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Corruption – Part 1

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Part 1

There was a heaviness in the air over the queue of girls. They were glancing at each other without daring to fix their gaze. None of these teenagers wanted to betray just a slightest form of excitement, yet they all shared the same thought.

At the end of the queue, the famous mobile laboratory was set up at the entrance of the high school, like every year. The test had been mandatory since the Prague Agreement signed in 2027 between the UN and the Super Council. Every young girl who turned 18 had to be screened within these mobile laboratories. If a fortunate girl was found to be infected with the Super-virus, she had to join the special acclimatization program run jointly by representatives of the local government and a godmother chosen amongst the 187 Supergirls.

Charlotte repeated to herself that she should not have any illusions. 1 chance out of 455 million  She was more likely to win the lottery or even to be struck by a meteorite than to be infected with this Meta virus. Of course, she had gossiped more than a thousand times with her best friend, Lizzie, about Supergirls. She must have spent entire nights dreaming about them, dreaming about being one of them. And she could not ignore that her own boyfriend spent more time jacking off while thinking about these absurdly perfect creatures than he did having intimate time with her. She did not even blame him … Each Supergirl was a living goddess and she was just a mere plain mortal. When it came to turning on boys, women no longer harbored any pretension of being able to compete with a Supergirl. Yes, Charlotte must not have any illusions about her chances of being infect … But still, she could hardly contain a growing feeling of excitement as she approached the laboratory.

When will they send us the results?" Lizzy asked while casually glancing at her phone.

It's pretty fast, tomorrow I guess,” Charlotte replied before exclaiming to her friend “How can you stay that relaxed?! Everything seems always easy for you! Lizzy, we’ve waited for this precise moment for years!

YOU have waited for years … C’mon Charlotte, the last girl to have been infected was detected more than 7 years ago! The virus has been eradicated for a long time now. The only reason they maintain this test is to remind us that we could have been super-powered like them … But we’re not! These girls are just bitches!” answered Lizzy still looking at her phone.

Charlotte was glad to have Lizzy as a friend. She made her forget her childish but depressing dream. Charlotte had the privilege to see a Supergirl for real when she was 12, because of a big car incident in front of her home. But since then, she could not help but fantasize about everything regarding these super beings. In her bedroom, Charlotte kept her full collection of super costumes on constant display, even if her current weight prevented her from wearing them anymore. And though she did not like to admit it, she knew that her boyfriend was dating her because of this common fantasy. The fact that Mark was as anxious as Charlotte about this test did not help her muster any extra confidence.

Lizzy was so indifferent about all of this … All the brown-haired girl wanted was to be hanging out with guys, partying with her friends and just having fun like every regular young woman. 

Oh my god, look at the sky!!!” shouted a girl in the crowd while everyone raised their eyes to see a floating form high in the blue sky “It’s a Supergirl!!

Charlotte and Lizzy only took a glance at the distant blue and red figure before kneeling down respectfully like everyone else around them. Even if meeting a Supergirl was a once in a lifetime event some rules were commonly shared and known around the globe. You say thanks to people, you don’t spit on the street, you help older people to cross the street and you kneel down when you meet a Supergirl … But to be honest, there was no need to know these rules to feel a huge need to kneel down before such a perfect creature. Most of the girls who were waiting in the queue had never seen a Supergirl in person. They were all shocked to note that this floating goddess looked as young as themselves but just …infinitely hotter in every conceivable way. As she was staring to the golden “S” in the goddess's chest, Charlotte realized she’d never seen breasts like those before. It was as if, despite their impressive size, they had been exempted from the law of gravity. But it was not just that they were large - really large.  They were also perfectly shaped, round and proud and the ideal distance from one another.

Murmurs started to be heard amongst the dumbfounded girls. “Who is she?” Why is she flying to us?” “I swear she’s Queen Kelly!”

She’s not Queen Kelly; she’s Queen Marjorie” Charlotte whispered as a matter of fact. She could not be wrong about such facts; Queen Marjorie was one of her favorite Supergirls. One of the last human girls to have been infected some ten years ago and surely one of the most conceited among the 187 divine beings.

You can stand up, my sweet slave” Queen Marjorie said to a blond girl before floating down a few feet above the green grass. Without touching the ground, she silently flew to the girl and looked down at her. “What’s your name, young girl?” She asked this with such a melodic voice, the people around felt their knees weakened again. She was beyond limits of perfection that nature could create, she clearly transcended into the realms of the impossible. But there was something more. Her stature, her shiny skintight costume, the way her body towered over everything around-- it all suggested power and domination.

M-My name is Amanda, my Queen!” answered the frightened mortal as the young Supergirl slipped a finger under her chin. Her whole body was lifted above the ground with the strength of just one finger.

Is it intimidating to be sooo close to a real Supergirl?” whispered Queen Marjorie into Amanda's right ear. “Yes, my Queen … It’s … the first time I …” tried to answer the poor girl perched at the tip of her finger.

She was rapidly cut off by the perfect super teenage girl. “When you’ll receive your negative results tomorrow, never forget that just a fraction of a second before opening the mail, you were still dreaming about being as ridiculously powerful as … me!” Queen Marjorie effortlessly threw Amanda into the midst of the other frightened girls.

The young goddess finally floated back higher in the air and gave her sexiest power pose, hands on her hips and right leg slightly folded. “C’mon girls, time to take pictures for posting your Inst@gr@m accounts!” Queen Marjorie added with a bright smile as she glanced down at all the girls who hurried to grab their phones.

 “I saw the testing truck and couldn’t resist stopping by to say good luck. I know that the odds are pretty, even in a good year.  But believe me; to have a shot at this is worth it.”  Marjorie spread her arms wide, drawing countless eyes to her outstanding figure -- the lithe legs, rock-hard abdomen, flawless hourglass of her hips, and the breasts so generous that they likely outweighed those of the entire cheerleading squad, combined, without a single hint of sagging.  “And if you don’t wind up getting superness, well, at least you did everything you could.  I’m sure you’ll find a way to do something enjoyable with your lives.  I guess.  I wouldn't really know what it's like to have to work for a living, or work to get a boy's attention, or work to get anything, for that matter.  And I hardly remember what it was like to be weak and stup-- I mean, normal.  But lots of people seem to get by like that, and they seem happy.  Or at least, a mortal version of happy.  Anyways, good luck!

I can’t believe this bitch has been your model for so many years Charlotte! She is the most stuck-up, vain and snooty girl I’ve never met! She’s so …” Five minutes after Queen Marjorie flied away, Lizzy could not find words to express her feelings about such a demonstration of arrogance.

She’s so infinitely superior to us that you can’t blame her to act with kind of different morality!” Charlotte answered with glowing stars still in her eyes. “Give me your most sincere answer; wouldn’t you act as selfishly as her if you were that excruciatingly gorgeous and super powerful?"

Honestly? I can swear I could never stay serious if you addressed me as 'My Queen'."  Lizzie burst into laughter.


To no one’s surprise, Charlotte was up, on-and-off, all night, checking and fretting and, of course, looking at Supergirls videos on the Net. When she was sure her parents were sleeping, she began fingering herself through her panties while she was imagining telling Mark she was totally infected … every bit of her body! Her heartbeat began to race as she visualized herself going through every step of the one-month acclimatization process. First, she would receive the three injections of Meta serum that trigger the enhancement process. Then, everything would follow very quickly.  Her beauty and overall sexiness would increase to a whole new level …and then it would increase to another level, and then another, and then another, and then another. Her crazy beautification would soon put into shame the sexiest fitness models around the Net while the first super powers would begin to form inside her. At this stage, the Super Council would allow her to wear her first Super clothes. Not the whole costume yet but the famous skintight top with the “S” emblazoned on the chest or the red high heel boots. This is the privilege she would gain once she was able to lift a car with just one hand. A delicious shiver ran through her spine as she saw with her newfound X-ray vision all these boys searching frantically for the first pictures of her on the Net. There was no doubt she would dump Mark soon for better lovers! She deserved to be pleased by the most valuable men living on this Earth. She was now a Supergirl, she was a goddess. Charlotte felt finally the rush of a violent orgasm as she was floating just before Lizzy who were kneeling and …

My sweet Slaaave!!!” Charlotte moaned with mixed feelings of intense pleasure and deep shame as she visualized her best friend licking her own feet.

In the early morning, Mark came to see his girlfriend at her home and found only a totally exhausted Charlotte slumped on the sofa. She held on her hands a sealed envelope.

Did you open it?” Mark asked anxiously as he sat down close to her.

Not yet. I was waiting for you …” Charlotte answered as she noticed with a glance the boner forming into his boyfriend’s pants.

No one knew the results of the girls' tests. This strict respect of confidentiality was supposed to give the infected individual the ability to opt out of the acclimatization program. An urban legend had spread in the tabloids about a couple of girls who might have renounced enhancement to keep their original way of life. Actually, no one was truly able to confirm the existence of even one girl having made the choice to remain a mere mortal … “Just being able to see through any wall or even any mind must have convinced the most recalcitrant ones …” thought Charlotte as she began to open up the envelope. She stopped for a short moment.

Mark, no matter what it is written in this fucking letter, promise me you’ll keep loving me as the first day we met!” Charlotte begged shyly before starting to read.

Dear Miss Calvin,


You tested negative for the virus.


Please do not contact us asking for another test.  Our testing protocols are rigorous and our process is without error.


We wish you good luck with the remainder of your life.

There was a long and awkward blank finally broken by an older feminine voice behind the sofa.

I remember perfectly that very moment … It was some 20 years ago! The same words, the same cold tone...This letter made me realize that my only purpose in life had been to transform myself into something I was not worthy to be.” Charlotte’s mother put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders and carried on with a relinquished voice “Now, my only purpose in life is to be worthy of living in the same universe as these perfect creatures.” She finally whispered to her daughter’s ears “You will learn to truly love these Supergirls, Charlotte, to love them even more than a mother can love her own daughter.

Charlotte could not hold on anymore; she burst into tears, her restraint gone. She wanted to hate them all: Mark, her mother and of course the Supergirls. But she was not able not to love the Supergirls: they were so impossibly perfect yet so dreadfully powerful, so superiorly confident.  For the first time, Charlotte really felt it: she was nothing and they were all that mattered in her life.

On the way to high school, Mark and Charlotte did not speak. There was not much to say. Besides, other students in the bus were unusually quiet. It was going to be a morose day, Charlotte thought. At least, she knew she could count on Lizzy to change her mind!  Her best friend had always seemed to live in a world where Supergirls did not exist.  It was good to know that Charlotte had one person in her life who would not remind her that she counts for nothing beside these godlike beings.

Yet, when she found her friend on the campus lawn, Charlotte was surprised to see that Lizzy seemed as disconcerted as the other girls in the school. She even looked strangely pale compared to the day before.

Please Charlotte; can we talk for a moment before classes begin?” Lizzie said and invited her to sit at recessed picnic table.

Yeah of course but … Are you okay? I was far from imagining that you were the kind of girl to be depressed because of this test?” Charlotte told her with a hint of mocking as the two girls sat side by side at the table.

Well, actually, yes, I’m okay … I-I am … I’m okay, no, don’t worry, I’m way more than okay, I …” answered Lizzy looking completely lost. Shivering, she started to take a letter from her black purse when she was interrupted by her friend’s loud sobs.

Oh Liz! I received the letter too! I … I’m so sorry! You were right from the beginning! We are nothing, nothing more than bugs compared to them …” Charlotte tried to say between a couple of sobs. “I swear this day must be the most depressive day ever of our pathetic life!

As she heard her friends endlessly complaining about how pitiful and miserable they were, Lizzie felt a stomach cramp. She discreetly put the letter back on her purse and silently hugged her crushed friend.

What could she have told her? That she was going through a living dream? Or else, that Charlotte should be aware she was hugging no one else than the 188th Supergirl? As she felt her best friend shivered in her arms, she did not dare to say anything more …

Being cruel was not her inner nature.


Lizzie felt an unpleasant tingling in her arm after the man with the white lab coat removed the syringe.

She suddenly felt dramatically alone in this unemotional facility. As the tingling spread rapidly through her arm and then her whole torso, she wondered why she told no one the truth … Her parents, her brother, Charlotte, or even Mark or Melanie … Right at this moment, she would have killed to get just one friendly face in this white room.

Instead, she was surrounded by these cold white lab coats from the government. She did not like the way they were all staring at her like she was some sort of a guinea pig.

Unlike her friend Charlotte, she clearly had no idea of how the one-month enhancement process was supposed to happen. Actually, she was so unprepared that she wondered whether she truly desired to transform into something different … so infinitely different. But, as the tingling faded, she realized too late there was no back to square one anymore. And this feeling strengthened when she heard the man before him addressing her while using “My queen” whenever he could say so.

Please, I’m not a ‘queen’! I’m just the girl I have always been and I don’t want to be treated differently!” Lizzie told coldly to the closest lab assistant who suddenly looked surprisingly frightened. She definitely did not want any more to pursue the experiment. She stood up from the metal chair and walked to the exit door. This was not the way of life she had dreamed of. Being surrounded only by scared people, being at the center of all the attention …

She must stop this experiment as soon as possible!

But it’s too late my dear … Queen” Lizzie heard as she was about to open the door.

She turned around and saw a familiar face with a big golden “S” on the chest floating down to her. The erotic sight of Queen Marjorie flying down to you was way more than intimidating, almost orgasmic. Yet, Lizzie was determined not to falter. She forced herself to keep her eyes fixed on Queen Marjorie’s.

I am not your dear queen! I will not get the next injections of Meta serum; I’ll never be a Supergirl! This is my decision!” Lizzie told defiantly to the superior being now standing on the floor in front of her. But as an answer, she only got a bright smile. “And yet … It’s still too late! You should have asked … Just one injection triggers the enhancement process. The two last injections only fastened the process … I’m sorry but … you are already transforming into the most perfect super powerful being your school, your family, your city have ever seen!!” Queen Marjorie answered triumphantly to the young girl.

You’re lying! Why should I believe you? You’re the cruelest and conceited Supergirl amongst all the goddesses … I don’t trust you!

Marjorie gently took Lizzie’s hand and guided her to the girl’s stomach. As Lizzie was forced to caress her own tummy, she felt something weird. Something hard, really hard, even harder than steel and definitely more than defined!

Oh my god … I-I have …” Lizzie lifted her blouse and let her abs on open view. Her tummy was more than flat with an amazingly defined six-pack. These muscles could only belong to a professional fitness model, and a rather sexy one, Lizzie thought with shame, not to a teenager who had never lifted in her entire life. 

Do you know how many hours most of the girls from your school spend for having just a hint of your muscle definition?” Marjorie asked, sliding her fingers over the tan skin covering Lizzie abs. “Why don’t you wear a crop top tomorrow to show off? Wouldn’t it be funny to make all these girls green with envy?

Why are you doing this? Why are you wasting your time trying to corrupt me?” Lizzie asked.

Because I’m you godmother! I’m here to teach you how a Supergirl should behave in this world!” Marjorie answered before adding softly “Trust me, from now on, every minute of your life will be better than your most inner dream!

Lizzie could not hear any more of these corrupting talks. She violently opened the door and ran at full speed to go home. She was running as fast as she could to avoid having to think of what was happening to her. She swore she was about to burst into cry yet she managed to contain her anger. Right at this moment, nothing mattered more than going home, finding a familiar place. She tried to avoid passersby as well as she could by slaloming sharply. This Marjorie must stop trying to tempt her. Soon, she almost felt she was literally zooming on the sidewalk as she reached her neighborhood and had her house in sight.

And then she stopped.

As if there was no inertia, she stopped in a sharp movement, hands on the sidewalk, as if she has just landed from a long jump.

Oh my god … How can I be that fast!!“ Lizzie wondered while realizing that she had just run about 10 km in less than a quarter of an hour. She stood up and looked at her inner thighs which seemed to pulsate with an unknown energy. The young girl did not even feel breathless. She just felt this intoxicating energy coursing through her veins. Like every of her limbs, every of her cells were storing a vast amount of a mysterious power.

Every minute of your life will be better than your most inner dream!

The last words of Marjorie kept echoing in Lizzie’s mind. She must resist the temptation, Lizzie thought finally before opening the front door of the house. Nothing would corrupt her.


It’s okay … I guess I can understand your decision …” Charlotte said to Mark who was still looking down at his feet. It must have been the most pathetic moment of his life. The boy had not even a real pretext to dump her girlfriend. He just could not keep pretending he was interesting in a plain everyday girl while he spent all his night fantasizing on Supergirls.

I swear I tried but … they are so much … better! So much infinitely superior! Charlotte, I think I’m going crazy! I can’t help but think about them … Every fucking time!” Mark whispered not to be heard in the noisy canteen. “The moment you opened the letter … I knew there was no hope anymore … It was finished, I’m sorry.”

I said it’s okay, Mark! You know, I think you should leave now … I’m not sure I want to hear for hours how pathetic I am in comparison to them!” Charlotte said with a hint of irritation. As she saw her ex-boyfriend finally moving away she could not help but add “Oh, Mark … and don’t forget that you will never have any chance to meet in real life one of these divine beings! You will NEVER address a Supergirl!!

Mark pretended not to hear anything and turned around to his friends. In a brutal move, he bumped violently against Lizzie who was walking to Charlotte’s table.  The impact sent Mark almost flying away to the floor, just in front of his friends who started to laugh at him. Lizzie ran to Mark and helped him to bounce back. “I’m so sorry Mark, are you okay? I …” She said before giving him a hand and lifting him up to his feet with just a simple gesture.

Wow Lizzie! You … I didn’t know you were that strong!” Mark exclaimed, still a little bit shocked.

Well, yeah! I’ve worked out a few times these days …” Lizzie answered shyly as she realized how light it felt to lift back Mark to his feet. She then noticed something new in Mark’s eyes, something which looked like awe, or even, lust … “Oh no! Not now …!” Lizzie thought. She was well aware that her body had blossomed unnaturally fast in just one day. Yet she did her best to conceal it under baggy trousers and equally baggy hoody. Could it be possible that Mark noticed the two bra cups she gained last night? Or that her waist was thin enough to be the envy of every cheerleader around them in the canteen? Fortunately, the glow faded from his eyes and Mark came to its sense quickly.

Great! Err … You should go and see Charlotte if you don’t mind … I think she needs your support!” Mark concluded before walking back to his friends who were still making fun of his fall.

I have a close shave …” Lizzie thought as she walked to Charlotte’s table.

Having a date?" Charlotte asked, somewhat confused by her friend’s look. Lizzie’s face seemed different, cheekbones slightly less puffy, neck slightly more slender. And her acne was gone! With her makeup in place she actually ended up looking pretty cute, or maybe more...

Actually, I’m not wearing makeup!” answered Lizzie as she immediately realized her friend had not even asked. She blanked a couple of seconds, wondering if she really heard something she should not have to hear from Charlotte. But after a short time, Charlotte finally broke the blank and told her about the conversation with Mark; why did she decide to accept that he had to leave; and of course, how pathetic her life was turning.

Lizzy did not know what to answer to her unfortunate friend. She finally took Charlotte hands and said …

End of part 1

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