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The Towers' Syndrome – Chapter 5

Written by papayoya1 :: [Sunday, 04 February 2018 10:53] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 04 February 2018 13:18]

Sienna Towers is a biologist working on a classified project around the fragments of a comet, who wakes after a three-month coma only to find herself "enhanced". After having completely committed herself while investigating the origin of her new strength, Sienna is confronted by some gang members seeking revenge. Poor them …

Chapter 5

Sienna’s eyes adjusted to the light remarkably quickly once the hood that had been covering her head was gone. It did not take her too long to make the first assessment of the situation.

She was in a warehouse. She did not doubt that it would look abandoned from outside, but seeing it from the inside, it was more or less functional. The two men that had “kidnapped” her at her home were standing to either side, offering her to the crowd like a prize. She did not need an introduction to identify Locke, the man that she assumed was the leader. It was easy enough to see that everything gravitated around him. His aesthetics were like those of his men, but he looked older, his goatee visibly graying.

He had the biggest man she had ever seen to his left. A bodyguard. The man to his right was small, noticeably shorter than her. He looked way more dangerous than the brute to the other side of the boss, though.

Finally, there was an armed man by the door, most likely to prevent anyone from leaving, and another standing at the end of the room. So, seven men. They would do. She could have done with more, too.

Sienna knew how this was going to end, of course. With seven new corpses. Different than the death she had caused earlier in the night, she was very much looking forward to what was going to happen now. She despised these men. They were perfect to channel her anger and frustration.

Locke had a powerful voice. One of those voices that commanded authority.

”You are Sienna Towers,” he said.

“You came to my house, so I guess that you don’t need me to confirm that, do you?” she replied.

“You are not afraid” Locke observed, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“You are not either” Sienna observed.

“Why should I be?” Locke said.

“I killed your men, didn’t I?” she asked.

”So, you do not deny it, then?” Locke said. “That’s good. It will save us quite a lot of time.”

“Oh, were you planning on having a trial?” Sienna asked. “How considerate of you” she then added in a mocking tone.

“Believe it or not, we were going to let you make your case. I have to say that your odds were not very good. But since you already confessed, we can go straight to the punishment now” Locke said.

”I’m eager to get to that part,” Sienna said.

She could see that her attitude was deeply disconcerting, but that Locke did not want to lose face in front of his men, so he was trying to adapt to it as well as he could. She guessed that besides his prominent biceps, what had made him the leader of that lot was the fact that he was probably the only one with half a brain.

”You are good looking,” Locke said.

”So, you are going to rape me first,” Sienna said, putting some excitement in her tone.

”Yeah, it would be harder to do that after we dismember you,” Locke said, an evil smile on his face. He was surprised when Sienna just rolled her eyes.

”Your men also talked about raping me, now that I remember,” she said.

”Clever guys,” Locke said. “I have the last question,” he said.

“Sure” Sienna replied, still as challenging as when she had arrived.

“How did you kill them?”

”Oh, I thought you would never ask,” she said.

In a swift movement, Sienna brought her hands apart and easily broke the chain linking her handcuffs. She took advantage of the momentary puzzle of everyone around to show her now free hands to those in front of her and then she casually placed one hand in each of the men that had “picked her up” at home. Her shove was gentle. After all, she did not want to kill them yet. They still flew across the room and hit opposite walls of it.

Suddenly, everything froze. She could see that the gang members could not understand a thing. Taking advantage of the situation, she placed her hands on her hips and locked her eyes on Locke’s.

”I’ll save you for last,” she said.

The sound of a gun cocking made her gracefully spin on a heel, turning to face her would-be attacker and smiling when she saw that his gun was not yet ready. He was the at the end of the room. By the time he tried to aim it at her, she was not there anymore. Sienna knew she was invulnerable to guns, but bullets still stung like hell, and she did not see a reason to get hit any more than necessary.

She was already next to the gunman by the time he tried to correct his aim. He could not, once her left hand took hold of his forearm and immobilized it with an iron grip.

Sienna heard another gun getting ready. It was the guy by the door. Without thinking too much, she just tossed the man she was holding in the new shooter’s direction. He flew thirty feet to crash into him, both bodies collapsing to the floor right away. She could still hear them breathe, though, indicating that they were alive.

Chuckling when she saw them starting to stand up, Sienna headed for them and the door.

Placing her boot in the first man’s stomach with delicacy, Sienna then shoved him across the room with a graceful gesture of her shapely leg. She contained herself on purpose since she did not want to finish anyone off too soon. Still, the man flew over 60 feet before landing on the dirty floor with a soft thud. Through the corner of her eye, Sienna saw the shock in Locke with satisfaction.

“I’m barely getting started, you damned idiots!” she thought as a smirk formed on her lips.

The man that had been initially by the door was already back on his feet and did not know too well what to do. His role had been to make sure that no one left the room, but he was apparently starting to question whether that was a good idea. Sienna decided not to give him too much longer to think and took a step towards him.

She smiled when the man, who no longer had his gun, threw a punch at her. She considered letting his fist break into her face, but changed her mind on the go and intercepted it in her smaller and more delicate hand instead. The brute tried to pull his hand back, but there was no way he was going to break from the vicious grip of her fingers. Once he realized that, he tried to push forward instead, only to get the same results. Being able to overpower him with such ease was delightful.

“I thought you guys were supposed to be… I don’t know, dangerous?” Sienna mocked as she enjoyed the face of puzzle of her attacker.

It was time for Sienna to start showing these thugs that she meant business, and this guy was as good a candidate as any. Closing her fingers, Sienna was rewarded by the feeling of multiple bones being smashed. She did not rush it, being gradual enough to feel fingers and tarsal bones breaking one by one. They did more than break, in fact. Sienna did not let go and just kept pushing, mashing the bones into powder and feeling the first drops of blood oozing through her fingers. He would never use that hand again. It was not as if he had too much longer to live, though. The power as she tortured her attacker without even a trace of effort felt more delicious than she remembered, the physical size difference making the entire scene feel even better.

Of course, her apparently simple gesture had an immediate effect on the man, who dropped to his knees in extreme pain, yelling at first, sobbing later. Sienna looked over her shoulder to see that the three men she had tossed had still not recovered and that Locke was aghast at the scene, always flanked by his two men, who were just as stunned.

So, she had their attention. It was time to show them that she meant business. So, reaching down, she grabbed the man by the throat and started lifting him, easily overmatching his feeble resistance. His feet were soon dangling over the floor as Sienna turned and offered the beaten man to his colleagues, smiling.

“What are you?” Locke asked, as far away from her as the stance allowed.

”That’s an excellent question,” Sienna said, ignoring the large man she was holding. “I’m afraid I do not have a good answer yet.”

There were two seconds of silence, Sienna’s smile widening when she saw the three men she had tossed starting to recover. It was good to see that she had balanced her strength correctly, both from a learning perspective but also because she wanted to deal with them as they deserved.

”What should matter to you, though, is what I can do,” Sienna said.

Without further word, she started closing her fingers around the thug’s throat, the feeling of yielding tissue tickling. The man, who had been close to unconsciousness suddenly reacted, trying to yell. His throat was just too tightened already to be able to emit a coherent sound, so all everyone else could hear was an unpleasant choking noise.

His good hand reached for hers, trying to pry her fingers open. It was as ineffective as trying to open a safe with bare hands.

”I think you, above anyone else, will understand. You accomplish things using brute force, don’t you? You just overpower whoever gets in the way. Crude, but effective.”

Sienna then brought her fingers together, almost as if the man’s throat had not been there. His head twisted in an awkward position, no longer being held by his spine, making his demise evident to everyone in the warehouse. She held him in place for a few more seconds, savoring the combination of fear and rage in the rest of the men. Then, she just tossed his body to the side like someone throwing an empty wrapper.

“By the way, I should thank you guys for having chosen a room with just one exit. It will make things so much easier” Sienna then said.

Turning towards the door, she took hold of the crossbar that locked it and started pulling it in different directions with both hands. As expected, the metal began bending under her will and sheer power, letting out a loud metallic groan as it did. Having known that it would be easy did not make the feat any less exciting, especially now that she had a shocked audience to see the deed.

Sienna turned to face six incredibly jumpy dangerous criminals. Two of them were holding guns and were trying to steady their aim at her: the guy that had been at the back of the room and had already tried to shoot her before and one of the two thugs that had kidnapped her at home.

For an instant, she evaluated just letting them shoot her, as a way to show the rest just how ineffective it was. Sienna quickly discarded the idea. She knew she would feel powerful seeing the look of puzzle in the Nazi’s faces, but it would sting as hell too. She was not in the mood for pain, so instead of staying put Sienna just lifted her right foot and stomped down hard.

It was better than expected, her foot breaking through the uneven concrete floor, a crack quickly growing from the point of impact. It made the entire warehouse shake, sending everyone who did not share her strength off their feet.

Sienna was as happy at the results of her improvised counter as disappointed at the unexpected side effects. She realized that she might be close to invulnerable but her clothes were not when the high heel of her right shoe snapped at the impact.

Pissed, she just kicked both her shoes off and moved towards the two goons with the guns with a visible look of disappointment on her face. They were going to pay for it.

The first guy, the one that had initially been standing at the back of the warehouse, was also the first one to recover from her woman-induced earthquake. He was on all fours by the time Sienna reached them. He never saw the look of disdain on her face as she drew her leg back and kicked him, this time not holding off.

It was spectacular. At least, it was for her. To the rest of the people in the warehouse, it was sickening enough to make the second guy that had kidnapped her throw up.

Driven by the incommensurable power of her thighs, her bare foot had already broken the man inside at the moment it hit him. His body was then shot like a lifeless bag, hitting the wall with enough force to burst and stay in position for some time. It was no more than a few seconds, but they felt an eternity to the gang. Finally, the deformed body started sliding down, leaving a wide red streak in the wall as it did.

Sienna was considerably less stunned and quite more amused than the men in the stance, admiring what she had just accomplished with both hands on her hips. It had even surprised her, not having expected so much raw strength in her otherwise slender leg.

She was taken out of her trance by a feeling in her barefoot. She chuckled when she looked down and saw the second man trying to stick a knife into it, his frustration evident as he was not able to.

Sienna was tempted just to give him the same fate his colleague had had, but this had been the guy that had kidnapped her at home, and she felt he deserved some better attention. So, instead of kicking the guy, she just repositioned her foot so that his next attempt would end up with the blade between her thumb and second toe. It was then easy to take hold of the knife between her toes and wiggle them to snatch it free from the stout man.

Back to being more playful than mean, Sienna just flexed her toes to show the startled man how the knife’s blade bent under their strength, rattling him even more.

”You’ll hurt yourself,” she said in a playful tone as she shoved the knife to the side.

An instant later, her barefoot was covering the man’s hand. She had always had pretty feet. Her transformation had only enhanced them. Now, seeing them next to the man’s burly hand they felt even more distinguished.

The mobster tried to pull his hand back, but it was to no avail. All Sienna had to do to start feeling some bones turn into powder was to apply some pressure to the ball of her foot. His scream sounded like music in her ears as she kept going for a few seconds, moving her foot back to see a mashed gory mass in the place where a hand had been.

Sienna bent only slightly, closing her fingers around the man’s skull and pulling up as she ignored his groans. Pushing him back to a close-by column, she whispered:

”You’re not going to die yet. After all, you still have to stick it up to my ass, don’t you?”

She then reached for a pipe in the side of the column, ripped it and twisted it around the man’s body as if it had been made of rubber. In a simple gesture, she had locked him in place, saving him for later.

Sienna did not think that she could feel more powerful, she thought as she started to turn, ready to see the faces of panic of her would be rapers and killers. Instead she met a gunshot. It hit her square in the stomach, and it was just as painful as the ones she had taken in the alley. Sienna could not prevent bending in pain. Time seemed to stop. She could sense that the remaining Nazi’s were suddenly hopeful, no doubt believing that she could be stopped with guns. Sienna let their hopes increase by staying down a bit longer than needed.

She then stood up, slowly, deliberately, showing them that she was not harmed. She enjoyed the disbelieving looks around her, especially the one from the guy that had shot her, who was no doubt starting to think about himself as a hero.

”That was not nice,” she said, feeling through her damaged top. She felt upset at having to dispose of it, as she had felt upset about the damaged shoes. She liked those clothes. After all, they had been the ones she had chosen to visit Edward, had they not?

Sienna saw the man getting ready to fire again. She did not prevent him from. She was just too far away. Instead, she rapidly pivoted, facing him sideways and making him waste the next two shots.

She quickly identified the man as the second kidnapper, and it was evident by his skill that he was a more valuable member of the gang than the guy that had just threatened her all the way to the warehouse.

Unluckily for him, her skill was far superior, so by the time he corrected his aim, she had already hopped to the side, clearing the area where his next three shots went by over thirty feet. She had to acknowledge his perseverance, since rather than giving up the man just turned and tried to aim once more. He was never able to.

Sienna’s hop had not been meaningless. Instead, it had made her precisely land next to a stack of pallets. She just needed one hand to lift it and place it between her and the gunman, using it as a shield while he emptied his clip.

The man was visibly frustrated when Sienna tossed the makeshift shield to the side and smiled at him. She saw him reaching for another magazine and chuckled when she saw his face when he did not find any.

Slowly, meticulously, Sienna crouched and started picking up the shells that had been fired at her. She looked up when she had a handful of them, smirking when she saw the man trying to flee as far away as possible from her as if this was going to help.

Sienna enjoyed his look of despair when she landed right in front of him after having easily hopped across the warehouse. Her appearance was so unexpected that the man even crashed into her unyielding body and fell backward, stunned at the impact.

She just smiled at him as he lied down, tightening her fist and feeling the bullets mashing together in a compressed metal dough. She was satisfied with the contents of her palm when she opened it. Pushing again, this time with purpose, she started to mold the dough into a sphere.

The man was already getting back up, but Sienna did not mind. She did not care either when he started running away from her again. Instead, she just looked back at the contents of her palm and, happy with what she saw, she drew his arm backward and tossed it towards the man.

It did not move as fast as the original bullets had. It was not necessary since the quite heavier and denser metal ball cracked his skull as well as if it had. For Sienna, who had taken this as a mere test, the results were entirely satisfactory.

The pawns had been dealt with. It was time to go for the king. Finding Locke in the corner of the warehouse, Sienna started to strut in his direction confidently. Quite expectedly, Locke’s bodyguard placed himself between her and her prey. He was massive, probably around seven feet tall. His muscles were not so well defined as those of some of his colleagues, but she did not have too many doubts about who would prevail in a bare fists fight.

And still, all it took Siena was a shove to the side to send him flying forty feet to a pile of crates and get a clear path to the boss. She ignored the white dust that emerged after the crash, even if it was easy enough to recognize it for what it was. She had more important things to do than checking some drugs, so Sienna just advanced towards Locke, cornering him.

She loved holding the large man by the throat, his feet dangling a few inches over the floor.

“Don’t worry. This is not how you are going to die. I rather liked your idea about dismembering” she said.

“Ho… how?” Locke asked.

”You should have left me alone,” Sienna said. “I took it easy with your three men, but you should have taken a better look at their corpses and realize that you were way in over your head.”

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m the future” she just replied.

From so close, the shot hit before she could have the time to process the bang. In hindsight, she should have never let the small man out of her sight. He had looked the most dangerous one from the beginning, and the fact that he had been able to sneak on her, despite her enhanced hearing, proved that. His gun had been barely a couple of inches from her temple when he had pulled the trigger. Her head rang like a bell. The headache was threatening to be legendary. It almost made her lose her balance. It certainly forced her to drop Locke from her grip.

She stumbled a bit as she turned, facing the sly assassin while trying to stay on her feet. It was hard to know which thought was winning the battle inside her head: the shame at having been caught unawares, the rage at having been shot at point blank or the admiration for the guy’s skills.

Of course, the little man was shocked at seeing her turning rather than dropping cold on the floor. To his credit, he was fast enough to raise his gun once more. Sienna was faster in shoving him across the room with both hands. He soared for over fifty feet and still hit the wall at mid-height. She had not aimed to kill him though. So, he was not dead.

Sienna’s body quickly followed his, also flying across the room, although in her case it was out of her own will and a gentle push of her toes. It had just taken her a well-aimed jump to land by the man’s recovering body. She was soon holding his head with one hand on each side, his feet dangling a foot off the floor.

”You are good,” she said.

She saw a trace of pride in the man’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by fear as she started pushing, his skull groaning.

“You’re out of your league, though” she added.

“You … are … the devil” the man muttered.

“Oh, you wish I were” Sienna replied with a madwoman look in her eyes.

She made it last, her fingers advancing a fraction of an inch at a time. She did not go all the way, stopping when the crack was noticeable enough, and his feet stopped kicking. There was no need to waste the perfectly good clothes she was wearing that had not yet suffered the rigors of the confrontation.

There were only three men left. Three men she knew: Locke, his bodyguard and the gun thug that had kidnapped her at home and that was unwillingly waiting for her at the column.

Sienna could not feel more empowered that she was at that precise moment. Her only thought as she walked towards Locke was how to deal with him. To his credit, or actually as a token that he had understood his helplessness, Locke was not even attempting to flee. Visibly pained after her previous interaction with him, he was sitting in a chair across the warehouse when she turned and smiled at him

“I can help you” he offered. He sounded somewhat desperate.

”The day I need the help from someone like you will be the day I will have fallen so low that the only thing to do will be to take my own life,” she said.

“What do you want?” he asked as she took a first step in his direction.

”I have all I want,” she said.

”No one has everything he wants,” Locke said.

“In two days, I will” she replied, taking another step.

She stopped when the huge bodyguard stepped in her path once more. He was visibly harmed from her casual shove, and he had stumbled a bit to get in position, but he looked determined to stop her on her way to his boss.

Sienna looked at him for a second and decided how to get rid of the annoyance. Rolling her eyes, she finally said:

”Ok, give me your best shot.”

There was a question in the man’s eyes.

”Hit me. You give me your best shot.”

He hesitated, but finally, the man gathered his strength and hit her with all his might. His massive first hit her straight in the center of her face, right at her nose. This was a blow that might have even killed someone. Sienna did not even flinch, proud of having kept her eyes open for this one.

It was not as if his attempt had been of no consequence, of course. There were several broken bones, specifically on his fingers and wrist.

Sienna smiled as the guy looked at her with fear.

”My turn,” she said.

Sienna was about to punch him with everything but changed her mind in the last second. Instead, she just flicked him in the stomach, making the man bend and throwing him a couple of feet backward.

“Oh fuck!” Sienna let out with a loud laugh, what had happened surpassing her best hopes.

The giant needed a few seconds to recover, looking at her from the ground with perplexity. Still amazed, Sienna took a small hop and landed on his massive chest, making the brute groan in plain. Her slender body weighted more than it looked.

Hands on her hips and looking down, Sienna smiled at the mobster. He swept his good arm at her legs, in a blatant attempt to make her trip. She did not even flinch, making the large thug look even more surprised, if that was even possible. He tried again and, tired, Sienna just flexed the toes of her left foot, caving them into his chest and breaking some ribs.

“Stop it, will you?”

The man’s defeated look was all the response she got, but she considered it good enough. Encouraged, she reached out with her right foot, placing it at his chin.

“Worst thing about this place you brought me to is my soles are all soiled. I’d very much appreciate some licking” she said.

She knew she was surfing in the line between meanness and pure sadism, but she could not care less. The man initially rejected, so she just flexed the toes of her other foot once more, increasing the pain in his chest. He resisted, but Sienna just had to keep increasing the torture before his tongue was out, and he started complying.

“Enough” a voice thundered.

Sienna, who had been completely caught up in her little tormenting, looked up to see Locke, who had advanced towards her from the corner where she had left him and was looking at her with fire in his eyes. She just raised an eyebrow.

“Let him be already and come for me!” the leader of the gang said.

Sienna looked surprised. After a second, she shrugged and said:

”Fair enough.”

A gentle kick was all it took her to break the burly man’s neck an instant before jumping off him and landing in front of Locke. Without her heels, the man was considerably taller than her. Still, it was easy enough to see him shaking, even if he tried to hide it as much as possible.

She placed a hand on his shoulder and pushed down, not noticing if he was offering any resistance of not. Bringing his face, both angry and terrified, right in front of hers, Sienna whispered:

“You are not going to be so lucky.”

”Kill me already,” the main said. He was almost pleading, even if he tried to keep his dignity.

“You know what? I love what I’ve become. You will never be able to understand how it feels to have so much power, to be so much above. I’m barely beginning to understand it. And I guess I should thank you. You guys are so nasty that I can abuse you without too many reservations” Sienna said.

“You don’t have to do this” Locke replied, somewhere between begging and sobbing.

”Oh, but I want to do it. And it’s kind of poetic justice that I’m doing it to you, don’t you think? Remember, I waited to learn what you had in mind for me before making my mind up.”

Locke seemed about to say something else. Then he didn’t. Sienna smiled and then just shoved him back, sending him on top of a pile of crates.

“Wait for me there, will you?” Sienna said.

She then turned towards the last man she was going to handle before Locke. She did not know his name. She was not interested in it. All she had to know was what the man had said to her when he had kidnapped her and brought her to Locke.

He was not even trying to fight his way out of the cage Sienna had built around him with the pipe. He was defeated, and he looked like that. Much like a feline stalking his prey, Sienna approached him slowly, putting a swagger on her walk. She stopped a couple of feet from him and looked up at his beaten expression, placing her hands on her hips and bending her head a bit to the side, as if she was evaluating her options.

The man surprised her by spitting on her, his bloodstained saliva hitting her on the cheek and staining her top.

Disgusted, Sienna spat back, her discharge hitting the man and making his head shoot to the side. She would have chuckled at the bruise on his cheek if she had not been so offended by what the man had done.

There was no warning before her hand closed around the man’s groin, making him howl as she looked at him with loathing.

“Was this what you were going to stick up my ass?” she asked, madder than she had been at anyone so far.

The man could only groan in response.

Sienna started to tighten her fist, not stopping when she began to feel the most sensitive parts of his body bursting.

”I’m doing the women of the world a favor,” she said.

The thug dropped on his knees, the fall stopped by the pipe that was holding him to the column. He was about to pass out, Sienna saw. She released the remainders of his manhood and looked at his face, which now was level with hers. She could not help but admire the bruise her spit had caused.

She closed her fist and threw a punch, stopping it inches away from the terrified man’s face.

“Nah, this would be too quick. I think I’m done with you” Sienna said, and then turned and headed towards her last victim.

Locke was crying by the time she crouched in front of him. God, it was pathetic. Still, she grabbed his hand, like a mother trying to comfort a child.

”Please, make it quick,” Locke said.


As she finished saying it, Sienna closed her fingers around Locke’s, instantly turning all the bones in his hand into powder.

”I’m not in a hurry.”

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