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Chapter 20: Big Trouble in Kazakhstan

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Big Trouble in Kazakhstan

I flew as fast as possible through the sky with Superman and the newly minted Superwoman following beside me. I flew on Superman’s left side while Lana flew on his right. She was magnificent in her new outfit. Her skin tight blue outfit hugged and accentuated every curve of her new super powerful body. Her red cape flapped in the wind with its yellow piping around the edges. Her red hair was tied into a long braid to keep her hair from tangling up. Part of me wanted to fall back and check out her ass as she flew, but I knew that this was not the best time for that. Superman was pushing ahead as fast as possible in order to get to Kazakhstan in time. Ocean and land passed us by at amazing speeds as we flew at mach speeds from the Fortress of Solitude. It had only been recently since I had had a chance to fly this fast, and chasing Superman was proving to be a worthwhile challenge. Lana was enjoying the same challenge that I was. We caught each other’s eyes as we sailed through the sky. Lana’s face was pure joy at her new powers, especially since they used to be Superior Girl’s powers.

The ocean gave way to land, land gave way to mountains, and then to the great steppes. It was not hard to miss Monica when we got close. When I first met Monica, she was just as tall, maybe even a little taller, as I was at just over 6 feet. Her long blonde hair was braided down her back, and she had a no nonsense look upon her face. From everything that I knew about her, she was a trained killer who gladly worked for Lex Luthor. The infusion of Ambrosia from Superior Girl only made her more dangerous as she became faster, stronger, and tougher than any other human on Earth. The files in Lex Luthor’s archives that I stole from Dubai indicated that she reveled her in Ambrosia-fueled abilities for days even after the initial effects wore off.

I was not sure what had happened to Monica. Maybe this was some new form of Synthetic Ambrosia. Maybe she had some unique reaction to ingesting the drug. Maybe she overdosed on the drug in a desperate attempt to save her life. As we three flew towards Monica, we found ourselves staring down a 350-foot-tall giantess with enormous muscles covering her body. Monica stood naked in the open steppes whose hills were dwarfed by her. Her long blonde hair flowed freely down her back. Monica also had completely regrown the arm that I ripped off of her during our last fight. Whatever she did or took in that weapons testing facility, it saved her life, regrew her arm, and caused her to grow to enormous size. Monica looked at us with a special kind of rage in her eyes. You could tell that she was still in there, but the drugs that changed her also seemed to be causing some form of extreme roid-rage. Superman, Superwoman, and I came to a complete stop as we just hovered in the air staring at Monica in shock.

Lana spoke up first, “Ah, wow! You fought THAT earlier?!?”

I responded as I continued to stare at Monica, “She was a lot smaller then.”

Superman was keeping a cool demeanor as he looked Monica up and down, probably trying to find some weakness, “Come on, we can’t let her reach a major city.” Superman took off towards the rampaging giantess.

I quickly floated next to Lana, and cupped my hands to her ear as I whispered to her, “Room enough for one-bedroom house in that vaj.” Lana giggled at my suggestion. Still fresh from the fun that each of us had back at the Fortress, Lana reached over and gave my breast a playful squeeze. Her super strong fingers easily dimpled my large breasts.

Lana whispered back, “Later, you little Power Bunny!”

I thought about how later could not come fast enough, but she was right that we had a job to do first. Lana and I both took off towards Superman and Monica at the same time. Monica had spotted the three of us floating in mid-air. She looked at each of us until she finally settled her eyes directly on me. Her face was pure rage, but it all suddenly felt directed at me. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raising up. Monica roared loud enough that people south in India probably heard her.

Monica screamed, “You fucking cunt! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!”

Monica turned towards me and charged. As she ran, the ground shook like an earthquake was rocking the area. Superman floated in front of her path, and seemed like he was about to say something. Whatever he had planned never happened. Monica swung out with her right hand, and actually batted Superman away like swatting a fly. He flew off to the side like a bullet and smashed into mountain with a powerful explosion of dust and rock.

“Clark!” Lana cried out.

Lana turned to Monica and flew directly at her to throw a super-powerful punch. However, Monica anticipated the move with ease, and brought her other hand down on the newly empowered Superwoman. Instead of being smacked off to the side, Lana was driven straight down into the soil. Monica then took her foot, and smashed it down hard on Lana. Dust and dirt exploded from the ground in a large cloud.

I flew towards Monica, but tried to throw her off. I dived downwards, and the zipped to the right to avoid her strike. I was able to avoid her two arms swinging around to try and grab me. I changed my direction upwards, and increased my speed to fly straight towards Monica’s chin. With both fists out in front of me, I rammed into the underside of Monica’s jaw. Monica’s head snapped back due to the force of my blow. She had to take two steps backwards she struggled to regain her balance. Her foot came off Lana who was smashed into the ground, but appeared to be unharmed. However, checking in on Lana proved to be a mistake on my part. Monica recovered quicker than I anticipated, and swung out with both hands towards me. As I turned back to Monica, I just had enough time to see her hands come together as she clapped them around me hard. The shockwave of her assault sent my head reeling and disorientated me for a moment. Monica adjusted her grip so that she had me firmly in her left hand. I felt her squeeze my body with her might. She felt just about as strong as me, and that strength was crushing me.

I cried out in pain as Lana came flying up towards me. “Let go of her, you bitch!” was all that Lana could yell before Monica grabbed her too. Lana had been going to Monica’s hand to try and free me, and did not appear to be looking exactly where Monica’s free hand was. Lana quickly became trapped in the same vice that I was trapped inside. Monica squeezed both hands causing Lana and I to cry out in pain. I turned to Monica, and unleashed a torrent of energy from my eyes towards her. Lana quickly saw what I was doing and did the same. Four beams from two sets of eyes lashed out at Monica’s naked skin. We focused on energy on Monica’s enormous breasts, which were about eye level with us. The beams were unable to pierce our skin, but did appear to cause Monica harm as she cried out. However, Monica did not release us.

Superman had apparently released himself from the mountain that Monica had buried him under. As we fired our heat vision at Monica, he came like a rocket towards her head. He smashed his fist into her cheek with enough force to cause her to stagger to the side. Somehow Monica loosened but did not release either of us. Our chance at freedom came thanks to the Kazakhstan Air Force. As Monica staggered again, two fighter jets flew directly in front of her face like two gnats. The fast-moving vehicles turned Monica’s attention to where they were going as the jets passed her, and began to circle around for another pass. However, as Monica’s head turned towards those two fighter jets, missiles from two other jets smashed into the back of her head. The impact of the missiles while she was unaware shook her off balance enough that Monica staggered forward and fell to the ground. As she fell she released both Lana and I so we could quickly fly away.

Before Monica could get up, Lana smashed into her side and gave her the strongest punch that Lana could manage. The impact of the powerful blow from Superwoman knocked Monica over on her left side. Monica cried out in pain from the blow. The jets have now come around, and launch two more missiles at Monica as the other two jets behind their circle. The missiles explode into the right side of Monica’s ribs. As Monica lays down on the ground, I fly over to her head. Using my super speed, I land a series of blows against her face that would have turned an ordinary building into rubble. Monica’s head snapped back and forth as my fists smashed against her like a series of cannon shots. Lana and Superman flew down to Monica’s stomach to attack her in the same fashion. As we punched her, two more missiles slammed into Monica’s shoulder.

Monica cried out in pain from the blows. With an angry swipe of her arm, she batted Superman and Lana away from her. Monica then tried to swap at me like trying to get rid of an annoying fly. I successfully dodged her swipes, but was unable to get a blow in to her. Monica rammed her hand onto the ground, and quickly stood back up. One of the jets was coming near as she stood up. With a swipe of her hand, Monica quickly obliterated the jet that was flying towards her. The pilot did not even have a chance to eject. I was surprised to see that despite Monica’s size she was exceptionally fast. Monica staggered for a moment to re-orientate herself. The punches and missiles had not terribly harmed her, but had done a good amount of damage. I could see where tiny bruises were forming where Superman and Superwoman had hit her repeatedly.

I need to try something before Monica could attack again. I took off as fast as possible towards Monica while putting as much juice into my flying abilities that I could muster. I could have gotten more speed had I enough starting distance, but this was sufficient for what I wanted to do. With both fists in front of me, I smashed hard into Monica’s stomach. My assault must have felt like being struck by a tiny cannonball by Monica. She immediately began to double over just before her body was sent sailing into the sky. She did not have the ability to root herself in place like I did. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Monica went flying westward into the sky, and sailed a good five miles back into the badlands of Kazakhstan until her body smashed against a large hill. The hill was reduced to rubble under the pressure of Monica’s fall. Superman and Superwoman joined up with me as we flew the distance over to Monica.

As we closed in on Monica, Lana dived down towards her toes as Monica laid on the ground. Lana grabbed hold of one of Monica’s smaller toes in both hands. It was like Lana was trying to hug an enormous tree. Her arms could barely fit around just one small toe on this giantess. However, Lana was able to get a good grip. As she floated in the air with her arms wrapped around Monica’s toe, Lana began to spin in place. Lana’s newfound strength was enough to easily lift the 350-foor giantess of the ground as she spun around. Monica tried to flail about to grab onto something or find some balance, but this only caused more destruction to the hills and fauna around her. Lana finally let go of Lana causing her to once again fly into the sky as she cried out. However, Superman was not to be outdone this time.

Clark flew fast and hard towards Monica as she flew higher and higher into the air. Superman came up to her stomach, and gave Monica the hardest and strongest punch that he could muster. I watched as Monica’s flying body was pushed down to the ground with the force of a bullet being fired. Her enormous body once again smashed hard into the ground as she cried out in pain. Superman was not done with her yet. He flew down to her head, and began landing a series of punches on her face. Monica’s head rammed again and again into the hard earth behind her. Superwoman and I flew towards where Superman was. We also began to punch Monica as she roiled on the ground in anger and frustration. The three of us attacking Monica was enough to keep her down. Finally, after more punches that I was able to count, Monica appeared to lose consciousness. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her body fell motionlessly to the ground.


It had been three months since my fight with Superior Girl in what the press had called the Battle of the Amazons. The rebuilding of Metropolis from the damage done by the battle at LexCorp was coming along very quickly. Superman and I had been able to keep the damage contained to a small area, but the damage that had been done was significant. Three office towers had been deemed unsalvageable from the attack and were demolished. All of the various artifacts, artwork, and anything else of value was being auctioned off to help pay for the victims of the crisis. After declaring LexCorp a terrorist organization, the United States had moved quickly to seize any and all assets of the business and Lex’s personal estate.

I floated over the remains of LexCorp Tower and the plaza where Superman and I battled Superior Girl. Most of the workers down below ignored me beyond the odd stare upwards. The city was demolishing what little remained of LexCorp tower in a controlled fashion to make sure that no one else gets hurt. It was disappointing since I would have enjoyed tearing apart that building until it was nothing but dust blowing through Metropolis. I felt a presence floating next to me. I turned to see that Superman had joined me as I watched the work progress.

“How did the proceedings go over at the courthouse today?” I asked.

Superman did not bother to turn towards me, “Good. Another dozen Ambrosia Amazons took the plea deal that the prosecution offered.”

I smiled at the news, “That should mean over half of them are now at Themyscira, correct?”

“Yes. A contingent of Amazon Warriors were at the courthouse to take these women into custody and transport them to the island.”

I smiled coyly at Superman, “Was their ambassador there? What was she called? Wonder Woman?”

Superman smiled back, “No, she is busy with the Ambrosia Amazons back on the island. She is leading the reform efforts for those women.”

I had seen how Superman looked at Wonder Woman and her exceptionally-defined muscles two months ago when she came to Metropolis. Considering what I knew about Superman now, those two could have easily been a couple in another life. Wonder Woman had come at Superman’s request to help reform the Ambrosia Amazons. While the initial effects of the Ambrosia had worn off, these women still had incredible strength, speed, and resilience that made it near impossible for a normal prison to hold them all. The Amazons had offered to take in the women, give them a chance to make amends, and learn how to live with their new abilities. Part of me also believed that this was to help them take back the Amazon name from those that had tainted it under Superior Girl’s leadership.

I turned to Superman as we floated together, “Prison sentence on a tropical island surrounded by beautiful women certainly does not sound like punishment.”

Superman laughed, “Don’t get any ideas.”

“So where is Superwoman?” I smiled at Superman’s laugh.

“She is back in Syria making sure that Aleppo is safe for all of those returning refugees,“ Superman answered. Since my involvement in Aleppo, the city had been declared a free city-state from Syria. The United Nations sent a peacekeeping force to keep order, and refugees who had fled the fighting were slowly returning. The civil war was still raging in Syria around the city, but both sides had kept their distance since my involvement. I had made a few trips back to the region to ensure that everyone knew that I was still involved. It also gave some great photo opportunities to Jimmy as I tore down destroyed buildings on the verge of collapse, and helped clean out the streets of destroyed military equipment. I found that a combination of x-ray vision and heat vision are great tools in removing land mines.

I nodded in approval on how Aleppo was going. However, I knew there was a major question still lingering. After a pause between us, I asked what Superman knew was coming, “So how is Jessie’s baby coming along?”

Superman bit the bottom of his lip and suck in his breath at the question. It was a tricky subject since Jessie was still on trial for her various crimes as Superior Girl. The Feds were keeping her in strict lockup since she was turned over by Superman. However, the revelation that Jessie Nelson was pregnant had taken the possibility of the death penalty off the table. Life in prison was the likely, almost certain, outcome of the trial that she was now facing. Lex Luthor had been thorough in the collection of evidence against Jessie during her time as Superior Girl. It was quite a shock when it was revealed that Superior Girl was the one responsible for the death of two Oakland Raiders. Several other mysterious deaths were linked to Superior Girl included her former high school classmate, Curtis Jones.

Superman looked stone-faced as he responded, “The baby is doing well. There is a lot of concern on whether or not the child will retain some of the abilities that Jessie had as Superior Girl. I think there is a high likelihood that the Feds will allow us to foster it.”

The news of the baby had been a punch in the gut for all of us. Superman ran some tests on DNA samples that he took after Superior Girl was restored to just plain Jessie Nelson. According to his theory, Jessie had become pregnant shortly before she had become Superior Girl. If Jessie knew who the father was, she was not speaking. However, Superman had posited that this was likely where the Ambrosia had come from. The infusion of Supergirl’s powers had put the pregnancy into a strange form of stasis. The baby did not develop and Jessie did not have her period even once while as Superior Girl. It also explained how she was not able to get pregnant despite multiple intercourses with Superman and Ambrosia-enhanced men. However, her body had reacted strangely to the half-pregnancy by producing the Ambrosia on a small, limited capacity. We knew that simply obtaining Kryptonian powers was not why Jessie had not gotten her period. Since my own transformation, I have had mine just as regularly as before. Lana got her first post-transformation period a week after obtaining her new powers.

Superman looked down at my belly, “Speaking of babies, how is yours coming along?”

I smiled at Superman question, and rubbed my belly where the child was growing. Now that Jessie’s own pregnancy had resumed, we were both about three months in. My belly was clearly starting to show as my costume stretched outwards. Despite my invulnerability, Superman had insisted that I stay out of crime fighting and world ending crisis solving. I had not told Superman just yet, but Lana was two weeks late on her period for this month too. It was amusing for him to be so overprotective of his first child. My invulnerability kept us from finding out if it was going to be a boy or girl. Superman had declined to use Kryptonite in order to weaken my abilities to find out.

“Our child is coming along quite nicely. With my belly growing like this, there is no way we will be able to keep this a secret from the rest of the world.”

Superman smiled and rubbed his hand over my belly, “Best we don’t hide it from them anyway. People are already touchy enough thanks to what Superior Girl did.”

The talk of children reminded me of something that I wanted to ask him, “Since you were at the courthouse, did you find out about my case?”

Superman smiled, “I did. Should I call you Karen or Michelle now?”

I beamed back at Superman at the news. Since Michelle Wallace was officially dead, I had decided to take on my original name given to me by my mother. I responded back to Superman, “Karen will do. What was left of Michelle went away when Superior Girl was taken down.”

“Have you been to see Mike? LexCorp is gone so there isn’t any more danger.”

I smiled, “Someday.” In truth, I had been back to Boston to see Mike. I could not bring myself to actually meet or speak with him though. As I watched Mike go through his daily routine, I realized that I could not be with him in the same way that I could before. Mike was just an ordinary human who would be unable to pleasure me in the ways that Lana and Clark could now. It was also obvious that my new role as Power Girl would not allow me the time that Mike deserved. It was a painful realization, but one that I felt was necessary. Mike had clearly mourned my passing, and was moving on with his life. He had not found a new girlfriend, but had a solid circle of friends for support. It was only a matter of time for him. As we had worried before I left for LexCorp so many months ago, Mike was eventually released from his contract. He was able to negotiate a decent exit fee from the team. I guessed that they did not want the bad press since his girlfriend was killed so publicly in a terrorist attack. Despite all the revelations about Superior Girl, my origin was still a mystery to the world. Mike had used the money to open a gym in Boston, and was doing quite well with it. He even had a few attractive female clients for his personal training sessions that I suspected could easily turn into future girlfriends. In the end, I left Mike to his own devices, free from any dangerous involvement with me.

As Clark, Lana, and I became closer, I also distanced myself from Cheryl in California as well. We still got together for some fun times either with a night on the town or in the bedroom. However, I had packed what little things I had and moved out after discovering my pregnancy. I joined Lana in Smallville as her work on the wind farm quickly accelerated. Those massive wind turbines are easy to assemble when you have two women who can fly and are strong enough to toss a bus into the next county. People in Smallville mostly kept to themselves and turned a blind eye to our activities outside of town. Being close to Clark’s parents was also helpful since they could give me advice on how they handled their adopted Kryptonian baby.

I exhaled loudly as I watched the workers in silence with Superman. My hand found his, and gave it a playful squeeze. He had two super-powered women who loved him and each other. Both women who were carrying his children. It was time for me to return to Smallville. Superman had forbidden me from solving the world’s problems for the next couple of months, but that did not mean that I could not build a few more wind mills. I turned to Superman, “Time for me to return home.”

Superman smiled and gave my hand a final squeeze for drifting back. “I will finish up here, and see you back at home then.” Superman turned around and flew back into the heart of Metropolis. I turned myself and took off into the sky back towards Kansas.


“Mom! Could you please put some clothes on?!?”

I was broken out of my revelry as I laid on my beach. I opened my eyes to see two people hovering above me with the sun behind them. My super vision kept the sunlight from being a problem for me to understand whom I was looking at. Floating above me was a tall, buff man of twenty years old. He had short, dark hair like what mine looked like when I did not color it blonde. He was covered in muscles, much like his father Clark Kent. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt with the House of El logo on it. He floated in the sky as naturally as if he was born to it. The young adult floating there was the son of Clark Kent and myself, Jonathan Mon-El Starr.

Next to my son floated a woman of the same age. She also had short dark hair with a well-proportioned frame. While Jonathan wore more casual clothing, she wore a one-piece black leotard with short sleeves, and the letter S draw on the front of it. A dark blue cape flowed behind her. She wore black gloves and black pair of boots. This teenager was Mia Cir-El Kent, and was the daughter of the infamous Jessie Nelson, formerly known as Superior Girl and later Nuclear Woman. Mia floated next to Jonathan just as effortlessly as he did. She had a strong set of muscles on her, and a large smile on her face at Jonathan’s embarrassment.

Mia had shown signs of Kryptonian powers early after her birth when exposed to direct sunlight. She was quickly given over to Superman to raise. Jessie had been sentenced to life in prison for her role as Superior Girl. The original foster family that had been given Mia immediately upon her birth was not equipped to handle a super-powered baby. Mia had grown up with my son like brother and sister even if they were not related by blood. However, as they entered their teenage years, both started to become closer than that. The two were practically inseparable now. Both of them shared the same powers and abilities that I had. Both had also gone into the family business of trying to solve the world’s problems and crime fighting.

I smiled at my son and Mia. I then became a blur of motion as I moved at super speed. A second later, I was standing on the beach in my usual Power Girl suit. The twenty-plus years since the defeat of Superior Girl had been rather kind to me, Lana, and Clark. He had not been kidding when he mentioned a long life as I looked no different than the day that I obtained these powers. Mia and Jon floated down to land on the sandy beach. The beach was the same island that I had found during my first trip to Singapore. A few years after the birth of Jon, I purchased the island and set it up as my own little Fortress of Solitude. A large home, wonderful view, and utter peace and quiet when I needed to get away from the world.

I smiled at the two, “You two should try it sometime. Nothing beats absorbing some rays while listening to the waves crash against the shore.”

Mia gave me a smile and wink that indicated that she, at least, had done something similar in the past. Jon took after his father in trying to be the perfect boy scout. However, Mia had inherited her biological mother’s tendency for rambunctiousness with a wicked sense of humor. Their opposite personalities worked extremely well together, which seemed to be why they got along so well. We all thought it was a good match since Mia was in no way related to Clark. She was just the offspring of Jessie Nelson and an unnamed human who happened to inherit Kryptonian abilities thanks to Jessie’s time at Superior Girl.

Mia spoke up, “Has anyone else arrived?”

“You two are the first. Lana is flying in with the twins later today. Clark said that he would be here as soon as he had given his speech at the United Nations,” I answered.

The twins were Carol and Jane Kent. They were born just a little over nearly four months after Mia and Jon were born. Just like the two people in front of me right now, they had the full range of abilities of their parents. However, we had quickly discovered that Carol, Jane, and Mia did not have any weakness to Kryptonite. Clark had once hypothesized that if Mia and Jon had a child that there would only be a fifty percent chance that the child would be affected by Kryptonite. It seemed that weakness was on the way out for the growing Super Family.

“Come on, let’s go to the house to get some drinks,” I said just before turning and flying off into the island. As we flew, I asked more about the world outside of my private island. Despite my youthful appearance, I had decided to go into a semi-retirement as the children got old enough and were willing to take my place. I told Clark and Lana to call me out for the big stuff, but I was going into an extended vacation for a couple of years. I asked, “So how are things back in civilization?”

Jon spoke up first as we flew together, “Monica escaped again. However, Lana got Carol, Jane, Mia, and I together to help take her back to her prison.”

“I take it that nobody has yet found a way to shrink her back down to normal size?”

“No, and she still finds a way to break out of that prison despite whatever changes are made.”

“That is too bad. How are the other Ambrosia Amazons doing? I heard that most were off of Themyscira now.”

Jon nodded his head, “Yeah, but only a third of those that were sent there. The rest have chosen to stay with the Amazons on the island. I think a lot of them are still ashamed about what they did all those years ago.” I thought that they should be, but kept my mouth shut. Jon continued, “There have been some breakthroughs, however. A group of scientists confirmed that the Ambrosia Amazons are aging at half the rate of a normal human. Some of the Ambrosia Amazons have even had some kids of their own who all seem to have inherited their mother’s abilities.”

That was interesting news indeed. I tried to keep my astonishment down but probably did not succeed very well. “Really, that is interesting! Have they found Terri Suzuki yet?”

Mia spoke up this time, “No, but someone has been quietly killing off Triad leadership in Asia and taking over. If this keeps up, all the Triad gangs will be controlled by a single person whom we believe is Terri, or Jiang as she calls herself now.”

We reached the house, and landed on the balcony. I opened the screen door and entered the kitchen area to get some drinks out. As I worked, I responded to Mia, “That is disturbing. However, don’t let Terri fool you. She may be a nine-foot giantess with more muscle mass than all of us combined, but she has a wicked smart brain inside of her. She just likes to let people think that she is just some dumb brute in order for them to let their guards down. That is how she escaped from Clark and I in the first place.”

“Yeah, Jon and I are going to China after this family gathering in order to try and track her down.”

Mia and Jon took a soda each while I began warming up some coffee. It was funny to look around my kitchen to find a complete absence of alcohol. However, there was little point since our invulnerabilities effectively made it impossible for us to get drunk. Jon could down an entire keg of beer with little to no side effects. I am sure this made him extremely boring at frat parties. We continued to enjoy each other’s company and conversation while we waited for Clark to arrive.


An hour after Jon and Mia had arrived, Lana Lang flew in dressed as Superwoman with the twins, Carol and Jane, beside her. I was shocked when I turned to see Lana since her stomach was bulging through her costume to show her five-month baby bump. Lana had not been doing much crime fighting in the past few months. We learned early on that our Kryptonian invulnerability did a pretty good job at protecting the baby, but it was best not to take chances on these things. I also learned that Superman can be extremely protective of his children, and has an explosive temper when he feels they are threatened. It was a dark side to his personality that we made sure to keep out of the papers. Lana looked at me with a smile as she brushed aside her flowing red hair. She had decided to let it grow out so it was down to the small of her back. When fighting villains, the long red hair was normally tied into a tight braid that she would wrap up. It was amusing to see it since it inherited her own super health making it healthy and thick with no split ends from her scalp all the way to the tips. In other words, hair that every woman in the world would kill for.

You could say that the twins inherited their looks from their mother and their powers from their father. Just like Jon and Mia, both had shown early that they had powers after being exposed to sunlight. Their strength, resilience, and other abilities only continued to grow as they matured. The girls were very much twin copies of each other to the point that it took a careful eye to really tell them apart. They were both six feet tall with statuesque features that could make an Amazon from Themyscira blush. Their bodies were well-proportioned with a good allocation of both muscle and fat that made them curvy in areas most desired with a solid set of muscles everywhere else. Just like their mother, both of their heads were topped with flowing red hair that went down to their shoulders. Both girls were dressed casually for the occasion. Unlike Jon and Mia, they tended to avoid always wearing a costume except when out on a mission. They also had a habit of changing costumes just as often as their moods. One day it might be a blue mini-skirt with a white tank top showing off their muscular abs and arms. Another day, it was something like a full-body suit with multiple pockets that you might see if a seventies spy film. Finally, a frilly outfit that can only best be described as steampunk. Today, it was short, pleated skirts with a white button shirt and sleeveless jacket.

The twins did everything together. If Jon and Mia were partners in fighting the ills of the world, then Carol and Jane were each other’s partners for the same events. They were rarely apart from each other, and almost seemed to be able to talk to each other without saying a world. Whether it was full-blown telepathy was something that none of us could really tell since they refused to say. However, they could easily finish each other’s sentences, knew when one was in danger, and seemed to have an innate sense of where the other twin was at any given time. However, this was not some Village of the Damned like situation. If you met either one the street, they would strike anyone has completely normal nineteen-year-old girls.

Carol and Jane smiled widely and ran over to embrace both Jon and Mia. I walked over to meet Lana halfway from the house’s open patio doors to embrace her. The hug and affection from both of us was truly genuine. It had become obvious early after receiving her powers from Superior Girl that Lana considered me close family with a near equal affection that she had for Clark. There were times when we shared Clark equally between us. There were times when Lana would stop by so we could pleasure each other in ways that only women knew how to pleasure each other. Clark was both ours yet we were also equally his.

Lana warmly said, “It is so good to see you!”

I returned the embrace with a portion of my own super strength as I replied, “It is good to see you and the twins too!” As we broke our embrace, Lana and I gave each other a loving kiss in the lips.

I moved my hand down towards Lana’s bulging belly, “How is the baby coming along?”

Lana laughed before replying, “Well enough. Something tells me that it is going to be a boy this time.”

I rubbed her belly, “Maybe two boys? Or three?”

Lana laughed at my suggestion, “I hope not. Those two over there were handfuls enough to raise. I can’t imagine what raising two or even three Superboys would be like.” Carol and Jane turned towards me and Lana, and stuck out their tongues in unison to us.

Lana disappeared for a few seconds as she changed out of her Superwoman outfit into something more casual yet modest for the evening. I took the opportunity to change as well out of my own Power Girl outfit into something more laid back as well. Jon was always casual in his jeans and black shirt, but Mia did put on a nice sun dress to go with the climate. The twins got drinks from the kitchen for themselves and Lana. We all then went out to my expansive patio to bath in the sun and chat while waiting for Clark to arrive.

The first year of college for Carol and Jane was going well. Clark and Lana had insisted that each of the children get at least a bachelor degree. Jon and Mia were already well into their second year. I understood the need for a proper education. It still seemed funny at times since none of the kids truly wanted for money. Their powers alone opened career opportunities that no college degree could ever replace. I did understand the reasoning in that it kept the children more grounded to human society. It was easy to think of yourself as above these mere mortals with the kinds of powers that we all shared. Of course, any child stepping out of line would have to answer to Superman, Superwoman, and Power Girl at the same time.


The media had started to call us the Super Family. Clark preferred the House of El since it was his birthright on Krypton. However, getting the press to use that name rather than the Super Family was an uphill battle. Dinner with the family was always a wonderful affair, although Clark, Lana, and I kept it strictly PC while the kids were around. It felt rather odd considering the children were all young adults now, and were almost certainly sexually active. I had heard a couple of rumors circulating through the less respectable press that the twins, Jane and Carol, had had a few extravagant nights out clubbing yet only took a single man home with them. They tended to share everything, but I did not want to think too heavily into that. A visit to the editor of the local tabloid’s home had shown him the error of his ways in publishing the story. He and other newspapers learned to steer clear of our children.

Clark had finally arrived at the house so we all sat down for dinner. It was a wonderful affair to have the children back at my island along with Lana and Clark. We chatted about the latest news while the children talked about their recent exploits both in and out of the press. It always surprised me how many villains and evil schemes get taken down without a word of it being mentioned in the papers. There were sites across the Internet that kept tabs on each of us, and tended to be right about half the time. However, if you did not know the real story, it was hard to sift truth from fiction amongst the stories that were published. In truth, our Super Family was next level celebrity around the world. Pictures of Mia or Jon tossing cars, bending steel, or deflecting bullets were all across the Internet along with a couple wardrobe malfunctions that happened once in a blue moon. There is still a standing offer of extremely high dollar amount from a collection of adult websites and periodicals for any member of the Super Family to pose nude for their publication. The idea of indulging in the offer always amused me, but I had become a bit more reserved since the children arrived.

Chatter at the dinner table had been full of laughter as Clark and Lana talked about how they stopped a simple bank robbery together. After so many years, it was laughable that anyone tried to shoot a normal gun at any of us. Yet, these robbers had decided that despite over twenty years of Superman and Superwoman proving they were bulletproof, this time would be the exception. They laughed so hard at the robbers that Lana actually flew over to a local gun range, bought more bullets, and gave them to the bank robbers for them to use on her and Superman. However, I grinned at the knowledge that Lana still gets off when bullets bounce off her invulnerable super tits. Superman certainly likes it too, which is why there were reports of a mini-earthquake outside the city just after the bank robbers were arrested.

As the laughter died down, Jon stood up at the table with everyone watching. He quickly said, “Everyone, I have an announcement that I think you all need to hear.”

I had seen the way that Jon and Mia had behaved to each other over the years, and had a feeling that this day had been coming for a while. I smiled knowingly at Jon who looked at me and knew that I knew. The rest of the table looked up in anticipation to the news that was to come. Despite their super senses, I doubted anyone else knew what was going down.

Jon continued, “Mia and I have been close since childhood. She has been and continues to be my best friend through all of our adventures. Just before coming here, I asked Mia to marry me.” Mia immediately jumped out of her chair and embraced Jon. The two kissed each other passionately as the rest of the table cheered and yelled out congratulations. Clark and Lana grabbed each other’s hands as they smiled at the couple. I had to admit that I struggled to keep from tearing up.

Superman spoke up first, “Congratulations, son. You two are a great couple, and both of you could not make me prouder.”

Lana spoke next, “Word of advice. Might want to avoid wearing a ring. They don’t last long when fighting supervillains.” Lana held up her bare hands, which were ring-free despite years of marriage to Clark Kent. The rest of the room erupted in laughter at the simple truth about fighting supervillains with our super strength and invulnerability.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur. Jon and Mia retired to the beach that night, but the sounds of their lovemaking were hard to ignore even back at the house. The twins, Carol and Jane, flew off to Sydney, Australia to hit some of the local nightclubs. I could not blame them as Mia and Jon moaned in pleasure so loudly that the entire chain of islands probably heard them. However, I cannot say that the effect of those moans was not having the effects upon Clark, Lana, and myself. We three spent the evening in the house, and making a variety of moaning sounds ourselves. Since Lana was five months pregnant, she got to pleasure herself while watching Clark try and prove he was stronger than me. He failed as usual so I made him show how strong his tongue was to me and Lana before I finished him off inside of me.

Two months later, Terri Suzuki was back in prison with the Triad gangs once again smashed and disorganized. Mia had soon announced after the capture of Terri that she was pregnant. Lana herself was due in another two months, and I was now two months along in my own pregnancy from that night on the island. There was even a rumor circulating through the tabloids that Carol and Jane had been seen with the male twins of a reformed Ambrosia Amazon. Twins who had inherited their mother’s enhanced strength and durability just like all the other children of Ambrosia Amazons. Slowly but surely, the Super Family was expanding whether the world liked it or not. As I sat on the beach on my secluded island paradise, I began to wonder how the world would react when it finally realizes that the Super Family keeps growing and we are not aging as quickly as normal humans. One of the conspiracy websites often referenced a new science fiction book were our descendants rule over normal humans like some form of nobility. The idea filled me with a tiny bit of dread. I would need to pick up a copy of this book the next time I fly back to civilization. In either case, there were big changes in store for mankind over the next few centuries.

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