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The Towers' Syndrome – Chapter 11

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Sienna meets Agent Black

Chapter 11

“You sold me out,” Fiona said coldly to the man on the other end of the line, a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice revealing that she was merely joking.

“I hope that your pride will recover from this. How are you?” Agent Smith replied.

“How many times will I need to answer that question?” she replied, her voice a bit colder.

Agent Smith switched gears.

“I’m at the facility.”

“I should be there,” Fiona Black replied.

“We need the new weapons too,” Smith said.

“I’ve put as much pressure as I have been able to on Larkin. And you know I can push. Anything else, and they will all break,” Fiona replied.

“We need them,” Smith replied.

“I’ll visit her again tonight,” Fiona finally promised.

“Where are you?” Smith asked.

“You know, I need to eat too,” Fiona replied before hanging up.

The Italian restaurant had been very highly ranked in TripAdvisor, and t was close enough to the new lab where Dr. Larkin had established her team. She had already been planning on visiting her a fourth time that day, right after dinner, so the location had not been coincidental.

With her cell phone back in her handbag, Fiona eyed the menu again. She wondered if the burrata would be as genuine as the menu claimed.

The shadow of the waiter distracted her. She hated restaurants where the staff constantly interrupted her. She was about to wave him off when the man addressed her in a polite voice:

“Miss Black, your guest is here.”

Fiona’s internal alarm, polished after years of training, went off in her head. She tried not to look startled as she raised her gaze and saw the beautiful woman standing next to him.

Sienna's shapely silhouette was wrapped in a stunning and very tight fitting black party dress. It highlighted her ravishing figure and her stunning looks, her deep gray-blue eyes framed by a silky golden mane. She would have been the type of woman Fiona would have instantly been attracted to. The problem, of course, was that she recognized her all too well.

Fiona's instincts told her to scream and quickly get to her feet. However, a sudden wave of paralysis crashed over Fiona and prevented her from doing either. Her lungs suddenly were unable to push air through a blocked windpipe. The rest of her body could not even move an inch as each of her muscles felt constrained by a weight heavier than anything she had faced at the gym before. A terrified look with her still responding dark eyes revealed three fingers of the woman's right hand pointed down, almost as if directing an invisible power that was constraining her reaction.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Fiona,” the blonde woman said in a sweet tone. “We have so much catching up to do!”

She nodded at the waiter, who got the cue and walked away. The woman then sat on the chair across from her. It groaned as she set her curvy behind on it as if a much heavier person had sat down. Fiona was pretty sure that she bent it on purpose to intimidate her as well as to show off her impressive cleavage.

“I’ve been listening around. I’ve heard the food in this place is excellent,” the woman said as she pulled the chair closer to the table.

Agent Fiona Black had to admit that she was very afraid, sitting across a woman she had seen killing dozens of her colleagues with her bare hands. Images of what she had done to them rushed through her head, and she could not prevent thinking the danger she was now in..

As she composed herself, Fiona's fear soon receded and allowed some room for her more analytical mind to kick in. Questions started coming to her head just then. Why was she not dead already? If Sienna Towers was in the restaurant, how long had she been tracking her? And if she had been tracking her, how much did the woman know about their operation?

"Tell me, Francesca, do you think the burrata here will be good?" Dr. Towers asked. "I think you would be an expert."

The name she used rattled Fiona almost as much as the superwoman’s presence. Sienna seemed to notice, so she smiled back at her.

“Francesca Neri, right? Italian ancestry. Family ties with the mafia, I think. I have to say that the new name you chose is not overly original.”

Fiona could still not reply, her throat too compressed for that under Sienna’s awesome power.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to judge you for your family's past," Dr. Towers whispered. "I'm rather more interested in your recent actions," she added.

Fiona needed to move. When she saw Towers softly chuckling at her inability to do so, she felt more powerless than ever before.

"I understand your frustration," Dr. Towers then said. "I really do. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless. Believe me; I know what I'm talking about. It was the story of my life. But not anymore, though." Sienna's eyes glowed a bright red for a moment as she spoke to accentuate her point. "You know what I mean, right?" The young superwoman smiled innocently as the red glow dimmed, revealing Sienna's flawless hazel blue eyes once again which somehow looked even more beautiful than before.

All Fiona could do was move her own eyes. Whatever Sienna Towers was doing to her, it prevented her from even turning her neck.

The woman across the table then signaled the waiter, who promptly approached.

“We’ll have two burratas and a bottle of Chianti,” she said. Fiona tried once more to talk, to warn the waiter. She could not.

As soon as the man moved back, the blonde scientist fixed her gaze back on her and went on in a conversational tone.

"I can keep this up the whole time. It would be easy. Well, it's actually easier than ‘easy,' but I'd rather have a conversation with you. What do you say?"

Fiona could only move her eyes, which made Dr. Towers chuckle once more.

“You have seen first hand what I can do. You know you don’t stand a chance. You are a smart woman. I trust you won’t do anything stupid” she said. “Remember, I’m not above killing everyone in here.”

Fiona Black felt a shiver running down her spine. Just then, the pressure at her throat released. An instant later, the weight that was keeping her body still went away too.

Fiona's mind, honed from years of training and conditioning, was screaming at her to reach for her bag, grab her gun and shoot the woman across the table. Rage continued to swell inside Fiona as it took every ounce of self-restraint to not unholster her weapon right and take aim. Sienna seemed to sense her internal struggle and laughed cutely, her chest swelling a bit as she did.

"Smart girl," she said as she noticed Fiona taking a subtle glimpse of her cleavage. Looking up at her adversary, Fiona cursed to herself asDr. Towers noticed her glance and chuckled once again.

"Oh," she said with a smile. "Your file did not say that you were a lesbian."

Fiona blushed. Dr. Towers twitched her nose a bit as if sniffing.

“You know, the smell does not lie.”

Fiona's blush deepened, feeling both ashamed and pissed off at the woman that was humiliating her. She seemed to read her mind since Sienna Towers smiled widened as she addressed her again: “My intention is not to embarrass you, Fiona,” she said. “You prefer that name, right? I can use either”

“What the hell do you want?” Fiona finally snapped.

The waiter came back just then.

“Oh, the food. Lovely!” Dr. Towers said while the man set the dishes on the table. Fiona Black had to suppress the urge to warn the waiter as he meticulously laid things out. The superwoman just smirked at the scene.

She waited for the monster sitting in front of her to say something. She did not. Instead, she took her cutlery with grace and cut a bit of the burrata, brought it to her lips and chewed with an approval gesture.

"Excellent," she commended.

There was silence. Dr. Towers took another bit of food and then served wine in both her glass and Fiona’s, taking a sip of hers before locking her unsettling deep eyes on hers and widening her smile.

“I do respect you, you know?” the mad scientist surprised her. “You are brave. And you are strong. For a human, of course.”

Her last statement should not have surprised Fiona, but it still did.

"So, you're not human anymore."

“What do you think?” Dr. Towers asked.

“I think you are crazy” Fiona snapped.

Sienna Towers did not reply. Instead, she just took the expensive knife from the table and pushed the blade with her thumb, easily bending it as if it had been made of clay.

"We both know better than that," she said.

“How did you find me?” Fiona finally asked.

"All I needed was a name," the woman said. "Once I had it, it was only a matter of listening around. You know, you should try the burrata. It is delicious."

The last thing Fiona wanted was to eat. She was freaked out when her left hand reached for the fork and her right for the knife against her will. The fork was soon pushing a small slice of burrata into her lips.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” Dr. Towers chuckled. Fiona suddenly got back the control of her hands and pushed the fork away. “It’s just that it’s so damn easy and too tempting at the same time!”

“What the hell do you want?” Fiona repeated.

Sienna's attitude, both childish and condescending, was making Fiona as mad as her actions. The knowledge that she could do nothing about it was incredibly frustrating. Never in her life, Fiona Black had felt so powerless. She had always been a strong woman, a woman that took care of her problems.

“I told you. I want to have a conversation,” Dr. Towers said.

“I have nothing to talk to you about” Fiona came back.

Almost immediately, a middle-aged woman at a nearby table started coughing, bringing her hands to her throat, attracting the attention of everyone at the restaurant. She soon dropped from her chair, dragging the tablecloth and several dishes with her as she did do. Her husband rushed to help her together with a waiter that had been close enough. Fiona's hair stood on end as she observed the scene. Dr. Towers' smirk made the question she had unnecessary. Just then, the scientist's expression changed, and the choking woman started to cough in a different tone. The murmurs around her seemed to become calmer, and Fiona's concern released a bit.

“Would you like to reconsider your position?” Towers said as the husband helped the woman to stand up.

“You are a monster” Fiona snapped.

“Why would you say that?” Sienna Towers replied in an offended tone as she took another bit of her food.

“If you have to ask, then you are worse than I thought.”

“Says the one that tried to kill me,” Dr. Towers said in a plain tone.

Fiona could feel a shiver running down her spine, the certainty of her near demise daunting her. Towers seemed to notice and offered her a smile as a reply.

“Oh, don’t be so gloomy. I said I respected you. At least you stood a fight. Your colleagues were rather pathetic, you know?” she gloated.

“Bitch!” Fiona snapped, hurt by the memory of her fallen colleagues.

Dr. Towers chuckled.

“Do you miss them?” she mocked. “You know, you should feel proud. You really hurt me. It took me four days to recover.”

Fiona quickly realized that Dr. Towers was giving her way too much information. Yet another clue that her own death was near.

“I missed,” she said, clenching her teeth. “I should have killed you.”

“You were close to,” Towers admitted. “It hurt like hell. It was very frustrating, you know?”

“I won’t miss next time!” Fiona muttered, even if she knew how meaningless her words were.

Dr. Towers called her on them.

“Both you and I know that this is not going to happen.”

There were a few seconds of silence.

“Whatever you want me to tell you, you can forget about it,” Fiona finally said.

It made Sienna Towers let out a new soft laughter.

"Oh, you are so very mistaken. I don't need you to tell me anything. I already know about Dr. Larkin. I know where my ex-colleagues are too. I'm looking forward to meeting with them."

Fiona froze. Then, rage started growing back inside her when she saw the blonde woman smirk condescendingly. She hated her more than she had hated anyone in her life. And her troubled origins had given her reason to hate many people.

"Then, what the hell do you want?" Fiona groaned, raising her voice a bit too much and attracting the attention of people sitting at other tables.

Dr. Towers looked around the restaurant and then arched an eyebrow at Fiona, who quickly realized her mistake.

“I told you already. I want to chat,” the superwoman said.

“If you don’t need me, why don’t you kill me already?” she snapped.

Sienna Towers did not reply. Instead, she just made a gesture to the waiter, signaling him for the bill. The man nodded and took it to their table promptly.

“I think it will be best if we take a walk. You don’t mind paying, do you? I’m afraid I don’t have any cash on me,” she said.

The last thing Fiona wanted was to invite that monster to dinner. Still, she did not want to find out what would happen if she refused to. There were too many innocent people in the restaurant. Getting out of it would be good news. So, she reluctantly took her credit card out and set it on top of the bill.

Two minutes later, they were done and walked to the entrance. Fiona Black was tall for a woman, but her 5'8" were dwarfed by Dr. Towers' height, enhanced by a pair of designer high-heeled shoes. They unavoidably attracted the attention of those in nearby tables as they walked past, even if Fiona knew it was for the wrong motives.


"There is no way Danvers could have got out by himself," Harper said on the other end of the line. Agent Smith knew that he was in the safe house. "I checked everything personally. The boys did a perfect job of securing the house."

Smith was feeling very nervous. Then, his cell phone vibrated. He moved it away from his ear and checked the screen. What he read made him froze for an instant. He recovered remarkably quickly. All he did was end the ongoing conversation.

“I will have to call you back.”

A minute later, he was in his boss’ office.

“She’s on the loose,” he said.

His boss nodded. Of course, he already knew.

Having Danvers gone was bad news but could have been a coincidence. He and Dormer together could only mean one thing.

“Nemesis?” Smith asked.

"We got the green light ten minutes ago," the boss said.

Smith remained silent, letting the implications of what he had heard sink. Then, a shiver ran down his spine as he saw the bigger picture.

"We need to warn the others," he said.


The early summer evening was warm, but a soft breeze blowing from the river helped cool Fiona a bit. She welcomed it, the atmosphere at the restaurant had become oppressive.

Sienna Towers did not grab her, get close to her or even pretend that she was keeping an eye on her as they stepped into the busy street. Fiona knew she did not need to. And that knowledge frightened her more than she wanted to admit.

Instead, she just started walking down the sidewalk and beckoned her to follow. It was the last thing Fiona wanted to do. It was what she did.

"Tell me, Fiona, why are you so eager to die?" Dr. Towers asked as soon as she caught up with her.

The question caught her by surprise.

“The sooner, the better,” was all that she could mutter as a response.

Almost as an answer, Sienna Towers raised her hand and waved it cutely. An instant later, a large SUV that had been speeding by them lost control and ended up invading the opposite lane, violently crashing with a smaller sedan. Fiona had seen too many accidents to be hopeful about the occupants of the two vehicles.

Screams erupted around them as people got ready to help the victims. Sienna Towers just kept walking, using a finger to indicate that she should better do the same.

“Do you think they shared your views about life and death?” she asked.

Fiona’s rage threatened to make her lose her mind. It took her considerable self-control to avoid doing something foolish. She did not remember ever having hated anyone so intensely. This was a woman who lacked in empathy and compassion what she had in cold intelligence and raw power.

Not being able to do anything to stop her represented the biggest frustration she had ever felt. Fiona remained silent for a few seconds, as she tried to keep up with the graceful pace of the gorgeous monster walking next to her. After a while, she took a deep breath and changed her approach.

“So, this is your grand plan? To kill innocent people? You’re hardly the first psycho I’ve seen in my life.”

The blonde woman stopped, a clear indication that her words had finally hit a weak spot. She stooped slightly, to make eye contact. Fiona had to fight hard to not avoid her intense gaze.

“You underestimate me, Agent Black” the woman whispered. “I know it’s on purpose, but still, it’s strangely annoying. I guess I value you more than I thought.”

"Maybe you are just starting to realize what you have become," Fiona said.

It made Dr. Towers chuckle.

“Oh, you are very right about this. And you know what? I’m looking forward to learning more about it!”

“So, you’ll kill more people,” Fiona said.

“Eventually,” Dr. Towers admitted coldly. “But contrary to what you seem to believe, I do not enjoy killing people per se,” she added.

“You are doing a great job of hiding it.”

Sienna’s chuckle made Fiona hate her a notch more.

“Follow me,” she said as she made a left into an alley. Fiona had no other option but to comply.

The alley started getting darker. It was the type of place two attractive women like them would normally avoid. Fiona Black would have done so, even if the gun in her handbag and her training had provided her considerably more reassurance than the one a regular woman would have had. Walking by Sienna Towers changed the situation entirely, of course. If anything, she hoped that no one would be foolish enough to assault them.

Dr. Towers stopped. Without further word, she placed a hand on Fiona’s chest and pushed her gently to the wall. She could tell that she was not using even a fraction of her strength, the shove barely guiding her to the spot Towers had in mind. Still, there was nothing Fiona could do to fight the unfathomable strength even the simplest of her gestures had.

The superwoman did not say anything. She just moved seductively towards her, pushing her amazing figure on her own. Soon, the woman's full breasts were pushing against her chest, not yielding the slightest as they compressed Fiona's body further into the wall. She was not hurting her, but she was not leaving her room to move either.

A kind gesture of Dr. Towers' hand removed a strand of hair from Fiona's face as she stooped and brought her face next to hers. She could feel her warm breath and smell the perfume the woman had chosen. Then, her alluring voice whispered in her ear.

"You are an intelligent woman Fiona. And you understand power. But I think that you are missing the big picture. Let me help you."

Towers’ hands reached then under her armpits, the resistance of her arms futile as she moved them out of the way as if they had never been there. Fiona could soon feel her iron grip as her fingers closed on her chest.

A second later, her feet were off the ground. She thought that Dr. Towers had lifted her at first. Her blood froze when she saw that her captor’s feet had also lost contact with the alley’s surface. Towers chuckled, the vibrations of the gesture transmitted to Fiona’s body.

A couple of seconds later, they had cleared the line of the roofs.

“You were not expecting this one, were you?” Dr. Towers whispered as they kept getting higher and higher. The rooftops were now visible under her feet, the cars and people in the street below getting smaller by the second. “Where is your analytical mind, Agent Black? You’ve seen me move stuff with my mind. What made you think that I would not be able to move myself?”

Fiona had seen Sienna Towers do things that she would have never thought possible. And still, learning that she could fly was shocking. The implications of it were… unsettling.

The ascension was fast. Fiona felt weightless for an instant, and then a heavy weight started pushing her down even if her body kept rising. It reminded her of the high g training she had, back in the academy and made her somewhat sick. By the time they stopped rising and the physical uneasiness stopped, the white and red lights of the cars that lined in the streets below looked like nothing more than tiny dots. People were barely visible. Even the rooftops of the tallest skyscrapers felt far away. Fiona shivered, making Dr. Towers chuckle once more.

“Are you cold?” she asked. “I’m afraid I’m not too good to judge these things anymore. I thought a few thousand feet would still be safe enough for someone like you.”

Without further warning, the fingers that had kept Fiona in place released their pressure, and she was gently shoved away from the woman that had been holding her. She had the first moment of panic, combined with vertigo, as her sense of equilibrium unavoidable felt that she was dropping. Only she was not.

Sienna Towers was some ten feet away, hovering in the air as if it were the most natural thing in the world. And Fiona was floating right next to her. She had no control at all over what was going on, but she was not falling.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered” Dr. Towers said with a wink.

Fiona did her best to keep her composure in the incomprehensible situation she was in. Apparently unaffected by it, Towers went on.

“I love the view. I can’t get enough of it, ever since I learned I could fly. Or whatever you call this. It gives me perspective, so I thought it would help you as well,” she said.

The scientist then floated next to her and pointed down at the busy streets.

“Do you see them?” she asked. “It’s so much easier to see what they are from up here.”

Fiona felt a shiver, and this time it was not the cold.

“Can you understand now what they are to me?”

“You are nuts.” Fiona snapped.

Dr. Towers let a laughter out, sounding like a madwoman.

“Look at them. Going about their lives, as if nothing had happened. They do not suspect that the world is a much different place now,” she went on. “See those people jammed on Carlson Bridge? Can you see that tanker truck?”

Fiona could now.

"Oh, sorry. Sometimes I forget how limited you people are. My bad, really. It was not so long that I was like this. Here, let me help."

Fiona felt a hand on her back and was soon floating in the direction of the bridge, getting lower at the same time. The temperature started getting more comfortable while the city below started becoming clearer. The feeling of “flying” was incredibly weird.

"I can barely stand the snail's pace," Dr. Towers said by her ear. "Sometimes I hope you were just a bit more resilient."

They stopped, and Fiona felt her body positioning just like her captor wanted. She then followed her extended arm and pointer finger and looked at the usual evening gridlock in one of the bridges that joined Silverport’s busy Downtown with the residential areas across the river.

“I bet they are mad, stalled in their cars. I can hear some of them complaining behind the steering wheel. What do you say? Should I clear things a bit for them?”

“Please, don’t!” Fiona pleaded, fearing what would happen.

It was to no avail. The superwoman’s eyes glowed red, giving her a wicked look. Two seconds later, a section of the bridge lit up. Fiona understood what had happened, even if it was hard to accept. The tanker truck Dr. Towers had singled out had exploded violently, the thousands of gallons of fuel it carried igniting at the superwoman’s whim.

The explosion was so massive that she could hear it even from a distance. The screams were lost in the distance, but Fiona guessed more than saw the hell that must have unleashed on the bridge. The low laughter next to her made her turn in rage.

“You damned monster!” she groaned.

It only made Sienna Towers’ laughter louder.

“Do you realize now? They do not even know what hit them! Can you imagine how it could have been if I was not trying to keep a low profile?” she boasted.

“You will pay for this!” Fiona yelled.

It only made the scientist chuckle.

“You know what? I won’t!”

Fiona wanted to harm her. Knowing that she could not make her sick. Apparently unaware of it, the blonde woman went on.

“Soon, I will be dictating the rules. See all those people milling around like ants? They don’t know yet, but they belong to me. And as soon as I take care of your colleagues, they will learn about it!” she bragged.

“Megalomaniac bitch!” Fiona snapped.

It only made Dr. Towers chuckle once more.

“It’s only megalomania if I were delusional. But you know I’m not. You don’t want to admit it, but you know that as soon as I get rid of your pesky colleagues, there will be no stopping me.”

Fiona did not react, although she feared deep inside that Sienna Towers was right. The last thing she was going to do was admitting it. As much as it pained her, she decided to change tactics.

“I cannot understand why you do this. All this power… you could be a hero. You could be a legend. And you chose to be a villain!”

She could see that her words had affected her, from the change in the scientist’s expression.

“A hero?” she blurted out. “For whom? For the people? Don’t make me laugh!” she let out. “I was always better than them. Do you know what they did? Marginalize me. Well, not anymore! Now I have the power to take the place I rightfully deserve! A hero? I choose to be a goddess!”

Fiona was aghast. She should have been expecting it, but still, hearing the words from the woman's lips was shocking. There was no doubt in her mind that Sienna Towers' had been a very intelligent but very troubled woman before her transformation. During her years in the Behavioral Sciences group, Fiona had dealt with some really mean people. What she saw from Dr. Towers matched some of the most extreme cases, with the difference that the power she possessed was terrifying.

She felt a hand on her back once more, and they were soon flying, clearly going down. Sienna might have claimed she was keeping a slow pace, but it certainly did not feel so to Fiona, who could talk or react as they soared over the city and in the direction of what seemed to be the river.

Getting closer as they were, Fiona got a better view of the chaos in Carlson Bridge, the firetrucks now trying to access the area in flames through the packed traffic. She did not get a good view of it for long. Their destinations soon became clear.

To the couple observing the mayhem at the bridge from the terrace of their high standing penthouse, the sight of two women floating down from the sky was even more astonishing than the scene at the bridge.

Dr. Towers landed gracefully, much like an Olympic gymnast doing a routine. Her hand never left Fiona's back, guiding her drop and keeping her in place for the first time. She could feel the gentle but unbreakable grip of her fingers on her shoulder as the man and woman turned towards them, not able to utter a word.

"Sorry, we need some privacy," Dr. Towers said.

Fiona did not see her eyes but felt the heat on her face. The anguished shrieks of the middle-aged couple were sickening. They lasted only for an instant, their bodies soon turning into a pile of ashes.

“You monster!” Fiona screamed.

She did not get any answer. Instead, an unstoppable force pushed her forward, towards the large glass door that gave access to the stylish apartment. She had no option but to move or be moved. The curtains gave way to a spacious bedroom. The furniture and decoration did not leave any doubts about the wealth of the people Dr. Towers had just reduced to ashes.

Fiona felt a gentle shove pushing her away from her captor. Then, a much stronger but invisible force pulled her upwards and made her turn. Before she could realize, she was stuck to the wall on the opposite side of the room, unable to move any muscle from the neck down. The knowledge of the source of the power that was keeping her there was incredibly distressing.

“You keep calling me a monster, Fiona. Yet, you lust for me,” the superwoman said, catching her by surprise.

Fiona wanted to deny it, but she did not have time to utter a word before Dr. Towers removed the shoulder straps of her tight-fitting dress and started to unwrap it from her glorious figure. She had not been wearing any underwear, so soon Sienna Towers was naked but for her stylish high-heeled sandals.

Fiona hated this woman more than she had hated anyone in her life. And yet, she could not prevent herself from considering her utterly attractive. She was more than attractive. She was stunning, the most perfect woman she had ever seen.

Dr. Towers stepped out of her shoes with sensuality, then took two steps in her direction. Her breasts were oversized, even considering her tall hourglass frame. And yet, they did not bounce an inch as she walked, save for the rhythmic movement of her chest as she breathed. After all, she had seen, Fiona was ready to accept the challenge to gravity that this represented.

Everything else about her was flawless. Her slender arms, her long silky legs, her washboard flat stomach. Any top model in the world would have been put to shame next to her figure. Her long golden hair fell to mid back and framed a face that had now adopted a sensuous look.

“Like what you see?” she asked in a sultry voice. “Don’t deny it. I can feel your heartrate accelerating.”

Fiona did not know how to react. She did not have time to.

“Let’s see what you’ve got” Dr. Towers then said.

She pointed a finger at her and then snapped it. Fiona feared the worst, but all that happened was that her attire was torn into small pieces and sent away from her body. In an instant, she was stuck against the wall but completely naked.

“Oh, you keep in good shape!” the superwoman said, sounding genuine.

At 36, Fiona Black knew she was an attractive woman. She had a naturally slender figure, fuller in the chest than her clothes normally suggested. Her chest was far from being comparable to Towers’, but she had always felt it was more than adequate. A frequent visitor to the gym and obsessed about jogging, she kept in excellent shape, and her body easily reflected that.

Fiona felt a moment of pride at Dr. Towers’ comment. Then, she felt repulse at herself for it.

“Kill me already! Be done with it!” she screamed.

She only got a chuckle back, followed by a patronizing address.

“Come on, Fiona. Don’t you want to enjoy this first?” Sienna said, running her hands down her body.

Dr. Towers took three more steps, standing right in front of Fiona. Then, she reached out with one hand and grabbed one of her smaller but still pretty remarkable breasts.

“I want to enjoy you,” she said, squeezing gently. It was barely painful and quite exciting.

Stooping a bit, Sienna Towers stuck her tongue out and started licking Fiona's stomach, slowly siring towards her free breast. As soon as the tongue reached her ribcage, Fiona felt intense pain, until something snapped. She realized it was at least one of her ribs.

“Oh, my bad!” the superwoman mocked. “I’m sorry for that. You people are so fragile!”

Fiona groaned, making the mad woman’s smirk widen.

“Be done with it!” she yelled.

“Shhhh” Dr. Towers hushed her. “You still have not understood it, have you? I am not going to kill you.”

Fiona felt her blood freezing. Sienna Towers seemed to realize but just went on.

“Killing you would be too easy. I kill people all the time. But you are more important than that. You hurt me. You are special. And you have my attention.”

Fiona was so shocked that she did not know what to say. Dr. Towers went on.

"For the record: I don't hate you. I did, but not anymore. You know Nietzsche, don't you? What does not kill you makes you stronger. You made me stronger. You showed me my vulnerability. And in a few hours from now, I won't have to worry about it anymore. You could have killed me, but you failed. And in failing, you delivered the world to me on a silver platter, Fiona. In a way, I should thank you for that. Your incompetence enabled my triumph."

Fiona wanted to yell back at her, to tell her that it was not true. But she knew she would be lying. Unknown to her, and for the first time in over twenty years, a tear started running down her cheek. The weight of her failure started crushing her, the realization of how big the implications were finally sinking in.

“I will keep you around Fiona. You’ll get a front row seat of my ascension. And who knows, maybe I’ll even reward you from time to time,” she said, running her hands over her naked form once more, squeezing her magnificent breasts as she did.

“I don’t want anything from you!” Fiona screamed.

It only made Dr. Towers chuckle.

"It's time for you to learn that what you want does not matter anymore. From now on, my will is the only one that matters on this planet!"

There was silence. Sienna Towers filled it.

“Here, I think you deserve your first prize.”

The blonde goddess turned her palm upward and cupped her fingers. An instant later, Fiona's body was released from the wall and sent hovering higher into the room. She felt it tilting until it was practically horizontal. And then, coming from nowhere, dozens of invisible hands started massaging every sensitive area in her anatomy both with vigor and dexterity. Fiona wanted to fight it, but she was unable to. Her clit was the last one to receive the stimulation. When it did, it felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. The experience was short, but it was way more intense than anything Fiona had ever lived. By the time it was over, Fiona was panting, suspended eight feet over the floor, sweat forming in every pore of her skin.

A moment later, she was still panting but glued to the wall once more.

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Dr. Towers mocked with a wink.

Then, she moved her free hand. The wall around Fiona started breaking. She soon noticed pipes bursting through it. Directed by the same ghostly force that had just raped her, the pipes twisted and bent to the superwoman's will, and started tightening around her arms, legs, and torso. By the time they were done, Fiona felt the invisible strings that had been holding her release. Her body was now held in place by much more understandable and physical restraints.

"Will you wait for me here? I'm afraid I need to go. I need to visit some old colleagues," Dr. Towers said.

Fiona’s eyes widened, but she did not find words. She wanted to die, anything but the living hell the superwoman was promising her.

"I'll be back in the morning" her tormentor then said. Her bare feet then lifted from the ground, and her gorgeous form hovered slowly until it was right next to her. "Let me kiss you goodnight."

Her lips locked on hers. She tried to prevent them from kissing her, but she was easily overpowered by the woman's facial muscles. An instant later, she felt a warm and wet kiss, and then it was as if life was being sucked from her. She knew resisting was futile, but still, she tried to fight it. A few seconds later, everything went black.

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