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The Pinnacle Reaction

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An SWManiacal Workshopping

The Pinnacle Reaction

By Dru

The Pinnacle Reaction Cover Master 1

Vicki perked up at the sound of her name.

“Victoria Pendergast?”

“Yes?” Vicki rose from the plush lobby furniture and stepped toward the receptionist that called her name out.

“Project Director Carter will see you now. Take the first elevator all the way to the top. He will be expecting you.”

Vicki thanked the gorgeous receptionist, even though she was already tapping busily away once more at her keyboard. The elevator ride turned out to be a long one, but she was so excited it seemed to fly by. When the door slid smoothly out of her way she was surprised at how enormous the office was. It was indeed the entire floor, which at the tip of the building was less than a third the size of the ground floor. Her head span a little as she realised just how high over the city she was.

“Vicki! Welcome. Please, come on in.” Director Carter rose from his massive glass and mahogany desk and strode around it to extend a hand of invitation, meeting Vicki in the middle of the room and shaking her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Vicki said with a warm smile.

“A pleasure? Perhaps. Please … take a seat and we’ll begin. As I am sure you’ll appreciate, I have quite a few things to juggle this morning.”

“Of course.”

They sat opposite each other and for the first few moments he just stared at her, before lifting what appeared to be her file from the Justice Department.

“I want to thank you for applying, Vicki. You’re potentially a very perfect candidate for the advanced enhancement project.”

“I hope so.”

“Tell me: what do you know about the Pinnacle Foundation? Do you know what this organisation is all about?”

“I know you supply licensed superheroes with the best superhuman grade weapons and tech in the game. I also know you contract out some of the best superhuman law enforcement teams in the world.”

“According to this, you were one of the very first people to manifest powers. That would make you, what? 35?”

“I’m 38,” Vicki informed him, though she suspected he knew that. He looked like the kind of man who would have read the entire file very thoroughly, so she didn’t care about owning up to her age.

“That’s good. We don’t get many experienced heroes applying for our experimental programs here. It’s usually the ambitious eager young ones, looking for that extra edge. And as I am sure you’d be aware, we are interviewing a lot of ambitious young ones today as well. What makes you want to involve yourself in a program like this at such a late point in your career?”

“I don’t think it is all that late. I can keep working for another twenty years at least. But I want to be able to do more. I mean … I love working my beat up in Hapsburg. I always have. But I’ve always really wanted to work with one of the city crews. There’s not a great deal of action in Hapsburg. There’s nothing there that supervillains are interested in, and regular criminals know I’ll take them down if they go there.”

“You grew up in Hapsburg, is that right? Pretty nice looking town.”

“It’s great.”

“I’m more interested in you, though. What are your powers exactly? I understand you’re a triple threat.”

“I have class 3 enhanced physical abilities, class 4 enhanced senses, and I’m a class 2 energy projector.”

“Really? Class 2 on your projection ability? And that wasn’t enough to get you into a team?”

“It’s only classed as a 2 because it’s unique. I can heal people at a distance. Nobody else can do that. But it still takes about an hour to heal a serious injury, so it isn’t much use in the field. Being a class 3 in the strength department, I’m not really strong enough to fight a lot of the class 2’s the teams regularly deal with.”

“I see. I guess that must be frustrating for you. Of course, if you’re the successful applicant for this trial … then you may very well be a class 2 yourself when we’re done. Would you like that?”

“It would be a real step up for me. There’s a lot more good I could do with a little more power.”

“I must say … looking over your file and the entries for that last ten years … it’s very impressive what you’ve accomplished with just class 3 strength. And where in the range do you fall exactly?”

“I have the strength of about 20 to 22 men.”

“So you’re a high range class 3 then. That’s good. Can you use your healing power on yourself? Or only on others?”

“I can heal my own wounds a lot quicker than other people’s.”

“I must say, you do seem quite perfect for this trial. You’re a fairly powerful super, with a good background and work history. You’re the right power set and I believe your current levels would be an excellent base for the experimental process we have in mind. However …”

Vicki gulped. She instantly knew what he was going to ask her about next.

“I am curious about just one thing. I have read your file very carefully … and I see several mentions in the first two years of a particular incident report. It would appear you were on some sort of probation before you got your license to operate as a law enforcement officer for your town in regards to this incident. The references that remain are quite clear. Right here it actually says: ‘Applicant demonstrated vast improvement in today’s operation. No sign of emotional instability as suggested by events detailed in Incident Report #391827.’ The trouble is, Vicki, that there is no incident report with that number in your file, or indeed within the Justice Department archive. Do you know what that might be about?”

“I suppose it might be a clerical error?”

“No. You see … when I see something like that I know exactly what it means. Now … I’m going to point out that I have the highest security clearance a living person can possibly have, and then I am going to ask you to tell me what incident that missing report was in regards to. Be honest with me, okay? I might not have an incident report to read … but I happen to personally know the man most likely to have removed it from your file, and he will … if I ask him … let me read it. I suspect you know enough about who I am, what I do, and what Pinnacle is, to understand that what I’m saying about my friend is true. So … what’s the big secret? What did you do?”

“It wasn’t my fault. I was new to my powers then … I was only 21. I was just a dumb kid. I am a good hero.”

“What wasn’t your fault? Did you hurt people, Vicki?”

“Bikers. They were bikers … very bad men. They … they killed him. Brad died and the police did nothing. I was just a kid.”

“Ah yes … I read about Brad. Those bikers showed up at your local bar, didn’t they? And he was defending your honour. What happened that night?”

“Nothing happened that night that isn’t in that file. We were out drinking like we did every weekend. It was one of the better nights. Brad lost a game of pool …” Vicki laughed at the memory. “Then I challenged the guy who beat him and took him down. Brad didn’t like that. He was competitive … always wanted to win and he always did. Nobody ever beat him. Not even me, and I’m not that bad. Then when someone does, I step in and take them down for him. Anyway … we were playing pool when they came in. There was five of them. Big and ugly. They muscled in on the table and Brad had enough anyway so we just let them have it. I mean … a few of the other guys argued with them over it for a while but they walked away too.”

“But then more came, didn’t they?”

“It wasn’t long after. We’d finished our drinks, and we went out to get a taxi. It was like they just came out of nowhere. I didn’t really pay any attention when they were riding up the road. But then they surrounded us. They were up on the footpath and all around the road. I saw the taxi coming, but the coward left. It was me they wanted … they told us so. They asked Brad to leave, and said I should get on the bike. But I … I didn’t want to. Brad got mad, and they were all just laughing at us. Then one of them grabbed me and Brad pushed him off his bike right onto his big fat ass. And then … then they shot him.”

“Brad was very brave. Standing up to those men took a lot of courage. Did they hurt you too?”

“No. Brad saved me. They got their friends from inside and left.”

“And what happened when you talked to the police?”

“They were great. They really tried, I think. But in the end there wasn’t much they could do. None of the bikers ever got arrested.”

“But fast forward a few weeks … and you could do something. All this happened just before you manifested your abilities, didn’t it? What did you do?”

“I knew where they were. I knew who they were. But … I never saw the one that shot Brad. If I did, I would have stopped with him. All I knew was that one of those men killed Brad, and he was going to get away with it. They all told me to be patient, and not to worry. Justice will prevail, they said. But then everything changed. I could do stuff. I went after them about a week after I got my powers. I haven’t talked about this in a very long time.”

“I understand that, Vicki. And I thank you for sharing with me such a painful memory. But I must ask you to tell me everything that happened that night. How did you find them?”

“They had Clayton Chapter written on their jackets. So I went to Clayton and hung around the CBD until I saw some of them. I followed them back to their clubhouse, and I … I killed them all.”

“All of them?”

“Yes. I’m not proud of it.”

“How did it go down?”

“I wish I could tell you more about it. But I don’t really remember. It was … traumatic.”

“I see.”

But Vicki did remember. She remembered very well. She would never forget the day she took her revenge upon the men who killed her Brad. But if she could avoid it, there was no way on Earth she would ever tell Director Carter the details of what she had done.

Sitting at the cafe sipping her coffee just off the main street of Clayton, Vicki could not help but hear the custom choppers tearing down the road. They turned into the street, two gorgeously airbrushed bikes with bearded leather clad clichés riding them. Vicki put her coffee to her lips and watched them pass her. It was the gang she was looking for, and now she had found them she wasn’t going to let them escape her. They pulled into an alleyway besides a liquor store and disappeared from view.

She had only had her powers for a week. But she was confident in her almost magical hearing to keep track of the obnoxiously loud motorcycles. As it turned out, she didn’t have to test the limits of her improved senses at all. The two bikes stopped behind the store and went quiet.

Steeling herself, reminding herself she was stronger than the two big men … a lot stronger … Vicki left the coffee cup on the small cafe table and went down the alley. As she approached she heard the bikers speaking to a man who she soon saw was a worker at the liquor store.

“I said four bottles, Bob. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you fucking deaf?”

“I only got but two bottle of Jack Daniels left, Shonk.”

“That’s fucking bullshit. If I go in there and find more Jack I’ll fuck your day right up.”

“I … I …”

Vicki rounded the corner and smiled at the three men as they looked her way.

“Hey there fellas.”

They didn’t recognise her. She had been shorter by three inches for one thing, her hair had not been quite as blonde, and she had been built more like a runway model then. Now she had the body of an Olympic champion, and she was showing it off to good effect in a tight leather dress and fishnet stockings. Her new powerful legs shifted under the fishnet stockings in ways that reminded her how strong she was. The improvements to her senses included her sense of touch, and she could feel every thread stretch as she stepped right up to the two bikers. She knew she was a complete knockout, in more ways than one, but their widened eyes and lecherous expressions gave her confidence a good boost. And she would need that confidence to follow through with her plan.

“Who the fuck are you, beautiful?” the bigger biker asked, his eyes fixed on her cleavage.

“I’m the girl who’s going to kill you.”

The biker laughed. “Relax baby. Buy me dinner first.”

“Which bike is yours?” she asked.


Vicki considered the two custom choppers. Only one had a seat behind the rider that looked comfortable, so she took hold of the other one. It was only about as heavy as a kid’s tricycle to her, so she was able to hoist it up with one hand without much difficulty. The men stepped back, absolutely amazed at the sight. Then she brought the bike down with brutal force upon the big biker and smashed him violently into the ground. The bike was destroyed, and the man beneath it was clearly dead.

The liquor store worker bolted immediately. But the other biker, who had a similar reaction, was unable to run very far before Vicki had grabbed him by the jacket and dragged him to the remaining bike. She span him around and splayed him backward over the bike so she could stare into his wild eyes with her cool gaze. For a few long moments he struggled violently while she held him to the bike with one arm. For added effect she twirled her hair with her free hand, showing him how little he was taxing her strength.

“I am a lot stronger than I look. I think I could push my hand clean through you. Want to find out?”

“What the fuck are you, man? A fucking robot? What the fuck!? What do you want, man?”

“One of you killed my fucking boyfriend a while ago. Was it you?”

“I don’t know what you’re fucking talking about! Let me the fuck go!”

“Here’s what’s going to happen, biker boy. We’re getting on your bike and you’re going to take me to where you bastards hang out, okay?”


“Look … you obviously can’t handle me on your own. Wouldn’t you like to have some more friends to help out? How many of you are there, by the way?”

“I ain’t telling you shit, you cunt. Fuck you!”

He squealed in pain as she pushed him harder into the bike.

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you how offensive the C-bomb is? I’d appreciate it if you could keep your potty mouth under control. Okay? Now … are you going to take me to your little clubhouse? Or am I going to kill you and find another bearded man-child with compensation between his legs to get me there?”

She took her free hand and cautiously grabbed hold of his leg. Watching his face closely she carefully crushed his leg with her hand. He howled in pain, and she smiled at him. It was hard to describe just how much Vicki hated these bikers for what they had taken from her. She didn’t want to break his leg, but she was perfectly willing to use her powerful strength to torture him as long as required. Sadly, once she started inflicting real pain he caved in all too fast.

“Okay Okay! I’ll take you!”

A few minutes later they were cruising down the highway to the property out of town that the bikers used for their clubhouse. It was a pretty big farmhouse with a classic barn they had converted into a bar standing fairly close by. In the yard there were about seventy custom choppers and Harleys parked in the yard and there was loud music coming out of the barn.

“Take me around the back,” Vicki instructed.

The compliant biker guided his machine to the rear of the bar where he stopped and moved to get off the bike. Sitting behind him with her arms around his waist she easily stopped him in his tracks, putting her feet down to take over bike balancing duties.

“Where are you going? How about a little hug first?” Vicki squeezed her arms remorselessly around the much bigger but far weaker man’s frame. He cried out and tried hopelessly to wriggle free, but he didn’t have even the slimmest chance against Vicki’s strength. “You probably think you’re a big scary grizzly, huh? You’re nothing but a cute cuddly teddy bear to me, asshole.” His ribs collapsed with a series of pops and cracks as her strong arms crushed into him mercilessly, and he went limp. She dumped him to the ground and got off the bike.

So far her plan was working well. She had found them, and already killed two. But she had only expected to find twenty of them, and Vicki figured there might be closer to a hundred bikers in there. Was she really going to take out a hundred tough bikers on her own? The idea seemed ludicrous. But then she thought about how she could punch through trees, how she could lift several tons, and how she could run three times faster than Usain Bolt and keep up a sprint ten times further than the longest marathon, and Vicki felt her fear and doubt replaced with a burning confidence. She had the strength to crush them, and the stamina to fight all day.

She knew that once she started some of them were going to run. And she didn’t want any of them getting away. There were several bikes nearby, so Vicki carried them one by one to the back door of the barn and piled them up to stop the outward swinging door from opening. She piled five of the heavy bikes on top of each other and pressed them together so their frames became locked together. There would be no running out the back for these murderous dogs.

Walking quickly back to the front of the barn, she was about to head inside when she heard people moving within the house. Focusing her attention, she realised there were a few bikers doing something in there away from the partying mob. She decided to deal with them first.

As she approached the house an overweight man came out of the front door with a beer in his hand. He smiled lecherously at Vicki as he approached her, his eyes scanning her fit and toned body with clear appreciation.

“Damn girl. Do you do cross-fit or something? You got one damn fine body working there.”

Vicki didn’t speak to him. She glanced over her shoulder and made sure nobody was watching, and then she pushed him back into the house as hard she could. He flew back up the steps and smashed clean through the door, rolling down the entryway and deep into the house.

“What the hell, dude!?”

Voices rang out from inside, but the loud music from the barn made sure none of those enjoying the main party would hear anything. With her improved hearing she could pick out seven more men, from either their voices or their footsteps. Pinpointing all of them with her deadly accurate sonar, she strode into the house determined to reap her vengeance.

The four men in the living room her first crippled victim had rolled into were gathered around him in shock. They turned as one to watch her walk calmly down the hall. She stepped into the room and one of them moved to grab her. She shoved him with one hand and he sailed into the wall never to rise again.

As she swung her closed fist at another man, landing a fatal blow to his chest and caving in his ribs, one of them struck her hard in the side of the gut. For the angry thug It felt like hitting a sack of concrete, and he howled in pain clutching his fist. She backhanded him and he span over the lounge. The last man pulled a knife but with astonishing speed Vicki had him pinned to the wall with one hand by the throat, her other crushing his fingers ruinously into the knife handle.

“You fucking dogs killed the one man in this world that I loved,” she whispered, leaning right into his face. “Now I’m going to kill every last fucking one of you filthy animals.”

She drove the blade into his skull, burying it so deep the hilt cracked the bone, and let him slide to the floor before she got any blood on herself. She turned as another man entered with a shotgun, but she was much too quick for him and snatched the gun away long before he could take a shot.

“How did you do that?” He asked, terrified by her speed.

She shoved the gun into his chest with such horrific force that he died pinned to the wall. Now that she was reminded that guns were going to be a problem, Vicki wasted no time going into the bedroom to deal with the last two people alive in the house.

Inside the room she found a man with a Dirty Harry revolver, and a naked woman on the bed with the sheet drawn around herself. With lightening reflexes the biker raised and aimed the gun. At least, he tried. His reflexes were not superhuman and Vicki’s were. He had no time to realise what had happened as she flashed forward and drove her fist into his face while the gun was still halfway pointed at the floor. Her hardened knuckles demolished his features and sent him clean across the room.

Vicki took the trembling woman off the bed and dragged her to the bathroom. She used the old plumbing from under the sink to effectively tie the woman to the wall, pulling the knot a little too tight and breaking one of the woman’s wrists. She didn’t really want to kill this skank, but she wasn’t really all that concerned about her health either.

“You saw how fast I am. If you scream or raise the alarm, I’ll be back like the fucking flash and kill you before I kill all your asshole fuck-buddies. Understood?”

The girl just stared in confusion. Vicki left her and proceeded downstairs and out of the house. Taking a deep breath she steeled herself. So far so good. She hadn’t really had a plan beyond getting retribution, but now as she approached her goal she put some serious thought into what she was about to do. She was about to walk into a room full of maybe a hundred dangerous predators, some undoubtedly armed with guns, and she was going to kill them all. They deserved nothing less. But she had to get this right. No mistakes.

The clubhouse was far enough out of town that none of them could possibly escape her on foot. Even if she gave them a twenty minute head start she would still catch them before they got anywhere near a road with traffic. But if one of them got to a bike they might just possibly get away. She wasn’t going to let that happen. Fortunately a solution quickly presented itself, her eyes drawn to the tall pine tree next to the fence line that cast a shadow over the front row of bikes..

With a powerful heave she was able to push the tall tree down in one burst of effort, toppling it with a mighty crash neatly onto one row of bikes. She quickly got into the middle of the row and pressed the tree down hard as she could to maximise the damage to the bikes. Then she pushed the tree trunk into the next row, and forced the row of custom choppers into the one beyond that. It made her muscles work harder than they had in a few days, and they rewarded her with warm glowing demands for more. It felt wonderful to pump blood through her new improved physique, and she tried but failed in her attempts to ignore the pure physical joy of commanding such awesome power. This wasn’t meant to be fun. It was meant to be justice.

The bikes taken care of, Vicki put guns at the top of her list of priorities and focused on the men who now came out the front of the barn to investigate the noise. She quickly sought out which of them were packing heat, and marked them. Before anyone could say “What the fuck?” she was moving. Her adrenaline had kicked in, and she was moving fast even for her. The guns were snatched away and crushed, or shattered with a single strike that often injured the man carrying them, and knives were ripped away from any place she saw them. She wasn’t trying to kill them yet … she was more concerned with making sure nobody could kill her. Gun after gun was demolished as she moved into and through the barn with nothing else on her mind. Aided with her uncanny sense of smell, knowing as she did the smell of gun oil, Vicki was even able to tear away any firearms they had stashed away in their clothes.

The music was shut off as utter chaos ensued. They couldn’t escape out the back, so they all charged the front door in confusion trying get outside and see what was going on. Some of them saw her, but none of them had time to stop her as she darted through the mob. There was a lot of cussing and yelps of pain, but not a single shot was fired before Vicki had stripped the entire gang of their one and only real hope of stopping her. Without guns, their numerical advantage meant nothing against her brute strength.

Once she had disarmed them all, Vicki returned to the entrance and went out to head off those who were running down the drive. There was only a small group of them, because they didn’t really know yet what was happening. For the most part, these were not men who spooked easily. Getting ahead of them faster than she had expected, Vicki stopped and stared them down as they charged her. They did not hesitate to try bowling her over, but she was much too sturdy for these normal men to knock down. They instead broke bones and bruised themselves quite badly against her mightily strong body, the impact feeling to them much more like running into a multi-storey marble column.

“I’m stronger than I look,” she happily informed one of the confused men, lifting him from the ground and tossing him at one of the men who now ran back toward the barn. Both were very badly injured. Neither lived to complain about it.

Some of them stood their ground to fight, swinging fists or trying to grapple her. She deliberately aimed through any attempts to block her blows, relishing how her enhanced muscular power drove through her opponents so easily. They looked scary, but these attack dogs were chihuahuas to her now, and their bones seemed made of glass.

She could see and hear a few running off into the surrounding countryside as she returned her attention to the main mob. A large mass of men, quite a few angry women mixed in with them, was moving toward her with murder in their eyes, leaving her very little time to deal with the escaping targets. With her astonishing physical strength came options, and she reached down to scoop up a handful of rocks and pebbles. Tossing them at the escaping runners with deadly accuracy and speed that cracked the sound barrier she landed a killer shot with each stone, and had dealt with every escapee before the first of the oncoming mob had reached her.

Some saw what she had done with the stones and their charge turned toward the ruined bikes, but most of the mob were too enraged to realise how much muscular power it took to fire rocks faster than bullets. When they finally reached her it was an absolute slaughter. She was a tiger on a field of battle facing domesticated kittens. They were all incredibly fierce, frightfully brave, and fought like lions, but from Vicki’s perspective the battle had an almost comical feel. She didn’t even block their blows after the first few strikes, because she simply didn’t need to. Her hard body, even her soft sensitive breasts, took their strikes as though though her opponents were swinging pillows. But from their side of things there was nothing funny at all about the intense one-sided brawl. It was a complete nightmare. The baseball bats she had left them with merely bounced right off her gleaming skin without leaving anything more than a fleeting red mark, though most blows didn’t even do that much. It was even worse for the unarmed, and their fists ached like they were striking beef carcasses. All their attempts to hurt her only hurt them. But whenever she shoved a man, or kicked him, or punched him, or slapped him, the blows were almost always instantly fatal.

It didn’t take very long at all for the mob to break up. She still managed to kill half of them though before the rest realised there was something very wrong about this situation. Vicki became an enraged whirlwind of death, chasing down the routed mob and showing no mercy. She slammed her fists into their backs, shoved and kicked them, and sometimes just dropped her shoulder into them.

Before she knew it, she had reduced them to just twenty cowering men huddled around the yard. Her muscles thrummed with eager energy, keen for more and not wanting to slow down. An awful smile of delight drew across her lips and she stopped a moment to realise she was almost done. The hard part was over, and she had in fact already defeated her enemy. She felt a sudden rush. All these scary men … she had lost count of them all now … and she had come out here all alone and unarmed, and she had killed them all. And she wasn’t even breathing hard. She was confident that she could keep on going at this pace forever. She wandered over to a man desperately trying to pull a bike free from the pile, and grinned at him as he fell over stumbling away from her. With one hand she tore the bike he had been after free from the wreckage generating a lot of metallic pops and squeals.

“Please … I … I don’t even know who you are …”

She was enjoying herself now. This felt good. His fear, after her months of tortured grief, was wonderfully soothing. “Scream for me,” she commanded, and held the twisted frame over him. He complied, but his screams were cut short by the explosive impact of the bike. Still holding the shattered frame, Vicki lifted it back up and tossed it at another man who had jumped up from his hiding place nearby to run. He did not get very far.

Everyone left alive now was utterly terrified of what they had seen Vicki do. It was obvious to anyone watching who knew anything about unarmed combat that she clearly wasn’t a very good fighter. She had no technique, no grace. But despite her lack of skill, she had relentlessly carved her way through everyone who stood against her. And she had done so with an ease that filled the survivors with dread. When she stopped killing and looked around at them all they felt hope that maybe she was done … maybe it was over. But they didn’t like the way she began touching herself, her tongue licking her lips as her hand slipped down the top of her skirt.

“Everyone in the barn. Now.” They obeyed almost instantly, adding to Vicki’s feeling of power.

She was excited far more than she had thought she would be. It had been even easier than she had imagined to overwhelm them, even though there were five times as many as she had expected to find. Vicki had not anticipated how much destroying them would turn her on. When she walked into the barn and swung the heavy doors closed behind her she was more turned on than she had ever been in her entire life. Her deadly goal had not changed, but she had now decided there was no reason at all she could not have a little bit of fun while she meted out her vengeance.

“What do you want from us?” a wavering voice begged of her.

“I would have thought that was obvious by now.” Taking one of the steel bars they used for weapons Vicki made a show of easily bending it into a makeshift knot to seal the door. Her strong hands were the only key that could unlock the tightly fastened doors.

“We have money! We have a LOT of money. I’ll take you … show you where it is …”

“Do you see me taking wallets here asshole? I don’t want your filthy bloody money.”

“Please! Just tell us what the fuck this is about!”

“This all started because assholes like you think you can just take whatever you want … hurt whoever you want. Some of you were going rape me … and my boyfriend died to protect me from you.” Vicki was more muscular now it was true. But she had always been blessed with wicked proportions. Now those proportions remained those of a porn star, and her new full and toned muscles only served to heighten her appeal. She watched their reactions as she shamelessly removed her dress and pulled off her bra. Her pert nipples cut the silence like laser beams, her every curve burning into their minds and making them hard despite themselves.

“Tell me something. Who is going to die to stop me from fucking you?”

“Well, it’s a shame your memory has faded. I would have liked some details of what happened,” Director Carter told her mournfully. Then he smiled. “But I understand. I take it after you killed them you were approached by the FBI?”

“They had a team working on superhuman crimes. I was in the program a week later.”

“And how did you feel afterward? When you had killed those men?”

“I felt bad. I mean … you know … did I regret it? Brad is still dead. And now I have all those bikers on my conscious too. It didn’t get me anywhere.”

“I see.”

Carter was quiet for a time, turning slightly away from her as he appeared to be considering the deepest theological problem of all time. Vicki nervously waited. She wanted this enhancement program … she needed it. He had said it already … she was the perfect candidate.

“I am sorry. I can’t take you into this program. Its too dangerous a risk to take handing Class 1 power levels to a super who has killed ordinary humans. The press we’d get from such a move, if it got out, would be very damaging to the Foundation.”

“Class 1?” Class 1’s were only theoretical. Nobody actually thought anyone would ever actually reach that level of power.

“Did I say that? I don’t think I did. I meant Class 2, of course. I really am sorry, Victoria. You do seem a very successful hero, I must say. The people of Hapsburg are lucky to have you.”

“Oh … um … I … uh … thank you. I … I guess I should go … let you get back to it.”

Vicki rose and Director Carter stood as well and walked her to the door.

“Yes. Well … I am glad you came in. We need the best possible candidate and we would not get that if all potential players didn’t try out for the game.”

“It’s … uh … my pleasure.”

Vicki left the building with a great sense of defeat. She had come with such high hopes, but those hopes had been dashed in no uncertain terms. With hours until her return flight left for Tennessee, and not feeling up for any sightseeing, Vicki hailed a cab and told the driver to take her to a half decent bar. Once there, she ordered a drink and sat down in a booth with her phone out. She would check the news feeds from home to see if she missed any action. She was not surprised to find out it had been just another boring day in Hapsburg. The television caught her attention when she heard the Pinnacle jingle, so very familiar to her and everyone else.

“The Pinnacle Foundation provides the best heroes of our world with the tools they need to save you from dangerous supervillains.” Footage was playing of some typical villainy being unravelled by one of the foundation’s most famous units, the Alpha Team. “They are out there every day … and so are we. Donate today! Your money can make us ALL safer.” The ad ended with a black screen embossed with a small Pinnacle logo and the words “Could you sleep in a world without Pinnacle?” writ large beside it.

“Hello. I saw you drinking over here all alone, and I wondered if I might join you?”

Vicki looked down from the screen to see a smartly dressed man of around her own age standing next to her with a highball in his hand. His hair was dark, and though he wore glasses his eyes were clear and bright. Having the strength to tear people limb from limb gave Vicki a lot of confidence in dealing with strange men. She might not be pretty enough to be a model, but she wasn’t unattractive and had a killer body that regularly drew unwanted advances from the men she came across. At least, it did when she was out of Hapsburg. Men there had more than just heard the stories … they had seen what Vicki’s sexual partners looked like afterward.

“Sure. I’m Vicki.”

He shook her hand. “Mick. Nice to meet you, Vicki. I’m not a local, so I don’t know anyone here.”

“I’m from out of town too,” she told him as he took a seat across from here and out his glass on the table. She noticed that he had a briefcase that he slipped under the table next to his foot.

“It’s a nice city. I’ve visited quite a few times before. It’s my first time in this place, though. I’ve always been a little curious about it. Art Deco … at least I think it used to be.”

Vicki actually looked at the bar for the first time. “Looks like it’s been all sorts of things over the years.”

“Very true. So what brings you up here? You’re a long way from Tennessee.”

“Is my accent that bad? I came for a … a job interview.”

“Ah. I guess it’s over if you’re in here drinking. And that’s not champagne … so let me offer my commiserations. I am sure they’ve made a huge mistake.”

“Well … it’s done now, yeah. What about you? I’d say you’re a long way from Maine.”

“You got me. But I’m in Nevada mostly these days. So not so far really.”

“Are you in town on business, Mick?” He might have said his name was Mick, but Vicki was sure he usually went with Michael. He didn’t come across as a Mick.

“I am. Very important business. It might change the future of my firm permanently. At least … take out some of the competition.”

“You’re a lawyer?”

“No. To be honest with you, Miss Pendergast, I’m a super villain. I have been for most of my life.”

“Excuse me?” Vicki put her drink down and leaned away from him.

“I’m a super villain. One of the best too … which is why you don’t know who I am.”

“But you know who I am, huh?” Suddenly, Vicki felt very vulnerable. There were plenty of supers lurking around cities like this one that were much more powerful than her. Was he one of them?

“I do. And I am sorry for not telling you straight away. You can relax … I don’t have powers like yours and you aren’t in any danger at all.”

“What the fuck do you want? What is this? Did you follow me here from Pinnacle?”

“Yes. And no. I have been watching you for a long time. You are, if I may say, a very impressive woman, Victoria. Director Carter screwed up not accepting you.”

“What do you know about that?”

“I know everything about it. That’s what I do, you see. I drink and I know things.”

“You’re Tyrion Lannister?”

“I’m much more like a Rick. But you’re no Morty.”

“I don’t watch that show. I have no idea what you mean.”

“Alright then, Bones. Here’s the thing. I want to help you. And I think if you hear me out, you’ll want to let me.”

“Really? All I want to do right now is squeeze you into that glass your holding.”

“Do you know what this experimental advanced enhancement program is really trying to do?”

“They’re trying to make more Class 3 heroes into Class 2 heroes so more people can fight assholes like you.”

“There are currently about three times as many Class 2 criminals out there as heroes, and such a move makes sense. They’re losing control of the world to people like me because they recruit, and we enlighten. Carter has a plan to not just restore balance, but maybe even upend it for eternity. But Carter doesn’t want to fix the balance with a whole lot of new heroes. No. Carter likes to keep control. He can do that a lot more easily if he only has to contend with one experiment subject, and focus all his attention solely on them. So what he wants to do is create a Class 1. As soon as he finds his perfect controllable puppet, he will try.”

“Class 1’s are sci-fi. A class 1 would be …”

“A god. It is absolutely true. By very definition, a Class 1 would be a person whose power would be beyond measure. Literally off the charts. That’s what Carters’s team is doing.”

“Can they? Is that really possible?”

Michael leaned in. “Yes. It is possible. But there is something he is missing. Something he should have realised already. Something that he will learn when whoever he picks is put into that machine.”

“What is it?”

“It’s you, Victoria. Director Carter needs you.”

“Huh? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“It’s your healing. That one special thing that makes you different to all the others. You are the only person who can survive the process.”

“Why would you tell me this?”

“Because, when the time comes … and I promise you it will … I would much rather not be killed. I would rather be friends. Besides … when the killing starts, you should be going after the right people.”


“Yes. People are going to die. I don’t want to be one of them. I guess … well … I could have one of my more powerful goons kill you now. That would work, and with a much more certain outcome. But, the thing is, that would be boring … you know? Safe and stable is not really my thing, Vicki. I’m more of a chaos and danger kind of guy. And what could be more chaotic and dangerous than a Class 1? What would be more interesting than that?”

“You’re fucking crazy.”

“I am. But I’m a high-functioning crazy.”

“You’re recruiting me?”

“No. I don’t do recruitment. I do enlightenment.”

“Okay then, Dr Doom. What are you going to say next that will stop me from taking you in right now?”

“I’m going to give you this.” He put the briefcase on the table. “There’s a file in here that will change everything you think you know about Brad’s death, and those bikers.”

“What did you say? Is that … is that the missing report from my file?”

“I didn’t take this from your file, Vicki. I took it from Director Carter’s.”


It was three weeks later that Vicki got the call. She was on patrol at the time, having spotted an unfortunate local man trying to change a tyre on his own with one of his arms in a cast. It had been easy for her to lift the car from the side, tilting it so that she could twist off the nuts with her free hand. She handed the man the nuts as she took each one off, then removed the tyre.

“Are you doing okay, Vicki?” The man asked, handing her the spare. “You haven’t been looking too cheerful lately. People are worried about you.”

“That’s sweet of you, Garry. But I’m fine. I just …” At that moment her phone rang. “Excuse me a moment, Garry.” She tucked the tyre under her arm and grabbed the phone out, still balancing the tilted car in one hand as she answered the insistent buzzing. “Hello?”

“Victoria? Do you remember me?”

“Director Carter?”

“That’s right. We were hoping you still might be interested.”


“In the Advanced Enhancement Project. You know … I honestly hate to admit it. But you deserve to hear me say it. I was wrong. I was wrong about you. I would be very happy if you could accept my apology.”

“I’m sorry, Director Carter, I am not sure I understand.”

“If you are willing, Vicki, I’d like you to come in and take part in our program. I admit we went with a different candidate, and that’s regrettable. Things haven’t worked out here, you see. But I believe that with your help we can pull through. I was wrong before, Victoria. You are indeed the best possible candidate for the procedure. I would understand if you said no. But … this could be a wonderful opportunity for both of us.”

“What happened with the guy you went with?”

“I promise I will tell you everything about that when you get here. What do you say?”

“Alright, Director. I’m your girl.”

“That’s excellent to hear, Vicki. There’s a car waiting outside your house. Charles will take you to the chopper, and with any luck I’ll see you around lunchtime.”

“Wait … you want me to come in right now?”

“I hope that’s okay. It’s very little warning, I know. But …”

“It’s perfectly fine, Director Carter. I don’t mind.”

“That’s excellent. You might want to pack a change of clothes, by the way.”

Vicki tucked the phone back into her pocket, and finished up with Garry’s tyre.

“Thanks for asking about me, Garry. I have been wrestling with the past a bit lately. But the future is looking up. Drive carefully with that arm!”

Outside her house, when she got there a few minutes later, there was indeed a car waiting. A man got out as Vicki approached, and he smiled warmly at her.

“G’day, Vicki. I’m Charlie. Grab a few things and we’ll get going whenever you’re ready. No rush.”

Charlie turned out to be a very charming man. He revealed along the way that he was a Class 2 working with Pinnacle so he could get in on the latest tech before anyone else. Vicki hardly got in a word as they drove to the Hapsburg airfield. By the time she was strapped into the helicopter she knew more about Charlie than she had learned about her last three boyfriends. She didn’t mind though. He was funny and pleasant, and it made the flight go faster.

She had expected to be flown to Pinnacle Tower, where she had gone for her interview. But instead they flew to a secure facility far from any towns and landed on a helipad surrounded by armed guards. Vicki noted that they were carrying the very latest anti-super blasters, and the men were obviously Class 2 supers themselves.

They proceeded into a nearby building where Vicki was entered into the security system and given her instantly produced ID. Then she was whisked into the underground network of tunnels and taken to meet Carter.

“Vicki! It’s great to see you. Thanks for dropping everything and rushing in like that. Have a seat, and let me go through the basics of the procedure with you.”

“Of course. Thank you.”

Carter smiled and slid a coffee over to her. It was black, and she could smell the sugar. “We have built a machine that manipulates the special elements that give you your powers. With it, we can unlock the full range of abilities in a subject. And we can also improve those abilities to a degree no other method could possibly accomplish.”

“Improve? By how much exactly?”

“We won’t really know that until we try. It could be enough to make you a high end Class 2. Results of our experiments indicate at least a trebling of power levels. The process uses an experimental reactor powered by a very rare crystal. The Pinnacle Reaction, as we’ve come to call it, releases this crystal’s stores of energy. We then use that energy in a carefully controlled process to improve your abilities. In fact, we might be able to unlock abilities that you don’t even you you have.”

“If you don’t mind, Director, I can’t help but ask. What happened with the other candidate?”

“I learned a great deal from the experiments we did with him. But he proved incompatible with the enhancement process. With you, I am much more confident of a successful enhancement.”

“But … what actually happened with him?”

“He … he died a few days ago. But I assure you this will not happen with you in the chamber. It will work with your power set.

“You killed him?”

“Yes. The process damaged his cells to a point that proved fatal to him. It was a terrible tragedy. And one that, I promise you, will not be repeated. He didn’t die in vain … we did learn many things we would never have known without his help.”

“This sounds a lot more dangerous than you implied in the original advertisement. How can you be sure I won’t die the same way?”

“Because you CAN’T die the same way. It’s my theory that if he had been blessed with your advanced healing ability he would have easily survived the process. To be on the safe side, we intend to be much more cautious. We know what to watch out for now, and can stop the procedure well before you would be in any danger at all.”

“I certainly appreciate your … honesty, Director Carter.”

“There is one more thing I need to mention. This will be painful. You will have to be conscious for your healing ability to work, and we can’t drug you to dull the pain. If there was any other way, I would not have you feel this pain. Are you going to be okay with that?”

“No pain; No Gain. Right?”

“I’m very serious about this, Victoria. It will be the most pain you have ever felt.”

Vicki took a breath. “I’m no Morty.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m a tough girl, Director Carter. Bring it on.”


The machine was massive. It took up a warehouse sized room, leaving a small five meter square for the capsule itself and the control station. Two scientists operated the console, while Director Carter and a another professorial looking man holding onto an old iPad. There was a lot of humming coming from the equipment, and a deep thrum that made Vicki wonder if it was all running okay, but the man and woman at the console were nodding their heads and grinning excitedly as they ran the final diagnostics before the experiment began.

“Excellent. All systems are fully operational. Are you alright in there, Vicki?”

“I’m good.”

The chamber itself was designed with a larger person in mind, so Vicki felt she had plenty of room. She was standing up, watching the small control room through a body-length window made of curved inch thick glass. Other than the cushioning she leaned on and the glass, the inside of the chamber was densely lined with various devices she had been told were all either emitters or monitoring devices. Their layout seemed very random, and the cabling between them all looked haphazard. It was not very reassuring, but if there was even the slightest chance this worked Vicki had far too much to gain to even think of walking away now.

“We are all set here, Director Carter.”

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s make it happen this time, alright?”

The professor, introduced to Vicki as Juan Fernandez, took his iPad and started tapping and dragging his fingers across the screen. “Setting power levels to 10%. Activating now.”

“Shit!!” Vicki jumped inside the chamber as she was hit with what felt like a strong stab of static.

“Hold onto the armrests, Vicki.” Carter walked over to watch Vicki. “Hold on tight as you can.”

The static blast struck again, but this time it stuck. She held on as she felt her muscles spasm and then lock into place.

“We’re in,” Fernandez informed his boss. “Scanning now.”

There was a series of affirmative beeps from the console followed by a short approving whistle from Fernandez. “She has all the major ability groups lying latent within in her. I think we can bring them all out. I … uh … don’t know exactly what this reading over here indicates. That could be something related to her healing powers.”

“Let’s wake her up, gentlemen.”

Vicki was just about to remind them that she was already awake, and in quite a bit of discomfort thank you very much, when the intensity of her discomfort skyrocketed. A dozen strange sensations assaulted her as the system she was now connected to activated all the powers that had lain inactive in her genetic code. It was a strange sensation, like growing a whole new set of limbs, as new pathways opened up throughout her consciousness.

“Well? How many did we get?”

“Beyond my wildest estimates. We have got 100% activation. And there is no sign of rejection.”

“Excellent. Shall we go for the main game now? How are her vitals?”

“Her pulse is fast. But it’s steady. She’s looking strong.”

“Let’s go for broke here. Full power.”

Vicki had just enough time to think to herself “Huh? How is that taking it slow?” before she was unable to concentrate on anything other than the agony she was subjected to. The machinery seemed ready to pop as it hummed at a feverish new pitch. She was almost certain she heard a new machine kick into life, but she was too confused by the pain to be sure. Vicki was changing from the inside out, being remade and reformed at a molecular level. Her muscle fibres were going through several centuries worth of extreme fitness training every second, and her bones felt as though were pulverised and healed over and over. She was pretty sure she knew now why the previous occupant of the chamber had not survived. She could feel blackness rising up to claim her, but knew that if she passed out her healing power would be slowed and she might die. Tempting as any option that offered an end to this pain was at that moment, she was determined not to go yet. She needed to see this through. Her mind became filled with images from her past, drifting through the years. She saw Brad, happy and smiling, and then he was lying in her arms bleeding out. She saw herself marvelling at her reflection the day she had woken with her powers, her skin flawless and stretched over a magnificent healthy new body. She saw her friends stare in wonder as she showed them her strength, and saw jealousy wash over them. She saw a barn, with dozens of dead or dying bikers …

“Tell me something. Who is going to die to stop me from fucking you?”

The first few were very awkward. Vicki had never taken a man against his will before, and she had to learn fast. Fortunately she had plenty of toys to break with her experiments, and so she entered the fray with carefree abandon. The first man she took in an embrace enjoyed her attentions very much at the start. He lost himself in the lust of the moment, pulled tight against her gorgeous body, and tried to kiss her on the lips. She allowed him to part her lips, and her tongue pushed out into his. He howled in pain, and pushed away from her, his tongue suddenly crushed against his teeth. He pulled it pack, but her own powerful tongue invaded his mouth and playfully whipped it about. He bit down, but her tongue was tougher than boot leather and his expensive healthy teeth were unable to draw blood, or to even halt its movement.

Distracted by the discovery of her super tongue, Vicki didn’t notice until too late that she had crushed his ribs into her chest too hard. Determined to make the next round last longer, she choose three of them and corralled them against the wall. She used all three to rub the places that felt nice, which meant pretty much anywhere on her substantially improved body. Selfishly she took her pleasure from them.

“You like that?” She asked the struggling men. “How nice does this body feel? All that warm, smooth skin. So nice.”

There was movement behind her, and she caught a whiff of gun oil. One of them had rushed behind the bar and grabbed a shotgun, but when he turned and raised it he was hit by one of the men Vicki had been playing with, and with stunning force. Turning her attention back to the men she had pinned to the wall she decided they had provided enough fun and smashed their heads together.

“Wait!” her next target shuffled away from her. “You don’t have to do this.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Their fear of her was palpable, and it was making her horny. Having such power over men the likes of these was giving her thrills that took her by surprise and smashed any self control she might have had. She wanted to prove her power over the remaining men by using them as she imagined they would have used her.

The remaining men gaped at this incredible woman paralysed with fear. The things they had seen her do had completely horrified and confused them. Even if they rushed her all at once, they had already seen her take on a far larger group and every man from that initial charge had died. None of them could think of what to do to get out of the bizarre situation they faced.

Vicki stripped the man. He was big, and built tough. Of course he was just another chihuahua to her despite his big muscles, and she bruised him badly while her hand explored his bulging chest. She pulled him against herself and held him there, gently massaging him and breathing hot warnings into his ear. Her tone was steamy, and full of seduction.

“You can die a happy man … but not if you cum before I do. Understand?”

His eyes were wild as she forced him to the stained floor and tore away her last piece of clothing besides her fishnets. She felt sexier with those on … more dangerous. He let out an astonished cry of mixed pain and pleasure as she greedily slammed herself onto him. When she moved it felt as if she would tear his body apart. It was all about her pleasure, and there turned out to be very little in it for him. She was so strong, her deep embrace so firm and relentless, and her approach so forceful and demanding, that he was soon trying to get out of her hold. But at the same time she somehow manipulated him and kept him hard as a rock. She cried out, tearing an orgasm out of him with brutal efficiency. She opened her eyes and watched him as she settled into a steady forceful pace that one would expect from an Olympian. He called out in erotic pleasure, but she cruelly increased her pace to superhuman levels and he was crying out for different reasons altogether. There was a series of cracks and pops, and Vicki arched her back and let loose an orgasmic scream as he succumbed to the crushing force of her thighs.

“Fuck yeah, baby!” She was really getting into this now, letting all her rage and anger take control. She chose another to molest, commanding all the rest of them to strip as she shredded the black leather from her latest toy. Spreading her legs a little, happy that was already hard for her, she took his ass in both hands and shoved him inside herself. She had overpowered and buckled his legs to do so, as he was quite a bit taller than she was, but once she had his weight under control she moved him about to selfishly take her pleasures from him and he helped by doing his best to batter his way to freedom. But his struggles soon ended as she added more force to her manipulative thrusts. Each time she rammed him in his body now flailed about helplessly crashing into her over and over rapidly making a purple mess of him. When her orgasm hit she howled with erotic joy and crushed his chest to hers. None of the witnesses missed the wince inspiring noises his ribs made as she forcefully rode out her orgasm with her nipples buried into his ribs. She released him and he crashed into the ground.

“Who’s Next?”

With all they had witnessed Vicki do, the remaining men were left confused and afraid, completely shell shocked. On the other hand, Vicki felt invigorated and powerful. Her muscles yearned to be unleashed and her libido was now out of control. Before her, huddled in fear, were a group of men who had lived an outlaw life for most of their lives, relying on violence and intimidation to achieve their goals. And the fear that shook them, that now threatened the very sanity of some, was generated by a lone and unarmed woman. And it made that woman horny as hell.

She selected two more, taking them both by the head she forced one mouth to her nipple and the other to her crotch. Not even the slightest bit curious about their own erotic talents Vicki used her strength to take control over their movements. Pain woke them from their stupor, and they thrilled her with their struggles. She let herself vocalise the pleasure she was having at their expense, while their efforts to escape only served to provoke her into more enthusiastic rubbing with increased pressure.

Desperate, the man being crushed into her breast bit down cruelly on her nipple. He bit down hard enough to make his gums instantly ache with warning. He was sure she felt it, because her nipple grew a fraction harder and she cooed in delight.

“Oh yes. That’s it, asshole. Bite me harder …”

She could feel the pressure of his bite, delightful as it was, but he couldn’t bite quite hard enough to make it painful. When he could not obey, lacking the strength in his jaw to bite any harder than he already was, Vicki compensated by rubbing his teeth hard into her nipple. She crushed his face quite badly, and felt several things break, but it felt tremendously good.

Throughout all this, the man at her crotch was experiencing simultaneous increases in force himself. His jaw, nose, and both cheekbones were now broken, and he was nothing but a puppet to her desires. He felt warm liquid gush over his face and was dimly aware of her loud orgasmic cry just before he mercifully lost consciousness.

Vicki rode out her orgasm on the man’s face, astounded by the vigour of her release. Even with Brad’s genuine loving affections sex had never felt this good. She shattered the head at her crotch and moved her hand around under the other mans throat. With a satisfied smile she hoisted him up and held him off the ground at arms length, examining the damage he had suffered. It looked like he had been in a car crash without the benefit of an airbag. Feeling almost godlike Vicki bent her arm a little, then straightened it out fast and let him go. The toss sent him soaring over the bar and into the shelves behind with more than enough force to kill him.

And then … there was a gunshot.

Vicki span around on the spot to face the direction it had come from, but she soon realised it was too late. It felt as if a hot poker had been driven into her gut … all the way through. And in a way, that was exactly what had happened. Her hand wandered down to find a wet hole a few inches to the left of her belly button. She gasped in surprise, and dropped to her knees.

“Don’t worry little darling. That wasn’t a fatal wound. At least …” The shooter allowed himself a little chuckle. “It’s not instantly fatal. But I killed you. Make no mistake … you’re bleeding dark there, ain’t you? I know where that sweet dark blood is coming from, and there ain’t an ambulance fast enough to get out here in time to save you.”

Vicki toppled over, going into shock. Her mind raced. How stupid … how arrogant … such a fool … But then it was just the pain. She didn’t see the man sit at the bar and put the gun down. She didn’t see him reach over the counter and slip a handy glass under the tap and carefully pull himself a beer. She only felt pain.

“I heard about folk like you. In the city over the last month there’s been a couple of you freaks getting around. You’re not as strong as that guy I saw in the news … but you ain’t no wallflower are you, Honey?. It was something to see the way you just … I dunno … steamrolled? My guys? Wow! Guess you really did love that dickhead, huh? He shouldn’t have pushed my brother off his fucking bike then should he? That little preppy fuckwad got what preppy fuckwads get.”

Vicki rolled over and glared daggers at the man. A massive rush of rage fuelled adrenaline flooded her system, and the pain seemed to diminish. The man laughed from his chair as she struggled to get up.

“Stop moving around. You’ll only die quicker.”

He didn’t notice that the blood had stopped. He didn’t notice that her wound was smaller. But she noticed, and the realisation brought immense relief. She stopped trying to get up, and focused on the man as he sat drinking his beer.

“You dickheads can get dressed now,” he told his few surviving crew.

“No,” Vicki croaked, actually faking it a bit to buy time as her wound healed. She made out to be applying pressure to it as she felt the still very painful bullet hole very slowly knit itself back together under her fingers.


“I’m not finished with them.”

“Oh really? You got spirit. Maybe I should’ve just shot you in the leg. I watched you fucking my guys just now. You’re a horny bitch too, ain’t ya? That’s cool with me … hey, don’t get me wrong here … I approve wholeheartedly. A girls gotta get some too, right? But I don’t think you’re gonna get any more tonight sweetheart.”

“I’m going to … going to get up … and I’m … I’m going to tear you apart limb from limb. And then … then I’m … I’m … going to …”

“You ain’t doing shit no more. You’re a talking fucking corpse right now and that’s all you are. Fuck you. Coming here like some sort of goddamn super fucking hero. This ain’t the comics you dumb cunt. There’s no happy fucking endings here. You obviously got some power. You’re sure fucking strong. But you ain’t shit to a three-fifty-seven.” He raised his beer as if toasting his firearm, then took a long chug.

“You didn’t have to kill him.”

“Maybe not. But maybe … just fucking maybe … I had no choice. Maybe your dickhead boyfriend was meant to die.”

“Fuck you. He did nothing to you.”

“Life’s a bitch sometimes. Shit happens … you kill a fuck-tonne of people … and then you get shot in the back.”

Vicki felt a strange tingling now where the pain had been. And where her rage had been a carpet bomb it was now a laser beam. She had not expected to find the very man who had pulled the trigger, and yet here he was right in front of her. And not only had he killed the love of her life, he had shot her in the back. This man had not only caused her the most intense emotional pain of her life, he had also now caused her the most physical pain as well. She owed him, and now that she had healed her bullet wound she knew it was time to get up and close the book on this evil man forever.

His eyes widened as she seemed to suddenly loosen up, and smoothly rose to her feet. Her arms dropped to her sides and she stood glaring at him with a cold rage that chilled his bones. He looked at her wound and gasped in shocked wonder. There was still a lot of blood on her naked body, but the hole it had spilt from had vanished leaving behind flawless unblemished skin. He quickly reached for the gun, but she was suddenly upon him, slapping a hand over his and pinning it and the gun to the table. She leaned in close and took hold of his leather jacket.

“What the fuck? You … how … ?”

“Even if I knew I still wouldn’t tell you, asshole.” Vicki threw him by the collar across the room, not too hard, and watched him bounce off the wall. She held onto the gun, applying all her strength to bend the barrel, bending it dramatically then dropping it to the ground.

He rolled to his feet and pulled a large knife. He was experienced, and he moved well. She was awkward in a fight, but moved with superhuman speed. She wasn’t the flash, but she was still much too fast for him. He could not land so much as a glancing blow as he stabbed and slashed with the blade energetically … until she managed to smash her open hand into his wrist and knock the weapon flying into the wall where it embedded itself. He howled in pain, his wrist shattered as though struck with a hammer. He went to dodge around her for the door, but she shoved him to the floor and stood over him.

The remaining survivors rushed her then, perhaps believing she was weakened by the wound she had received. They were wrong. Their blows rained down upon her uselessly, backfiring painfully as she stood perfectly still watching the man who had shot Brad take in the scene before him. Steel pipes and baseball bats were in fact causing her some minor discomfort, but she stood firm and made sure her main target understood she was not really that bothered.

“Watch what I do to these men, and think about how much more I fucking hate you.”

Vicki grabbed hold of one of them and held him out by the throat so everyone could watch. She grabbed an arm and yanked hard as she could, brutally tearing the limb free at the shoulder. She repeated the trick with the other arm and then moved to hold the man by the jaw. In a display of awesome power, her muscles glistening as they worked happily at their task, she removed the mans head and tossed the two parts of him she held in opposite directions.

All attacks on her had now stopped, and the men ran about in a blind panic trying to get out. There was nowhere to run, however, and no escape for them. She caught them one by one, and returned to stand over the man she wanted to hurt most so he could watch her apply her awesome strength to dismantling them in various ways. She either tore them apart or crushed them, but she was sure to destroy each goon in a slightly different way.

“And now it’s your turn.”

The screaming started right away. Vicki crouched down and took one of his ankles, then she started folding his toes over. Not backwards, as he had expected, but rather she rolled them into a tight fist. Then she rolled them over again. And again. He howled in pain she held his thrashing body by a single limb with trouble at all, and very slowly and deliberately rolled his foot up toward his ankle. She crushed it all the way up to his knee, taking her time doing it. Then she took another ten minutes or so to do the same to the other leg. When she was done he was no longer screaming and thrashing. He was crying out and whimpering a lot, but the pain was now so great it exhausted him.

“Now for the arms.”

She got halfway up the second arm before he expired. She was a little upset to be so robbed of her fun with him. Using her strength to apply pain to the man who had hurt her so deeply felt so wonderful she never wanted it to end. But now it had ended. Vicki’s vengeance was complete. In that moment she felt powerful. In that moment, Victoria Pendergast felt like a god.

“We’re losing her.”

“No!” Carter leaned close as he dared to the glass and shouted at Vicki. “Don’t give up! You can do this!”

“I think we’ve past a threshold of some kind. We just had a jump in the flow. It’s still increasing.”

“Can the machine keep up?”

“I … oh my. She’s really soaking it up now.”

“What is it, Juan? What’s happening?”

Vicki was smiling, and Carter could actually see her muscles shifting and filling out under her skin. It didn’t look like she was in any pain at all now. It looked like she was enjoying it. There was something disturbing about the way her face shed years of use away, her skin so smooth and so creamy. It suddenly occurred to him that she looked exactly the same as she did in the picture fromher file. The picture that had been taken just after her recruitment … when she was 22. Somehow the process, or her own powers, had rejuvenated her body, reseting her physical appearance to something close to the moment she’d first gained powers.

“This is unexpected. She is drawing the power out of the machine faster than the machine should be able to provide it. It … it doesn’t make any sense at all. I won’t know what’s causing this until I can analyse the data.”

“Can you stop it?” Carter was looking up to watch Vicki’s face now. Her shoulders threatened to impact the walls of the chamber, but their growth stopped short. “Stop it!”

“I have entered the shutdown protocols. It would seem she is driving the process herself somehow at this point.”

Vicki could hear them panic, but she didn’t care. She could feel the energies at play around and within herself, and knew these energies were supercharging her powers. She wanted this power more than anything, and she greedily sucked it up. Whatever this strange energy was, Vicki quickly learned that she could somehow control it better than the machines Carter was using ever could. She could control the flow directly with her whims, and though she felt the machines attempting to choke the flow she was able to break through any choke points and keep the power flowing. After just a few seconds Vicki was able to free the flow from the machinery entirely, drawing the power directly from the reactor they had set up in rooms below to produce it.

“It’s stopped! The readings indicate the machines are shutting down. Flow is 0%!”

Despite Fernandez’s declarations, and despite the winding down of the machinery, in the chamber nothing they witnessed corresponded to any readouts. Vicki was visibly glowing from within, her sweat steaming off her skin and heat wafted her hair. She was clearly in a state of bliss.

“She’s floating …”

Carter stepped back, unsure if he should be overjoyed with the success or terrified by the results. He began to lean toward the latter when Vicki started growing again. Her shoulders pressed into the now redundant emitters and sensors, crushing them into the thick walls the chamber and forcing the metal to bulge out.

“Get back!” Juan grabbed hold of Carter and dragged him away from the chamber toward the door. The two console operators were close behind as Jaun’s hand hovered over the big red button beside the exit of his lab. The moment the last technician cleared the exit he slammed his palm into the button.

A few heartbeats after that, as Carter pressed his face to the small window in the bulkhead door that had slammed down to seal the lab, the chamber within was mercilessly breached. Vicki’s now hulking shoulders lead the charge as her arms and thighs followed slow behind, rending their way easily free of the chambers confines. She swung her arms up and flexed mightily, totally absorbed in her powertrip and oblivious of anything other than claiming all the power that her body could devour. Her flex caused her growing frame to explode free of the chamber entirely, burying shattered glass and metal deep into every exposed surface.

She stood naked, aroused, and titanically strong. Each moment her raw physical strength grew irrationally, and her body hardened incessantly even as it filled more space. Seven feet … seven foot one … steadily she rose taller. Muscles danced in devilish ways as she stretched and flexed with an almost delirious delight

Carter stepped back from the window, his eyes still fixed on the transforming Vicki. “How long will this go on for?”

“I can only assume she will continue to assimilate the energy for as long as the Pinnacle Reaction is maintained.”

“Of course! We can shut down the reactor!”

“There’s a problem with that,” Juan reluctantly informed his boss. “The reactor is part of the shutdown protocols. It should have shutdown already.” Juan tapped away at his iPad, but couldn’t regain control of the reactor. “It’s running at maximum capacity. It is stable, but none of the controls are responding.

“How long until the reactors fuel is burnt out?”

“There’s a ten kilo Icanonamium crystal in there. It will burn for two hundred thousand years.”

“Come again?”

“There’s enough energy in that crystal to keep the reaction stable for two hundred thousand years.”

“You’re telling me that we can’t shutdown the reactor? What happens if we shutoff the cooling system?”

“You can destroy the reactor, but the reaction would just continue anyway unless the fuel is removed completely. If I’m right, she’s drawing power directly from the reactor core. Blowing it up won’t help.”

“Well … you will have plenty of time to work something out if it’s going to burn for two hundred thousand years. In the meantime … she’s gotta be ten feet tall already.”

Vicki was absorbed in her growing power, her hands absently roaming while she swayed gently and moaned softly. But through the haze of intoxication she could hear more sharply than ever and she had listened in on the conversation going on outside. Juan went into a panic when the reactor output suddenly skyrocketed. Vicki closed her eyes and focused on the reactor below, her mind examining the very processes taking place within. Her head tapped into the ceiling, fourteen feet above the floor, and she stopped growing upon a whim. But she kept getting stronger, and she kept getting harder. And it was getting easier to see how she could actually improve the reactor . She could dispense with the cooling system, do away with the housing and indeed everything else. All she needed was the crystal and the elements that it was reacting with. Once she did that, her thoughts themselves now enough to dismantle the reactor from a distance, she contained the reaction itself in a magnetic field borrowed from the Earth, and drew the churning ball up and almost directly toward herself.

“Something’s wrong,” Juan warned suddenly. “The readings spiked … and then died right off. Like someone pulled the plug in all the sensors.” He made frantic gestures on his iPad, determined to find some data but coming up empty.

“She isn’t growing now,” observed Carter grimly, “But she’s still getting stronger, I think. I don’t like this one bit. We better get everyone the fuck out of here. Right now.”

Suddenly alarms sounded all over the complex. Carter knew better than to think his words had triggered the evacuation so swiftly. It did not take long to figure out that the alarm was triggered by a containment breach. He leaned back to the window, drawn there by a plume of debris shooting up explosively from the floor in front of the towering Vicki. An instant later he tore himself away from the door with a howl of pain, blinded by a light so bright it charred the paint on the opposite wall, branding the perfect shape of the viewport into the concrete.

Inside the chamber Vicki stared lovingly into the churning mass she had drawn up through the floor. Standing with huge arms wide she watched the room around her begin to shimmer in the incredible heat, despite the fact that she was shielding everything from the real radiation. The burning was caused merely by the “safe” radiation she allowed to leak out. The light that quickly browned her environment only served to gently warm her skin as though she stood in the sun. Basking in the brilliance thrown off by the source of all her newfound power for a few long luxurious moments of anticipation, an elated Vicki stepped softly forward and drew the small sun closer, taking it in her hands and holding it like the precious treasure that it was. Touching it set off incredible sensations through her skin, and she pushed it to her stomach marvelling at the wonderful sensations exploding in her nerve endings. She rubbed it over her solid abs, touched it to her breasts, and then ran it down her stomach and pressed it into her groin. She climaxed almost instantly, and proceeded to massage herself with the ball of energy. With a gasp, she felt the reaction begin to enter her. She moaned, and pressed harder with both her hands and her mind, forcing the small sun deeper inside her.

With sudden clarity, Vicki realised how to keep the reaction safe, and to make sure she would get every drop of its power. She removed her hands, and concentrated hard as she could. She was able to shape the churning ball, and as she watched the whole thing shrank down and vanished inside her altogether. She orgasmed again, and her hands began massaging her body as she moved her power source as deep inside as it could go.

The men outside jumped to their feet, blinking in the comparative darkness of regular lighting, the moment the light source vanished. The female technician rushed to Carters’s side, realising that he had been properly blinded by the blast of light, and perhaps permanently.

Juan took over the viewport duties, and was horrified by the fourteen foot Titan dwarfing the equipment in his lab. She was unlike anything he had ever seen or dreamt of. Muscles swelled out of her. Powerful and strong, hard and unstoppable muscles. With hands more powerful than whole armies she massaged herself, her eyes closed as she got to know her new body. He was pretty sure she was happy with the changes. Her nipples were pert magnets his eyes were drawn to over and over again as his gaze darted down, across, up, over and under the magnificent curves of her body. Steam caressed her, adding a surreal quality to the display. The longer he looked … the longer he wanted to keep on looking. He was almost certain she was getting more attractive, and putting off an even greater aura of raw power, with each breath she took. And suddenly he was absolutely certain of it … she was still soaking up power. Still gaining strength …

“What’s going on in there? What the fuck is happening Juan?”

Juan turned and laid his back to the door, breathing hard. “It’s not stopping. I don’t know what’s happening. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“What is she doing?”

“I think … I think she’s masturbating.”

Vicki stopped masturbating and steadied her gigantic frame. She felt strong. She felt incredibly horny. And she felt happy. The advanced enhancement process had been a success. Such a success that she didn’t just feel ten feet tall … she WAS ten feet tall. And then some. She flexed her massive arms and grinned. Not for one moment did she feel trapped in the room, even though she did notice how tiny the door looked now. She had no doubt that the walls would offer no obstacle to her unreasonable new strength. And if she wasn’t strong enough at that particular point in time, all she needed to do was wait a few minutes, maybe as little as a few seconds, and the reaction burning away in her belly will have easily provided the required boost.

For the moment, Vicki just wanted to try out a few of her new powers. She could sense new tools in her power set, and was curious to explore them. Looking at the blackened console, she pointed at it and released a blast of energy that exploded violently and destroyed half the machinery in the room. She held out a hand toward a broken computer chair and it swiftly put itself back together and stood respectfully facing her. She blew icicles over the remaining equipment, freezing them solid instantly. Then she heard Juan’s voice describing her actions to Carter and decided she might be better off talking to the experts and finding out more of what they knew. Almost the instant the idea of being smaller to fit through the door crossed her mind, Vicki began to shrink. She returned to her original height, and her hulking muscles streamlined themselves to a less overtly powerful appearance, though she still looked stronger than before. Tilting her head and considering the possibilities a moment, she gently grew half a door taller and let a fraction more physical power show through in her physique.

Smiling with immense satisfaction, admiring her new body in all its naked glory for a few long moments, Vicki turned her thoughts are onto how to cover up her nude form before leaving the lab. Several hundred ideas crossed her mind, but she decided not to bother with any of them. She had always been blessed with a pretty great body, but now it was a masterpiece that no other woman on the entire planet could even dream of matching. Why should she cover the most desirable and beautiful body ever to exist?

Feeling more alive, more alert, and more energised than ever before in her life Vicki padded softly over to the door and smiled at Juan through viewport. “Would you like to open the door now, Professor Fernandez? We’re not going to be able to test my new powers with me in here and you guys out there.”

“I can’t open the door until I know it’s safe.”

“It’s perfectly safe.”

“What happened to the reactor?”

“I am the reactor now. And don’t worry … there’s no way I’m gonna let any radiation escape. It’s all mine, and I won’t let a single drop of this energy go to waste. But I suppose you’ll want real data. See for yourself.” With nothing more than a dismissive gesture of her arm Vicki set the sensor arrays to the task of rebuilding themselves. Seconds later, Juan was pouring over a rush of figures on his iPad.

“All readings indicate the environment is safe. But … how can I be certain these numbers are real?”

Rolling her eyes, Vicki decided to stop wasting time. If she waited for Fernandez to unseal the lab she would spend a month in there. So she walked up to the door and pressed a hand into the cold surface. Her eyes lit up as her palm and fingers pressed easily into the metal, and then through it as though it were made of butter. She proceeded to simply walk forward, her breasts pressing through as easily as her hand had done.

Juan stepped back wide eyed as Vicki walked straight through the bulkhead door as easily as if it were a shower curtain. With nothing between himself and the newest creation of the Pinnacle Foundation, he was completely exposed to the remorseless assault of Vicki’s mind numbing sexual aura. He did not hold up well.

Even blind, Carter could sense her intense presence, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish as he drank in just the scent of her new form. The technicians were also gobsmacked by the naked superhuman before them, the female console operator was shamelessly rubbing herself in very inappropriate ways as she knelt on the floor next to her boss.

“Looks like I better cover up after all,” Vicki observed with an almost smug grin. “But first … I think Director Carter should see how I’ve turned out for himself.”

In days gone by her healing ability would have taken a couple of hours at least to fix Carter’s damaged retinas. Now it was a different story. It was not done in an instant, but she did heal him so fast that to everyone watching it undoubtedly appeared that it was. She waved a hand over the front of Carter’s face, and all of a sudden not only could he see again he could see better than he ever had in his entire life. He never realised how bad his eyesight was until Vicki gave him 20/20 vision.

He didn’t thank her. Instead, he remained on the floor openly running his eyes hungrily over Vicki’s body. Without thinking he reached out a hand and ran it over her fantastic abdominals, astonished by the soft feel of her silky skin.

“Mmm … that does feel nice, Director. Want to feel what these are like?” She leaned her breasts closer to him, circling a nipple gently with her finger as it hardened right before his eyes.

Carter cleared his throat and shook of his lust. He was not completely successful, and was unable to reduce the insistent erection he had pulsing away in his pants. But he did manage to pull it together enough to speak.

“I can’t believe it. That was NOT how this was meant to go.”

“But it worked, didn’t it? One look at me and you can just tell I’m super, right? I mean … I was super before this. Now I’m super super, or ultra super, or something like that.”

“We can … we can run some tests. We should run some tests.”

“That’s a good idea, Professor,” Vicki happily agreed. “Right now, I actually think being poked and prodded by a bunch of strange men would be the best thing in the world.”

There was a moan from the floor as the technician orgasmed, still gaping at Vicki with a dopey expression.

“But I better get dressed first, I guess,” Vicki observed. She waved her hands at a pile of chamber fragments inside the lab, and they rose to speedily swirl around Vicki’s chest and waist. The spinning bands of debris got faster, and shrank around her. With a flash of light the fast moving particles instantly stopped, now forged into a short skirt and strapless halter.

Juan and Carter exchanged looks of astonishment. What other surprises did their test subject have waiting for them? The traumatic experience of being blind was completely forgotten as Carter led the team toward a different part of the facility. There was an extensive training area, built specifically for Class 2’s, in the southwest corner of the complex. As they passed other people on the way, every single one stopped in awe of Vicki’s grace and sexuality. It got worse the further they went, because Vicki was really enjoying the effect she was having and just walking she felt she was orgasming with every step she took. Her aroused body demanded even more attention, and she fought the temptation to cut loose and just give these new admirers what they really wanted. But, for the moment at least, her desire to know more about her new capabilities won out over her desire to indulge her libido.

The first room they entered was crammed with heavy equipment designed to test levels of invulnerability. Some were taken from industry, but many were custom built machines made specifically for grading the highest end of the Class 2 spectrum, which was thousands of times beyond Vicki’s former level.

“Please take a seat in the first station, Vicki,” Carter indicated a seat that was setup on a track cut into the floor. “And we’ll start the assessment procedure.”

The seat appeared sturdy. But Vicki was extremely careful as she placed her insanely perfect butt on the cushioning and put her arms gingerly on the rests. Leaning back, she sensed the steel frame immediately give way and realised it could offer her no support. Keeping most of her weight off seat with her new flight powers, she sat patiently while the testing equipment was powered up.

The motor in the seat buzzed and Vicki was turned around to face the first testing machine. The seat moved forward until her leg was in the right position, and then a large hydraulic press slowly drove an inch-round rod into her leg just behind the bend of her knee.

“Tell me when this gets too painful,” Juan instructed, activating the device and watching the readouts as the rod began to be pushed ever harder into her leg. For nearly two full minutes the heavy hydraulic pressed ramped up the pressure. Curious, and not feeling any discomfort whatsoever, Vicki playfully twitched her kneecap and flexed out the muscle the machine was focused on. The metal rod snapped instantly and shot into her stomach at deadly speed. Still under pressure, the jagged and shattered end of the rod still in the machine shot down and slammed into her leg. The rod was broken again, and the machine let out a series of violent pops announcing its demise.

“I guess I pass that one?”

“You didn’t fail. I think we best move on to the striking test.”

The tests took an hour or so, and she was delighted as they discovered over and over again that she was invulnerable to everything they could throw at her. Heat, cold, radiation, tear gas, microwaves, and many other things. She was beyond any test in the room.

“Does that mean I have Class 1 Invulnerability?” Vicki asked hopefully.

“Not officially. We have to do the weapons tests and organise a safe test for more potent poisons before we can make that call.”

“Ooh! Weapons tests! Let’s do that next!”

“We have to set that up … book time on the range.”

“We do? What exactly is involved in this test?”

“Well, we’d need to prove your invulnerable to small arms fire … which you certainly must be from what I have seen so far … and we ramp it up until you’re injured. Most Class 2’s can take everything up to tank rounds. Beyond that it varies a lot.”

“I want to do it now. Right now.”

Director Carter tried to redirect her focus. “We have strength tests next, in the gym next door.”

“Fuck that. I want to see if I’m bulletproof.” She thought a moment. “Alright … you go and set up the gym for the tests. I’ll meet you there in a minute.”

Before they could stop her, Vicki had walked from the room into the outside air and leapt a thousand feet straight up into the air. She was gone from view before Carter could get outside to see which way she went.

“Holy fuck, man … what the hell just happened back there, Juan?”

“She’s a Class 1. We did it. But if I’m right … she’s going to spend every second of the next two hundred thousand years getting stronger and more powerful. Did you notice how young she looks? I am guessing she either rejuvenated as one of new abilities, or simply amping up involves a repair of her cells. I need more data.”

“You mean she might be immortal?”

“I think she took the reaction itself and buried it within her body. Even as we speak its feeding her new power. Making her stronger. Making her faster. Possibly … probably … making her smarter.”

“We’ve made her a god …”

“No we didn’t. At some point she took over. Whatever she did after that was out of our hands. I think it’s far more accurate to say that she made herself a god. I mean … we hooked her up, sure. But she somehow did this to herself. Carter … what the fuck are we going to do if she doesn’t want to stay in the program? You can’t hope to control her.”

“What are we going to do? We’re going to stick with plan. We’re going to guide her, and use her power to end this plague of supers once and for all.”

Flying was incredible. She had always been a little jealous of the lucky energy projectors who were able to fly under their own power. As she soared over the minuscule terrain flashing past beneath her she realised she had not been jealous enough.

She had chosen her destination before she had even reached the apex of her leap from Carter’s compound. There were gun battles taking place in many places right now, and she had her pick of all. But she had found what she really wanted when she tuned her impossible ears on a stronghold under siege in Africa. She didn’t know the politics of the situation, and she didn’t care. All she was concerned with was finding a real army to test herself against.

The stronghold was surrounded on three sides by a well equipped force of at least 500 men. They had tanks and artillery and it was pretty clear the fortified village would not survive the day. But they had enough weaponry to take a large number of the attackers with them.

Vicki picked out a group of men firing at the defenders from a well dug in position. She had no fear of the weapons, but to be on the safe side she tested her invulnerability by letting a bullet hit her palm. The bullet did not merely bounce away as she had half expected. Instead it seemed to splatter like a drop of water on her impregnable skin, leaving no wound to heal. Smiling, she wasted no time in stepping directly into the hail of bullets with her arms outstretched so that she was fully exposed to the deadly storm. All her life as a superhuman she had envied those who could take a bullet without harm. She hated few things more than guns, and knew all too well what it felt like to take a slug in the gut, or in the leg, or the chest. But she would never again feel that pain. She would never have to heal a bullet wound ever again. Her fast paced mind could discern each and every impact, and she watched the bullets meet her skin with glee. One of her greatest fears had now morphed into a source of great joy, and she felt nothing short of godlike as she watched bullets splishing and splashing on her exposed skin. The only real reminder she had that she was not actually being hosed down with water was that her self-tailored outfit chipped and sparked each time it was hit.

Hundreds more bullets struck her as she became the focus of attention. The number of rounds striking her diminished though, as the shooters became distracted by the way their target was pressing her hands into her body. If they were more observant, they might have noticed how her hands were making deeper impressions than even the biggest bullet could manage. And then out of nowhere, as if one of them knew she would be seeking one at some point, a hand grenade bounced and rolled at her feet. She fixed her eyes on it just as it exploded and unleashed a hail of sharp jagged shrapnel that she found every bit as wonderful striking her body as bullets did. The shockwave and hot wind of the explosion whipped her soft luxurious hair, but she kept her eyes wide open throughout the beautiful display even though three pieces of red hot debris scored direct hits on them.

She was just about to go find more grenades when the three tanks opened fire on the wall nearby. She moved like lightning, and took a shell on the chest. It cracked into her with a frightful burst of destructive force, but her tits were easily up to the task. Her makeshift boob tube was already damaged. Now it was utterly destroyed, but the flawless skin beneath was left completely unblemished.

A little disappointed that they weren’t shooting at her more, Vicki decided to get the soldiers invested in the fight. She didn’t know their language, but she knew a way to communicate that they might understand. Vicki wasn’t even really aware of her left hand softly tweaking her nipple as she grew her body into an nine foot tall Titan and allowed her muscles to swell enough to become more than a little frightening. She towered above every man on the field, and laughed at them. And then she strode slowly toward the nearest tank deliberately allowing the crew within to line up another shot. With a vicious boom she took it in the face. Their aim was incredibly good, and Vicki watched with delight without even blinking as the shell explosion bedazzled her with a beautiful if quite ineffective display.

Overjoyed at the ease with which she could bear the full force of such a powerful blow and only take pleasure from it, Vicki could not help but wonder about her untested strength. She continued forward and took hold of the tank with both hands. Her fingers pressed deep into the armour with satisfying ease, and she grinned to feel her powerful muscles take the weight easily while she lifted the whole tank from a position that without her flight powers would be impossible. Playfully spinning the tank in the air and holding it up badly balanced but stable with just one hand, she knew with certainty that she could hoist a hundred of these tanks just as easily. Picking one of the other tanks at random, she launched the war machine she held with blistering speed and was elated at the excessive explosion the impact produced. Almost as an afterthought, Vicki raised a hand toward the third tank and released a single short pulse of power that was much much more destructive than throwing a tank. Her target and part of the jungle around it vanished in an instant, and violent shockwaves and winds battered the entire battlefield. The attacking force broke into a panic and ran, while those in the stronghold looked on in confused amazement.

Then the owner of the stronghold came out, flanked by three superhumans and a short woman. Vicki was a little shocked when she recognised them, because they were one of the renowned gangs of villains in the world. A little embarrassed, Vicki realised she had probably just taken out the good guys.

“What was that all about? Are you trying out for a job or what?”

“No. I just dropped in to to see if I’m bulletproof. The people at Pinnacle aren’t booked in to use the weapons range until tomorrow.”

“Pinnacle? You’re with the Pinnacle Foundation?” Their bearded spokesman tensed up, and the others exchanged glances.

“Yeah. I’m the new super weapon that’s going to take you assholes down.”

“That so? Well … You’re pretty strong. Pretty big too.” He stroked his beard. “But you fucked up coming here. Because size doesn’t matter to me. Julie … if you would be so kind.”

The woman sneered and held out a hand toward to Vicki, who looked on curiously but didn’t raise even an eyebrow in defence. Applying her special gifts she felt an unusual resistance, and nothing happened. It was a new, and rather disturbing sensation. Julie was the greatest miniaturist on Earth and nothing had ever been able to resist her power the way Vicki did.

Vicki smiled. She sensed the powerful forces at play, but also sensed her dominance over them. But then Julie upped her game, applying the same effort she might use against a skyscraper. Vicki began to shrink and started to panic. It happened fast, and suddenly she was slightly less than an inch tall, standing in the dusty towering grass.

A huge boot loomed over her, and stomped down. Instinctively, Vicki raised her arms and locked herself in place. The heavy boot parted and crashed down around her, before ripping back into the air as the owner grabbed hold of it and howled as though he had stomped on a nail.. Then Vicki saw a tennis ball made of blue fire that was the size of a bus to her now. She braced herself, but relaxed as the impact proved nothing but intoxicatingly pleasant.

The angry hopping man glared down at her and swung his foot back at her, and proceeded to kick Vicki with all his superhuman strength. Much more confident now, Vicki caught the boot and held it without moving a micrometer. He tried to pull it back but she held it easily in place. To the absolute astonishment of those watching, the unhappy attacker was hoisted and slammed into the ground. A tiny giggle was heard, and he was slammed again but with such horrific force he exploded into mist.

Another volley of wasted energy blasts nearly gave the tiny Vicki an orgasm. She might be tiny, and they might be giants, but she was still very unfairly advantaged in terms of power. Holding out a tentative hand Vicki blasted one of them with her own energy bolt. She put in a little extra because she was so very small. The energy blast exploded forth, and slammed into her target. Vicki had misjudged the required effort terribly, and the explosion killed Julie and her boss as well as the intended target, and reduced a third of the stronghold to a smoking ruin.

The last man, horrified by the death of his friends and determined not to join them, raced from the scene toward the jungle. Vicki watched him run, then flew to the ruins and selected a massive slab of reinforced concrete. It was easily the size of a small island to her miniaturised body, but with ease that filled her with immense joy she was able to lift the entire mass quite smoothly and every bit as easily as she had lifted the tank. Soaring into the air with the equivalent of an entire city block in her hands, Vicki flew after the last man.

Wondering what would happen, Vicki used the same technique she had learned from Julie to enlarge herself and her cargo. Elated with success, she watched the oversized world around shrink to a normal size and she returned to her former dimensions. To her amazement, and to the utter hope dashing horror of her quarry, the concrete rubble she had been holding was now actually the size of a city block.

Watching the large chunk of concrete fly after him had frightened him, but watching it grow into a floating island that blotted out the sky completely terrified him. He started to run the instant that he saw Vicki hovering there holding it all up as easily as if it were a plate of sandwiches.

She could only laugh at him as she soared high enough to throw her cargo at him. The resulting devastation stretched for three square miles, the crater itself dug a good hundred feet deep. Her target, and indeed the stronghold itself, was utterly destroyed.

Satisfied with her test, and now certain that no army on Earth could harm her new body, Vicki left the African continent and made her way back to the Pinnacle facility. She was looking forward to the tests Carter would organise for her with bigger and more powerful weapons, but she was already certain she would pass. If she was already able to take a tank shell so easily, then by the time Carter had an artillery range organised she would be ready for nukes.

It was all hands on deck for the first two days of Vicki’s new life. They really put her through her paces, or at least they tried. Each attempt to measure her power proved inadequate for the task, a fact that frustrated Juan and excited Carter. The Director was elated by the success of his program, and was very keen on day 2 to move forward with the weapons testing.

After sleeping like a baby for several hours Vicki had risen with millions of things running through her mind. Part of her thought it would be a good idea to stick around and see where Carter’s plans would take her. Part of her wanted to act on the many fantasies she’d had about what she would do if this kind of power ever came her way. Standing on the open field in the tiny outfit she had forged for herself from one of Pinnacles super dense experimental armours, for the time being Vicki was happy to play along.

“Are you ready, Vicki?”

She gave a wave to the men high on the hill in their shielded bunker. They were two miles away, but she still could have heard the question even without the loudspeakers blasting Carter’s voice at her. Since waking up she had been able to hear a pin drop on the moon, but fortunately her mind had also developed a proportionately improved filtering system. The most annoying thing at first was discovering how many Vicki’s there were in the world, because for the first few hours she had trouble preventing that natural response to give attention every time someone said her name. By the time she stood before the vast array of weapons they had assembled, she was able to filter out the effect. If a voice she recognised spoke her name, though, she still found herself instantly eavesdropping.

The weapons opened fire, beginning with the least powerful. Vicki gave the incoming rounds a smug smile and put her hands on her hips. She puffed her chest out proudly and looked proudly off to the distance as bullets of ever increasing caliber splattered into tiny fragments on her flawless sensitive skin, sparking off the small patches of armour and fragmenting against her skin. A small rocket ploughed into the ground in front of her, another exploded in the air about five feet away. A third slammed into her gut. She laughed it all off easily. The missiles got larger and larger until she she took a direct hit from a bunker buster.

Knowing something, and actually experiencing it, are very different things. Vicki knew it was just logical to assume she was invulnerable to these giant missiles because of how useless a giant superman’s boot had been. But to actually stand there and bear the brunt of a missile the size of a train engine triggered sensations in her body and mind nobody expected. As a second, and larger, bunker buster drove into her she shamelessly embraced an orgasm that stunned all onlookers with its effects. The air was instantly cleared as an astonishing shockwave swept through the area, rattling the observation bunker more than anyone in it had ever seen. A third bunker buster, still inbound, was knocked out of the sky, but Vicki moved to make sure the explosion wasn’t wasted on an empty patch of ground.

Carter had not been expecting her to get aroused. He was a little unnerved to see her enjoy the onslaught as much as she did, and the effect it had on his team was more than a little disturbing. A part of him jp just wanted to stare at her and drool, but another part wanted to begin the next part of the test.

“That will suffice for the conventional weapons tests, don’t you agree Juan?”

“Yes sir,” Juan nodded. “I would say we have enough data there.”

Carter turned to the fifteen hulking Class 2 men displayed on a monitor and flicked a switch so he could address them. “It’s time gentlemen. Remember that this woman is possibly a Class 1, so no holding back.”

The supermen left the safety of the holding area and moved onto the field at a run. Three of them were fliers, and lifted up to float along over the rest as they spread out to take up positions on Vicki’s flanks. She smiled at them, happy to have begun the part of the test she had been looking forward to most of all.

Some of these men she recognised from the news. A few were long time veterans. All were from the upper end of the Pinnacle roster, though none were in active law enforcement teams, and had been pulled together from the emergency on-call roster. It was not uncommon for contracted heroes to be required to perform such duties, but it was highly irregular to have drawn together such a large group. While tasks like this were expected, it was not a job any professional heroes put their hands up for, and Vicki could tell these men were not in a good mood. That meant they would not hold back, and for a moment she felt just a little nervous.

The biggest stepped forward, giving his comrades a confident “I’ve got this one, lads,” as he strode forward on massive legs and approached the diminutive woman.

Standing at her original height, with only a slight improvement to her physique apparent, she looked tiny in front of the wide beast of a man. But she seemed at ease as she looked up and smiled at him sweetly. He cracked his knuckles and ran his eyes over her, a little surprised by how deeply her body aroused a primal need to throw her down and have her right there.

“Well? Are you gonna just stand there like a stunned mullet?” She asked, breaking him out of his hypnosis.

Irritated by her lack of fear and her cheeky words, the behemoth coiled a meaty fist back under his side and delivered a thundering full powered shot to her gut. Vicki felt the blow. It was more powerful than the biggest bunker buster, but it didn’t hurt her at all. It didn’t even leave a mark, and all he managed to do by trying to follow through with all his might was ensure the complete destruction of his fist. His super strong bones shattered like glass, and his eyes widened in horror to the sound of Vicki’s chuckling.

“Oh no … that must really hurt.” She looked at his broken hand as he held it up before his face, unable to believe what had happened to it.

“What the fuck did you do to Hammer!?” Several supermen rushed forward and Vicki faced them without shying away from any of their blows. They delivered an assault that was worthy of their training, fast and efficient and deadly. Vicki was very impressed with their co-ordination, and their vigour. Her eyes followed each super-fast attack easily, her ears allowing her to track those who came in from behind.

“You know …”


“… I had no idea …”


“… that all this …”

BOOM. BOOM. KABOOM. BATHUK. “OW!!!!! My fucking leg! Ahhhh!”

“… was going to … mmm …”


“Feel so … so … GOOD.”

It was certainly not feeling good for the broken men around her. Seven of the toughest Class 2’s around were now eyeing her with wonder, nursing a variety of self inflicted injuries. For no other reason than to frighten the shit out of them, Vicki grew two feet taller over the next half a minute. Their combined astonishment morphed into primal fear as she rose to look down on them from a body now bursting with terrifying muscular power.

They scampered away from her, completely horrified by the grinning monster. These men were much weaker compared to her than the bikers had been all those years ago to her strength then. And they were thousands of times stronger than those bikers. Thrilled, she flexed her mighty body, showing off her amazingly feminine musculature to the gasps of those nearest to her as they actually felt waves of energy pouring out of her.

“You can’t even scratch me with direct physical attacks, fellas. Nobody has stronger, tougher, muscles than these badgirls. What else do you have?”

Lightning bolts, fireballs, ice javelins, boulders thrown at supersonic speed. They gave all they had until every single one of them was drained. Vicki was laughing at them, egging them on with insults and clearly have a great time. To Vicki’s great amusement, one of them put her body into some sort of time trap, making everything seem to speed up around her as the effect slowed her down dramatically. Testing herself, she was still able to move fast enough to block incoming energy blasts at will, and even dodge them. Her ability to move fast was, on its own, enough to counter the time trap quite easily.

It was clear to everyone present that their test subject was thoroughly enjoying every moment of this. It was awe inspiring to watch as they gave everything they had while she literally laughed it all off. Toward the end though, her demeanour changed. She was getting horny as hell. The power trip was intoxicating, and these were some very finely built men. She bit her lip and watched the men attacking her a moment, only distantly aware of the fireballs and lightning bolts striking her, while she wrestled with her increasing desires. She knew she probably shouldn’t, but also knew that there was not a damn thing anybody could do to stop her. It was the realisation that there also wasn’t anything they could do to punish her afterward, an idea that added an extra edge to her growing need, that tipped her over the edge.

Tearing away her tiny alloy clothes, Vicki shamelessly rubbed out her first ground shaking orgasm. The effect of watching her, and of the strange energy blast that knocked even the fliers to the ground, gave each man a raging erection. She could see and smell their arousal, and moved to take the nearest man.

He screamed as she mounted herself on him and tore away his clothes. “Sorry hot-stuff … Momma needs some loving.”

He was a man whose strength outshone 97% of super humans. He may as well have been a quadriplegic for all his resistance accomplished. Five of his friends rushed to his aide, grabbing hold and trying to pull her off him. With eyes closed, absorbed in her pleasures, Vicki moved up and down with delightful moans and coos, her pace deliberate and steady. Two of the men pulling on her were taken in her hands and moved to her breasts, where she cruelly and selfishly massaged herself with their faces.

Carter watched on with growing anger. “Stop the test! Everyone clear the field now!”

It was too late at is point to regain control. Vicki wanted to fuck right now more than she wanted play games with Director Carter. And so she continued to pump away, even as she made sure to radiate enough raw sexual energy into the men around her to ensure their complete enslavement to her desires. She could see them fight it, but they had no hope of withstanding her overpowered pheromones and she quickly crippled them all completely with an insane lust for her. Crying out with unfathomable eroticism Vicki broke two faces and a pelvis as she got her second peak. Discarding the damaged trio, Vicki took another man and easily forced him into a position he found quite emasculating with legs spread wide. Moving his large beefy frame like it he was a blow-up sex doll, she held onto him and pulled him forcefully in and out. He had no control over his movements at all, and the pace she set varied purely upon her whims. When she started breaking him, cruelly ramming him home and tightening her grip on his body, he wasn’t sure at all whether she was doing it because she was about to cum, or if she was about to cum because she was hurting him. He would be horrified if he knew that Vicki wasn’t sure either.

“Oh yeah … here it comes … uh … FUCK YEAH! HMMMM … OH BABY!”

Her cries were accompanied with loud snaps and agonised protests. She negligently pulled her lover out and cast him aside, pulling two more men close then kissing one while positioning and mounting the other. She didn’t start slow to ease him into the experience, but picked up at the same pace she had just left off.

Carter watched in bewilderment. He could not breath the air outside at that moment to understand why the superheroes didn’t just run away. There was no response when he tried to call them off, even though it was abundantly clear from the first contact that Vicki was completely immune to their attacks. And now, even though she was wrecking the men in sickening ways as she sexually abused them without mercy, those yet to be ruined in her arms remained on the field looking on in rapture.

Standing among the groaning remains of the fifteen supermen, Vicki stood with an “Oops” expression on her face, a finger touched to the corner of her mouth as she realised that even though she was out of toys, and had reaped a plethora of incredible orgasms out of them, she could definitely go another round. She beamed with pride in her peerless physical prowess, standing straight and tall and subconsciously swelling her frame a fraction as she thought about how easily she had outperformed them.

“Sorry about that boys. It was a lot of fun though, right?” She grinned at them one last time, and then using a refinement of her outfit making trick she span on the spot and was suddenly wearing a new slightly more flourished halter and skirt. “Let’s do this again sometime.”

She was about to fly off to the observation bunker when an idea occurred to her. All her other powers were freakishly amplified now, and she became curious about one of her original abilities. Holding her hands wide in an unintentionally graceful pose, she closed her eyes and applied her healing talents to the crippled supermen. It would have taken hours to heal just one of them before her time in the chamber, but now she found it unsurprising that she was able to restore all the heroes to full health in just a few seconds. Not only that, but she clearly sensed she could keep on healing them after they were fully healed. Not sure what that would do to them, she filed the discovery away for further investigation later and floated off to talk with Carter.

Shrinking down to her normal size, her intimidating and glorious muscles almost vanishing entirely into a still clearly fit but less frightening physique, Vicki entered the bunker and tried her best to look sheepish. “I’m, uh … terribly sorry about that, Director Carter. Should we try that test again?”

“No. You’ve done them enough damage, I think. And you’re obviously immune to their attacks. I’d say that makes you our first Class 1. Congratulations, Victoria. You’re a historical first.”

“Let’s save the awards for later, okay? You made me to do a job, didn’t you? Well … lets get started.”

“It’s not that easy, Vicki. We have to conduct more …”

“Tests? No. No more tests. I’m ready for the field.”

Carter seethed at her arrogance, even though he actually agreed with her to a great extent. He really did want to put her to work immediately. “Ready for the field? I just saw you totally loose control of yourself out there. You need to learn to keep yourself in check before I’m approving you for active duty!”

“Director Carter … do you really give a shit if I do what I just did to a bunch of asshole super thugs? I got a fair idea you’re gonna be fine with me killing supervillains, so why do you care if I get myself a little something on the side?”

Her voice was dripping with honeyed seduction, surreptitiously undermining Carter’s steely resolve. She was so sexy. So erotic. And so powerful. Could he ever say no to her, and have her run off again into the world on her own again? The thought of her as a loose cannon, without his moral guidance, chilled his soul.

“Our next test should be a field test anyway,” he declared for all to hear. “I’m thinking one of those free-states the Class 2 villains run in the Caribbean. We can have the plane loaded and ready to go in twenty minutes. I know of an island that would be a perfect test. But you need to keep your panties on out there. If this project is going to work, we don’t want any footage leaking out of you being a porn star.”

Pinnacle had an island of its own, protected by top tier supers and a small navy. Standing on the airfield Vicki stood prepared for her first real trip into the field with her ever growing abilities. She wasn’t afraid of anything her targets might throw at her, and was actually hoping they had some secret ultra weapon nobody knew about.

“Now … we have good intel about this place. But we aren’t sharing it with you. This is a full combat test to see how you use your powers on the move in dynamic situations. They have state of the art conventional defence systems and a the group consists of many dangerous super humans. I want you to take out the island, and as brutal as it sounds, you have to kill all the combatants on the island. As you know, keeping prisoners with powers is impossible. Be warned, Vicki. This is not some playful bunch of allies out to give you a roasting. These are supervillains who have all been sentenced to death. This is one of seven pirate controlled islands in the area. We expect a medium to high level of resistance that would normally result in unacceptable casualties if we sent a regular team in there. No more tests. Strike hard and strike fast, Vicki. There are micro drones already deployed on the island, so we will be monitoring your activity the whole time. Okay?”

“No problem. I’ll be sure not to go too fast, though, so you boys can enjoy the show.”

Not sure he liked her attitude, Carter nodded and smiled anyway. And then she was gone, soaring up into the atmosphere and off toward the designated target. She moved so fast he wasn’t able to track her, but he heard the sonic booms crack through the sky and knew she would arrive at the island before he got back to control room.

Vicki was orbiting the island at a leisurely pace, casually observing the alerted defences of the island below when Carter’s voice echoed in her ear. “What are you doing? They’ve seen you now.”

“But I want them to see me. I have had to rush through fights my entire life to make sure I never got shot. Now that I don’t have to worry about silly things like getting injured or losing a fight, I can take my time. Besides, it will be more fun if they think they’re ready for me!”

She stopped as a warning shot flew past. It was just some anti aircraft bullets, and she let them go. But she wanted them to really open up with their big guns, so she figured she should do something to kick things off properly. Lazily extending a finger toward the gun that just fired, Vicki released an arc of blue lightening. The crackling energy blast from her fingertip was fifty feet wide where it struck the ground, and the entire island shook as Vicki’s short lightning bolt whomped violently into the ground. The explosion destroyed an entire bank of guns and sent a section of fortified wall tumbling into the sea.

Her casual destruction was quickly answered by a bombardment on a scale she was quite flattered by. The air was suddenly so thick with energy blasts, bullets, and missiles, that she couldn’t clearly see the island below through the oncoming wall of death. She splayed herself open to the assault, and giggled as their attempts gave her a wonderfully invigorating massage. For a very long time she just drifted above the island letting them drain the cache of weapons and tire out their supers. But when the assault diminished and the incoming fire began to peter out she decided it was time to return a little fire. Vicki raised an arm and dramatically posed like a vengeful God above the heavily fortified island..

She unleashed her second blast of the day, larger than the first, intending to take out a long row of anti ship missile launchers that were now drained of munitions. Vicki was a little more turned on than she cared to admit, and just a little distracted. As a result, she unleashed too much power and the explosion she caused did a little bit more than she had meant it to. The energy bolt, a hundred feet wide where it hit and many times brighter than the first, drove itself deep into the island’s surface. Vicki looked on in awe of her own power as the entire island suffered from her callousness. Cracks tore through the island in fifty directions from the point of impact, cracks that glowed brighter and brighter before the whole landmass exploded into a giant plume of earth, rock, and sea.

“Fuck yeah. Did you guys see that?”

“What did you do, Vicki?! There would have been valuable intel on that island.”

“Sorry, sir. I’ll do better on the next one!”

“Next one? Vicki … there isn’t going to be a next one for now.”

“Don’t be silly,” Vicki admonished him mockingly. “There’s ten islands just like this one within easy shooting distance.”

“Vicki, we need you to come back here. We can discuss the next target together.”

“It’s no problem … I can find them easier than you can, and I already found four you guys had missed.”

Carter sat back and watched as she rocketed away from the empty sea she had made of her first target with a growing sense of dread. Had he lost control already? He did not want to entertain the thought. “This is a good thing,” he told a pale faced Juan. “Keep tracking her with satellites. Gather as much data as you can.”

Vicki chose a much larger island as her next target, this time taking a much more direct approach. Deciding she didn’t want to listen Carter whining in her ear, and now adopting her own mission plan, Vicki accelerated rapidly until she felt the small ear piece break apart, and the throat mike glued to her neck soon followed. She kept accelerating, passing two potential targets just to enjoy the wonderful sensation of being the fastest person on Earth.

Slowing to a leisurely Mach 4 as she neared the heavily defending island, gleefully adjusting her course to ensure the anti-missile defences could get a good angle on her approach, She became the target of the base’s state-of-the-art automated defence system. The computer-guided fifty caliber projectiles maintained a steady and accurate stream that Vicki playfully alternated the smooth tops of her breasts into. Maintaining a steady Mach 4, she tucked her arms in at her sides and eagerly pushed her face forward as she dove toward the biggest and sturdiest bunker. It was, as she quickly discovered, the main ammunition depot for the island. She shot though the thick concrete ceiling and into a neat pile of rocket propelled grenades, still in their crates. Laughing and allowing the explosion to toss her about as much as it could, which wasn’t very much despite the impressive size of it and those that followed. The chain reaction of the munitions exploding went on for nearly a minute until a huge blast set it all off. Vicki stood in the churning fireball and watched her super powered opponents milling about the island in confusion while small and large chunks of debris rained down on her. A thick steel beam bounced right off of the top of her head, driving her feet in inch into the concrete before it came to rest beside her with booming thud.

There were three hundred Class 3 foot soldiers running about with weapons Vicki recognised as a type she had not been shot by before. They were old technology now, and only soldiers with class 3 strength levels could carry the heavy batteries that powered the magnetic field of the rail guns. Still standing in the flames Vicki licked her lips at the thought of testing them against herself.

The Class 2’s were gathering close to the burning bunker, one or two of them even able to see her already. Vicki grinned and floated slowly into and through a section of wall that had remained standing, revealing herself to the instantly bedazzled crowd.

Short rods started pelting her at speeds beyond that of normal bullets. These weapons had proven useful against a lot of Class 2’s. They proved to be nothing but nerf guns against Vicki. As pleasant as it was, she knew if she allowed them to shoot at her for too long she would get horny again. Grinning as an idea came to her, she floated up and hovered there as more types of weapons joined the fight. Ignoring their pitiful attempts to bring her down she spread herself in the air and made her body into the most powerful magnet on Earth. Except this magnet only affected a unique rare metal, a rare metal used only in railguns. Amused by her own cleverness, she laughed as every man wearing one of the bulky battery packs was lifted and drawn toward her at an incredible speed. Some were even pulled clean through walls or were pancaked against the rocks they were hiding behind. Just before the first hit her, she switched the magnetic force off and started punching kicking and sometimes just body-slamming the incoming men. The force that attracted them to her was now gone, but they still had more than enough momentum to carry them all within a comfortable range.

“How the fuck did you do that?”

A huge Class 2 woman had zoomed up behind her, shaping up ready to fight as a few others joined her.

“It was easy. I can do lots of stuff.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to fight. Show me what you got.”

The big girl was fast, flashing about in a flurry of super strong deadly blows in all of Vicki’s exposed and most vulnerable pressure points. Vicki watched her, impressed by the way she moved and recognising someone with training. Three men rushed in from behind, using their combined flight powers to try forcing her to the ground, making themselves effectively weigh many thousands of tonnes. Vicki hardly even noticed, but their soft bodies felt nice pressed up against her while she kept focus on the big woman still throwing perfectly placed strikes on her body.

The men didn’t move her at all, and the blows she received were accomplishing absolutely nothing. The woman was sweating, going all out and drawing deep on her powerful body. The brave superwoman tried every trick she knew, and used all the force she could muster, but this strange new arrival just stood there, held by three huge flying hulks and hovering there as calm as the Ancient Mariner’s sea. And when she did finally move, it was to shockingly grab her own tits.

To get her hands to her breasts Vicki had to break several fingers, a forearm, and a wrist. A finger got caught between her hands and their goal, and that poor man screamed louder than any normal person would have been capable.

Furious that her target would be so arrogant, the huge woman grabbed her shoulders and drove her knee hard as she could between her legs. If she wanted to be a filthy bitch, then she’d be treated like a filthy bitch. But the feminine howls of pain that followed the low blow came from the superhuman woman who had just badly shattered her knee. Somehow her target’s hand had caught her under the knee before she could pull the agonised joint back from the self-destructive attack. Studying her situation, the woman saw that the arm holding her knee had also trapped the arms of two of her comrades. Their effort to escape turning their faces as red as she imagined her own was getting.

“Hmmm … you’re really strong. Really tough too.” Vicki greedily pressed the woman’s knee into her crotch, delighting in the pleasure it brought her. The woman punched her in the face, twice, three times, then stopped and stared at her broken swelling fist. “You’re stronger than all three of these guys behind me put together, aren’t you?” Vicki asked rhetorically.

“Ugh … .fuck you! Let me go!”

Vicki smiled, and continued to rub herself with the broken knee to prove that all four supers could not prevent it no matter hard they tried. “When I’m finished. You got me started … now you got to finish the job.”

Vicki heard a crack as she increased the pace and pressure of her selfish administrations, wounding another man’s shoulders quite badly when she grabbed him and dragged him around in front of her so she could rub her breasts with his hairy face. His protests and struggles increased in to a feverish desperation as he realised the awesome strength Vicki wielded. He was just a toy in her hands, a plaything for her amusement. Even bruising him badly and breaking his enhanced bones her breast could not disguise its sheer eroticism. He was getting hard.

“How many Class 2’s are down there?” asked Vicki, not caring who, if anyone, answered her question. She would soon know, and it did not matter if there were ten or a thousand. She was going to win regardless.

“There’s..,about thirty of us …”

“Mmmmm … that does feel …” CRACK “… so good.” Vicki knew she could have worked them for many hours, but she would have time for pleasure later. An eternity of time. Right now, she had a lot of supervillain ass to kick. Getting one satisfying peak from the group, Vicki rode it out and allowed the raw orgasmic energy her very special body produced to knock them all out. Their comparatively feeble minds stood no chance of coping with the pleasures she ruthlessly unleashed upon them.

Letting the men go, dropping them to the ground far below, Vicki held the unconscious woman by the arm and admired her strong body. This one was very powerful. The seeds of an idea began to flourish in Vicki’s mind, and she decided to keep this fantastically strong woman for later. At the very least she could provide some great sex, but Vicki was beginning to form a much bigger plan for this special lady and any other superhumans whose power stood out as much. Carrying the woman with her, Vicki flew to a quiet part of the island and laid her gently on the ground. After a moments thought about how to keep her from running off, Vicki grinned at the solution she came up. She pointed a finger toward a rock and shot it with a tiny spark of pink energy, making the innocent rock into a nightlight that radiated gently with pure sexual energy that Vicki had saved from her last release. She left her potential lover on the ground next to the suddenly special rock, it’s glow incapacitating and the woman gasping in pleasure. Confident the woman would not be going anywhere, Vicki went out to seek more Class 2’s of a similar level of strength as this impressive woman.

Vicki’s idea for finding more high end Class 2’s was very simple. She would just move around the island dispatching the evil, dastardly, villains who ran this den of thieves, all the while making sure to let them get in a few of their best shots so she could best gauge their power level. She only needed to find two or three more, but wasn’t prepared to accept anyone weaker than the woman had proven to be.

Landing in the thick of the Class 2’s Vicki knocked a few of them flying and tossed a couple into the sea, being very careful not kill them with her play fighting before she had a chance to get their full measure. Once she had their full attention, and full aggression, her game went into full swing.

Most of the men were bigger than the flying woman, and they were certainly just as well trained. Trained, Vicki strongly suspected, by the same master. Smiling wickedly, she realised by the time she had broken her fourth super-strong thug that her incredibly sharp mind had actually mapped the ins and outs of whatever martial art form they were using. At the start of the fight she just let them hit her with whatever they wanted to try, figuring that they would come at her with their best shot, and if they hit weaker than that beautiful strong woman had done she dispatched them. But as the battle continued Vicki found herself blocking every single strike almost subconsciously, a task made easy by her speed, but even easier because she now knew their technique. She could see what move they were trying, and where it was headed, before their hands or feet had moved two inches.

Her counter blows became honed strikes, her training advanced beyond many of her opponents thanks to the lesson she had from the woman who had captured. Vicki recalled every single fancy move the big lass had laid on her, and found she was able to use them very effectively herself. She thought more about fighting styles, and remembered all the martial-arts movies she had seen over the years. Vicki started laughing while her hands and feet began to move more like Bruce Lee. Brad had loved Bruce Lee movies, and she had seen all of them. She giggled as her mind assimilated fighting moves from every movie she had ever seen in the space of three heartbeats.

Vicki was enjoying her new game so much she had forgotten her original goal. Before she knew it she was taking down her last target. After performing a graceful roundhouse kick that impacted a flame-throwing woman in the face, she shot her hands proudly into the air and declared “I know fucking Karate!”

“Do you?” The man who spoke was an old man with a long grey goatee, almost pure white, and the sleek body of a speedster. “You have not faced a true master.”

“You’re the one who taught all these animals how to fight,” Vicki guessed. “It doesn’t look like you did a very good job, Sensei. They’re all dead.”

He howled with rage, and became a torrent of death. With super speed and strength and a mastery of ancient martial arts he unleashed all his knowledge upon her. He was so angry he forgot about discipline. He was so angry that he was determined to completely destroy her. His body was a weapon trained since youth and blessed with great power, and his focus was entirely upon taking this beautiful demon out.

“Really cool. You move so beautifully. Teach me more …”

He raged and came at her again, but this time she did more than just stand there. She blocked his every strike, and she did it with an insulting air of casual ease. Her stance was all wrong and she used only her left hand, her head tilted and her smile almost a sneer. He was one if the fastest speedsters he knew, but she moved so fast his trained eye could not hope to follow the movement of her hand as she prevented him from landing a single blow. He stopped and stepped back panting at her chilling display. And that’s when the pain set in. He had badly hurt his hands and feet without realising, while his target stood watching with fascination and showing no sign of the assault he had made. She should be a dozen times dead. He stood staring at her in horror, now aware that he was absolutely helpless against this woman. He couldn’t even bruise her.

“That was it? Maybe I can teach you something instead. You’re obviously throwing your punches all wrong. Let me show you how a proper fighting person does punching, Okay?”

Vicki put one hand on her hip and backhanded him. She moved just slow enough for him to whip up a counterstrike with his forearm crossing hers, but her arm swung through his with an awful snap of bone and the back of her hand walloped him hard enough to plough him through three buildings. Sadly, he would not live to teach the new move she had shown him, but that wasn’t what made Vicki pout.

It suddenly occurred to her that exuberance had come at the cost of her original game. Shrugging her failure off, realising that they all must have been pretty standard level supers anyway if she could take them down so easily, Vicki swooped back to her prisoner. She drew the pink spark back from the rock and applied her healing power to the woman, healing her knee and the injuries she had given herself trying to hurt Vicki.

“Feeling better?”

She groggily rose. “What do you want? What … What is this? Who are you?”

“I’m Vicki. What’s your name?”

“I’m Jen. How is a girl small as you that strong? You must be ten times stronger than me … .”

“More. I’m not always so small. But you’ll see. Right now, I have important stuff I need to do … but once I’m done I’ll be back here. You’ll have company soon I hope, so you won’t be lonely long. Tell me, Jen … do you know anyone else as strong as you around these islands?”

“Only two I know of. There’s big Bob, he’s on the biggest island to the East of here towards Cuba. He’s even stronger than me … but he can’t fly. And there’s that asshole Enrique. He doesn’t play well with others … so he’s all alone. He pops on on different islands all the time, I think whenever he goes on a raid somewhere he comes back and forgets which empty island he’d claimed.”

“That’s very helpful,” Vicki told her with a warm smile. “You’re my prisoner, by the way. I trust you’ll stay here and wait for me to get back?”

The big woman just gave Vicki a look of defeat. “You’re gonna do that thing with the rock again, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Sorry …”

“Can you ease it up just a little? I couldn’t even distract myself by concentrating on my busted knee before.”

“That’s sort of the idea. Incapacitating pleasure is better than having me snap your spinal cord though, right? And believe me, in terms of what I could have done with that rock, I was taking it pretty easy on you. Don’t expect it to last, though. I have plans for us tonight!”

“Easy on me? That’s bullshit.”

“Well … I could have done this instead.” Vicki flicked her fingers at Jen’s outfit. Instantly Jen’s underwear became visible through her customary super-thug catsuit, her bra and panties glowing a bright pink brilliantly enough to almost appear they were being worn outside her clothes. Jen’s eyes widened, and her ecstatic writhing began anew with ten times the savagery as before. Laughing as she left, Vicki went east to find Bob.

The big island was very heavily defended. It had a town full of civilians and a fishing fleet. It also had two resorts, but they had been overrun by villains. The Caribbean was a prime destination for supers on the run, and over the years had become one of the havens for evil superhumans to hide out between whatever nefarious work they had going. This island appeared to be a home for at least a thousand Class 2’s. Vicki didn’t even bother to count the Class 3’s. They were of no interest to her. But she was going to make sure she took out every single one of the dangerous Class 2’s.

Vicki swooped down to float about thirty over the main harbour to get everyone’s attention at what appeared to be the busiest part of the island.

“Listen up, scumbags! The world has suffered enough at the hands super-pricks like you! Surrender now, and nobody has to die!”

Her voice carried much farther than her diminutive size would indicate. No-one could fail to hear her booming words. She watched those below watching her. She could see them all weighing her up and knew they would underestimate the threat she represented. She would never have offered them a chance to surrender if she thought they would actually give up without a fight. Vicki could see many laughing at her, some just shaking their heads in astonishment at the folly of a lone hero arriving and demanding the surrender of a thousand very powerful outlaws. A small group, probably some of the towns leaders, had gathered together from the crowd on the dock and stood staring up at her while they quickly discussed the strange demand.

“Who the fuck does this bitch think she is?”

“How powerful do you think she is? She can’t be very strong … look how puny she is.”

“I say we bust her up real bad. But don’t kill her. She’s too hot to go to waste.”

Vicki laughed at them, not to mock them … but out of genuine amusement. “I’ll give you one chance to all come quietly. Fair warning: If you don’t I am going to kill all of you. And, to be honest, I kinda think I might just enjoy it a little bit.”

Several hundred different conversations erupted, and outraged shouts came from all over the island. Vicki heard every word very clearly, and raised a disapproving eyebrow at some of the more tasteless rants. And then a fireball came rolling through the air, straight for her. She let it explode on her, allowing its forces to caress her and it’s heat to please her. The smoke cleared, and she heard a few surprised curses as she was revealed unharmed to her captivated audience.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Vicki stunned the all onlookers, horrifying them even as a great many energy blasts of different types came at her. She calmly let loose a little fraction of the vast power she had hidden away inside her, and allowed it to grow her gorgeous body out in every direction. Slowly and steadily she gained inches of seductively curved muscles, and her height had doubled before the first energy blast fizzled on her rising cobblestone abs. As the true horror of what they were witnessing began to seep in, and Vicki kept on inflating to a gigantic height, the number of energy attacks increased. Conventional weapons were also brought to bear. Making sure her posture was powerful, deliberately trying to ooze as much arrogance as she could, Vicki let their deadly attacks break upon her impregnable fortress of a body, all the while letting the power within her increase her size. It felt marvellously sensual as her muscles tingled impatiently with more and more strength, and she could feel her muscles harden even more as they became smoothly defined. The world around her shrank, her feet now in the water. They kept up the assault, but it was beginning to fade as Vicki’s feet sank into the harbour floor. She stopped growing, but allowed her muscles to flex and swell a little more while she arrogantly pumped her arms and then did a power flex. It felt wonderful to stand around eighty feet tall and seemed to be a more realistic representation of the vast gulf between her power and that of her opponents.

With speed that was utterly irrational for her size, Vicki reached down and grabbed up the superman who had picked on her size just a few moments before. “I guess I don’t look so puny now, huh?” she quipped, holding him in one hand before her face. Watching him push futilely against the flesh of her fingers, she rewarded his efforts by very slowly squeezing him in her hand until he started to crack and scream.

With a playful air about her, the titanic Vicki dropped him into the water and stepped out of the harbour into the town. She brought her foot down on a few energy projectors, driving them three feet into the ground as her sole pressed deep into the concrete surface, sinking so deep because of her weight. Her other foot smashed one of the cranes as she swung it into position over some more people who scampered clear before she pressed another foot shaped crater into the quayside. She laughed at the panic she was provoking among her targets, her fists pressed into her sides as she stood there bearing the brunt of many desperate and very powerful attacks. Their only effect on Vicki was making her feel wonderfully pleasant sensations all over her body. While there were indeed still quite a few high powered villains still bravely put up a fight, the vast majority were screaming in terror as they rapidly ran away from her, fanning out in all directions. She was about to start taking the whole town apart, but remembered something about Director Carter wanting to gather intel. So instead of playing the rampaging giantess, Vicki, with great efficiency and still under very heavy assault, began looking for Bob. One by one she plucked the Class 2’s she saw from buildings and streets around her. First she began snatching up the fliers that had come too close. Around her like big stupid moths to either break themselves on her flesh or squander their energy blasts. The smart ones flew away, but Vicki gave a chuckle at how easy it was to stop them escaping their doom by shooting them down with a special plasma bolt fired from her fingertip. Because of her size, the bolt from her fingertip was as big as car. She wasn’t sure what the energy was exactly, only that she could produce it in much larger quantities of she wanted to and that it might be useful. When the first bolt found its target it there a brilliant flash and flying villain had simply vanished. The rest of the escaping super thugs all tried to avoid the bolt that chased them down, but they were horrified to discover the deadly bolt tracked their every move with cunning and precision.

While her pet plasma bolt tore through the escaping fliers, Vicki started picking up the Class 2 men and applying her “Is this Bob?” test. The test subjects were horrified by her new game, and by the way she just ignored their mightiest attacks without showing a blemish or mark anywhere on her magnificent body. She was very much enjoying her game, and found she very much enjoyed her new towering perspective. But she quickly grew bored with bending down all the time, and since she didn’t want to crawl, Vicki came up with an easier way to fish out Bob by experimented with her recently acquired telekinetic ability. She moved about standing high over the island like a god, and reached out her hands toward a random target. Using an imaginary tractor beam she terrified everyone further by drawing her target into her bone crushing grip. Holding them up in front of her face, Vicki gave him a squeeze test to see how strong he was. Just as she had with every test subject since the start of her game she did not squeeze as hard as she could. Even the mighty Bob would be pulverised if she did that. She very carefully applied pressure and judged how hard it was to break him. Her sense of touch was extremely sensitive, and she could pick even the subtlest difference in resilience between victims. This one snapped too quickly, his screams cut short as she crushed him utterly and discarded him before selecting a new Class 2 man she suspected of being Bob.

As she went, they continued trying all sorts of attacks but those brave enough to continue the fight were thinning out. Vicki enjoyed showing them her total dominance by continuing to ignore the attacks completely, her attention focused on finding Bob. As her luck would have it, she found him about halfway through the battle, drawing him into her hand from a hiding place near the middle of the island. She instantly knew he was stronger than the others, because he made fractionally deeper impressions on her skin and held up surprisingly well to her crush test. His bones slots required real effort to crush.

“Hello Bob,” she greeted him, holding him firmly in her hand and healing him of the painful injuries she had given him. “I’m Vicki. We’re going to be very good friends.”

He stared slack jawed, unable to muster words as he took in her bar fridge sized teeth just meters from his face. Before he had time to scream, Vicki shrank him a little more and poked him into her cleavage, pressing him deep inside. He had plenty of time to scream in there, as her breasts closed in around him and crushed him into place. He could not, even with the strength of a hundred average Class 2 men, move his arms or legs a hairs breadth inside his erotic prison. He groaned in frustration as his rock hard erection painfully failed to raise itself, pressed against the sweetest smelling, and easily the biggest, breast he had ever seen.

Looking down at the destroyed town, Vicki realised there were still a large number of targets to take out before she moved on looking for Enrique. But she wanted to get moving, and so she needed to speed things up. Enjoying her giantess game immensely, Vicki decided to stick with that theme for the grand finale and started growing again. Stepping off into the ocean, planting her feet on the sea floor and walking out until the ocean was up to her waist, She sped up her growth until she was about two thousand feet tall. No one launched any more energy attacks after that. Now her opponents just gaped at her in awe, utterly defeated. Vicki reached a single hand out to the island, and drew every single remaining Class 2 villain on the island into her grasp. Holding them a moment, enjoying their realisation of her power, Vicki closed her hand and finished them, before dropping their remains into the sea.

Her thoughts turned to Enrique. He could be in any one of the islands out there. But even before the thought “How the hell am I going to find him?” ran all the way through her mind … her remarkable global hearing had already tipped her off to his exact location. A very strong, and very much alone, human heartbeat on an island relatively close to her current position. It was the only human heartbeat she could detect that was without any company anywhere in the region, and she figured it was at the very least worthy of investigation. She shrank down to her deceptively tiny original size, checking on the now miniaturised Bob tucked away in her chest, and went to pick up Enrique.

Having been gone long enough for the sun to now be setting, Vicki decided to grab Enrique and get back to Carter. She was looking forward to hearing what he had thought of her performance. Would he be happy and offer praise? Or would he be angry and start yelling at her? Either way would be equally entertaining for Vicki.

Tracing his heartbeat, Vicki slowed down and coasted into Enrique’s campsite. He had a fire going and was cooking up a large joint of beef, clearly stolen from somewhere because there were no cattle on his tiny island. He spotted her, and rose to his full 7’8” flexing his massive hulking muscles threateningly.

“Goddamnit! How many fucking times do I have to move before you cunts leave me the fuck alone? How many times do I have to tell you I don’t want to be dis-fucking-turbed?”

“Did you just call me a cunt?” Vicki gave him a look of amused concern.


“It doesn’t matter now. But I will be expecting an apology later. You are Enrique? The really strong Enrique who doesn’t play well with others?”

“Isn’t it obvious, little one? Whatever it is you want, you can just fuck right off. I am NOT interested.”

Vicki couldn’t help but laugh at being referred to as “little one”. It was almost as if he knew what her immediate plans for him were. “You’re going to be a lot of fun, Enrique. Though … I don’t expect that you’re going to enjoy it very much.”

He snarled, and tossed a stone at her with more force than she seen from anyone else so far. It hit her nose and snapped into several pieces. In response, Vicki closed one eye and held her hand up with her thumb and forefinger apart lined up, from her perspective, with the top of his head and the soles of his feet as though she were sizing him up. She was in fact planning the exact opposite. With a sneaky smile, Vicki brought her digits slowly and carefully together. As she did, Enrique’s head and feet remained in perfect alignment … because he was shrinking. When he was about the same size as Bob, Vicki beckoned to the tiny floating strongman and the bewildered belittled behemoth floated toward her.

Enrique had screamed, unable to comprehend what was happening to him as he had felt an almost intangible pressure on his head and feet. He felt a strange tingling sensation, and was suddenly frozen in place. At first he thought the strange woman was growing, but to his indescribable horror he realised his feet had lifted from the ground and all the trees around him were also growing. For the first time since he got his powers, he felt very small and vulnerable. He felt afraid. The incredibly attractive woman pulled open her top and opened her cleavage, presenting a deep chasm to him as he magically floated into it. He saw another man in there … and recognised Bob. Despite his efforts to fly away, despite his tiny screams of terror, Enrique was stuffed deep into the chasm only to have the chasm close around him and trap him there.

Tapping her chest as though she’d just shoved a good waitressing tip in there, and smiling with the anticipation of pleasures to comes, Vicki flew back and picked up Jen. Landing beside the writhing mess she had turned the feared and respected lady warrior into, and was just about to remove the orgasm curse from Jen’s garments when she stopped and thought a moment. She smiled wickedly used her outstretched hand to perform a different task, miniaturising Jen as she had done to Enrique only making her much smaller, and levitating her blissfully unaware captive into the air. Vicki slipped a few fingers into the top of her skirt, exposing an opening that she dropped Jen into. The glow from Jen’s radioactive underwear was invisible though Vicki’s short skirt and panties, and provided a gentle warmth that made her feel as though she was constantly having a very enjoyable but extremely mild orgasm.

With her captives safely stowed away, Vicki was elated to be given the chance to fly again. With a string of sonic booms she blasted off toward Pinnacle’s island fortress.

“What were you thinking, Vicki?” Carter asked calmly, using the classic “I am so disappointed right now, not angry” tone he usually found so effective.

“I was thinking I’d kick some ass. And I did, didn’t I? You must have seen what I did.”

Carter had seen most of it. The signal from the drones had cut out several times … more often than usual … but he had seen enough to scare the absolute shit out of him. He looked down at her standing before him, everything about her screaming sex and power at him and tried not to think about how he had watched her grow into a terrifying tower at that harbour. He tried not to think about what she had done to all those super powerful Class 2 outlaws.

“I saw you run off in an uncontrolled and reckless slaughter. You only had one target. I only had clearance for one target. Now I’ve got to explain this in such a way that doesn’t see you court-martialled. And I will. You’re valuable. But you can’t go off course like that.”

“Court-martialled?” Vicki feigned shock, but only because if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able hide how funny she found the idea. After what she had just done and how easily she had done it, she knew they could never actually punish her. She was far too powerful now.

“Yes Vicki. You are not above the law.”

“Of course not, Director Carter. I’m sorry. You’re absolutely right. I just got a bit carried away out there. I’ll do better next time.”

“I’m not even sure there will be a next time.”

“There will be a lot of next times,” Vicki told him confidently. “When they see what I can do, you’ll get all your funding and more. Much, much, more.”

“You can’t operate the way you did out there in a major city. The collateral damage would be enormous.”

“I have more precision than any superhero team in the world. And more power than any of them. I have more power than all of them, Director Carter. You’ve turned me into a hero for the whole world. Once they see what I can do, no villain will be stupid enough to use their powers for evil again. Isn’t that the real goal of this little operation?”

“It is. But we have to do this the right way, Vicki. Look … I’m going to give you one more shot. We’ll pretend this field test today didn’t happen. Total reset.”

“I’m up for it. What do you have in mind?”

“We fly back to the ‘States. I have a target in mind that will be perfect. If we leave now we can be in ‘Vegas by noon tomorrow, ready to roll.”

“If I leave now, I could be in ‘Vegas by the time you told the pilot to get the plane ready.”

“I need to let local law enforcement know we’re coming. And this isn’t some remote island, this is a major highly populated mainland US city. And the target is not some ragtag pirate crew. They’re very dangerous and highly experienced. This is going to take co-ordination, and a great deal of self control on your part.”

“I won’t let you down, Director Carter. You’ve invested a lot of time in making me who I am now, and I won’t ever forget that. Not in a zillion years.”

Carter smiled. Sure Vicki was off to a rocky start, but he was pleased to see a sincere desire on her part to make him happy. Everything was going according to his plan, and with the extremes of power his new weapon displayed he knew once Vicki’s real work began she would be able to accomplish his true goals in a much shorter timeframe than he had originally calculated.

“I know you won’t let me down this time, Vicki. So … lets get going shall we? On the flight we can talk more.”

“Well … if it’s okay … I think I’d like to fly there myself. It was torture coming down here in the plane. I want to go someplace quiet for a few hours and just gather my thoughts. You know … get myself all calm and steady for ‘Vegas.”

Carter considered the request for a few moments, wondering if letting her go off alone was really such a good idea. But as he looked at her fresh youthful face, Vicki seemed to almost radiate innocence and for some reason he found himself unable to think of a reason to refuse her. Even though there were indeed many.

“Okay Vicki. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding the Pinnacle building in Las Vegas. The team and I will get there about eleven tomorrow morning. Go get yourself in the right headspace. Until we go public, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t go showing off in public. And I am sure I don’t need to tell you not to reveal your new powers to anyone who might leak the information.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be a good girl I swear. I just need a little alone time to get my head straight.”

“Okay, Vicki. I’ll meet you in ‘Vegas. By the way … don’t tell anyone I said this: You did great work today. You made me proud. We’re going to do wonderful things for the world together. Wonderful things.”

“Thank you, Sir. I am going to give it everything I’ve got, I promise.”

Vicki left feeling more confident than ever. On arriving back to Carter she could hear his angry heartbeat through his deceptive calm demeanour, but by exuding her own calm and trying to convey sweet innocence she had watched the forthright control freak fall under her spell. His pulse dropped and his cool facade became quite genuine. Beneath her own butter-wouldn’t-melt expression Vicki was still enjoying the pleasures of Jen’s wriggling presence, and the power rush she enjoyed from holding two of the strongest men in the world prisoner in her cleavage. Even though she had disobeyed Carter’s orders and gone rogue for several hours, and had sat in front of him orgasming with three kidnap victims smuggled away in her outfit, he had still let her run free for the night.

Five minutes after leaving the Caribbean Vicki swooped down and checked out the Vegas strip, confirming the location of the Pinnacle building before heading to a remote desert plain well out of town and far from any other people. Vicki carefully plucked her prisoners out of her clothes, and looked at them in her palm a moment. Before the two men were made to ejaculate by exposure to the sexual radiation beaming off of Jen’s underwear Vicki tossed all three of them into the air, and with a whim restored them to their natural size. She left Jen incapacitated on the ground where she landed and smiled at the two hulking villains.

“No way! What the fuck did you do to us? What did you do to Jen?”

“Calm down, Enrique,” Vicki suggested. “You shouldn’t worry about Jen. She’s doing better than you think.”

“Why did you bring us here? What do you want?”

“It’s really not that complicated. I am so horny right now, you wouldn’t believe! I need a couple of big strong super dudes like you to get me off.”

“No way. Just kill me now. I am not your fucktoy.”

Bon shuffled nervously. “Don’t piss her off, man …”

“But Enrique … that’s precisely what you are. My fucktoy. This will go a lot better for you if you relax and enjoy it. You might as well. I mean … it isn’t like you can do anything about it.”

“Who are you?” Bob asked, warily eyeing the relatively small frame of the girl.

“I am a woman who needs love, Bob. But if you guys are gonna be any real use to me, I’m gonna have to try something. Don’t move.”

Vicki’s hands rose, palms out, and the two men where gripped by a wonderfully euphoric sensation of well-being as Vicki engaged her enhanced healing power. She was fascinated to watch both men, already super strong and massive, transform into even more hulking and much stronger looking forms. She licked her lips as she experimentally played with making them a little more generously endowed, and found she could also make them more handsome. Selfishly, Vicki made her two fucktoys into the resilient beasts she needed them to be, and admired them a moment as she lowered her hands.

“I think that worked. Now for her.”

Vicki left the confused supermen to get to grips with their new hyper-enhanced bodies while she took back the pink energy holding Jen captive. The woman rose, looking around in confusion as she stumbled to her feet. “Holy fucking shitballs! You didn’t need to do that!”

“Quit your moaning. I’m about to make you a god. Tell me if this starts to hurt, okay?”

Vicki held up both hands palm out as she had a few moments before, but this time both hands were aimed at Jen and the results were much more impressive. All her euphoric pleasure from her time spent in Vicki’s panties was eclipsed by the strange power that infused itself into Jen’s gently swelling body. She continued to inflate with power for as long as Vicki held her hands out, her height surpassing the two astonished men and not slowing until she was a foot taller than both of them. A giant 8’10 monster of a woman with flawlessly sculpted muscles harder than steel stood before them when Vicki’s hands lowered.

“Oh my god … I feel so strong. So fucking STRONG!!!” She flexed her mighty arms and grinned at them, then looked down at the now puny looking Vicki. Without hesitation or any real thought, she swung a super powerful fist down at Vicki’s head. But Vicki just caught the large fist and smiled mischievously.

Without saying a word Vicki simply made a hot pout and gave Jen a smouldering look. It was more than enough to seduce Jen, who took to ramming her mouth into Vicki’s crotch with feverish gusto. Vicki moaned softly in appreciation of her lovers powerful ministrations. She gave both men watching her a sultry look and her eyes alone were enough to get them moving. They pressed themselves against Vicki, and she had no intention of letting them go until she was completely satisfied.

The trouble for the three super-enhanced slaves was that Vicki could easily keep ramping up her pace. Apparently without limit. Not only that, but she couldn’t be satisfied. Not if they kept it up for a hundred years. It just felt too good, and she didn’t want to stop. For the rest of the night not a word was spoken. There were grunts and moans, and lots of heavy breathing … but no words other than exclamations of erotic bliss. As dawn came they fooled themselves into thinking Vicki would ease up. But she never did. The sun rose and still she kept ramping up the vigour of her love making. Only Vicki was truly enjoying the sex marathon by the time she heard Carter’s voice on the plane over Nevada. It was time for business, and she finally eased up on them.

Floating to her feet and materialising a sexy mini dress onto her body Vicki looked down at her exhausted pets. She was very pleased with them, and was keen to make more use of them.

“Thank you. That was great, wasn’t it?” She smiled at them, glowing with energy and looking fresh and ready for anything. In contrast, their over-enhanced staminas had been completely drained and they were only ready for many hours of recovery. Vicki blasted them with a refreshing energy beam, and they still looked a little drained. She hadn’t restored them fully, but she knew she could recharge their batteries at any time.

“You’re … going … to … kill … us …” Jen panted.

“Not at all. You guys are gonna be sticking around for lot longer than you think. But for now I have somewhere I need to be, so you know what that means don’t you, Jen?”

“Please! Don’t do that thing to my clothes again!”

“Okay. Not your clothes.” Vicki chuckled, making Jen grimace, and then flicked two bright pink bolts that hit their target simultaneously on her nipples. Jen howled in extreme lust as her nipples flowed bright pink. Both men were caught in the strong rays coming off of Jen, and were driven insane with lust. They were unable to fight it, despite being completely spent moments before, and threw themselves without restraint at the taller woman. Fortunately for Jen, Vicki had made her so much vastly stronger then the two men that she was able to handle them with an ease Vicki found hilarious. The two men let out occasional shouts of pain as Jen greedily moved them into positions so she could best take her pleasures from them. They were helpless in their struggles to take control, and Vicki left the trio with full confidence in Jen’s arousal to keep them all busy while she did Carter’s field test.

Vicki had shown up in time to watch Carter’s plane land at the airport. It would still be quite some time before he got into the chopper and flew to the roof of the Pinnacle building. Vicki watched impatiently from above the clouds, realising she had underestimated how much time it would take to get back to Vegas. She was faster now than she had been expecting. She found herself wishing Carter was a bit faster, because she wanted to get this field test over with. As she watched, she felt a strange but pleasant pressure behind her eyes and the world around her seemed to fast forward. Analysing this phenomenon, and aware that it was caused by her desire to speed Carter up, she learned that she wasn’t speeding up all of time, but rather her awareness of its passage. Marvelling at this discovery, Vicki became curious about the different ways she might use it. But for now she just watched Carter’s chopper zoom across the sky until she blinked time back to normal and flew down to meet him. She landed softly beside him, her height and build that of an almost normal Vicki, and walked with him into the building.

“How are you feeling?” he asked, unfazed by her arrival. “Ready for a real test?”

“I’m looking forward to it, Sir.”

Carter was all business, and had the team gathered for the briefing before someone’s assistant had handed him a much needed post-flight coffee.

“As you are aware, this is no ordinary field assessment. That’s why Management has signed off on our target today. We have good information on who this gang is made up of. At least twelve of the most powerful villains in the world. All experienced. All of them killers. I need everyone one the ball once the action starts, because nothing can go wrong if everyone does their job.”

“What’s the plan?” Vicki asked, her eyes sparkling with interest.

“They hang out at a casino off the main strip. A small place they’ve been using as a front for a long time now. We want to keep all the action confined to the casino, which shouldn’t be a problem for you. We’ll be watching your back the whole time, so there’ll be no one sneaking up behind you. There are, as usual, no facilities to keep villains of this power level incarcerated. All known associates of this organisation are proscribed outlaws sentenced to death, and I know I don’t have to tell you what that means.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“This is a kill mission, Vicki. Weapons free from the moment of contact. But I want zero loss of civilian life on this one. You’ll need to keep your power under control and focused. They are deadly and dangerous targets that have killed several heroes, and they have worked together for a long time. I know what you can do, and I know you will be successful today.”

Vicki was shown a layout of the casino, and handed files on 12 known super humans she would most likely be up against. She soaked up all the information like a sponge, but it seemed irrelevant to her really. Since crushing a thousand Class 2’s in the palm of her hand her power level had increased itself a hundredfold. There was nothing they could possibly do to harm her. There was nothing they could possibly do defend themselves either. The only thing Vicki had to be careful of was not destroying the whole city with a careless move. Other than that, she knew this was going to be nothing but a tremendous amount of fun.

“I’m ready, Director Carter,” Vicki informed her boss firmly, standing and looking up into his gaze with a reassuring confidence. “None of those evil men and women are walking out of there alive, I promise you.”

With a new ear piece, and dressed in a slightly more elaborate version of the same outfit she had worn in the Caribbean, Vicki flew off from the Pinnacle building’s roof and made her way directly over the roof of the casino her targets were using as a front. She pinpointed every person in the building by tracking heartbeats, and noted that there were more like 30 Class 2 thugs walking around the building. She spotted that most were physical supers, but there were a few projectors and even some who she was sure were telekinetically gifted. The one in charge was in his office, deep in the most secure part of the building. The vault. She knew there were tunnels out of that vault, but she had no concern that anyone would be escaping her. Almost subconsciously Vicki had locked onto her current targets. Should any leave the scene there was nowhere on Earth they would be able to hide from her impossible hearing.

“You’re all clear, Vicki,” Carter’s voice informed her. “Lets take down some bad guys.”

She thought about smashing her way through the roof, using her body as a missile. She could take half of them out before they knew what hit them. She could even just smash her way straight to the head honcho and take him out first. But if she did that she figured the rest would probably scatter. She hadn’t been given a file or any information on whoever ran this gang, but it was clear from the twelve files Carter did show her that there was nothing keeping this bunch together except their mysterious mastermind. So she would give them a reason to stay and reason to fight.

With a cheeky grin, Vicki shrugged and landed gracefully on the sidewalk outside the building. Immediately she had the attention of two huge Class 2 doormen, who made themselves look as scary as they could when Vicki turned and walked toward the door they flanked. She had deliberately played down her appearance, making sure to offer only a hint that she was fitter than an average woman. Even though dropping from the sky signalled her as an empowered individual, the doormen had no clue of the danger they faced.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Superhumans are permitted into this casino by invitation only.”

“I’m doing my field test for the Pinnacle Foundation, today. And you know what? It really sucks to be you guys, because my field test is killing all the naughty supervillains in this casino. And that includes you two dumbasses.”

“You must be crazy. Do you know who runs this place?” As he spoke, the other man whispered a few words into his lapel and then stepped toward Vicki menacingly.

“It doesn’t matter if the Pope’s down there. In about twenty minutes whoever they are they’ll be dead. But you don’t need to be worried about that.” She stood with her hands on her hips, and watched curiously as she accelerated time for the two burly bouncers. She was fascinated as they aged rapidly even as they moved to grab her. Their old age caught up with them before they took two steps, and they both collapsed in confusion, unable to understand what was happening to them. They watched their hands in horror and felt their skin dry and wrinkle. In less than a minute their impressive muscles had decayed and their mighty frames were replaced with frail ancient limbs. Vicki was pleased with the result of her experiment, and accelerated the process until the two scary professional strongmen were reduced to dusty skeletons and even their fresh pressed suits had rotted away.

Walking into the lobby Vicki was greeted by a horseshoe of nine angry looking Class 2’s that were clearly ready to unleash everything they had.

“Best not to hold anything back,” Vicki suggested conspiratorially. “I’ve got orders to kill all of you.”

None of these energy projectors were noticeably more powerful than those she had encountered before. She was on the lookout for recruits to her harem, but as fireballs and lightning burnt out harmlessly on Vicki’s ever more invulnerable skin she decided none of these henchmen and women were powerful enough, and all lacked any physical abilities. But then she thought of something. She herself now possessed more abilities than she had before her big change … was it possible for her to awaken abilities lying hidden within others?

Picking out a determined looking blonde girl of about 25, Vicki focused her mind and examined the girl. Even under attack she was able to see and understand things beyond what the scientists at Pinnacle had learned. With a smile she lit up a hidden talent for superstrength within the woman. The blonde cried out in shock as her body grew clean out of her clothes in seconds, her height increasing by a foot, and a full ton of hyper-dense super enhanced muscles flexed into life on her wonderfully proportioned frame.

“What the fuck?” The young woman pressed her hands into her glorious steel hard body in astonishment.

“I can give you more,” Vicki told her seductively, applying her healing power to fill her with another half a ton of even harder muscle. “But if you want to keep it, you have to kill your friends.” Vicki indicated the eight other energy projectors, all of whom were looking back and forth between Vicki and the blonde Amazon.

The blonde looked at Vicki and then back to her comrades. Apparently, just looking their way with her new terrifying super-improved body was enough to provoke a preemptive strike from her former allies. But the energy blasts that had failed to harm Vicki had just as little effect on the magnificent body Vicki had given her new recruit. Angered by the sudden betrayal … but in truth glad they had taken a difficult choice out of her hands, the hulking blonde blasted two down with incredibly bright lightning bolts. She was clearly surprised at how much more powerful her energy blasts were, and looked herself over in wonder while flexing her overpowered muscles in awe. More flames licked her torso to no effect, and she looked back up at the fool who had generated them with a wicked smile. She began to test her new physical strength upon the rest of her allies, lifting one and tearing his arms off with gratifying ease before grabbing hold of another in a bone shattering grip.

Vicki smiled. With little effort on her part Vicki had turned a middle of the road Class 2 energy projector into the strongest supervillain in all of Las Vegas. She watched as the woman began to ease her pace upon realising her opponents could not hurt her. Her lips settled into a smug smile as she began to slowly rip her former friends apart. Vicki was sure it would take her quite a while, and she moved forward from the lobby to see all but two of the remaining super thugs spread out over the main gaming floor, all focused solely on her. Any patrons had been shuffled out the back, but she was pleased to see none of her targets had tried to leave yet.

“Seeing as this is going to be such a totally one sided fight, I promise to let you all get at least one clean shot at killing me, okay?” Vicki waited a moment, and eventually got a response.

“Fuck you, slag!”

The British man who had called out then became a blur, using incredible speed to dash past Vicki. Delivering several blows as he rounded her steady form, he got some distance and repeated his attack. She felt his blows land cleanly in what normally would have been vulnerable kill zones given his speed and power. But Vicki only giggled, and watched as he came to rest glaring in horror at his badly broken hands and wondering how it was possible for a woman’s bare flesh to be so incredibly hard. He stared at Vicki in terror and bolted for a distant exit in a blur.

Vicki watched him until he had just about reached the door and then moved in front of him from across the room, appearing to teleport but in fact just moving too fast for any observer to see. The speedster hit her at full pace and shattered himself completely in the impact. Vicki felt incredibly turned on by the sensation of his larger body breaking and bending around hers. She would never tire of being so much stronger, so much faster, and so much harder.

With the death of the speedster she gained some real respect from the mob, and the party got into full swing. She felt three extremely strong telekinetic fields grab hold of her, choking her movements as best they could and also trying quite ineffectively to choke off her air. Blows powerful enough to create shockwaves came at her from all angles, and one of them was trying to drive a strange knife into her lower back. All Vicki did was stand still and watch their faces, adoring the slow dawn of realisation that came upon them one by one.

“My turn,” Vicki gleefully informed them, having seen a glimmer of despair in the eye of every single one of them. She thought about hulking out, but she decided against it. And she didn’t need to hit them with the focused blows she had learned in the islands. Instead, Vicki remained in her small form and moved slowly among them delivering what looked like playful taps of her fingers, occasionally bumping someone with her butt or brushing them with a boob. They flew left and right, slid among the floor and soared through air. As she demolished them, Vicki subtly healed the non fatal wounds and sneakily improved their stamina. She started laughing, unable to hide how much fun she was having while those around her cried out in pain and confusion.

Halfway through the fight the blonde powerhouse Vicki had built entered with part of a destroyed colleague in hand. She negligently discarded her cargo when two hulking goons jumped at her. Giving them angry looks she wrapped her long bulging arms around the pair, brutally pulling them into her super-hard torso until they screamed to the accompaniment of snapping bones.

“Just make sure none if them leave,” Vicki ordered, pausing her play fighting with an angry woman who was blasting an stream of ice needles into Vicki’s face. “I’ve got this.”

She tossed the ice witch into a few others, sending them all through an interior wall as another meaty fist slammed into the back of her skull. Her hand whipped around her head and grasped the wrist of the sneaky attacker with incredible speed, and she brought him in an arc clean over her head to smash him into the floor. Her head tilted and she giggled at the sight of him wedged into the concrete.

“Bam … ..bam … …” Smiling wickedly, Vicki repeatedly swung him over her head and smashed him into the floor, rotating her swings so that he came down in a different spot each time. In no time at all she had smashed a fairly neat sphere right through the ground floor and into the basement of the casino. Hovering over the empty space she smiled at the nearest telekinetic, aware that her act of floating above the hole whole he struggled to drag her about with his mind was frustrating him greatly.

“That’s a neat trick,” she told him. “But you aren’t nearly strong enough.”

He stopped trying to influence her, and instead grabbed hold of a few sharp pieces of debris and flung them toward her at deadly speed. It was desperate, and completely pointless. Vicki merely took his wasted attack with a smug smile, then waved her hand in what appeared to be a random gesture but was in fact directed at the casino car park. What happened next took everybody by surprise. A long black limousine came smashing through the ceiling nose first and crashed through the telekinetic man and on into the basement at over a hundred miles an hour. Then two more cars followed in quick succession. Finally, the casino courtesy bus rammed into the hole. With a less focused gesture, Vicki brought cars from the car park raining down on all her opponents. There were very few of them left when the car park was empty, and the casino was a complete ruin.

Several of the survivors were trying to run now. But the blonde Vicki had empowered was more than capable of preventing a single villain from leaving the building. By the time Vicki had finished with the last brave soul still trying to kill her, the towering blonde had a small group lying broken but still breathing at her feet.

“Well done,” Vicki congratulated her, floating through the demolished casino to land next to her helpful assistant. “You’ve earned a little bonus.”

Vicki was watching the reactions of the injured prisoners while she further amped up her new assistant. While the blonde let out an involuntary coo of euphoria and swelled half a foot taller, becoming even more mighty and terrible to behold, the faces of the terrified onlookers sank further into despair. The thought of what they would make of it should Vicki herself reveal her true form to these people made Vicki wet with desire, but she knew there would be time for that later. She would stick to the plan, and finish her mission.

Selecting the targets she found least interesting, Vicki picked them up one by one in her delicate looking hand and callously tossed them with incredible force at the titanic blonde’s immovable form. The blonde was a bit surprised by the first thunderous impact, but quickly realised what her new boss was up to and moved her hands to her hips, standing as still as a mountainside while supermen and superwomen were smashed against the rocks of her abs and the fortress of her naked chest. She was biting her lip in clear arousal by the time Vicki stopped.

Vicki was left with two of the strongest opponents she had faced that day. Both were women and both cowered before her expecting to die. She smiled reassuringly at them and winked. Then she held out her hand. In a flash of light both women were gone. Her other hand then flashed up toward the blonde, and in a second brilliant flash of light the massive woman vanished into nothingness, disappearing instantly.

“How was that?” Vicki asked, aware that Carter was watching all of this with eager interest.

“Amazing job Vicki. I didn’t know you could empower others like that.”

“Pretty neat, huh?”

“Don’t get distracted. There are still two very powerful Class 2 targets and one unknown in the sub-basement. Finish the job.”

“Consider it done.”

Vicki floated down to the basement, and gently forced open the door leading down to the levels below. It was mostly storage down here. But after turning a few corners and breaking through a solid steel door Vicki entered a beautifully finished hallway. At the end stood two two hulking men, and Vicki knew from the importance of their duty that they were sure to be the most powerful of all the opponents she faced today.

“You must be the boss’s guard dogs. Tell me … he’s paying you to protect him from me. But … who’s going to protect you?”

The two men exchanged a firm nod, and rushed at her. They had faced the greatest and worst their enemies had thrown at them up until this point, and with focus and determination they fearlessly aimed to kill this latest threat as quickly as possible.

Vicki calmly watched them as they launched, seriously considering just letting them break themselves upon her. But she changed her mind, deciding to test a theory she had about the truth of her current power level. Watching them very closely, she let loose the grip she held on her ever growing reservoir of power and allowed her true appearance to peak through. She didn’t grow. But the changes were clear. Her physique shifted and became stronger looking without bulging out, her skin took on an awe inspiring hue and texture that was now immensely more pleasing to run one’s eyes across, let only actually touch, and her face seemed to become magnetic in its beauty with eyes each in itself as deep as a multiverse.

As the men charged, their attitudes changed. First their cool rage became cool lust, then hot lust, and then they were nearly crippled. By the time they reached her they were on their knees pawing at her legs, which were just out of reach. They were professional. They were disciplined. And now, they were crushed with a primal desire it had messed up their neural pathways.

“Nice puppies.” Vicki’s voice made them grunt and cum with each syllable, as did each beat of the laughter that followed as they rolled on the floor staining their pants and convulsing in painful ejaculations. “Stay,” she ordered firmly. Aware of their vacant expressions and watching their unfocused eyes a moment, Vicki became confident these men would be stuck like that for hours, if not days. She had half expected a full blast of her increasingly extreme sexuality would be fatal, but they were hanging in there.

Reigning in her sexual power and returning to her previous form in order to face the man in charge without having him lose his mind at the mere sight of her, Vicki opened the expensive polished oak door and stepped into the vault.

“Hello Vicki. It’s nice to see you again.”

Vicki was very surprised by the genuine warmth in the greeting. But her surprise faded quickly as she saw who sat behind the huge desk. “Fancy meeting you here, Michael. This was unexpected.”

“What? They didn’t tell you I’d be here?”

“They said the man running this little gang was a mystery.”

Michael laughed.”They knew. Carter knew. He didn’t show you my file? That seems rude, don’t you think? Withholding information from their number one operative?”

“Vicki!” Carter’s voice rang in her ear. “Don’t talk to this son of a bitch! KILL HIM!”

Vicki ignored the voice in her ear for the moment. “What am I supposed to do now? You know why I’m here, right?”

“I imagine you’re supposed to kill me, take your place at Carter’s side and live a long life obeying orders and generally having a whole lot of goody-two-shoes fun while you slaughter millions of outlaws.”

“So you actually want to die after all, Mike? Is that your power? Super suicidal tendencies?”

“No. You asked what you were supposed to do. Maybe what you should ask is what you’re actually going to do.”

“And what’s that?”


Vicki calmly pinched the earpiece and crushed it out of existence. She did a similar trick to her throat mike, smearing it lazily across her neck with her finger. She could still hear Carter perfectly well without the earpiece, even from halfway across Vegas, but he couldn’t hear her now.

“Kill Carter. Destroy Pinnacle. Be you’re own boss. You, Vicki … you should be EVERYBODY’S boss. Look at you. Look at what you can do. Look at what you might be able accomplish tomorrow when your power has increased even more. Even if they find another candidate like you, that person would be entering the race a million laps behind you. They can never catch up to the level of power already inside of you. You can be Queen. And not just here, Vicki. There are countless worlds out there. You could be Queen of the Universe one day. You WILL be Queen of the Universe. But not if you fight for Pinnacle. Fighting for them would lead to your doom.”

“My doom? What do you mean?”

“You know as well as I do. Once the war is over … short war that it will be … the last threat to Carter’s worldview will be you. They made you Vicki. And they will never stop trying to take back that mistake.”


“You think they wanted a god to contend with? You weren’t supposed to be this powerful. You certainly weren’t supposed to live for an eternity. But you are this powerful. And you will live as long as it takes them to kill you, should you decide to take Carter’s path. Think about it Vicki. Eternal Queen of the Universe; Or Doomed Pinnacle Stooge. It’s up to you.”

“How can you know all this?”

“I told you. I drink and I know things. But it’s more literal with me. Alcohol gives me blurred vision like a bitch. Three glasses of good scotch is all it takes. I see the future, sometimes the past, and sometimes the present.That’s how I know my fate. That’s how I know your fate. Possible fates … fates we can control, Vicki.”

Vicki let the silence stretch a moment while she thought.

“If I kill you, I get the gig as the greatest hero of all time. People will finally see me for who I really am. It’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“But who are you? I mean … Really? Are you a hero, Vicki? More importantly, is what they are asking you to do heroic? Do you think Pinnacle are the good guys in this world?”

Vicki was about to respond when five new arrivals came tearing into the building without warning. They were dressed in the gold trimmed white and blue uniforms of Pinnacle’s most famous superhero team, most commonly known as the Alpha Team, they were the best of the best. All were fliers, all were near invulnerable, and all had a decent degree of superstrength coupled with their other various powers.

“Thank you, Victoria.” The handsome leader, his dark hair and intense blue eyes just as gorgeous to Vicki in real life as they were in his photos, landed between Vicki and Michael and addressed her with his trademark booming superhero voice. “You have done well. Alpha Team will take it from here. You should know … you passed the test.”

Without waiting for her to reply, the worlds most famous hero turned to Michael, and with the help of his team fired a blast of deadly energy at the calm supervillain. The energy blasts from the five heroes never reached Michael though, because they became frozen in time upon Vicki’s whim.

“What do you think you’re doing!” one of the Alphas demanded. “This guy is one of the most dangerous men in the world!”

“What am I doing? What are you doing? Here I am having a private conversation and you guys just barge in like you own the place.”

“We’ve been on standby the whole time in case you needed help,” the leader snapped. “You were about to screw this whole mission up, so Carter sent us in to save your ass. Now let us do our job.”

Vicki tilted her head in deep thought, and then when she levelled her gaze at the five heroes they were more than a little shaken by her response. “No. I don’t think so.”

“Vicki! This man is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. He has had this coming for a long time.”

“I have no doubt,” Vicki told him. “But if I wanted him dead, he would be dead. But I like him. He’s more honest than you assholes.”

Michael smiled. “Thank you, Vicki.”

In a thoughtless rage the head of Alpha Team launched an energy attack at Vicki, who took it without batting an eye.

“That wasn’t very nice.” Even as the rest of Alpha Team naively moved in to attack her, Vicki employed a new trick she had just thought of to take the wind out of their sails. Using her healing power in a way she had never tried before, she cast a wave of her unique healing energy over the five strong and virile heroes. Only, instead of healing them she wanted to see what would happen if she used the power in the opposite way. The results were devastating to her targets. All five felt as though they had contracted the flu, scurvy, several types of cancer, and cataracts. Almost as one they collapsed into groaning masses of pain and suffering, their bodies reacting as though they had the worst case of food poisoning in the history of poorly prepared and undercooked chicken. She made sure to stop short of killing them, but none of them would ever thank her for it. They had never felt pain or been ill since obtaining their superpowers, and they had no real way to cope with the nausea and aching bones. Over the course of just a few moments Vicki reduced them from towering pillars of health to derelict ruins built upon a sickly green sand.

“You … you can’t do this …” one moaned, his voice hoarse and barely a whisper.

“Hang in there, big guy,” Vicki urged. “You’re not dead yet.”

“I hope this means you’re going with the Queen of the Universe option? The future is still murky.”

“Are you drunk right now, Michael?”

“Of course.”

Vicki stepped around the energy blasts still frozen in the air like a bizarre multicoloured 3D hologram. She stopped when she could Michael in the eyes. “Why should I believe you? How do I know you’re telling the truth about Carter? About Pinnacle being my doom? How do I know this isn’t a trick to get me to join you?”

“I already told you I don’t do recruitment. I’m just laying out the reality of your situation. I don’t want you to join me and conquer the universe. I am not Darth Vader, and you are not Luke Skywalker. I’m more like Gandalf, and you’re kind of like Frodo. I’ll set you on the path, vaguely explain a few things, and then leave you to make your own way.”

“So what’s in it for you then? Why do you care?”

“I should think that would be very obvious right about now. I can assure you my superpower is most certainly NOT enhanced suicidal tendencies. I have been seeing myself die here today every time I’ve had a drink since I was about twenty three. And it’s always you. But every time I have a drink, I also see you not kill me. I spent a lot of time puzzling out why. I must confess … I do have a vested interested in convincing you to be Queen of the Universe rather than the Stooge of Director Carter. If you go with stooge, then I’m a dead man right now. I would rather live to see another day.”

“I don’t want to be a villain,” Vicki told him firmly.

“Villains are just the heroes of the other side, Vicki. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. And besides … Queens of the Universe do not suffer under the law. In fact, if you’re Queen of the Universe, then anyone who suggests you are a villain would be nothing but a treasonous wretch. When you’re Queen, Vicki, those who do not obey you and whatever laws you make are the criminals. So, if you think about it, Carter and every hero on the Pinnacle roster are actually traitors. They are the villains. I am but a loyal subject of your empire, here at your pleasure to offer counsel and advice.”

“Now you’re just talking shit. You say Pinnacle will be my doom. But I’m pretty much in-fucking-vincible already, and … wait for it …” Vicki paused and closed her eyes a moment, feeling the Pinnacle Reaction still raging inside her fuel her with more power. “Yup … And now I’m even more unstoppable. How exactly are they going kill me? I’m, like, a god now … remember? How do I know you’re not just lying about the whole thing to save your own ass? Why should I believe you?”

“You read what I gave you. You know now what Carter is capable of, and you know what he already has done. If I’m telling the truth, then he has already started a research project into finding a way to kill you. He would have started it the day he made you. I’d seriously doubt they’ve gotten past appointing a few people and setting up a lab. But there will be a file somewhere in the Pinnacle mainframe. You can access the mainframe from any Computer terminal in the Pinnacle building. But I suggest using Carter’s laptop, though. It would save time if you logged in with that. He has all the clearances.”

“How am I going to do that without his passcode?”

“Let’s see, shall we?”

Michael gave her a cheeky wink and opened a drawer of his desk. Inside was Carter’s laptop, fully charged and ready to go. He pulled it out and placed it on the desk. “It just so happens I have his laptop right here. We stole it when he was at the airport, and it’s easy to crack codes when you can watch people type them in. It’s one of my cheapest tricks, but it’s been handy on more than one occasion.”

Vicki opened the laptop and searched through the system for evidence of any projects set up recently. And she found one. Project Eraser. It had been created on the same day as the experiment, and the official project director was Carter.

“Well, fuck. That asshole.”

“And now you know. They are just using you Vicki. And when they’ve finished using you, they will end you. I’ve seen it.”

Vicki read the files on Project Eraser once more, even though she had already copied the contents into her flawless memory already. The idea that the very people who had given her this great boost in her power level were already scheming to take it away from her. The idea infuriated her. She looked at the mightiest heroes on the entire roster of Pinnacle Industries, and what she had reduced them to. She looked at Michael who calmly returned her gaze. She looked at the computer screen, filled with Carter’s written assessment of her and his declaration of a need to get rid of her. She looked back to the super-ill heroes with cold hard eyes. With a gesture she moved the energy blasts still time-locked in the air over Michaels desk so that they were now aimed squarely at the five weakened heroes who had fired them.

“Wait …” a weak straining voice begged. “What are you doing?”

“I’m saving the world. My world.”

Vicki released the energy beams and their destructive force was more than adequate to obliterate the very heroes who had originally launched them, thanks to how dramatically she had destroyed their health. Next, Vicki pulled open her top and released the three female captives she had taken during her fight upstairs. The big blonde and the two other former gang members looked at Vicki in horror, though the blonde seemed less phased.

“What the hell did you do to us?”

The big blonde scowled, and picked the smaller woman up by the back of the neck as if lifting a dirty nappy ready for the trash. “Do NOT speak to her like that.”

“It’s okay. I understand how you might feel a little confused. Allow me to introduce myself.” Vicki took a breath, and let a tiny fraction of her power loose to swell herself a foot taller and buff up her frame. Most impressive to her audience was the ethereal sexual magnetism that she was now assaulting them with, her powerful curves having become the most erotic work of art on the face of the Earth. At the same time that she altered her physical appearance, Vicki morphed her clothes into a scandalous silver, gold, and black dress decorated with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. On her head a delicate silver tiara wove itself from nothing and adorned its intricate design with three huge diamonds. She was an expert at making her own clothes now, and took a little pride in the fact she was able to craft fishnet stockings. It would have been too difficult the day before, but now she could craft an outfit that clung so tightly to her that if worn by anyone else it would crush them. She flexed her legs and stretched the fishnets with her powerful thighs and calves, her astounding sense of touch allowing the simple action to produce a tsunami of insane delight. Arching her back to amplify what were unquestionably the finest breasts in the entire world she spoke to the astonished trio before her. “I am Victoria Pendergast, Slayer of Superhumans, God of Power, and Queen of All the Lands of Planet Earth … First of her Name.”

“You’re fucking what now?”

The huge blonde scowled and grabbed the other woman, apparently offended by her outburst. “Show respect to your fucking queen!”

Vicki smiled at the sight of the massive blonde holding both women like rag dolls despite them both being extremely powerful in their own right. The blonde was totally out of their league, and they were nothing but rodents in her claws to be played with and finished at will should she choose.

“I don’t expect you to follow me around for the rest of your lives. But if you will help me now, I will give you power beyond any you’ve ever known.”

“Okay! Just get this big gorilla to put me down!”

Vicki nodded at the blonde and she set the two women down. The moment they stood on their own feet Vicki scanned them and unlocked a trove of hidden talents, adding more abilities to all three. And then she healed the two new recruits, and kept healing them excessively until they matched the big blonde for power. When they did, Vicki increased the rate of her enhancement and began to shoehorn enough raw power into all three to crush entire armies of superheroes at will. She was careful not to give them more then a few percentage points of her own vast strength, but what she did give them was much, much, more than they needed for the task she had planned for them. As all three had now torn free of their clothes, Vicki dressed them in a similar bikini style outfit she wore herself, adding a proud letter V to their left breasts.

“You’ve been thinking about this for a while now, haven’t you?” Michael asked as he admired the three self-absorbed steaming towers of freshly forged power before him.

“Even I can’t be everywhere at once,” Vicki pointed out. “At least … not yet.”

“Holy shit, I had no idea being this powerful would actually FEEL this WONDERFUL! WOW!” Now with flowing copper locks in place of what had been ragged red fuzz, one of the new super-supers flexed and floated gleefully, adoring the hot throbbing power that flowed like lava through her body.

“What are you giving us all this power for exactly?” The other, a brunette, was shrewdly examining the curve her new tits.

“You’re my armies. In my world, there will be no Pinnacle Foundation. If you want to keep that power, I want you to go use it on every Pinnacle team until you have killed them all. There might be a few other things later. But for now, that’s all I ask of you.”

“Just the three of us? Against a global network made up of the strongest superheroes in Earth, all armed with the best weapons and fully prepared for exactly this kind of assault?”

“One of you could do it on your own. Believe me … you really are that strong now. But there is at least one more of you … though she’s occupied at the moment with pressing concerns. And I’ll be making a few more of you before the day is out. In the meantime … you can start right here in the ‘States.”

“And you want us to kill them?” the blonde asked curiously. “All of them?”

“All of them. But leave Vegas to me, ladies. I have a few people here I want to take care of personally.”

“You want us to go right now? And start a war?”

“Trust me. You are each more powerful than all the heroes in this country combined. Go pick a fight with someone and see for yourselves.”

Carter stared at the blank screen in shock at what he had seen Vicki do. The last image had been of her releasing the energy blasts into the ragged remains of his best team. He had a terrible feeling, and nobody in the situation room of the Las Vegas Pinnacle building spoke to ease it because they all knew something had gone terribly wrong.

He should have known better than to think Michael wouldn’t see it coming. It was a foolish idea to expect to be unexpected when the one you’re trying to surprise can see into the future. He was contemplating this when the first report came in.

“Sir … we have a situation in Los Angeles. There’s a woman attacking our offices there.”

Carter had a technician put a live feed up of the event, and felt his heart chill at what he saw. It was the Blonde Vicki had enhanced, and she was even bigger and most terrifying of all she looked stronger. He had seen Vicki kill her … he was sure he had. But Vicki must have tricked him, because the terrible beast was right there on his screen in real time flattening superpowered security guards like they were paper cutouts. As she laughed and delivered effortless yet utterly destructive blows hundreds of blinding energy blasts, bullets, and even specially designed anti-super rockets that were still top secret burst on her exposed skin.

“Sir! We have another woman attacking our base in Chicago!”

This time it was a redhead, just as big and enjoying her destructive rampage in equal measure to the blonde. This one was catching hold of men Carter recognised as some of his strongest physical talents, but they looked puny as they struggled against the grinning redhead. Carter watched in absolute horror as the incredibly strong woman tore a giant man apart with her bare hands.

“Sir … New York …”

“What the fuck is happening?”

There was a series of muffled explosions, each one rapidly following the other and increasingly loud. They continued until Carter heard a crash right outside the door, and he knew before the door was even opened exactly who would be walking through it.

“How did I do? Did I pass?”

“What’s going on Vicki? What is this?”

“What’s Project Eraser?”

Carter went pale. “Whatever the fuck Michael told you is nothing but lies. You know that. He’s a lying snake, and he’ll tell you anything to get you to do what he wants. Stop and think, Vicki … please don’t do this.”

“You should know … even if there wasn’t a Project Eraser, you were fucked anyway. I was always going to kill you, Carter. I had planned to wait … I was going to actually be the hero you wanted. But I was never going to let you live. Eraser was a mistake, though. Because now I’m not going to play hero for you.”

“What are you talking about, Vicki? Why would you want to kill me? I made you who you are now!”

“Oh yes. You did make me, didn’t you? I know you did. But you didn’t know then what I was going to become all these years later. If you did … I’m sure you would have done it differently.”

“Years?” Carter, if possible, grew even more worried. “Vicki … I don’t follow you …”

“Michael told me, motherfucker. I know about the bikers. I know about Brad. I know you and Michael were on a team together once. You see, Greg … you don’t mind if I call you Greg, right?..I know all about Operation Pokem. I know that there was no missing incident report from my file. I know, Greg. You killed Brad. And because of you I killed all those asshole bikers.”

“I didn’t kill Brad! Vicki … I …”

“Stop lying right now. I know you sent those bikers to the bar that night. I know Michael told you what would happen, and I know he protested about it. You knew if Brad lived I would be a happy little housewife right now, and I’d never be a small time hero in Hapsburg let alone come to you seeking more power.”

“What other lies has Michael told you about me?”

“Michael didn’t tell me any of this, Greg. I got it all from you. Well … from the handwritten report you wrote about it all. You do like to keep clear detailed paperwork.”

“Vicki …”

“Before you die, I want to show you something. The thing is, I had planned to keep you around a LONG time when I first absorbed the core of the reactor. I wanted to grow my power more before we had this particular little chat. But I’ve learned a lot of new tricks since then. For instance … I can freeze time. But what’s more fun is I can speed it up. I can speed it up in very localised kinda ways too.”

“Vicki … it’s not too late … we can work this out! You can still be a great hero!”

“It’s never too late for me, Greg. I’m an invincible immortal with more power than a Greek god. And … I think you’l agree … a much better body. But your interrupting my big reveal, Greg. Don’t you know anything about dramatic timing? As I was saying … I can speed up time in localised spots. Spots like other people’s bodies. Like this.”

Professor Juan Fernandez let out a surprised gasp, followed by a rasping hollow moan as he rose from his seat and fell to his knees. In seconds he went though old age, died, decomposed, and then seemed to vanish. All that remained was a pile dirty dust spread out in the floor were he had collapsed.

“Oh my god …”

“That’s what Juan looks like after 200000 years. Want to see what I’m going to look like after 200000 years? After my body has finished off drinking every drop of power?”

Carter’s eyes went wide.

“That’s right, asshole. I don’t have to wait to reach my full potential like I thought I would. I can have it all right now.”

Carter withdrew from the grinning Vicki and cowered before her as she proceeded to accelerate her cells through time. The impact of age did not show itself at all on her. In fact, she grew more beautiful, more youthful. Her body somehow became visibly stronger, visibly harder, and the raw sexual allure intensified. Carter’s mind tripped over itself as she became incomprehensibly erotic.

From Vicki’s perspective, everything happened just as fast. And it felt far better than she had dreamed. Her mind expanded with her physical strength, and she became aware of the entire planet and everyone on it. And she could focus on all of it at once. Her awareness spread, even into the thoughts and dreams of others, and then expanded into the depths of space. Michael hadn’t lied about that either … there really were alien civilisations out there and she could sense them.

When she was finished, Vicki stood before Carter in all her glory. He, like everyone else in the room, was a drooling vegetable staring at her with adoration and a soul-deep love so powerful it made him weep.

“Maybe I will keep you around for a while after all,” she informed him. “Of course … there’ll be no more Pinnacle for you. No more projects. But I don’t think it’s going to be any fun for me if you’re enjoying it so much.”

Vicki healed Carter of his false love for her, enhancing him enough so that he could think more clearly in her presence. She also stopped his ageing process and improved his senses a little so he could witness her magnificence that much better.

“Vicki … what have you done …”

“It’s ‘Your Majesty’ from now on, bitch. Never ‘Vicki’.”

Vicki looked at the room around her, and casually altered it to include a multitude of new monitors. The screens filled with three women she had out in the field destroying Pinnacle Industries property and killing any hero they encountered.

“There’s going to be a lot of action for the next few days while I kill all the traitors at Pinnacle. I want you to sit here and watch it all happen. By the end of this week, the world will know it’s new Queen.”

“You’re mad. They’ll never let you be Queen.”

“Let me? Nobody is expected to let me be Queen. That isn’t how it works, Greg. They will kneel to me, and they will love me … because there’s not a single fucking thing anyone can do to stop me. Because I’m a god and they’re not. Besides … I don’t think a god settling for being Queen is too much to ask, do you? When you think about what I can do … I’m not really being all that demanding. Now … I’m off for a quick fuck with Jen … god I’m SO horny right now … and then I think I’ll go conquer Australia. But don’t worry … I’ll be sure to send you a live feed.”

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