayed. Lana’s nipples were rock hard. Her jeans were so tight against her skin that they left nothing to the imagination. They looked like they could burst open at any minute. Lana smiled as she looked down and grabbed hold of her jeans on each side. In a quick motion, she ripped the jeans completely off her body. Whatever panties she had been wearing also came flying off as she ripped the remaining clothes from her body. Lana then slipped out of the shoes that she was wearing, and slowly rose off the ground. She gave a mighty flex of her arms as she floated a foot off the ground completely naked.

It took effort from me simply rushing over to Lana and embracing her. Taking her large succulent nipples into my mouth, or shoving my fingers into her sweet and inviting pussy. Lana was a goddess. She was perfection. She had all the powers of Superman and myself. Before I could do anything, Superman rushed ahead towards Lana. A table that was nailed to the floor stood between Superman and Lana, but Superman simply ripped it in two as he floated up to meet her eye to eye. Superman and Lana gazed into each other’s eyes until Lana wrapped her arms around Superman’s shoulders, and brought him in close for a deep, passionate kiss. I watched as their tongues explored the other’s mouth. Superman embraced Lana, and slowly guided his hands down to grab her perfect butt. Her breasts compressed slightly against his uniform. The bulge between Superman’s legs was impossible to miss.

Lana pulled back slightly from Superman, and gazed into his eyes. In a low voice, she commanded to him, “Take off your clothes.” Superman struggled to reach the clasps holding his super suit together as he floated there with a naked Lana Lang hovering in front of him. As Superman was in the process of removing his famous suit, Lana looked over his shoulder to me. In the same voice to me, Lana smiled with a devilish grin on her face, “You as well.”

I needed no further instruction from the newly minted heroine. I watched Superman’s uniform fall to the ground as he floated there completely naked. His large and impossibly hard member stood at attention to Lana. In fact, it practically pointed directly at her red bush as if struggling to get inside more desperately than even Superman. I slowly removed my uniform as I watched the two in action. Lana reached down and grabbed Superman’s cock in her hands. She gave a powerful squeeze that caused Superman to cry out clearly in pleasure but borderline painful. Lana was just as or more powerful than Superman. A trip to the training room would be in order later today.

Lana purred towards Superman, “Mmmm, how I have missed that big cock of yours. But I want to ride it first just like in the old days.”

As I now stood there naked, I watched as Lana floated closer to Superman and swung her leg over his massive penis. She lowered herself on top of his member like sitting on a tree branch. Lana took hold of Superman’s shoulders, and slowly started to rub her wet pussy against his hard cock. Both of them moaned in pleasure at the action. Superman took his hands off of Lana and supported her with just his member alone. Flexing his muscles, he made it bounce up and down causing Lana to giggle like she was riding some super-strong bull.

I floated up from the ground myself, and moved to join them. I came up from behind Superman, and embraced him under his arms. I ran my hands over his strong chest, and felt his muscles underneath as my body rubbed against his hard-naked ass. Lana moved closed to Superman, and stroked my face with one of her hands. Her hands felt like smooth silk as they touched my cheek. We both leaned closer even more to give each other a deep kiss. Lana then backed up and each began to reposition herself. I reached around and grabbed hold of Superman’s cock. I helped guide it into Lana wet and waiting vagina. His cock spread her labia with ease and hungrily dived inside. Lana cried out as pleasurable waves rolled through her body. She bit her lower lip as she closed her eyes. Lana then began to push Superman down to the ground and flat on his back. I floated away from Superman so he could do as Lana desired.

As Superman came to rest on the ground, Lana straddled him as his cock strove to drive itself deeper inside of her. I floated down as well so that I too straddled Superman on his face. As I sat down, I felt my wet pussy come into contact with Superman’s mouth and tongue. He was just as eager to dig into my sex as he was for Lana. Lana and I looked at each other as she slowly rode Superman’s cock up and down between her legs. Lana slowly rolled her hips in rhythm to Superman’s own pushing. I reached over and gave her large breasts as strong squeeze. She returned the favor by squeezing my own, much larger breasts with her newfound super strength. Lana leaned back a bit to get a better view of my chest. She held a breast in each hand as she squeezed and rubbed her thumb over my hard nipples.

Lana spoke in amazement, “Wow. I never realized how large and strong they feel.”

I playfully squeezed Lana’s breasts as I responded. “You,” I gasped as Superman’s tongue hit just the right spot sending a shiver down my spine, “aren’t so small yourself.”

Lana giggled as she watched Superman’s tongue work its magic on me. I leaned forward, and took one of Lana’s breasts into my mouth. Lana gasped and cried out as I flicked my tongue over her nipple and then bit down with a bit of super strength. I alternated between sucking hard on her tits and slowly grinding her nipples between my teeth. Lana cried out strongly as and fiercely as pleasure went through her. I could feel Superman’s hands on my hips as he guided me back towards his mouth. It felt so good with his super strong tongue licking me.

I looked up at Lana, “I want to taste your pussy.”

Lana smiled devilishly at me, and gave Superman’s cock two strong pumps as she gasped in pleasure. Lana then slowly pulled herself off Clark, and floated closer and above my own head. I grabbed her legs in my hands, and pulled her down until her nether region met against my lips. My tongue dug hungrily into her pussy as its juices flowed over my face. She smelled of honey. After a moment, Lana continued to float behind me and came to rest on the ground with her legs open. Ignoring Superman between my legs, I slowly floated up and twisted myself around as well. I crawled towards Lana and buried my face between her legs. Once again, my tongue began to explore her insides just as Superman had explored mine. I kneeled downwards so that my perfect ass was pointing upwards. Superman came out from under me, and got up to his knees. I felt his hands take hold of my hips as his large member came to rest between my cheeks. I squeezed my butt tightly so that his cock was soon trapped between my glutes. I felt Superman cry out in pleasure as he tried to thrust his cock forward and backwards between the vice that was my super strong ass. I could hear Superman cry out in pleasure as my tongue began to help bring Lana to her first orgasm. I pushed backwards with my ass pressing against Superman’s crotch. I released his cock, which he took and shoved deep into my pussy.

Holding onto my hips, Superman getting to pump me hard doggy style as brought two of my fingers into Lana’s pussy and began to vibrate them at super speed. Lana was driven wild with lust as my fingers rubbed her exactly in the right place as my tongue helped finished the job. Within a few seconds later, Lana’s entire body began to shudder as her first super-powered orgasm ripped through her. She cried out so loudly that the shockwave shattered several glasses in the laboratory. We all ignored the glass shards that were useless against our invulnerable skin. As Lana came off her orgasmic high from my fingers, she slid herself down so that we looked at each other face to face. Lana took the hand that was in her pussy and licked the juices from my fingers. She then reached up with her hands to guide my face down into hers. Her kiss was long and deep. As our tongues played with each other for dominance, Lana reached down and tickled the edges of my pussy with her fingers.

Lana broke off our kiss, and looked up to Superman who was slowly pounding away at me. Lana ordered him, “Harder, Clark. Show me how Superman punishes a bad Power Girl.”

Clark grinned in pleasure as he increased his tempo and strength of his thrusts. I cried out as my own pleasure increased exponentially. Superman’s thrusts were strong enough to tear through walls and destroy mountains as he smashed his cock into my sex. Lana got a playful look on her face as she grabbed my shoulders and began pushing me back towards Superman. Soon she had each thrust from Superman timed perfectly as he pushed in, Lana pushed me back towards him even harder with her new found super strength. The shockwaves from Superman’s cock smashing into me caused anything loose on the tables to slowly get pushed away from us. Equipment and material fell to the ground.

Superman kept slowly increasing his tempo until he had a regular rhythm of thrusts. Each time his cock smashed into me, I cried out louder and louder as I felt my own orgasm growing. Lana looked back at Clark again, “Make her finish Clark, but your cock is mine today.” Superman smiled as Lana gave him commands. I was certain that he was in heaven right now. Two super strong girls commanding him around like this. Superman thrust harder and harder until my body could not take it anymore. I shuddered as my own orgasm ripped through me. I closed my eyes and dug my hands into the ground, tearing the material apart like paper. Lana sucked and bit against each of my breasts, but I could feel the motion of one of her arms reaching down between her legs to diddle herself more.

As I came off my orgasm too, Superman pulled his cock out of my pussy. I embraced Lana underneath me as we hugged, kissed, and explored each other’s bodies with our hands. Lana smiled at me with her bright, shiny teeth. She seemed to be an insatiable as I was when I first got these powers. We both laid there for what felt like an eternity as our hands rubbed over each other. For the first time, I felt completely in-sync with someone, more than ever before. Lana was the right choice for both Superman and I. We started to hear some flapping noise from behind us. Both Lana and I turned our heads to look at the sound only see Superman floating above the ground and jerking himself off as he watched us. His desire was palpable. We could both taste it in the air. Lana and I looked back at each other and smiled. I knew what Lana wanted, and we both knew what to do next.

Lana and I got off the ground, and floated up to meet Superman face to face as well. Lana floated closed, and took hold of Superman by his ass. She raised him up higher so that his enormous member was directly in front of her face. Lana then slowly lowered her mouth onto the tip of his cock and licked around it. Her tongue flicked in and out as it played with Superman who was starting to have trouble controlling himself. If she kept this up, Superman was going to blow his load all over her face. Before he could do that, Lana grabbed hold of Superman’s penis and drove it into her mouth. Using her new strength, Lana sucked on it hard enough to strip paint. As Lana worked his member, I floated next to her and began to lick and suck on his balls. As I did I let one of my hands give Lana’s nearest breast a playful squeeze.

After a few moments of playing with Superman’s cock, Lana clearly knew that he would not be able to hold it in much longer. She released Superman from her grasp and mouth, and floated upwards so that she could mount him. I helped guide Lana into Superman as his gigantic member slid into her nether regions. Lana cried out as it penetrated her. She wrapped her arms around Superman, and kissed him deeply and she moved her body up and down his member. Superman responded in kind with an eagerness that even I had not seen before. Lana slammed her body harder and harder down on Superman, creating the same shockwaves that he did earlier.

I left the two to their lovemaking and looked around for something for me. I spotted a large metal tube near one of the tables. I floated over and grabbed it. With a quick twist of my wrists, I snapped it in two and used my hands to quickly mold it to my desired shape. I floated down to a nearby table where I could watch Lana and Superman fucking each other. I slid the tube into my sex, and began to pump my homemade dildo in time to their own rhythms. As we each pleasured ourselves, the tempo and pace of Lana’s thrusts increased as she came closer and closer to orgasm. My own motions increased along with them. Before long, each of us were a blur of motion to the rest of the world as we smashed into each other. I could feel the metal rod in my pussy heating up and beginning to lose its shape at my actions. However, before it could fail completely, both Lana and I screamed at the same time as the orgasm that had been building inside of us exploded. Superman cried out as well as he finally let his own orgasm loose as well. His body shook like a wild beast along with Lana and myself. The orgasm that I experienced was intense. I could tell from Lana’s face that she felt the same as well. After the screaming and shuddering had stopped, Lana and Superman hovered together in the lab while looking at each other. Despite the time those two had spent apart, it felt like no time had passed at all.


After we all finished in the laboratory, I put my super suit back on, and took an unconscious Jessie Nelson, formerly Superior Girl, back to the cell that Superman had kept her in. A part of me thought that it might be better to simply kill her rather than allow her to live. She still had knowledge about how to do the power transfer even if it was not complete. However, I knew that would be wrong and that Superior Girl needed to face her day in court. Given her crimes and the people that she had killed, I would be surprised if she ever saw a day out of solitary confinement or just got the death penalty. After I laid her in the cell, I tossed in a spare jumpsuit that Superman had left in the area. The jumpsuit was bright orange with DOC for Department of Corrections stenciled on the back. What would have previously been a tight-fitting outfit that left little to the imagination was now certain to be loose and ill-fitting. Jessie had lost the toned and hyper-athletic body that her powers had given her. Her breasts were slightly smaller and now subject to the weight of gravity again. Whatever moles or brown spots that she used to have on her face did not return, but there was a previous glow of healthiness in her skin and hair that appeared to be missing now.

Once assured that Jessie was secure in her cell, I returned to the Laboratory to see what Clark and Lana were up to. Clark was standing in the Lab completely naked along with Lana. Lana was flexing her arms as she made her now super-powerful biceps and triceps bulge out. However, they were nothing compared to the size that I could generate when I flexed my arms. One of the benefits of all those times spent at the gym working out before my transformation. My super-metabolism probably meant that Lana and I were both stuck in these forms no matter how much or how little we worked out in the future. The thought made me wonder what would have happened had Jessie been an overweight woman. Would she had been stuck in that form flying around the city, or would her enhanced metabolism have burned off her fat in record time turning her into the perfect goddess that she enjoyed as Superior Girl?

“I can’t believe how powerful I feel! Look at these muscles, Clark,” Lana exclaimed as I watched.

I raised my right arm and gave it a good flex as I spoke, “Those are nothing. Check out these babies.”

Clark and Lana turned to look at me with my bulging bicep desperately trying to rip open my suit. Lana smiled mischievously at me, “Show off.”

I smiled back at Lana. It was clear that I had made the right choice. I walked over to stand next to Superman, “Why don’t you show us more of what you can do?” I crossed my arms underneath my chest as I leaned back against once of the tables.

Lana smiled at me. She was clearly eager to play around more with her new powers. I also figured that this was a good testing ground. We needed that machine to be destroyed, and who better to destroy the very machine that granted Lana these amazing powers. Superman smiled at my suggestion, but walked back so that he was close to the door. I went over to join him. There was still active Kryptonite stored away in those pods that could make both of our lives uncomfortable. I suspected that Clark had used his hidden android servants to install the Kryptonite once the machines were built. However, I was certain that the Kryptonite would do nothing to Lana just as it had done nothing to Superior Girl.

Lana walked closer to the two pods that had been used to transfer Superior Girl’s powers over into her. The pod on the right was ripped open from Lana’s earlier efforts post-transformation. However, the pod on the left was still intact. Lana took hold of her torn-up pod on the right in both hands. Her fingers grasped the metal on the sides, and easily bent and twisted the steel casing. The metal made pathetic attempts to stop Lana, and screamed in protest from her gentle touch. Lana slowly brought her hands inwards in order to compress the pod. The metal quickly deformed and buckled under her grasp. The pod itself began to twist and lose its shape as it lost the battle against Lana’s super strong muscles. The glass still attached to the view port cracked and shattered more as the steel around it twisted. I could hear Lana breathing heavily as she worked her magic. I suspected that her breathing was more from excitement over her own actions rather than any exhaustion or heavy exertion. I knew that crushing that pod would well within her level of ability. Lana adjusted her grip on the pod to squeeze more of it together. The pod was quickly losing any shape that it had left.

Lana moved herself closer to more easily wrap her arms around the now crushed frame. Her bare arms wrapped around the bent steel while her new, large breasts pressed against the front. As Lana brought her arms closer together, I could see the front of the pod bend and twist against her breasts. The metal was barely able to move her perfect tits as Lana slowly crushed the steel against them. Two large craters began to form on the pod where her breasts pushed back against the steel encasement. Lana looked down at what her boobs were doing to the steel and threw her head back laughing.

Lana called out in between laughing, “Even my tits are super!”

The sight of her breasts crushing the steel clearly turned Lana on. She moaned as the steel deformed and twisted further against her body. Lana brought her bare leg up against the side of the pod and pressed inwards. The metal was not able to resist the muscles in her leg any more than it could resist the power flowing through her biceps. Lana closed her eyes as she began to rub her sex against the twisted metal. The metal did not harm her, but instead sharply rubbed against her clitoris further exciting Lana. Lana moved her hips up and down against the screeching metal as it twisted to her will.

As Lana was getting turned on by using her powers, I could hear Clark breathing heavily next to me. I turned my head to look at him. Clark was enraptured by Lana using her newfound powers to destroy the pod. He was still not wearing any clothes from his earlier dalliance with Lana and me. I looked down and smiled to see Clark’s member slowly rising to attention. I smiled myself as I reached down, and grabbed it in my right hand. Clark looked at me with shock as I smiled mischievously back at him. I gave his member a super squeeze that only made him hard. I then turned back to watch Lana as I slowly began to stroke Superman’s cock in my hand. Lana was two involved in her own activities to even notice.

The pod that Lana clung to herself could barely even be called that any more. The metal was so deformed and twisted by her inhuman grip that it was almost completely flattened against her body. The front that was rubbing against her body had lost so much of its form that the metal was starting to actually liquify in between Lana’s powerful grasp. Bits of metal leaked to the ground as Lana rubbed it against her naked form. Lana tore a piece of metal off the overall frame like taffy and casually tossed it aside. She tore another piece off and threw it against the far wall. Lana laughed as the piece smashed into the wall with a loud clanging sound. She then picked up the frame that had been rubbing against her body. The heavy steel lifted off the ground like loose pieces of cardboard. Slowly, Lana began to compress and crush the steel with her hands. The metal bend and molded to her desire as she slowly crunched it together.

As Lana turned the one human-sized pod into a large steel ball, I could feel Superman’s cock getting even harder in my hand. He certainly loved watching Lana use her powers like that. I have to admit that I loved watching it too. The effort that Lana was putting into her work was also turning me on just as it was with Clark. Clark moaned as I stroked his hard member in my hand. He grabbed hold of a table that bent slightly in his hands. Clark began to move his hips back and forth as my strokes increased. Lana turned to look at what was happening. She got a smile on her face as she saw both of us were clearly horny as hell with her actions. Lana turned so that she was facing us directly. In her hands was a rough ball of steel that she had compressed together from one of the pods. Lana saw the lust and need in my eyes.

I told Lana, “Use your heat vision on it. Show us how powerful you are.”

Lana smiled at me as if reading my mind rather than hearing my words. She planted her feet firmly on the ground, and then lifted the steel ball above her head with both hands. Lana then turned her face upwards to look directly at the ball. Her eyes began to glow red, and then two beams of searing energy shot out of them. Lana washed the beams over the ball slowly. Seeing her use her powers as if born to them was the final breaking point for me. I needed Clark inside of me. I needed to finish.

I let go of Clark’s member, and moved my ass cheeks over so they caught his cock in between them. I rubbed myself up and down Superman’s body. He quickly understood what I wanted, and grabbed my hips to press himself into me. I reached down and moved my costume enough out of the way so that Superman could shove his super-hard member inside my sex. Superman needed little to no encouragement, and quickly adjusted himself so that he speared me from behind. I threw my head back as I felt his invulnerable cock plunge into me from behind. I reached back and grabbed Clark’s wrists in my hand. Clark quickly adjusted this grip to that he took hold of my wrists leaving my hands free. As Clark’s hips pushed forward, he used his own super strength to pull backwards and down with his arms. For any other woman on the planet besides the people in this room, he would have ripped the person’s arms right off. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body as it just pushed his gigantic penis further into me.

I opened my eyes despite my enjoyment of the pleasure washing through my body and looked towards Lana. The steel ball had heated up so much that it was practically glowing red hot in her hands. Lana was smiled with her mouth open as raw power coursed through her eyes and into steel ball. Little droplets of molten steel were dripping onto her face. The drops that came closest to her mouth were licked off with her tongue. Despite the scalding heat from the molten steel, Lana was completely unfazed by the droplets on her face, tongue, or mouth. Lana increased the power of her heat vision as she laughed at the molten steel and its inability to harm her. The beams from her eyes grew so bright that they were almost painful to watch. The steel itself quickly succumbed to the massive increase in temperature. What began as little droplets on her skin soon turned into a wash of molten metal that covered her face and slid down her naked body. As the last of the steel ball oozed out of her hands, Lana was covered in patches from head to toe of a silvery sheen made of melted steel. However, as Lana moved without hesitation or pain, the melted steel might have well as been paint. It clung to her body like a second skin as it slowly cooled, but proved incapable of harming or stopping the new Maid of Might. No, this was no mere Maid of Might; this was a Goddess of Might made flesh.

As Superman pumped me even harder as well both were quickly coming to a climax, Lana turned to the second and intact pod just a few feet away from her. Lana got a devilish smile on her face as her eyes glowed red and once against shot torrents of energy from them. The brilliantly white and red beams lashed against the side of the second pod.  The steel took only seconds before they bored through the steel and melted a hold through both sides of the pod. The beams continued to scorch and burn the wall and floors opposite the pod. Lana laughed as she reached over and grabbed the melted sides of the hole. Her hands made sizzling noises as they came in contact with the metal. Completely oblivious to what she be scorching her hands, Lana ripped the pod completely apart. The metal screamed as it tore open from her muscle power. Lana adjusted her grip to grab onto one side of the pod, and easily tore the steel even further away from the pod. The metal ripped like paper in her hands as she wrenched a large panel off.

Superman and I watched as Lana began to moving at super speed. She ripped off two other pieces of steel from the pod just like before. Lana was a blur to the rest of the world as she smashed the steel plates together and squished them in her hands. The metal was unable to resist her Kryptonian-powered desires as it molded and melded together under her direction. Lana began to twist the steel as if wringing out a towel of water. The metal crunched and screamed as it protested her actions. However, her muscles proved stronger as the metal bent and twisted in her hand. Soon the metal had gone from ripped metal plates into a more tubular shape. Lana stroked and rubbed the newly formed metal rod up and down as she smoothed out its edges like molding a clay pot. The metal oozed and smashed against her powerful grip as her hands moved up and down the rod. I felt myself coming closer to climax as Superman pounded me from behind, and Lana got read to use her new sex toy just as I had done earlier.

Lana’s feet rose off the ground as she began to hover in the air. Lana brought her knees up as if she was about to sit in a squatting position. She spread her legs to give both Superman and I a look at her glorious and now invulnerable pussy. Using one hand to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple, Lana took the other hand holding the steel dildo and traced it around her labia. After completing two circles, she slowly drove the rod deep into her vagina. Lana gasped, throwing her head back, as the rod parted her netherlips and drove into her sex. The metal around her hand deformed slightly as she gripped it a little too tightly. Lana began to slowly pull the rod in and out of her sex as she squeezed and pinched her nipple even harder with her free hand.

Superman was clearly unable to take much more. He let go of my wrists, and wrapped his arms around my waist. His hands quickly moved upwards to grab and squeeze my enormous tits. His super strength was enough to dimple and compress my breasts that were strong enough to crush steel between them or resist the explosion of a grenade. I raised my own hands up to place them on top of Clark’s.

I cried out, “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

Superman was desperately near finishing, but cognizant enough to understand me. It sounded like someone was shooting a gun as he began to smash his hips into my ass. His member came out just enough to tease leaving me fully before slamming back into my sex with the sound of a shotgun blast. The shockwaves from his thrusts were like a small earthquake causing furniture and objects around us to slowly dance-hop away from us with each thrust.

“God! Fuck! Yes!!!!” I cried out as I felt myself peaking.

Lana’s hand that was holding the rod was a blur of motion as she thrust it in and out of her body as super speeds. Lana’s other hand was grabbing her breast so forcefully that I was certain that it was actually beginning to hurt her.

Lana looked at us both with pure unbridled lust in her eyes, “Yes. Finish for me. Finish inside her.”

Clark needed no more encouragement. He felt like his ability to hold out any longer was completely over anyway. I felt Clark explode inside of me. He shot his load with such force that I was surprised how exactly I stayed with his cock inside of me. As I felt Clark cumming inside my pussy, my own orgasm took over. My muscles contracted. My eyes closed and mouth opened. I cried out and screamed as my orgasm plotted nearly every other sensation out of my body. This felt different than before. I had an audience. An audience that was as powerful as me, and just as turned on by the use of our powers as I was.

As Superman’s pounding became less and less forceful as his orgasm, I slowly moved my hips and rubbed my ass against his waist. Superman moaned as he grabbed my ass to move my hips slowly up and down on his member. We both turned towards Lana who was shuddering and crying out from the pleasure of her own orgasm. Seeing Superman blow his load in me was enough to put Lana completely over the edge. I could hear a distinct crunching sound as Lana slowed closed her hips and legs together as she came. The metal dildo was still sticking out of her sex, but was being slowly crushed and deformed as her own sex proved stronger than steel.

Lana lowered her legs to the floor as she returned to Earth. I pulled out from Superman’s cock, and walked over towards Lana. We both smiled at each other as we came just inches part. I reached up and took hold of her arms. Lana closed her eyes as I reached in and kissed her on the lips. Our lips parted as our tongues intertwined with each other. After a few moments, I reached down and pulled out the remaining scraps of metal that had once been a make-shift dildo from the pod. As we broke off our kiss, Lana and I laughed at the sight of the mangled steel dildo that had been crushed beyond recognition between her thighs.

Lana told me, “Go get cleaned up. Jessie needs to get back to Metropolis, and there will be time enough for us later.”

I smiled as I stepped away from Lana who returned my smile with equal fervor. I turned to see Superman picking up his uniform from the floor. He gave me a smile as I walked past him, which I returned in kind. Once outside the laboratory, I ran down the hallways at super speed towards the master bedroom. A quick hot shower was waiting for me while I left Superman and Lana alone in the laboratory to clean up the remains of the two transfer pods. Superman would certainly also need to get Lana some clothes now that her old ones would barely fit her anymore.


I returned to the main hall after my hot shower to wait for Clark and Lana. As I laid on the couch, I used a remote to change the large screen from showing images from the computer to a cable news station. It was mostly a repeat of the information that I had seen from earlier. Authorities in Metropolis were still picking up the pieces from the events there. The surviving Board of Directors at LexCorp were in an emergency meeting to try and save the company from the news about Lex Luthor’s various research programs. Local governments were conducting raids on the various secret facilities across the world that Lex had been using while local police were locking down any and all LexCorp corporate properties. Representatives from Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries were already making indications about desires to purchase and carve up LexCorp between them. I suspected that within the next 48 hours the company known as LexCorp would cease to exist. According to the media, even the real charitable foundations founded by Lex Luthor were scrambling to distance themselves from what he had brought down on Metropolis. It amazed me how one man’s legacy could be thoroughly destroyed in just a few short hours.

As I watched the news, I felt the presence of two people silently entering the main hall. I turned to see Superman and Lana Lang flying into the room. Superman was once again wearing his uniform, and had taken the time to clean himself up a bit. There was a look of joy and satisfaction on his face that I had never seen before. It seemed like the best of both worlds for him. Superior Girl was defeated, and he was once again with a now super-powered Lana who could go toe to toe with him. I turned to look at Lana who was wearing what appeared to be her own super suit. Lana came up to me, and hovered in the air like she was born to flying.

Lana looked down at me with her hands on her hips, “Well, what do you think?”

The super suit that Lana wore was made of the same material that my own and Superman’s were made of. The suit was a one-piece full body suit with the same blue colors of Superman. A small zipper line ran down the front of her suit from her high neck to her belly button. The suit covered her legs, but left her toned arms bare. Lana wore a pair of high sleeved red gloves that matched the red roots covering her feet. The boots had yellow trim around the top, but matched the red color from Superman’s outfit. Lana’s waist was accentuated with a yellow belt that had a several circular holes cut throughout it. She also had two large golden hoop earrings. However, rather than have a cape like mine, Lana wore a red cape that had yellow trim and completely surrounded her neck and enveloped her shoulders. As she floated in the air, the cape wanted to naturally cover her front as well. It looked more like a full cloak without a hood. The red of the cape went extremely well with her already red hair and green eyes.

I smiled up at Lana as I floated up off of the couch. I came eye to eye with her, and felt the texture of her cape. The costume was a lot more conservative than mine considering it did not have the boob window that mine had. Before I gave Lana my opinion, I was curious, “What do you plan on calling yourself?”

Lana smiled at me, “Superwoman!”

I answered Lana, “I love it!” I got a coy look on my face, “Although, are you sure you want to keep those so covered up?” As I finished my question, I gave a playful squeeze to one of Lana’s breasts.

Lana smiled back at me, “Not all of us share your penchant for exhibitionism.”

I laughed at her response as Lana squeezed each of my breasts stuffed inside my suit. My large breasts pushed themselves against my boob window, ready to split the front of my costume right open. “You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t flaunt these puppies if you had them.”

Lana smirked. She hooked her finger into my suit’s boob window, and pulled me closer to her. As my breasts pressed forward, I could feel her finger become lodged in between my two massive super tits. I smiled as I came towards Lana’s lips. She closed her eyes as she anticipated my mouth touching her. Our lips brushed against each other before parting as our tongues began to explode each other’s’ mouths. I reached over to grab Lana’s ass as I pulled her closer to me. As we floated in the air, Lana brought her leg up and wrapped it around my hip. I used my other hand to explore her tight, super hard body as we continued to kiss. My hand traced her zipper line from her waist up past her breasts and finally found the clasp at her neck. We backed up from each other slightly as I stared into her eyes, and then slowly began to pull the zipper down.

As the zipper descended, it revealed Lana’s perfect skin underneath her new super suit. As it reached her breasts, I was greeted with the sight of her impressive cleavage revealing itself to me. We both giggled like two school girls as I lovingly opened her suit. Once below her breasts, I used my hands to pull the suit open to allow her perfect breasts to spill out. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before I smiled and lowered myself towards her right tit. As I took it into my mouth, Superwoman gasped as my tongue teased her nipple then bit down hard with my invulnerable and super strong teeth.

After grinding my teeth against one nipple, I switched to her other breast to give it the same amount of attention. Superwoman placed her gloved hand on the back of my head, and ran her fingers through my short blonde hair. As we hovered in the main room of the Fortress of Solitude, I turned one eye to see what Superman was doing. I quickly spotted him lying on the couch as he watched both of us hover above him. However, Superman was not just watching. He had lowered his uniform so that his very large member was out and standing at attention for both of us. Superman had one arm laid across the back of the couch as his other hand furiously rubbed his own member.

I looked back up to Lana who looked down at me with pleasure written across her face. We both smiled at each other as I quietly said to her, “Guess it is my turn now.” Lana already had a knowing look on her face due to her own super hearing, no doubt. We both turned our eyes towards Superman.

I shifted my body away from Lana like a fish swimming through air. Lana quickly laughed as she undid the clasps and back zipped on my owner super suit. While not moving at super speed, Lana quickly placed her hands on my shoulders and pulled my super suit off me in a single motion. As I floated towards Superman, it was like I simply swam out of my own clothing. I brought my legs up, and spread them apart as I floated down towards Superman’s penis. Lana was right behind me as she took hold of my back and guided me into Superman.

Superman moved his hand away from his throbbing member as it quickly spread my labia and penetrated my nether regions. The sensation of his strong and invulnerable dick digging deep into me caused me to nearly orgasm right there. It felt so good to have something rock hard that my perfect body could not crush accidentally. I brought my legs upwards so they rested against Superman’s chest. My boots that were still on my feet were pointing towards the ceiling as they rested on either side of Superman’s head.

Superman grabbed hold of my hips, and began to ram me into him. As my flying abilities negated gravity itself, Superman easily lifted me up and slammed me into his waiting cock harder each time. Lana floated down behind me as she pinched my nipples as licked my cheek. I turned to face her as we kissed each other. I let Lana’s tongue explore my mouth further until I playfully bit own on it. Lana smiled at my playfulness and laughed. I reached to her side, and brought her around so she could float in front of me. Lana quickly landed on top of Superman’s lap as he continued to pump me.

“Time for me to take over, honey,” Lana said as she brushed Superman’s hands away from my hips and took control. Superman reached up and grabbed hold of Lana’s tits. His super strong muscles worked overtime to squeeze and play with her new powerful pair of boobs. I watched as one hand began to delve downwards, and snaked itself into the lower depths of her costume. I knew it had found the right spot when Lana gasped loudly in pleasure. As she did, Superman’s other hand pinched her exposed nipple. As Lana slowly moved me up and down on Superman’s rock-hard shaft, I reached forward and played with her breasts. Using my own super strength, her breasts rolled and moved between my fingers as I squeezed them. Lana smiled as Superman and I played with her ultra-sensitive nipples. I used my flying abilities to give ignore gravity as Lana moved me as she willed in her hands.

I cried out as Lana squeezed my hips, and moved me across Superman’s dick. I breathlessly cried out, “Oh, God! Harder! Show me what Superwoman can do!”

I could feel Lana’s hands tighten even further around my hips. Her fingers dug into the edges of my glutes. Her hands were exerting enough pressure to crush steel in her fingers. For me, they just dimpled my flesh as I felt the raw power coursing through her hands. Lana used her tightened grip to raise me higher up so that barely the tip of Superman’s penis was barely in me. She slowly moved my body around to let his tip tease me as it traced the edges of my vagina. I bit my lip in lustful need until I felt I could barely take it anymore. It was only then as my body began to shake with earnest need that Lana brought my body down hard with Superman’s cock ramming fully into me. I cried out as he hit all the right spots like it was made exactly for me. I squeezed my hips together, and felt all the muscles around my sex tightening in response. As Lana pulled me out slowly, I felt Superman’s massive cock rub against every inch of my sex. The powerful of it caused me to squeeze so hard that even Lana cried out as my hands crushed her boobs.

Lana smiled evilly at me, “So you want it rougher, huh?”

I cried out as Lana began to slam me harder and harder down on Superman’s cock. I could feel that Superman himself would not be able to hold up much longer. I also felt like I was on the verge of orgasming too. With each slam, I felt the earth around us shake. The Fortress walls rumbled like never before. Loose bits of knick-knacks on shelves fell over. Unable to hold myself back any longer, I grabbed hold of Lana’s shoulders and stared directly into her eyes. She stared back at me with equal amount of lustful gaze. We were both completely in sync as Superman used his fingers to help bring Lana to climax. I began to use my own flight powers in time with Lana’s thrusts to smash myself harder onto Superman. Superman himself clenched his jaws together in a desperate attempt to keep from blowing his load inside of me too earlier. It was a battle that he was quickly beginning to lose as sweat poured down his head.

Finally, the damn broke on all of at the same time. I don’t know who climaxed first but as soon as one person did we all immediately followed. Each of us let out animalistic cries of ecstasy and joy as the orgasm ripped through each of us. I felt Superman explode inside of me as my own orgasm came in waves that made my body rock in uncontrollable spasms. Lana reached forward and embraced me as her orgasm ripped through her. As she wrapped her strong arms around her, I followed and kissed her perfect lips with more passion and strength than I knew I had.

We all sat on the wrecked and ruined remains of the couch for what felt like hours even though it was only minutes. In our wild lovemaking, the couch along with much of the other furniture in the small lounge area that I liked to hang out in was wrecked beyond repair. We had all crashed to the floor without even realizing it. As we realized what had happened, each of us burst out laughing at the destruction that we had caused. Superman would have to re-think his furniture arrangement if these dalliances were to continue with all of us.

I slowly slid myself off Superman as I felt his soaking member slide out of me. Still in a playful mood, Lana looked at me with an evil grin on her face. She reached down with one hand, and slid it along Superman’s semi-hard shaft before placing her finger in her mouth. Lana moaned as she tasted my juices as they mixed with Superman. Once done, she reached over to me to offer her finger to me, which I quickly took in hand then mouth as I sucked. My super-sensitive taste could still taste Superman on her that only made me even wetter for more.

Without words, Lana easily understood my feelings. She climbed off Superman and came to kneel at one side of him. As she moved, I too got off Superman and knelt opposite of Lana as we both were eye to eye with Superman’s monstrous and superhuman cock. A cock that could rip steel in half or dig trenches in stone just like my diamond hard nipples have done. Lana and I leaned in as we held up Superman’s penis and started to lick the juices off it slowly. As our heads came closer, we would repeatedly exchange kisses as we tasted Superman in each of our mouths. Soon Superman’s member was licked clean of our juices, but found itself being smashed between twin pairs of super strong and invulnerable boobs. Both Lana and I moved up so that our tits were resting on Superman’s waist. We pressed them together that only caused what had soon become a once-again rock-hard member in between four breasts. In between exploring each other’s mouths, Lana and I wordlessly began to rub our tits up and down Superman’s cock. It felt good to have such an impossibly hard rock rubbing against my tit-flesh. However, the real joy was feeling Lana’s nipples rub against my own.

“Don’t hold back for us, honey. Michelle and I will take care of each other when you are done.” Lana said in a low, sultry voice to Superman.

We each took turns teasing Superman’s tip with our tongues, and occasionally shoving those same tongues into each other’s mouth. It was not long before we both felt Superman’s cock twitch and spasm. As we felt Superman about to shoot his load, Lana and I pulled ourselves closer to nearly envelope Superman’s cock with our tits. Only the very tip stood out in between our mountain of flesh that trapped him in place. As we pushed tight against each other, our breasts would have crushed any other mortal object to paste. Instead, we were rewarded with Superman crying out in pleasure as he shot his load. No longer trapped inside our own super-strong vaginas, Superman’s cum shot out like a rifle blast so high that it splattered against the ceiling of the Fortress of Solitude.

Lana and I looked at Superman coming down off his climax who acted like this was perfectly normal. Perfectly normal that his ejaculating penis could probably punch a hole through a tank over 100 yards away. We turned to each other, and immediately burst out laughing. I grabbed hold of Superman’s cock in one hand, and pushed it down towards Lana’s face before cocking it like a shotgun and saying, “Pew! Pew!”

Lana immediately realized my joke, and fell over backwards laughing at the idea. Superman seemed to be becoming more aware of his surroundings, and looked up at both of us. Superman asked, “What are you laughing about?”

Superman’s question caused us to pause, look at each other, and then burst out laughing even more. I am certain that Superman would have gotten annoyed had a breaking news alert come onto the screen. Thankfully, super hearing did not make any of us need to turn up the volume as we all turned to see what the alert was about.

 “This is Channel 7 Action News with a breaking news story. News agencies in Kazakhstan working with local military forces have reportedly been attacked. Following today’s earlier revelations about Lex Luthor and LexCorp, the Kazakhstan military organized a raid on the facility known as Winter Base Zero. Documents published by the Daily Planet indicated that this site was a former Soviet Union nuclear missile silo turned into weapons testing facility. While attempting to breach the facility, the military was attacked by a gigantic monster who emerged from the mountain that the facility was built into.”

The news footage shifted from the anchor to show was appeared to be the destroyed side of a mountain along with what looked like a gigantic woman walking away in the distance. The long, braided blonde hair and figure left little doubt that I was looking at Monica Braun.

“Kazakhstan government has already deployed its air force in order to engage this monster before it can reach a major populated area. The military is also mobilizing its nearby army bases to also intercept and destroy this creature. We will bring you more coverage of these events as they unfold and more local reporters are able to arrive on the scene.”

I stared at the image of Monica’s naked backside walking away from the facility along with the destroyed mountain off to the side. I broke the silence finally, “That’s Monica Braun!”

Lana did not know these people yet, “Monica who?”

Clark looked at me and asked, “How did she get so big?”

I shook my head, “I don’t know. In our fight at that facility, I ripped one of her arms off her body. However, that video clearly shows her having two arms.”

Superman replied as he stood up, “Someone there must have taken drastic steps to save her life.”

Lana interrupted both of us, “We can’t just stand here and talk about this! We need to get to Kazakhstan to stop her!”

Superman quickly replied back, “Of course.”

Superman became a blur of motion for a second as he adjusted his costume back to more appropriate configuration. I too used my own super speed to put my Power Girl suit back on in less than a second. One of the benefits of wearing super resilient materials was they could handle a quick change like that. Lana wiped her mouth with her arm, and zipped her uniform back up to once more become Superwoman.

“I know the way there so both of you follow me. We will figure out what we can do once we get to Kazakhstan!” Superman said once we were all dressed and ready for action.

Superman flew towards the exit of the Fortress of Solitude with both Lana and I closely behind him. A few seconds later, we were all outside in the freezing snow and flying into the air as the main door to the Fortress closed behind us. Seconds later, each of us broke the sound barrier as we accelerated to mach speeds. I glanced over at Lana who was flying like she was born to this. She was taking to her powers like a duck to water, which made me feel a little jealous. However, that jealousy did not last long as I thought about her super tight ass and perfect gravity-defying breasts. Once this business in Kazakhstan was done, Lana and I had business to finish back at the Fortress of Solitude.

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