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The Towers' Syndrome – Chapter 8

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Sienna Towers finally wakes up after her second exposure to the comet…

(Considerably improved thanks to the amazing editing and feedback by Larafan)

Chapter 8

Sienna woke up under the heavy rain. Or so she thought until her awareness of her surroundings sharpened, and she realized that she was not even outside. The water from the shower was still warm, although the light coming in through the bathroom window let her know that it must have been on for hours.

Sienna had fallen asleep in the bathtub, head rested on her raised knees. With her last moments of wakefulness still present in her mind, she expected dizziness and pain when she stretched and started to stand up. She got none of it. As a matter of fact, she felt sharp -- sharper than ever.

Her left hand reached the tap and turned it to stop the flow of water. Having done so first with the cold water tap, Sienna’s skin was suddenly exposed to a near boiling stream of hot water, but she barely noticed.  In fact, the only evidence that it was hot at all were the wisps of steam that arose from the scalding water as it harmlessly danced over her exposed flesh.  Sienna didn’t even react as she reached forward and turned the hot water tap, cutting the rain.

Water dripped down her bare skin as she drew the curtain and gracefully stepped out of the bathtub. Two steps later, she was standing in the middle of the bathroom and stopped to take a deep breath.

The stance showed itself bright and clear, without any trace of the blurriness that had accompanied her the day before. Sienna took another step and felt the strength in her calves and thighs, the sharpness of her muscles, the readiness for whatever came. It should not have felt extraordinary. But the truth was that it was very welcome.

Her mind felt as alert as ever, sounds and perceptions sharing its processing capabilities with a recall from the latest events.

Reaching for the door, Sienna deliberately wrapped her fingers around the doorknob and squeezed, rather than turning it.  To Sienna’s delight, she immediately heard a muffled crinkling underneath her tiny fist as she easily crushed the brass knob into a mass of metallic paste and letting her know that her memories were true. With the doorknob gone, it took only a gentle shove from two lone superstrong fingers to break the light wooden door from its hinges, giving her way to the living room.

The old lady’s corpse was further proof of her most recent memories. She stepped over her lifeless body and then around the dog with little remorse, then she got a glimpse of the kitchen and the site of the small warzone from the night before.

Near the entrance, Sienna noticed a refrigerator door bent nearly in half, mercilessly ripped off its hinges. The same had happened to several of the cupboard’s doors throughout the kitchen. Empty food containers were spread about. The faucet was on. Sienna could not accurately recall what happened, other than the fact that she vaguely recalled being incredibly hungry and thirsty the night before. 

Spying a newspaper across the room on the far kitchen counter, Sienna thought it was probable that the old lady had been one of the last people on earth that did not read the news online.  Despite being on the other side of the room, Sienna’s beautiful blue eyes zoomed in on the folded newspaper’s date with incredible speed and precision. Reading the 6-pt font from across the room with perfect clarity was child’s play for Sienna’s superhuman eyesight. 

“Twenty-one days?!?” Sienna muttered to herself, not knowing exactly how to feel about that.

As a matter of fact, she did not know how to feel about anything. She had no clue whether twenty-one days were a lot or if they were to be expected. She now realized that she had been too impatient, that she had rushed it way too much.  For someone so smart, Sienna could kick herself for being so stupid and careless!

It had almost cost her everything. If she had dropped cold at Eclipse or in the middle of the street, she had no doubt that someone would have found a way to neutralize her while she was out. She still could not believe that no one had been able to find her in that abandoned warehouse for three weeks.

In hindsight, there had been plenty of courses of action that would have been preferable to the one she had taken. She could just have stolen the rock. No one would have been able to stop her from doing it. Finding the right lab equipment and replicating some of the tests would have taken her longer, but it would have been far less risky than jumping into an unknown, as she had done.

It had been the power rush, she knew. She had felt so strong, so invincible… that patience had felt like a losing proposition. Sienna made a pledge to herself that she would not make that same impulsive mistake twice.

Thankfully, she was still around to have that opportunity!  It was almost a miracle that things had ended up playing so well. She had triggered the rock to do whatever it had to do to her, and when things had started to go south she still had managed to escape and hide for long enough for the change to take its effect.  Or so she thought.

Since she had awoken, the only plain truth Sienna knew was that her eyesight still seemed super, and she still FELT really strong. But she had been very strong before rushing things foolishly back at the lab. Had she really been changed at all by the second exposure to the rock?

Sienna retraced her steps since waking up and walked back to the bathroom. Previously, she had missed the important element in that room: the mirror.  What Sienna saw in the reflection left her breathless.

“Wow…” was all she could whisper, as she ogled herself in the mirror.

Sienna had been hot after the first coma. Hot enough to catch the attention of every man that crossed her path. But the naked figure she was now seeing in the mirror was something else. Something beyond that. Way beyond that.

Sienna’s face was still there, but any resemblance to the old scientist she had been would have been purely coincidental. As she raised her hand to her radiant face and felt her flawless skin, Sienna doubted that even the authors of Norse mythology would have imagined their goddesses to look so stunning.

“I am… perfect” Sienna whispered to herself as she admired her reflection.

Her figure truly was the embodiment of perfection. Fit but not muscular, every detail on it was flawless, every proportion was just right. Her impossibly long legs joined into hips the perfect width and formed a superlative ass. Her stomach, flatter than a washboard, had just the right width to make her amazing breasts look just slightly out of proportion, even if Sienna would have never imagined having a chest like that even in her wildest dreams. Her hands found their way to her breasts quite naturally and squeezed them to feel their supernatural firmness and just how erect they stood despite their obvious weight.

“Mmm” Sienna moaned, the pleasure more psychological than physical.

Her golden hair, now freshly washed, looked even shinier than it had been, and made her deep blue eyes look even wilder.

“Am I taller?” she then wondered aloud.

It certainly looked like that. Her exact height would not be hard to discern, but the scale sitting next to her told Sienna that knowing her new weight would be easier. She stepped on it and was surprised when the needle went all the way to the right in merely a second. It was obvious that it wanted to go further, but the scale had not been designed for people over four-hundred pounds.

“Four hundred pounds?!?” she exclaimed, her deep voice coming out louder this time.

Well, she knew it was more than four-hundred pounds. Possibly quite a lot more. A new look in the mirror confirmed to Sienna that there was not an ounce of unnecessary fat in her new body, so she knew the only possible source of that weight were her muscles. She flexed her arm to see a biceps bulging. This was something she had not been able to learn yet, but it seemed clear that her body’s density had considerably increased. It was logical, of course. But it still felt awkward to think that such a gorgeous body could hold such a great mass.

Feeling playful, Sienna curled her big toe, easily pulverizing the bathroom floor tiles with a casual display of her body’s raw power.  To Sienna, however, this was hardly a challenge.. She could have probably done it before her most recent change which led her to her next question. The only question currently in her mind.

“What else can I do?” she asked to herself.

This was, of course, the key question. Which other abilities, if any, had come together with her considerable upgrade in appearance? Sienna scanned the room, looking for anything she could test herself with. She did not find anything that would not have already been an easy test for her previous super self. She was thinking about whether she would need to leave the house for that when her ears caught a conversation.

She immediately realized that she had already been listening to that conversation. Her hearing was now so acute that they caught every sound happening for miles around her. What had just happened was that her otherworldly mind had processed the conversation in the background and determined that it was relevant to her.

“Remember the briefing. Even if she looks weak, she is extremely dangerous” a voice whispered.

“Shoot to kill?” another one came back.

“Shoot to kill” the first one confirmed.

“On my mark” a third voice said.

Sienna quickly understood as an evil smile crept on her flawless face.

“Oh well, I will not need to leave the house, after all,” Sienna muttered.


“On my mark...” Sergeant Knowles whispered, showing three fingers to the man with the battering ram.

He and his men had seen the videos, so he was more ready for what awaited them inside the house than any of the woman’s previous victims.

Silverport had been covered by satellites 24x7 ever since the FBI had launched its largest operation ever. Having to run it without attracting too much attention from the press had been challenging at first, but they were quickly able to master concealing their operations without anyone suspecting anything. Knowles’s men, like most operations teams, had suffered the tedium of the three weeks of waiting, but now that they were needed, Knowles had no doubt that they were ready to take down the threat inside the house.

At least three different satellites had been able to follow Sienna Towers on her way from the warehouse district to the house she had now occupied. If the local police department had not been so sluggish about reporting what had happened in the first place, they might have identified the house early enough to execute the assault during the night. But there was no point in thinking on that now. They knew where the target was, and they were ready. That’s what mattered.

The images had shown Miss Towers to be far from her full capabilities on her way to the house they were surrounding. The consensus was that she had been discovered before the process that had been triggered by the comet was complete. That offered them a window of opportunity.

Knowles took a last look at the impressive law enforcement display behind him. A good portion of the bureau’s operational capabilities had been mobilized in Silverport. SWAT snipers and assault teams were deployed all along the avenue and the neighboring streets. Heavier weaponry had been made ready in a number of vehicles. Riot equipment was ready for the eventuality that it might be needed. And local law enforcement was reinforcing their flanks and blocking access to the area eight blocks around.

Knowles eyed the man with the battering ram and then at his three extended fingers. A second later, he only had two. He finished the countdown, closing his fist and moving it forward, giving the go ahead.

The door gave with ease, Knowles getting into the house and quickly moving to the right while Kent repeated the operation to the left. Two more men quickly followed, with the man with the battering ram waiting by the door.

Their weapons were ready, but the four of them were momentarily shocked. Standing in front of them, hands on her hips, there was the most spectacular woman they had ever seen. Every inch of her stark-naked body was pure perfection. Her godly face was looking at them with a mix of arrogance, intrigue, and anticipation.

His men were obviously as stunned as he was. The corpse of an old lady lying between them and the goddess reminded him of the danger she represented. Knowles’ mind flashed back to the videos he had seen and he could feel a shiver running down his spine.

“You could have knocked. I would have gladly opened” the woman said with a sultry voice.

The next thing Knowles did was pull his trigger.


Sienna had to concede that the men had reacted remarkably fast after their initial awe at her presence. She knew she should have felt uneasy about the possibility of being showered with automatic fire, but somehow, she did not.

She had quickly identified the agent that was leading them. He was the one to pull the trigger first. Sienna easily noticed the loud bang of the shot just an instant after she saw the flash in the nozzle of the automatic rifle. And then, the world froze.

It took her a few moments to realize that the world had not really stopped. It was just moving way slower. Sienna had learned enough about advanced relativity back in college to know that the only reason for time to flow at different paces would be for her to be moving close to light speed. And since her beautiful bare feet were firmly planted on the ground, this was not the case.

The only possible explanation, then, was that her perception of the world had accelerated. She was following the first bullet, which was advancing at snail’s pace towards her naked perfection when the flash and bang of the second, third, fourth and fifth came. They were just as slow.

Sienna had plenty of time to react, so she diverted her attention from the approaching bullets to the officer’s face for a few moments, marveling that she saw the slow movements of his facial muscles as she changed his expression. Trying to understand a bit more about the situation, Sienna waved a hand in front of her face. The movement felt normal, fluid. She wondered how that same movement would be perceived by her attackers.

So, it seemed her first new improvement had presented itself soon enough. Of course, she realized immediately about the amazing possibilities of her discovery. Bullets would never again be an issue for her when she could just step out of their way with such ease!

The thing was that bullets did not even seem so threatening anymore. After all, it was hard to believe that something that moved so slowly would have any chance of harming her. Sienna decided to test her theory, even if she knew there was a certain risk to it. In any case, the worst she could get was a temporary bruise at the point of impact, so it was not as if the stakes were too high.

In hindsight, the worst part of the experiment was the long time it took for the small golden slug to reach her. She guessed they had sent the best of the best after her. The man certainly had good aim. The bullet hit her just above her massive left breast, right in the spot it should have to get through her skin and straight into her heart.

The shooter had not counted with the fact that her skin would be impregnable. To be honest, Sienna had not known too well what to expect either.

She observed the situation in detail as the tip of the bullet hit her and managed to make just the slightest dimple in her otherwise flawless skin. The impact was much harsher for the bullet which deformed much like an accordion as it unsuccessfully tried to penetrate. After a few moments, the second Newton’s law kicked in and her skin pushed back, the deformed slug ricocheting, the curve of her breast deflecting it upwards. She could follow its much less regular trajectory as it hit the ceiling and easily broke through it, making a hole and making some dust that spread in slow motion.

By the time her attention was back to the front, the second bullet was about to hit her. It suffered the same fate than the first, folding as it tried to do any harm and bouncing back, this time in the direction of the wall.

There were three more bullets coming, and a quick look at the four agents in assault wear showed their fingers starting to pull their triggers.

Sienna’s lips curled into a smile at a much faster pace as the consequences of what had happened sunk in. She was invulnerable to bullets! Seeing them coming was amazing, but knowing that she did not need to concern about them was so much better!

By the time the third bullet hit things started to get a bit boring. Instinctively, Sienna blinked and the world went back to normal speed.

She did not follow the next twenty bullets, but she felt them on her skin like raindrops. The nearby wall and furniture felt their ricochets in a quite different way, though.

Her attackers stopped. They were obviously shaken by what had happened. Sienna, who was back with her hands on her hips, could only let a loud laugh out.

She saw the men exchanging looks, trying to make some sense of what had happened and decide on a course of action. Sienna could see a couple of fingers reaching back for the triggers. She blinked and the world went back into slow-mo.

The men moved one muscle at a time as Sienna approached them, ambling across the room while the dust from the previous impacts seemed to freeze in the air. She reached the first two men before their fingers could pull the trigger all the way. Crouching, Sienna took hold of a rifle in each hand and effortlessly pulled them from their owners. She blinked again, time flowing back at its original pace.

To the SWAT agents, Sienna had just dissolved in a blur, only to reappear a fraction of a second later right in front of them. The officers were pushed back on their butts by the instant current her movement had generated, and realized first about the fact that she was holding a rifle in each hand. It was not until a second later than they felt the throbbing pain coming from their broken hands.

“Your little noisemakers are starting to upset me,” she said as she closed her hands around the weapons, the steel deforming way more easily than she remembered from previous experience. She chuckled when the bullets in the rifle’s chambers popped into her hands as she exerted too much pressure on them.

The cops were looking at her in awe. To be honest, Sienna herself was quite amazed at what had just happened. Her level of excitement about it all was considerably higher than that of her attackers, though.

Sienna had been powerful before, but this was a whole new level. To start with, she was feeling stronger. But the knowledge that she could have finished the four cops before any of them realized about what was going on was exhilarating.

She instinctively moved back to slow time when she heard a bang. The bullet had traveled half the distance to her forehead by the time she did this. No longer pressured in time, Sienna could look beyond it to see the fifth man in the door, aiming a standard 9mm gun at her.

She did not wait for the shot to hit this time. Instead, she just reached out and picked the slug up with two fingers, taking care not to deform it too much.

The shooter’s jaw dropped when time went back to normal and she showed him her catch.

“I think you lost this” Sienna said, and then she just rolled the bullet between her thumb and index finger and flicked it back at the cop. It did not just hit. Having been accelerated several times faster than what a regular gun could, the “shot” made the man’s head burst on impact.

“Ouch,” Sienna said in a mocking tone. She was anything but sorry, though. If anything, she was very impressed with what she had just accomplished. She felt a renewed power flowing through her veins, reaching for every cell of her body, and deep inside she understood that what she had just witnessed was but a taste of what she had become.

Sienna had never felt better. Deep down inside she had always known that she was better than everyone else, that she was superior. Now it was just so damn evident! In a way, it was ironic that it had had to come to physical superiority, in the end, but Sienna did not care anymore.

Years of being belittled, of feeling like an underachiever, were over. It was time for her to rise and for the rest of the world to learn their place. They would learn what her intellectual superiority had granted her. Because, as much as she knew that her first transformation had been a product of chance, she was on her own rights to claim full credit for this second and even more amazing enhancement.

Feeling that she was barely seeing the tip of the iceberg of her new capabilities made things even more exciting. And had her eager to learn more.

The agent to her right was clumsily trying to get back on his feet as Sienna was thinking on this. Quite naturally, she reached out and grabbed his Kevlar tactical helmet in one hand, preventing him from completing the movement.

“It’s impolite to shoot people,” she said as she closed her fingers, crushing the helmet and its contents as if it had been a paper bag.

This immediately triggered the reaction from their leader, who stood up and charged at her, fists ready.

“Really?” Sienna asked in a sarcastic tone as she let the man break himself against her washboard flat stomach. She noticed her patience seemed to be shrinking at the same time her power grew since she did not even wait for the third punch before flicking a finger and sending him flying thirty feet and into the sofa.

Sienna looked at her finger as if it were a smoking gun, a smirk drawn on her lips. She only needed a bit of focus to hear the heart of the man still beating, which was what she had intended, so saving the cop in charge for later, she turned towards the remaining two. They had chosen very different courses of action.

While the officer on the left had raised his rifle once more and was starting to pull the trigger, the one on the right had turned and was very obviously trying to flee.

Sienna let the burst of automatic fire harmlessly bounce of her now impregnable body first and then kicked the broken butt of one of the two rifles she’d crushed before in a lazy gesture. It hit the shooter as intended, killing him at impact and pushing his body backward with unnatural speed.

She was about to slow time down once more to surprise his coward friend when something else happened. Sienna had quite instinctively reached out with her right hand as if to stop the man, even if he was over thirty feet away already. It should have been a worthless gesture, only it was not. The man had stopped in his tracks. Or, more precisely, she had stopped him.

She let a loud laugh out when she realized that what had happened was nothing more than the spoon trick, only at an entirely new scale. She smirked, focusing to try to find out how it was working. For lack of a better explanation, Sienna would describe it as if threads of her imagination were intertwining with the man in a way that then let her mind pull the imaginary strings.

She realized that the hand gestures should have been redundant, but somehow they gave more tangibility to what was happening. So, moving her hand upwards only slightly, she was rewarded by the motionless cop being lifted from the ground. Sienna then pulled her hand in a quite sudden gesture and chuckled when the man was thrown backward, flying past her and landing deeper into the living room.

“Fuck” she muttered.

She was even getting horny at finding out what she had turned into. Turning and facing the recovering cop, she pointed at him with a finger and then curled it upwards, directing her thoughts as she made him lift from the floor again and then stretched her finger to shoot him against the wall, where he crushed with a loud thud. All she had to do to keep him in pace was to continue extending her finger.

“This is fucking awesome” Sienna muttered again as she looked at the motionless body of the terrified cop stuck to the wall like a piece of art, and only because she was pointing at him and willing it to be so.

“I did not give anyone permission to leave,” Sienna said in an unfriendly tone. “I did not appreciate being shot at either. Now, how should I deal with you?” she wondered aloud.

The answer came by itself as she kept her deep blue gaze fixed on the man. The rise in pressure behind her eyes was instantaneous, but it was immediately released when they emitted two short but intense bursts of energy, instantly incinerating the man’s armored body.

It only lasted a second. By the end of it, Sienna was panting, but not out of exertion but out of excitement.

“Oh my fucking God!” she yelled as she let the implications of what had happened sink in. “Oh wow,” she added. “Wow” she repeated after a couple of seconds, her panting slowing down.

And then, she burst into a madwoman laughter.

It was exhilarating. Sienna had thoroughly enjoyed what she had become after her first coma. Being so much stronger was amazing! But this… this was entirely different. The power she possessed was not of this world. She felt like a goddess like she could take over the entire planet single-handedly. And it was electrifying.

She was absorbed in these thoughts when the group’s leader recovered from her previous gentle flick and stood up, quite obviously in pain. Of course, she was not going to let him leave. Her problem was to choose which of the vast arsenal of possibilities at her disposal to choose.

For starters, she decided to play the cat and mouse game a bit, so she did not mind when he tried to get away. She was between him and the door, so it was not as if he would be getting too far. The first door he found was that of the kitchen. Sienna just swaggered to the open bar that separated it from the living room and smiled at the terrified man inside, who had cornered himself quite stupidly.

She could have ended everything with a simple burst of her newly discovered power, but she was in the mood to dally a bit more. So, instead, she just closed her fist and gathered a fraction of the now infinite strength she felt she had at her disposal.

Her delicate closed fingers impacted in the marble structure like a hydraulic hammer, shattering the solid block in a single blow and making the supposedly dangerous cop inside the kitchen to empty his bladder, as her sensitive ears and nose quickly confirmed to Sienna.

“Oh, that is just disgusting,” she said, twitching her nose.

The man was clearly desperate, so as she was about to take a step through the new path she had just made for herself, he took hold of the first thing he got his hand into and threw it to her face. Sienna just let it impact harmlessly in her visage, regretting it instantly when the flour packet exploded and created a white cloud between her and her prey.

It was almost out of instinct that she blew to spread the particles of flour away. Her breath did much more than that, throwing everything in the kitchen backward with the force of a hurricane. This included the 200 pounds man.

She caught herself laughing once more.

“Of course,” she said aloud. She guessed she should have been expecting this one. If she was so utterly strong as she felt, it was logical that every part of her body would have been enhanced proportionately, with her lungs being no exception. Being able to blow very hard was rationally less spectacular than being able to project energy through her eyes or to move objects with her mind. And yet, it felt so exciting!

Sienna immediately wanted to know more. A flick of her wrist lifted the wriggling body of the cop from the ground, holding him with an invisible force. Another movement of her slender hand channeled the power of her mind to toss him to the center of the stance.

Turning, Sienna winked at the shaken man and said:

“You might prove to be useful, after all,”

Pushing her pouty, luscious lips out, Sienna let out a short burst of super compressed air from her incredible lungs. The man was thrown backward as if she had punched him, flying twenty feet until a wall abruptly stopped his path. The squishing sound he made at impact did not leave any doubts about his fate.

Sienna cooed with pleasure followed by another burst of megalomaniacal laughter. She had done it! She had mastered the power of the comet, and she had turned herself into the most beautiful and unstoppable creature ever to have set foot on earth! Sienna had already surmised that she had probably transcended humanity, but the difference now was so astonishing!

In the end, the risk that she had taken had been worth it. She had been close to losing it all, and instead, she had got everything. The glimpse she had had of her new self had been so amazing that Sienna could not think on what else she would have added to the mix if she had been able to design it. She felt as if she was now holding all the power of the world.

And she realized she might be. The five cops that had attacked her looked as if they had belonged to an elite force. They were probably the best of the best. And she had dispatched as if they had been fleas.

Sienna was a pragmatist. As much as she had hated it before, she knew the world was based on strength. The powerful were so because they had the power to coerce those that were not. Present day politics were just a civilized way of projecting that force of coercion. This made people like the old Sienna, smarter than anyone else but with no skills to add anyone to her cause, basically powerless. How things had changed! For all she knew, Sienna was embodying the ultimate power of coercion. The question, if that was the case, was what to do with it. And Sienna did not see any reason not to think big.

She had been aware of the vast assembly of cops outside the house for some time now. Even without looking through the windows, her enhanced senses had had no problems in finding them and sizing their force.

Their presence was very welcome. After all, Sienna was eager to test her new version a bit more.

She sharpened her hearing a bit and followed their conversations for a few moments. It was soon evident that they were debating whether to come in or not, once the fate of the first team became clear.

Sienna made the decision for them.

To the dozens of cops facing the house, the image of her bursting through the wall was both spectacular and awe-inspiring. To Sienna, it felt just like walking through a wet paper.

She did not charge right away. Instead, she just stopped two steps outside the house, hands on her hips, showing her full naked glory to a force mostly formed by men.

Feeling playful, she showed them a wicked smile and then said:

“Drop your weapons, get down on your knees and place your hands behind your heads”

Her voice sounded louder than if she had been projecting it with a bullhorn. It was an easy task for her lungs and vocal cords.

It was clear that her presentation had stunned the policemen, who did not seem to know how to react to what had just happened.

Sienna waited a few seconds and then said:

“No? Ok, your choice.”

No one knew what she was referring to until her deep blue eyes stated glowing in an incandescent red. An instant later, twin beams of energy burst from Sienna’s eyes, hitting a squad car in the middle of the blockade and making it explode as if it had been hit with an anti-tank missile, instantly disintegrating it along with the four officers unluckily standing close to it.

Something in the back of her mind told Sienna that this was the first time she had killed someone when it was completely unnecessary. Her moral standards had not been too high before, but in reality, she had only killed those that had attacked her first or those that represented a threat. In truth, in most of those cases she had been the one provoking the attack or creating the conditions for someone to be threatening, but at least there had been a feeble reason for what she had done.

There was none now. She had blasted the car and killed the policemen in a completely whimsical way. She did not care. She didn’t have to answer to anyone now!

It took the police force some time to recover from her initial attack. She gave it to them, keeping her hands on her hips while sneering at them. The response came in the form Sienna had been expecting. It turned out that the cops were as predictable as she thought they would.

The barrage of bullets was impressive. Or should have been for anyone without Sienna’s utter invulnerability to them. She did not even attempt to slow time down to play any advanced tricks. Instead, she enjoyed the feeling of hundreds of metal slugs hitting her, deforming and ricocheting in multiple directions. Her plan was simple, but this did not mean that it would not be effective. She would prove her absolute invulnerability to them first and crush them later.

There had to be dozens of agents shooting at her, using all sorts of weaponry, from standard handguns to assault rifles, including sniper armament. From their gear and appearance, it was clear that they were special forces, which probably contributed to the fact that most of the shots ended up hitting her.

Still, one out of four bullets missed the relatively small target she presented and hit the house behind, quickly turning it into the building equivalent of a swiss cheese. A couple of minutes into the massive salvo, the old structure could not take it anymore and collapsed on itself. This made the cops gradually stop, only to despair when the saw Sienna’s sneering figure still standing, visibly unaffected by an attack that should have been devastating.

Bullets had hit Sienna in every inch of her magnificent body, bouncing harmlessly from arms, legs, stomach, breasts, nose, cheeks, eyes and even her sensitive womanhood. If anything, the shower of lead had been mildly pleasurable. For lack of a better description, the closest reference she could find was a hydro massage.

The pleasure was quite more intense at an intellectual level, though. The experience of having the cops attempts ineffectively breaking against her was one of the most empowering yet, and it worked in the fast track process already taking place in Sienna’s mind where she saw herself as completely unbeatable.

“That’s all you’ve got?” she asked arrogantly to the appalled men.

Turning her neck just slightly, Sienna fixed her stare in another squad car and let her eyes glow red for another second. Everyone understood what was coming. No one could do nothing to prevent it. The energy she released, orders of magnitude above that of the unsuccessful collective attempt on her, met its target and completely obliterated the car, killing and injuring a number of nearby cops in the process.

And then, she started to walk towards them, taking slow and deliberate steps and keeping a permanent smirk on her face. She could see that the cops did not know how to react and purred in satisfaction, understanding that she had broken them already. She had expected it to be easy, but still, seeing it was incredibly exciting. Their reaction was far from coordinated now, with some officers shooting at her once more, others making their preparations to flee while a majority were just too disoriented to know what to do.

Sienna’s slow walk brought her next to one of the lampposts that lined up on the sidewalk. Reaching for it, she closed her delicate fingers around it and was rewarded by the light metal bending under the unfathomable strength of her digits. Once she had a good hold, she just pushed upwards, ripping it off the street, along with the chunk of sidewalk around its base.

She evaluated the twenty-foot-tall pole for a second and considering that it met her needs, she just swept it like a baseball bat, hitting four policemen and sending them flying way beyond the limits of the blockade. Her back sweep caught three more men, with identical results. Already bored with it after its short-lived usefulness, Sienna tossed the lamppost over her shoulder, its twisted frame landing ten blocks away.

And then, she disappeared from the cop’s view, only to reappear a fraction of a second later in the middle of the group. Seven officers that had been close enough to the path she had taken dropped to the ground a second after her re-emergence, their lifeless bodies not having a recognizable head anymore.

Sienna was facing a group of very stunned cops some thirty feet ahead of her, their ruffled hair being proof of the feat she had just accomplished. She had to admit their reaction was fast enough. Not a second after she had shown up right in front of them, they were already getting their guns ready to shoot. Her eyes glowed red once more, but this time there were no recognizable beams coming out of them. It did not matter to the three men, their bodies catching fire first and being then turned into a pile of ashes in less than two seconds.

Sienna knew that with yet another murder she had crossed a line of sorts, but she could not care less. Learning more about her new self was way more important than the lives of a few dozen cops.

Pivoting with the grace of a ballerina, she was soon facing another group of agents. Smarter than the previous three, the five men forgot about their weapons and seemed to debate between holding their ground and escaping. Sienna winked an eye at them and then puckered her lips. There was a loud whooshing sound as she unleashed a hurricane force gust, channeled precisely through her sultry lips.  To Sienna the simple realization that she could do this now was almost as amazing as the sight of the five men being shot back like ragged dolls, flying straight until their path was abruptly interrupted by the buildings on the other side of the wide avenue.

Finishing the cops was easier than swatting flies, Sienna thought, the rush of power intensifying, if that was even possible. Cruel or not, what she was now accomplishing with such little effort was the final proof of her new status, of the new difference that existed between her and humanity.

“They cannot stop me...” Sienna thought. “They cannot even dream of stopping me!” she thought to herself with unwavering confidence. “I can do anything I want. I can force them to do anything I want!”  A super confident smile crept across her face as a hailstorm of bullets continued to bounce off her back and buttocks.

With a quick whirl, Sienna turned to face her attackers and chuckled when she saw the group of four men in assault gear turn and dash between two armored SWAT transports.

“God, how annoying!” Sienna muttered as she raised both palms and moved them closer together. Driven by the invisible force of her mind, the two multi-ton transports were suddenly pushed together, crushing the four men beyond recognition.  For Sienna, it was as easy as a child playing with a set of toy cars.

“No one has ever had the power I have now!” Sienna thought excitedly, as she scanned the area looking for her next target. Spying some cars trying to make a break in the far end of the blockade, she flexed her toes and reveled in the sensation as her body shot through the sky like a sexy missile, landing in the roof of the foremost car. The combination of drop and her increased mass was too much for the vehicle to withstand. The roof buckled like paper under her superhuman body as she landed, turning the two men inside into pulp and stopping the car dead on its tracks.

She smiled at the panicked drivers in the two cars immediately behind, who had braked hard to avoid crashing into the convoy lead.

Sienna simply walked through the mangle of steel that the first car had been turning into and stood right in front of the next two vehicles. Crouching slightly, she brought one hand under the fender of each car and raised back, easily lifting the two cruisers above her head as if they had been inflatable versions of themselves. Sienna had been able to lift a car before, but it had required a certain effort. Now, the two-ton sedans felt nothing but weightless to her.

Sienna looked up to see the faces of the terrified occupants behind their windshields. Giggling, she simply flexed her arms a bit to toss both cars into two different groups of cops intending to flank her. Her aim was perfect as the vehicles flew tens of feet to land just where she had intended, crushing a few officers on impact before finishing the rest as the rolling vehicles obliterated everything in their path from the force of the young superwoman’s casual throw.

“This is unreal!  I can do anything I want to them!” Sienna’s mind raced, as she rolled her eyes and smirked at the speeding armored transport charging towards her.  “Really?!?”

Seeing what she was now capable of, it was almost comical seeing how the driver was trying to ram her into the heavy vehicle. In a split second, Sienna’s computer-like mind already had formulated dozens of ideas on how to stop the transport, but in the end, she simply chose to do nothing. The steel-plated tanquette hit her at close to 80 miles an hour. Sienna’s feet did not move an inch from their position. Neither did her body. Of course, something had to give, and it was the weakest element of the equation: the transport itself.

With her hyper-enhanced senses, Sienna enjoyed how the steel plates and frame slowly deformed around her, taking the shape of her glorious body as the transport kept trying to push Sienna backward.  When it was over, Sienna’s majestic figure was embedded over three feet into the transport’s front, the steel’s jagged edges blunting against her flawless and impervious flesh. “That was so cool!”  Sienna thought excitedly, as she only had to push gently with her arms to easily remove herself from the mess and step around it, taking a quick peek through the bulletproof windshield to see that the driver and the man sitting next to him were more than dead.

She was about to head back to the thick of the police force when her enhanced hearing detected a heartbeat. And then another. She soon had picked and isolated seven different people, each with a quite accelerated heart rate, all of them into the personnel section of the transport.

Walking over to the side of the disabled transport, Sienna playfully smiled and pressed two fingers into the vehicle’s armor, happy to see that it yielded like soft clay under her seemingly unlimited strength. The steel siding deformed and Sienna’s fingertips soon found their way through two inches of thickness of solid steel plating, opening a small hole in the side of the truck. She was about to use that as leverage to rip the tanquette open when another fantastical idea crept into her mind.

Sienna stooped a little and brought her face to the fresh hole she had just made, closing her luscious – and superstrong – lips around it, as if to kiss the troop transport. Feeling the steel giving into the force of her soft, thick lips was amazing, but what happened later was oh so much better!

Sienna did not even have to inhale deeply to have enough air supply available for what she intended. All she did was seal her mouth completely around the hole and then let out a strong puff of air coming straight from her superhuman lungs. The sudden increase in pressure was so brutally powerful that the entire back of the vehicle momentarily “inflated”, the steel walls groaning and buckling outward as if Sienna had been blowing into a paper bag.


As crazy as it seemed, Sienna’s super powerful breath “popped” the back of the transport like an overfilled balloon.  Steel shrapnel shot out in every direction hitting cars, trees, other officers, even Sienna herself.  However, unlike everything else that was hit with the raining debris from the blast, Sienna’s indestructible body was completely unharmed!  Even Sienna’s super powerful senses failed to spot any remains of the seven men that were in the transport.  They were almost completely vaporized but the casual whim of this superwoman.

“Look at my power! Look at what I can do, and I am barely TRYING! “ Sienna thought to herself as her body tingled at the thought that she was now practically unstoppable!  She suddenly snapped back to attention as her super hearing detected the unmistakable sound of a sniper rifle’s safety clicked off.

Sienna disappeared only to reappear half a second later in the roof of a building on the opposite side of the street, right behind a group of four snipers.

“Looking for me?” she asked the four startled officers, who clumsily turned on their backs to see her threatening presence looming over them.

Sienna just stomped her foot down hard, the force such that the entire building started crumbling an instant later, sending the four men to their doom. She gracefully lept out of the sinking roof an instant before everything collapsed, landing between two unsuspecting cops. A millisecond later they were dangling a couple of feet off the road, her fingers casually wrapped around their throats as she held her arms extended upwards.

“I cannot believe what I have become!”  she thought gleefully to herself. And I think it’s about time for everyone to learn about it”

“Set them down, you bitch!” a sharp voice commanded at her back.

Sienna was so surprised at the insolence that she dropped the two men she was holding and turned, eyes narrowed. She was surprised to see a woman in a black business suit with a white blouse, not a uniformed cop. She was probably in her late thirties, was fairly tall and looked unquestionably fit. Everything about her aspect suggested a Mediterranean ancestry, with olive skin, dark eyes and dark brown hair neatly tied into a bun. There was an air of competence around her that suggested that under any other circumstances her boldness might have been justified, but right now she was so very outclassed!

Sienna realized that this was the first time she was challenged ever since having woken up into the new godly version of herself. Her ego demanded her to take a more personal approach with the challenger than she had with the police force.

She was holding a weird looking assault rifle in her hand, looking more like a kid’s toy than a real weapon. Sienna did not mind since even the most dangerous-looking machine gun in the world would have been inconsequential to her.

“I hope you have a very good reason to interrupt me,” Sienna said in a cold tone.

“I do,” the black suit woman replied. She then pulled the trigger.

Sienna did not even bother into slowing time down. She would let the bullet bounce of her skin first and use a fraction of any of her amazing abilities to start dealing with the woman later. Her mind was going through the list of possibilities when the bullet hit.

Next thing she knew, Sienna was on her knees and letting out a shriek of pain so distressing that it sent everyone in the area, including her attacker, to their knees, with hands covering her ears.

Sienna had never been shot before her first coma, but she realized that the pain in her stomach must be pretty close to what regular people felt when being hit. It was the most intense pain she had ever felt, burning brightly inside and instantly weakening her as she fought to stay on her knees and not drop to her stomach.

It took her an unimaginable effort to look down and find the spot where she had been hit, right under her left breast. She did not understand what the fluorescent bluish substance around it was until she realized it must be how her blood looked in her new body, a blood she had never expected to see again. It dripped into the road, melting the tarmac as it did. Sienna brought a hand to the wound and moved it back to her face, seeing it covered in the bluish substance.

“How?” her mind screamed. “I am invulnerable. I am all-powerful.”

Sienna suddenly felt the most intense fear she had ever known, the fear of losing everything when, for a few minutes, she had had it all.

The pain intensified and bringing her hand down to the wound once more she felt the flow of blood increasing. The world started blurring and Sienna realized that she was dying.

She gathered as much strength as she could to look back up. Her eyes found the woman, now back on her feet and aligning the strange looking weapon for a second shot. Sienna understood that that was no ordinary weapon, but she had no clue about what she could have been hit with.

A shiver ran down her spine, realizing that a second shot would finish her on the spot, rather than giving her the slow death she was already feeling. Slow death was better… after all, it offered her the option of finding a way around it. She had to stop the woman.

Quite instinctively, Sienna tried to incinerate her. Only her eyes did not respond to the command. Either she lacked the focus to use that ability, or she lacked the energy.

The woman had already supported the weapon in her shoulder and was looking through its sights. Sienna had no more than a second to live. And then, she just pushed her lips out and blew.

Her breath was far from what she had proven it to be just minutes before. But it was effective enough to achieve her objective. The woman was thrown back merely fifteen feet, but that was all that had been required to stop her from shooting.

Sienna’s ego required her to use that window of opportunity to finish her attacker. Her rational mind prevailed. Putting all her remaining energy into it and a considerable amount of willpower, Sienna managed to stand up and turn. She did not manage to slow time down much, but still, it was enough to make her move too fast to be tracked. If anyone could have got a clearer image of her as she fled, they would have realized that she was limping.

Pain, fear, and anguish mixed together into a mind that had, merely a minute ago, been thinking about world conquest. Sienna understood that she was defeated. She was not dead, yet, though. Her mind focused on one single priority: survival. She had to live to fight another day. If she did, her rage would know no limits.

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