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Miss Sutherland

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 21 July 2018 13:17] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:21]

Edited and remastered by Hikerangel

Art by Homaredamegane and Joy Ride

With the advent of superpowered humans in the late 21st century, it quickly became clear that mankind couldn’t turn its new, incredibly powerful teenagers loose upon regular schools, prone, as they were, to use their powers to defy authority or worse—satisfy their raging hormones. St. Cyprian of Antioch’s Academy for Supernaturally Augmented Individuals ( Cyprian Academy for short) was the first of the world’s attempts at a solution. The school quickly became the premier institution of its kind, taking its place as one of the most important educational centers in the world. The rise of the academy, and others like it, ended a dark era in which the governments of the world had been forced to collaborate with renegade vigilantes to combat super criminals. Those days, however, were now long gone. Superheroes had become card-carrying deputies of justice, acting with the blessing of their respective nations. They were bound by the law just like any other citizen while performing their duties and arresting criminals in close coordination with the local police. Of course, teenagers were more complicated than adults. They needed a stable and positive environment in which to learn how to handle potentially dangerous abilities. Thus, Cyprian Academy was created, the perfect place for super-adolescents to learn how to make the best use of their nascent powers. The results after a few decades had been extremely promising: less super crime and more competent, law-abiding superheroes. Life between normals and supers had become far more sustainable.

The current batch of future superheroes was different, though. The power these new supers possessed was shocking—far beyond that of any previous generation. It had earned them the catchy moniker: The Golden Generation. Their powers were, on average, an order of magnitude higher than those of their predecessors, and they had been developing them over the span of 7 school years, since they were twelve.

These mighty youngsters were assigned the best tutor the academy could offer: Miss Rebecca Sutherland. She was a superpowered individual, like most of the staff in a school composed of retired vigilantes and those who didn’t have sufficient power to save lives but could teach the kids how to handle being different. No one, however, could pinpoint exactly how many powers she actually possessed. Rebecca was able to be present in many classrooms at the same time, teaching a variety of subjects without difficulty. Somehow, she managed to be extremely competent in them all. Such a gift was exceedingly rare. Possessing more than one superpower was an anomaly. While it wasn’t unheard of, it was rare. But there had never been anyone quite like her. No one knew exactly how many powers she had. She could appear and vanish from places instantly, change her hair and eye color at will, transform her clothes, alter her voice, and even soothe animals with a simple touch. Her students had witnessed the latter when she tamed a hungry lion on the verge of attacking some tourists during a school trip to Kenya. The growling beast purred the moment she touched it and returned to its lair without further incident. The academy’s students and staff could only speculate as to the full extent of her abilities, since the only powers listed on her superheroine identity card were shapeshifting and teleportation.

Her looks weren’t normal either. For starters, she could very well be considered the most stunningly beautiful woman in the world, despite the fact that she was in her early thirties. Her succulent lips paired with her lightly tanned skin to give her visage a radiant beauty. Her mature, yet extremely sexy face, framed by a cascade of shimmering locks and bangs of an ever-changing shade, gave her an attractive, exotic air that screamed forbidden fruit to the core. Every student that enrolled became obsessed with her within their first hour on campus, males and females alike. An impossibly thin waist flowed into voluptuous hips before forming into endless, silken legs. Her body defied all the conventions of modern science—but then, so did those of everyone that lived in the academy. Her breasts, motherly and gigantic, were utterly without equal. Rebecca was a professional and almost always dressed conservatively, as any responsible teacher should. However, she didn’t shy away from showing acres of delicious cleavage on hot summer days. Her eyes were charming, mystical, and brimming with wisdom and knowledge. Staring into their kaleidoscopic depths for too long was dangerous since they could hypnotize the unwary in an instant. More than one of her students had woken up surrounded by superpowered classmates after looking into them for a few seconds, laughing at their foolishness. In short, she was a sumptuous feast of mouth-wateringly delicious curves packed into a sublime 175 cm package.

The relationship between Miss Sutherland and her students was a bit odd. Without fail, they scored the highest on all the standardized tests because she was both an impressive educator and an inspirational, charismatic leader that knew how to get the best out of her pupils. However, the fact that she was an unbelievably beautiful bombshell could not be ignored, and after countless love letters and confessions of undying affection from her students, she opted for the easiest solution to the quandary—dating everyone at the same time. This proved to be difficult at first because of the unavoidable issues that came with so many sharing the same girlfriend. Initially, it generated jealousy and conflict, but unbeknownst to them, it was simply another of her many tests—this time, one of mind and character. Rebecca was using this situation to teach them reason, understanding, and mettle, so they wouldn’t end up being hotheads that put the lives of either themselves or others in harm’s way. It showed them that emotional tiffs and petty differences could ruin their teamwork. After all, it wasn’t as if Rebecca favored any student in particular, and she could be in many places at once so that nothing could interfere with the schedule of her many dates.

Today was the last day of classes at Cyprian Academy. It was a hot summer day, nearly 40 degrees Celsius outside. Rebecca was wearing glasses, a half-open white blouse, and a black skirt with shimmering pantyhose underneath, looking as sexy as ever. Today, she decided that her hair should be black and her eyes of an unearthly violet color. Despite the impressive heat, she wasn’t sweating and, as always, awaited her students inside the classroom a few minutes before the lecture began. Perfect in posture and mannerisms, she was as elegant as a noblewoman. Her expensive-looking aquamarine earrings glimmered with unnatural light when the first hero opened the door. This time, she had something special prepared for her magnificent students, people that she spent years getting to know and instructing. Not to mention, more recently, loving.

Each of the twenty students in the group greeted their de facto girlfriend with a chaste kiss on the cheek. Some were naughty enough to kiss her on the lips in front of everyone else, but they had learned long ago not to be upset by things like that.

Rebecca giggled, delightedly observing how well-trained they were. Sitting on their chairs without making a single noise, they remained absolutely silent, waiting for their authority figure to speak. This sort of behavior was not typically seen in people with giant egos and arrogant personalities, given their status as superpowered demigods. But Rebecca had a secret. Her pheromones were so powerful that she could manipulate people in her vicinity with them. Men and women would come in droves to her, unable to think rationally, consumed by the desire to fuck her if she so desired. Fortunately, she could regulate this awesome superpower, using it to make the people around her more docile and prone to attentive listening. She used it to teach better, allowing no person to become bored or distracted. All of her students always paid attention. It was little wonder that they always scored very high on their exams.

The stunning woman stood up, walking to the center of the class with a childlike, enthusiastic smile on her face, clacking her sexy heels along the way. Upon reaching the front of the room, she clapped her hands, much to the surprise of everyone in the room. It was a strange gesture for her. She was usually more composed and serious. Shortly thereafter, she provided an explanation.

“Well, it pains me to say this, guys, but this is the last day of classes. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to be with you much longer.”

A collective owwwwwwwwwwwww rippled through the room.

“Yes, I know. This is your last year, and you were all so incredible. I shall miss you more than you will ever know. But time passes and our seven beautiful years together are now over.” Rebecca patted Howard Jenkins’ head as he sat down beside her. A frail, nerdy kid with glasses, no one would have ever guessed was a superhero, but he was actually the alter ego of the famous and powerful Zero-to-Hero. Howard blushed at his teacher’s loving touch, recognizing what a lucky bastard he was.

“B-but you’ll still come to our graduation party, right?” Sally Winters asked after raising her hand. It seemed that the entire classroom was excited by the prospect of Miss Sutherland engaging in a little fun after the prom.

“Ah, yes! But first, you have to graduate. It’s not over yet. That’s why we are here today.” Her words met silence, a collective, unspoken huh? rolling through the room. No one knew what she was talking about. They had passed all the assignments and tests for this last course, so why would they need to do something else to graduate? It wasn’t in the syllabus for the year, so it was completely unexpected and more than a little unfair. They hadn’t had the proper time to prepare and study for whatever it was. Rebecca knew this, though, and quickly assured them that they wouldn’t need to do such things to pass.

“Indeed, I have one last test for you, and it will be the most important you have ever taken. Today, you will show me that you can and WILL become glorious heroes. You shall prove that you have come out of this academy with knowledge and pride because of your deeds.” Miss Sutherland’s gaze swept over the room with eerie cheerfulness.

“Miss Sutherland, with all due respect, why do we have to take this test? It wasn’t scheduled!” said the brain of the class, known to the public as Mastermind. He was a bald superhero with the highest IQ on Earth. An inventor, scientist, philosopher, and psychic, he was also the proud owner of the largest cranium ever seen.

“Don’t worry, Jonathan, it will be over in a few minutes. I honestly believe everyone will pass!” As soon as the words left Miss Sutherland’s mouth, something incredible happened. Everyone in the class was instantly transported to the what seemed to be the school’s roof. They couldn’t believe it, looking around in wonder to survey their new surroundings. Was this a result of one of Miss Sutherland’s powers? Another one? The bombshell teacher’s earrings flashed again, and her looks changed in the span of a heartbeat. She was now wearing a beige jacket with a brown blouse underneath. Completing her outfit was a yellow tie and long, dark latex pants. Her hair grew lighter, shining in the morning sun, and her eyes turned red like rubies. As difficult as it was to believe, she had become even more stunning than before. “The classroom is too small for our little test, so I brought us to a more open environment. Please allow me to explain.” She extended her arms towards her students, addressing them as one. “As final proof that you have become heroes, you will be required to defeat me in combat. You have an hour as a time limit, and there are no rules. You can even gang up on me should you so desire.” Stopping to consider, she mumbled something under her breath before continuing. “Wait! I lied. There is one rule. If you fall from the roof and touch the ground below, you’re disqualified from the competition!”

The classroom became deadly silent, then laughter erupted. From everyone. It displayed a startling lack of respect for their magical teacher’s incredible abilities. “Come on, Rebecca. You can’t expect us to actually do that. We know you are a superheroine too but please! It was funny, though. Nice one!” said Captain Starlet, the blonde alpha bitch of the classroom. She had big boobs and no brain—quite a lot of power, though.

“If you are so sure I am not a threat to you, then you won’t have any problem fighting me. Okay then! The ones who wish to take the test, step forward.” Rebecca’s crimson eyes suddenly turned terrifying, a macabre aura emanating from her breathtaking body. The atmosphere seemed to grow heavier with the weight of her power. All of her students immediately felt the most intense of terrors preying on their feeble minds, as if two very powerful invisible hands had reached out to hold them in place. Unable to move. Paralyzed. Some broke out in a cold sweat. Others simply swallowed fearfully. They knew Rebecca had many powers, but this one was new. Why was it that their cute, bubbly teacher was suddenly so scary and imposing?

“What’s wrong, Stacy? Chicken?” Rebecca called out in a cheerful, lilting tone, her question directed toward Captain Starlet.

“I-I’m not! I’ll show you what I can do! I’ll show everyone! Who’s with me?!!!” Her voice grew more confident with every word. Stacy was brave, but not fearless enough to face Rebecca alone. After a minute of cajoling, she managed to rally a total of six allies to her side.

Miss Sutherland found herself stretching and smiling in amusement as most of the heroes in the roof remained glued to the sidelines, afraid to challenge their gorgeous teacher. “Okay then! If you throw me off the roof, you win!” The seven bravest members of the class decided to put their teacher to the test. The twin siblings Chadman and Captain Starlet, Invisi Lupe, Zero-to-Hero, Mastermind, Sally Winters, and, unsurprisingly, The Fast. They stood before the beautiful, delicately featured woman as she assumed a confident posture, placing a well-manicured right hand on her cocked hip. She looked self-assured to the point of cockiness, unlike her opponents whose expressions resembled those of nameless mooks about to face the deadly boss of a high level dungeon. The students formed a circle to plan their strategy, naturally choosing the lanky Mastermind as their leader because he was the smartest. They whispered as they huddled, devising a strategy that took into account every power they knew Rebecca possessed. They actually thought that their teacher wasn’t able to hear what they were saying! The notion made the corners of Miss Sutherland’s lips turn upward in a sly smile. For someone as powerful as her, it was an amusing sight. Oh, how she loved these dear, silly little students.

After a few minutes of pointed discussion, they felt prepared to confront her and arranged themselves into a strategic formation.

“Are you done? Can we start? Will you attack me all at once or one at a time? It will make no difference, I assure you!” their teacher giggled, taunting them playfully.

Then, the onslaught began. All of the heroes stood in front of Mastermind, creating a barrier of protection so that Rebecca couldn’t see what he was plotting. The first to attack Rebecca was the cowardly little Howard Jenkins, who gathered all of his courage and transformed. Indeed, the nerdy, mousey boy turned into a monstrous 10-foot tall mass of pure muscle in front of everyone. A chorus of gasps swept the group of students. This was Zero-to-Hero, a creature so big and terrifying that he could be the featured attraction in any child’s worst nightmare. A ‘roid-filled berserker monster with just enough self-control not to kill those he cherished, he always acted on pure instinct. Issuing a spine-tingling growl, he rushed his teacher, stomping into the ground with every step to leave small craters in the concrete as he ran. Zero-to-Hero punched downward, crushing the floor where Miss Sutherland had stood a moment before, destroying the helipad and sending a shower of detritus into the classroom below. As ragged chunks of concrete crumbled and dust and smoke billowed, he waved away the aftermath of his destructive blow. Confused, he saw that he had missed his target. He frantically looked about, swiveling his head back and forth in his search for Rebecca until he heard her precious little laugh. Spying the row of students gathered at the edge of the rooftop, the faces of his peers appeared awed, looking upward at something he couldn’t see.

Arching a bushy eyebrow, he turned his gaze skyward. There she was. Above him! His teacher calmly stepped on his giant, reptilian head, using it as support for her modest weight. With her hand consideringly on her chin, thinking everything through, she evaluated the situation. From her lofty position, she could see everything on the roof, focusing in on what Mastermind was doing behind his partners’ blockade. Rebecca didn’t need to see him to know what the young genius was doing, she had countless other ways, but for convenience’s sake, she chose this one in the heat of the battle. “Ah, interesting. He’s building THAT gizmo to defeat me. Not bad, Jonathan, not bad. I will allow it,” the powerful, cocky teacher thought to herself. Then, she backflipped to her original position atop a pile of rubble, completely unscratched.

“Is that all?” she taunted, examining her perfect nails. “I’m afraid to tell you that you may be very strong, but slow as a snail, Howie. Perhaps you would prefer that I refrain from dodging? I can do that for you if you’d like!” The woman made her offer casually, as if tossing out an offer for a cup of tea. The puny Howard Jenkins wouldn’t have retaliated against such idle banter, but Zero-to-Hero was a proud beast, and he didn’t like being called out like that in front of his pals. His strength was absolute. He had once bench-pressed the weight of hundreds of planets in a government-sponsored experiment. If even one punch connected, it would splatter their beautiful teacher, causing Rebecca to explode into bits. Of course, he didn’t entirely fear hurting her, now understanding that her confidence was likely due to some heretofore unknown ability to cheat death. If only he knew how dead-on-the-money that supposition actually was. No one on the roof was even close to comprehending the staggering levels of power that Miss Sutherland truly possessed.

The giant behemoth punched Rebecca in the face, and, as promised, she didn’t dodge this time. A blow powerful enough to destroy a planet swung outward, creating such a shockwave that Invisi Lupe had to erect a force field to protect the building as well as the other students from it.

The blow landed, but Rebecca didn’t even budge. Not an inch. She laughed cheerfully, shifting her gaze from her manicured fingers to her massive student.

“Come on, you can punch harder than that, Howard!” The creature kept hitting her in different parts of her body with all of his incredible might. But it was to no avail. His earth-shatteringly powerful strikes couldn’t injure her in the slightest. As he struck her uselessly, again and again, he grew desperate. Zero-to-Hero was being emasculated despite playing to his greatest strength—raw, physical power. His incredible might had never before failed to garner anything short of awestruck respect in the past. How could this be happening?

“Then I will go on the offensive myself!” Rebecca announced. With speed and technique that could make any professional boxer look like a complete amateur, Rebecca playfully punished Zero-to-Hero’s stomach, liver, and face with mind-bendingly powerful attacks capable of leveling entire worlds. Three consecutive punches flashed out so fast that he couldn’t even react. He felt the intense pain—so much, in fact, that his massive arm clenched inward to hold his belly. He collapsed weakly to one knee before his unbelievably strong teacher. He couldn’t help but wretch as the contents of his stomach gurgled upward. The beating had been indescribably painful, and the most unbelievable part was that her punches hadn’t even been delivered with serious effort. Howard raised his tiny, beady eyes to find her smiling triumphantly, not tired at all.

But Zero-to-Hero didn’t surrender. As Rebecca was about to deal the final blow, his hand shot up, stopping it with an open palm, grabbing the much smaller fist of the much smaller woman. He rose slowly, grunting with the effort. Then, using all the remaining strength he possessed, he pushed her back hard with his two giant hands.

“That’s the spirit!” laughed Rebecca, delighted at her pupil’s show of tenacity. “But I have a lot more in me too!” Rebecca used her free hand this time, pushing with so much might that it was no longer a contest. Zero-to-Hero was being humiliated in a battle of raw strength, being pushed back with ease, sweating and panting as he was overpowered by his diminutive teacher. Rebecca, however, still wasn’t even taking it seriously, using a paltry 1% of her current strength, which she could increase at will anyway. “Well… I guess it’s time to end this, my little cutie.” Miss Sutherland’s earrings glimmered again and far more power was instantly pumped into her slender muscles. Even if she was already hundreds of times stronger than the strongest man in the world, it wasn’t enough for her. Not for the kind of ostentatious display she was planning. She wanted this to be flashy.

With casual ease, she freed herself from the struggle, taking her giant opponent by the arms, then twisting them together at super speed, leaving both heavily muscled limbs a cartoonish mass of knots. Zero-to-Hero screamed. It didn’t hurt much, but the sight of his unbeatable arms woven together like two limp spaghetti noodles launched him into a state of primal fear. The battle ended with a swift uppercut to the chin by his teacher. The massive monster instantly lost consciousness, transforming back into his measly human form as he flew into the sky. He fell into the arms of one of his classmates on the sidelines, a number of students rushing forward to tend to his injuries.

“I have defeated Howard,” Miss Sutherland announced. “I hope the rest of you have a better strategy to beat me, rather than attempting to overcome me by brute strength.”

A powerful breeze suddenly passed Miss Sutherland, blowing her hair all over the place. It left her standing stoically, her silken tresses mussed into a wildly sexy look. Her stylish glasses flew away, but she was untroubled by the loss. She had no real need of them. Instantly, she knew who was causing this: The Fast, the speedster of the class with a power so legendary that he was hailed as the mightiest hero on Earth, in spite of his lack of strength and his ridiculous-looking silver jumpsuit. As with many speedsters, he was a cheeky bastard, deciding to do a few laps around his teacher just to tease her. This couldn’t have excited Rebecca more. Unlike everyone else on the roof, she was able to see her student with crystal clarity, his movements like a movie at slow motion to her rose-colored eyes. “I’m faster than light, Rebecca. Just give up. I can vaporize you if I go fast enough, just as I can anyone else here. I am the best, after all.” Tom Ridley’s heart was in the right place. He was a true hero and cared about saving people, but his attitude was sometimes that of a petulant, arrogant child. Like now. He was so powerful that he always believed himself better than his peers, reminding them of the fact frequently, causing a chorus of facepalms wherever he went. He was also a womanizer, and he was trying to impress Rebecca now, though by beating her up rather than seducing her. For everyone else, Tom appeared as a very powerful tornado that, like a blender, could cut them into tiny bits if they came near. They couldn’t even see him! However, Rebecca was unfazed by his awesome display of power and speed. “Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re going to asspull invincibility too? Not even Chadman is this problematic!” He was speaking at light speed, but Rebecca could easily register his bravado.

Chuckling loudly, Rebecca was clearly enjoying this. “No hard feelings, Tom, but I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said confidently.

“Huh?” Before he could do anything, Rebecca appeared behind him, poking his shoulder. These actions occurred within the timespan of a second, both of them completely detached from the collective strike the other students were preparing. In layman’s terms, their fight was too fast-paced for the others to follow, appearing non-existent to them. At the speeds they were moving, they were effectively invisible. The Fast attempted to outmaneuver Rebecca, moving at lightspeed to try and lose her, but every time he ran somewhere, his teacher was already there, waiting for him to arrive. He was growing angry. How could she be so fast? Tom was the greatest speedster in history, so fast he could run a lap around the universe in no time at all, SO fast his grandpa always told him not to go too fast because he might mess with the rules of space and time. But now? Now, he was being humiliated by someone who wasn’t even a renowned speedster! This shouldn’t have been possible! “Well, I’m angry now. Hope you can keep up with this!” The Fast sped up to an impossible velocity, ripping through atmosphere at breakneck speed. He was running at such dizzying speeds that he was pretty much emulating flight! By moving so fast, he didn’t need to be wary of the lack of oxygen or the coldness of space because he could run a lap around the universe before those things could affect him. As he looked back, however, he saw that Rebecca was following him with ease! She decided to casually overtake him, whipping past him with a teasing smile as they both circled around the entirety of creation several times in the span of an attosecond.

“You are boring me, Tom.” Rebecca was somehow able to speak, despite the lack of air in space. Tom was certain it wasn’t telepathy, just normal speech, which irritated him even more. Was there anything this woman couldn’t do?

Rebecca was grinning in amusement, not even tired, whereas Tom was sweating and panting, clearly running himself ragged. But there was still something more he could do: the one thing everyone had told him not to. If he pushed himself to 100% of his maximum speed, outdoing anything he—or anyone else—had ever done before, he could travel back in time. He would be exhausted, but he could rest for a bit and gather his energy before returning to his original time. Most importantly, he was sure Rebecca couldn’t follow him there. As he accelerated, everything moved so slowly around him that he could make out Earth before him. He knew he had to arrive on his home planet as he pushed into time-traveling speeds, giving him a safe place to travel backward in time. When he slowed to rest, he would need to be in a life-sustaining environment. He squeezed his eyes and pushed himself as hard as he could, overclocking his body and almost breaking it. His feet and the muscles in his legs began to burn. A flash blinded him momentarily, then everything went dark. After a few seconds, he woke up, groggy, in the middle of a jungle, volcanoes exploding in the background. The air was almost unbreathable. A Triceratops was licking his face with it’s rough, brush-like tongue. He must have traveled back to the Mesozoic era! This presented a problem, however. How could he return to the present? His cockiness had gotten him into trouble many times before, but this error was pretty serious. “At least I beat her,” he thought, not even concerned about the gentle prehistoric beast that was pestering him.

Suddenly, a tiny hand hefted the entire 14-ton weight of the dinosaur. It was Miss Sutherland! His teacher lifted the giant herbivore overhead with ease, a smug, victorious smirk on her stunning face. The Fast slumped from his prone position, allowing his head to drop to the ground, completely defeated. As Rebecca snapped her perfect fingers, he passed out, instantly transported back to the rooftop in the present, where he was quickly assisted by a group of his classmates.

Now the battle resumed at a normal pace. The few seconds that it had taken Rebecca to defeat Tom left her in a poor tactical situation upon teleporting back to the present. She was surrounded by Chadman and Captain Starlet, both flying at her from opposite directions, about to deliver superhumanly powerful blows to her gorgeous body at the same time. An ambush! And a well-executed one, at that.

“These kids are good!” Rebecca thought. After all, they had set up an effective strategy in less than half a minute. “But not good enough...” She casually flew back to a safer position, moving far faster than either of her superpowered students could react. Lacking the quickness to adjust at the last moment, the siblings slammed into each other.

As the twin superheroes were sent tumbling to the rooftop, they cried out. When they finally came to a stop, they began to argue about their lack of coordination. They paused, however, as they felt an incredible chill approaching from behind. It was the work of Sally Winters, the cute blonde girl with blue skin whose power was blasting air at absolute zero temperature. The roof and everything else around her froze instantly as she released her glacial breath, unleashing a wicked burst of supercooled air.

Rebecca, however, merely smiled pleasantly, knowing that weak, frosty breeze couldn’t affect her in the slightest. Nonetheless, wishing to dispatch the girl quickly, she decided to counter with a breath attack of her own. The swirling technique that she let loose was the precise size and shape of her glossy, puckered lips. A flaming blast as hot as the sun, like a knife made out of superheated air that cut through the translucent tendrils of ice that Winters was spewing. The blue-skinned girl was paralyzed by fear as the spear of fire approached, too slow to be able to dodge the searing missile of burning inferno anyway. That deadly heat was going to cook her alive! What was Rebecca thinking? Just in time, fortunately, Miss Sutherland’s earrings shimmered again, and her counterattack dissipated into a wind of far milder temperature. Still, it was no regular burst of air, and it entered Sally’s mouth as if it were alive, filling her gasping lungs to the brim.

Years later, everyone in Cyprian’s Academy would remember that last day of school when their teacher completely destroyed the strongest heroes in the class, turning Sally Winters into an air balloon that floated around for a good while in the process. Comparisons with the character from that famous Roald Dahl story were inevitable.

“I can see you sneaking around, Lupe, but nice try,” Rebecca announced with a sly smile. The skinny esper hadn’t revealed her true form or position, using her invisibility power. Unlike Sally who was a one-trick pony, Invisi Lupe had an array of abilities that came along with her nature as a psychic superheroine. Without answering, the invisible girl launched a few telekinetic strikes to throw her teacher off balance, but it quickly became apparent that Rebecca’s psychic defenses were too powerful to be broken so easily. Lupe Santos couldn’t believe it, however, and kept trying from different angles. Miss Sutherland posed defiantly, her lush mane billowing in the light breeze, arrogantly basking in the glory of having a mind far stronger than that of any esper in the world.

Then, Rebecca’s precognitive abilities alerted her to the students’ ruse. She effortlessly dodged the next rush from the incoming superhuman twins, sending them flying backward with a casual psychic strike, a hundred times more powerful than anything Lupe could muster.

“You react so quickly to my attacks thanks to your premonition ability! I didn’t know you were an esper...” Lupe’s voice drifted over the rooftop, causing everyone’s heads to swivel around in an attempt to locate their classmate. “But you still can’t see me, and if I outlast the time limit, I will win for everyone. Bet you didn’t think about that, eh?” It was a pretty clever strategy, but Lupe was mistaken. In fact, Rebecca could see Lupe perfectly, thanks to her magical eyes. The girl looked almost naked, wearing a skin-colored bodysuit that could become as transparent as her body when she used her invisibility. That way, she didn’t need to walk around Full Monty but was still able to use her power without having it negated by her clothes.

“Meh. You tried,” Rebecca quipped. Still protected by her psychic barrier from Invisi Lupe’s barrage of mental strikes, the regal woman t-posed and closed her eyes. Her earrings glowed intensely this time, bending reality once again to her will. A flawless sunny day suddenly became blue as the sky quickly filled with tenebrous dark clouds that completely blocked out the sun. It didn’t take much time to start raining, but what came down wasn’t normal water. Everyone noticed that their clothes were blackening from these mysterious raindrops that Rebecca had summoned. “It’s ink!” one of the students proclaimed. And indeed it was. Rebecca had wished ink to fall from the heavens as increasingly bigger blobs were making a mess of the rooftop. There was a reason for it, however. The ink revealed Lupe’s position for everyone to see.

Miss Sutherland lunged towards Lupe to punch her off of the roof, considering her already defeated, but as her hands passed through the girl’s incorporeal body, she quickly realized that she couldn’t punch through something intangible. This was Lupe playing her last card. No matter what Rebecca did now, she couldn’t touch the clever girl.

“You can’t hit me now. I can’t use any other power in this form, and I’m straining myself to keep it up, but I will make the effort for my classmates. You are beaten!” Everyone cheered on their friend, who appeared to be saving their graduation single-handedly. Unfortunately, Lupe had underestimated just how frustratingly effective Rebecca’s powers could be. The teacher flicked Lupe in the forehead. This time, the clever girl’s intangibility didn’t protect her. She crashed against a wall, the pain so intense that she couldn’t move anymore.

“H-how…?” Lupe muttered, grimacing.

“I can touch what I want, intangible or not.” With that grim, absolute statement, everyone suddenly understood the futility of their situation.

By this point, Rebecca was already growing bored of this battle, so she shot a glare to the twin superheroes who had somehow managed to rise to their feet again. Chad and Stacy Smith were the posterchildren of The Golden Generation. Not many heroes enjoyed such a large roster of impressive superpowers. Super strength, super speed and agility, flight, laser and X-Ray vision, and more were theirs to command. They were also more attractive than anyone in the academy, with the notable exception of Rebecca herself. The twins were effectively übermenschen. They proudly wore skin-tight black suits and long red capes as their alter-egos, Chadman and Captain Starlet. Chad was beloved by women everywhere, thanks to his sculpted muscles, chiseled abs and square jaw, while Stacy was the unattainable object of desire for every teenage boy thanks to her giant melons and angelic face. Both were featured on comics and magazine covers around the world, and they had recently signed a contract to portray themselves in a Hollywood movie.

Today was the day their limits would be exposed, though. No matter what they tried, Rebecca easily dodged or parried it. Their attacks were not fast enough, and their punches did not pack the wallop needed for their teacher to take them seriously, despite their two against one advantage. They did their best to stay coordinated, but even so, they couldn’t land a blow. After half a minute, each of the twins found themselves on opposite sides of the roof with Rebecca in the center. She had her arms crossed and yawned before flashing a brilliant, cocky smile at her opponents. “It’s over. You are both gasping for air. Let me end this quickly and get to Jonathan.”

“We won’t let you!” exclaimed Captain Starlet, tired but still motivated.

“Take this!” Chadman followed, shooting a powerful laser blast from his eyes. Rebecca calmly created a wormhole on her left hand and let it pass harmlessly through it. The sizzling red beam came out of another breech on her right hand to strike Stacy in the chest, throwing her off the roof. She hit the ground unceremoniously, leaving a crater and a large billow of smoke in her wake. This meant that she was disqualified from the fight.

“How ironic,” Miss Sutherland chuckled, turning her intimidating gaze toward Chad. “You spared me having to beat her with an attack of my own.”

“How dare you hurt my sister!!!” Chad exploded in anger, taking flight at astonishing speeds He readied a punch as he lanced through the air. Determined to strike his teacher with all his force, his mind boggled at how his girlfriend had done that to his beloved twin sister.

“You must calm yourself, Chad. Your sister will be fine,” Miss Sutherland said with an elegant, refined tone, which she punctuated by staring directly into Chad’s eyes. The mighty superhero froze in place, his body turning into stone in an instant. There was no obstacle to reaching Mastermind now and as the crowd cheered “IT’S READY, IT’S READY, IT’S READY!” she knew that Mastermind was finished with his master plan, his team’s strategy having given him sufficient time to get away with it. This would have been his dream scenario, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Rebecca had allowed his work to continue intentionally, foreseeing what he would do exactly three minutes into the fight.

Mastermind smiled defiantly at the woman who had decimated the strongest team of superheroes ever assembled in less than bathroom break. He was the only barrier between his peers’ graduation and oblivion now. He had to beat Rebecca to show his worth and save the careers of his fallen classmates. As the leader of the team, it was imperative for him to succeed, so, mustering all of his determination, he rose up against all odds with his new device in his right hand. “The sacrifices of my comrades will not be in vain, Rebecca. I’ve modified my gravity cannon to increase its efficiency and power a thousandfold.” Mastermind activated the machine, and it started charging with a soft hum. It would be ready to shoot in a few seconds. “Which means that, unless you surrender, I will be forced to delete you from this world. I may be weaker than my classmates, but you can’t beat human ingenuity, no matter how many powers you possess!” The intellectually gifted hero held his weapon tight, caressing the trigger delicately. “Any last words?”

“You know very well that this is futile, Jonathan. You should understand better than anyone else just how powerful I am. That’s why you are willing to try something so desperate. It annoyed you that you couldn’t read my thoughts as you can everyone else’s. You haven’t been able to since the beginning of the fight. I prevented it.” For everyone else, it looked as if Rebecca was using mind games to distract her last opponent, but she was actually pleading for him not to hurt himself or his classmates with a dangerous weapon. “I can read your thoughts, and I see your fear. I can literally touch your ideas. They’re tangible to me. And there’s one inside that head of yours that admits that I’m more intelligent than you are. That’s why I destroyed your classmates. It’s also why I’m playing with your brain like this right now.”

That last sentence crossed a line for her student. Mastermind screamed, squeezing the trigger to fire his massively empowered gravity gun. It began to generate a small black hole. It was a risky gamble, but after what he had seen, Jonathan knew there was no other way of defeating Rebecca. The singularity that it created, however, collapsed in on itself and disappeared in anticlimactic fashion.

“It didn’t work! How could it have failed? My calculations were correct, weren’t they? Was it because…?” Mastermind fell to his knees, unable to understand something for the first time in his life. 

Rebecca walked toward him with her arms crossed, supporting the considerable weight of her enormous breasts. She sighed, but it came out like a breathy moan. “In any normal situation, it would have worked Jonathan, but it was too dangerous for everyone else here. So I changed physics. Your calculations became retroactively wrong. That’s why the machine failed to create a stable black hole.”

“How can you do all these things…?” Jonathan’s giant brain, which he now knew to be inferior to Rebecca’s, couldn’t find a solution to this conundrum.

The magical teacher decided to speak again. This time, it was as if all the Universe listened to her at the same time—a bizarre, quasi-religious experience for every being in existence. “It’s quite simple, really. I am omnipotent! I have the power to bend reality in any way I want. I’m completely invincible. You are speaking to God right now, Jonathan. Rejoice!” After that bombastic affirmation, a literal beam of light descended from the heavens to illuminate Rebecca, so that everyone could appreciate her perfection. Now they understood why she was able to do all these things with such ease. “You know what to do, Jonathan. You are a smart kid.” She began to play around, casually creating and erasing stable black holes that were far larger than those Mastermind’s gun was supposed to shoot.

“I… I have no other choice but to surrender. I can’t fight against this kind of power. None of us can…” The young genius sounded completely broken as he conceded defeat.

Miss Sutherland licked her lips in anticipation of the next big surprise. “That’s why everyone here will graduate despite losing against me! I’m not expecting non-divine beings like you to be a threat for someone like me, anyway.”

Suddenly, the mood lightened, though everyone gasped “WHAT?!!!” at the same time.

“I wasn’t testing your power, but your teamwork, smarts, and courage. I wanted to see your resolve in fighting what was clearly an uphill battle. And you passed with flying colors!” Rebecca smiled warmly, then snapped her fingers. All the defeated heroes returned to their original state, completely healthy and uninjured. “Those who didn’t dare defy me also pass for being cautious enough not to engage an opponent of my caliber. You will never again have a chance to fight someone with my level of power, anyway! But I’m sure you will do just fine against lesser evils. And as for you, Jonathan, you pass too. Just don’t try anything that risky ever again, please.” At her words, everyone leapt forward to hug Mastermind, celebrating the fact that they would all graduate Cyprian Academy, after all.

“Well, you are all official superheroes now. You will receive your proper documentation in the mail in the next seven working days!” Rebecca announced.

“What are you going to do now, Rebecca?” asked Chad hesitantly, still a bit terrified of his teacher’s impossible might.

Rebecca smiled tenderly at him to showcase the fact that she wasn’t going to hurt her precious pupils ever again. “I’m going on a vacation right now, but don’t worry. I will be back for your graduation party, guys!” She magically changed into a lavish, pink golf attire with a smartly tilted hat. Her new appearance matched the outfit with purple-colored eyes and hair as well as a different set of earrings than before.

“Everyone passed this year! Nice! I held five other tests as I was battling this group, so I believe I’ve earned a round of golf. See you all soon!” As she said it, she winked and waved goodbye at her students. Her body disappeared in an explosion of golden fireworks and the last anyone saw of her that day was the magnificent trail of light that her dazzling earrings left behind as she teleported away.

That was the day on which the legend of the famous Miss Sutherland, everyone's favorite teacher at St. Cyprian of Antioch's Academy for Supernaturally Augmented Individuals, was forged.

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