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Dazzling Diamond - Beginnings

Written by Woody :: [Monday, 11 June 2018 01:02] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 17 June 2018 08:42]

“So when are you going to tell me about how all this started.” Simon said to Stacey as she lied on his lap on the couch. Both were wearing jeans and a t-shirt watching TV.

“Well what do you know?” Stacey asked

“Firstly, you’re Dazzling Diamond.”

“What else Simon.”

“You transform by saying 'DD Activate' and you change back by saying 'DD Deactivate', which obviously doesn’t work when I say it.”

“Yep, only me.”

“And you can pull some really sexy tricks when transforming back from the Dazzling Diamond.”

“And they’re for your eyes only.”

“You’re also incredibly hot as you or as a superheroine.” Simon said as he stroked her Brunette hair

“Thanks hon.” Stacey sat up

“And I still like your breasts better.” Simon joked, remembering how he found out that Stacey was the Dazzling Diamond

“They’re the same breasts Simon.” Stacey quipped

Simon snuck in a quick feel. .”I know, just saying. That’s it.”

“In that case what do you want to know.” Stacey enquired

“How about we start with how this all started. I also have about 200 questions about transforming.”

Stacey got up, grabbed a book, came back and started “reading it.” To Simon

“It was a dark and stormy night.” She said

“Very funny Snoopy.”

“It actually was, well when I went to sleep anyway.”

“You were asleep!” Simon gasped

“A coma actually.”

“Wait.” Simon stopped Stacey. “You were in a coma!”

“Who’s telling this story?”

“Sorry; you never told me you were once in a COMA!” Simon continued

“Well I was, now where was I.” Stacey resumed

“Sorry, continue.” Simon implored

“As you know the Dazzling Diamond has been around for about 2 years now. Well just before that I was hit by a car on a twilight run and I fell into a coma. They never caught the driver. Anyway when I was in the coma I “dreamt.” about a lot of things. The thing about a coma is you don’t know you’re in a coma.

In one of these dreams an elderly woman visited me. I had never met her but she was incredibly comforting and yet somehow familiar. She explained that she was in the form of my dead Grandmother from Mum’s side. She died before I was born so I never met her in person. Anyway she explained that I was not meant to be where I was, but it allowed her to activate a latent power that existed inside me.

She explained about the dormant power, me becoming a superheroine and the whole superheroine deal. I was in a coma remember; so I didn’t realise how outlandishly stupid that sounds. We sat down and picked out a superheroine identity for me to help people under but protect who I was Super… Wonder… Power… It’s pretty foggy as you can imagine, but she mentioned something about owning your name and not “Borrowing.” titles. I changed tack and suggested The Dazzling Diamond. She said she liked the alliteration. Then she apologised and said this might hurt but it was needed to kick-start the power. She thrusted her hand forward and a wind came at me. My neck thrust back and my arms shot out. She was right. It hurt

Next thing I know I was in the hospital groggily coming too in an ICU ward, with a massive neck ache and my arms outstretched. She had literally pushed me in to consciousness. I was later told I was in the coma for about 2 weeks and that it was touch and go for a while there.

About 3 weeks later I came home and was in my bed. Mum has just gone back home and it was my first night alone since the accident. The accident had left my body weak and untoned given I was a fit person. While sleeping I saw my Grandmother again. She explained that the power had activated now in me and was ready to use. I just needed to say DD… My change phrase and I would access the power I needed to be the heroine I was destined to be. She mentioned just make sure my arms could stretch out. I didn’t know why at the time.

She had taken the liberty to design a costume that would appear when I changed and that I would notice some changes to help hide who I am to the wider world. When I was done to change back to normal I just needed to say my change back phrase. I would also be able to blend in when changing back by thinking about what to wear or where I was when changing. Hence the clothes change ability that you’ve seen. If I didn’t think I would revert to what I was wearing pre transformation. She also stressed me not to tell everyone my secret but I would know when and who to tell as they would mean a lot to me and I would know I could trust them to keep my secret.”

“Aw shucks.” Simon Blushed

“As you can imagine when I woke up I was confused and disorientated but I slowly got up and decided to try it out.”

Stacey then put the book down and got up. Simon could see where this was going

“I got out of bed and spun my arms like this and almost fell over.” as she twirled from side to side and feigned a stumble

“I had enough room I thought let’s see if this works, here goes nothing, DD ACTIVATE.”

With that Stacey’s neck snapped back, her arms went wide and she started spinning. Suddenly in the blur a white light started shinning and engulfed her. When the light subsided Stacey was gone and the Dazzling Diamond was there

“I will NEVER get sick of that.” Simon gleamed

“During that first time I felt tingly, I still do every time I transform, but in that first transformation I felt my skin and body changing. It felt great to be honest. I could feel my legs and arms tightening and toning and my torso firming up. I also felt my breasts firming and changing. I swore they were getting bigger though I was already a C/D cup depending on the bra. It was like they were swelling but it felt great and made my nipples tense.

As you can imagine there was a slight, no massive shock when I stopped spinning and looking down to see the purple suit and the top of the diamond. I raced to the mirror and went to scream when I saw my new blonde hairdo and the radiant blue eyes but was washed with a sense of calm and knowing. I ran my hands over the suit I was wearing. It felt so luxurious but exceedingly comfortable, like it was made just for me. It hugged my new figure exquisitely and looked really sexy on me. I felt a massive wash of confidence ride over me. The boots fit perfectly as well and the cape was pretty cool too. After taking it all in I thought how I change back then remembered. I spun my arms out to make sure there was room and then said DD DEACTIVATE.”

Simon saw the white light engulf the Dazzling Diamond. When it faded Stacey was back in the jeans and figure hugging white T-shirt.

“I was back in my pyjamas but I still felt different. I realised I didn’t spin for one. My hair and eyes were back to normal. I lifted up my top and scanned by stomach. It had firmed up and was toned but not bulky. There was no six pack but it was flat and sexy as hell. Then I looked at my arms and it was like my body was retaining the changes that had happened in the transformation. I stripped off and looked over my body. My legs, arms, stomach were all toned, I had a butt for the first time in my life and my breasts, well the girls just looked amazing and perky. They had also gotten a little bigger. Gravity starts to take effect in your mid 20’s. Now, well you know.”

“They still do look amazing.” Simon interjected

“My body had morphed into the perfect version of my body, and it’s stayed that way since. I still work out but that’s more because I like to. So that’s how the Dazzling Diamond came to be. I stayed a homebody by myself for about 4 months to hide my transformation under the guise of rehab whilst slowly introducing the world to The Dazzling Diamond. Everyone bought it and I’ve been living the double life ever since.”

“Did anyone want your rehab program?” Simon asked

“I got a couple of enquiries, but I couldn’t really say 'get put into a coma and have your dead grandmother activate latent superpowers', now could I?”

“I suppose not.” Simon concurred

“I was visited one more time my Grandmother. This time she explained why the changes happened and what I could do now. The spin creates a vortex that help to infuse the power in me whilst I’m the Dazzling Diamond and the light is a side effect of the energy reaction, though there may be scope to control that if I need to. I don’t spin when transforming back as the power naturally dissipates, it’s accelerates with the light but I may also be able to control the light when I change back. The rest is pretty boring and you’ve seen what I can do as the Dazzling Diamond.”

“But I have a lot more questions now, especially about your transformations.” Simon said

“Easy Tiger.” Stacey replied

“How about we continue this later? I’d like to go to the beach while the sun is still up.”

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