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Dawn of a New Age – Chapter 7

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Brennan sat up sharply. “What do you mean, you're reprogramming my assassin? Why?”

Dupont laughed. “Don't worry, it's not personal. They're doing it to all the assassins. Mine’s already been done. It's because of the rebellion that's broken out in the Barnard's Star system.”

Brennan frowned. “The humans rebel all the time. We crush it and move on. Why does that effect my assassin?”

“This rebellion is being led by some superiors. Do you know the Krupp family?”

“Old German steel money. High end superiors. I know them intimately, especially Heidi and Alicia. Fantastic girls, amazing in the bedroom. Tits like ripe water melons. Tongues that can snap steel bars,” Brennan said with a far-away look.

“They're leading the rebellion. The whole family, and a few others. That's why high command are worried. They now want the assassins loyal to them, not just any superior. All assassins are having their brains retuned so that they will kill anyone who is disloyal to high command. Including superiors.”

Brennan got up from the bed. Dupont watched her as she paced across the room. She was totally naked, her incredible body glistening in the electric light, her lustrous hair hanging to the small of her back. She picked up a champagne glass and idly crushed it between her fingers. “Superiors don't rebel,” she said quietly. “We stand together.”

Dupont nodded, but didn't say anything. He was idly watching her colossal chest rise and fall with her steady breathing.

“I'm going for a bath,” she said.

She went into her bathroom. As ever, it was full of perfumed steam from her pool-sized bath bubbling quietly just below boiling temperature. She stepped down into the water, allowing herself to sink beneath the surface. She lay for a time quietly under the water, just thinking.

She remembered when the superiors took power. It had been a natural progression. They were already in charge of the world, not as politicians, but as the mega-rich that actually ran things. Taking power had just been a matter of moving themselves from nearly above the law to actually above the law.

There had been resistance, of course. She remembered slaughtering a crowd of protesters outside one of her father's factories, relishing the power of her body being freed from the constraints of law. Similar stories happened all over the world, until the humans fell into line.

The superiors had been united then, and that was important. They promised an end to war, the death of conflict amongst mankind as a reward for servitude. The superiors and mankind could coexist.

Of course some humans kept on rebelling against the state, but most just fell into line, after all, little had changed. Their bosses were still the same people, only now those people were officially recognised as the vastly superior beings that they had been for some time.

It wasn't that superiors needed people. They didn't, not really. If it came to an all out war, the superiors would win and mankind would become extinct. Any superior could do any job better than any human. But they didn't want to.

No superior wanted to work in a factory, or on a farm, or in a mine. None of them dreamt of spending their days cleaning houses or folding laundry. They had humans to do that. Which was the fundamental point. Superiors didn't need humans, but they didn't want to be humans either.

A rebellion by superiors scared Brennan, far more than she was willing to admit to Dupont. Reprogramming assassins to kill disloyal superiors was a dangerous first step on the road to a disintegration of humanity and superiority alike.

Rowe was sitting in her quarters ruminating. She was hungry again, which was no surprise. And she felt great. She'd suddenly realised that she wasn't wearing contact lenses and that she didn't need them anymore. Her shirt felt even tighter across her chest than it had after her shower. It all felt good.

But she was also scared. The changes she was going through, wonderful as they were, would undoubtedly attract attention. Brennan would find out about them, would see them as a threat to her own power, and would react accordingly. Rowe didn't know what to do. She wanted it to stop.

But her subconscious was still screaming for more and hard-wired into her brain the nano-controller was giving her what she wanted.

Rowe squeezed her left breast thoughtfully. It definitely felt bigger than it had earlier. Her arm felt more powerful too. There was little in her tiny room to lift, but she’d experimented with lifting the desk and had found it to be very easy, whereas a few days before she would have struggled even to shift it.

There was a knock at the door.

Rowe nearly jumped out of her skin. Surely Brennan hadn't found out already? Nobody ever came to her quarters. Frantically she scrambled under the duvet, scrunching it up around her chest to hide her new flesh. She tried to sound ill as she called out to ask who was there.

“Jasmine, it's Grace. How are you doing?”

Rowe breathed a sigh of relief. Grace Clarke was about the closest thing she had to a friend aboard the Magellan. “Come in, Grace.”

Grace came in, shutting the door behind her. “Hi Jasmine, I thought I'd better check in on you. Doctor McCall said you were recovering well. I've brought you some grapes.”

She placed the bunch down on the desk. Rowe found her mouth beginning to water. She looked at Clarke intently, wondering how much she could trust her. “I'm doing really well, thanks, Grace.” Rowe paused, then made her decision. “Grace, I need to show you something.”

She took a sharp breath. All or nothing. She sat up, pushing back the covers and pulling her top over her head as she did so.

Clarke's jaw literally dropped.

For a moment she stood there in stunned silence, just staring, her mouth opening and closing whilst she tried to find words. Rowe decided to break the silence.

“Impressive, huh?”

Clarke nodded slowly. “Where the fuck did they come from?”

“My whole body is changing. I feel better than I ever have. Even my eyesight is fixed,” Rowe stated simply.

Clarke was still staring at Rowe's now substantial breasts, her mouth still open. When she spoke it was slowly, as if considering every word. “Okay, so - what the hell has happened to you?”

Rowe stood up from the bed and stepped closer to Clarke, naked from the waist up and surprised by her own confidence. “It has to be something to do with that cylinder from the vault. There must have been something in it that is doing this to me.”

Clarke was still staring at her friend’s new assets. “Can I touch them?”

“Please,” Rowe answered simply, placing her hands on her hips to give her friend free access.

Clarke stepped forward slowly and cautiously placed one hand on each breast, lightly, just above the nipple. Rowe felt a wave of pleasure course over her and her skin rose in goosebumps at her friend's nervous touch. “That feels so good,” she murmured.

Clarke jumped back as though she had gotten an electric shock.

“Sorry,” said Rowe. “I didn't mean to…”

“It's okay,” said Clarke. “I just wasn't expecting… Look, never mind. It doesn't matter. Tell me though, what are you going to do now?”

Rowe sat down on the bed, her confidence draining away. “I don't know. If Brennan finds out…”

“You aren't going to be able to hide those boobs for long. People are going to notice and word will get back to the captain quickly,” said Clarke.

“Also, I'm so hungry. All the time. I ate all of the leftover stew from the canteen!”

Clarke's eyes opened wide. “Jesus! I can't even stomach that when it's fresh!”

“But the food is driving the changes, I'm sure of it. I've eaten so much but not put on any weight, or at least, not on most of my body. It's making me stronger too, I can feel it!”

“Stronger than Brennan?” Clarke asked cautiously.

Rowe's face fell. “I don't think I'm even close at the moment. I feel strong because I can lift a desk that Brennan could throw into orbit. What am I going to do? If anyone else aboard sees me like this I'm doomed!”

“What about the Glyndwr?” said Clarke thoughtfully.

“The supply ship?”

“At the moment our crew and theirs are mingling. You know how it is in deep space. Two ships meet up and for a few days it's like a party. Nobody on the Glyndwr knows you, nobody is going to notice anything different.”

Rowe stood up again. “That's a great idea! I could stowaway!”

Clarke shook her head. “You'd be caught, guaranteed. They'd pick you up on a scan before you'd left the sector.”

“Then it's no good! Brennan will still find out. I'd just be delaying things for a few days.”

Clarke smiled. “How much food can you eat in a few days?”

Professor Kalinoska was enjoying the peace and quiet of her lab. After the initial confused panic, the arrival of the supply ship Glyndwr had led to raucous celebrations. Deep space vessels seldom met other ships and on the few occasions they did it was always a cause for the crews to let off steam together. Kalinoska had allowed her staff to go and join in the revelry, leaving herself alone with the enigmatic cylinder.

The microscopic scan was running, a detailed laser scan at incredible depth. For the most part, the interior surface of the cylinder was smooth, though not spectacularly so. It could have been made in almost any factory on Earth.

“Anomalies detected,” said the computer in it's cold and calculated voice.

Dr Kalinoska rushed over to the screen and zoomed in on the anomalies. Projected large on the computer screen were six ant like creatures, each the size of a skin cell. “Computer, can you zoom in on the anomalies.”

The view on the screen magnified to show the ant-like microscopic creatures in more depth. In more detail they appeared to have four legs built around a square body, with two pincer like arms. “Computer, scan the anomalies. What are they made from?” asked Kalinoska.

“The anomalies are made of an iron based compound, exact composition will require a sample,” said the computer calmly.

“Nano-robotics,” muttered  Kalinoska. She walked over to the detail scanner. The laser beam scanner was frozen on a single point near the bottom of the cylinder. Kalinoska carefully selected a sterile swab and ran it across the surface of the container beneath the beam. She walked across the room and slid the swab into a material analyser. She pressed a button on the analyser and the tip of the swab appeared, massively magnified and bearing three of the tiny robots.

She pressed a button and the machine lit up as it began to analyse the chemical composition of the tiny, lifeless robots. Kalinoska was quite excited. Nano-robotics had been made illegal under the superiors. They were seen as a threat to their supremacy. Alien technology could demonstrate their incredible value and would allow her to write a scientific report that would be read across the solar system.

The analyser slowly whirred away to itself. Kalinoska walked back to the scanner. She pressed the resume button and the laser beam began it’s slow and steady progress across the surface. Kalinoska didn't check the monitor, but had she done so, she would have noticed that there was only one nano-bot left on the surface of the cylinder …

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