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Not the One: Point of Origin – Part II

Written by Dru1076 :: [Sunday, 31 December 2017 06:18] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 31 December 2017 09:29]

Not the One: Point of Origin – Part II

By Dru

(With special thanks to Oogber)

Nobody liked grumpy spinster Itsumi Imai. Well into the latter half of her nineties, she was as cantankerous and unpleasant an old hag as anybody in Japan had been unfortunate enough to meet. And she was a woman who knew what everyone thought of her, but just didn’t care. She didn’t care if people found her unpleasant. She didn’t care because she had never really been a people person. Not ever. Whatever happened to Itsumi happened hard, and it showed. She saw other people around her as the cause of everything that went wrong with her life, and for decades she had been hating them back. Now that she had been chosen … Itsumi was going to make herself feel better about everything no matter what. She had been assigned an area including three major cities, a port, massive manufacturing plants, and tens of millions of people. All of them were going to know Itsumi’s wrath.

The helpful middle aged attendant remembered the horrible way she had treated him when getting his help to apply to The Unchosens website. The look on his face when she returned to the 24hr cafe revealed his deep spite for her the moment she stepped into the Internet cafe.

“You! You get out!” He ordered angrily. “All my computers are taken! No room for you!”

“There are four machines available right here,” she had pointed out, but she wanted a particular one that day, and she had gotten it when the patron using it left in disgust, tired of her nagging. And it was a good thing Itsumi knew how to be so very annoying, because within ten minutes of entering the Internet cafe, ancient and craggy faced Itsumi was transformed utterly and completely into youthful and annoyingly smooth-faced Itsumi. Of all things in that moment of empowerment she would remember that middle aged cafe owner most clearly, and the way his features revealed first dread, then envy, as she went from many years his senior to appearing younger than his thirty year old daughter.

Itsumi discovered something more than just her immense power when Susan enhanced and rejuvenated her body that day. She discovered that she liked using it – the way it enabled her to finally act upon her deep and dark desires, the way it enabled her to make others see things her way … but most marvelous of all, how it enabled her to so utterly break them. The shock on those peoples’ faces as she stood nearly naked and magnificent before them felt good to her. It felt right. The horror that replaced that shocked wonder when she had destroyed the owner before them with nothing but the tap of a single fingertip was intoxicating. Her total power over them thrilled her immensely, and she had spent the night exploring its abyssal depths.

Morning came, and with it a silent yet undeniable command in her mind. The world is yours, the silence told her loud and clear. Take it.

Standing in the foothills with the few remaining subjects of her nighttime experiments, the three buses and two train cars that had carried them all there lying torn and shattered nearby, Itsumi turned toward her biggest city and grinned.

The Japanese Self Defense Force was deployed heavily all over Japan, and her densely populated region was no exception. The police and emergency services had for the most part set themselves ready to deal with panicking mobs of civilians, and the Prime Minister had declared schools closed and factories shut down for the day. In his speech he ordered everyone to deny the Unchosen’s self declared rule, but to show their denial peacefully. If he had known Itsumi’s plan in particular, and what little he could do to prevent it, he would have ordered and evacuation of the whole area she was now ruler of.

“It’s time,” she declared.

To the relief of the four surviving passengers her attention was now elsewhere as she mapped out the forces opposing her in the entire region and checked the location of every last civilian. Then to their utter hope-shattering horror, the already obscenely strong and gut wrenchingly sexy woman grew before them in every conceivable way, her muscles filling out and her presence towering even higher over them. She did then what they desired most of all. She left. Unfortunately for them, she didn’t fly away but simply leapt … and the force she deployed with her stupidly strong legs (even though she only bent her knees a little) destroyed those watching along with a large chunk of the surrounding landscape so utterly they would never be found.

Her landing site fared little better, and only after she strode from the dust cloud and the crater did people realize what had caused the huge explosion in the park. Walking the short distance to the city council building, where she had found the mayor’s spokesperson and a lot of media gathered inside, several police approached and tried to stop her. Using skills had she honed throughout the night, Itsumi knew many of ways to kill these men but merely crippled them with taps to the spine before making herself too ethereally sexy for anyone else to get near without dropping into a spasmodic mess. Watching people drop to the ground as she strode past them was just as rewarding to Itsumi as she had dreamt it would be. She wondered if her other fantasies would prove as enjoyable now she could actually live them out.

The automatic doors were locked, and the steel gates closed to secure the building. It did not matter, as Itsumi merely walked up to the steel gate and with both hands pushed it forward as though it were merely a curtain. The steel groaned and the masonry exploded while the gate stretched, distorted, and tore from the wall. She used the gate to smash through the doors then let go with one hand, raised the gate above her and twisted her wrist to drop it behind her. Itsumi continued on into the building having not once broken stride.

The lobby was torn up by gunfire from all directions, and Isumi smiled evilly while enjoying it all very greatly. Her steel flesh was unmoved by the fast lead, in truth delighting in its rapid attentions. Very carefully, Itsumi drew in a long slow breath, concentrating on drawing in heat from all around her. The floor and walls quickly frosted over as the temperature dropped too rapidly for the climate control system to have any hope at all. The gunfire ceased as the men themselves suddenly found the vast open area they were scattered about was now a sub-kelvin environment. The doomed men all did what most living things do in such a climate and quickly froze solid. People outside moved away as the deadly cold seemed to spread until Itsumi relented. She was absolutely certain if she chose to she could easily freeze the entire building (without much difficulty the whole city) but that would not be much fun at all. Clicking her fingers in the air Itsumi caused a sound like an explosion, the strong shockwave served to shatter the frozen men and much of the iced over furniture.

The chamber itself was not close to full of officials, most having fled for the safety of the military bunker. The media gallery was overflowing, however, and flashes started going off the moment Itsumi broke open the doors and strode sensuously through. The cold air wafted in with her, but she gently puffed out warmth to prevent anyone from being harmed. With her appearance at a less incapacitating level she let them gawk at her and shout questions, but she said nothing as she stood before them and smiled wickedly. Her left hand absently stroked the armor plates of her abdominal wall while she let them have a few breaths to take in as much of her perfection as their feeble minds could handle.

“I have been selected by the Unchosen. This city is mine now. The people in it are mine.”

“We will never follow you!” an outspoken reporter declared.

“Wait! Let me speak!” The spokesman for the mayor rose and tried his best to look dignified as he failed to hide an insistent erection and brow became a waterfall of sweat. “We of this city do not recognize the rule of the Unchosen. We of Japan do not kneel before …”

“Look at me. I am a god compared to you. You will kneel if I want you to kneel, and jump if I want you to jump. But don’t worry. For most of you, I will not be requiring you to kneel, or obey. Why, by the way, isn’t the Mayor here himself? Why does he cower underground like a snake? His nuclear bunker will not protect him from me.”

“What are your demands?” He was clearly completely out of his depth. He himself had known the secret whereabouts of the Mayor, but had no doubt he was right where she said he was.

“Demands? I don’t make demands. I give commands. I will have work for some of you, have no doubt. You will work hard and you will obey me. But for now I will be doing all the work myself. And all I want from you, puny man, is the small thrill killing all you worthless assholes will bring me.”

He blinked in surprise. “Why … why kill me? I … I …”

Itsumi picked a reporter up who stood too near. He dangled in her hand struggling energetically but her arm was steady as a beam. “Why? Because I want to, you silly man. Feel free, and this goes for everyone … I want to be very clear about that … to try and stop me.” The dangling reporter suddenly became a deadly missile, his body flung with such force the Mayor’s spokesman and the two men either side of him exploded in a mist of gore laced with deadly sharp bone fragments.

There were screams as everybody still alive saw five people killed right in front of their eyes. With a gesture, Itsumi used her potent telekinetic abilities to slam the broken doors back into place as people wisely began to leave. No door out of the room would now open. Windows would not shatter. Nobody was going anywhere.

Calmly, making sure cameras were still watching, Itsumi approached her next victim. The man struck wildly and desperately at her, cries of pain mixed with fear as he hurt himself quite badly on her flesh, but he was unable to escape the hold of the casual, bone-crushing hand that reached up and laid over his face. Screams of horror resounded as she crushed her fingers easily into his skull and dramatically destroyed the man’s whole head. Dropping him, she chose another. Shots rang out, cameras continued to roll, and without mercy Itsumi took her time enjoying herself immensely as she played with her toys.

Oh yes, she thought … this was going to be a fun game indeed.


Being in the South, Tammy was very aware how much the proud outspoken men she was now a dictator to valued and worshiped their precious freedom. Thumbing one’s nose at authority was not exactly unheard of. So when she walked out of city hall and floated up over the city skyline, the quivering mess she had made of the defunct city council actually feeling bereft of her presence, she decided to try being as understanding as she could. She would just explain nice and calmly to them that she didn’t want to rob them of their personal freedoms, and that their basic human rights would be maintained. Just because Tammy was ordained to be the unquestionable ruler who everyone was going to obey and respect didn’t mean these people would be worse off.

The Mayor had been quite the obstructionist when it same to his handling of the transition of power, but considering her options Tammy felt she had dealt with that confrontation rather smoothly. Sure, he wasn’t likely to be free of his intense pleasure-induced rapture anytime soon, but by the end of their talk he and everyone else in the room were begging to do whatever the mind bending beauty she momentarily turned herself into wanted them to. Proud of a still non-existent bodycount over an hour into her reign, aware though that she still had yet to dismiss the police and National Guard, Tammy approached the chanting mob fully confident of a peaceful resolution.

“You’re not God … You’re not Queen … You’ll not be the boss of me!!” They chanted loud and waved flags, brandishing signs and (as she totally expected) lots of guns. It was an intimidating sight, and one that Tammy would have shied away from in the past. But as Norman had discovered through her new dominant approach to love making over many hours the previous night, Tammy was no longer a shy and mousy woman.

A man was taking the microphone to address the energized mob just as Tammy floated over the scene, as yet too high to be spotted. She waited a moment to hear him out, hoping he might be about to make some points she could work with to win the crowd over.

“I have seen the images of the Devil’s harlot assigned to us!” he declared angrily. “She’s just a kid! We will not let some crooked woman have a little ditzy brained whore tell us all what to do! We are FREE, damnit. We are IN CHARGE of our own DESTINY!” Cheers erupted. “They have their fake news shows and fake reporters telling us all kinds of CRAZY talk about this Unchosen woman! But I know what’s real! You know what’s REAL?! My FREEDOM! And my GUN!! If that skank wants to come try tell me what to do … or tell any of you …”

Tammy was a little hurt by all the mean things he was saying about her. They hadn’t even heard her talk yet … so she resisted the urge to telekinetically turn him inside out and floated down to reveal her presence. A few screams were heard, a few shocked gasps at both her beauty and unassisted flight, but mostly they just fell silent.

“Hi there, everyone,” she greeted them, talking louder than the PA system. “I’m the Unchosen’s selected representative in these parts. Do you guys mind if I just say a few words?”

The eruption from the crowd was not entirely unified. Most of them did, however, shout abuse and insults and told her to fuck off. She hovered down and landed next to the speaker, ignoring the stupefied man completely for the moment but unable to forget what he had been saying.

“I know it seems a little odd at first. But once you see how this is going to work, you’ll be glad I’ve been put in charge of all you! Why … I’m not going to be an evil tyrant! That’s ridiculous! For one thing, I don’t need to take away your guns! To my improved body, even rocket launchers would be like a little asthmatic kids shooting spitballs at me. And I’ll always be here for you! I can hear and comprehend every word said by any person anywhere in the whole area! So if you want to ask me for something, all you have to do is whisper real quietly and I’ll hear everything you ever say from now on! Just one of many things I can do to keep an eye on you! And since it’s me as sole leader making each and every decision for the future of your lives, it’s pretty cool having a direct line to me all the time! It’s not like I’ll ever need to sleep or anything!”

That didn’t get the response she had hoped for. The whole mob erupted like Mt St Helens, and all the hate and spite and vile rage within them was squared off directly against the lone figure of Tammy, who for a moment seemed to shrink back a little from them.

“But … I’m going to be … a good … queen …”

In the violence of the moment a shot rang out. Someone let go a boisterous “Fuck yeah! Kill the bitch!!” and everybody standing close to or on the raised platform Tammy addressed them from dove for cover. The shots came more rapidly now, and from just about every type of legal firearm imaginable in her home state.

For a long time Tammy just stood there still as a statue soaking it all in. The bullets and pellets felt great. It didn’t matter the caliber, or effective range of any of the weapons, though. Tammy’s body was not even close to employing its full potential and yet she was immune to any and all their various weapons. But it wasn’t the sensation of being shot she was focused on. It was how downright rude they were being. She was being nice about all this, and they were trying to kill her. A normal woman would be dead right now. She had every intention of improving the lives of all these angry gun-toting men, and this is the thanks she got?

“If you’ll just give me a chance to talk.” She spoke to them with a soft voice, yet loud enough to be clearly heard. They ignored her. She would not, however, ignore the actions of this aggressive belligerent mob any longer. Her features darkened as she let the rage well coolly up within her and relaxed her body so she could really feel the hate laden bullets harmlessly peppering her every shamelessly displayed curve and line. “You have shown me all your anger … all your power. Now … Let me show you mine.”

The gunfire petered out as all the heavily armed men became filled with fear, dread, and helplessness. Tammy filled also, but with strength, beauty and grace beyond reason. Her eyes closed and she breathed erotically as for the very first time she drew upon the entirety of the Unchosen’s generous gift to her. They seemed to shrink while the gulf between her power and theirs widened with each passing moment. It felt so wonderful, so blissful, that Tammy deliberately took her fill slowly and felt her skin sketch over ever more titanically strong muscles. Her heightened senses allowed her to experience every micro-response from her audience in minute detail, and her stormy face became a terrifying smile. Such was the aura of invincibility that shone from her now that every one of the men who had insulted her with their bullets and shotgun shells knew and understood the monumental scale of their folly. More than a dozen men immediately wet themselves as they sensed their mortal danger, but sensed it too late.

“You assholes want to be free?” she demanded, speaking a mere whisper that near deafened all of them. “Then let me set you free.”

Without need for a pre patrol inhalation, Tammy pursed her lips and produced an unimaginable gale, unleashing it upon the now cowering and helpless protestors. They struggled without a hint of success against it, losing their feet as a whole body and rapidly tumbling away to the immense satisfaction of the source. She wasn’t even trying. In fact, her plan had been to ruffle their hair and raise the pressure steadily from there. The initial blast was without any true effort at all, and had the result she had actually planned to finish off with. Her eyes sparkled with amusement, and she followed through with her original course anyway. The tumbling men, sure they would soon roll to a stop, found instead that the wind carrying them only increased in strength, the deafening roar hurting their ears more and more as they accelerated seemingly without end, rising up now and still the wind grew steadily stronger. Tammy was thrilled at how wonderfully easy it was to produce such an effective result. Bushes, bins, park benches, then cars and a bus and entire storefronts, all was ripped up and torn away in the relentless hurricane. And she had more – so much more it made her giddy to think about. Giving them one last gentle puff, she watched them sail away into the wilderness at least thirty miles outside the city.

Her body count was not zero any more. But Tammy found after a moment of remorse she didn’t feel nearly half as bad about it as she had thought she would. And there was an unexpected benefit to her momentary loss of temper. In the distance, on the outskirts of the city, she could hear tanks starting up in large numbers. It would seem her display had gained some attention, and the military were no longer holding on standby. After watching over and over those girls in Korea demolishing armies, Tammy deeply yearned to know what that was like … and now she was going to find out.


“What do you think so far?” Susan asked her companion as they watched the planetwide chaos below in details only they could see this far from Earth. And of all superhuman powerhouses present in the solar system, only they could follow each individual action taking place all over the globe at once as easily as they did. Not only did they watch, they analysed and assessed.

“There’s a lot of smart girls down there. There’s a few places where nobody has been hurt yet. But no offense, Master, some of those girls are total fucking psychos. Did you see that old lady in Japan? She’s just … just killing them. Killing ALL of them. She’s not even talking to them anymore unless it’s to egg them on.”

“I was wondering about her. She could still go either way. Give her time. Unless she broaches the border she should be free to express herself. Same with all those girls. They’re not all psychos though are they? How about that girl in England?”

“You mean the girl who’s just sitting there letting them all tell her what to do? She hasn’t stood up for herself once yet.”

“Not her. The one concentrating on crime and infrastructure.”

“You don’t mean … the one that destroyed all the power stations and killed every gang member in her zone? She has a pretty high body count so far.”

“Wait. You will see. I have high hopes for that one, Liz.”


“What is it?”

Standing before the hastily constructed device, monstrous in proportion as it was, made the Ministry of Energy official feel very small.

“It’s a battery. And when it’s charged it will provide power to anyone in the UK who wants it. Free.”

“But … how did you build this in one day?”

“A day? This took about ten minutes. And I had to learn first.”

“Let me get this straight. This morning you destroyed the working capability of every single power generator in your assigned zone, which just happens to house two of the countries most crucial providers. And now your want to replace them with a giant oversized battery. Except it’s empty. And do tell … I suppose you’ll be the one in control of this single power supply for the whole UK?”

“What’s so hard to understand. I just need you to plug everyone who wants free power into my battery. You call whoever and line it up, and they get free juice.”

“Even if it was charged, and even it worked. You’ll destroy the market with this. You’ve already destroyed the grid. Why didn’t you just hook this up and then destroy the grid?”

“Because now you’ll work with me without me having to break anything off of you. Physically or otherwise.”

“I will not ask anyone to plug into this thing until I know it’s safe and it works.”

“It’s safer than any nuclear reactor or coal power station. And it works. I was just waiting for you to get here before I charge it up. I don’t want any confusion about things down the track. You need to understand that though the Unchosen is breaking the world as you know it, it’s not all going to be death and destruction.”

The man’s eyes wandered low as she turned away and strode to two large hand plates on the outside of the building sized battery. He wasn’t watching as she placed her delicate feminine hands over the cold specially made plates. But even an ass as magnetic as hers could not distract him from what happened next.

With a brilliant flash energy began to pour from her hands into the giant battery. The flash was the plates themselves instantly becoming white hot with the raw power that flooded through them and filled the empty battery.

“This is my own design,” she explained. “I was able to calculate the energy needs of the U.K. For the next hundred years, taking into account current growth trends and allowing for a 50% margin of error. At current technological levels we would need a battery substantially larger than this one, but I was able to make the necessary alterations to this design to allow for a much greater capacity. Once I made my first seven breakthroughs and realized how easy it would be, I made the capacity great enough store enough energy to power all of Europe for the next millennia. You would be surprised how little effort I actually put into the research, by the way.”

He only vaguely took in her words, the light show and the magnitude of his arousal in her presence was too much a display for him. But in mere moments she lifted her hands away and turned to face him.

“And there you go. Fully charged for at least the next thousand years. You will find it delivers an adjustable yield as required, and you won’t see the charge level drop noticeably in your lifetime.”

“But … you only stood there a few seconds.”

“Oh sweetheart … you have no idea how stupidly easy that was for me.”

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