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The day-to-day lives of omnipotent women who have reached the highest level of ascendance.

This entry contains both existing and only chapters, Parched and With the Snap of Her Fingers, the second of which contains some Avengers: Infinity War spoilers. 


An office worker does a favor for her older sister

Sara sighed as she sat in her office and sunk backwards into her chair. The office was quite sizable and even had a door. She was high enough in status to not be bothered by her lessers and work as she sees fit to her own schedule. The unlimited break time didn't hurt either.

The office also provided Sara an awe-inspiring view of the sky, the suns, and the clouds below her. She could look upwards and see the birth of stars and nebulae and other oddities as they proceeded to expand into space and begin to populate the continually growing emptiness and become new galaxies.

All things considered, her life was pretty good.

“And it could definitely be worse,” she muttered as she waved her finger at one of the pens on her desk. It began to float in the air and disassemble into all of its separate manufactured components and spun around as Sara traced paths in the air in front of her.

She could, instead of being born an immortal Celestial, have to worry about mortal trifles such as hunger, health, aging, and dying. She would have to live a non-ascendant existence - a finite and brief stint of consciousness spent toiling and suffering instead of being able to fly, teleport, control and travel through time, create, transmute, and destroy matter with a snap of her fingers. She shuddered at the thought, reaffirming to herself that life could definitely be worse.

Though, it could stand to be better.

Mara, her older sister by barely a year, was the second most powerful being in the Omniverse and accountable to no one except the most powerful All Goddess, who Sara was fortunate enough to actually meet once. Mara and the All Goddess lived lives of pure indulgence, writing the rules and molding the experience of all living as they please, while Sara spent her immortality sitting in an office wearing a business suit playing with a pen.

Life isn't fair sometimes.

As she finished that thought, a missive materialized before Sara. She snapped her fingers and the pen rewound its existence as if she had never touched it at all, then she reached out for the missive and began reading it:

Hey sis,

Just caught you thinking about me and it warmed my heart.

The Highest Celestials and I are convening and I would like to have some refreshments prepared for them. I know that I can just create some myself, but I also know that you don't like to just sit cooped up in that room of yours doing nothing so I figured you wouldn't mind going out and grabbing some drinks for us.

Anyway, it's been literally ages. I miss you, so let's hang out sometime. Let me know when you have time off, or I can make some.


The offer was certainly tempting. She could hang out with her sister in realms simultaneously beyond rules and abstraction whose mere exposure would rend and flay all mortals in an instant, and with the snap of their powerful fingers magically snuff random unfortunate beings from existence, rewriting history to accommodate their absences in all possible time lines. She might even be able to see the All Goddess again.

Sara spent a moment thinking about how much PTO she has accrued. The number that came up was far beyond the lifespans of several civilizations.

“Hanging out with Mara would be fun,” she pondered and then continued the thought, “but I kind of really want some me-time for now.”

Maybe she would time travel to a place like 18th century France and role-play as a mortal, or at least demand unending tribute as the master of their universe. She chuckled at the fact that the actual master of that universe was nothing more than to a janitor to her.

With that smile still on her face, Sara lifted her finger. A bright blue beam shot from its tip that rocketed out into time and space, which located and transformed said janitor into a faucet that was always leaky. “Life really isn't fair sometimes,” she laughed and made a mental note to replace that position later.

“Oh right, the drinks.”


The Intersection of the Seventeen, as it came to be called over time, was a phenomenon so unique that it was the only one like it known in all collective records. It is a point in time and space that anchors the existences of seventeen different dimensions attached to it and is accessible by all seventeen dimensions. Scientists from a forgotten age have theorized that whoever controls the Intersection would wield power so unimaginable that it may as well be pure omnipotence.

Thrilled at the prospect of taking control of everything that has ever been and will be known, the civilizations closest to the Intersection began selectively breeding out weaknesses and extracting full efficiency at the cost of war that has been going on for millenia with no end in sight.

Soon, these terrible empires shed away the need of actual breeding and proceeded to clone their most powerful warriors and most brilliant of minds who both advanced all known forms of scientific research and developed reality altering magic. They were creatures that could punch planets into non-existence, weapons that could turn planets into suns and cooking their inhabitants, and magical spells that when cast could subjugate and enslave even the most advanced populations.


Sara appeared in front of the Intersection. Gazing past the vibrating neon fanfare of the after effects of her teleportation, she could see and exist inside of all seventeen dimensions at the same time. Everywhere she looked, she saw massive armies fighting on all planets and in outer space.

“Huh, so this is the Intersection,” Sara began as she looked around her. “Colorful, I guess.”

She turned her attention towards the eternal battle.

“Um, uh.. hey guys.”

Immediately, all warring factions in all seventeen dimensions stopped and turned to face Sara who was giving them all an awkward wave. They wondered how a human woman, who was barely taller than five feet and clad in business suit, was able to penetrate all of their defenses and make it to the Intersection, the object of all their desires which represented their meaning of life and the reason why they have been warring and killing each other for so many thousands of years.

Sara, confirming that she had everyone's attention, continued to speak.

“Hi, my name is Sara. I know none of you guys know me or care, but I represent the Celestials and I'm here to complete a work order...”

She realized that she forgot to register the work order so she snapped her fingers and rewound time back to when she was still in her office. She signed off on her own order and returned to the Intersection as if nothing had happened.

Holding her hand out, Sara materialized a piece of paper and grabbed it.

“As I was saying, Work order DH4887.”

“Anyway, according to our records, this realm is the lowest on the list for processing material and material needs to be processed.”

She received incredulous looks from her audience, and so she decided to clarify. “I'm the processor. It's my job.”

“If it's any consolation, I don't actually want to do this, but... orders are orders.”

Sara snapped her fingers.

The cacophony of screams that could be described as purified agony lasted about two seconds as within those two seconds all liquid matter was drained from all rivers, oceans, and living beings. All seventeen dimensions were left in a state of unending drought.

The strongest of the warriors barely hung onto life with their bodies reduced to shriveled and unrecognizable forms. Reaching out with their wiry hands, they tried to make sounds from their mouths but all that came out were pitiable grunts. They were lucky (or unlucky, depending on one's perspective) to have their constitutions - all other creatures died from instant desiccation and had their corpses crumble into fossilized pieces.

All existing liquid billowed out from the dimensions and formed into an enormous ball of water floating above Sara. Now she needed something to hold all this water to bring back to Mara.

“I could use something practical like a water cooler, but my sister might be deserving of something more custom-fitted.”

She snapped her fingers a second time.

It was indiscriminate. All matter, from decaying bodies to the soil they dirtied to stars and suns, that wasn't already sapped from all seventeen dimensions began to erode into particles that began to coalesce into the Intersection which began to transmute into a new form as a gigantic goblet made of pristine gold.

Designs began to form on the surface of the goblet, depicting carved forms of the all the once living things that just perished in the wake of obscene power. Each hieroglyphic figure was posed either as giving worship to whatever was above it or writhing in extreme agony.

This reality warping event would come to be known by mortals as the End of the Seventeen, where the entire population of seventeen different dimensions joined the ranks of the dead. Sara magically transmitted a command to her subordinates' minds that they should create their own “End of the Seventeen”-level event at least once per day. She assured them that they would appreciate the time away from their cubicles.

Going back to the newly dead, Sara needed to decide to do with the souls recently separated from their now inanimate owners. She snapped her fingers once again.

A vortex appeared and vacuumed in the souls floating around as they violently reached out with their ghostly appendages, trying to grasp and claw their way out of eternal imprisonment but meeting nothing other than empty space. Sara noted from the faces of the souls that they still retained consciousness and they made the most hideous of expressions. After the processing was done, Sara sent the newly formed hell a couple thousand years into the future so that it could be sorted out later with a note attached saying Don't forget to write up the work order. -S.

Sara teleported above the goblet and began to admire her handiwork. She knew that Mara would be pleased with the results, but she did wonder why her sister asked her to perform such a menial task. She was hoping that her sister would at least ask her to do something that would use more than 1% of her power.


A bored girl reviews Avengers: Infinity War

Contains Avengers: Infinity War spoilers

Mara began to ponder about the omnimagical powers she and other Celestials were born with that allow them to live forever and rule over all others.

For instance, not all Celestials are created equal. Male Celestials live existences that are barely more tolerable than those of mortals. Male Celestials do enjoy super strength, a perfect immune system, and immortality, but it seems that they are restricted to only having enhanced physical attributes and even some magic, but can't access omnimagic whatsoever. Being able to punch a planet into powder sounds awesome at first, until you have a little sister that can snap her fingers and have that same planet's sun erupt into a supernova, with your body teleported and melting into the sun's surface.

In comparison to mortal standards, a male Celestial's life is that of as a slave or, at best, a janitor.

Realizing that it's been a couple of minutes since she last used her powers, she snaps her fingers. Instantly, hundreds of unfortunate janitors were transformed into the last thing they ate that day. Mara giggled a little thinking about the guy who decided to skip breakfast to get to work early.

Going back to her original thoughts, there is quite a bit of variation even among the female Celestials.

Take her little sister Sara for instance. Sara's magic manifested itself in bright blue sparks, a hue of which Mara always found endearing. Mara loved the times Sara actually tried to use the fullest extent of her powers. She especially loved the look on her sister's face, struggling as she attempts to cast a spell that Mara herself could perform with a flick of her thoughts back when they were still teenagers.

She also recalled past moments where she secretly used her powers to make Sara's more ambitious omnimagical spells succeed just to see the smile on her face afterwards. Maybe she should relive some of those memories with time travel.

Sara was born only a lower Celestial, but she tries her best every day regardless and Mara admires her for it.

However, she wondered briefly about the proclivities of lower Celestials. They seem to really enjoy superficial powers such as enslaving and eradicating dimensions on a whim while more powerful Celestials like herself prefer playing with reality in more subtle and clever ways.


Mara's powers, which manifested as bright sparkly pink, would be dangerous for reality if pushed to their limits. She felt a little jealous of Sara; at least Sara was still able to use her full powers at will without repercussions.

Speaking of, those repercussions would be delivered by the All Goddess, Tori, whose magic manifests as a blinding white that embodies supreme judgment that can't be challenged.

Tori actually really hates it when people call her that, but doesn't blame people who do since they do so out of obligation. Mara wondered why she puts up with it when she could easily change that rule by herself.

Deciding to do something about it, Mara snapped her omnipotent fingers. The memories of all beings in all time lines were rewritten such that they should address Tori by her name and that it was always been that way.

Back to Tori. One would think that someone who was the undisputed ruler of the Omniverse and all omnimagic would be a malevolent overlord that only lives for tribute and treats reality as her plaything (if she even allows it to continue to exist and not just drain its essence into a lost sock).

In actuality, Tori resembled Mara's sister Sara more than anything else. Both felt plain and practical and resigned to their lots in life, fantasizing about being able to experience the other lot's perspective.

This similarity even bled through to Tori's physical appearance. She had a slim build topped off with tomboyish hair. She had modest D-cup breasts that still looked great in a tank top and not really that big of a butt.

But Mara doesn't actually care about any of that superficial crap. What she really loved about Tori is her absolute power.

On their Celestial licenses, descriptive information is printed (and updated magically as needed) as well as their power level ranking among all in existence (also updated magically as needed). Tori's is “1”, Mara's is “2”, and Sara's is a number so high that Mara would need to use her powers to calculate it.

Mara snapped her fingers, and her cheeks grew pink from the resulting number - another thing about Sara she was jealous about.

“Your curiosity leads to such strange places,” Tori telepathically interrupted.

“Oh, hey Tori. Want to watch Avengers: Infinity War with me?”

“Is that the one with a speck for a villain?”

From the void came a snap so loud that it shattered a tiny nearby reality called the DC Cinematic Universe, merging a small bundle of 14 million time lines into one master time line that began into expand into fluttering clips of comic book superheroes.

The letters “MARVEL” overlaid themselves across the scene, but over the course of a couple of seconds, the last three letters melded together to form an “A.”

A battle rages on Titan, an insignificant planet, as super powered mortals and immortals battled over the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Mara couldn't understand what the deal was with this Thanos guy. Why kill over powers that she had before she was even fitted for a training bra?

She has since then outgrown that, willing her breasts to always be one cup size bigger than some mortal named Chelsea Charms. Some other mortal named Beshine wasn't even worth consideration, as Chelsea's theoretically unbound growth was more appealing than Beshine's depressing limitations.

Moving her hands away from her crotch, Mara returns her attention to Titan and her soon-to-be victims.

The most important battle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe raged on as colorful animals wearing silly outfits duked it out to secure the Infinity Gauntlet. Its importance met an abrupt end when pink sparks began to appear nearby.

After effects of Mara's teleportation created a blinding pink shockwave that instantly shattered the ear drums of everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it also indiscriminately transformed random unfortunates into pebbles regardless of their power or position in time and space. The ratio of pebbles to not pebbles did not weigh favorably for the side of the nons.

Another omnimagical snap of her fingers and the One Above All was instantly stripped of his power and authority. Mara drained that power into herself, disappointed that the amount it added to her eternally growing reserves was so small it might as well have been literally nothing.

Thanos and Iron Man stopped fighting as they surveyed the destruction around them, then turned back towards the woman who caused it. Both began planning how to deal with this new and common threat.

Doctor Strange had the same thought as he got up from the rubble.

“Thanos, take the Time Stone! There's no way we can beat her...”


“...Mara, without the Infinity Gauntlet's full power.”

Strange willed the stone into Thanos' gauntlet which began to glow. Its shining gems restored a little bit of hope to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mara pointed at the gauntlet and that hope was removed. A pink beam transmuted the Infinity Gauntlet into a jewel encrusted pen, which she magically sent to her sister as an early birthday gift.

“Hello, mortals. My name is Mara, and I demand your absolute surrender. Comply, and I'll consider your continued existence.”

Pointing at Iron Man and Thanos, she continues, “You two seem to be the leaders around here. What's the play?”

Iron Man took off his helmet, revealing himself as Tony Stark.

“Mara, Mara.. I know we probably have next to no leverage but please let us negotia- What?”

A snap of Mara's fingers created an exact clone of Tony standing next to him.

Tony looked at the new Tony in amazement. “With the two of us, we may stand a chance of surviving this!” they exclaimed at the same time.

From the tip of Mara's finger, a pink bolt of energy shot into the original Tony, causing him to spasm in agony as his body began crumpling and disintegrating into nothing. The expressions on his face implied that the process was not pleasant.

“So, new guy... What do you say?”

The Tony Stark left standing fell to his knees and prayed for forgiveness and salvation at the same time.

Before he could open his mouth, Mara read Thanos' mind.

“Halving? That's cute, so I'll go with that.”

She snapped her fingers, unleashing a power that paralyzed 50% of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and instantly vaporized the other half. Of the ones remaining, their existences were also halved, meaning they were reduced in size, power, memories, lifespan, time lines, everything.

Delighted at the results, Mara began snapping even faster. She started really getting into it, dancing and snapping with both hands at the same time as the Marvel Cinematic Universe was morphing into something that resembled a Multi-variable Calculus question.

Mara didn't even need to snap her fingers to use her powers unlike Sara or the other lower Celestials. She allowed a tiny fraction of a percent of her omnimagic to consume the entirely of the Marvel Universe as it began to collapse on itself and converge as a grotesque mutation of mangled flesh, blood, and rocks.

One last snap wrapped it up in pink foil and teleported it to Sara's office for processing.

Mara took a sip of water from a golden goblet that she received as a gift a while back. She looked at the murals engraved into the sides and snapped her fingers.

The carvings morphed into disfigured and morbidly realistic renderings of tortured mortals, stripped of their collective free will, screaming endlessly as their souls have been banished into reliving a time loop of the End of the Seventeen.

After fondly recalling that memory of her sister, Mara snapped her fingers, which commands you, the reader, to go read “Parched” (the other chapter in this series) if you haven't already.

Still smiling, she raised her finger and shot out a brilliant pink beam that traveled through time and space towards a destination it has visited many times before.

Tori turned around from her nap, watched the beam fly away, and chuckled.


Sara lay asleep and snoring in her bed, wearing nothing but an opened dress shirt and boxers, revealing a utilitarian sports bra that flattered her curves. The bed itself was as disheveled as its owner, with the sheets not fully covering the mattress and the blanket not serving its purpose.

The pink beam shot peacefully into Sara, not even coming close to waking her from her slumber. Her body started glowing with her trademark blue but slowly changed into a beautiful lilac purple as she assimilated more of Mara's pink energy.

On her sister's simple whim, Sara's omnimagical power, which by mortal and immortal standards was already equivalent to unimaginable and irreversible omnipotence, instantly doubled.

Sara was really going to love her new office which Mara also snapped into existence.

Truth be told, Mara had cast this exact spell this countless times in the past. Sometimes she did it to reward one of Sara's accomplishments or milestones at work, but mostly she did it because she wanted to. It brought Mara true happiness since it gave her the opportunity to watch the genuine joy on her sister's face upon realization of her luck.

And luck Sara thought it was, as Mara purposefully made sure that her sister didn't know that she was doing this to her.

Mara decided to do something additionally special to commemorate Sara's new hyper-omnipotent powers.

Two more pink beams shot into Sara's breasts, causing them to slowly swell inside of the already taut sports bra. They ballooned out of the bra's cleavage holes and sides, and tore at the seams. In seconds, Sara's breasts grew from their average-sized DDD cups to somewhere around an H cup, inadequately contained in a bra that looked like it could serve its purpose if its owner had boobs on her boobs.

Noting the torn fabric barely holding on like the universes that graze against the surfaces of her omnimagical beams, Mara plays on the words of an old and cliche mortal saying.

“Well, if it's already broke, then...”

More pink energy poured into Sara's chest. The pieces of her ex-bra sprayed across the bed and on the floor, as two JJ cups jiggled a bit and then settled and flattened across her sides like two family-sized tubs of jello. Her magic didn't touch the rest of her sister's body, leaving Sara as an erotically contrasting scrawny brunette stick with watermelon sized breasts which were big enough to enslave any man and woman on their own but still quite a bit smaller than Mara's own pair.

Now uncovered and exposed, Sara's nipples hardened into cork-sized pillars as she slept. Her face indicated that she was enjoying a nice dream.

The three girls were completely nude and bathing inside of non-existence. Being exposed to non-existence would normally vaporize even the most powerful of Highest Celestials, but Tori and Mara's presence easily allowed a lower Celestial like Sara to join them.

Floating in the emptiness sitting indian style next to each other, the girls wondered why flight, a power so primitive that it came to them naturally at birth, became a power that mortals fascinate about so strongly.

Sara was beginning to get used to her new hyper-omnipotent lilac omnimagic, as well as her bra destroying JJJ-cup breasts - Mara already added the second J, so she figured a third wouldn't bother anyone. The cones of her D-cup sized areolas were crowned with un-erect but still gigantic nipples.

“I see you're growing more and more like your sister,” Tori remarked.

“Yeah...” Sara replied, still kind of in shock by being in Tori's presence, “I know that my powers and experience are insignificant compared to yours, but I've been randomly getting these boosts in omnimagic all my life. Good luck, I guess.”

“I was talking more about your chest, but yes, that too, ” Tori said as she eyed Sara's boobs. While still several cup sizes behind Mara, the way they floated and jiggled inside of non-existence aroused both Tori and Mara, whose hardened nipples did not escape Sara's notice.

“So, what you're saying is that any omnimagic we cast here will be amplified ten thousand fold and ignores all moralities, principles, and judgment?”

The two Highest Celestials were aroused by the beaming smile on Sara's face, thrilled about the prospect of casting forbidden omnimagic.

Tori floats into a leisurely position between the two sisters. “I want to watch this time. Now get snappin',” she ordered as she began fondling the two gigantic pairs of breasts to each side of her.

“New girl, you go first.”

Sara snapped her newly empowered fingers and caused a cascade of violent lilac omnimagic to envelop all time and space.

Any ascended being outside of the girls themselves instantly lost their immortality, doomed to brief lives of servitude to their new hyper-omnipotent mistress. They were forced to think about Sara at least once per minute and refusing or missing this requirement resulted in complete purging. She purged billions of them anyway just to make an example. At least they weren't mortals, who collectively ceased to exist from the initial aftershock of her snap.

The results of her omnimagical spell brought Sara to the brink of orgasm. She had never felt anything like this, even in her wildest dreams, and ended up passing out as the other two girls giggled and continued sculpting reality with their pink and white omnimagic.

After Tori snapped her fingers and rewound the events of that outing, the girls found themselves back in the Realm of the Highest Celestials, drinking coffee made up of purified mortals.

“I should probably be getting back,” Sara began with a sullen look on her face. “My PTO is running out and I should get back to work.”

Tori laughed and gave Sara's heaving breast a playful slap.

“How about I give you a new job instead?”

Tori snapped her incontestable fingers and caused Sara's powers to glow into an even more vibrant lilac (to Mara's delight). Sara could only stare in shock as her omnimagic, which already granted her unlimited dominion over every dimension she's ever visited and more, grew to where the concept of a dimension no longer had meaning.

Sara was now a regular Celestial.

Sure, it wasn't a Highest or even a High Celestial, but Sara's outlook on her life just got a lot brighter.

I just wanted to personally thank you for taking some of your time to read this stuff.

My goal with the Celestials was to write omnipotent fiction that subverts the trope of “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I hope that it came across as that.

These two chapters about the Celestials are all I'll probably ever write about this subject matter in my life as I'll be too busy to continue in the future.

I'll definitely stick around and continue to enjoy the great stuff you guys create. Have a good life and work towards achieving your dreams. Also, if one of your dreams includes writing omnipotent fiction, all I'll say is I was extremely high when writing these.

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