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Not the One: Point of Origin – Part I

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 23 December 2017 13:08] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 23 December 2017 14:04]

Not the One: Point of Origin

Part One

by Dru

With special thanks to Oogber

Susan was pleasantly surprised to find that it still felt great. Even though she now possessed the power of hundreds of millions of rings, every time she took another each ring still provided a tremendous rush. Enjoying her latest batch of heroic misinformed ring-bearers, Susan was grateful for the distraction the fantastic pleasure provided.

Shortly after celebrating the enormous leap in her power levels, her curiosity about this Darkness who the Lord of Light fought against led her on a journey to find it. With the general’s knowledge, it was easy enough. It was further than she would have considered travelling not long ago, but a journey that would have taken the General months took only moments for Susan.

The General had known that often lone ring-bearers were defeated by the Darkness. They vanished along with everything else in their universe, and their universe became filled with emptiness. But a legion had never failed to reclaim these lost universes. Their presence, combined with the total focus of three million rings, always drove the Darkness out and allowed the Lord of Light to reboot the ruined and torn pocket of reality.

From his memories, Susan knew what she would see: nothing. Entering the lost universe, she was reminded a lot of the places she had absorbed all matter from. She quickly realised the Darkness was just like her. It was roaming the multiverse making itself stronger. Almost as soon as that thought occurred to her, Susan sensed the Darkness shift and diminish. But as it faded, she felt something very odd … something very familiar. There was no sound. There was no light. There was only nothing. But somehow, and there could be no doubt to Susan, the nothing laughed.

She returned with a slight change to her plans. Now that she was aware that the Darkness was real, that it wanted the same thing she wanted, and that it was smart enough to have a sense of humour, she knew she had to find out more before she continued her wanton rampage of destruction. She decided to let her two harvesting harem girls play for now. But when they went back to work (and they surely must because Susan wanted to feel an even bigger rush next time they delivered their spoils and the last rush was enormous) they would now have to take steps to deal with this Darkness.


“She is the greatest threat to existence since the Darkness emerged. Since time before the Chroniclers.”

“We face a danger the Lords of Light have never faced before. Do any of you have any ideas at all how to save this situation?”

“I think we can turn this to our advantage. But we cannot afford to let her feast again like she did last time. Too much of the multiverse has been opened up to the Darkness already.”

“So far the Darkness has not spread into these latest gaps. But it is only a matter of time. And it seems she has not sent her minions back out to find more rings yet. Perhaps she is satisfied with the power she has. I am curious, though … how can we gain advantage from this?”

“She has become more powerful than any before her. Let us not forget … the rings are a weapon. She is now the most potent weapon in all known reality. Let’s use her. She might be the one to stop the Darkness before it even begins.”

“You mean to send her to the Point of Origin? How do you plan to do that? She will never agree to this.”

“I’m going to do something drastic. I am going to tell her the truth. All of it.”

“And if that doesn’t work?”

“If I fail, my Lords, it will be up to all of you to stop her.”

“Wait … you intend to go yourself? Are you insane?”

“Maybe. But I believe that it’s best if one of the Lords goes, and I will not ask this of any of you. I must try, or all these eons of war against the Darkness will be undone by this rogue. It is true that I might be on a fool’s errand… but if nothing else my attempt will buy you time to come up with another way to stop her.”


Today was the appointed day, and the appointed time was now only moments away. Prime Minister Bertram Bridge was gathering his thoughts as he prepared to make the most important speech of life so far. The Security Council had voted almost unanimously to pass a resolution declaring any military action against The Unchosen and her invulnerable infantry unlawful. The UN was gearing to accept the terms offered by the apparent god who would be Queen of planet Earth. They were cowed by the displays of power supplied hour by hour in several countries now involving these superpowered individuals and they wanted to make sure nobody provoked them. Bertram Bridge was very pleased with himself for being the one leader strong enough to stand firm. The one voice with sense enough to veto this ridiculous resolution.

“It’s time, Mr Prime Minister. They are ready for you now.”

“Let’s go make the world great again, Tom.”

“They all believe in you, Prime Minister. They might not all be brave enough to talk as straight as you, but they know you’re right.”

“I know, Tom.”

Suitably buoyed by Tom’s mini pep-talk, Bertram moved into the main chamber and approached the lectern carrying himself with his trademark confidence. His supporters said his walk spoke of strength and dignity, a fact he reminded himself of as he waved at the room.

“Thank you all. I would like to acknowledge my fellow leaders from the great and wonderful countries of the United States, France, Germany, Russia, China, Australia, Indonesia… look at you all… too many to mention all of you but it’s great that we’re all here today. Great to see you. Just wonderful. You know I… we… you know… everybody knows that they say China do great take-out. I had the most delightful meal with the President of China last night and we had tacos. Go figure right?”

Not one laugh. Tom laughed heartily… but Bertram didn’t count that because he could see that “I fucking told you not to go off script today asshole… today of all fucking days” look in his eyes behind the false mirth.

“In the next few hours this Unchosen woman will come here to get our answer. For a year now she has threatened and terrorised the world with images of incredible things. Of women defeating armies and taking over whole countries. Images of death and destruction. Images designed to make us afraid, to make us bow and give up our dignity as free people of the world. I have watched the bravery of the world fade, and it’s not the response to a threat like this that I will agree with.

“I know that many of you have decided to give up your freedom and take this Unchosen as your queen. I am here today to say that the people of the United Kingdom already have a Queen. I am here today to say that we in the United Kingdom do not accept the demands of this woman. The people of the United Kingdom are strong. We will never surrender to the childish demands of one who would, by means of trickery and fear mongering, by means of deceit and deception, lay claim to the rule of the entire world. I believe that if we stand together, if the entire world was as one, then there is nothing this woman can do.

“It’s Fake News, people. It’s a fake story, with phoney facts and phoney people. And everybody knows it. I am not here today to bow before this woman like some of you. I am here today so I can tell her to her face that if she ever so much as steps foot on UK soil she’ll be arrested. And she will face justice.”

Bertram Bridge was about to elaborate when thunder rumbled for a rather long time… thunder that chilled his heart. Thunder that was in fact laughter from above. “Arrested, huh? That sounds like an invitation.” The voice was loud, and came from every at once though clearly she was outside and perhaps miles away. It was impossible to tell. And then she was there. Right next to him.

The entire world fell silent in the wake of Susan’s mere appearance. Even those without televisions could not escape the images she transmitted from the live camera and audio feed directly into the minds of every person on Earth.

“You’re so adorably brave, Bertie! I know that’s just because I haven’t let one of my girls loose in your neck of the woods yet… but you’ve seen what my ladies can do. More importantly, you’ve seen what your weapons are capable of against them. You sure have a lot to say about me, you cheeky little boy. But … one look at me and you’re speechless, though. Don’t worry… nobody will give you a hard time.” Susan watched the man wither under the constant assault of her raw physical presence a moment and then addressed the world.

“It doesn’t matter what Bertie decides. It doesn’t matter what the United Nations decides. I am the one who decides now, and you will all bend or be broken. As of tomorrow I am taking over the world. I have chosen those who will join the ranks of my army and any who stand before them shall be crushed.” Susan directed her gaze toward the Secretary General. “You can surrender today, if you like. Declare me Queen of the World, swear to follow my commands, and a few lives might be spared.”

Susan quietly cleared the man’s mind enough to respond, and he rose to do so. “We have no right to sentence the world to whatever kind of dictatorship you have in mind for it. This building stand on the foundations of freedom and the right of man to self government. Democracy rules this world. The people rule this world. This world is not ruled by one person, nor any one nation. And so it …”

“So it’s a no, then?” asked Susan. “You’re not going to kneel before me and make me your chosen ruler?”

“On behalf of the whole planet, dear lady … no. We will not endorse such folly.”

Susan knew all of this already, but her smile was genuine. She liked being the Unchosen One, and the Unchosen she would remain. It didn’t matter what billions of others people said. Not when she was hundreds of millions of times stronger than all of them put together. The only choice that mattered now was Susan’s choice. And she chose war.

“Thank you. To be fair it was probably going to be bloodbath anyway you went. I mean … some of these new world leaders I’ve picked are gonna be a handful. But fun I think. Those foolish enough to defy me had best prepare themselves and be ready. Today I empower my army. Tomorrow you will ALL kneel before me.”


Nobody knew if the applications they had made had been successful or not. In order to protect the chosen few before their power manifested, Susan kept it a secret. And now everyone who had applied were waiting anxiously by their computer, or anxiously staring into their smartphones. They had been told their powers would come through the computer or device they used to apply, but it wasn’t clear exactly how.

Norman was pretty sure he would be one of the winners in this new reshuffle of the power structure. He strode from the TV as soon as Susan had stopped broadcasting and walked into the study where he found he his wife.

“I thought you were at the gym today. Aren’t you trying to lose a few pound?”

“Don’t be silly, Norm. I won’t need the gym after today.”

“Really? Why in God’s name would she pick you? You’re out of shape and old enough to know better. Besides… didn’t I tell you not to apply?”

“You did. But I applied anyway. I mean… who didn’t?”

“I need to use the computer now, Tammy. Can you please move?”

Suddenly there was a bleep from the PC speaker and and the screen blurred, the image rolled and distorted and then became obscured with sparkling dots of vibrant light.

“Holy shit… I was chosen!” Norm punched the air and tried to push Tammy and her chair aside. Tammy resisted, but he was stronger and she was soon sprawled on the floor besides her upturned chair looking quite flustered. Norman was not a violent man, and he had never done anything like that before.

“You’re a pig!” she declared, regaining her feet but not quite her dignity, “I’m going to be like superman! I’ll be like a god! I wonder which job I’ll have? Even if it’s just one of those policemen the site talked about… that’s fine!”

The sparkling lights on the screen coalesced into a solid and filled it he picture until it was too bright, then the light seemed to bulge out from the screen, and beams of it shot out toward Norman. “Yes!” he cried. But the beams darted around him and locked onto Tammy. And Norman felt his victory shatter, replaced with a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. “No …”

Tammy gasped. The lights felt wonderful, tingling as they danced across her skin. Her clothes were burned away, but her skin was left unmarked as the beams seemed to be examining her, as confirming her identity. And then she was awash with the ocean of power the Unchosen had prepared for her, and she knew nothing and nobody could hurt her or push her around ever again.

Norman was amazed at Tammy’s invulnerability as her clothes burned, her undeniably chubby body on full display, her cute features glowing with joy. He witnessed the change take place with growing fear and intensifying arousal. Her body fat melted away and her muscles acquired the tone and shape of a different Tammy. Her body was obviously still that of his long time girlfriend which he knew very well. But this was now the body of a Tammy who ate extremely healthy food ALL the time and went to the gym for hours. Not too long… not overdoing it… but just enough to be physically perfect. If that was all, then Norman would have been eternally jealous. But the change in Tammy’s appearance went beyond that. Her skin became unblemished and devilishly inviting. Her eyes became deep pools into which his soul could easily become lost. Her hair seemed to form into a perfect style of her own: The Tammy… and it incredibly attractive.

The light brightened, forcing him to cry out in pain and turn away. When he looked back, Tammy stood before him a fully empowered member of the Unchosen’s New World Order. Her body was on mercilessly on full display, her modesty protected by a small emerald green bikini decorated with gemstones and gold, and didn’t look like it was meant to worn while swimming.

“This is GREAT Norm! Just get a load of me? I thought it might… but I had no idea how absolutely fantastic all this power makes me feel! And I have tons more! Just bubbling away under all this I’ve got in me already!”

Norman was silenced by her presence, her body both alluring and intimidating on a very deep and primal level. He gulped, hard as a rock with a large part of brain screaming at him to run, to get away from this petite Titan. Even as his flight response strove for control, his lust grew with her smile. She had such a sexy smile before… now it was a weapon to be deployed without remorse upon him and he was ruined and made whole by it one instant.

“Tammy … I …”

“Don’t look so worried, Norman. It’s still me. I’m still the girl who loves you.”

“What’s going to… to happen?”

“I think the application was a bit misleading. How it said there would be a new police force, a new fire brigade, a replacement for every level of government. Turns out I’m the replacement for all of them. I am in control of this entire county, and tomorrow I have to take over. It’s going to be a lot fun. Do you think the army will come out of the base?”

Norman distantly recalled that there was a rather large military base just outside the city as he concentrated on not ejaculating in his pants. “The police … the police will be everywhere …”

Tammy waited for him finish, but his sentence went nowhere. “You haven’t a clue how powerful I am. Want to see something really scary?”

Knowing full well he would not be able to muster a reply, Tammy stood before him and drove him to knees with a brutal increase in her already overbearing sex appeal, coupled with an absolutely horrifying improvement to her physique. Her body inflated with clear raw physical power beyond the level of any Olympic athlete and she grew a whole foot taller. Norman groaned in fear and ejaculated helplessly. He remained as stone, her smile so enticing, and wondered how it was possible even though he already knew the answer. “I don’t think it matters what the police or the army do. Do you? This isn’t half my full power!”

“What happens to us?”

“Like I said… I’m still the girl that loves you. And guess what? I don’t start the new job until tomorrow morning. Know what that means? That means until then… I’m all yours …”


Liz’s presence in New York was no secret. She had taken over the tower shortly after her mercenary toys had returned to her old high school chum Jane’s mansion and levelled the place. Having already decided that it was boring there now, as the police had long ago quarantined the area and nobody came to visit anymore, she was not annoyed in the least having to move.

The prestigious apartment tower was one of the best in the world, and the residence had been very wealthy indeed. Liz pointed out to them that they plenty wealthy enough to walk away from their properties and buy someplace else, someplace much safer. Liz assured them they weren’t going to enjoy living there so much now that she was in the penthouse, and besides: She needed the whole building to house her growing collection of toys. And so she really had no choice but to force everyone out, though those who argued too long about it she allowed to stay. “Fine,” she had told them. “It’s a big building and knowing me there’ll be plenty of cleaning to do.” Those former residents now walked the halls with Jane in deliberately cliched maid outfits. The men were allowed to switch to formal butler suits after she tired of the joke.

Liz sat on her penthouse allowing Harry to bruise much of face trying to bring her a little pleasure. His eagerness now had not faded, and he was made insatiable by her now even further improved body.

“Mind if I join you?”

Liz was surprised to see Susan hovering above them, her simple short dress giving Liz a fantastic view of legs even more drool inducing than her own.

“I was not expecting you!” Liz pushed Harry away and dressed herself in her two piece uniform. “I saw you at the UN. They’re going mad all over the world… preparing refugee camps… loading their guns. It’s going to be a shock for them.”

“I have just finished empowering the girls. There’s a lot of disappointed men out there right now, but I never said the applications for weren’t subject to gender bias.”

Susan floated down and landed near Harry, who scampered away unable to stop staring to this incredible new arrival. She was far more attractive than the hyper-sexual Liz, and that was no easy thing for him to come to terms with.

“I hope I’m doing a good job …”

“Don’t worry about that Liz. You did a great job showing them what girls like you can do. Taking over the entire US criminal underworld was not something I expected from you. You did very well.”

“Those boys talk tough, but they’re just big old cuddly teddy bears, really.”

“Grizzly bears are big and cuddly to you. You like that don’t you?”

“You’ve made me very comfortable.”

“I have to take care of a few issues out there, Liz. Earth will be the seed of my empire, and my soldiers of today will soon rule entire universes of their own. But they need to prove their worth first. Those too cruel will not be… promoted. Those too soft can never face the frontline. They will all prove themselves here. I need someone to watch over these girls for me once things are up and running. And that someone is you.”

“It would be an honour, my Goddess.”

“I am not a goddess, Liz. I’m going to be more powerful than that. Now… do you want this job? Some of these girls aren’t what you call well behaved. You alone will have to keep them in line until I return.”

“How am I going to handle them?”

“Quite easily, I promise you. I will make you more powerful than any of them. More powerful than ALL of them. Much, much more powerful.”

“I’ll do anything you ask of me.”

“Close your eyes.”

Elizabeth closed her eyes, and awaited the power. Instead … she felt all encompassing pain. But it ended quickly.

Harry watched in horror as Susan held out a hand and Liz was absorbed into it. The magnificent Amazonian sex god was reduced to atomic dust and Susan’s palm sucked her up like a vacuum. Then he saw a shimmering bubble grow around Susan as she floated up high into the sky. The force field she created was necessary to prevent the world being obliterated as Susan raised her other hand and unleashed a raging ball of churning energy many times brighter the sun. It floated within the safety of Susan’s imaginary sphere and formed into a flawless copy of Liz, dressed in a slightly more elaborate bikini and without doubt amplified in every way. All her being was now in extra sharp focus, as though like Susan herself, Liz was now somehow MORE than real.

But Susan’s reforging of Liz was not done. Admiring her handiwork a moment, Susan decided having a little more power couldn’t hurt, raised both hands, and sent raging torrents of energy into Liz. Harry crawled away in fear and curled up in the corner as Liz’s power filled her body to ever more obscene levels. Susan went on longer than she should have, longer than was really sensible. But she had not even parted with a single percentage point of the power she had at her disposal, and Liz was going to play a crucial role in her plans once she left to interrogate the Lord of Light.

When it was over, Liz was absorbed in the sensations suddenly gaining so much power currently thrilled her with. She was so much more aware of the world, so many voices she could hear so many details she could see below her. The rush of sensory information should have been too much, but it all seemed to be clear and in focus all at the same time, as her mind processed trillions of things at once.

“I feel … fantastic!”

“You look every bit as good as you feel. You look ready. Tomorrow will be a test for you … I want you to settle any disputes that arise between the girls. There should not be many, but even if there are with the power you now have it will be easy for you to deal with them.” Susan smiled wickedly. “Everything is in place now. It should be one hell of a show.”

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