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In-Tune – Part 2

Written by Furlough :: [Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:56] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 13 September 2017 08:24]

Better late than never, right?


Cassie acted as fast as she possibly could. She had no idea what she would find, but she knew that it had to be hers.

Had she just heard about what had happened earlier, she would probably have chuckled scornfully to herself and left it at that. But she had seen what the others had looked like; she could not deny the changes that had taken place. She knew not how it had happened, only that Rose had somehow been responsible for it, and that only she had been left out. What she did know is that she could not let that stand, and that she had to get to the bottom of what Rose had done.

And so she acted, in spite of how little she knew, being aware that getting caught would likely incur the wrath of the powerhouse Rose had somehow become. So Cassie quietly pushed herself to act faster, remembering what had apparently taken place just a few days back, that had led her to try so hard to discover exactly how it had been accomplished.

Joe could not stop himself from shaking slightly, his composure being slowly but steadily disrupted by the tightness building up in his pants.

“R-Rose?” he ventured to ask. “Is that really you?”

“Sure is, Joey,” the woman responded, her intoxicating voice serving to further unsettle him. “I just made myself up a bit for today, that's all. It really does wonders if you know the trick to doing it right.”

Joe had not beheld the woman for more than a few seconds, but he was already completely smitten by her imposing self. When she had rounded the hallway's corner, appearing as if from nowhere, he fancied he saw something familiar in her, but could not reconcile his mental image of Rose with the incredible beauty that now stood before him.

Rose simply smiled and tilted her head slightly. “I know a lot must be going through your head right now, Joey. I've come to expect that of a lot of the men in my life recently. But don't you worry your pretty little head off— I promise, by the end of the day, this will all seem like a dream.”

Joe was afraid to egg her on any further, even with innocent questions, as he suspected hearing her speak for any longer would send him right over the edge. Thankfully, the woman didn't seem particularly inclined to chat any longer, as she simply walked past Joe and in the direction of the main work floor. That was, in fact, where Rose had been stationed, in the same area where everybody in the department worked. One big office, where the only walls that were actually solid and went all the way from the floor to the ceiling were the four that marked the limits of the building.

The beautiful woman wasn't carrying the bag and briefcase that Rose usually brought with her, though— instead, she appeared to be carrying nothing more than a weird, box-like thing under one arm, with a small tote bag slung over the shoulder on her other side.

In just a few more moments, Rose stood in the middle of her workfloor, attracting the curious gazes of everyone there. Before coming in, she had used the powers of the mysterious box to ‘tune’ herself down to a relatively lower level so as to not blow everyone away with her presence, but even then her frame was significantly more eye-catching than anything her colleagues were used to from her.

“Hello, friends!” Rose proclaimed, full of energy, to everyone present. She had set down both of the things she was carrying down on the floor, where they now rested at her feet. Swiftly, she stooped down to open up the tote bag and extract something from it.

“I’ve discovered the most wonderful form of therapy,” she continued, “and since so many of you have been good friends to me, I’d like to share it with all of you!” As she spoke, those watching could see that she had taken a pair of what looked to be portable speakers from the bag, whose wires became condensed into a single analogue jack. Moving quickly, she plugged this jack into a hole on the side of the odd-looking box she had brought with her.

At this moment, Rose stopped what she was doing to take a quick look around her, noting that not one of the people there had commented on the strangeness of her appearance and actions. However, she also sensed that this was not for want of them lending her their attention, as each of their sights was fixed on her figure and her actions. Excellent, she thought, as she hoped having them enraptured like this would smooth along the process she was about to initiate.

“I want you all to close your eyes, relax, and imagine your favourite song. Just play it in your head for a bit and hang back. Focus on being in that state, and try to enjoy the relaxation you’ll feel, because I promise you that you will feel it very thoroughly …” as she instructed her attentive listeners, Rose gently knelt down to adjust the controls on the box, then quietly flicked the switch on its front to the ON position.

The sensations the people there felt over the following several minutes would be something they would never forget. Every person within the confines of the work floor were compelled to obey Rose’s commands to relax as they imagined their favourite melody, and much like what Rose had gone through before, they were suddenly subjected to a subtle but steady bombardment of pleasurable sensations. Unlike last time, however, Rose could now give herself the thrill of watching the effect the box’s magic had on her colleagues while also being further enhanced by it herself.

One of the first things she noticed was the fact that not everybody around her was being affected in the same way; the men in the office were not being enhanced by the box’s waves nearly as dramatically as she had been, but she could still see some changes happening: though their bodies did not change very much, their features were becoming more youthful and refined, and whatever muscle each of them had gained some degree of added definition.

On the other hand, the women in the office were partaking in a series of wonderful and markedly more explosive transformations that were as thrilling for them to feel as they were for Rose to watch. Around her, a plethora of feminine figures that could be described as plain at best became rapidly improved, with excess fat melting away, muscles sprouting forth everywhere, and the sound of fabric giving way as the newly risen super-ladies’ assets assaulted the limits of their clothing’s holding power, particularly their shirts and bras.

In the span of just a few minutes, Rose had transformed an ordinary work floor into the birthplace for a small force of Amazons, though even being surrounded and them, there could be no doubt in the mind of an observer that she was still undoubtedly their Queen and Sovereign. She smiled with satisfaction and mischief as those around her slowly began to grow wise to the sensations that had overtaken them, opening their eyes and taking in exactly what had happened. For the next minute or so, the place became filled with surprised gasps, expressions of surprise, and bemused laughter.

This, however, was only a prelude for what was about to happen. Before long, one of the newborn Amazons stepped forth; she was a hispanic woman Rose remembered as being around fifty years old, with more than a little grey hair and deterioration in her mousy-looking figure to show for it. Thanks to Rose’s amazing gift, however, she had been reborn as a six-foot-seven mountain of feminine power, with deep, lustrous raven hair, a smooth face lined with youthful energy, and newly formed powerful muscles that had broken free of most of her modest ensemble, revealing the deeply defined, deep-hued bronzed body of a freshly ascended goddess underneath.

The woman gingerly stepped forth to where one of the men in the office was standing— Rose remembered him being around the same age as the newborn Amazon, although the box’s magic had softened and refined his features to make him appear more youthful and energetic, albeit nowhere near as impressive as the amazon who now stood before him. The two stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments —Rose had suspected the two had always spared more than a few thoughts for one another, though usually the woman would be looking up at the man, rather than the other way round as it was now— until suddenly, in a swift, graceful and powerful motion, the woman swept the man off his feet into her arms, cradling him like a child or a pet, then flaunted a smile that beamed with joy and confidence just before she began to kiss him passionately. The sentiment was evidently reciprocated as the two became locked into a tight embrace, quickly collapsing to the floor and removing what remained of their clothes that they may further consummate their feelings for one another.

This gesture was not met with objections from anyone; rather, it merely helped encourage what had been forming in the minds of everyone there for some time. Indeed, as soon as the two were on the floor, all the other men and women there turned to each other to engage in a mass of bewitched, lust-fuelled celebration, leaving none out. Giggling to herself as she admired what she had wrought, Rose did not intend to be miss out on the fun, and immediately turned to the one she had been thinking about specifically for the inevitable occurrence of this awesome orgy taking place.

Rose had known Ellen for just a few weeks as a young woman who was known for her overflowing kindness— more kindness that was good for her, in fact. Her position as the only female programmer in the office combined with her thin, almost sickly frame as well as how much good faith she showed towards everyone resulted more often than not in her being treated as a doormat, with many taking advantage of her friendly character, even though practically everyone at the office had at least some degree of genuine appreciation for her. Rose had been one of her best friends during her short time at the office, and so had special plans for her as part of the gift she had unleashed that day, taking care to ensure that both of the speakers that emitted the box’s waves were focused in the direction of Ellen’s desk.

As Rose strode over to her desk now, she eagerly observed what the box’s miraculous energies had helped her good friend become. Rather than the thin, almost skeletal frame Rose had become used to, the woman that stood before her then boasted an impressive, muscle-laden body that had grown to be nearly as stunning as Rose’s own. Instead of the sheepish, reserved look Ellen always had, the goddess Rose was now walking up to meet surveyed the people around her with an air of confidence and majesty, only matched and surpassed by Rose’s own swagger. However, as soon as Rose stood before her, all of Ellen’s attention became focused on the figure of her friend, filled with such power, authority and confidence that there was no doubt left in her mind that she had been planning this from the beginning.

“Hiya,” Ellen stated in a matter-of-factly tone that clashed as much with her old self as the enormous grin plastered upon her face.

“Hey there,” Rose responded, bearing a similar expression, as she continued inching ever closer to her friend.

“Well,” Ellen continued, her voice lowered into something like a sultry whisper, “I’d definitely say that your contribution to the people of this office will certainly help their ability to be productive.”

“I aim to please,” Rose responded.

“Yes …” Ellen continued with a low chuckle, “I can only imagine how much easier it will be to get things done with this, this power, and this confidence …”

“And what are you going to do right now?” Rose asked, her seductive tone bringing even the newly empowered Ellen to swoon momentarily.

“Oh, I have a few ideas for team-building exercises,” said Ellen, “but I think our colleagues here have the right idea for now.”

“I always liked how considerate of others you are,” were the last words Rose managed to get out just then. For the next moment, she pulled Ellen’s magnificent body up against her own, both of them feeling the other’s warmth spread through them with a deep thrill. The two women caressed one another, feeling the amazing power and sensuality of their bodies with unfettered emotion, until at last they looked longingly at each other’s eyes before succumbing to their desire, locking into the most passionate embrace any two people partook in —or could possibly partake in— that day. As they fell to the floor, the very room they were in shook with a slight tremor, one that did not truly end, as the writhing mass of supple, powerful bodies gathered there continued their tireless, superhuman lovemaking, their newfound energy compelling them to keep going far longer than any ordinary human could.

What happened afterwards was a mystery to anybody who was not present that day. Some of the building’s staff remembered a minor scare when they felt the aftershock from Rose’s floor, though as the area did not have earthquakes very often and the shaking lasted but a moment, the few sensitive enough to notice it ended up ignoring it. Later in the day, some of the guards in the parking area happened to see a few shirtless men running by, scrambling to get to their cars, which was odd, but not too much so. What was stranger were the confused reports of enormous figures dashing by at speeds that belied their size, with what few clear glimpses people managed to get of them describing them as jaw-droppingly beautiful, clad only in what appeared to be a few scraps of clothing that failed to cover their immodest frame— and in at least two cases, not clad in anything at all.

The staffing for Rose’s office went through some changes after that day. Most of the men stayed, but practically all the women inexplicably called in to resign. Within the industry, there were rumours of stunningly beautiful women claiming higher positions in other companies whose descriptions of otherworldly beauty matched those of the scantily-clad giantesses who had been seen dashing through some of the city’s streets before.

However, the office was not left devoid of women, for there was Cassie. She was only one or two years younger than Rose, but her attitude belied her age. She was known for treating others with a condescending, stuck-up highs chool cheerleader attitude, seemingly for not other reason than a deluded effort to inflate her self-worth, as despite also showing some man-hungry tendencies, her looks did not exactly excuse her attitude. The day of the incident, Cassie had been absent, having called in sick, and so when she returned the following week she was more than surprised to see not only the absence of all the women she liked talking snide about, but that the men looked markedly different.

“Hey there, ah, Paul,” Cassie murmured, putting on as nice a voice as she could as she approached one of her leftover male colleagues. “Things looks pretty, uh, different around here today, dont’cha think?”

“Hm? Oh, it’s you, Cassie,” Paul replied, just now noticing his old workmate, who looked extremely plain compared to what he had experienced before. “Yeah, it’s a shame you weren’t here last week. You know Rose? She brought along a really incredible therapy thingamajig. Changed the girls so much, they all flew the coop for greener pastures, can you believe it?”

“Therapy?” Cassie had no idea what Paul was talking about, but had definitely noticed how different he looked from when she last saw him. “And a weird thingamajig, you said? Can you… tell me more?”

“Sorry, but I don’t really know how it worked,” Paul offered. “All I know is that it did the girls real good, I can’t imagine it’d be any different if someone else tried it out.” As he finished speaking, Paul dared to imagine how the homely-looking Cassie would be transformed if subjected to the box’s energies.

“Really?” Cassie was more interested now. “What else can you tell me about what happened, then?” Cassie was really putting on the charm now, using a faux-seductress voice that did not really match her frame.

Paul, however, was duly unimpressed, as even for normal human standards Cassie was unremarkable, let alone compared to the living goddesses Paul had had the incredibly good fortune to embrace and worship just a few days prior. “Sorry, but that’s really all I know,” said Paul, trying to hide his disdain at Cassie’s attempt. “I guess I could show you something, though.”

Paul dug his phone out of his pocket. He had been one of Ellen’s few genuine friends prior to her transformation by Rose’s miracle, and so she had kept in touch with him, even playfully sending him a picture of her sunbathing with her new ‘assets’. When Paul showed Cassie this picture, the latter was completely dumbfounded, her shocked expression dropping any pretenses of false confidence or understanding of what was happening.

“THAT’S Ellen?!” Cassie could only blurt out to herself.

“Told you,” Paul said calmly. “That Rose is a miracle worker.”

“Paul, do you know Rose?” Cassie said frantically, her intentions undisguised.

“Sorry, I didn’t really know her that well,” Paul said, shrugging.

“Is that so,” Cassie replied in the same hurried tone. “Well, it was good seeing ya today, Paul, but there’s something I gotta talk to some of the other folks about. I’ll be seeing you soon, maybe.” Cassie suddenly grabbed her bag and stormed out of the office, and as she did, it seemed to Paul that her eyes betrayed an expression of frustration and confusion mixed with a hint of madness.

Rather than leaving immediately, Cassie hurried downstairs to the IT department, whose people had remained oblivious to the occurrence in Rose’s work floor. Using her faux-seductress charms to the best of her ability, Cassie was able to wring Rose’s home address out of one of the employees there under pretenses of needing to take something to her urgently. As soon as she had that, Rose hurried over to Rose’s apartment as fast as her legs would take her, and before long she was standing before the door, her finger on the doorbell.

The Rose that answered was not the Rose she remembered, but rather someone Cassie would have badmouthed behind her back as ‘some dumbass, overcompensating bodybuilder bimbo’. However, the voice she spoke with was definitely Rose’s, albeit its tone had changed, now being charged with seductive and authoritative power.

“Can I help you? Oh, you’re Cassie, right?”

“Right …” was all Cassie could bring herself to say at first, being intimidated by the unbelievably sexy brick wall in front of her. “May… may I come in for a bit?”

“Is… something the matter?”

“Nothing, nothing at all,” Cassie muttered, struggling to keep her cool. “It’s just that I was passing through and was feeling kinda tired, I was just wondering if I could have a glass of water or something.”

“Sure,” Rose said, “come in.” The truth was, Rose had come to know Cassie’s personality during her short time at the office and did not care for her, so she had no intention of letting her partake in any of the box’s power. If she had been at the office when she shared it with everyone there it would have been one thing, but she saw no reason to bother letting her have any of that power just for herself. However, with her newly enhanced frame, she had no reason to feel the least bit threatened by Cassie, even if she were in her home, as she figured Cassie had no idea the box even existed.

“Thanks,” Cassie said, coming in at once.

“Make yourself at home, I’ll have your water in just a minute.”

Rose wandered into her kitchen, which was apart and away from the apartment’s living quarters. Cassie saw this as her chance and immediately scrambled to find whatever ‘thingamajig’ she was looking for, despite having no clue of what it was herself. Rose’s apartment was still in a general state of disarray, as Rose had not made that much progress on her unpacking and decorating, so there weren’t many places where stuff was stored. Cassie took to rummaging through these places —a cupboard, the drawers on a few larger pieces of furniture, and finally a closet— as quickly and quietly as she could.

By the time she was checking the closet, she had not found anything that could possibly fit the description of what she was after, and she suspected Rose would be back soon, which would mean a death sentence for her if she was caught like this. Frenzied and nervous, she took to simply shuffling through as much stuff in the closet as she could reach, practically resigned to her failure, when the fingers she was so frantically running over everything in sight suddenly came to rub the surface of an odd, painted metal box —specifically, a small hole where it looked an analogue plug might fit— and she was surprised by the sensation of what felt like a static shock suddenly zapping her hand. However, rather than being the sharp, localised sensation that she was expecting, she felt odd, as though the electricity from that small zap was somehow spreading throughout her whole body, leaving her feeling dazed.

This jolt snapped her out of her frantic stupor, as she hurriedly shut the closet door as fast as she could without slamming it and turned back, just in time to see Rose walk in with her water.

“Here you are, Cassie,” Rose stated dryly. “Sorry you caught me with my apartment in such a mess, I haven’t really been focusing on tidying up as much as I should.”

“No p-problem,” said Cassie, now being slowly but surely overtaken by the strange sensation the shock had awakened in her, which was growing into something like an intense fever. Cassie reached out to take the glass, then downed all the water in it in just a few gulps, surprising Rose.

“Are you feeling okay?” Rose asked, now genuinely worried. “Do you want me to call a cab to take you back to your place?”

“That, that would be good, yes,” Cassie said, trying to ignore the boiling sensation developing within her. “I guess I didn’t realise how tired I really was.”

A dozen or so minutes later, Cassie had gotten on the cab and was on her way back home. The sensation within her had somewhat stabilised, although she was still left struck with a sort of odd, radiating warmth inside her. As soon as she was home, Cassie collapsed onto her bed, clutching her stomach as she still tried to divine what was happening to her.

As it turned out, ‘divine’ was in fact an appropriate way of thinking about it. The overwhelming feeling that now made Cassie unable to focus on anything else had been born of the box’s energy, released in an unprecedented way— rather than taking the form of soundwaves, which dissipated into inaudibility just a few moments after their source was cut off, the jolt of energy that Cassie had received was now intermingled with the energy generated by her own body, bonding itself deeply into her nervous system, changing her as it had the other women, though in a very different way.

When she had been first infused with this energy, Cassie felt nothing more than a hot, feverish sensation spreading throughout her body, the same that stayed with her as she collapsed into her bed and drifted off to an uneasy sleep, powerless to do anything more. However, as she slept, the energy continued to change her and itself, propagating through her nervous system, eventually changing its manifestation within her from a feverish sensation to a slight tingle, not unlike that which comes to a numb limb once it begins moving again. Though Cassie was still asleep when this happened, she could definitely feel it, unconsciously revelling in the pleasure brought to her by the sensation.

However, as this transformation went on, the energy inside Cassie went on to permeate her very brain, cycling through her neurons and reshaping the way she perceived everything. Even as she lay unconscious, every fibre of her being was being enhanced to gather all sorts of new information about everything, and as she would find out, this included herself. This process carried on for a long while, taking from around midday when her shock occurred to nighttime— but finally, her reformed senses became fully integrated into her being, and Cassie’s eyes shot open in an instant, the alien sensations that had pervaded her now a part of herself, completely under her control. And thanks to her newly improved mind, she knew exactly what had happened, and what she would do now that the power to control it was hers.

A sudden contraction of air suddenly took place around Cassie’s home, as if everything in the area were being sucked in the direction of one point. A moment later, everything surrounding that point exploded outward, as the walls of Cassie’s home were demolished in a flash of light and a loud, crashing sound, as if to signal the birth of something endowed with a terrible power. Indeed, a rich, powerful laughter —one charged not only with joy, but with malevolent satisfaction as well— echoed through the settling night air as an enormous figure, filled with a strength greater than anything mankind had ever seen, suddenly pushed itself off the ground with tremendous force, leaping in the direction of the city, intent on putting its incredible newfound abilities to the test in preparation for what she had ultimately planned.

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