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Interview with Goddess Jennifer

Written by Akane :: [Wednesday, 14 March 2018 01:30] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:19]

Art by Devil-V, Revista-ParadojaFluffness00 and 23


Jacques was sweating buckets. He was REALLY nervous and had a really good reason to be so, his little interview show on a Quebecois public channel blasted into relevancy when Jennifer Martinette, the canadian Super Goddess, decided to accept one of the invitations they sent after she refused to go to bigger, more prestigious American late shows. A tall handsome man with blond hair and glasses that gave him the appearance of an intellectual, he was used to interview lesser people, low tier canadian celebrities or victims of crimes that wanted to sell their story to the press. He never in his life would have dreamed of having an actual A-list celebrity in his measly show, and this was not a regular celebrity, this was the most famous kind of person one could be, a Super Goddess.

He was informed beforehand that he had to use a Super Goddess Pheromone Inhibitor. It was a device engineered to block one of Jennifer's most problematic powers, her superior pheromones that could fuel anyone's desire to mate at any moment. He needed to be calm and collected to ask her questions after all but at this point it looked like his nerves were working overtime against his better judgment.

3, 2, 1… we are live! Unfortunately, Jacques was still alone on set. Perhaps she changed her mind about coming to such a humble event. However, a little spark of hope appeared on his eyes, as he wasn't going to be humiliated today.

The Goddess manifested in the studio surrounded by a cloud made of hundreds of butterflies. There was some kind of serene silence after her body fell into her designated armchair, which suddenly turned into a golden queen's throne with embedded jewelry. She sat with her eyes closed and her legs crossed. Jacques understood, it was a silence borne of reverence, he needed to break the ice somehow.

JACQUES: It is an h-honor to have you with us tonight M-Miss Martinette!

JENNIFER: Jacques, call me Jennifer please, you don't need silly formalities with me!

JACQUES: Y-yeah, Jennifer …

JENNIFER: Well, I was told there was going to be an interview!

JACQUES: I-Indeed, I hope y-you … are … r-ready …

JENNIFER: Come on, give me your best shot!

There was some kind of regal presence that she emanated. Jacques was a professional and never had confidence issues while performing his job, however this time was different. When she opened her magical golden eyes he felt like thunder had struck him down, they were hypnotic, it was like looking into an ocean of infinite knowledge and wisdom and he was a flea drowning in it. He felt small, inadequate, and he was right to feel that way, despite being a 6' 2'' alpha male, being in front of a 5' 6'' pretty girl was the most intimidating moment of his life as his instincts were telling him that he was in front of a vastly superior predator. After all, Jennifer was an all-powerful entity and reality followed her commands. She could wish him and everyone on Earth away if she happened to be in a bad mood. The interviewer thought this out of fear and respect of course, but to be fair Super Goddesses weren't known for doing things like that. That notion wasn't reassuring at all for him though, judging by the fact that he was still shaking in his armchair.

It didn't help that Jennifer was the most beautiful and sexy young lady he had ever seen, even when her attire was typical of a japanese high schooler because of her well-known, eccentric fashion sense, her proportions were clearly those of an adult and she exuded raw sex appeal. She had a bombshell figure with gargantuan breasts, thick thighs, a big booty and motherly hips. Her skin was like snow, no blemishes to be seen and her face could only be defined as perfect; the perfect kissable lips, the perfect cheeks, the perfect little cute button nose, those perfectly long eyelashes. And her eyes, those large yellow eyes that stared at him like a raptor, they radiated confidence, she was in control of the situation. This time she was wearing her hair tied into a ponytail, it was like a silvery brown waterfall that cascaded down her back until it reached the floor.

Jacques couldn't help but to feel like a baby in front of her mother. This girl was something beyond his understanding, she was so mystical and charming. The puny human lowered his head because that gorgeous woman's gaze was too intense for him but he became flustered again when he took a little peek at her cleavage by accident.

A strange noise came from the live audience seats. Were they… moaning? Jacques became petrified when he discovered what was happening. They were kissing each other and touching themselves, some of them were even having sex without any restraint. Jacques thought security would do something about it but both audience and personnel were too busy being horny and doing dirty things in public, so why wasn't he affected? The pheromone blocker, of course … those pheromones were so powerful she made people act in heat just by them being in her proximity, she was incredible.

Apparently Jacques was taking too much time to start the interview, his brain was on shutdown mode and the words wouldn't come out. Jennifer was a little worried and looked at him with pity while playing with her bangs and her butterfly shaped earrings.

JENNIFER: Is everything okay, Jacques?

And to top it all off her voice was so beautiful and captivating … how could she act this natural with all the crazy stuff happening around them right now? His face was all red and his eyes were watery but he had to do his job, even when he was in the middle of an orgy. He had the opportunity to show the world he was comparable to the big ones in the industry, he was going to interview a true Super Goddess.

He tried with all his strength not to sound nervous but it was to no avail.

JACQUES: O-of c-course … I-It s-seems … y-you t-turned 19 … t-the … other d-day … W-wh..

JENNIFER: What do I make of it …? Those next questions in your mind right now … so boring … let's shake things up a little!

A snap of her manicured, slim fingers and Jacques was no more. It happened in an instant and it didn't look at all like those horrible slow transformations you would see in crappy horror movies. Instead his body exploded in some kind of golden energy outburst and he was replaced by a new person. He technically still was himself … .except not really.

In his place, there was a tall blonde woman with short hair and curves that could kill dressed in shorts and a tank top, and tank was an appropriate word since her body was big and voluptuous yet still feminine. She was sweating while lifting a dumbbell with the number "2000" on the sides with one hand and panting like crazy, her six-pack abs and giant biceps glittering as if they had been oiled seconds ago thanks to the natural tanned color of her skin.

She was called Brigitte and she instantly knew it. After all, that was the name Mistress Jennifer wrote in her mind, which was also racing with a thousand thoughts much faster than when she was a he. This powerful amazon bimbo was what we call an Enhanced, a lucky person that has been blessed by a Super Goddess and gifted with a superior body. They were used as cohorts in orgies most of the time because they could barely resist the impressive sexual output of a Super Goddess.

This may have looked like Jennifer denied Jacques' free will, but the truth was that those enhanced by a Super Goddess were considered very lucky individuals in the society of the year 2043.

Judging by her looks and the stupid smile she had on her face you could have guessed she was not very smart. On the contrary, Brigitte had an Enhanced's brain too and her 200 IQ mind was calculating how many repetitions were appropriate for her currently remaining calories.


Her sapphire eyes sparkled with happiness when she found her mistress was in the same room as her. It took her less than a second to jump on top of Jennifer’s lap. The two uberwomen started kissing and caressing each other, the weight not bothering the Super Goddess at all.

She was about to ask what she could do for her when that exact information magically came to her mind. Jennifer stored a plethora of new questions in her head and smiled at her new creation. “I’m happy to meet you too Brigitte but we have an interview to do.” Brigitte was so overfilled with joy after knowing her mistress wanted her to be the new interviewer that she threw away her barbell, which broke the floor when it fell. With haste she jumped into a new and better armchair of Jennifer's design that could support her considerable weight and greeted the goddess in her valley girl accent.

BRIGITTE: Hi Hi mistress Jennifer! My name is Brigitte and I'm gonna be your ultra cute interviewer today! God, I feel like … totes sexy and hot now, I'm a smartypants too!

JENNIFER: Wonderful Brigitte, and what do you have in store for me?

BRIGITTE: Oh! A lot of questions from your dear fans Jennifer! But they are not normal fans, some of them live in other dimensions! Don't worry I remember the questions by heart!

JENNIFER: You are a good little bimbo, my enhanced Brigitte, you can proceed with the true interview!

BRIGITTE: Yes mistress! Here goes the first question, cuties! It comes from someone called GD89! “Greetings Jennifer, I have always wondered, do you consider yourself superior to humans?”

JENNIFER: Hahaha, the answer is no dear GD89, superior in what way? We are infinitely superior physically and mentally to humans, even when our magical powers are out of the question, that's true so far, but does that mean we have to be their superiors in some kind of hierarchy? I don't believe so. While humans and Super Goddesses are considered different species of hominids, despite sharing 100% of our DNA and being able to reproduce with each other, we as a species don't have the perception of being the one that will replace mankind. I will give you that Super Goddesses like me can adapt to any environment perfectly unlike human beings, and we also mastered nature to the very existential level, something humans desired to do since their inception and couldn't. There is also the fact that evolution has reached a dead end with us, or maybe its goal, since there can't be a living being with higher capabilities of survival than us. Yet I think that this doesn't give us the right to consider us superior to other species, or deny them their existence and free will, which we could easily do on a whim. We can coexist with humans and the rest of living beings on this planet, and with the others residing in the rest of this universe without imposing our will on them. In fact I find it quite amusing to share my life with other creatures, from my point of view there couldn't be art or beauty without diversity and mutual understanding. Since our first appearance, mankind has treated Super Goddesses with remarkable cordiality, so why wouldn't be get along as equals, despite the difference in our powers?

BRIGITTE: Incredible Jennifer, you look so cool and smart when you answer! Next one goes by the name eJm! “Jennifer, I hope you are well. Considering your powers are that substantial, what would you say is your favourite thing to do with them?”

JENNIFER: My favorite thing to do with my powers is art. I love to bend reality and twist what’s around me into something creative or beautiful. When I dream, I experience visions of the future and of distant planets or dimensions. Perhaps I get to relive the past of a different timeline that was left behind. I use that inspiration to make my art. Then you have the butterflies, I use them as my personal symbol because in my opinion they are the most beautiful creatures regular evolution could create. I love how they fly, free from any problem or care, while proudly displaying their marvelous colors. I relate to them the most, and they seem to like me too, so why not use them in my art?

Last month I held an expo on El Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. There were a lot of historical paintings in that building but all the visitors seemed to prefer my work which was a canvas in which every atom of cloth was impregnated with my magic, so when someone crossed the canvas, they came out of the other side dressed as people from the sixteenth century. It was pretty funny, especially for the kids. It’s a good experience indeed, because I don't create art only for me, but to make everyone happy! My current art project as you can see is this interview. I want to show everyone that parallel universes exist in different dimensions and timelines in a creative and artistic way, and also so everyone can see the beautiful genetic makeup I did with our gorgeous Brigitte right here. The mere spectacle, the feeling of being observed while performing these acts by millions on live television, that is the magic of my art, being able to entertain the entire world with some magic tricks. Of course, my most well-known performance was the selfie I took when I was taking a heat bath in the Sun while wearing a bikini. Please don't try it at home, you aren't as invulnerable to temperature as a Super Goddess!

BRIGITTE: Fantastic! Another one from him if you please? “What do you like to do in your spare time that doesn't involve using your powers as much? Do you occasionally like to integrate yourself into society to see how it's like?”

JENNIFER: That's a very nice question my friend. What I do when I'm not creating art is mostly hang out with my high school friends. It’s pretty fun, sometimes I bring them with me to other planets so we can discover new things and have crazy adventures together, taking measures so they don't die because of the lack of earthly atmosphere of course. But that isn't all, we have sex all the time. It helps that everyone that chooses to befriend me becomes a model in a matter of days. It's not even an active superpower, I literally turn people that I like into better versions of themselves just by existing. No matter how ugly and how many physical or mental problems you have, if you stand by me you will become elite. So, the sex is impressive, of course, I'm a Super Goddess after all, and I don't need people as powerful as me to have good sex. Any human can please me, I'm not different than a normal woman in that regard, except YOU will notice a difference in the quality. Boys and girls, I don't care, if you are my friend, we will eventually have sex, because that's how lovey-dovey I am. We even have our own site in Toronto where there were offices before. Now I have turned it into a giant skatepark covered with my most precious artistic masterpieces. In that place I show my friends a lot of magical powers to entertain them, and sometimes I even lift the remaining buildings to showcase my infinite strength.

Mmmm, sorry, I may have deviated a little from your question. I talked about my powers but it's difficult to ignore them, half my life revolves around being a goddess after all. I like to practice science a lot too, I invented many things that have improved the quality of life of mankind, including the Super Goddess Pheromone Inhibitor. You all should know by now that I received the Nobel Prize when I was 12 too! In any case, I love to socialize with human beings; at the art gallery, at the school or at a UN meeting, I also love to visit my Super Goddess sisters from time to time!

BRIGITTE: These two next questions come from someone called Hellfire, he sounds scary! “Hey there Jennifer! Big fan. I'm actually sending this from another dimension where i'm at war with an alliance that wants to destroy all life in the universe and recreate it in their own image. But enough about that now it's time for questions! Can you create a whole other universe with life?”

JENNIFER: Ah yes I know who you are, just had to tap a little into the limitless knowledge I have saved on my brain and there it is. Right now you are fighting against aliens in the depths of some rainforest in a backwater space colony planet. You are gunning them down pretty good indeed, yes I am watching you do quite the massacre. Ooops! You have no ammo left. Well, no problem, you tore off one of the legs of that insect monster thing and are using it as a bat to smash its head. You look like a space marine with that heavy, dark armor. So cool!

Well, about your question, yes, I'm glad that you asked! I consider myself a creator goddess instead of a destroyer. All I like to do is to be creative and make cool things for everyone to enjoy and yes, of course at some point in my life I decided to use my powers to create life. I created many universes and dimensions, mostly based on fiction franchises I like, some of them are even in 2D. They are cartoon universes that work just like you and me, as living beings. The process would be impossible to explain to a human but from your point of view I can just snap my fingers and will both living and non-living matter into existence, and just like that I'm the mother of many races inside the pocket universes I materialized from nothing.

BRIGITTE: And the next one … “Since you’re basically a god, do you have a religion or religions centered around you? If so how do you cope with that?”

JENNIFER: Oh darling! That's quite a problematic affair. See, there are a lot of people that worship us Super Goddesses as a whole. The Church of Femininity for example, their members are mostly women and have some kind of feminist agenda going on about claiming supremacy over maledom because the most powerful beings in reality are women. They don't understand they are human, so they are not comparable to us. Strange huh? Anyway they are pretty much inoffensive for now, so we Super Goddesses haven't intervened, yet. We don't want dubious groups doing bad things in our names. There is also a cult similar to the Christian Church that has people that we Enhanced as saints and whatnot, nothing too crazy. Honestly, the biggest groups are our official fan clubs which have tens of millions of members, but they treat us like celebrities and are obsessed with us so you really couldn't call those religions.

Anyway, we don't really care about religion. We are not here to listen to prayers, even when we do listen to all of them with our super minds and hearing. We have our own lives and humanity needs to help itself, though I have no problem with advancing medical science here and there or performing a miracle when I'm in a good mood or making some art, but I just do that when I take a particular interest in it or I find it fun.

BRIGITTE: Two more, this time from Luchodemeyer! Oh this one is from our Earth! “Hello Jennifer, I think you don't remember who I am! We were in the same school two years ago but you were already the most famous student while I'm nothing … Anyway, why did you decide to keep going to school while you could rule our universe amongst others?”

JENNIFER: I do remember Lucho, he graduated with the rest of us indeed but he sadly wasn't in my class. However, as expected I was pretty popular so people from every classroom wanted to get close to me, and it wasn't just for the bonus of becoming a hottie by being in my vicinity.

Well, that's something many people ask me. Effectively I have already obtained many university degrees, 62 in my case, including: mathematics, physics, chemistry, law, psychology, philosophy, arts, of course, history, political science, seven different breeds of engineering, economy and well … you understand. I did everything perfectly with unsurpassed scores and a PhD in all of them, with utter ease. With my superpowered brain I can breeze through books at lightspeed and my perfect memory retains everything flawlessly so I could get hundreds of degrees every year if I wanted to without putting too much time at all into studying. I won't do it though, I wanted those degrees to fatten my scientific and artistic portfolios, and also my sisters did it too so why wouldn't I? Nonetheless, I don't need to work to live, I only eat, sleep, drink and breathe for commodity and because I like tasty food but if I stop doing those I wouldn't die. My body doesn't need energy to work so consumption is redundant, it's always 100% energized and autonomous without me moving a muscle.

To the point, I went to High School for fun and because it was obligatory and I didn't want to be treated different than the rest of the kids. I wanted to make friends, go to classes, practice sports and have sex with other teenagers my age. I'm sure I will remember those golden years forever, and in a way you were part of that too Lucho!

It definitely wasn't a waste of time and something like conquering the Universe goes against my principles, and the principles of the other Super Goddesses.

Also, to Luchomeyer. Don’t worry cutie, I don’t think you are nothing. I have just retroactively fixed the past so you get a stable career, a good job and a beautiful wife that will give you two children! Just like that!

BRIGITTE: Then we have … here … “All my girlfriends were just sick with envy and jealousy about you, how do you deal with this jealousy? Do you understand the other girls would have liked to be Goddesses too?”

JENNIFER: Well, then they were and are out of luck, with the current population on Earth and the number of Super Goddesses that exist right now, which is seven, it seems that a person has less than a 0,000000000001% chance of being born a Super Goddess. Also it happens thanks to some bizarre kind of unobservable magic and Super Goddess DNA is indistinguishable from human DNA so the miracle can't and won't be recreated by human means, forget science in this matter.

Jealousy is not something I take at heart, in fact I find it a little puerile, albeit understandable. My prowess in so many facets of life can make a less fortunate female despise me, however you know perfectly how I treated those girls that hated me right? I just had sex with them and made them happy again, why hate someone when you can love? Why be jealous of someone when that person can share the gifts you are jealous of with you? You just have to be kind and understand them. Also I find being jealous of a literal Goddess a bit stupid, at least compare yourself with someone of your species, am I right?

BRIGITTE: These three next questions come from Happy! “Hi Jennifer, I have many questions in mind but this is one I'm particularly interested in. What is the heaviest thing you have ever lifted? Have you challenged other Super Goddesses in a lifting contest before?”

JENNIFER: I really like using my infinite strength, people always gaze at me in disbelief when I lift heavy things with this tiny bombshell body of mine. I don't even need big muscles, the strength simply comes to me in the form of unlimited energy. I remember that time I ripped an entire mountain range from the Rocky Mountains just to turn it into an abstract work of art, it took me a few seconds to carve the sculpture. The heaviest thing I have ever lifted you ask? Well, I tried to make my butterfly earring weigh more and more once. When it passed the weight of a few universes stacked together I stopped caring, it felt the same for me. After all, my strength is limitless, nothing will ever make me strain even a bit.

Oh and sadly no, I have never participated in a strength contest along my fellow Super Goddesses, the one who is always wanting to compete in physical sports is my dear Korean-American sister Ha-neul Park, I'm sure you know who she is!

BRIGITTE: The second question is … “Have you ever used your powers at their finest? And if you did, how did other goddesses react?”

JENNIFER: No, and the reason would be that I can't even use them at my finest because said "finest" doesn't exist. My powers don't have limits so I can keep growing stronger and stronger if it suits my current situation better. I just have to will my body or my mind into being super powerful and it happens just like that, and everything except other Super Goddesses is completely at my mercy. Nothing can go unaffected by my powers. For example, no one can resist my mind control or when I shapeshift people or things.

About the second part, whenever other Super Goddesses use their powers, no matter in which way, we don't really care or think about it. We know we have these powers, It's commonplace for us and we have learned to live around them, we also know that if anyone of us did something wrong, we could perfectly go back in time to prevent it from happening, or simply will an instant fix for it. We also have a lot of trust in one another.

For example, the other day I was pretty bored so I jumped into deep space to have some fun with uninhabited planets, yet my sisters didn't care at all because I fixed it on a whim. Knowing your preferences, you will love it. Take a look!

A Blu-Ray player and a flat screen TV popped in the middle of the studio and played a video for everyone to see, it showed every step of Jennifer's adventure in space and how she obliterated a planet with a simple kiss.

BRIGITTE: Oh my God Jennifer, like, you are so powerful and incredible! That thing you did with that planet was so awesome, don't you think so good people that watch us from home? And the third and last question from this sweetheart! “It seems that people are fascinated by your power, do you usually get requests or offers from the media? Do the governments of the world ask you for cooperation?”

JENNIFER: What an interesting question! Indeed, this interview is an example of it, my mail is constantly full of invitations to many popular shows, ranging from art-related ones to scientific divulgation documentaries and entertainment based like this one. There are also a lot of people asking for my permission to make movies, videogames and comic books based off me like I'm some kind of superheroine. It seems everyone wants to have a piece of me! That is without talking about the thousands of job proposals I get from every type of association and trade, and companies that want me to endorse or represent them. That's not my thing though, I'm a free spirit. However, whenever I feel like it I decide to accept some work from the government to test their most powerful weaponry. They measure efficiency by how much their nukes tickle me!

Also, when I want, I have no problem collaborating with humans to help in medical research and space exploration. You know very well some of my most revered work are pictures of distant galaxies and their planets, my photos have become pretty important for mankind's current understanding of the Universe.

BRIGITTE: A Ok asked the next question! “Hey, Jennifer. What are your ambitions and goals? And how many Super Goddesses are there in your world?”

JENNIFER: My, this is refreshing, my biggest ambition and goal is obviously using my powers for the benefit of art, I want to create beautiful pieces that everyone will love and cherish, and hopefully will help people find their way in life. The feelings I want to transmit are always of pure happiness and self-improvement. I want the audience to know that if they put enough effort into what they care about, they can become gods on their trade! I'm also obsessed in my search for objective beauty. I mean, outside of Super Goddess portraits, I believe the butterfly is the closest thing to mathematical beauty I have seen in this Universe so I'm always trying to paint or sculpt the best butterfly design I can. I'm a perfectionist despite being perfect myself you could say, which reminds me of something, I will make one of my sweet performances at the end of the interview and I will put you all to dance!

Regarding the second part of the question, really? Oh, true, you are sending this question from another dimension, we currently have seven Super Goddesses in planet Earth including myself, the newest one, Elza Sabini, was born in Italy last month, she is so cute! The Original Six as we call them are composed by Ha-Neul, Shizuka, Irina, M'Wela, Paula and me.

BRIGITTE: This guy goes by Woodclaw and asked a very intriguing question! “As far as I understand there are very few challenges that you or your fellow Super Goddesses can't master and overcome in a heartbeat, so … is it really fun to live like that? I understand that it must be cool at first, but after a while, no challenges, no way to get really attached to anyone because our lifespan is so short in comparison. Maybe it's just me but it looks quite bleak in the long run.”

JENNIFER: It seemed inevitable that someone would ask about this. I'm not blind to the fact that I will outlive everyone that inhabits and will inhabit this planet with the exception of my own sisters. While I agree that this is a sad state of affairs as we Super Goddesses are incredibly social beings and we love the company of our closest human friends and lovers, we have already made our mind about what will happen when they are gone from this world, and rather than being selfish pricks and resurrecting them or making them eternally young, we will instead mourn and respect them, our perfect memories keeping the times we passed alongside them intact. Every Super Goddess has her own philosophy on how to cope with their omnipotence but just like humans we are very passionate about the disciplines we practice and our hobbies. We can have a lot of fun with even the smallest things and our mighty minds don't demand constant entertainment anyway. For now we are not tired at all of living and our powers do not isolate us from society. In my case this won't even change with time, I'm an optimist, even if it looks like by nature I would be determined to become a nihilist. Being the kind of person that sees a glass of water half full instead of half empty helps me with never getting bored. My ability to do anything I can think of and the fact that nothing can challenge me is not enough to make me despise my existence, instead I use my time to do things that I like, seeing my powers as a plethora of new opportunities to try instead of a burden. That extends to the people I know and love too, they will die one day yes, but that doesn't prevent me from remembering them and making new friends. Imagine all the sweet memories I will be able to create in the lifespan of millions of generations of your people, it makes me excited just thinking about it! Oh, and also, the prospect of still having sex with new people thousands of years from now is quite enticing too …

BRIGITTE: The next two sets of questions are very short! The first batch comes from ong76_win2. Here goes the question: “Are you good or evil?”

JENNIFER: Human morals are just as relative as feelings, there are people that consider me a blessing and there are people that are tired of my constant use of public property as a canvas for my art, am I evil from the point of view of those people? Am I good because some people worship me for some of my selfless deeds? Who knows? I don't really care, I just want to live a quiet life doing what I love.

BRIGITTE: Next one! “Do you have a boyfriend?”

JENNIFER: No, and I think I won't ever have one, such attachments are below me and if some day I decide to have one, I would have to watch him or her die eventually so It's not worth the pain. I'm also very liberal with how I handle sex and clearly bisexual so why would I limit myself to one person? I can share a good time with anyone I fancy, even other Super Goddesses, and orgies are commonplace for me! However, I won't deny that now that I'm a legal adult I may consider having a child, or … a hundred, we will see!

BRIGITTE: Mmm … “do you want to destroy Earth or rule the Universe?”

JENNIFER: As I said before in this interview, neither me nor my sisters have any interest in conquering the Universe, or destroying Earth which is our dear home, for that matter. When existence itself feels like a sandbox for you, things like conquering the universe sound really moot and pointless. Even when I could easily do such a thing, why would I when I'm happier living in harmony with humans on this planet and doing my own thing? It's better, safer and healthier for everyone if we all get along!

BRIGITTE: “How strong are you? Can you do a demonstration of your strength with a car, truck, bus, rig, tank, boat, ship or airplane?”

JENNIFER: A lot. And yes, of course, feast your eyes on my magnificent power!

Suddenly a military Humvee appeared out of thin air in front of everyone in the studio. The magical goddess Jennifer uncrossed her slender and beautiful legs and stood up. She walked towards the armored vehicle as the audience roared in anticipation. Brigitte proceeded to seductively touch her boobs, turned on by the display her mistress was about to perform. As an Enhanced, she fully understood the limitless capabilities of Jennifer.

It took no more than a measly tap with her perfect fingers under the chassis of the 6000 lbs army machine to send it propelling to the stars. It destroyed the studio's ceiling and traveled through the air at such incredible speed that it became engulfed in flames after reaching the atmosphere. It took little to no time to become a ball of molten metal spinning around Earth's orbit at Mach 20. After a few minutes it lost momentum and fell into the Indian Ocean. This was recorded on video by the International Space Station and later became a trending topic on the Internet.

Rain was pouring down from the broken ceiling of the studio but Jennifer commanded it to stop and in a second the sky was sunny. The Goddess went and sat on her throne again.

JENNIFER: I hope that was enough!

BRIGITTE: O-oh my, t-that was like, totally hot …

JENNIFER: Can we continue?

BRIGITTE: Y-Yeah! The second batch is from jmg88 and the first question goes like this: “Are you immortal?”

JENNIFER: Yeah, it was implied before, Super Goddesses cannot die by any means. Nothing can kill us, our bodies and minds don't rot with age and we cannot get ill. Unless we decide to pop out of existence we will inhabit this reality for all eternity, surviving the lifespan of every living being that has been, is and will ever be as well as the lifespan of the Universe as a whole. That's why some people think we Super Goddesses have it hard but don't worry, I sympathize with the melancholic fate of all mortals, but I'm not jealous of it.

BRIGITTE: The second one! “What are your powers?”

JENNIFER: I have all the powers, in this very interview you have seen my ability to shapeshift others with Brigitte, my planet busting kisses, my reality bending with the rain and my super strength with the Humvee, yet that is only a small display of what I can do. I am omnipotent, if you can imagine it, I can do it. I can make the Earth become flat, I can run faster than light, I can mind control all the living beings in the Universe at the same time, I can turn gold into chocolate, and my body and mind are the peak of evolution, they are completely indestructible, I can also travel in time and change into any form I desire. The faster question to answer would be what CAN'T I do, and the answer is a simple "Nothing"

BRIGITTE: The third one! “Are you able to love a human being?”

JENNIFER: Yes, I can love, and I love a lot, I'm so lovely that a lot of my time is invested in making friends and new loves, most of them humans but animals like me a lot too, especially butterflies which fly to me wherever I am. In fact, it seems that nature loves my presence no matter where I go. For example, flowers grow instantly on the soil when I walk over it.

However, I have a strong sense of individuality given my status as a unique goddess, so even when I feel love for others I can't attach myself to them because I'm free, just like a butterfly. I would go as far as to say being a Super Goddess is the closest experience to ultimate freedom!

BRIGITTE: And the last question from this batch! “Can you blow hard?” Wow that sounds like totally erotic …

JENNIFER: If I fancy it my lungs can become the most powerful thing in existence itself. When I put enough strength into my respiration I can drink planets, galaxies, universes, I can consume everything that exists and what doesn't exist too and it will be easily compressed inside me! As for my super breath, it is the same, I can dispel or cause hurricanes and freeze whatever I want in an instant by simply blowing a little air through my lips, as well as burn anything just by raising the temperature of the air a few thousand degrees.

BRIGITTE: Our guy n_s1701 wants to know something! “Have you ever created or reshaped a universe to your own liking? What was it like before and after?”

JENNIFER: Ah yes, I referenced that before in the interview! The universe that contains the Earth where I was born, which is this one where I am now hasn't been altered significantly by any of the Super Goddesses. I also didn't tamper with any of the universes from the dimensions and timelines these people that are sending me questions are from.

The first time I did something like that I traveled to a distant dimension in less than a second because my speed is so incredible that it breaks through both space and time. The universe in that one was devoid of life and after a quick eye scan I decided I didn't like it so I drank it all. It took me an instant to fill the void with a new universe I had just designed in my head. I only needed to bat my eyelashes once for it to materialize out of nowhere. The planets in that one were cubes instead of spheres and if I explained to you how I did that you couldn't even begin to comprehend it but I did it anyway.

Then I made it so it was filled with Jupiter-sized butterflies that fed themselves with the sugary water on the oceans that I put on those planets, which in turn made them sparkle and act as some kind of sun. Space took on a gorgeous multicolor appearance thanks to my butterfly suns looking like stars from afar. I was happy when I discovered that no one before me had done this, not even my Super Goddess sisters tried this macro design based on a universal ecosystem. It was very beautiful and evocative, art in movement and a scale unprecedented.

BRIGITTE: Owwww, sadly we only have time for two more questions … so we will use the ones Engineered_Sorcery sent us! “Are there any specific units of measurement for Super Goddesses used to quantify relative power? “

JENNIFER: You mean a new magnitude so we can compare ourselves to the rest of living beings or between us? In any case, we don't need those, humans invented "infinite" as a mathematical concept and an adjective. Back then they didn't know it but it would end up being useful for describing Super Goddesses because no order of magnitude or measurement can fully explain the actual extension of our power, and that's when comparing us to humans. This means that we aren't just a lot of tiers above them in power, we are on another chart completely, which exists only for us. If we are talking about measurement between Super Goddesses those would be useless too as we know for a fact that every adult Super Goddess is equal in power to her sisters. Trust me, I have done the calculations in my mind many times, if I don't find differences between our power levels you won't either.

BRIGITTE: And here we have the last question of the interview and it is a personal one, Jennifer! “When did you first discover your powers as a Super Goddess? What was the first thing you did when you discovered this status?”

JENNIFER: When a new Super Goddess is about to be born, every other one instinctively foresees it, so they come to the place of birth to congratulate the parents and celebrate the miracle. However, our species first finds out about our powers by the time we are 3 year olds by human standards, that's when both our body and mind start to develop far beyond what peak humans could ever imagine. In my case I found about my super strength and super speed very early and that eventually turned me into a hassle for my parents to control. Let's just say I destroyed a lot of public and private properties without noticing it. Thankfully I managed to find my father's personal library who back then was a famous doctor and I managed to read all of his books in a day. The knowledge I obtained about mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as geology and human anatomy allowed me to know how to use my powers in a way that didn't hurt anyone. And just like that it took me a few more years to fully master my omnipotence. The other Super Goddesses sometimes visited to teach me things too, that was really helpful. Thanks to that I learned how to become independent and left my home at seven.

Well, that's all I believe, phew, those really were interesting questions!

BRIGITTE: We are finished here Jennifer, and the show has come to an end but there are still a few minutes for your musical performance, how about you show our spectators the true meaning of beauty?

JENNIFER: Good people from around the world … prepare yourselves for my new single "I want to be an idol!"

As the lights on the stage surrounded the almighty 19 year old, the goddess became a being of pure light that flashed the entire live audience and the people that were watching the interview from home saw how their TV signal was interrupted by static for a moment. Then it all came back to normal but this time Jennifer wasn't dressed as a messy high schooler, but instead as an idol. She looked gorgeous, like a true goddess, but she was more than that, she was a Super Goddess.

Her divine golden eyes stared at her audience and she winked seductively, bringing them into ecstasy while jiggling her enormous breasts, then she started to sing a tune that seemed to come from nowhere, and her voice was the most angelic one could ever think of. It was so pretty that the millions of people that were watching the show stopped whatever they were doing to sing and dance along her, some of them even cried of pure unadulterated joy. Every single move of her sexy body could have been able to drive anyone crazy and the lyrics were emotional too. She was happy because she was giving everyone a performance they would never forget, even Brigitte couldn't help herself and started prancing around, with a simple handwave Jennifer turned her new Enhanced friend into a golden butterfly that filled the studio with magical sparkles, it was a true spectacle.

Of course her new song became a total hit, reaching number one on every list soon after her performance at the interview.

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